Teach Me Tuesdays: Growing Herbs for a Magical Garden

We Always Get Mushrooms After a Good Rainstorm!

After my foot fractures I took up not just astrology and tarot while laid up, but post fracture with the home remodel while living with family we xeriscaped the front and back lawn as well as turned the unsafe entry steps into a ramp that was wheel chair and knee scooter accessible. I’m still home with family and normally help pay the grocery bill which for our family can be pricey. Life happens sometimes though and I’m unable to pay/foot the bill. On social media I illustrated that my natal chart and transits show this connection to the asteroid Ceres (the Mother archetype) which one can work with. Ultimately as I consider a Moon astrology report in my business offerings I’ve realized this is also largely due to my 11th House Virgo holding Saturn, Moon, North Node, and Black Moon Lilith which tends to be all about environment, plants, animals, etc. It was a time when as I have said I learned about my own biome, entomology, and composting myself.

The garden was three different forms including herbs, vegetables, and pollinator. Some might call this harnessing my inner garden witch also for manifestation. With ancestry going back to the 1800s as immigrants to America which I also previously posted about and family who survived WW II/Great Depression era I learned recently about “victory gardens” as well as how gardening was once not just a hobby, but a necessity for food, medicine, and spiritual practices regardless of size should you live in an apartment, condo, or home. Many have come up with ways to grow in pots, containers, countertop kits, etc. Spiritually speaking if it’s an outdoor garden it is considered a liminal space of Earth energy as it merges with the sky or heavens. Organic is best as it maintains soil health and provides food as well as shelter for local wildlife such as birds, insects, reptiles, and more.

Our garden is above ground and I usually grow some pretty monstrous items. Lettuce grown in the garden lasts longer than store bought which as someone who worked in grocery stores knows even if it’s local the produce loses time being trucked around or stored for any length in warehouse, back coolers, etc. This process also saves on your grocery bill if you grow your own food. I’m in Texas with hot summers so if I can do it confronting my fears of having no green thumb anyone can.

Herbs are not just for cooking, but also may be used for medicine. In an apartment you can accomplish this with a few pots, dirt, seeds, and a balcony that receives sunlight (don’t forget to add water if rain is not present). In our case we had a covered porch added so we could spend time sitting in the garden to really connect with nature for grounding. When you’ve gotten your garden ready for harvest your herbs can be used for food, teas, spell bags, candle dressings, etc. The magic is when you adopt a ritual practice with the process. For me my Moon phase is New Moon which is an ideal time for new ventures, opportunities, and fresh starts so this is the seeding time when intentions are set. Whatever you’re manifesting must be treated with care so your seedlings will need sunlight, fertilizer and soil amendments, and water as needed. Treat this like a friend or a child you’re raising. The magic comes in the correspondences of what you’re growing. We planted sunflowers one year which helps manifest job opportunities. This also requires action on your part to fill out applications, ensure your resume is up to date, and then go on interviews.

Crystal Looking Rocks Were Found in the Granite and We Added the Others Via Craft Store! Also lucky clover…

Our garden has various little decor we placed around so you will see statuary of deer, lady bug, white rabbit, penguin, mushrooms, snail, salamander, and meditating/angel cats. For children some consider the winged creatures the fairies who help pollinate and attend to your garden as help mates which can include dragonflies, bees, moths, butterflies, etc. Dedicate the space in whichever way you see fit. We have a chiminea which brings in fire energy. Some may choose a fountain or pond, but we chose bird baths for water energy.

Below are some of the herbs we’ve grown over the years.

Thyme, Rosemary, and Sage

Thyme: This herb has medicinal qualities for athlete’s foot, bronchitis, colic, sore throat, and sore muscles. Caution should be exercised with short periods of use as some may find they are allergic and could experience dizziness or headache. It has also been known to slow blood clotting if used too frequently. The magic of thyme is in its correspondences with regards to ruling the water and air elements, the planet Venus, the zodiac sign Cancer, the deities Aphrodite, Ares Athena, and Freya, and the Third Eye as well as Heart chakras.

I was very fond of making thyme tea, but one can make a beauty infusion with this herb or add it to bath water. Burning a sprig of thyme can be used during a courage spell. If you combine thyme with marjoram in a sachet it creates a happiness spell. When placed under a pillow it can protect against unwanted dreams while a floor wash infused with thyme can act as a protection spell for the home or business.

Rosemary: While more useful in cooking and spell making this herb corresponds with the fire and air elements, the Sun, the zodiac sign Leo, the deities Hebe, Aphrodite, and the Virgin Mary, and the Third Eye, Heart, and Solar Plexus chakras. Growing rosemary in a garden attracts the favor of the elves or brownies as well as dispels thieves from your doors and under your windows, bundled rosemary keeps away unwanted negative energies, if dipped in moon water and sprinkled around the home it acts as a blessing, and as a plant kept at your work desk it is said to steer gossip away from you.

Lavender: This herb is all about “calm.” The folk name is elf leaf and this little herb harnesses air and water elements, the planets Mercury and Neptune, the zodiac signs Pisces and Virgo, the Goddess Selene, and the Third Eye chakra. Wearing lavender perfume or essential oil can be used for beauty and love spells, sprinkling the flowers around the floor of a home or business banishes harmful spirits, baked into cookies or used in lemonade creates a happiness or intelligence spell, it makes a great tea when you suffer insomnia as a sleep spell.

Apple Mint, Lavender, and Lemon Balm

Sage: The sage we grew is not of the edible variety. Sage ties one to the air and Earth elements, the planets Jupiter and the Moon, the zodiac sign Gemini, the deities Jupiter, Zeus, and the Virgin Mary, and the Third Eye as well as the Crown and Sacral chakras. Sage can be carried with you in your wallet or purse to call in money for a prosperity spell, a sage leaf placed with a photo or poppet of a person can create a spell to remove the ego, and if tucked behind the ear this herb calls in wisdom.

Apple Mint: This herb comes in many varieties including spearmint and peppermint; we tried chocolate mint which failed. It is a popular fragrance additive as well as can be used for oral care such as making your own tooth powder or for flavoring. This lovely herb connects to the air element, the planets Venus and Mercury, the zodiac signs Taurus and Gemini, the deities Hecate, Pluto, and Hades, and the Crown chakra. Mint as a perfume drives away evil spirits and vain imaginations, drunk as a tea this herb will act as an oratory spell adding power to our words in prayer, speeches, negotiations, and presentations, as a floor wash mint keeps away worries and encourages harmonious energies, and carrying a sprig of mint in your shoe acts as a spell to overcome obstacles.

Lemon Balm: The medicinal use for lemon balm is the same as how citronella is used. The oils of this plant will repel insects such as mosquitoes which no one really enjoys being bitten by. It is also a great flavoring in tea. This spirited herb is all about the water element, the Moon, the zodiac sign Pisces, the deities Diana, Artemis, and Venus, and the Third Eye Chakra. Adding a sprig to bathwater will work as an anti-anxiety spell, carry a sachet or using it in potpourri around the home and business attracts love, and as an addition to tea acts as an emotional healing spell for breakups.

Thai/Italian Basil and Borage

Borage: Originally grown to attract bees it’s medicinal value lies in treating asthma, rheumatoid arthritis, and atopic dermatitis. However, caution should be exercised in using this as too much can be toxic for the liver or may interact negatively with blood thinners. Borage corresponds with the air element, the planet Jupiter, the zodiac signs Leo and Aquarius, the deity Bel from Celtic mythology, and the Heart chakra. Borage is best used eaten or a sprig worn for a courage spell to tackle all obstacles in your way.

Thai and Italian Basil: Thai basil is different from Italian basil in that it is a licorice flavor. Both varieties are great for cooking yet serve different dishes for this reason. Basil folk names include Albahaca, St. Joseph’s Wort, and American Dittany. This herb will put you in contact with the fire element, the planet Mars, the zodiac sign Scorpio, the deities Ares, Krishna, and Vishnu, and the Heart and the Solar Plexus chakras. Basil can be used for astral projection, a fresh branch sprinkled with moon water kept around the business acts as a protection spell, when given to a newlywed couple basil can act as a marriage charm ensuring the relationship remains sweet and prosperous, this plant also creates peace spells if you’re experiencing quarrels with friends/family, and when hung from the windshield can provide you with a safe travel spell.

Aloe and Parsley

Aloe: Aloe has the medicinal quality of helping to heal skin ailments, digestive troubles, and burns. This particular gem corresponds to the water element, the Moon, the zodiac sign Cancer, the deities Aphrodite and Venus, and the Root chakra. Any form of ingestion or wearing of aloe will protect you while absorbing negative energies as well as work potent beauty, love, Moon, and prosperity magic.

Parsley: We really did not use this herb. It became a home and food source for several swallowtail caterpillars/butterflies I raised and released. Parsley connects to the air element, the planet Mercury, the zodiac signs Libra, Cancer, Leo and Virgo, the deities Persephone and Aphrodite, and the Throat chakra. Using parsley with sage in bathwater allows you to connect with the departed via a communication spell, smudging will work as an energy cleansing spell in the home or business, and a sachet will create a spell for health, strength, and vitality.

This also something really great to do as a family or especially if you have children. I don’t have any children, but I value the experiences I’ve gained. Happy Tuesday everyone!

Making Thyme Tea (Thyme, Cinnamon Stick, Honey, and Hot Water) is Easy!

PS: Don’t just read use the underlined text hyperlinks for more info!


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