Self Examination Saturdays: Planted Seeds Wish to Put Forth Their Fruit

We are all like the bright Moon, we still have our darker side. – Kahlil Gibran

Have you ever tried to incorporate Moon phase gardening as a practice into various areas of your life. An old agricultural practice which began as popular superstition and folklore is actually backed by science. Gravitational pull influences the moisture in the soil through the Earth’s field which is in fact influenced by both the Sun and the Moon. We see this with high tide during both New and Full Moon. This same principal is what encourages growth which tests have proven when observing seeds planted during New Moon as they receive the most water by the time of a Full Moon.

We can see this displayed in the following manner:

  • New Moon – Lunar gravity pulls water up causing seeds to swell and burst which allows moonlight to create a balance between root and leaf growth. In the first quarter planting above ground bearing annual crops allows them to perform better. Examples of what to plant include lettuce, spinach, celery, broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, and grains.
  • Second Quarter Moon -The lunar gravity pulls less, however, the moonlight is stronger creating much healthier leaf growth indicating this is a great time to plant especially two days before the Full Moon. Crops which prefer this phase and produce above ground bearing annual crops are beans, melons, peas, peppers, squash, and tomatoes.
  • Full Moon -Third and Fourth Quarter Moon occurs when the light is waning or decreasing and the energies are drawing down. Gravitational pull will be high creating more moisture in the soil which puts enormous energy in the plant’s root system. Now is an ideal time to plant beets, carrots, perennials, bulbs, and also to transplant. You should prune during Scorpio season.
  • Fourth Quarter Moon – In this phase there will be decreased gravitational pull and moonlight marking a resting period. It is now time to cultivate, harvest, transplant, fertilize, and prune.

You can utilize this practice anywhere in your life through the practice of working with the phases of the Moon. New Moon for example is when you want to begin sketching out dreams or goals to accomplish by setting your intentions. Look at where you are in the present now moment and visualize where you wish to be by the next Full Moon. The Full Moon is your release phase so anything which no longer serves is let go of to make room for what you wish to invite in. You can incorporate rituals in a variety of fashion. Last night I watched an ASMR for the Full Moon which I found quite relaxing and subsequently had a very good night’s rest to follow.

It was then that I woke up energized today to make live a Moon based astrology report I was considering offering through my business at Alchemic Seer called The Selenophile Revelation. You can find the rough draft example I began with using myself and the finished example which now utilizes my great grandmother after some minor tweaking.

We are presently in our December 2021 Full Moon phase and where I live it will cross the 26th Degree of Gemini. I believe it will be different for everyone based upon where they live. I charted this for my specific location and the time it will in fact occur as Moonrise. This degree has much to do with removing non-essentials from our life in the pursuit of being better equipped at stepping into involvements with others which will further our collective growth. We begin to evaluate what makes us excited about life and we learn to express values vital towards the creation of principles which will define us in the future.


KEYNOTE: The revelation of archetypal form and essential rhythm of existence.

At this third level of “exteriorization” a contact with archetypes and pure forms of individual selfhood is to be sought – also with the characteristic images (Spengler’s Ur-symbols) of the culture. Externals are left behind. This is a step beyond “pruning”; it is rather a process of removal of all superficialities of existence. Cyclically, nature helps us to reach this state of bare reality. It is not that we experience the Buddhist’s void (sunya), but rather that we reach the essence of our individual being, the form of pure selfhood which is the structuring power underneath all external features – all that belong to the “leaf” realm.

This is the first stage of the five-fold process, now in its eighteenth phase. In a sense we can speak of it as a stage of ascetic repudiation, but it is also one of ESSENTIALIZATION.

Nature freezes to death anything which can’t survive in the Winter season. This is a purification which transforms the old to bring forth that which is new. The same applies to our lives in burning away our dross to reveal what lies underneath. From this act the Earth as well as humanity experiences a rebirth whereupon we will begin to see with new eyes.

This degree also sits at Wazn in Columba the Dove which radiates to us peace. Here we are to have compassion and empathy while life goes through it’s natural flux. There are tarot cards which depict a descending dove as an allegory for spirit’s descent into matter. This same dove is sacred to Aphrodite/Venus representing Universal and unconditional love. If properly grounded this can also show the ascension of our hopes and aspirations.

PS: Treats await you that I found online with more details at the underlined hyperlinks. 🕊️


Happy December Full Moon 2021

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I am a licensed aesthetician (#1446048 Expires October 2023 Valedictorian) who has worked previously in medical malpractice and personal injury legal administration, life/health insurance for State Farm, and various retail roles including personal shopper. My passion at this time lies in the field of esoteric studies. I am also a Master Level Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki certified healer. I happen to be currently employed within a 9-5 career in cosmetology retail selling to licensed professionals part time.

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