Wisdom Wednesday’s: Do People Suffer Selenophobia?

Lunacy is a cyclical mental disease apparently linked to the lunar phases.

People are generally funny in my opinion. There is a lot of superstition and insecurity that crops up. In astrology communities as a newbie business I sense the process is a repeat of high school. I may be treated like the freshman the seniors want to bully. I am still trying to decipher if this is a right of passage or their belief in dog eat dog social Darwinism. You see I come from over a decade of study and trial/error in my personal life before I felt compelled to attempt a business in esoterics. And to the chagrin of traditionalists who I respect I do not do anything “normal” because that is not how I roll. This is why as a child I also got called stupid in the educational system. It took tutoring for my college level Algebra instructor in high school to help me regain confidence when he discovered I am not stupid at all. I process life in another way which happens to be completely different from all others, and I bring that with me everywhere I go. Instead he wanted me to join their Math/Science Academy because he said I was smarter than others, and have a propensity to bring other interpretations into life. But I grew up so beaten down by my peers or other adults that I have had to battle what seems like an insurmountable monster in my head that constantly makes me feel inferior. And it is exhausting to rebuild confidence.

In astrology there is some phobia about nearly every supposed malefic that the human intellect can drudge up. And that is something I always get frustrated with. Nothing is fate not even in tarot. It is never set in stone as everything including the stars in your chart compel only. Yet humans make it fatalistic rather than see the other side of the equation. Due to past life or other factors humans subconsciously and unconsciously carry so much unnecessary baggage.

Selenophobia derived via the Greek word seleno meaning “moon” or lunaphobia derived via the Latin word luna meaning “moon” is a fear of the moon or even darkness on any moonless night. Phobias originate from painful experiences during childhood. The full moon is the most feared phase of the moon because full moons are believed to cause people to commit more criminal acts including murder, breaking into homes, and robbery. Fear of the full moon is known specifically as remaphobia or mestoselenophobia via the Greek word mestos meaning “full.”

This Friday we have a full moon lunar eclipse in Taurus. So here is my interpretation of this and hopefully it will be one that is uplifting to remove all the phobia around celestial events the same as those who dread their Saturn Returns. I first want us to look briefly at palmistry where we find the Mount of the Moon. The Mount of the Moon represents our unconscious mind, intuition, and the way we react to our surroundings. Another meaning is travel so it should be examined carefully by looking for horizontal lines running across it as they indicate memorable journeys a person has or will be taking. It is important to look at both hands as your non-dominant hand shows your love to travel with a blockage via lack of money or opportunity. Lastly we should carefully look at the skin pattern for psychic talents. A person may be skilled at communing with their spirit guides.

I am not yet an expert in palmistry. I am learning and hopeful that my understanding will continue to grow.
  • Normal is a mount which is not too prominent indicating someone who has a good imagination and equally strong artistic talents. Intuition works well and one has a creative talent they enjoy using. This is someone compassionate towards others.
  • The overdeveloped mount is very imaginative sometimes to the point of confusing fantasy for reality. They talk themselves into believing whatever they choose.
  • The thin and flat mount is so realistic they live by the philosophy “seeing is believing.” Very little to no imagination these people may disprove anything others tell them.
  • A low mount ends below the Mount of Venus and is commonly found on the Water hand. These are the extremely sensitive group not just emotionally, but also with the atmosphere of their surroundings. On the Air hand this would indicate a person who finds ease in expressing their strong imagination. The Earth hand will put into tangible practice their creative skills. Lastly the Fire hand may allow the imagination to run away with them and they may embroider their facts a little more than others.

My self analysis of my hands would be the low mount on a Fire hand. So I may be more of an embellisher in life. This is due to the fact that Fire hands buzz with energy, can be impulsive, live life as an adventure, and are receptive. We need new outlets for our expression.

Full Moon Lunar Eclipse – Taurus 2021

Friday’s full moon lunar eclipse according to my astrology software on my laptop has interesting information to share. I love that it uses Sabian Symbols built in. It also shows me how much or little of each sign/modality is represented in a chart. My software indicates this Moon to be on midpoint aspecting Mercury Scorpio 2nd House where we may be less interested in accumulating wealth in the traditional ways as 9-5 jobs with big salaries won’t be of interest, we must first give to others or nothing comes to us, any and all debts need to be paid by us, and we hate criticism. The next aspect I see is with Jupiter in Aquarius 5th House showing that we want to work in teams not alone on our projects/goals, our dreams are expressed in unusual ways with no care as to if others find it out of the ordinary, the “I” image of the I Am orientates to the future, and we become independent or rebel against the status quo.

We then come upon an aspect with Uranus in Taurus 7th House it is best that we realize we should avoid co-dependent relationships, we seek cooperation and stability in all forms of relating to self or other, and while we may have been materialists in our past we now embark on a journey towards a focus on practicality, self awareness, and avoiding feelings of envy. It gets interesting when we add in an aspect to Lilith in Gemini 8th House as it would be dangerous if we leave this portion of individual and collective work undone. We are not allowed to appropriate money or property of another wrongly, women must not abuse their sexuality through emasculation, be careful of attracting perverts or criminals to ourselves, and pay attention to properly using this energy for benefiting others via healing modalities, investigative pursuits, and ensuring the needs of our family or friends are met.

As we look at the aspect with True Node in Sagittarius 2nd House we find we may decide to put our charity or time into science, nature, and education. The more money or time we have to offer we can expand these areas of interest. This placement indicates we need to pay attention to the bigger picture collectively with reference to import/export and our dealings with foreign countries, we need to check in with our perceived self worth, and we should look outside of our comfort zone for pursuing hobbies or careers in travel agent, teacher, public speaker, or translator. Lastly we find an aspect to Quaoar in Capricorn 3rd House which is where we appear quiet and reserved as we rethink upon if we appear too harsh when we express ourselves, we remember that we are part of a brotherhood/sisterhood and should share our knowledge with others, do not rush anything rather patiently work at your own pace and accept what is yours will come at a Divinely appointed time, and we should analyze everything carefully. Capricorn is a sign of practicality, karma, and things which have been damaged by aloofness and coldness. Quaoar is a centaur of transformation and a KBO or Kuiper Belt Object. The name originates via the Tongva tribe of the Los Angeles basin and represents a creation force.

Aspects to our full moon lunar eclipse from Quaoar advise:

  • We remember that after anything perceived as bad we receive a new expansion of consciousness
  • Before this can occur a price must be paid via a painful process which we will experience
  • There will be a break with something from our past to initiate us into the new
  • A death of the old is what brings forth the new which has transcended the illusion of death
  • Quaoar may be connected with creation via dance or aural rhythmic pursuits (singing or playing an instrument as music and visualization will be healing at this time)

This eclipse while a full moon is partial occurring at the 27 degree mark of Taurus. This is the fixed star of Misam as well in the left arm/wrist of Perseus.


KEYNOTE: Peaceful adaptation to collective needs.

In contrast to the impetuosity of the Spanish serenader, we now see the quiet and smiling face of an old Indian woman offering for sale the traditional products of her tribal culture. She too is functioning within the culture which has been sustaining her activity through a long life, bringing to her personal peace and inner contentment. In old age, the power of the collectivity once more reasserts itself, overcoming the perhaps wearying effort man makes to assert his uniqueness and individual character.

At this second stage of the twelfth five-fold sequence the aging mind of the individual peacefully reintegrates itself into the psychic matrix of his group and culture, in serene ADJUSTMENT to the vital needs of the whole of which he sees himself as a fleeting part.

The symbol speaks of a woman who hides her true shaman skills or abilities as a medicine lady. It is her wisdom and choice to remain invisible which is her greatest strength. She chooses to offer real advice in the market place and wise words yet few even seek her out for her oracle readings. She’s had to go backwards in order to go forwards. She was possibly once in high standing and yet could be an outcast from her tribe. They think her old and weak and a hindrance to the younger and stronger members. To prove her worth to her tribe and herself she was forced to confront herself stripping herself down to the bare bones that she might release old ways of thinking to embrace the new. For her to make a living and establish a secure base for herself she must specialize in something which she has a passion for lest she suffer the pains of being unfulfilled. The feeling of self-fulfillment comes through helping and giving to others.

Misam tells the story of Zeus (Jupiter) visiting Danae in the form of a golden shower to impregnate her. Our young man Perseus undertakes a mission to kill Medusa. He is furnished with a sword, cap, the wings of Mercury, and the shield of Minerva. He kills Medusa by cutting off her head and later kills the sea monster Cetus to rescue and marry Andromeda. Kabbalah assigns this to the Hanged Man and Lamed.

In astral magic we learn that we should protect ourselves against the malice of others. The image of the head of Medusa is in fact an extremely powerful protective amulet hence why it has been shown placed in Minerva’s shield. Perseus gave the head of the beheaded Medusa to Minerva and this protective shield was called Egida.

If you wish to learn more about this process please look at the links below:




Medusa per an ephemeris I ran will at this time be sitting in the Scorpio 1st House asking that we take great risks when we try to make our dreams come true, put our plans into practice while using our reserves to chase new opportunities, beware of how our highs and lows prevent us from reaching our Higher Self or finding God within our heart, and allow mind, body, and emotions to assist with attaining higher spiritual levels at this time.

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I am a licensed aesthetician (#1446048 Expires October 2023 Valedictorian) who has worked previously in medical malpractice and personal injury legal administration, life/health insurance for State Farm, and various retail roles including personal shopper. My passion at this time lies in the field of esoteric studies. I am also a Master Level Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki certified healer. I happen to be currently employed within a 9-5 career in cosmetology retail selling to licensed professionals part time.

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