Wisdom Wednesday’s: Have You Been Naughty or Nice?

What lurks in the shadow(s)?

This actually makes me laugh. It was the opening to a good friendship I mentioned in a previous blog post about Carl Jung and shadow work with a customer I had who was an ex Episcopal priest. We met near this same holiday season and my reply was what earned me his nod of approval into the world of Carl Jung, shadow work, esoterics, and astrological mandalas or mandorlas. My answer was a bit of both. To which he was very impressed because I was not repressing the truth of how my psyche is meant to maintain space between conscious, subconscious, and unconscious. He remarked that most people won’t admit that they are capable of a “dark” side to their persona because we find it easier to repress or project onto another instead of own our baggage and work through it individually or collectively.

If my blog schedule was not as it is I would post this on December 5, 2021, but that would throw it all out of sync so we will do it today instead. Besides that day is also my step father’s birthday every year for added measures of fun. 😂 Please use the underlined hyperlink text to enjoy this wise journey today.

Without re-hashing my full familial DNA history again to blog readers as I did in previous blog posts I will simply state maternal has it’s ties to German/Danish and Ashkenazi Jewish. So for those unfamiliar with Krampus I am going to talk about our Santa companion today.

For those still just not wanting to acknowledge that the entire seasonal journey of virtually all religions is astrotheology there is always going to be friction between myself and you. I am sorry for this, but I also expect everyone to mature at some point. Everyone has their own versions and takes on our shared experience of this sky pageant. Some choose to be really violent with their words or actions, however, when they can not accept certain truths in life and they act out their shadow. Personally I do not get the angst, but hey maybe I just do not like wasting my energy on being a hothead as it seems kind of peculiar to me. A lot of religions just can’t quite come to grips with their collective shadow at all and really want to think all the light could never cast a little darkness on the opposite end. Ironic to say the least and not very logical. Then again I had someone remark my sense of humor is sardonic at times so again apologies.

Jolly old Saint Nicholas or Santa Claus was in fact a spirit of giving as well as some believe more akin to the Saturnalia. Before we arrive at Saint Nicholas Day some still believe in honoring his lesser although slowly becoming more widely known other half called Krampus. Ironically I became Catholic at 20 as I said before and remained for a while totally unaware of any maternal and biological paternal family having both Ashkenazi Jewish roots. Ancestry was Lutheran I also previously mentioned on the maternal side having immigrated to the USA in the late 1800s via Germany and Denmark.

I would link to info on the Saturnalia, but frankly nothing good is to be found. What is online is only egregious fear porn as I always call it around occultism. I keep saying this about the fact that I have Alice our beloved character of Wonderland beat for the number of rabbit holes I have gone down. How many of them are there to feed off the energies of those happy to allow false evidence appearing real to run their lives. It is also those who take pleasure in antagonizing others and violently converting or coercing them to believe a specific set of beliefs only and to not think for themself or ask questions. Probably because it pays the bills to maintain an ignorant and sheepish populace. Seems shifty to me though! There is always truth, partial truth, and just dumbfounded absurdity!

Along our many celebrations of solar deities the world over it is the Scandinavians who also worshiped Odin a God of intoxicating drink, ecstasy, and death. It was the Feast of Saturnalia that dealt with these themes and naturally he became the most popular God of Saturnalia. Who did Odin become? Can you guess? Santa Claus.

Odin was a God of wisdom, magic, occult knowledge, runes, poetry, and war. His name meaning “the inspired one” he was often depicted as a tall old man that had a long white beard and carried a spear as in pagan Sun God worship whoever holds the serpent crosier is connected to the power behind that serpent crosier which is the serpent himself commonly known to many as Satan in that little old Garden of Eden today. Odin traveled around the world on a white horse that had eight legs which in ancient traditions was said to be a number of transportation. This is where the favorite eight reindeer came from. With Santa originally there were eight reindeer and beloved Rudolph was added later in our now modern times.

In virtually every version of Santa Claus he carried along with him a “dark” helper. Eventually these became the elves to soften the tale. This foreboding demonic looking helper that stood next to Santa Claus with the horrid red tongue hanging from his mouth was called Krampus, but it also reminds me of the Hindu Goddess Kali. If the children weren’t good the Krampus would beat the children. So this good guy or savior also known as Odin who eventually became St. Nicholas would come and give you gifts if you were good. If you were naughty the dark helpers would institute essential discipline on the children. According to some legends the Krampus who humorously later were renamed elves would accompany St. Nicholas during the Christmas season warning and punishing bad children in a dialectical contrast to St. Nicholas who gives good gifts to good children.

Some images show the naughty children being carried away on a witches broom by a Krampus which is combination between a human and a goat. We see this all throughout history honestly; a human mixed with a goat. There are festivals in Germany where they continue to do this celebration and bring out Krampus or Santa’s helpers to this day. St. Nicholas and his demons are still celebrated in Austria, Hungary, Germany, Italy, and more. They would be accompanied by bells that would hang from their necks to announce themselves in the next town they were going into. This is where we got all of our references to the bells of Christmas.

The long story carries this through to the 1500s in Holland when St. Nicholas became Sinterklaas; a kind and wise old man with a white beard, white dress, red cloak, a crosier, and riding the skies and roofs of the houses on his white horse accompanied by his elves leaving gifts for people under his sacred tree which was the fir tree. He would visit you on his birthday of December 25th to give you gifts if you had been good or if you had been bad his helpers would beat you which now is coal in a stocking.

Those famous words that Santa Claus says known as, “Ho! Ho! Ho!” are from History of Hobgoblin where the author reveals “Robin itself was a medieval nickname for the “devil” and Robin’s trademark laugh is “Ho! Ho! Ho!” Back in the 1600s Robin Goodfellow played the devil in many plays. Before the devil would ever come on stage he would announce himself by saying, “Ho! Ho! Ho!” It was around the 1700s that a Dutchman immigrated to North America bringing with him his SinterClaus. The English dialect was then changed to Santa Claus.

The belief that Santa enters the house through the chimney developed from an old Norse legend where it was believed that goddess Hertha appeared in the fireplace and brought good luck to the home. This is actually where the word “hearth” comes from as it meant goodness to the Norse. Santa coming through the chimney was in direct reference to a God that came through fire. Druid homeowners would leave a treat consisting of milk and pastries to appease this God who would come down their chimney into their fireplace. This is where modern societies got the idea of milk and cookies for Santa Claus. We think we made that up and its cute yet it goes back a long time to our Druids when they would put milk and cookies for their God that came through the fireplace on December 25th or rather his birthday. Notice the theme!

Here are some fun Krampus cookie recipes, and if you are vegan my sincere apologies as it might require some alterations.




If you would like more info on our forgotten Krampus who also has Perchta as another holiday companion please visit the following links:



If you were a fan of the Grimm series Krampus made an appearance there as well.

Cancer MC/Capricorn IC

PS: I actually have the Krampus comic series which my step father bought in my bedroom. My Imum Coeli happens to be Capricorn which has a funny association in tarot. If one can not find humor in life we are all going to be lost! These people around me take things so seriously some days and get so afraid/superstitious I really sometimes wonder about their head and heart working well together. And I do apologize if that seems offensive.

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I am a licensed aesthetician (#1446048 Expires October 2023) who has worked previously in medical malpractice and personal injury legal administration, life/health insurance for State Farm, and various retail roles including personal shopper. My passion at this time lies in the field of esoteric studies. I am also a Master Level Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki certified healer.

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