Fun Quote Fridays: Sin is Missing Your Mark (Innerstanding Archery Terms)

“The way to write is to throw your body at the mark when all your arrows are spent.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

“In archery, the hitter and the hit are no longer two opposing objects, but are one reality.”

• Eugen Herrigel

“Whether you are a beginning, intermediate, or even advanced archer, archery will give you something that’s almost impossible to find elsewhere.”

• Usa Archery

“So long as the new moon returns in heaven a bent, beautiful bow, so long will the fascination of archery keep hold in the hearts of men.”

• Maurice Thompson

“Nothing clears a troubled mind better than shooting a bow.”

• Fred Bear

“The archer sees the maker upon the path of the infinite, and he bends you with his might that his arrows may go swift and far.”

• Kahlil Gibran

“You have to relax when you’re shooting an arrow. You can’t be tense. And that just helps, in your day-to-day life.”

• Stephen Amell

“The archer that shoots badly has a lie ready.”

• Spanish Proverb

I touched on Kyudo last Sunday with reference to Sagittarius. I am building further on top of this bridging the gaps of ignorance between exoteric and esoteric knowledge (gnosis). Unless humanity enters into mystical experiences by direct participation through participation mystique they will forever remain outside turn and twist as they may.

Take a magic carpet ride on the underlined hyperlink text! 🧙🏻‍♀️

Like any other form of mysticism Zen is only understood by one who is themselves a mystic. Thus they will not be tempted to gain by underhanded methods what the mystical experience withheld from them.

No human can stay the course without conscientious guidance from a skilled teacher and without the help of an established Master. There is and could not be any other way to mysticism than the way of each of our personal experiences and personalized suffering.

Lose yourself effortlessly in the breathing and you will experience the feeling that you are not breathing rather you are being breathed. Lao-tzu speaks a profound truth that right living is like water which “of all things is the most yielding and can overwhelm that which is of all things the most hard.”

My Birth Tarot Cards Are Hierophant/Temperance (Art). Yes, I know the time on the image reads 5:55 PM! The notebook was a gift from family same as the black/white plaid shirt I previously mentioned receiving which looks like the one from Beetlejuice.

The right “Art” is purposeless; aimless! The more obstinately you try to learn how to shoot an arrow for the sake of hitting any goal the less you will ever succeed in the “Art,” and the further the other will recede. What stands in your way is that you are too willful.

Between these two states of bodily relaxedness on one hand and spiritual freedom on the other there is a difference of levels which is incapable of being overcome by breath-control alone yet only by withdrawing from all attachments and by becoming utterly egoless so that the soul sunk within itself shall stand in the plenitude of its nameless origin. The door of the senses being closed is not met by turning energetically away from the sensate world, but via your readiness to yield without resistance. Action-less activity can be accomplished instinctively and all the soul needs is an inner hold which is won by concentrating on breathing.

Masters behave as if they were alone. All right human action is accomplished only in a state of true selflessness where the doer can’t be present any longer as “him/her self.” Only the spirit is present. As one uses a burning candle to light others with the same as seen in Hanukkah so the teacher transfers the spirit of the right “Art” from heart to heart that it becomes illuminated.

The “Great Doctrine” knows nothing of any specific target which is set up at a definite distance from the archer. It only knows of a goal which can’t be aimed at technically which if named at all is the Buddha. You can be a Master even if every shot does not hit.

A Zen Master lives happily enough in this world, but always they are ready at any time to quit it without being in the least disturbed by any thoughts of death. Master both life and death and you are free from fear of any kind to the extent that you are no longer capable of experiencing what fear feels like.

Natal and Solar Return with Houses
Natal and Lunar Return with Houses

I stand corrected from my previous blog posts. Betelgeuse is in my 9th House Natal not my 8th House as well as located there for transits. The 9th House is multi-generational and actually best described as the search for meaning and truth through higher education, travel, and spirituality. So I can understand better now why I’ve used the movie Beetlejuice to make jokes this week. Like the asteroid Ishtar another interesting set of degrees and symbolism here between Gemini 28° and Gemini 29°. Astrologers don’t look at any of this in the celestial heavens as they say it holds no influence over them. It holds no influence supposedly because you leave it within you subconscious as well as unconscious not making it conscious. Thereby you have no choice or free will in the outcomes of your life and you become a fatalist of what has unfolded in every incarnation you’ve participated in at the 3D. If what is above is below clearly “all of it above” is also below. Cherry pickers!

Esoteric Astrologer has a great piece on Betelgeuse with these degrees as relating to the Solar Plexus chakra, money, etc. It asks who has a heart of gold. “Upon the golden triangle, the cosmic Christ appeared; His head in Gemini.” The reference here is to medieval astrology where Mars and Saturn were once considered “malefics.” Venus is already regarded as “benefic” like Jupiter – and ever more so in the Aquarian Age where she will preside over expansive mental development and the science of relationships. Venus is the planet that blends love and mind. Do I agree with all of their articles or topics? Not necessarily, but bits and pieces of their writings are worth at least digesting or mulling over. I don’t see “pop” astrologers or some others give these topics the light of day either. Am I often blunt in my views? Yes, because I legitimately am tired of always having been made to feel by others unwanted and rejected which is actually why I’m now solitary. If you poop on a person long enough it’s likely they’ll turn their back on you at some point and lose their compassion for you. They borderline struggle with misanthropy if pushed far enough. We’re also byproducts of the environments we live in or that are created for us to live in.

Bankruptcy carries a stigma and people will go to extraordinary lengths to avoid it. Billions poured into the various economic sectors in a futile attempt to save what desperately is in need of starting over again. Corporate history is rife with the bankruptcy protection being used to “write-off” massive debts. What is bankrupt is the entire human financial system which is and always has been based upon fictional money secured by assets that do not exist whether this be fiat or any other illusionary construct based on the same faulty foundation used to fleece sheep. There is a far deeper meaning to Gemini 28°. This degree has to do with true wealth and real worth. This is what is left when rigid constructs collapse from their old age or outmoded constructs now unable to bear the weight of human traffic any further. What will secure the next fictional money set to replace the existing one? Or is it just more smoke and mirrors? Lies built upon an already existing mountain of lies really doesn’t bode very well.

The trick with Gemini 29° is to take the best of what has become available to us, make educated sense out of where the pieces fell, and improve upon it. This requires someone with unique skills to achieve success. One has to discern correctly what they should discard from the myriad options at their disposal to employ now. Anyone not good at these sorts of decisions should employ the services of a good “Mockingbird.” Listen to and see what “song” this mockingbird sings. Is it the signal of new beginnings? Is it better to tell someone what they would like to hear or to confront him/her with the harsh reality of something new and unfamiliar. I am thinking of the Eurythmics song “Would I Lie to You.”

There is a very common occult maxim which reads as to know, to will, to dare, and to keep silent. I’m not sure exactly where this comes from beyond Thelema. I don’t know if it predates Crowley. This is not a rule, this is just a maxim, which in my book is just another form of dogmatism. I don’t like to keep silent. I believe firmly that knowledge is to be shared within reason. One should be conscientiously able to know how much to share and when to withhold so relationships maintain their established or agreed upon boundaries correctly.

People should want to help other people to know, to understand, and to stop locking absolutely everything behind exclusivity cults of secret initiations or hyper-inflationary cost dues. I am a solitary. Wherever anyone thinks I took any oath of “silence” this incarnation or another is going to have to recognize in my beliefs that ignorance is most definitely not bliss! We have ignorance abounding everywhere today, and frankly look at where it has gotten humanity. I call this WTAF, and a problem humanity still exhibits in their psyche with their superiority/inferiority complexes which is why BDSM is popular amongst sadomasochists, narcissists, etc. Absolute power corrupts absolutely! To that regard BDSM does not exist in the bedroom only. This concept is in fact a foundation of many forms of partnership we see today which are parasitic and not symbiotic or based in equality. You can’t have an equal relationship if someone is a dominant and the other is the submissive which is akin to the “Game of Master and Servant” not unlike a song by Depeche Mode.

We have everyone dictating to one another various techniques yet the peculiarity is that as a licensed aesthetician who had a spa business I never treated any two customers the same. There was a foundation, but no cookie cutter mold as each customer was unique. The question becomes how does anyone know which life coach, astrologer, doctor, and so forth is correct for them when everything contractually binds them like an oath. For many like contractors employed to perform home/business repairs you’d first consult several for estimates and then narrow your choices down before finally selecting one. There is no try before you buy in these industries.

When I selected professional life coaching I got scammed $5000 so I hope you can innerstand why my business is different in the prices I charge as well right now. I am not on Patreon or subscriptions because I learned very quickly that people change or companies actually do not disclose truthfully all the details before they high pressure sell you a “Let’s Make a Deal Zonk.” I am, however, now having been booted off Twitter by a community that shunned me taking this time to instead begin working on graphics for testing Redbubble. I do not like these established communities who can not, will not, and refuse to see the damage they may cause to another. There is something seemingly greedy and insatiable in their business models where they compete not with themselves, but with all others while spewing maxims of the competition is with themselves. I said this on Twitter, and I will say it here. I hate hypocrisy! In case you weren’t aware all guano stinks as well it carries dis-ease (E Coli) so if you somehow think that air freshener masking the smell has removed this truth than you have cognitive dissonance. This is why we have the idiom “Eat guano and die.

Old French ypocrite (Modern French hypocrite), from Ecclesiastical Latin hypocrita, from Ancient Greek (hupokritḗs, “actor, hypocrite”), from (hupokrínomai, “I answer, act, feign”).

Locked in contracts of such binding natures can ruin the life or lives of someone financially which many profess they are healers, and I’m not entirely sure that this is really why they went into their profession. I did read online somewhere about a person who did a study where most stated they enter their chosen professions not to really “help” anyone other than themselves by the concept of amassment or hoarding wealth. In other words most of humanity makes choices based on self interest and ego consciousness while they stand around water coolers shooting the breeze that they’ve entered ego death, are enlightened, and are now self professed gurus. This mental state looks like what we see with the toilet paper situation of 2020-2021 when someone acts from poverty consciousness. There won’t be enough so I’ll stockpile massive amounts of toilet paper creating a shortage for others.

So I suggest you check your ego at the door before you shun me or partner with me. I, too, have boundaries and demand you treat me with respect! The two way street smart lesson of this is also one in which the customer had best read all the fine print while doing their due diligence before they sign/agree to anything electronic or in writing. When communities whine about scams, fraud, or hidden enemies they had best use their logic to correctly discern the intent of those they support as a business. The organization above will be a lesson I never forget because forgiveness does not mean I have to reconcile my differences with them! It was an immediate karmic chord cut! Why? To not hold a grudge while retaining the valuable lessons I’ve learned yet never want to repeat from here on out! Thankfully I had good college professors in business law/criminal law and ethics when I took the courses. One a federal probation officer and the other a local Texas criminal attorney both of whom tried to talk me into pursuing a career as a lawyer. You can see that I declined this choice. They legitimately wanted to write letters of recommendation to Stanford for me, and I was like “nah, I’m good!” I’m here and no one knows my life story, but wants to act judge, jury, and executioner. That’s really kind of ridiculous. I don’t know all of your story either, but our actions speak loudly. Likes and follows are actually a tool of mass psychological warfare, sociology experiments, and behavioral conditioning deployed on the public.

We all have bills to pay, but exactly where does that equal some of the practices kept by many who refuse to question or re-think their actions consciously. I may even add a reminder to readers in some blog posts to support my business with purchasing an astrology report or a donation. I am not unwilling to evaluate the model, change it, or when I had my aesthetics spa in the beginning I worked two jobs. I even pawned items I did not need/want anymore or gave them to stores to re-sell them to pay my initial loans off. This freeing action allows you to release and make room for something else in life believe it or not. It’s a great way to de-clutter the mess you’ve created akin to the mindset that less is more.

The belief that hard work is a sin creates an entitlement and laziness society in my beliefs. It breeds a poor work ethic in the human condition who shuns their responsibilities while it instead pushes then off onto the middle and lower classes creating a caste system of slavery/bondage! Where is that any different than the colonialism/collectivism many preach they now are against as they self righteously virtue signal everywhere. Work and life balance is not about shoving your responsibilities to another so that you can “live it up.” I was and am not afraid of hard work because the women of my household wear multiple hats with various obligations. Rather I would like to see my baby here survive instead of facing an abortion! That requires those reading this to actually give me a chance or the time of day. I am still waiting! This has always been their call to action and one can’t scream it any louder from the rooftops!

Even if astrology is not your cup of tea if you know someone who would benefit from it or who is interested in it you could pass my website to them. We could even arrange as I’ve said before a halfway meet in the middle. I am more than willing to suggest offering a free reading of choice in exchange of someone helping promote my business’ services. Write a review of my astrology report you receive or give me a wee bit of publicity. Instead I’ve gotten backlinks of those who claim for hundreds of dollars to thousands of dollars they can pull a rabbit out of a hat and make me an overnight success.

Look if it swims like a fish, smells like a fish, and such it’s probably a fish. I have seen enough people get the short end of being sold a well crafted con. Anything your intuition is telling you is “too good to be true” is usually right on the money. I’ve tossed countless ideas over recently including getting business cards to put at local places that would get my website out as well. Selling me click funnels which I have no time to employ presently nor the brain capacity to learn is not helping me I am afraid. I can’t afford to pay someone to set that up for me either. I really don’t trust that because like email marketing I don’t value the concept. Do you know how many email subscriptions I’ve unsubbed because it’s harassment to get multiple emails from them in my inbox daily, weekly, and monthly. Several of them beg for donations constantly regardless if you gave money to their cause the day before because they run automated with no one actually overseeing this. You know who you are! I’ve seen plenty of online businesses break these molds yet be remarkably successful so clearly that is not the “only” way to reach any self assigned goal.

I’ve tossed around the idea also of offering written off product I have from my aesthetics spa business where one would purchase an astrology report and receive an Eye Kandy cosmetics kit (just pay the shipping and handling) for the kit. These kits ran at least at a $30+ market value when I sold them at industry trade shows for licensed cosmetologists. I’m even considering looking for esoteric forums to try joining, but being very solitary while not agreeing with certain policies some adopt as their modus operandi is going to create the worst friction ever the same as what occurred on Twitter simply due to the fact that I can’t begin to grasp the logic many operate from anymore. Something radically changed with people where healthy competition has met dog eat dog.

My only view on “silence” would be that of trying to take no thought in meditation which is difficult to master. Thoughts will arise, don’t push them away, don’t take hold of them, and instead let them come while simultaneously letting them go as quickly as they came.

I am saying this now, and I hope I do not have to say it again. If you “like” my blog posts, but are a link to websites hosting viruses or malware as I have had two so far you will be made an example. I am going to begin listing your names so anyone visiting my blog as a customer or not is protected and knows not to click on your backlink as I do not want their mobile device or desktop device impaired by those who may or may not have ill intentions online.

I know backlinks are also self promotion tools, but I also know that some may be spam or harmful. All of my comments have to be moderated for this reason as I am not stupid or naive. Some people online are not “allies or friends.” Use your discernment everyone. If the owners of these websites are unaware that their websites are doing this then they need to clean them up. I do not know your intent, but I do know your backlinks are not safe! An IP search was done and a WHOIS lookup on both. These websites are owned by the same person, and I’ve tried to block them on my end at my business domain as well as in the comments. I’m not sure I can do much with the “likes” as backlinks, but hopefully this lets anyone trying anything fishy know I’m not a complete dingbat online, and I don’t tolerate this! Circa 1990s I had to use protection for bandwidth thieves from my domain. Good to know it’s now transformed into this.

The two offenders so far that you should not visit as I have found they go to websites with viruses or malware are:

Last North which re-directs to a potentially risky website that is highly suspicious of malware and viruses.

Come Home, Witch sets off my anti-virus with security risk virus notifications so I advise everyone to be very careful with this one as well.

If you do not use a VPN I encourage everyone to get one on all of their devices ASAP! If you are a regular follower of me you know that I am fed up with today’s social media, crypto scams (pump and dumps which is not unlike a sexual act used in the porn industry), and other forms of harm to self or other. I am sex positive so when I state what I have stated above it is because I know humanity has a virulent addiction to porn as well as other negative habits that have impaired them from functioning correctly as their higher selves. They are in full function at their lower self and that is also by their free will choice. I can’t really do anything about their lifestyle choices as they have to learn by their personal as well as individual experiential realities whereas I can choose to live any other way by utilizing my own free will. It is not written that I have to “follow” another when I have my own sovereign personal power!

These mental, emotional, and psycho-spiritual dis-eases have to be cured before humanity can ascend individual as well as collectively as they indicate also chakra imbalances. Humanity is wildly overactive or underactive in many of their chakras making them severely out of harmony/balance which I believe is why we see what we see globally today.

My business and blog does not want to be affiliated with incorrect parties or individuals nor have it’s image run through the mire! I grow tired of “policing” also known as monitoring “internet rascals.”

My apologies for the business housekeeping this Friday. I really am being forced to establish some “ground rules” right now in how I wish to be treated at this time by others. I am not trashing your blog space or your business so do not come here to do this to mine! Act like a well mannered adult or get lost! As I’ve said if I do not do this you’re going to see someone get run over by a reindeer like grandma in the Christmas carol. I recall my first domain websites on the internet circa late 1990s I crafted where I made great friends easily who I shared care packages with and amazing relationships were forged. I even remember how easy it was for my last business online to gain recognition with a community in Europe. When I look at the present now moment I’m amazed at how much this Internet of Things and the actual global societies have reverted to policies I used to see in 18th or 19th century xenophopic and prejudiced groups operating from. The modern dark ages? Some even profess they don’t do this yet their actions show the polar opposite. It’s almost like do as I say not as I do. Whatever this is we’re in a state of radical divisiveness, and we can’t find any commonality upon which to unite. I’m not sure what exactly this is, but we need to address it sooner rather than later. I have actually wondered if we let the Animaniacs start running the world? Is Pinky and the Brain in charge of Earth?

Who’s Running the “Show?” And Why Does It Appear Like a Cartoon Some Days?

It was also brought to my attention I’m entirely too erudite so I’m in fact often times going over the heads of the many. I don’t know how to change this. I actually don’t perceive myself in that perspective or frame of mind. I can name several in life who are far more intelligent than myself. Really some of these entries are cryptic. They’re meant to encourage you to think on multiple levels about what you believe to be “your reality.”

Tarot of the Day Thursdays: 2021 – Interruptions Will Interfere With Growth and Partnership(s) as We Enter 2022

“The only thing nicer than a phone that didn’t ring all the time (or indeed at all) was six phones that didn’t ring all the time (or indeed at all).” – Douglas Adams, The Restaurant at the End of the Universe

We’re closing out 2021 and making way for 2022. Some may already be like myself harnessing energies from 2022, and more than eager to say “Out with the old and in with the new.” I’ve used my Nordic runes and charms for this reading. Two crystals were chosen for the meditation; Yellow Jade from my chakra crystals for the Solar Plexus and Amethyst.

To navigate for answers use the underlined text hyperlinks please so you can gather some bread crumbs or do your own research if you feel so called.

Literally all my charms, letters, and crystals are kept in black bags I draw from while my runes are in a grey bag I draw from. Therefore I can never see what I’m pulling out or cheat. I’m still assessing if like last Thursday this reading is collective or individual probably because I am resonating strongly with it given everything with my personal life and business that I’m appraising.

You’re entering the year of the Tiger with the water element by February 1st so this represents intelligence, wisdom, being flexible yet strong, flowing yet still, and calm yet dangerous. This is spiritual communication, maturity, and deep emotions. This is not an entirely peaceful year. You will see people with spunk who would rather die than relinquish their ideals as well as political realignments with theatrical coups, revolution, prospects of war, and a lot of action/change. Tigers are guardians of infants and children so if you see tiger print garments this protects from evil spirits. Tigers guard against three main things which bring devastation to the home which is fire, thieves, and ghosts. Relationships may be volatile and you should work on being modest as well as diplomatic.

Your Solar Plexus projects your will and drive showing up as the initial spark that propels you to your next level, but may also manifest as a sinking feeling in the gut when you perceive that you’ve made a mistake, told a lie, or given away your sovereignty by refusing to choose or decide something for yourself. Your inner fire and personal power represent whether or not you’re working in alignment with your higher self. You need to ask how well do you really know yourself, how badly do you want what you desire, and can you distinguish between standing in your sovereignty versus giving into your ego’s agenda. If you are feeling little incentivization for accomplishing your goals there is a blockage. If you feel on fire with endless energy you’re balanced. If you’re exhausted or suffering digestion problems you’re overactive. The underdeveloped Solar Plexus indicates feelings of worthlessness while the over blown indicates being obnoxious, rude, and unforgiving. Somewhere between these two will help your relationships achieve balance.

Yellow Jade is a yellow variety of Jade which helps attract prosperity, positivity, joy, wisdom, good luck, and a focus on your goals/dreams. The energy of this crystal is to teach the interconnectedness of all things through self awareness, embracing new ideas and perspectives, increasing self confidence, and helping one achieve self sufficiency. Working with Yellow Jade can enhance digestion, address issues with the bladder or liver, and also help the heart, kidneys, and spleen. Yellow Jade is wonderful for releasing your emotions in a healthy manner, letting go of your thoughts during dream state while processing them during wakefulness, and safekeeping you from those who wish you harm.

The name Amethyst is taken from “Amethystos” to mean not intoxicated and indicates one is sober. In the past soldiers used this crystal to keep them safe while in transit so any form of travel while using Amethyst will strengthen your intuition as well as work through your Third Eye and Crown chakras. Known as the “all healer” you can utilize Amethyst for remedying anxiety or insomnia, overcoming negative habits/addictions, removing negativity, and harnessing your adeptness for decision making. Work with amethyst is ideal for relieving headaches, add-on treatments for those in intensive drug therapy such as cancer patients or those on anti-depressants/psychotropics, and boosting the immune system. Amethyst is really great if you’re grieving the loss of a loved one, need to put your thoughts into action, or desire the skill of recognizing your emotional patterns.

Try the following mantras for the Solar Plexus, Third Eye, and Crown chakras.

  • “I am powerful.”
  • “I am open to and trust the Universe.”
  • “I am connecting to spiritual consciousness.”

We are guided by two charms today which are the garden spade and the crab. Are you experiencing the need to dig/uncover something from a situation in your life while seeking your own self-identity? Do you need to develop understanding regarding a recent event or problem? This garden spade represents wisdom, acceptance, and labor. You’ll find it symbolizes the Earth, fall/winter, and the power of the dark. During World War II members of the 506th Parachute Infantry Regiment and the 101st American Airborne Division wore a spade as a symbol of good luck albeit looked more like the spade seen on a deck of cards. This symbol helped to identify these regiments within the airborne division with dashes or dots at different positions helping to identify the battalions within the regiments. During the Vietnam War soldiers wearing the spade psychologically used it as a weapon against the Viet Cong soldiers to symbolize death and ill fortune. The purpose was to scare away the soldiers without having to engage in a fight. Hence the Ace of Spades would be seen left on the body of a fallen Viet Cong soldier or littering battle grounds to “scare the enemy.” I’ll simply leave a thank you to my family or ancestors for this information here as my late maternal grandfather served in the WW II Pacific Ocean Theater and my maternal uncle served in Vietnam.

The spade has also been ascribed to reference the leaf off of the cosmic Tree of Life. The garden is a representation of all of creation where beauty, mathematics, architecture, spirituality, poetry, botanic sensibility, and biodiversity exist. As with the one we’ve created at home mentioned in previous blog posts you go here to contemplate, find peace, develop gratitude, and find eternal rest. It embodies the flowering of the human spirit and the discipline to educate the soul until it transforms into a fragrant garden which offers it’s flowers and fruits. The wealth and prosperity is not what many in society seek, but brings instead spiritual wealth associated with seeking perfection in behavior. In the Quran you will find the following more than 120 times: “Whoever obeys God and his Chosen One will be chosen to live in gardens beneath which flow rivers, and where they will live eternally” within the verse taken from An-Nisa 4:13. Chaldean numerology places the garden spade as number 5 while Pythagorean numerology places it as number 4.

The crab is here to assist us in finding the quickest route to our personal goals. If you suffer from non specific paths that have been ill defined during your journey the crab wishes to offer wisdom to get you where you’re going. This requires a sideways approach and to try a different approach than the one you’re on. Some ways are simply not suitable for your purposes, and you also need to keep hidden parts of your personality as you resolve your challenges otherwise your vulnerabilities will be exposed. Feeling weak or vulnerable is not a sign that you’re less of an achiever rather you need to use your shell to protect your weak points. Crabs feel most comfortable in domestic surroundings with their strong connections to home and can be perceived as shy, sensitive, and very friendly. At the present now moment you should take a close look at your safety arrangements setting limits for yourself and those close to you as protecting both of these are of a very high priority. Get in touch with your emotional, mental, and spiritual body focusing on where you need safe guarding. Your problems will require you to look at them from multiple angles. Face the challenges head on while investigating and stop allowing people to treat you unfairly in life. You deserve respect! When crab shows up it means:

  • You feel unloved/unwanted
  • People have taken advantage of your kindness
  • You desire to realize your full potential
  • You are in need of meaningful relationships with others
  • You must distinguish genuine from false friends
  • Put your needs before anyone else’s

This red crab means some area of your life is marred in frustration and anger which you need to do something about. The best solution is to release these emotions instead of holding onto them as they are unwanted baggage in your life and offer you zero benefit.

Our three runes today are Berkana, Hagalaz, and Gebo.

Berkana: It’s vital with this rune that we look to the Birch tree for answers which can be found here as well as some more info can be found at this website. Use your discernment as you may prefer to research this tree further on your own. This Cycle Rune represents a form of fertility which fosters growth symbolically and in actuality. The growth may occur in affairs of the world, family matters, or the relationship of self with the Divine. Berkana is about blossoming and ripening, the flow of beings into their new forms, and a gentle action which is persuasive. Consider your issue with care and awareness dispersing of resistance and then you can accomplish your goal. Clean out anything no longer needed and you’ll be able to make progress.

This rune asks that you dissolve any bonds entangling you which are unhealthy or that have caused imprisonment so that you can achieve inner freedom and external independence.

Hagalaz: This can appear as disruption, but is also a harbinger of elemental powers. Change, freedom, invention, and liberation are all attributes found within Hagalaz. Drawing it indicates a pressing need within the psyche to break free from constricting identification with material reality and to experience the world of archetypal mind. Events are beyond your control and the Great Awakener has asked that you emerge from your deep sleep. Your false sense of security, understanding of yourself, your work, your relationships, and your beliefs will be ripped away from you. Now is the time to call upon your inner strength to find support and guidance when everything you took for granted is challenged. This Cycle Rune is severe and demands that you grow.

Hagalaz is hieroglyphic meaning holy script-wise and is said to be a picture of a procession. In negative aspect this rune signifies death, destruction, and air/wind. It can be seen as the gate which leads to the realms of salvation and appears in the place of the syllable “Ga” as a sacred God/Goddess syllable. The cross of the world with the hub in the middle is the microcosm as macrocosm. It represents the Universe in its largest conceivable expansion and is a symbol of the self image of the human being. The extent of one’s physical and spiritual self is understood as “valuable” and “spiritually important.” Hagal is the Rune of Humanity/Adam (the androgynous first human) representing creation, the world circle, and the wheel of the world. The double Hagalaz rune is a symbol of reincarnation and resurrection.

The spine with the twelve dorsal vertebrae of Adam Kadmon fills out the world with body and spirit. The same spine of the zodiac with it’s twelve parts of the heavens is also represented here. “Take care of the Universe and care for it within yourself and you are ruling the Universe.” Hagalaz is the scaffolding, the spiritual Christ (clock/time), the time of God/Goddess, and eternity (beginning and end). The word Christ is Aristos or Haristos. Greek language has replaced the “H” with the “K, G, I, or Ch” to make “Chri and Kri.” The “Har” is the superlative which in Indian becomes one of Vishnu’s names as Hari which is an incarnation of Krishna. In Hebrew Hari becomes “Heres or Hammah” to mean the Sun. In Arabic “Haris” is the meaning of maintainer and protector. Christ-all or the crystal seal is the same as the Nordic Kala from Kabbalah and relates itself to the eagle and the symbol of the Sun. This relates to the word “Aryan” which is written in runes to mean the Self is between the Sun and the Earth. This runic language gives us the Chi-Rho. Berkana is the Mother Rune.

Hagalaz is thus used to remind us of the Aesir or Norse deities where the God-self or Divine-self is nailed to the X-cross of the world or Universe. The mystical grouping related with this links to the resultant rune for Isis (God-human). Christos is a monogram for Chiron as man-horse or centaur. This is also a monogram of the “wind rose” or Wodan’s wind-horse and rose-cross. Whoever does not and can not sacrifice themselves will never reach the All-Father which is why Wotan says on the World Tree “I consecrated myself to myself.” Male-female unity of the universe as head of the Aesir means the highest initiation. It represents ancient concepts of androgynous sexual instinct of Divine powers and the great mystery of the art of breathing as spiritualization and de-materialization. If the rune had come up reversed it would symbolize destruction, death, annihilation, and black magic. This rune is associated with Libra and the number 7.

Gebo: Drawing this rune is an indication that partnership of some form is at hand. In love, business, and in partnering of every kind one should not collapse themselves into this union. True partnership is achieved only by separate and whole beings who retain their separateness (not co-dependency) even as they unite. There is also an aspect of partnership many don’t consider. This path can lead you into the realization of a greater union with your higher self and union with the Divine. The ultimate gift of Gebo is the realization of the Divine in all things. God/Goddess only enters into equal partnerships!

Gebo has no reverse for it signifies the gift of freedom from which flows all other gifts. Gebo signifies consecrated to God/Goddess and the Earth is the receiver of these gifts as well as a giver. Gebo represents rebirth of the world spirit. This rune signifies the binary of humanity and the Divine. Gebo as a rune can represent the Divine fullness of grace, splendor, and is found in the word “Gamos” for wedding as well as “Genesis” for continuous pro-creation. The rune was said to carry an ancient teaching about humanity who has become rigid from overestimating their intellect which never offers higher knowledge when separated from the Divine. You have trampled all the natural laws under your feet. It asks the Earthly human generation and creative power to bind their forces in a sacred marriage with the Divine to reach cosmic consciousness and see God/Goddess via the unio mystical whereby you become one with the primordial cosmic cause.

Doing this activates the cosmic streams and strengthens the Earth’s current (terrestrial magnetism) whereupon the Sun’s netting and lower half of the body responds to affect the pineal gland and upper parts of the body. This rune is associated with the sign of Virgo and the number 18 which reduces to the number 9. It urges you to protect yourself against fraud and false friends while protecting you against evil and adversity. The rune is associated with justice, but beware of polluting this with self righteous behavior or justice will become injustice. This number also represents people who have little patience for bull&%$#@!

Though the contemporary representation of the Chi-Rho symbol shows the two lines of chi crossing at 90 degrees, its early symbols have them crossed at the angle formed by the intersection of the celestial equator and the solar ecliptic path.

Wisdom Wednesday’s: Inanna’s Descent is Not Just About Our Chakras

The Kiss of Venus is certainly not just superficial with regards to beauty or love unless you’re practicing at the profane level compared to the higher sacred level.

Most think the archetypes are or can only be understood via possibly one or a select choice few interpretations. By this I mean we read online through one person’s awareness and assume this to be the only way to work with the energy. The Descent of Inanna is somewhat like my mention of the story of Ameterasu. When I have stated that it makes no sense to me for any astrologer to put their client’s or a celebrities’ astrology info out as an example it dawned on me that these myths are written with the mention of a striptease as both mimicking an aspect the same underlying theme. The myth of a descent is a chakra cleanse yes, but it is much more. These allegories act as allusions to ego death in my eyes. Here is this strip tease centered right when Ameterasu enters the cave and no one thinks this has any tie-ins right back to the story again of Inanna. It is just some humorous way to lure her out meanwhile we’re discussing plunging the world or cosmology into darkness yet wanting light to return. I think many are not realizing this perhaps is another story of descent with ego death hidden within it just repackaged through various cultural motifs. Another one of those rambling journeys that you can avoid today if you so choose. I’ll quickly state yes, I’m using hyperlinks again to flesh out my blog post. One day I’ll just stop adding that warning except I wonder if anyone otherwise would recognize it. My Venus is in Cancer on the Western zodiac, but on the chart it looks as if part of my Leo stellium. Not hardly for this Leo gal.

This striptease is a “stripping away” of the ego to reveal one’s higher self or Divinity, but with this we run into some problems if we have not had the consent to reveal that of anyone except ourselves. If you went to a psychiatrist or psychologist we have laws which surround the improper disclosure of a patient’s health info. “Pop” astrology is really superficial, and it dawned on me that this is why I hate it. I also hate the fact that it is simply click bait mixed with “fear porn.” In fact I find it damaging as I was trying to freely work with someone on Twitter who took to heart what I call manipulative astrologers who again think they bring absolution to someone by destroying their self confidence. I won’t disclose the details here as that is simply to me not professional. I need not over elaborate on the personal details of others when I explain that I met some people who were struggling with their own mental health while others took to social media to stir the pot as this must be how they get their enjoyment.

Inanna is a depiction of Venus after all, but which one are many working with. We should be working with both, but certainly we should emphasize the higher octave over the lower octave. Are astrologers aware that there is Aphrodite Pandemos and Aphrodite Urania? I’m not doing this whole don’t buy tech during a Mercury retrograde or don’t get my hair done during a Venus retrograde thing others get bamboozled by. If I lived my life that boxed in I have absolutely no idea what shape my psyche would be in today. There was a phrase I read somewhere online a long time ago about the stars compel only, but why are people taking it to extremes. You do have free will, and it’s not all black nor white.

I myself align more with wanting the higher octave not the lower octave. I understand why we need the lower octave, but in my estimation you want to not be stuck there when you can certainly transmute the energy as well as use it for a far better purpose. I guess this is why myself and others are repelled by one another. Funny thing about the Law of Attraction is that everyone who pushes it is forgetting that a magnet also repels. What happens with concepts in the Kybalion is that the many misconstrue all of the teachings found within it to serve some slightly disjointed needs. Again this is why I am solitary. I can’t mesh with what others have tried to indoctrinate me with as I have my own knowledge (gnosis) which has worked well for me. I am more than well read, and I certainly love to read about other’s experiences yet I do it my way. I read the experiences of others because I find it helps me to witness the perspective of another.

As I said though I don’t like to put all of my relationship with the Divine out for the public to absorb like a sponge. I told one astrologer my view which was rejected on social media is as follows. I have millions of brain surgeons right now who all jumped head first into self help, but maybe we needed a heart surgeon instead yet you’re not allowing one in either out of a fear of thinking you will lose your client base or some sort of other factor which I’m unaware of yet can only guess blindly at. Either way your client clearly is going to see both of these niche doctors. A person having a heart attack would not go to a neurologist after all. One specializes in the brain and nervous system while the other is the circulation system of the body regarding the heart’s blood flow. You have thousands of self help professionals all working on the mental or psycho-spiritual, but exactly what happens to the rest of the human condition such as the emotional body? It’s simply an analogy for what I see this industry behaving as presently within it’s established ranks. They may not see it, they may not care, and they may think I’m full of guano, but maybe I’m not.

I imagine this is that movie or story that no one would buy if there was not friction to move the plot along. Meanwhile as I said on a previous blog post now removed, redacted, and changed the masks being worm have metaphysical implications also. In occultism a mask is used to indicate one’s submission to authority, but I question if anyone has asked who they are bowing down and submitting to in life. Who are you giving your sovereignty and self rule to exactly? And no this is most certainly not just a reference to the pandemic before anyone jumps all over me with their assumptions and getting triggered. Life is participation mystique! We are not just watching political theater folks when we observe the world although this is the brunt of many discussions at present. Are you a mere puppet or pawn on the chessboard?

When you use the traditional astrology interpretations for click bait and “fear porn” you focus your attention on a malefic instead of finding the benefic. This is the same thing as how mental health and life coaching states the story you are telling yourself and therefore your clients can become negative rather than affirmative. I thought I had talked some sense into this Twitter follower instead she continued to follow these charlatans because they lambasted people who were “new” to the community with slander/libel. And thus she chose to stay with these psychic vampires who will continue to demonize how esoteric concepts can be used to empower not dis-empower. The phrase from the Bible is what works best directly from Luke 23:34.

Your seat of the conscious mind is the front brain where the will has established its dominion. Here all things affecting the system are either admitted or rejected. Spiritual truth has to be admitted through this door before it will become part of your consciousness. If the mind is charged with the thought that certain religious dogma is true and all else is error or worthy of extreme condemnation there will be a crossing-out of the Christ consciousness. This is one of the esoteric meanings of the crucifixion.

The robe for which the soldiers cast lots is the truth in its harmonious expression and unchangeable perfection. The superscription written over Jesus as “This is the King of the Jews,” is indicative of the ruling power of the principles enunciated by the great kings of humanity. Greek was the language of literature/culture, Latin of the soldiers/officers of Rome, and Hebrew is the language of the Jews/religion. The word of the Great One should go forth to the whole world and reach people in spirit, body, and mind.

The two malefactors crucified with him represent the past and future. The past is full of regrets as well as accusations, but the future is hopeful and sees good ahead in spite of our great trials. This is commended by the Christ and promises a reward being made to us.

The darkness and rending of the temple is a complete failure in understanding or innerstanding of knowledge (gnosis) that sweeps over the soul in times of great trials and the letting go of the idea of the reality of material consciousness. The closing relinquishment of your soul to God/Goddess is the final giving up of all human ambitions and aims. When this point is reached and only then will the soul enter into glory.

But Christianity is not the only truth. There is not only one way to use astrology or self help. As I said before zealots of the aeon/age of Pisces are ignorant of accepting this and they act from hypocrisy. The mythology is allegory, esoteric, and astrotheology based upon as I said yesterday a culture much older that they keep denigrating as fundamentalists through exoteric Pharisee and Sadducee comprehension. Same occurs in other religions not just Christianity or radical Islam.

This is similar to the now modern adaptation of the Medusa archetype. Neptune is a God of the freshwater and sea similar to Poseidon with the trident. The rape is not meant as a literal and politicizing the myth or wrongly identifying with it may hinder shadow work. The freshwater and sea is in fact symbolic of the unconscious which is why astrologically this is said to be the place of illusions, delusions, and deceptions. “Pop” astrology and psychotherapy need to reconsider what is happening with our use of the archetypes in the tapes or stories we tell one another. Especially when we understand the actual archetype of Athena/Minerva whose temple Medusa was in when the rape of the unconscious occurs. This level of work with the shadow would help in life coaching and psychotherapy towards greater understanding as to why one allows it to manifest into the outer. Why they let their subconscious or unconscious take control of their vehicle removing their choice in waking consciousness is the question not politicizing anything or identifying with it incorrectly via ego projection.

Particularly before their ego grabs hold and they blame or shame as well as reactionary attack someone who is trying to simply interject a different perspective to transform society into a big picture understanding or knowledge (gnosis) all sides should in fact be explored before excluding one or the other. You have to leave your “comfort zone” of traditional astrology and ask questions. You have to critically think and experiment if you want change. Doing the same expecting change as they say is insanity! Technically there are placements with asteroids and fixed stars which allude to these myths that can also help one flesh out the story from Algol to the Pallas, Poseidon, and Medusa asteroids.

There is even an Inanna asteroid, but not by the name Inanna. You’re going to have to utilize Ishtar her Babylonian identity. Luck would have it she was my natal 3rd House (the house of all forms of communication/education styles) in Capricorn which is Saturn ruled. It’s essentially how I work, act, and make the choices which I use to interpret the world around me while trying to get others to understand or innerstand me. Ishtar transits my 4th House (the house of all forms of history/traditions, family, and actualizing the true self) in Aquarius ruled by Uranus which is the domestic front where one gets their mystical, emotional, and mental satisfaction while retreating from the world.

Now this all makes logical sense. Why? Elementary my dear Watson! Aquarius is on the symbolic degree transit describing my life at present. How so? The Sabian Symbol illustrates one’s ability or need to be able to interact with others integrating various levels of experience, life, and people without having to be in any way whatsoever made to feel compromised by what rung or level in the “hierarchy” they’re at in their own life. The vast staircase this degree speaks of shows the ladder that one must climb socially, spiritually, emotionally, and physically. Ascending this staircase one begins to feel more empowered, more accomplished, and more in the present now moment. However, when anyone shoves them down to the lower rung it causes a feeling of jeopardy and endangerment. Ever hear of an endangered species list; would you enjoy being placed upon it?! The natal Capricorn placement is a direct illustration of limitless capacity for memorializing my experiences by the mark I leave on history via the necessity to protect my handiwork from superficial destructiveness of a life led without purpose.

None of this was acceptable to the Twitter astrology community or many contemporary astrologers for me to express without being silenced for doing so. But really this is no different than those who were complaining about also not getting paid for their commissions. When I wrote and cited legal info on slander/libel, hate crimes, and gang/mob stalking from my experiences working in legal this fell also on deaf ears. Being wronged and talking guano has repercussions was what I was telling the community. At the very least you need to change the names so that perhaps when you need to air the laundry certain matters are not exposed willy-nilly all over social media due to what happens with the viral nature of it. If how we react is what determines how we are perceived we all have to question why we jump online and create drama.

I also mentioned I can’t fathom why someone does not use contractual law for their commissions. It is a poor thought out business owner who does all the work and never thinks they would get stiffed. At the very least think like any contractor and demand a down payment or percentage upfront. Have a binding contract for electronic signature so that a person is firmly taught they can’t stiff you without a consequence of legal consequence. If all else fails this might deter them from screwing you over royally. Ironic that telling these people on social media to use their brain also gets you flack or banned from the group. I am wrong for suggesting you cover your ass! And probably I am wrong for expressing most days now my irritation with people. Yet at 42 it is hard not to be left shaking your head and just like WTF!

I am really trying to mediate my “attitude” today. But literally on Twitter no one wanted to get the memo nor has the IQ I guess to comprehend the memo. I tried and it fell on the ears of the deaf, dumb, and blind which was when I put in my feed that I will let people attend the school of hard knocks and have no empathy for those who don’t listen to an elder or a wiser person who has had certain life experiences that might be worthy to consider. I can only be so compassionate before my tough love persona kicks in and says @&$%# this guano.

What happens with “pop” astrology also is that I think I can now in hindsight see why I have called it co-dependent versus inter-dependent. If a therapist is meant to heal someone surely the client would receive sessions. At what point has there been transference or has it become an addiction that is doing more harm than good?

This very strange image emerges about seeking absolution in the wrong places. Why have you deferred your relationship to the Divine through a third party to the extent of not working directly to form this relationship to your higher self. Do you not trust what is within after a certain point of guidance from another who should be less of a boundary crosser or less involved. You need a third wheel or fourth, fifth, and sixth wheel? Is it support or is it minions one is seeking and with that is the energy exchange of those a necessarily healthy one.

Why don’t I have many friends? Not that many truly cared about me. It is an honest truth. They were very self involved themselves or were very involved with their families. Others were as I have said parasitic and there was never any symbiotic component to the relationship. Parasitic being the energy of user and abuser or used and abused. Clearly symbiosis would be of more value! Does anyone even consider these paradigms in the concept of also chord cutting. If Genetic Matrix is speaking to me as a Manifestor in my natal and a Projector in solar return clearly this is of vital importance. Too many karmic chords or connections where not warranted would be one hell of a drain! I don’t know, but to me social media really allows for energy drain. You’re spread too thin! It’s literally like workaholism and people in Japan have committed suicide over this. You have connections or karmic chords extended literally “everywhere” with many of them running the risk of being unwise. It’s completely non-selective and non-discerning. It’s about numbers, but if those people are not quality does quantity matter that much to you. Also do you ever feel or notice when you’ve prostituted yourself to someone or something including a profession you ignorantly accepted only to regret later?

I remember days past when people did “friend cuts” for their sanity check! Today I swear it looks like humans lost their individual and collective minds.

Halos are also in truth weather/atmospheric phenomenon despite the fact that they also indicate a human who has reached enlightenment.

Returning to the theme of this post wouldn’t it be conceivable to call it a seeming psycho-spiritual rape if someone uses their client’s or a celebrities’ astrology chart as an example then by “stripping away” and exposing them. Sure most discount metaphysics as airy fairy pseudoscience. Yet if we think of my references to Carl Jung using astrology in psychotherapy I can not fathom that he would have ever done what “pop” astrology does today. I think he would find it a breach of client confidentiality and immoral or unethical.

I had people hating the new kid on the block and ostracizing or cancel culturing her as in me on social media out of fear, distrust, or just immaturity. I can not know their motives only guess at their insecurity being exposed through their words and actions they left me to read as well as observe. They like any other elite esotericist or self professed guru complain about boundaries breached ignoring their own manner of consenting to have their info harvested and indexed online via putting their contact info all over the internet, affiliating with various companies who may third party sell it, uploading their selfies, disclosing their check ins through QR codes. etc. I never understood check ins and never will. Say you break up with someone and they were abusive. Why would you want your most intimate details or your location shared then to viral social media? That is completely illogical, but we’re watching people do this literally everyday with no forethought or afterthought.

Astrologers are not looking here, but this could be what happens with social media for any content creator. I have seen, read, and heard many a story of at least women more than men thus far although I know it can happen to men because I think everyone has seen the movie Fatal Attraction where they have a stalker or a person who can’t quite separate boundaries properly. Should not then all content creators be more selective and prudent in their businesses. This is why celebrities also have the battles they do with their fan bases after all. The infantile idealization honeymoon stage that damages relationships with expectations! Ouch!

Like WTAF! So victim consciousness wants to attack someone else for their own walking in ignorance and cognitive dissonance. The enemy is you and your ego won’t let you see it. This is why I do not upload my image to social media, and when I did for my aesthetics spa business with makeup artistry it was literally only my eyes. I have been online since the 1990s, and I have first hand seen the devolution of society through the rise of the Internet of Things. I know what the internet was, and I can compare it to today to see how much more today’s internet is toxic to mental health than back then.

Why? Because I lived through all of it as a first hand experiential process. It is now chat bots, trolls, and as I said to someone look up the etymology of artificial intelligence. When you do I hope it will remove the cognitive dissonance of the oxymoron that this term contextually implies so that you can understand if you are being hoodwinked as I call it by someone who cares not about you, but is caring more about lining their crypto, stock market, or bank account. When you’re devalued over money you might as well be a slave or a prostitute. Or maybe you’re a bounty being hunted. Money is energy. How we use it defines if it is healthy intent or unhealthy intent. And as Twitter was crypto scam central you can see why this also led to me deactivating my account. It was all pump and dumps. People everywhere warning others that they were being scammed by crypto is not my idea of a good social media network. I’ll put it below, and you tell me if the context still reads anything other than perplexing. I’m not going to worship an AI as deified when the context looks like the following:

Artificial (comparative more artificial, superlative most artificial)

  • Man-made; of artifice
  • False, misleading
  • Unnatural

Intelligence (countable and uncountable, plural intelligences)

  • (chiefly uncountable) Capacity of mind, especially to understand principles, truths, facts or meanings, acquire knowledge, and apply it to practice; the ability to comprehend and learn
  • (countable) An entity that has such capacities
  • (chiefly uncountable) Information, usually secret, about the enemy or about hostile activities
  • (countable) A political or military department, agency or unit designed to gather information, usually secret, about the enemy or about hostile activities
  • (dated) Acquaintance; intercourse; familiarity

When life coaches tell me I have a bad perspective I have to ask them one question? Do you think I am naive? I think many believe I am a moronic fool they can “screw” with. This is why as I said I jumped on people who said some rather ignorant rubbish within astrology on Twitter about Saturn, Ketu, and other concepts as everyone is still I swear trapped in Satanic Panic all of which historically actually damaged the lives of people like the Salem Witch Trials. Superstitious bull guano which became a viral mess during history the same as the Inquisition. These were viral trends of torture, death, and manipulation of the individual and collective consciousness of many causing generational PTSD which went viral before the advent of technology the likes of which we have today. And those who participate in it will make their own karma or dig their own graves. It is still wrong and virtue signals don’t make me want to follow you when they appear self righteous. Somewhere we had a saying about when your friend jumps off the cliff you do not have to follow with them, and peer pressure or propaganda is a poor excuse for not exercising your own will to say bloody “No.” The fool doing the pressuring or propagandizing better hope someone is not hurt during the leap off the cliff should they later be held accountable for being the accomplice.

This is why when I use my ancestors or myself as the examples I see it as two things. I am not being a narcissist as my confidence is not that hyper-inflated due to my own self talk at times indicating my inner critic is quite harsh with the perfectionism complex I work to keep in check. People may appear self absorbed when they’re suffering depression or other conditions yet desire to improve their mental health. My ancestors are resting in peace or have long moved to their next incarnation as energy is neither created nor destroyed only transformed. I chose to use them actually to venerate them which is a Magha nakshatra trait. Their info came as an inheritance to me as I previously stated. I am in control of how much I want to share about myself when I am the example. You can see me walk my walk as I talk my talk. I am in a vulnerable place of shadow work which means yes I am going to get the projectile vomit of others, and I may be triggered having to work through that phase.

Within this I wanted to wrap up with two other topics briefly that tie into my blog posts. After I researched my solar return I had a tarot reading done to determine information on any “invitations” and the Sacral chakra energies mentioned with my natal as well as solar return education. I learned that someone is sending me energy through the Sacral chakra on the astral plane because they need my Ketu (Magha ruled nakshatra as well as its position in Aquarius) to act via the Kali archetype for ego dissolution. The reading also mentioned this person(s) sees me as the tarot archetype of the Empress. I am not sure if I do, but that may be my inner critic blocking me. I sure as hell am not feeling like any Empress at present; I feel blocked!

Jupiter’s Giant Seal is a huge hexagram affirming that yes you can use asteroids in astrology even though I got flack for doing so. The Trojans, a group of asteroids, move around Jupiter’s orbit, ahead of it, and behind/opposite of it.

I kept putting this all over Twitter after I got antagonized about my Ketu placements so I will put it here as well for everyone to comprehend a mahadasha. Is this why I studied the ring also on my Jupiter finger so much recently as well?!

I can’t help, but feel even more like yesterday when I joked about the Beetlejuice movie. I feel like someone sending energy in the astral not in the 3D is similar to “drawing a door” and seeking Juno their case worker. Sorry! Wait what?! I do not know yet how I feel about this at all

If the astral is the 5D and correlates to the Solar Plexus chakra which regulates confidence and self esteem this is not what I expected at all. The astral is in spacial proximity to the physical more-so than the aetheric dimension. The astral body is utilized to traverse this dimension and its function allows one the ability to have desires, emotions, imagination, and psychic abilities lending power to thought which is essential for effective action and manifestation.

The astral contains what can be described as containing the counterpart of all within the 3D. It’s the duplicate dimension and belongs to a group in time-space which is visually dominant, utilizes all senses, and is predominantly navigated by sight. There are many planes within this dimension that are subject to intense polarity of negative and positive.

The astral contains a duplicate of everything in the 3D Universe although this is not entirely accurate as some astral counterparts can appear to be a distorted version of the physical constituting super symmetry as a primary construct. Time is generally experienced in the astral as symmetrical with the 3D, however, it is more malleable in the higher dimensions and planes. An individual awakened at the astral level can manipulate their experience of time to certain degrees. Time is an illusion even in the 3D with all events happening simultaneous which can be perceived in its reality more clearly from the astral depending on an individuals knowledge and awareness. For example an individual at this level may experience past life regressions.

Communicating with other beings and traveling through these landscapes or space is seemingly realistic. A full awakened astral body will allow you to experience intense pleasure, intense pain, and intense fear. Whatever you feel in this dimension will create a resonance and manipulate the flavor or texture of the landscapes or scenery accordingly. Feeling negative creates a negative resonance which causes a shift to a negative plane experience. Neutral feelings will resonate neutral planes and positive feelings will resonate positive planes. One will literally see a darker or lighter energy within the plane even though it looks real.

We are not limited to the astral during the dream state although this is the dimension frequently used for dream experiences. It is crucial to learn control concerning vibrational resonance at this level because where the physical plane may provide a time-space barrier between our vibrational frequency, thought, and emotional resonance in relation to the events we create and experience here in the physical at the higher dimensions the time-space barriers are a little thinner where we create almost instantly. The astral is especially sensitive to all feelings and thought-feelings (thoughts masquerading as feelings). In other words the physical (unless one is a master such as with my Reiki certification) provides a certain amount of time between conception and manifestation in the physical dimension whereas the astral provides little allowance in this regard.

When I was working freely on Twitter to change malefic understanding of astrology to the benefic I responded to questions about the Evil eye with a “return to sender” spell. I sleep on a hamsa pillow which reads namaste. The ritual uses lemon and clove. It was intended as advice for others. I had sent my mom the next day to pick me up clove essential oil as I use it with orange essential oil in my lotion. Ironic that I was brought lemon with clove essential oil matching the very ritual I advised to the astrology Twitter community who banned me. I guess when “pop” astrology says they can’t stand shadow work they mean it. They can’t own their guano, can’t handle ego death as essential to health and wellness, and they refuse to grow up!

Meanwhile I want to know who this Capricorn and Scorpio are who are sending me energy in the astral. I do not know right now anyone with those Sun signs. Maybe it is not their Sun signs even. Maybe it is not actual people and just energy! Maybe they or it wishes to remain anonymous! Maybe it’s a fragmented piece of myself I should be reclaiming.

The hamsa pillow on my bed.

Here is the Evil eye “return to sender” ritual if you need it!

The spell is a justice spell which is harmless to you yet promotes karmic retribution politely. This acts as a protective shield. If you can locate a grey candle this helps neutralize the energy and break bad mojo directed at you. The lemon essential oil purifies and absorbs negative energies. Clove aligns with Jupiter the greater benefic and the fire element. Clove is burned or worn for protection against psychic attack. I suggest using the oils as an addition to fragrance free lotions since it will then be with you wherever you go all day doing its magic. You could also use this in a diffuser like a smudge to cleanse a home or business!

Light the grey candle if you have one. Think of every harmful event that you’ve been experiencing. It does not matter whatsoever who is responsible for causing them. Recite the following mantra:

The pain you have caused me is now yours. Justice is here, and I am not alone.

Focus on how you feel. All you have to do is visualize what justice means to you, then open your eyes, blow out the candle if you lit a grey one, and release your intentions to the Universe.

I have been wearing the lemon and clove essential oil ever since it was given to me. It is a funk that I am in. If I don’t make sense of my own baggage and release it then I probably won’t go into or even through 2022 correctly. I certainly won’t understand why I ventured into an esoteric business model if I don’t analyze my own “chatter.” I should add I don’t think it’s bitterness or anger entirely. I legitimately read the Genetic Matrix about how Manifestor and Projectors need to inform or wait to be invited which to me came off as slightly insulting. If taken literal this would mean countless people would never have the will, confidence, or motivation to achieve anything in life while they twiddle their thumbs waiting on someone to grant them clearance. No offense, but the linguistics of that should be better worded as someone will take it literal and will be hurt if it’s not elaborated upon. Part of one’s growth is to take those risks and learn from them. Someone could read all of that and feel so frustrated with being told just “wait and see, but whatever you do don’t try to stand out.” I have an image in my head of all these Manifestors and Projectors still standing at the start line of the race while all the others would be half way to the finish line before they could begin. Illogical! Informing is also not something I feel I can always do. Again it’s like telling me I have to play “Mother May I” which is only compatible for certain life situations.

I also began a discussion on Twitter briefly with a therapist who noted CBT does not work for certain traumas in a round of 6 month sessions. That the industry has a problem with also blaming their patients for their lack of progress. I began to wonder if this was true with life coaching as well. My response is it always takes two to tango. Somewhere in relating if there was a breakdown both parties have to assess the who, what, when, where, how, and why of the situation to find the answer and proactively resolve their disputes.

Denying the right of anyone likewise to “feel” into the situation and honor whatever they need to emote is also causation for trauma through enabling repression. Clearly that does not describe any form of healing. Then there was that day I mentioned someone was triggered by an environmentalist and got also rage for mentioning or pointing it out. The wrath of my leaving some long reply because their argument had no basis in logic whatsoever. They simply took to this stereotypical stance with nothing to even back it up because they did not like what someone said. I probably should have not responded that day. My inner Vulcan was simply not having it though. More to ponder amidst my horrendous analysis paralysis! I am going to go play a video game before I suffer any further. I know it’s said we should not feel the need to write a monologue explaining ourselves to anyone. Meanwhile I can only block or reject so many without trying to help them see through my eyes. Best wishes everyone! I hope you have a great Wednesday! 🥰

Teach Me Tuesdays: 12 Around 1

“Most mandalas have an intuitive, irrational character and, through their symbolical content, exert a retroactive influence on the unconscious. They therefore possess a “magical” significance, like icons, whose possible efficacy was never consciously felt by the patient.” – Carl Jung

It’s one of those days where I don’t know what I really want to put here! So I am going to talk about the dodecagon because I’m stumped. I’ve resolved I will try to re-investigate Redbubble this week, but I have to make sure I don’t frustrate myself in the process. I’m aiming for Wednesday as today I have other obligations, and tomorrow I have errands I should get done. I want to put my energy into creating the tarot deck to go with the book I’ve already begun, but when I have to consider the costs of the adventure it makes no logical sense right now to me. If I could get anything generated off of trying to use Redbubble maybe I’d be able to fund the microphone for podcasts or the tarot deck I want to create. Really I could buy myself the microphone except I need to use this money to go to the eye doctor and get myself new prescription glasses. With always being offered independent contractor, temp to hire, or part time job offers from every employer in my region of Texas and not landing full time I’ve not had good insurance since age 29 yet I’m 42. Really full time does not even mean I get insurance. I worked as my blog description says for lawyers and they provided no insurance.

Another mind boggling moment in my “Spock” Vulcan brain. Lawyers make a lot of money supposedly I thought winning cases for clients yet can’t afford even basic insurance for their paralegals and administrative staff. Please everyone ponder this who lives within the USA like me. I do not “get it” nor will I ever “get it.” I’m wearing glasses that I’ve worn since age 29 with a lazy left eye and astigmatism. So as the saying goes; priorities! I do think my vision might be a wee bit important here even if someone else does not out there in the Universe. You are looking at a gal who needs to care for her eyes; born cross-eyed and had surgery to fix this. I have a feeling those blessed with stellar vision take it for granted. Please don’t do this as some of us have hiccups to overcome. There is one other small minute problem I have. How do I convert a to a if this goofy setup is limiting me. Silly me I seem to be setup I am learning probably on the wrong blog platform. My aesthetics spa business before I closed it used Blogger. Excuse me while my German/Danish Ashkenzi roots go scream “Oy vey.” I wonder how difficult the conversion is without losing my progress or work.

“In the products of the unconscious we discover mandala symbols, that is, circular and quaternity figures which express wholeness, and whenever we wish to express wholeness, we employ just such figures. ” – Carl Jung

1 produces 6 and 6 produces 12.

Looking at the image above the arms of the six pointed star extend from the flower of life to intersect the outer rims of the six circles. This depiction illustrates perfect divisions of space into twelve parts forming a twelve sided polygon called the dodecagon. This geometric shape also can be made via six squares and six equilateral triangles fitted around a hexagon. A ball can naturally fit twelve others around it in a manner where they all touch the center and four neighbors. This arrangement occurs with apples and oranges in market stalls. They make the shape of a cubeoctahedron closely related to the tetrahedron. Most crystals will grow along these lines. Twelve is a number which fits around one in the 3D the same way that six fits around one in the 2D. For those certain people who have irritated me recently with their limited knowledge their New Testament Bible is the story of a teacher surrounded by twelve disciples which as I’ve been redundantly explaining is astrotheology as well despite their rejection of this or repulsion to it. Whether or not these emotions are their truth or a gimmick/manipulation tool of the masses I’m not quite sure.

Only because the internet has also a lot of absurd notions which came up in a social media discussion I chimed into about the Cube of Space, Saturn, and other esoteric concepts used to garner “fear porn” as I term it which always causes me to be triggered with anger as I don’t like what to me appears ignorance based. I assume it makes someone money somewhere, but to someone like me it also just looks semi-absurd anymore kind of like someone in a haunted house screaming over a person wearing a costume. This is probably why people who go to haunted houses at theme parks find me strange. I don’t scream or panic at all over a costume and a role play which to me is wasting my energy also. Now if I’m on a ferris wheel I might have hidden anxiety which outwardly will not be displayed, but again I have a fear of heights I am still working on. We can try to assess the psycho-spiritual aspects of that another day.

Our original zodiac as the basis of astrotheology shows Jesus at the center of a solar zodiac with his twelve disciples as the various signs and houses of the wheel in the sky. As stated in my previous blog post most of us certainly are not “worshiping” these stars when we utilize astrology or any other estoeric methodology to gain insight into our individual or collective unconscious. The New Testament Bible uses verses from Genesis to Revelation to reference 24 of the brightest stars seen from Earth. If everything is energy which is neither created nor destroyed maybe what many of us are attempting is to learn how best to work with this energy which gets misconstrued by as I will refer to them again our modern day Pharisees and Sadducees. I imagine these same people need to recognize the various “councils” who determined what could remain within their scriptures and what should be thrown out. I also stated my best lesson in that post is for everyone to learn about blind faith, to not rely on just a concordance, and to critically think for themselves rather than keep allowing the “blind to lead the blind” as what we have leading our world is also know-it-alls. I’m confident we most certainly do not know-it-all and this assumption is a grievous mistake of humanity at large. Another entrapment of ego or superiority/inferiority complexes in the psyche left unresolved. I don’t know-it-all, and I may never know-it-all yet I enjoy expanding my knowledge.

The zodiac is a representation and reminder for Western esotericists that the seed of the woman who was depicted in Virgo will ultimately triumph over the serpent which is all allegory taken from countless previous mythologies and cosmologies across the globe. If you lived in a different aeon/age outside of Pisces and a different country you would have practiced, worshiped, and believed in any myriad other personifications of these same archetypes which have gone by many various names. The Revelation is a message to every generation of Christ consciousness born to all. This is the same as an apocalypse which is not a World War or hellfire with brimstone. It’s a disclosure of information by Divine supernatural agency that was not previously known. I have to harp on this simply because I have had backlinks from those who are too dogmatic or I’ve been hounded online by the lesser informed who are zealots which historically led to atrocities as I’ve said often ending with torture/death and cancel culture. All of which indicates many “believers” have missed the underpinning lessons of their spiritual texts and practice hypocrisy.

Sorry, to those I have offended. It has become apparent to me if I do not begin setting some boundaries at this blog or with my business I’m going to be run over like grandma at Christmas by the reindeer which for someone who has been told their sense of humor is sardonic I’d advise my audience to not step on/over my boundaries as I emote and project back at you with snarky. Much of this is why I was severely angered and embittered with “pop” astrologers, esoteric elitists, and the “follow the white rabbit” ridiculous websites which still promote the Satanic Panic or blood libel. I’m just done with it so you know what we’re going to have to part ways, and if you’re one of those people please leave my blog/business. I’m looking for some grown ups who have maturity to partner with or work with as we embark into 2022; children probably should not be here. You can see why Twitter and social mediums have been rejecting me.

I don’t have patience to tolerate what they promote which was immaturity and their actions spoke loudly which makes me question their followers as well because birds of a feather flock together. As hard as I try to be tolerant I find that after you harass or attack me a different persona emerges which then emotes in your mirror and looks back at you from the void/abyss that you’ve chosen to look into. Thanks Nietzsche! I’ve tried being polite and it doesn’t work for me either. I think I’m suffering from a double edged sword; my blunt sounds condescending also. My family hears my frustration another way which usually has expletives that I don’t want to trouble the online community with.

The reason I’ve stated much of the above is that Christianity is an offshoot which likes to profess it is the only “truth” one can possibly believe in. Astonishingly to me I feel at this point as if I can no longer differentiate fundamentalist Christianity from radicalized Islam which this statement will get me I know in trouble. Yet exactly where is the difference in these two Abrahamic faiths who proclaim wrongly that they are the one true faith while using “fear porn” and stories of damnation as their tools of condemnation to fill church pews. Don’t get me started on issues I’m finding with other religious dogmatists. They are at complete lack of mature understanding. Their dogma erodes it’s origins taken from Babylonian, Hellenistic, and Ancient astronomy which was a direct continuation of astrology as recorded by Ptolemy in the 2nd Century.

The dodecagon can be thus seen as a Babylonian concept for celestial omens influencing a variety of cultures. The end result is a tradition focused on the birth chart of an individual and the creation of horoscopic astrology which employed the use of the rising degree of the ecliptic at one’s time of birth with the twelve houses. We see it then combined with the four classical elements of Empedocles. Ptolemy’s Tetrabiblos would become the next astronomical tradition not only in the West, but found within India and the Islamic sphere remaining as a reference for nearly seventeen centuries with later traditons barely making any changes to the core teachings. This is being stuck in a “comfort zone” or limitations placed upon gnosis (knowledge) or understanding/innerstanding.

This same concept actually describes our cranial nerves. Thank you to the wonderful ASMRtists who helped me realize this with their role play videos. I am an ASMR junkie still. I can’t sleep right without it some nights. I have a very overactive mind. The list is as follows with underlined hyperlink text to information on each nerve for educational purposes:

These further became the equivalent of Hippocrates’ personality types or the temperaments which I’ve also written a blog post about. As these philosophies further became enumerated we begin to see the Yin Yang representing vortex math, the decans, dignity/detriment, exaltation/fall, and the various symbols I’ve incorporated within astrological blog posts (Sabian, Chandra, Kozminsky, and Omega). We will find as well this correlates to Jyotish, Ba Zi, etc.

For now I’m going to wrap up this blog post with something fun for my readers which my audience may remain small as I seem to be developing an “attitude.” This must be why I never married or had children. It might be hard for others to put up with me during my many moods. Although I’m also constantly asked as to why I’ve not married and had kids. That is another trigger for me which incurs the indignant reply of women are not here just to marry and have children. I have life coaches and teachers who use that limited life plan to interrogate me, and it always ends in my walking away from them severely pissed off.

I have at least graduated from saying “bite me” to people as I did circa high school/college. Then again I was wearing all black and combat boots so you can guess quite well all about my temperament over the years. Adult life forced me to moderate my angst and to change it up. It might also explain the random phone call to my cell phone today which I missed that was for an online travel agency in Florida according to the Better Business Bureau upon investigation which was called Sun Fun Now. I was born in Clearwater, Florida so it makes one wonder. I assume it’s a cosmic joke for me as a 10th House Leo. As I said I’m a stickler for details so I check unrecognized phone numbers in case I need to block robo-dialers.

Similar to my synastry study years ago when I realized I had to play the role of Saturn for someone during their Saturn Return. The realization of which made me rather uncomfortable more-so than those who antagonize me for where Ketu is in my Vedic astrology. It’s like the black and white plaid shirt I received which reminds me of Beetlejuice and bio exorcism. My natal 8th House Mars in Gemini actually makes very close contact with Betelgeuse. People born with Gemini in the 8th House may become stellar astrologers, shamans, and medics. Go figure! For the record I was terrible at geometry in school and chemistry as previously mentioned. I’m far better with algebra and biology. Here are four videos for you to enjoy that I’ve found. If you made it this far you deserve a cookie!

Please take one!


Manifestation Mondays: Getting a Head Start on a Solar Return

As we inhale soothing well being through the radiant glow of an unsuspected lighthouse in the dark stormy nights of our life, we can come to feel the exhilarating rhythm of our heartbeat, finding compassion with ourselves and at one time reaching out to all the others. – Erik Pevernagie

It was recently pointed out to me there was this new chart for helping us answer the “Who am I” quandary. Never one to not be curious I went ahead and ran my natal information. But as I was mentally focusing on the season with the entire concept of celebrations of light returning to the world as well as our SAD (seasonal affective disorders) I thought this may be better if I snapshot myself or someone else’s incoming energy signature. We are so limited/tunnel vision sometimes in looking at natal or transits we forget progression and future oriented glances to equip ourselves better with potentialities we may encounter. As soon as I saw the results I began to have a massive ah-ha moment as to why I am feeling as I said this morning to family defective and an emotional wreck with trying to process what has been being sent my way on the internet and fed to me literally as in the meals I have been consuming.

It is because I have also recognized I am so ready for 2022. The last two years have been the worst roller coaster rides of my life. I have done my best to weather them with grace and gratitude, but now I am just dying to release the remains of hidden angst I locked away and ignored without giving it proper resolution. And these two years were a literal psycho-spiritual as well as emotional hurricane I have tried to survive without coming out of them as a demolished wreckage. I don’t like roller coaster rides; never have! It’s a quick way to cause me to feel nauseous and to have an anxiety attack coupled with my fear of heights!

I would encourage anyone to do this type of investigation for themselves or others. You do not have to pay for the most basic of charts, however, if you are one who wants to dig deeper you can pay for a more in depth look. What I an referring to is Genetic Matrix.

Today we will compare natal to solar return with a focus on 2022 not my natal which is simply provided for comparison. The information you provide for this is exactly the same information you give for any astrology chart so you will require name, birthdate, birth time, and birth place.

To save us all headaches I am using a lot of references for this post which require you to utilize my underlined hyperlink text. Please think of this as a scavenger hunt! As I love to send people on these.

I can not stress this enough. If you do not use or read anything from the researched links I am sharing you won’t be able to fully or contextually get the message of the blog post in the manner I intended. I do not expect you to agree with me just to be open minded which when I was on social media or put this before people who are self professed know-it-alls and experts who think they do no wrong ever shunned me for it and ostracized me for calling them on their guano. Same happened with MBTI. No one likes to think of life as a hypothesis and a science fair project. With no experimentation humans would be living as Plato’s cave people still, and we would have never made the advances we have made thus far. Why do people enjoy living in self imposed prisons?

I don’t go around thinking I know-it-all, and I believe this is one of the biggest mistakes most people are making out of their superiority/inferiority complexes and their innate need to be seen in some manner as worshiped by another due to excessive pride/vanity. Which reminds me of that strange quote about pride/vanity leading to a fall from grace when not kept in check. So I left them as I have previously said I do not have to walk your path. I do not have to behave as you do. Nothing anywhere says I have to live like you and be like you. Nothing says I am in the wrong for being true to myself. I am fine being alone or all one as a solitary. I have done so most of my life and it has never frightened me. It helps me to then not fear abandonment and to not be co-dependent so that I learn inter-dependence.

I also know the usual will come to troll and flame me for always using myself as an example. If there is one thing I do not get it is digging up famous people’s birth charts if you never got their permission. As I’ve said this is why I use my ancestors or myself. It seems presumptive to not have permission to use a client’s info and to do so regardless ignoring boundaries or to assume I have the “right” to use another’s info without them authorizing it. I find it rude or borderline theft of an identity so we’ll have to agree to disagree. The best way to learn sometimes is to actually be the one actively “performing or doing the work” because it shows someone who lives or leads by example. It also allows our mistakes to be on display which many others are not willing to be that vulnerable!

Waves hello! This is me at birth.

I am an Emotional Manifestor with a 1/3 Investigating/Martyr profile, Single definition, RAX Unexpected 2 incarnation cross, and the following channels:

When we consider emotions we have to recognize that people confuse their thoughts and feelings. They will say that they feel something when what they are actually communicating to us is their thoughts. Emotions are a single word descriptor for our emotional feelings which happen in our body while thoughts are the sentences, ideas, attitudes, moods, memories, and such which happen from within our minds.

The emotional and not-self themes which Genetic Matrix utilizes are collections of thoughts which tend to become our attitudes about life. These are the stories we tell about the way life is treating us and the lens that we see this world through. They always begin in the mental realm first.

Thoughts do create emotional feelings therefore there will be some feelings which come along for the ride. These feelings are absolutely not limited to the ones implied by Human Design’s emotional or the not-self themes. Our feelings generate the fuel of our actions which indicates strongly that there are clear and distinct actions which will fall within the realm of emotional and not-self themes.

Most important we as humans are adopting a belief that we will somehow magically live happily ever after and experience our emotional signature all the time on a permanent basis. But and this is very important with shadow work happily ever after is for the end of our romantic comedies and fairy tales. Real life on Earth is all about emotional contrasts and it gets messy as you know. It’s about all the guano that happens before the happy ever after.

We are “supposed to” feel the full spectrum of emotions. There will be moments of bliss followed by moments of abject unwanted torture. There will be moments of joy followed by moments of heart wrenching sadness. There will be moments of foul obnoxious anger followed by moments of wondrous peace. All of it is part of our human experience. There is not one thing you can do to experience non-stop bliss and joy for every minute of every day. Despite what you believe you don’t really want to experience that. When people or animals die you want to mourn. When unjust guano occurs you want to feel pissed and act out your rage. When you are walking down a dark alley at night you want to feel fear so that courage springs forth from it. When you treat your loved one like tossed out garbage you want to feel ashamed for it so that you learn to treat them better next time and learn the art of apologizing. All of these emotions have great wisdom to offer you and teach you about a well lived life!

Those negative thoughts and feelings will fuel negative action if you don’t know how to work with them in a skillful way. Even if you do everything correct according to your design you will still be a human being on Earth. Human Design’s emotional and not-self themes are not a representation of nor proof that you have performed in life right or wrong.

To learn about Manifestors please go here for a thorough explanation. This information may prove to be useful as well.

Here is information on the remaining pieces of the puzzle for my natal blueprint to save time and space.

Waves hello again! This is me at my solar return in 2022.

I am an Emotional Projector with a 2/4 Hermit/Opportunist profile, Split-Small definition, RAX Unexpected 2 incarnation cross, and the following channels:

Here is some information on Projectors. I also found the following insight. What gets interesting for me is the Hermit/Opportunist profile due to it’s inherent nature with tarot, Virgo, and esoterics we can tie in.

The Hermit is Virgo and it is widely known this also deals with digestion as well as the previous blog post I wrote for the zodiac sign. I could go on and on about this card metaphysics wise like the number 9. The cat is due to my Leo stellium because I legit feel like this image. Virgo is my 11th House holding Saturn, Lilith, Moon, my North Node (present karma), and Regulus who with Ketu in Vedic astrology rules the lunar mansion I was born in precessed to Virgo at the zero point/degree location from Leo which I have been studying for years and previously blogged about in my expanding awareness. As most astrologers are not looking at the in-depth in the manner as I do which I have not fully integrated into my business due to the hopes I would generate income through astrology reports or donations to open up podcasts as I have a camera, but really want a good microphone. This reads like Amaterasu as an archetype. I can’t even… I don’t know how to emote on this one.

I don’t think a Gofundme would work. I observed a follower when i was on Twitter who had a great idea, set up Patreon, and no one ever supported their efforts. They abandoned their craft. Sure, they became my follower on Twitter, but they objectively were calling it quits as their latest updates to their Twitter feed were October 2021 so you could tell they were in the last death throws. Another follower I met on Twitter was attempting mental health coaching because they had gone in for CBT and were confronting their suicidal ideation. I usually was reaching out to these people more than others on Twitter. I am a huge believer in the under dog and in building up those that society has chosen to reject as unworthy. The well to do attractive types with their millions of fan base are not my thing because I don’t like leaving someone behind! I don’t believe in shunning someone that everyone else classes “unpopular.”

Then my social media became a place to be harassed, scammed, and I had to leave them behind and deactivate my account to not be slandered/libeled, mob stalked, or have a calamity with regards to my identity and finances. No one is recognizing their actions have consequences that are far reaching. Throw a pebble in water and observe the ripple effect so that you understand better what you’re doing my fellow humans please! You might do harm intentionally or otherwise. Now these people instead have to remain in my prayers. I had never established other means to connect with them because I never expected everything to go south like a snow avalanche I may have been buried and left for dead under. And I believe I have a right to be angered or disappointed by all of this. Which actually reminds me of another follower I gained whose account was based on the fact that our feelings do matter and we have a right to “feel as we do.” Even if others wish to discount or write us off as HSP (highly sensitive people). She was a member of the group who had a semicolon tattoo. I pay attention quite well to details as I’ve said; too well! To the utter dismay of others who can’t understand me and may never be able to.

I don’t want to have audio problems if I desire to make podcasts, and I hardly think my Canon Eos is enough. I can’t afford right now the Microsoft software with it’s subscriptions to do anything so I work off the Onedrive cloud for all my needs. I miss Apple who I easily got a free video editor and Office software cheap as a one time payment. I have learned I detest Windows for nickel and diming me. It feels like a rip off when I look at Apple. Then the image editing software costs I’m going to need to cover are daunting right now. It never ends! I had so many less hangups on iOS. I also do not want to make videos off my older iPhone 8 as the battery is degraded from working for Instacart which killed it. I have a “stuck” moment right now that is causing me to feel like I am a failure or defeated. Twitter was only one piece of my issues in the last two months and it feels compounded as well as overwhelming! This makes me not know where to even begin resolution as I feel swallowed and sinking in mire.

Blogging is not a correct teaching method or the only tool I want to use. Nor is a digital book! I even toyed with the idea of making my own tarot deck and began composing the book to accompany the cards I wanted to create which is now simply not seeing fruition or Redbubble ideas that are now also stunted which I have not yet pursued. I do not know where to begin with it, and I gave up for myriad excuses. I don’t know if they will see the light of day. This has then been wreaking havoc in my personal life with family and friends. Being blocked is making my life a literal nightmare as I can not figure out where or how to express that I am like a fish floundering out of my bowl gasping for air! To the point I barely want to wake up and move every day or garden, eat, play a video game, etc. It is killing me! And family/friends alike should not suffer for this when I project it due to feeling like I am line dancing at one step forward five steps back. It just feels icky, and I hate being like this! Imagine how much better these long blog entries would be if it as a podcast.

If I did a Gofundme I know I’d get flack as soon as someone sees that I live with my family and finds out their income bracket. But that is their money that they worked hard for and their job is also not to always assist me. I can barely get someone to donate $1. I’m not asking for anyone’s life savings just a little help and asking when you get nothing or see others get nothing makes you go settle again for that low paying job because you have to make your way and can’t sit there with nothing to show for your efforts. So I’m well aware this is a time ticking bomb which may go nowhere, and I’ll go back to my usual grunt work if it continues as it has. I wish it was different, but I’m well familiar with the outcomes I generate in life and the lessons I’m expected to learn. It does not negate the fact that these lessons have been tough to undertake.

Here is information on the remaining piece of the puzzle for my solar return blueprint to save time and space. If you have a split definition you will have two or more sets of defined centers that don’t connect to each other. This means I feel an energetic need to be around others to make me feel complete. And I might feel like I function with two or more separate aspects to my personality.

My splits are at Gates 12 and 35. Both are in my Throat chakra which now the picture is beginning to make sense to me for what I am experiencing.

The Throat chakra is 100% about communication. This point is where all the energy in the body is moving to find expression. It is through this center that manifestation, metamorphosis, and transformation always takes place. When in balance the Throat chakra speaks in a fixed manner with a consistent expression from whichever energy center it is connected to. The imbalanced Throat chakra has no consistent voice which creates nervousness and a pressure cooker environment propelling one to struggle with speaking their truth. The open Throat chakra wants to attract attention by expressing something or by saying that it will do something (manifestation) in order to relieve this pressure. It can speak in many voices or tongues via different ways of expression as long as it is not forced. The open Throat chakra wisdom is to learn that there is nothing which needs to be done or said; silence is okay. The open Throat chakra question is: “Am I trying to attract attention?”

Ironically on Saturday I linked to the Delerium song Silence in my blog post. Therefore I was already processing the energy of 2022 in the present now moment. I am not even on the same time map as others which is just mind boggling. When did I take a vow of silence? This incarnation, past incarnation, what the…

The Gate of Caution (Gate 12) is the energy of speaking from one’s heart in an individual way. The energy here says, ”I love you.” It can express itself through shyness as it is vulnerable.

The Gate of Change (Gate 35) is the sense of needed change. Here is a sense that the wheel needs to turn. This is not a logical next step, but a sense that this is the right direction for one to go. When walking around a wheel there will need to be another step and then another step to keep the wheel turning and in motion to prevent stagnation.

Not only this, but two days after my solar return in 2022 is a New Moon in Leo at 5°. The New Moon on July 28, 2022 has an illumination of 0%. This is the percentage of the Moon illuminated by the Sun. The illumination is constantly changing and can vary up to 10% a day. On July 28, 2022 the Moon is 29.31 days old. This refers to how many days it has been since the last New Moon. It takes 29.53 days for the Moon to orbit the Earth and go through the lunar cycle of all 8 Moon phases.


KEYNOTE: The structuring power of elemental forces during the long cycle of planetary evolution.

Dwarfing the time allowed to individual human beings, the vast periods of geological evolution not only awe our imagination, but allow the slow yet magnificent work of elemental forces as they mold landscapes and canyons, rocks, and mountains. This symbol points to our need to acquire a much vaster perspective on what we are able to do – and on our yearning for prolonged youth and our pride in masculine achievements. The works of nature should make us feel humble and help us to ‘planetarize’ our consciousness.

This first stage symbol concludes the first level sequence. It stands in broad pictorial contrast to the first, or rather it seeks to impress us with our vanity as creators of forms and mental achievers. To the dramatic and proud Leo type, it presents a picture of IMPERSONALITY.


The message is resilience and enduring strength will lead to a higher awareness. The focus is you are a rock of strength and support enabling others to withstand hardships. The affirmation is I am blessed with stability of mind from which I have a panoramic view.

I will continue studying this for myself. It is the only way I will get a handle on my situation to move forward. And hopefully as I plan for 2022 studying this will give me a way to be more proactive at finding solutions instead of wallowing myself in whatever dark night of the soul I am trapped within. I have sandstone, but it is blue sandstone. I should probably work with it more! I also get it! To most people either they don’t like me perceiving I’m the newbie on the block or the high school freshman which means humans have not yet grown up from as I alluded to before the pathetic need to humiliate as a rite of passage which I find immature. If you’re not the “popular” kid on the block prepare to be bullied because we have not ascended beyond these practices which I’ve always felt are absurd. Fossilized customs is what I feel I’m surrounded by which others claim to be “traditions.” This gal calls it rubbish and asks that humans grow up from their infantile beginnings. Stop throwing your building block toys around and put them back in the toy box. Pick up after yourselves.

That is not negative self talk. If you saw a lot of the esoteric people I saw most of them are in elitist cliques of holier-than-thouism, and the vibe I get is they can’t grasp niche markets or sharing. They are operating not from love, but legitimate fear. Fear of being open, fear of trusting others, and a myriad other conditions I sensed. They try to hide that fact by using other ways to defend their beliefs and behavior, but the real energy I sensed is they are incapable of remembering what it ever felt like to be the new person entering new terrain. If I expressed it as not just monetary hyperinflation, but hyper-inflated sense of self I’d probably get tomatoes thrown at me right now. Therefore they are now incapable of fostering or mentoring another. You can have a lot of light, but never forget humans that light will always create a shadow which you’re refusing to work with which has some potent consequences in the individual and collective psyche. Essentially I felt like because I “mix it up” and don’t follow the status quo everyone else follows I should not be online even trying. And others may get their wish! I am only willing to tolerate so much before I will withdraw, pack up my bags, and leave others to their own devices because it becomes I have to put me first.

Happy Monday and best wishes everyone! 😘 Apologies if you see proofreading errors. I’ve proofread 3x now! I’m one person, and I may have missed something.

Sign Spotlight Sundays – Is it About Hitting the Target or the Attitude of the Archer Dear Sagittarius?

Sagittarius – November 23 through December 21

Sagittarius in ancient periods of time was represented as a centaur rather than as a human sign which over time became the symbol of the archer upon which the human and horse are separated. The human is the soul and the horse the personality. Our archer begins to feel the call of the soul which allows the human to see that there exists something besides and beyond his/her animal nature. Personal ambition is to be transformed into spiritual aspirations. Today the symbol used to represent Sagittarius is the arrow with a small section of the bow. The horse and rider are no longer observed because they are no longer necessary. Only the arrow remains whereby humanity is now free to follow the arrow that he/she has fired. This is the aspirant who abandons that which binds or restrains thus the personality, materiality, ties, desires, and personal ambitions are no longer necessary.

Three planetary rulers guard Sagittarius to include Jupiter at the level of personality, Earth at the level of soul, and Mars at the level of hierarchy. Jupiter’s expansive nature invites us to expand on all levels, but most importantly to expand our minds. Jupiter’s role is to solely create the conditions which guide us from small mindedness to that of higher mind. Jupiter resonates with the highest truths of one’s spiritual nature. Earth engages us in life as a spiritual path we must walk helping us find existential meaning in the hopes that we do not become nihilists. Through the expansion of our boundaries, our perspectives, and our knowledge of life Earth helps us find a Universal system from which to live by Universal laws and principles. Mars imbues us with a one-pointed focused aspiration focusing the concrete mind to marshal all available knowledge for the achievement of a desired objective. This three-way combination spurs us onward in a quest for knowledge. The expression of thought through word will be direct and to the point where the mind becomes tenacious in its purposeful pursuit of the goal it has undertaken.

Sagittarius as a Fire sign is related to the fire of the spiritual soul, the fire of mind, and the fire which transforms and purifies. The soul as fire is symbolic of our individual potential to synthesize and meld ourselves into the great Cosmic Fire. This soul is a spark of the fire of the mind, the power of consciousness, and the guarantee that humanity as a soul is a thinker, creator, and will fulfill their destiny. In Sagittarius the aspirant has two things to discover within; the power to make progress upon the path and the ability to create in the higher mind via spirituality. The disciple learns to stop identifying with the personality and begins identifying with their spiritual soul. This enables opportunity for the development of one-pointed focus which incorporates knowledge infused steps that work to support the attainment of greater collective goals. The mantra for Sagittarius is I see the goal, I reach the goal, and then I see another.

From within esoteric Judaism and Christianity we see this best in the month of Kislev. The month of Kislev is taken via the Hebrew word kesel which means security or trust. Two states of trust operate within this month. One which is active and the other which is passive and this further correlates to the human body via the right and left kidneys. It symbolizes bringing the innermost mysteries into one’s daily life where they can be integrated into the world. The letter for the month of Kislev is Samech representing support. Our experiences of feeling supported corresponds to the trust and confidence that others as well as the Divine place in us. Samech is shaped like a circle representing the omnipresence of God/Goddess within the Universe. This “great circle” is symbolic of infinite light reflected through infinite love.

In Kabbalah Kislev is not just the bow of the archer, but a rainbow. It depicts the covenant made between Divinity and creation never to destroy the world again as a sign of peace which pervades the end of the previous month of Cheshvan in the sign of Scorpio. This is an image of two bows; the archer’s bow with the rainbow as two half circles when joined together form the shape of the circular letter Samech. The human body in Kabbalah alludes to the kidneys as the seat of victory and acknowledgment whose inner wisdom is active and passive trust. The month of Kislev also corresponds to sleep which the quality fully depends on the tranquility and restfulness which can only be found in trust and security of the Divine and the Universe. The sense of sleep suggests something many ascribe to achieve as the word sense is a cognate of “quickness” to imply anyone who enjoys or who has a well developed sense of sleep has the ability to sleep quickly. Kabbalah refers to the tzadikim as those who require few hours of sleep each day. The sense of sleep in Kislev additionally has been called the month of dreams as one who possesses complete trust in the Universe dreams the future into manifestation positively.

The title of this post is in reference to Kyudo or the Japanese art of archery. As a sport archery is in decline due to the cost of equipment in Japan as well as unlike Western archery Kyudo requires a larger area to practice and see the arrows fly. Kyudo means “way of the bow” and it began as an ancient martial art which was unique with its own philosophy, traditions, and tools. Beginning in the Yayoi period from hunting scenes depicting longbows Kyudo has been used ceremonially and for combat. The Japanese Imperial court practiced Kyudo and it was rooted within Shinto religion incorporating elements of Zen Buddhism. This form of meditation requires no specific religion.

Feudal Japan era saw Kyudo used during battles in the warrior and samurai class who were the only ones allowed to use weapons. These warriors wore armor and shot from horseback. The techniques include drawing the string with the right hand while holding the bow in the left hand, being in the adzuchi (lower position) facing the kamiza (higher position) when shooting, drawing the bow all the way to behind the ear, maintaining posture with a straight back and never lowering one’s head, spacing the feet the same width apart as the yatsuka (draw) which is half one’s body weight at a 60 degree angle forming a “V” shape, keeping the bow at forehead level when drawing and then lowered to mouth level, and putting the feet to the line from where the arrows are shot (the left side of the archer’s body should face the target). The average arrow can shoot anywhere from 150-200 meters which is 490-650 feet dependent on one’s expertise and the weight of the arrow shot.

Kyudo as a spiritual practice and meditation is the pursuit of truth, goodness, and beauty. To shoot right minded and purely with no deception, hit the middle of the target, and to have the elements of right attitude, movement, and technique united in perfect harmony. Every shot fired is your attempt to get closer to the truth. The ethical goodness of respect, empathy, and pacifism are displayed by showing genuine conduct in all circumstances. If you can not keep your self command and elegance during instances of pressure and conflict you won’t accomplish this step. Beauty is not just aesthetics, but rather should boost one’s life and invigorate their spirit. Western archery solely focuses on hitting the target while Japanese archery is focused on mindfulness and spirit when shooting. Kyudo is a meditative Zen exercise. I chose this topic also to elucidate the differences in the Judaeo Christian concept of sin as “missing the mark” which is an archery term and that of Eastern faiths for there is more to learn if one is open to studying other esoteric principals outside of their ingrained or codified beliefs handed down unquestionably. I think this builds best on what my recent blog posts have been hinting at.

Self Examination Saturdays: Carl Jung, Mandalas, Astrology, and Solstitium

“The dance between darkness and light will always remain— the stars and the moon will always need the darkness to be seen, the darkness will just not be worth having without the moon and the stars.” – C. JoyBell C.

There was this incredible “chatter” as I will call it on Twitter prior to my deactivation of my account as honestly social media platforms have not worked out too well for me. From intellectual property disputes with Facebook when I had my aesthetics business and their refusal to remove/close my business page which has caused several problems after closing my spa at state and federal level to harassment with scams which surfaced as linked to my business in a short span of two months on Twitter there was no way to get recourse beyond removing myself from every connection I made. It was more drama than anyone would desire to live through. This came complete with the stories I was reading from others having similar experiences. Legitimate cases of slander/libel, mob stalking, and other forms of bullying were occurring. Others the relationship was superficial, and I don’t know I felt used/abused. I digress that then came the onslaught of those who assaulted me with “you worship the stars.” It is at that point that I realize I am not going to be able to fit into a character limited Twitter feed how we are arguing exoteric versus esoteric. That religion is shrouded in astrotheology and while your dogmatic church leader is probably laughing behind your back at the honest truth that the faith you practice is, was, and always will be entirely rooted in cosmology or Lunisolar mythology that incorporates the planets as they make their motion across the skies or heavens I’m not interested in constantly pleading my case.

You know I get it. Humans don’t want to do shadow work. Some even said this on Twitter. It utterly seems to repulse certain people, and other’s are die hard traditionalists who will not ever step out of that comfort zone because they like their self imposed boxes. I don’t have to be that person. There is nothing anywhere saying I have to be only “pop” astrology to enjoy my life or to be successful. Even if that is what the masses only want to exist within. To me that is boring complete with the traditional malefic, doomsday, and fear porn style readings many promote to increase their client bases because that is the only reason I can justify at my perspective for why you’d operate on such a level; it’s called indulgences and remedies. The oldest manipulation tactic in the book of astrology and religion! I certainly don’t need to keep with that practice whatsoever. Those who do and are upset that I’ve called them out will have to “get over it.” They know who they are because they demonize the zodiac signs, houses, etc. It boils down to humans seeking absolution from the wrong sources.

It is one of the most frustrating discourses I have with people, and it is the quickest way to actually ruin a friendship with me because I will become frustrated by explaining concepts to a public unwilling to accept the truth that mysticism can work alongside science. That physics has proven that some mystical concepts are in fact provable and so forth. I have been a solitary for so long due to the very fact that to put it bluntly people who I can’t agree with or talk sense into cause me to simply be irked and snarky with. I simply walk away because I’m not wanting to waste my energy anymore on battles not worth fighting especially those that are with reference to religiosity in comparison to spirituality. Similar to Bible verses that say the letter of the law is death. Don’t go hanging with the Pharisees which in metaphysics is a literalist and a form of consciousness which binds man to external forms of religion with zero understanding of their real meaning or Sadducees which is the self righteous which in metaphysics is a formalist with strongly materialistic beliefs and an intellect which can’t comprehend Absolute truth. Both represent a form of agnosticism, and I literally can not get into those arguments without walking away from them nearly spewing obscenities unfortunately as I find these debates exhausting. I’d rather bang my head into a wall repeatedly.

Within this was people who professed anyone studying psychotherapy or their chart must be an automatic narcissist. This always doubles back on projection and the shadow work which many won’t do because it’s very easy to point a finger, blame, and shame as our culture has devolved into rabid cancel culture with social justice warriors and hypocrisy abounding. The word “warrior” etymologically speaks to a person who is hostile.  On the other hand cancel culture is what was done during the historical ages where we put people in the stocks, held public lynchings, and the like. Humiliation was part and parcel of 19th Century America and re-enacting this is pathetic. Society to me is becoming mental health immature as I will call it. They mistakenly think they have matured, but I’m sensing something quite the obvious opposite. So we’ll dive into this one more time although I’m growing really tired of explaining it as I feel like a broken record with a sore throat from constantly having to be on repeat. My throat chakra is not impressed. I touched on this with my Krampus post, but here are the links one more time for those who missed what the season is about.

My approach to astrology and tarot is one which helps people get in touch with aspects of the psyche which was another word for soul believe it or not. There was known two different forms of love; the sacred and profane or the higher and lower. A large chunk of society is still mixing these two up which is why I am stating the New Age community suffers confusion which has caused a lot of immaturity in the mental health of the human condition as it seeks to “help” one another. This is in fact nothing new and goes back for as long as humanity has walked the Earth. I operate on a level where many psychotherapy concepts originate from a Jungian perspective simply because it was how I was personally introduced to concepts of esotericism originally. It’s on top of that foundation from which I’ve continued to grow on various levels be it physical, emotional, or psycho-spiritual. Within that I’ve made both connections good and what I perceive as bad only in the sense that those connections cause me to backslide which I don’t wish to partake in as it causes me to revert to addictions and habits I finally overcame.

In the interest of time I’m going to condense this the best way that I possibly can so that my audience can also understand my business in how I work with astrology, tarot, Reiki, and other concepts. Carl Jung was a believer in an indisputable connection which exists between the mind and the human body. When taken a step further he likewise believed we as humans affect our physical environment which ultimately also affects the solar system and vice versa. Our lives are neither initiated nor caused by the stars, but there is always an on-going two way symbiotic relationship which exists between ourselves and the stars. The singleness of our specific solar system mirrors our human experience of singleness (we are one) which is called Unity consciousness. The single internal world is not easily accessible by our conscious self as it lies within our unconscious mind individually and collectively. Jung had a view that many others agree with in some fashion whereby one can learn a lot about the human psyche via astrology not only due to the stars and planets representing external reflections of our innermost selves, but due to the inherently symbolic language of astrology by which we can consciously correlate the conscious with the unconscious. Therefore we do not worship the stars, but understand them as a mediation or tool which bridges levels of consciousness.

Jung’s concept of archetypes makes an allusion to the fact that the conscious mind utilizes mystical and mythical images or symbols to help us contact the individual and collective unconscious. Jung’s work thereby was interested with anything which had long standing presence in human history as the collective unconscious has been bringing forth astrology into the human experience for many centuries and thus deserved some attention. He associated his theory of archetypes with specific planets believing that birth charts would generate archetypal images to assist one in understanding their psyche. Jung also had a strong belief in the I Ching and synchronicity. For those unaware Carl Jung is widely recognized as a genius in the field of psychology who made great leaps towards helping us understand the complex human psyche. He is one of the earliest psychologists who recognized the value of astrology in theoretical debates demonstrating interest in technical interpretations of houses, transits, and equinox precessions. For me I legitimately share the same birthday as Carl Jung of July 26 and felt an affinity to this early on in my studies.

Below are a few quotes as proof of this:

“Astrology and other methods of divination may certainly be called the science of antiquity.”

  • Jung (1931)

“The basic meaning of the horoscope is that, by mapping out the positions of the planets and their relations to one another (aspects), together with the distribution of the signs of the zodiac at the cardinal points, it gives a picture first of the psychic and then of the physical constitution of the individual. It represents, in essence, a system of original and fundamental qualities in a person’s character, and can therefore be regarded as an equivalent of the individual psyche.”

  • Jung (1950)

“I make horoscopic calculations in order to find a clue to the core of psychological truth. . . .I dare say that we shall one day discover in astrology a good deal of knowledge that has been intuitively projected into the heavens. For instance, it appears that the signs of the zodiac are character pictures, in other words libido symbols which depict the typical qualities of the libido at a given moment.”

“As I am a psychologist I’m chiefly interested in the particular light the horoscope sheds on certain complications in the character. In cases of difficult psychological diagnosis I usually get a horoscope in order to have a further point of view from an entirely different angle. I must say that I very often found that the astrological data elucidated certain points which I otherwise would have been unable to understand. From such experiences I formed the opinion that astrology is of particular interest to the psychologist, since it contains a sort of psychological experience which we call ‘projected’ – this means that we find the psychological facts as it were in the constellations.”

  • Jung (1911)

The above illustrates that astrology can be used as a “tool” to uncover the depths of the psyche as well as a means to identify periods of life crises as the human condition is shown to correlate to planetary motion. Carl Jung believed that these archetypes are inherently embedded within humanity and if pushed to a more conscious state will be displayed as instincts, conditioned attitudes, and compulsive behaviors. When I work with astrology I legitimately feel also pulled towards the mandala or mandorla. You’ll see this perhaps if you’ve frequented some of my blog posts particularly with reference towards my garden and astrological musings.

In that vein of conjecture and thought I’ve recently been looking into the “reason for the season” which of course in the Western hemisphere must always only be Christian. Again I’m going to say this for my millionth time I don’t do dogma. If you are here and you’re a zealot please actually leave as I know historically religious fundamentalism and zealotry caused atrocities in the human collective consciousness through the Crusades, Inquisition, Satanic Panic, Witch Trials, etc. If you have an astrology software or are comfortable using there is an extended chart option whereby you can look at your natal, transit, and progressed placements. I recently found the Asteroids for Santa and Rudolf (a variation of the etymology in the name Rudolph) which can be put in the “manual entry” text box under “additional objects.” I have also located the Asteroid Yule. The numbers for these three asteroids are as follows: 1288, 44613, and 14960.

The December Solstice also known as the Winter Solstice and Yule is the shortest day of the year. In the Southern Hemisphere it is the Summer Solstice or longest day of the year as the equinoxes and solstices run opposite on each side of our Earth. The word “solstitium” is Latin meaning the Sun stands still. This is due to the fact that on this particular day the Sun reaches its southern-most position as seen from down here on Earth. It appears as if the Sun is literally standing still at the Tropic of Capricorn and then reverses its direction. Some call this the day the Sun turned around. During Winter in the Northern Hemisphere the Earth is actually closest to the Sun. Our seasons are determined or defined due to the Earth’s orbit around the Sun on a slant or axial tilt of roughly 23.4°. My chart has a MC in Cancer with the IC in Capricorn perfectly matching this as a Leo Sun sign. You’ll see this in other blog posts where I’ve studied my chart. I use myself or my ancestors as examples to protect my client’s personal information. My clients should not worry that I use them as my study case or example infringing their rights towards privacy.

Below you will find where Santa, Rudolf, and Yule are placed in my natal chart as well as where they are currently transiting. Tis the season! And I hope everyone enjoys the holiday regardless of how they choose to celebrate or what spiritual practice they participate in because I’m not a dogmatist, and I don’t do exoteric nor will I ever. I also can’t explain my spiritual practices in one blog post. I’ve been at this personal relationship I have with the Divine for over 10 years and I don’t kiss and tell on all my details. Some of us establish personal boundaries for self love and respect within our chosen life course/fields of work. It is my firm belief your relationship to the Divine is one you must walk on your own. I simply am here to help guide you and get you started on the long journey to meeting your higher self. It is not my job to build the relationship between you and the Divine. Like any marriage the counselor and the person who administers the rite are not the one’s who should be building that relationship as they are the help-meet or mediator who advises or guides then steps away and allows the two parties to grow together as one trying to not necessarily interfere in the process; again boundaries and respect.

Selfies Anyone?!

Natal Santa is at my 10th House and Leo 2° with Rudolf at my 1st House and Libra 29°. The 10th House Leo represents those who are performers which can blossom in the glaring spotlight. This is a position of social status, career, and community roles we take on. The 1st House Libra represents those who can struggle with their identity needing to have firmly established boundaries or they may find themselves absorbing the energies/traits of others. This is a position that references the personality, how one views the world, and others around them. Below are the Omega Symbols directly from John Sandbach. I’ve tried to clean up proofreading errors in these symbols, but I’ve also directly copy/pasted them and provided a link back to the author’s website.

Phase 25. Speak Your Mind (Nun Tav Hey)

Angel: Nith-haiah (NIT-ha-YAH) Spiritual Wisdom and Magic

Leo 2. On the surface of water, flecks of dust floating.

(Omega Symbol) Manifesting/Sensitive

(Degree Angel: Daniel (DA-nee-EL) Enough is Never Enough and Eloquence)

It is best if you keep yourself continually fluid, as a means of coping with the heaviness of life. Dust signifies the remnants of the past, the water is your emotional being. The dust needs to sink, so that the water can carry it away. But the past floats on the water, resisting absorption – it is poised, waiting, yearning to persist, fearing absorption and transformation. If you allow the dust to sink it will feel like death to you, but it is what you need – to allow the remnants of your old identity to be washed away, continually, as you shed them.

The Chandra Symbol for this degree is “A horn of brass to be used as a hearing aid.” You have acute hearing, the question is, what are you listening to? Is it the promptings of your higher self, or are you only selectively hearing those things that will support your fears and neuroses, and your rigidly held beliefs about yourself? Your careful listening can channel in tremendous wisdom – it all depends on the direction in which you point your horn.

Azoth Symbol: An argument over a detail of metaphysics.

Pleiadian Symbol: Among a host of dreamers a dream spreads like wildfire.

Seed degree: Aries 17. A man riding a horse north as he searches for the kingdom of the fairies. (Omega symbol). Searching for those subtle, elusive realms of wonder and beauty we find the heaviness within us lightened and refined by the clarity and purity of our emotions.

A bodiless head asleep on the beach. (Chandra Symbol). In deep, profound contemplation our senses are magnified, opening us up to vast new realms.

Fulfillment degree: Taurus 11. A man jumping into a river, melting, and flowing away. (Omega Symbol). Becoming light and buoyant in our attitude we ware able to enter the flow of time in an ego-less and hence total way.

A woman with flames for hair. (Chandra Symbol). Listening deeply to spirit our mind is ignited and burns with the fire of creativity.

Oracle: Both water and air love the dust, water because it can turn it into mud – much loved of flowers – and air because it can help the dust to fly like microscopic angels. As mud, dust flows together into one great shadow, as dust floating in air each microscopic angel casts its own minuscule shadow, the collective dust shadows softening the sun’s harshness, especially in autumn, when they reduce the fierce yellow to a tender gold. But for now the dust motes float on water, not quite angels and not quite mud. Sometimes it is such a pleasure to exist in the middle.

Phase 42. Revealing the Concealed (Mem Yud Kaf)

Angel: Mikhael (MI-ka-EL) Political Authority and Order

Libra 29. In a spiritual text, a man searches for hidden codes.

(Omega Symbol) Transforming/Responsible

(Degree Angel: Damabiah (da-MA-bee-YAH) Fear of God and Fountain of Wisdom)

There’s a tremendous ability here to look beyond the surface, and to penetrate the obvious to find new meanings and insights. What is taken for granted by other people is delved into by this person, who may come up with startling new revelations. The question is, will others relate to what is found. Some may, others may scoff at or feel threatened or not understand the new information. This degree needs to just keep looking and not be diverted by others’ reactions.

The Chandra Symbol for this degree is “Servants giving a woman a bath.” This degree knows how to take care of others by helping them to rid themselves of whatever is negative, confusing, or burdening. It is always seeking the deeper meaning of everything. Just as through careful analysis the spiritual text of the Omega Symbol reveals its deeper meanings, through a process of purification the woman of the Chandra Symbol (who is, on one level, the female aspect of God which the Kabbalah refers to as the Shekinah) is cleansed of whatever is not her true self.

This degree does not mind playing the role of servant if it serves a purpose. It likes to work with others, and is always willing to rethink anything in the hopes of finding a new perspective on situations or revealing new truth.

Pleiadian Symbol: Underground passageways are connecting the people who need to meet.

Azoth Symbol: A column of water spirals up out of the ocean and rains on the surrounding waters.

Seed degree: Pisces 13. A castle so vast no one has ever explored all of it. (Omega Symbol). Realizing the tremendous scope and range of our being we seek to understand the deeper meaning of what lies within.

A woman imprisoned in a high tower. (Chandra Symbol). A feeling of isolation from both others and the physical world in general creates in us the urge to develop helping relationships with people.

Fulfillment degree: Leo 18. A man walks into the pages of a novel. (Omega Symbol). When we look for meaning outside ourselves, we eventually realize that whatever we find is actually a story of our own making.

A rose bush. Many buds, but no flowers. (Chandra Symbol). As we reach out to help others we create many possibilities for flowering, even though we may have to wait to see their results, and even though many of them may never be actualized.

Oracle: At first he added and subtracted words, using the traditional numbers ascribed to each letter. He tried backwards alphabets, lattices, and grids and other patterns. Here and there he uncovered secrets, but only small ones, little shards of wisdom that he knew were insignificant compared to the deeper secrets he could feel hiding within the text.

And then one day as he was reading he seemed to lose himself, and as he did he “saw” into the words, actually entered their world and found it not to be something to figure out, but rather a place through which to wander and enjoy the beauty he found there. So he became an animal of that world and drank of its mysterious waters, waters that quenched his thirst more deeply than it had ever been quenched, and ate the fruits of all kinds which he found as he wandered the forests and plains, each different fruit satiating a different hunger within him. Fulfilled he lay down in the moonlight of this new world and slept. And even when he returned to his own familiar world, he realized that he was different. He had become a part of the book.

Santa transits at my 5th House and Pisces 1° with Rudolf transiting my 4th House and Aquarius 13°. The 5th House Pisces represents those who will struggle determining what they enjoy as hobbies and who can become creatively blocked as they can develop the martyr archetype. This is a position which shows how one works, acts, and chooses to enjoy themselves. The 4th House Aquarius represents those who value freedom above all else as well as struggle expressing our innermost selves. The 4th House is symbolic of our most private self, our parents, and what our home life environment was like.

Phase 67. Great Expectations (Aleph Yud Ayin)

Angel: Eyael (AY-ya-EL) Transformation to the Sublime

Pisces 1. At sunset, a petrified forest glows with iridescence.

(Omega Symbol) Manifesting/Experimental

(Degree Angel: Veuliah (vay-OO-lee-AH) Defying Gravity and Prosperity)

This degree is aware of the multifarious forms through which knowledge manifests. It deeply senses the eternal realities that hide in passing forms. What is most difficult for it is to focus on any one thing, for in its world energies flow together and can seem to it so formless as to be inexpressible. The way out of this frustration is to embrace the all and move with the passing shimmerings of each moment.

The Chandra Symbol for this degree is “A field of dandelions.” This degree has a joyful appreciation of the common and ordinary, and an understanding that all aspects of the human species shared reality have come to be due to having survived and outlived so many other ideas and ways of being that have been cast aside or minimized over time. In other words, there is an instinct for comprehending how the
mainstream of society represents the strongest and most persistent motivations of the race. To try to find and support what is most positive and spiritual in this is the goal of this degree. It is the Piscean sympathy shining forth most directly, spontaneously, and universally, like the sunshine of countless stars in a galaxy of dandelions.

Pleiadian Symbol: Hundreds of merchants of all sorts of exotic items in a crowded bazaar.

Azoth Symbol: Gifts falling from heaven, some being caught in grateful hands, others disappearing just before they hit the ground.

Seed degree: Aries 12. Before the end of a movie, a man leaves the theater. (Omega Symbol). Having let go of attachments to outcomes, the subtleties of knowledge are perceived.

An old woman hears the stars talking to her at night. (Chandra Symbol). Receiving the light of eternal wisdom the soul realize its own vital fecundity.

Fulfillment degree: Libra 28. A blind piano tuner. (Omega Symbol). The shimmering subtleties of wisdom sensitize us to the process of attuning to universal harmony.

A single white swan swimming through gray mist. (Chandra Symbol). Attuned to our inherent power and joy we come into a poise that carries us through all uncertainties.

Phase 63. Appreciation (Ayin Nun Vav)

Angel: Anauel (a-NA-oo-EL) Perception of Unity

Aquarius 13. An artist mixes various flower and gem elixirs into her paints.

(Omega Symbol) Transforming/Receptive

(Degree Angel: Nith-haiah (NIT-ha-YAH) Speak Your Mind, Spiritual Wisdom, and Magic)

No matter what one experiences in life, there is always another level of influence happening, a subtler and finer level of energies at work. This degree knows this, and understands the need to acknowledge and creatively work with that level, as a means of making more positive anything that ones does. Nature is always ready to provide the materials to make life more wonderful for us all.

The Chandra Symbol for this degree is “A lidless granite sarcophagus. It is empty.” This degree has a profound ability to completely let go of the past and to approach the future with no expectations. If, on the other hand it allows fear to take over, it can feel caught between a past it cannot go back to and a future it feels it can’t enter because it has no map to it. The Symbol has an empty hollow quality, which melts away when one realizes the freedom and openness it also carries. This degree can look at life in completely new ways – just as the energies of gems and flowers in the Omega Symbol allows the artist to paint paintings that show the world in new ways.

Pleiadian Symbol: The air suddenly turns cool as winds rise.

Azoth Symbol: In the spiritual realm a temple where many souls come to commune with each other.

Seed degree: Virgo 5.With a loud explosion, a tiny black hole collides with earth. (Omega Symbol). Realizing that tiny things can have an immense impact one is inspired to work with subtleties and the hidden aspects of nature.

A skull on a pole at the entrance to a dark wood. (Chandra Symbol). Coming to terms with warnings and omens and the dark places inside, we eventually resolve to explore the future without a baggage of foreboding and expectations.

Fulfillment degree: Aries 27. Over a waterfall gleams a rainbow many thousands of years old. (Omega Symbol). Allowing beauty and wonder to shine forth in everything we do we fuse with the ever-renewed and ever-eternal light.

A fun house. (Chandra Symbol). Leaving behind thoughts of death and confinement we explore life as an experience of continual joy and surprise.

“May the light illuminate your hearts and shine in your life every day of the year. May everlasting peace be yours and upon our Earth.” – Eileen Anglin

Natal Yule is at my 12th House and Libra 9° while transiting at my 4th House and Aquarius 16°. The 12th House Libra represents those who are loners who are more emotionally and spiritually sensitive. This is a position which connects with our fears, karma, and self undoing often called the house of the unconscious. We’ve covered the 4th House above, and I don’t want to be redundant.

Phase 38. Circuitry (Chet Ayin Mem)

Angel: Haamiah (HE-AH-mee-YAH) Ritual and Ceremony

Libra 9. A healer who knows the secret of working with people’s breath.

(Omega Symbol) Interacting/Responsible

(Degree Angel: Sealiah (say-HA-lee-YAH) The Power of Prosperity, Motivation, and Willfulness)

You are aware of the way sadness and addictive attachment to the past robs us of our vividly relating to the present. You are always willing to begin again, to start over, to recapture the magic of the moment. And not just for yourself – you have the capacity to communicate this movement toward joyous and refreshing release from the past to those around you.

The Chandra Symbol for this degree is “A cook fixing vegetable soup from a myriad of ingredients.” The healer of the Omega symbol works with the breath, which is one thing that affects everything. The cook makes a multi-ingredient soup, which is one thing containing many things. So many things play into relating. This degree knows that in any relationship certain ingredients must dominate. If the pepper dominates, many people will not like the soup. If the flavors are balanced, the soup is wonderful – and many enjoy it.

This degree likes to use many different topics and types of energy for the purpose of relating, and experiments with trying to find the right mix that is the most flavorful. The free coming and going of energies in this process is much like breathing, which takes in and distributes energy, and, if one is sensitive to the restrictions and limitations of the process and flows with wherever the energy seems to want to go, can be wonderfully rejuvenating.

Pleiadian Symbol: In the middle of the night three portraits converse with each other in whispers.

Azoth Symbol: A carved marble ear has washed up on the beach.

Seed degree: Cancer 13. Wind blowing through an old Pan’s pipe. (Omega Symbol). Tuning in to the seemingly random energy flows of nature, we see that they are actually a part of us, and that simple awareness of them can magnify their harmonizing potentials.

Many voices singing different songs at the same time. (Chandra Symbol).
The myriad songs of nature, heard, can be selected from to create a mixture a nourishing food for the self.

Fulfillment degree: Sagittarius 16. A magician’s wand sprouting golden leaves. (Omega Symbol). Becoming attuned to our own flow brings new life to the magic of our being.

A man shearing sheep. (Chandra Symbol). The meeting of inner needs provides us with a basis for being able to meet outer needs.

Oracle: From the Ars Magica of Elucidus: Breath is wind. It is the soul’s creation of vacuums which stirs the air, creating breath. And that which we call wind, or living air, though unseen, becomes a vehicle of existence for much else that is seen, such as mists, smokes, fogs, and the circulations of blood, which lose all movement when deprived of breath.

The greatest secret of breath is that it has a life of its own, being a faithful friend to the one who breathes, capable of performing any feat of healing and possessing powers much greater than commonly known. For breath may be sent on far journeys both inside and outside the self, to accomplish the miraculous.

Phase 64. Casting Yourself in a Favorable Light (Mem Chet Yud)

Angel: Mehiel (MAY-hee-EL) Vivification, Invigorate, and Enliven

Aquarius 16. Cliffs hundreds of feet high that stretch for many miles along a shoreline.

(Omega Symbol) Manifesting/Experimental

(Degree Angel: Seheiah (say-HAY-ee-YAH) Soul Mates, Longevity, and Releases Body and Mind From Negative Emotions)

This degree has an acute emotional awareness, and a tremendous ability to rise above engulfing feelings and the vibrations of chaos and negativity. It holds steady in the midst of turmoil and can help others to do the same. It heals through communicating a vision of the bigger of existence through observing it from spiritual heights – whether it is aware of doing this or not.

The Chandra Symbol for this degree is “Ground up gemstones to be used as medicine.” Pure truth and spiritual light are always there to be assimilated. The question is, how much of it can we take in. The process of assimilation is slow, especially in its early stages. This degree moves slowly, but it also move thoroughly and deeply. It is on a difficult quest to come to a perfect understanding of self and universe. It may find it must do the same things over and over, each time taking in a little more understanding of their nature. But finally, the goal will be reached.

Pleiadian Symbol: A historian through his writings attempts to capture the essence of the past.

Azoth Symbol: Two arms of a bay spanned by a golden causeway.

Seed degree: Libra 11. In a Tibetan monastery, hundreds of candles burning. (Omega Symbol). The spiritual light lifts us high above the turbulence of the emotional self.

Tea leaves that form a pentagram. (Chandra Symbol). If we pay attention to the messages always flowing in from Creative Intelligence we become more and more able to assimilate eternal wisdom.

Fulfillment degree: Cancer 27. A book of strange and imaginative prophecies. (Omega Symbol). Raising ourselves above the sea of our emotions, we gain perspective on both personal and collective desires and recognize the broader patterns of how and where energy is flowing.

A woman giving birth to twins. (Chandra symbol). Grounding more and more the light within ourselves we increasingly expand our ability to communicate with both self and others.

Regarding social media I’m not missing it. I found Twitter was giving me ADD/ADHD like conditions where I had been becoming unproductive and could not focus. I don’t personally believe it’s at all healthy for me to put myself on the platforms as I believe it conditions us to act out of comparison with others which in fact erodes something within the human condition due to studies showing it has toxic implications for the mental health of our youth. As an adult within two months of policing followers and direct messages I’d agree there is a level with which it breeds negative habitual patterns in all honesty. Honestly I tried to change my interests, but no matter how desperately I searched for positivity on Twitter what I found was a lot of actual societal anger on wide ranging topics. As a Reiki master level I found it difficult to be there as it directly began to manifest anger into my own consciousness, and I realized I was becoming exactly like those same people. It was the strangest experience for me.

If I had to describe it I would call it the scene in Ghostbusters 2 with the pink slime. I would also call it misery loves company. Which in my book I work hard to avoid so if I find an environment is thoroughly unhealthy I leave quickly for my own well being. Twitter is a place where rage and anger spread like a forest fire. The same for the amazing way the astrology community behaved like a group of high schooler’s towards me. I’m 42 I can’t digress to that emotional intelligence level. What I learned was sociologically and behaviorally I consider social media to be a culture of dis-ease. No amount of positivity could fix what was occurring in there.

Someone sent me an online Jingle Bells Santa Christmas video via text from an unknown phone number today, and I don’t have my phone number listed anywhere online right now except my old Facebook business page so I’m wondering how it found it’s way to me as well as who the anonymous person was. I sent a thank you text nonetheless. Be well everyone and best wishes as always. Hopefully I don’t have to argue or debate why I value astrology again anytime soon.

PS: I’ve tried to proofread this post again. I need my own publishing house and editor. Wow! So much work!

I’m going to hopefully only have to say this once, and it’s really only meant at certain groups of humanity. If you had been born in another country please try to understand you might not be celebrating Christmas. Other cultures have different traditions, and it’s outright disrespectful to push your beliefs onto another in terms of religion when what we celebrate is esoteric. Every country/culture has it’s own way of celebrating the return of light to the world. Again if you’re a dogmatist this is not the correct place for you to be. I’ve spent most of my life learning and working towards acceptance of a wider range of society so I’m unbelievably tired of those who are closed minded and who walk in darkness (ignorance). You are going to begin to see why even social media I can’t deal with, and it is because of being fed up with discrimination on all fronts (race, gender identity, religion, health choices, class warfare, disabilities, etc.), forms of bigotry, and hatred which people are thriving in and promoting. I’m so glad to say good riddance to 2021 the same way I felt towards 2020. I don’t know how long I can tolerate some of this even as a business owner online.

For the lesser informed dogma etymologically speaks to authoritative principles, beliefs, or statements of opinion considered to be absolutely true and indisputable regardless of factual evidence to prove them falsehoods. It is to hold to these principles, beliefs, and statements without evidence to support any of them. Dogma is also sets of doctrines relating to matters such as morality and faith which have been set forth authoritatively by a religious organization or leader. Several religious organizations and leaders can be shown to not be the best authority to follow in life. One of my favorite lessons I present to most people I meet is that they go research the etymology for blind and faith then consider what in life they are putting blind faith in as it should help them to think more critically. To those reading a Bible a concordance is not enough to understand the context of words. You must really seek your answers in other places. Anything taken at face value without asking questions or using the organ called the brain is going to see you like all previous generations propagandized and manipulated.

Fun Quote Fridays: Nullification

“When a man is pushed, tormented, defeated, he has a chance to learn something.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

Women are never so strong as after their defeat.”

  • Alexandre Dumas

“Hope is the last thing a person does before they are defeated.”

  • Henry Rollins

“Some victories are merely defeat wearing the wrong clothing.”

  • Kiersten White

“Defeat sells headlines while success sells sponsorships.”

  • Lauren Asher

“How often must you be betrayed before you see that others are taking your kindness for weakness, your silence for an inability to speak?”

  • Jeff Mach

“Maybe there are times when one should welcome defeat, tell it to come right in, and sit down.”

  • Iris Murdoch

Defeat is a privilege of the brave.”

  • Max Moreno

Today’s quotes inspired by the 10 of Swords and 10 of Wands (a couple of helpful links to interpretations of the cards) respectively. The beauty is everything then begins again back at the Aces. The Tens are both the beginning of a cycle and the end of a cycle. The Tens speak about the situation into which we are born or placed. Where we go from there is up to each of us. The Ten of Swords pictures a Sun rising or setting and that a new day will come. The Swords that do the damage are often simply thoughts or words that we allowed to devastate us. The Ten of Wands indicates a labor of love, an entrepreneurial effort, or a difficult burden to carry. In any case, the outcome could be successful even though the effort is huge.


Tarot of the Day Thursdays: Is This Message for the Collective or Myself? Music, Virtue, and Guidance Forward

What is Your Burning Question?

People ask the most perplexing questions in life. They make the most perplexing of assumptions as well. One of our first lessons in growth should not be to partner up in my eyes, but to learn and know ourselves inside and out. Then it is my belief that we will make better partnerships be that as friends, lovers, spouses, or work colleagues. Most people are flitting around from person to person happenstance as takers, but what are they giving back. What value is being contributed in our relating exactly and what is the benefit of what we’ve been doing. We’ve done the same for generations creating fossilized customs and traditions refusing to accept that it is through change that we will have growth.

I have had problems holding jobs and relationships from the age of 29 onward because I don’t choose to be like others. I chose to get to know myself inside and out which requires a retreat from others into the self to remove the ego and do years of shadow work. And in the end what I found is wholeness within myself where I don’t seek sensate or outward gratification as others do. Sure I need to pay my bills and this is why I choose to take various roles in jobs on, but I’m looked down upon during interviews for my nomad way of living because I did not commit some 10, 20, or 30 years to some company. Meanwhile I’m left wondering and they have never liked me for saying this if we’re exchanging my time and my skills exactly what I also get out of this relationship they’ve asked me to participate in. You see I don’t like one sided relating, and I do not like parasitic relationships. Now if you can offer me something symbiotic maybe you might see an actual potential employee who would be happy to commit longer.

This applies to all my relationships and it is part of my business model now as well. For those who don’t know what symbiotic is it is a relationship of mutual benefit between two or more individuals or organisms. What I don’t want is parasitic which is when you attach to your host and draw upon them for sustenance exploiting them for your personal gain. The large group of relationships I have entered into in life were parasitic. They still come into my life as we speak, and I work very hard to squash them like the mosquito for which they are because they are a drain of my essence and vitality. While some would say that violates ahimsa I ask you who is first doing the harm the mosquito or me in the analogy. It is the vampire who looks for their next prey who is doing the harm first and the end result is that harm can come to them when their victim shoves the stake through their heart and subsequently beheads them (ego removal) to ensure like any creature of the undead they won’t rise again to take another victim in their stead which is a protection for all others who do not deserve to be harmed in the first place.

I’ve been trying desperately to explain to someone at present that I don’t make a very good friend due to the fact that I’ve now spent years going within and yearning to be one with the Divine or my higher self. I am now extraordinarily more comfortable with my own company than that of another. It means I come out of my cocoon long enough to perform my role as is needed in my career to provide for my physical survival with food, home, clothing, etc., but I’m not very good at other forms of companionship and if that is upsetting to others I’m very sorry. I feel as if I have a much different purpose for my existence with the studies I’ve done. Being alone has no longer bothered me as I see it describes the fact that we’re already whole or all one. Most simply don’t recognize this and live in separation consciousness. They instead are developing co-dependency when we should have learned inter-dependency. I’m not even sure I will make a very good teacher or esotericist in explaining this to others.

This probably sounds very strange to many. I’m not without an ability to be extroverted I’ve simply learned to value myself more than I did when I was a people pleaser and behaved like a butterfly flitting around from flower to flower with no inner compass or guidance. I’m not trying to make lots of superficial relationships because I don’t find added value in the practice of that way of being. If we spend all of our time seeking outwardly with little time spent on ourselves it’s highly likely we don’t make for good companions or perhaps we suffer with fears also of abandonment and even living on our own which again is why I pointed out we’re creating a lot of co-dependency in comparison to inter-dependency.  Something is happening to everyone’s boundaries which are not being well maintained.

As it stands I’m struggling very hard to get support for my blog or business. I don’t want to learn nor have the time for some of the tactics others use as I’m severely obligated elsewhere with my families needs. I’m also on a skeleton budget which means by April/May of 2022 I will be going back out for part time or temporary work in a normal job as I’ve got zero donations to put towards my goals of podcasts. I’m considering giving up albeit others tell me not to. Right now my goal is to get off Twitter as the platform has not helped in hindsight. It has been very distracting for me, and I can’t find focus with that in my life when I have to monitor and protect against scams or other unsavory characters. I’m in the process of re-branding and looking for a new way to grow my business before I simply throw in the towel because I’m losing motivation at an alarming rate. I’ve never felt this defeated by a goal in my life, but I honestly am hitting rock bottom at finding the willpower to sustain.

Today I approached my day with two very different routes of divination. Bibliomancy and tarot with equally positive end results. I have used the Quadrivium and Tao te Ching for Bibilomancy alongside the Hermetic Tarot. Below are the energies for this week for us to ruminate upon and digest. I would like to add here that I sleep every night to binaural music therefore when I wake up I tend to walk through my existence different I believe than perhaps others.

Please use the following and above underlined hypertext links for answers and insights into today’s Bibliomancy and tarot reading; there is good information to be found. 🤗

The Quadrivium

Lateral Fifths:

Distinguishing The Highest from the Lowest Morality

Tao Te Ching Verse 38 and Hexagram 38:

The Knight of Pentacles – Lord of Wild and Fertile Land W/The Two of Wands – Lord of Established Strength

The Knight of Pentacles:

A warrior with winged helmet is mounted on a horse dressed for battle. The warrior’s shield and scepter both depict the hexagram. The field beneath the horse is fertile with ripened corn. Above the warrior is the head of a winged stag.

This card symbolizes contemplation of the future with regards to the material sphere. The achievement desired is for maturity, uniformity, and prosperity. The only way to get from Point A to Point B is through slow and steady progress being made via hard work and dedication. The winged stag suggests that prudence would be essential at this time which is also associated with the tarot trump ruled by Virgo known as the Hermit. It explains that the best course of action is one of self control, attention to detail, and while bringing an awareness to one’s true feelings they should not show excessive displays of emotion. It’s highly advised that a close eye is kept on all financial transactions.

The Two of Wands:

The names of the two ruling angels, Vehuel and Daniel, appear in Hebrew on the left and right respectively. A hand grasps two crossed wands as flames issue from the point of junction. Each wand is topped with a ram’s head representing Aries, and a globe with pointed arrow at the bottom to represent Mars. Two small wands, above and below, have flames issuing forth. This card pertains to the first decan of Aries ruled by Mars.

This card symbolizes an interest in upholding one’s views and charisma through courage and achievement. There is a desire for new beginnings and lifestyle changes. A great analogy is to imagine you have the key to an enchanted box that will change your life for eternity. This enchanted box will give you the opportunities you long for to make the correct decisions and stick with them without any doubts or fears attached to the path you take. The card says we are to accept the challenge at hand and trust our intuition. These two vertical rods are representative of entrepreneurship and we’re only at the initial stages of a project we’ve set out to complete. The way forward is through balance and harmony with confidence and assertion. We have to take the situation by the scruff of the neck which is challenging with lots of changes when our passion and inspiration is lost. The truth is we’re losing passion and inspiration because we’ve found ourselves in unproductive situations which waste time and money. There is in fact only one way to remedy this go within and reconnect with our inner spirit which guides our life forward.

Thanks again to those who have supported me this week through my rough patch. I’m literally hanging on by a thread when it comes to my business goals feeling very frustrated at the 2 month mark for how much lack I perceive it has provided me with. I’m not seeing the fruit of all this laborious effort and maybe it’s my own perspective. Perhaps others see different than I do. I know I’m not normal though. My contentment is to sit in meditation away from the world so much so my favorite time is also to be asleep literally just immersed in the Divine.

PS: Twitter is deactivated. If I’m going to focus on my business I have to put full steam into this endeavor. That means if I’m not seeing fruit for all my labor I have to now look for a new solution that is going to actually accomplish me hitting my targets. I’ve wasted more than enough time this week already.

I don’t know if this blog post will ever be read by anyone. Usually my tarot readings don’t interest others or bring in the draw that some of my others generate. If someone sees this post could you use my contact in the sidebar, e-mail me, or utilize the comments to let me know if you’d be interested in a trade off to help me get some attention. I was considering offering a free astrology report for a blog post about my business or inquiring if anyone would do a review of my astrology report services in exchange for a free report of their choosing. The review process would help me determine what needs improvement and where I can better provide for my customer base.

I know everyone will say I have to use the major social media channels, however, I used Facebook for my now closed aesthetics business and that relationship did not work out over intellectual property ownership rights as well as other matters with which I could not even get Facebook to close my business page. To this day I have potential customers who contact me for services when my business has been closed for years. I refuse to go down that route again. If I’m burned by an organization it is unlikely I shall return to them. I’m almost at strike three and game over like in baseball. Which is why I’m in defeatist mindset. It’s complicated as they say. I thought I had found a medium to utilize and upon further research it does not allow any self promotion of one’s business/talents. If this is checkmate let it be over quickly.

Wisdom Wednesdays: The Meaning of Flowers

Flower power! A non-violent ethic in the 1960s and 1970s of those who opposed war and encouraged people to love each other.

Most of the flowers you see below with the exception of the Stargazer Lily were grown in the garden. I’ve found a lot of people don’t go through life seeking the meanings the same way that I do. It usually reminds me to tell others that my detail orientation will probably drive them absolutely crazy if they ever get to really know me. My family says it is my strongest skill, but I can legitimately see it causing some to become flustered.

Flowers were once assigned magical meanings and connotations. During the Victorian Era floriography was used for cryptological communication through flower arrangements. This practice also led to the publication of flower dictionaries. In the past open communication was restricted and as you could not openly express your thoughts in public so we used flowers to send our messages. Today the customs of this past era would seem complicated and unnecessary. Flora Symbolica would be published during the Victorian Era containing the signature of a hundred flowers with the etiquette in giving the correct flowers. The meanings of flowers were based on traditions, myths, medicinal uses, and the imagination of the person authoring the book.

Victorian Era floral design gave us Tussie-Mussies as small handheld fragrant bouquets wrapped in lace doilies and nosegay bouquets. In this time period suitors gave Tussie-Mussies to women to see if they were held at heart level to signify happiness and acceptance. If they were held pointing downwards it signified rejection.

Today I’m going to briefly share the meanings of some of what was chosen to grow in our garden over the last few years. We’ve grown other flowers as well, but I did not want to share all of them at once.

Zinnias, Sunflowers, and Stargazer Lilies


These flowers were discovered by Johann Gottfried Zinn who was taken with these little abundant flowers. They can symbolize:

  • Thoughts of a missing friend
  • Lasting affection
  • Strength
  • Daily recollection

Zinnia flowers are continuous bloomers even in the extreme temperatures of Summer seasons that can include drought. They’re known for coming in a wide variety of colors which includes red, orange, yellow, white, lime green, pink, and lilac. Each color can also signify an individual meaning when given to someone. For example, yellow represents daily remembrance, white represents pure goodness, and magenta is lasting affection. They are ideal for pollinator gardens as they attract hummingbirds, butterflies, bees, and other pollinators. Zinnias spread the message which says setbacks are temporary, the moment will pass, and you can move graciously through your obstacles to achieve your goal. The Sun’s rays will shine down on you once again once the clouds pass by. Spiritually the zinnia speaks to unbroken faith as it blooms through the thick and the thin. Very little will keep it from growing.


Sunflowers are named for their resemblance to the Sun and the Greek mythology of a nymph who becomes a flower after losing her love. There are variations of this story actually. In one version, for example, Clytie’s adoration towards Apollo in the beginning was reciprocated till another nymph caught his attention. Clytie enraged informed the other nymph’s father, and Apollo’s response was to bury her alive as a punishment turning her into the Sunflower. They are said to symbolize:

  • Gratitude
  • Longevity
  • Positivity
  • Platonic love
  • Nourishing self and others
  • Good luck

The Sunflower came to Russia, Europe, and Ukraine in the 1700s. They are one of the worlds leading oil seed crops in some parts of the world, the seeds are still consumed, and the oils can be medicinal for cough, lowering cholesterol, or wound healing. While many Sunflowers are yellow careful breeding has brought us many color varieties. We grew Chocolate Cherry in our garden. White may signify innocence, orange and red may signify strength and positivity, and brown or burgundy loyalty and support. Songbirds love these flowers for their abundance of seeds. The plant itself can produce a pale yellow dye. The Sunflower tells us to stand tall and follow our dreams focused on what is positive in our life and don’t let anyone get us down.

Stargazer Lily:

This Lily hibernates in the winter and has been said to symbolize:

  • Beauty
  • Purity
  • Rebirth
  • Hope
  • Abundance
  • Perfection

Receiving Stargazer Lilies can symbolize a return of faith or regaining one’s innocence. It is told that angel Gabriel gifted Mary with a lily during Annunciation to symbolize her role in the coming of Christ to the world. They have also been known to represent insecurities, hesitation, and feeling as if you’re at a crossroads in life unsure of which way to turn. They bring to us messages of mysteries of two worlds between innocence and pure love as well as representing a living sample of what humanity can accomplish through willpower, effort, and a little imagination. Deviating from the norms and looking beyond what is already present can lead towards the creation of something better. Restraint from growing and developing due to what you think society expects of you limits you from learning and stepping out of the comfort zone.

Hollyhocks, Nasturtiums, and Dahlias


The Hollyhock became known in 1584 and can be called Mallow Blossoms as well. These flowers symbolize:

  • Therapeutic counseling
  • Energy healing
  • Mitigation of broken/war-torn lands
  • Re-aligning with a nation’s heritage

They are deemed sacred in Japanese culture and can refer to the Aoi Masturi a traditional festival celebrated May 15th in Kyoto. The festivals are said to exorcise one’s sins while lifting praise to the Gods/Goddesses or Kami. It was also the crest of nobility and high status for the Tokugawa family during the Edo era. Later the motif would adorn kimonos, lanterns, and lacquer ware. Ancient Egyptians made wreaths of Hollyhock to be buried with mummies to indicate the circle of life in leading the dead to new lives. During the Middle Ages teas were made from Hollyhocks to fight lung and bladder disease. During the 1800s Hollyhock sap was whipped, sugar added, and poured into molds to sell as candy.


With their various colors of orange, pink, red, and yellow Nasturtiums symbolize:

  • Positivity
  • Good humor
  • Sociability
  • Patriotism/Victory

Native to South America the Nasturtium was introduced to Europe in the 1500s after the Spanish conquests. We find them growing in French royal gardens as well as a special feature in Thomas Jefferson’s presidential gardens. The Incas believed the flowers gave the energy and strength to scare away invaders. The red variety represents passion/courage, yellow variety represents happiness /elation, and orange variety represents energy/creativity. Ideally they can be given as a celebratory gift or award as well as for birthdays.


Dahlias offer layered petals with lots of body while symbolizing:

  • Grace under pressure
  • Major life changes
  • Following your own path
  • Commitment

Victorians believe the Dahlia stood for lasting bonds between two people. They are the birth flower of August and the national flower of Mexico as this is their native habitat. They typically grow in mountainous valleys protected from harsh weather. The red will represent power, pink/purple will represent kindness, and white will represent staying focused. Mexicans still make poultices from crushed and warmed Dahlia petals for tired feet in foot soaks. Tunebo Indians have used the petals as well for decorating cakes and pastries. They may not be wise to give to anyone with pets, however, as these tubers are mildly toxic. In any other condition giving Dahlias is best done for new marriages and the birth of a new baby.

Daisies and Adam’s Needle


Daisies were said to mean dark eye as they only open during the daytime and symbolize:

  • Purity
  • Fresh opportunities
  • True love
  • Keeping a secret

Children who were bored may have made Daisy chains, but adults likely have used them for wild Daisy tea to cure a sore throat or purify an open wound as well as to garnish a salad as the leaves are edible. Their message is for us to see the world as a child once did. Celtic mythology states that God/Goddess sprinkled Daisies over the Earth to cheer up any parent who had lost a child. Norse mythology believed the Daisy was sacred to Freya the Goddess of beauty, love, and fertility while the Romans had mythology of Vertumnus as God of the seasons and gardens who fell in love with Belides pursuing her relentlessly. The only way Belides could escape his advances was to become a Daisy. Some consider the manner with which Daisies close up at night only to re-open each morning as symbolic of a good night’s sleep.

Adam’s Needle:

These are in fact a slow growing evergreen shrub related to other cacti and succulents. They symbolize:

  • Protection
  • Purity
  • Purification

Early American’s referred to them as lamps of God/Goddess due to beautiful white flowers which seemingly lit their way during long and dangerous journeys. They have a symbiotic relationship to moths which pollinate and survive on their nectar. This relationship is so entwined/entangled that neither the yucca nor the moth could exist without the other.They have been known to clean the air removing toxins and Native Americans have known they are sources of vitamins B and C as well as calcium and iron. Adam’s Needle and other yucca varieties have treated arthritis, colitis, hypertension, migraines, and other inflammatory conditions. The Cherokee particularly use yucca root for treating rashes and sores while the Navajo have used the leaves ceremoniously to make hoops, prayer sticks, and chant arrows.

PS: The underlined text hyperlinks go to a copy of Flora Symbolica, the story of Clytie, and Aoi Matsuri.