Wisdom Wednesdays: Making the Unconscious Mind Conscious

The condition of being free from control, restrictions, imprisonment, slavery, forced labor, and excessive government control. The condition of being free to act, believe, or express oneself as one chooses. Do we still live by these principals?

The individual and collective unconscious consists of thoughts, feelings, drives, motives, and reactions of which many of us are often unaware. They influence every aspect of our lives including our mental, emotional, interpersonal, sexual, and professional relationships. Our unconscious also contains repressed memories that in daily life remains beneath our level of awareness.

The goal of making the unconscious conscious or bringing into our awareness the parts of our selves that have been repressed and split off is seen by some as very healing and necessary.

I grew up in a time in America before certain “new normals” were being birthed into the consciousness of many. Therefore I have different world views or perspectives than others which sometimes causes friction in relating. Albeit I spend a lot of time actually trying to not create conflict as I am a very conflict avoidant typology if one looked at my Enneagram as a 9 wing 1. The reason nines struggle with external peacemaking is our foremost concern is preservation of our inner peace. External peace is of secondary importance or perhaps more of a means to an end for us. We are peace lovers rather than peacemakers.

Getting to know a 9w1 looks like this:


For example, one job I worked in retail during my 30s I mentioned how I was graduating college when 9/11 occurred. I was literally finishing my last class and walking to my car as the event unfolded and learned of it from the radio of my SUV. I have family in New York on my step father’s side. My co-worker at the time looked at me and exclaimed “I was in fifth grade when that happened.” And I was struck with the limiting belief that I suddenly felt old; really old. Ignoring all the controversy around this event some family was employed as NYPD and NYFD. Those family members were around Ground Zero not the day of nor involved in clean up, but they were there to physically see the aftermath and tell us about it.

At 16 our family took a vacation to Chicago, Canada, and New York. We flew on a plane to Chicago and drove via rental car into Canada as during that time we needed no passport to cross the border and stayed in Niagara Falls before entering New York. The purpose was to see both maternal and step paternal family as my mom’s family is primarily living in Chicago.

It was at this age that I got to visit Ellis Island and climb the Statue of Liberty to the top level of her crown where the windows were open so you could look out and read the inscription in the book she carries in her hand and breathe in the ocean. And the significance this has on you may not truly sink in till you are older and wiser. When in your 40s life is unrecognizable to you. I say this because of the changes I have seen since my youth. Today our National Park Service mandates masks while inside all buildings and on Ellis Island. This would have been torture to me or my family when we went back then. It was July as my birthday is on the 26th so think of being in a metal structure with no air conditioner or air flow climbing several steps in summer heat with a mask on. Imagine this when family has asthma. The steps get smaller and smaller as you go higher. At the uppermost I believe I remember the stairs spiraling and having to climb with my feet sideways the steps were that small.

One change is that my maternal grandfather, a WW II Pacific Ocean Theater veteran, passed away at which time I inherited the entire history of my families matriarchal records. These records include birth, marriage, death, and cemetery plot information. I inherited my great grandmother’s high school yearbook from 3 years before the Great Depression, a California king oak bed, and a photo of a grandfather from a prior generation who served in the Civil War as a Union soldier in his military dress uniform. And within this the importance of history and immigration since my maternal family ventured to this nation circa early 1800s from Germany and Denmark with a mixed bag in terms of even spirituality being also Ashkenazi Jewish and Protestant Lutheran. I went the route of my step father’s Sicilian culture. Don’t ask? I am still sorting this out.

I was raised with full freedom to learn all religions and to choose whatever I want even to be atheist or agnostic. By my 20s I was Catholic which now I question the choice I made. Looking back having learned other spiritual practices I always question the motivation leading to that moment. A good long hard look that says why?

At age 39 my step father wanted to give me a ring for my birthday. And again with no real research or thought I felt drawn to have a ring for my left index finger since I am a South Paw or lefty. I was given a United States quarter minted the year of my birth. And to anyone who does not dig into symbols this obsession of mine to know myself or others seems banal or trivial until someone explains how the unconscious mind is at play.

I bought a book on palmistry since I am in my 40s now and heavily into psychoanalysis or esoterics. To my wondrous amazement I learned very quickly that this also matched my studies of astrology and Kabbalah. This index finger is known as our Jupiter finger. Wearing a ring here unconsciously emphasizes the meaning of this planet and finger. What does that imply? Well at birth my Jupiter was in Leo 10th House. And this finger can be seen as a Yod as well which is an astrology configuration. The Tree of Life places Jupiter with Chesed. Chesed is a benevolent ruler whose name translates as “kindness/mercy.” It is the power of growth and expansion, stability and extension, and willing to provide structure and stability. Kind of nature this also represents charity and generosity.

I even came across this fellow astrologer’s older entry in my studies not long ago.


Natal Wheel Via astro.com for reference.

One wants to boost their self confidence, take on roles of leadership, and improve their sense of personal power. It is the finger that stands apart from the rest indicating a person who likes to be in the spotlight and has to keep their ego a bit in check at the same time literally. On the dominant hand this ring holds a desire or drive to take action and be noticed for one’s achievements. Jupiter is seen in astrology as the following:

• the higher self
• luck
• abundance
• generosity
• spirituality
• philosophy
• universities
• growth
• morality

Jupiter is not so much about religion as it is widely about faith in life and looking on the brighter side. There are times in life when all you can do is to hope that things will work out for the best of yourself and others. Jupiter is the planet of faith in astrology believing that everything will be good not because of desperate hopelessness, but because it knows deep down that things will turn out right in the end. It’s an unshakable faith that life is worth living and adversity is stepping stones towards a more evolved and fulfilled life.

Would you also like to learn more about Jupiter’s esoteric meaning? Below are two links to information I read a few months ago.



This same finger holds an entirely different meaning in Kabbalah as I was researching my Ashkenazi Jewish roots. In Kabbalah we may begin to see this as the wedding ring finger at one point in time. You can read about this in the links I provide below:




I was essentially looking for lost parts of myself because being in Texas I did not see family very often. That sounds absurd I know. My family did not take trips north to Chicago or New York with me until I was 16. Again when I was 29 post graduate as a licensed aesthetician. We took vacations, but we have not traveled outside of the USA except for Canada and we have stayed down south along the border as I was born in Sunshine State Florida (Clearwater to be exact). So you can imagine for me this search has been more than a little unusual in light of political climes recently as well. If one is not becoming aware of their unconscious or even subconscious it is said they go through life not really active in what they are manifesting or even attracting.

Paternal family is actually complicated. My biological father I have no contact with for personal reasons that I disclose to a select few out of not secrecy, but personal safety given how that divorce transpired for my mom and I. I do, however, know the DNA is Anglo Saxon, Nordic, and an extremely small percent Ethiopian and Middle Eastern. It again also has Ashkenazi Jewish within it as well much like the maternal lineage. And really I did not know any of this until I inherited family records and took an interest in really digging for answers or clues.

Now this little Washington quarter ring has three phrases on it that struck me as important to take note of. These phrases are:

• Liberty



• In God We Trust


• E Pluribus Unum


If we were to translate this symbolism a bit further we would find that Kabbalah tends to view the left as the desire to receive not necessarily for self alone. Reiki actually presents another dimension to this. Kuji-kiri or the Nine Symbolic Cuts for example is seen in Japanese martial arts.

  • (臨) Rin – Power
  • (兵) Hyo/Pyo – Energy
  • (闘) Toh – Harmony
  • (者) Sha – Healing
  • (皆) Kai – Intuition
  • (陣) Jin – Awareness
  • (列) Retsu – Dimension
  • (在) Zai – Creation
  • (前) Zen – Absolute

Kuji-in are created via the gesture of both hands. The left hand Taizokai represents a receptive valence while the right hand Kongokai conveys an emitter valence. The Kuji-kiri performed with the right hand emphasizes the cut of ignorance or Maya (illusion and the deceptive sensory world) through the Sword of Wisdom. According to the belief system of Shingon Mikkyo one would create an opening in the daily world that allows oneself to reach various states of consciousness.

The origin of this is seen by scholars as Taoist not Buddhist. This is also largely viewed as a layman’s practice not found in orthodox Buddhist traditions. Rather you’ll find it within Shugendo, ascetic mountain traditions of Japan, and Shinto. There are numerous variations of the nine original Taoist kuji in Japanese Buddhism. In Taoism the number nine is seen in divination as a perfect number for yang/yo or the “bright side” when determining individual hexagram lines of the I-Ching or Book of Changes. Some scholars suggest that the number nine refers to the nine planets which Taoists believe directly influence human destiny or to the seven stars of the Big Dipper plus the two attendant/guardian stars which Taoists believe to be the gateway to heaven and that each star is a Taoist deity.

These nine hand seals refer to mudra, mantra, and meditation. In this way Kuji-in are seen as obvious influences of onmyodo (the way of Yin and Yang) encompassing all cosmic phenomena and eternity between two polar opposites. There is even a mudra known as gejishi-in (gesture of the outer lion) and its immediate counterpart naijishi-in (gesture of the inner lion) clearly representing this Yin/Yang relation. The two lions are commonly seen outside the doors of Buddhist temples where they stand as guardians against evil and baleful influences. The first lion utters the sound “A” to symbolize the Alpha; all reality and phenomena are said to neither absolutely exist nor non-exist. They arise in dependence upon conditions and cease when those conditions cease. The second lion utters the sound “Un” (Hūm) which symbolizes the Omega; the destruction of all evils summarizing the two basic false views of nihilism and externalism showing them to be false. There is neither real nor unreal.

For more information on Kuji-kiri please visit the following links:



Why does this even matter? What does freedom look like to you? What does spirituality look like to you? I am asking because I legitimately wish to hear the perspectives of my audience to enrich my own so I am not walking around with limited beliefs. So the floor opens for you to talk to me as well. That ball is in your court.

Is freedom something such as debt forgiveness or a jubilee that evokes a sense of financial freedom? Is freedom from slavery eradication of usury or debt slavery which perpetuates amortization and poverty consciousness? Is freedom the eradication of human or sex trafficking? Would freedom remove social or behavioral engineering that many are victimized by making their course in life a battle against finding and being their true selves?

Does freedom look like my body my choice and to what extreme is this ideology acceptable for a select few while for others bodily autonomy has no place whatsoever? Or what is bodily autonomy because I believe the issue is so much more than achieving abortion rights since I know and live in this body not someone else. Yes I identify as a woman who is proud to be female and heteronormative. Zero offense to others. I am not here to judge you so please try to not judge me either. We need to respect one another’s differences. Is freedom from slavery the eradication of factory farms and the abuse of animals for a food source when they are also sentient life? Is freedom the ability for all to reach moksha or the final liberation of the soul or consciousness from samsara as a means to ending all suffering involved in being subject to the laws and cycles of reincarnation?

Those questions above are the tip of a larger panoply of issues I see some address presently online that make up not just an American world view, but views of global human citizenry. Please leave me comments on this so I can openly hear from others and expand my awareness and understanding. It is my sincerest belief that these concepts are not just an American Manifest Destiny, but may have been unconscious or subconscious destinies that we collectively sought to accomplish and achieve.

I am wondering if we are getting closer or further away from these ideals or if they are in fact the principals of bygone eras and times that to many others no longer hold any values except to a random few who are becoming self aware through the act of introspection, meditation, and study. And maybe for me it is more pronounced due to my Vedic astrology chart. Being born in Magha lunar mansion or nakshatra as a previous blog entry mentioned we have a tendency to hold to our traditions, ancestors including sometimes veneration, and we take a more detached view of life. But I have been grappling with a question for months. Are we entering another Dark Age, are we evolving or devolving, are we regressing? Who owns us mind, body, and soul? What have we sacrificed for security or out of fear of the unknown? The start of this particular decade has given me a bit of a gut wrenching knee jerk shell shock if I am honest. I would not expect for others to really understand this amidst so many divisive realities I have recently been exposed to that epitomize dualistic or extremist value systems as their foundations.

Only one part of my Vedic astrology chart via vedicastrology.us.com for reference.

I won’t be angry by what you share. I may be a wee bit triggered at times when I confront certain topics, but I am learning everyday how to continuously shed my older more limiting concepts in life and move away from ignorance. De-programming is not an overnight process.

PS: I actually have my own astrology software I use on my laptop, but I was composing this entry on my iPhone. We do travel just not always to see family and we have not made it to Mexico nor across the ocean outside of the USA. Some of that includes financial reasons believe it or not. I tend to travel instead vicariously through what others share with me online. And again I empathize and apologize if this was triggering for my audience. My intent is that we consciously and collectively open up discussions in a respectful way to legitimately grow in understanding ourselves. Please remember everyone carries baggage, and we are all trying to presently work through it sifting what we should retain and what needs to be let go of.

Places my family and I have gone also include:

New Mexico, Louisiana, Alabama, Mississippi, Missouri, California, North/South Dakota, Georgia, Oklahoma, Kansas, Nevada, Michigan, and Arizona

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I am a licensed aesthetician (#1446048 Expires October 2023) who has worked previously in medical malpractice and personal injury legal administration, life/health insurance for State Farm, and various retail roles including personal shopper. My passion at this time lies in the field of esoteric studies. I am also a Master Level Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki certified healer.

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