Self Examination Saturdays: Every Soul’s Human Experience Could Be His/Her Castle

“The world is but a canvas to the imagination.” – Henry David Thoreau

You know the idiom that says every man’s home is his castle. Pronouns aside this might help viewers and readers understand my logic in the name for my online astrology business. Those of us who enjoy strange philosophical dissertations may be guilty of looking at things too deeply. As I was in my student phase of astrology I took the same aim as what my Reiki course teaches which is before you can apprentice or work on the public you have to first self heal. Getting to Master Level in Reiki was a rewarding journey. I wish I’d done it sooner, but I did not make the time nor did I want to put the money into it when I should have done this sooner. Better late than never. A concept utterly foreign to a world that finds this to be self absorbed, egoist, and potentially a form of narcissism. That person who says why would you want to self heal when the process has been somehow distorted to putting all others before self which drains the healer of their abilities especially if you are a highly sensitive person. So as you read this ask yourself what if we all saw ourselves through a different lens and put more value on ourselves. Not necessarily arrogance or conceitedness just that we tried to work on our personal power or sovereignty more or taught this to children instead of finding pleasure and joy in the art of bullying and humiliation or causing another misery. Radical theory I know!

And I literally went all in spending a full 2-3 years of shadow work that was unpleasant, triggering/moodiness, may have appeared almost a form of psychosis, and yet I feel better for all the effort I put into it now not wanting to change that experience one bit. The title of the blog post is an allusion to a particular aspect pattern I do not find in very many charts. I can pop in countless hypothetical space objects and arrive at stelliums not just in my Leo 10th House, but also my Virgo 11th House. Then there is the Castle/Seer aspect pattern.

Is it like a game of Yahtzee and I got two Full Houses or what?! Come on Universe humor me a little here. Comedy hour might make me less serious after all.
It’s not quite exact, but…

I can not duplicate this as well in my astrology software on my laptop as it won’t let me select the Descendant. The Ascendant it would. However, during my studies I initially was looking at two of these. And this all amidst a mindset of confusion between two varying views of are we spirit having a human experience or a human having a spiritual experience?

The Castle/Seer AKA Double Kite
The Castle/Seer as Upright Pentagram

It is almost impossible to research this aspect pattern as virtually no astrologer really seems to have many answers. I may have found a Reddit thread just briefly explaining one should learn Gnosticism. The next stop was a forum upon which a member going by the handle “soulll”mentioned it as thus:

“A stamp of protection or spiritual soul royalty where no matter how low you get the Divine realm has stamped you and favors you as someone important in their spiritual realm. Once you find your path and continue on it for 10 years or more you will create your own world where you will realize why.”

Needless to say there is a bit of a woo woo airy fairy mock in the remaining discussion after about it indicating someone who was to change the world as their soul came here with great plans and has “kicking” karma. And it is important as I always know to not allow the ego to inflate as it sees something to latch onto and run with. Most of us find the puffed up ego a bit repulsive. My thought was more wondering is it a gift or a burden as it is perspective that drives the lives we all lead.

Everyone gets excited seeing fancy patterns in their charts only to realize they actually indicate some nitty gritty difficult work actually due to their energies. From there I wound up at another website which claimed in the article title to discuss this aspect pattern yet never did. What I learned from it instead was Jupiter is a planet responsible for luck, good fortune, and exploration of knowledge and spirituality.

The Double Kite is described as what causes a person to experience a doubled nature. We inwardly or internally feel different than what is apparent outwardly or externally. One person described this as considered outwardly attractive to others yet internally feeling as if they are a rough and tumble explorer/adventurer. I hear either a quote from Jung here or Nietzsche. Another astrologer I studied mentioned the Double Kite or Castle/Seer as a stable structure which allows the Universe to give us everything we need to turn our dreams into a reality. It was expressed as extremely rare and progressive yet beneficial at assisting in actualization of one’s life mission (vision turned into reality).

I thought this would be a good time to put this “out there” also to see if any viewer or reader would know more than what my research has found. I believe we achieve more if we work also as a team to study, learn, and grow or as businesses if one person rubs your back you do the same for your neighbor (reciprocal relationships). Probably closer to that Golden Rule that is summarized as do unto another as you would have them do unto you. I give and you give thus we all benefit! I have mentioned I respect the foundation and traditions of astrology, but I want to see it expand beyond some of the more common interpretations.

You can blame this on my Vedic astrology as I have said with the Magha lunar mansion I also may prefer to think and act outside of the box due to having seen some describe this as being placed in the classroom of a liberating curriculum.

For me personally I decided to go about this as a lesson in sacred geometry to attempt to unravel it while also taking a mystic’s approach secondarily. This began with buying the Quadrivium and seeing the pattern also linked to the Kiss of Venus. We have to time jump back to an article from 2014 and 2020 for this found here and here. Mind you I sucked at geometry growing up. I became great at Algebra instead. The same happens in scientific arenas. I am brilliant at Biology, and I totally bombed in Chemistry. Go figure! My last stop put me smack dab here.

At the mystical level I thought it would be genius to research the etymology of the word seer. I already knew what the entire story was around alchemy by this point in my endeavors of research so I was not going to cover the topic again due to redundancy. Needless to say I found seer to be described as one who foretells the future, a clairvoyant, a prophet, a soothsayer, or a diviner as well as an eye witness. This drove me to two collective theories.

Theory one witness consciousness and theory two go find out is there any difference between a prophet and a seer or are they interchangeable.

Witness consciousness when researched brings up a plethora of various interpretations one could get lost in such as this blog and this Q&A explains it as well which for me makes sense as I come from a Judaic/Christian background first before studying other holy texts.

If we compare and contrast the prophet and the seer we may be trying to ascertain if it is hair splitting even.

We begin at Point A and travel on a journey to Point B and Point C.

So if there are any more experienced astrologers out there willing to help tackle this better than me I accept your interpretation. I am more open than many realize, and I have been down enough rabbit holes that I have Alice beaten in the famous fairy tale! By that I mean you can get thoroughly lost if you really want to dig into any topic online within reason so be careful where you choose to journey.

For fun as this is a self reflection post I found this fun 8k video of castles so please enjoy this treat on me:

PS: I mentioned yesterday that it’s vital we make a point to not be triggered by others. I actually should have explained this term in neuroscience which I had to learn about during my injuries to my left foot mentioned in a previous post to my blog. Pain management gave me a great deal of helpful lessons such as the hippocampus holds all our previous trauma memories usually or is where pain can get lodged. Being triggered refers to an amygdala hijack. The amygdala hijack is probably in my eyes to date the biggest reason for things such as road rage and viral social media hate or bullying as well as our emotional outbursts. But drugs and alcohol will also act in the very same manner upon you. Anti-social people may not always be “anti-social” rather they might understand what I know. You can’t rule your mind or be sovereign until you stop letting others own you mind, body, and soul. Social media, fashion, television, friends, family, etc. even misunderstood spiritual texts can become their own prisons. Many of us “unplug” and take back our power because it’s how we stop allowing everything else to manipulate our consciousness. Television and radio alone use brainwaves to entrain the minds of humanity as scientific fact. Ask yourself then what social media or video games is entraining you with. Make sure it aligns correctly to you before you accept it all as kosher. You can do the same as me or any other person on Earth and take back that power as well. And believe me it will be rewarding when you finally begin to de-program or find your true self!

You see I got locked into what was suspected could have been chronic regional pain syndrome post foot fractures before my ligament surgery. I was put on two drugs I later learned were contraindicated and the manufacturer had been previously sued for off label use via RICO thanks to my prior job experiences in medical malpractice and personal injury law albeit at that time I was handling 500+ cases for women who had silicone poisoning from ruptured breast implants. But I learned online how to change diet, control my breathing and stress levels or mind chatter, and then began a long journey of supplementing additional nutrients I was deficient in from years of listening to the wrong health professionals no offense to them. They did not know any better it appears. I healed myself off my own studies and research into the human body. Anyone can do that! I’ve been pain free ever since and living a lot happier now that I’ve done the heavy lifting and the actual work to get where I am. Education today needs to start really training the young minds of humanity the real truth to living well on Earth! We’ve lived in darkness (ignorance) long enough already. And for the record we’re more powerful than we usually give ourselves credit for which is why rebuilding my self confidence was exhausting. I allowed myself to hit rock bottom.

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I am a licensed aesthetician (#1446048 Expires October 2023 Valedictorian) who has worked previously in medical malpractice and personal injury legal administration, life/health insurance for State Farm, and various retail roles including personal shopper. My passion at this time lies in the field of esoteric studies. I am also a Master Level Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki certified healer. I happen to be currently employed within a 9-5 career in cosmetology retail selling to licensed professionals part time.

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