Manifestation Mondays: New Moon 1/31/2022 Conjures Feelings of Isolation and Emancipation

Goat Haus: Day Trip To Fredericksburg, TX 2021

Time to leave a wake up call with the front desk receptionist via the underlined hyperlink text.


I am actually hearing the Bangles this morning! But what really grabbed my attention is that where I live the New Moon at 11:49 PM as well as the Sun will both be on the same degree of Aquarius (12°). Yesterday I made an oops to my Sign Spotlight Sunday as I was supposed to carry on from Capricorn to Aquarius, but I did a post for Pisces featuring Purim. I believe the Universe again has a sense of humor where it is laughing with me at this because the Chandra symbol matches exactly how my blog post reads. How so? In the fact that it disclosed Purim as a time of deception and disguise where black bile of melancholy is transmuted to joy or laughter while I charted Amphitrite seeing my natal, transit, and progression describing arguments and bullying moving into Cupid’s arrows and such.

I ran my natal and transit chart today and within Aquarius I have Saturn a few degrees later in Aquarius. This is my 4th House which will be different for everyone when they view their astrology chart. And here we find the House of One’s Family and Origin!

The 4th House governs:

  • Ancestry and family roots
  • One of your parents
  • Homeland
  • Habits
  • Your physical house
  • Real estate and property
  • Your private life

The foundations of your family and birthplace are conveyed here including your grandparents, the genealogy and customs inherited from them, and material possessions which are passed down from generation to generation within your family. I have blogged often that when my maternal grandfather passed after watching a Vedic astrology video on Magha I matched what was spoken of for inheritance. Ancestral documents, knowledge of our cultural or DNA roots, and the California king oak bed (Magha the astrologer said inherits a piece of furniture often made of wood). Along this journey I researched my biological paternal DNA as well. Both sides have Nordic (German/Danish) and Ashkenazi Jewish within them. But ultimately the biological paternal houses Anglo Saxon with very minute Middle Eastern/Ethiopian Jewish in it.

Maternal family immigrated to the USA circa somewhere in the 1800s as I have not memorized the exact year. The largest haplogroup on my biological paternal DNA is a very common one linking to a time just before the Last Glacial Maximum. The haplogroup originates with Siberia and the Ice Age running through the Levant, Middle East, Africa, and Caucasus (it can include Mesopotamia and Anatolia). I have another haplogroup I won’t disclose because frankly it is far too controversial when you discover it for the lineage it is intertwined with which incites an Emotional IQ of zero within society where they begin to foam at the mouth and turn rabid. I’m not really impressed that my DNA ties me to this “non-disclosed” lineage either, but it is what it is. And we will leave you the audience wondering why! I only tell those I can trust with such information which is very few people. I did read some of this DNA goes back to the Yamna and Maykop. Maykop were horse breeders and terrace agriculturists while Yamna were pit grave and red ochre oriented. I can laugh at this for my bed is covered in grey linens with a red blanket over the grey (black mixed with white). These colors are also oddly symbolic in alchemy.

My Natal/Transits At Present

The 4th House rules over your youth therefore the parent who is closer to the child is most likely referred to. In the majority of the cases this is the mother where her relationship to the chart holder can be seen through the planets situated here.

This house also rules occult blessings or curses from your ancestry. These forces are acquired from your parents and ancestors which follow your individual bloodline. These will be your own unique skill set which you will learn throughout your lifetime which were granted to you as latent talents that can be manifested.

The title of the blog post refers to the rejection Saturn energies cause alongside the liberating energies of Uranus both ruling Aquarius. In ancient times before astrologers knew Uranus existed they used Saturn for the Aquarius ruling planet. Saturn is often seen as Set or Satan in modern parlance.

Let us all look at the degree for the Sun and New Moon below for more answers! By my estimation this explains my blog posts even when I have expressed I am fed up with the world wide web for the hot mess it is of projection, blame/shame, gang stalking, ego based cliques, propaganda/lies, and politicized Hegelian Dialectic or worse. I see infantile forms of psyche pretending to be authorities out of their superiority/inferiority complexes unwilling to swallow their haughty pride and take a piece of humble pie. All of which has made me solitary as bleep to my peers of my own choosing while I attempt to begin a business, network, and self heal. As of now I got a limited audience which has only followed or liked a few entries on my blog. In my estimation “I can go my own way.”

I consider this a failure on one end and a success on another. I am learning more about myself and getting nowhere fast with my business so I expect once mom is well from pneumonia to take part time work, and I may spend less time here between my obligations. I have debated closing the business at infancy actually to let it go as it is not bringing me any other value, is time consuming to provide content, and has drained my confidence in “making it work.” But I don’t like abortions! Personal choice, but nonetheless my empathy towards the child is different than others. And I consider my business to be my baby.

At the onset I had ideas such as Redbubble, writing eBooks, or making my own tarot decks and podcasts. I have zero donations to any of my pursuits and no one supports me via astrology. So this was a dead end for anyone except personal growth or healing which I am realizing. I’m not alone in this. I’ve seen Patreon accounts which never take off, GoFundMe accounts that never see the light of day, and Kickstarter projects that receive the funding of zilch. The world does not want another Master level Reiki esotericist or astrologer when it values “pop astrology” as I learned on Twitter before I closed my account. The world told me on Twitter they refuse to do shadow work when presented with it and has through their actions indicated they can not integrate towards wholeness because what I see is mass formation psychosis happening. I already explained this in a previous blog post.

You never needed the internet to have psychological disease go viral because we can see this in history through countless examples where humanity exemplified their lowest of natures only the world wide web makes it easier to spot! And this has nothing to do with Covid solely. It exists all over for what we think or believe shapes our reality. Therefore while fact checkers which I call op-eds expressing opinions try to discredit the term ignore how online hate or violence spreads through various communities display their ignorance the rest of us have to witness that humans learn little from their his/her story so we get remedial lessons.

I even learned this when family bought the Ring security system and joined Neighborhood. Both foster a mental paradigm of constant feat and distrust in the psyche of humans towards those they perceive as other and were notorious for spreading hate, rage, and violent discourse. So I removed their apps from my iPhone. You control your destiny individually and collectively folks! Denial is a river in Egypt that flooded during the inundation. I suggest humanity get a check in on their inability to cope with reality and soon! Your lab rat experiment worked perhaps too well society! And you ignored the precautionary principal to honor the virtue of prudence no less.

In fact when I closed my aesthetics business I spent several years with no internet activity. I had no social media to speak of. Today I am still only blogging because Facebook for my previous business was a legal issue over intellectual property so I boycott them and Twitter was a lame joke for me for my present business. I am not the person who wants to be in Tiktok or Snapchat because that does not suit my vibe. Podcasts, yes, because I feel it would be far better than long blog entries.

Overall I want to avoid propaganda and race, gender, or other topics that foment protests, wars, and cancel culture! Nothing thus far is showing examples of unity for me rather it indicates disunity as well as exposes later that many organizations have sketchy as bleep motives/intentions hidden behind them. I have been online creating content since the late 90s so I am not a naive fool over here regarding social/behavioral engineering, and I can see the games being played as well as what court the ball is in. I do my best to not want to tell certain platforms to go bleep off because frankly some of them just suck! Trolls and bots; must be nice to have no life other than to be an @#$%& incapable of maturity!

Art Puzzle Halloween 2021


A heated argument turns into laughter.

Tension and release. Contraction and expansion. The breath of the mind resolving its dualities. In order to make it possible for radical truths and significant realizations to come through, you must first karmically dramatize, inside the ego-mind and outside as well, the unbearable tension between opposing points of view. You enter upon disputes, advocate positions, set up heroes and villains. And then when your whole inner and outer world is packed with dilemmas, problems, arguments and battles, you become ready to seek out synthesis, to enter upon a cycle of restoring wholeness. During your experimental years, spice means everything. But during your maturity, there is no further mileage to be had in turning anything against anything else. Getting it that you made it all up in the first place, and that the rational mind delights in controversy but has its limits. When resolution comes, everything looks different. All of life turns around, and most particularly your relation to yourself changes from the critic into the friend and respectful ally of your own inward intentions.

This degree manifests a lightness of attitude protecting it from almost anything. The innate understanding that it imparts is that one’s own karma is not anything outside the self. Karma may become a protection when one is truly working to clear negativity from life which will always support that process no matter what the outer circumstances display.

It is wonderful to be serious and passionate about life yet unhealthy when through our attachments and desires we transform what is important to us into a burden. This degree knows and focuses on what is important to us while learning to carry it lightly. If we attune to the greater spiritual reality from which our consciousness arises we inevitably come to know the joy of our pure being. Work with guardian angels Haheuiah and Anauel as well as the daimons Andras and Naberius.

Daimon Andras connects to 10 of Wands, Moon, Sagittarius, and Jasmine. Most everyone puts caution here that this daimon sows discord and they fear working with the energy. Might I remind humans of the fact you have Eris as an archetype as well as can chart her in your astrology chart. Repression of anger or hate is also unhealthy. What has to happen is that society needs to teach the skills essential to properly working with your Emotional IQ. If we can improve our reactionary impulses we might see huge improvements in humanity!

My maternal great grandmother who I feel strong affinity with grew night blooming jasmine around her home in Florida (the state I was born in).

Awareness of thesis and antithesis awakens your mind to the relationship between the two false “opposing poles” distinction your mind has created. This awareness triggers a third stage of the dialect called “synthesis” where you reconcile the difference between the poles so that the poles are no longer opposites, but merely two sides of the same reality transcending duality! This is what Purim is teaching when you drink till so inebriated you no longer distinguish curses from blessings!

Evaluate, Synthesize, Application, Comprehension, and Finally Knowledge or Gnosis

Our garden Yin Yang is an example of contraries synthesized.

Andras is best when you need help to bring people to a place of confrontation with the aim of resolving issues instantly. If humanity won’t work on their shadow it will manifest regardless and force them to confront or integrate what they are trying to run from/escape. In my parlance society needs to own their guano! The more we integrate our personal and collective guano turning it into essential compost the better our garden will become making for a healthier society at large. I have no respect for those unwilling to do the necessary work. Sorry! Respect is earned and if you want to be a grown up psyche I suggest you get busy already. As the saying goes your mother does not work here clean up your mess!

Daimon Naberius connects with 7 of Cups, Moon, Scorpio, and Jasmine again. Invoke Naberius for strength as well as guidance to do what is honorable and right even when you fear taking a stand for that which you believe in. Naberius can make magicians feel very nervous; a natural effect of his energy. Consequently this daimon can infuse a magician with great courage and confidence when they need it most.

Naberius from Goetia assists public speakers and project leaders to silence their personal fears surrounding speaking out in public. If you are exceptionally afraid of speaking in front of many people then this will benefit you! Naberius has a very structured energy so you will feel this during any spell work as his energy is that of a school rector (look at the etymology for further insight).

This degree falls in fixed star Armus in the heart of Capricornus the Goat. Armus is Latin for “The Shoulder.” The energy of Mars and Mercury is present and displays as high enterprise, combative, and causes disagreeableness, contemptibility, shamelessness, or a contentious nature. People who engage in politics, religious, or humanitarian causes author consciously written material with a social impact in their mind.

The Chinese lunar mansion Girl under the Black Tortoise lies on this degree bringing family disputes and epidemics/illness. The Arabic lunar mansion Al Sa’d al Dhabih (Lucky One of Slaughterers) suggests one seek healing from a trusted source, but that they don’t lend money. Servants and slaves under this degree are helped for escape when held in captivity by oppressors and this degree can cure disease.

Past, present, and future have become unified. If you were naughty in the past then Divine timing asks you to pay your debt initiating an event to teach you a lesson. If you were nice in the past then Divine timing asks you to accept a reward in the place of punishment initiating an event to pay you back for your good deeds. This degree impacts our health via damage to the bone structure of our left leg where I had my foot fractures and ligament surgery. There is pressure along this meridian which issues forth chemical changes within that dissolve the bone structure through a loss of calcium. Later in life your leg may be shortened. Beware for signs of hot, tingling, or burning neuropathic pain when walking (sounds like my sural nerve flaring post surgery). This pain is sporadic and is directly related to your level of anxiety in life. Once you learn to control your anxious and impatient nature your nerves will heal. Ensure that your diet includes calcium taken following daily recommendations.

Kabalists associate this degree with the Hebrew letter Yod and the Wheel of Fortune. Manilius speaks of Vesta tending her fires at this degree which demands renewal of your flame to derive your skills and callings. My Vesta is transiting in Capricorn 3rd House which I researched yesterday in preparation of this blog post. It’s how I want my home to be which implies I want high speed internet, music, activity/action, and state of the art design whereas at birth Vesta was in my 7th House Taurus indicating I wanted to share the rent and be with those I love. Images of the Yod in astrology as the Finger of God resemble where I wear my ring.

I am laughing as my old iMac is still on the Mountain Lion operating system. I never updated it, and like my out of date iPad I bought a laptop instead for my business. I detest Microsoft, but financially could not afford another iMac. And as I have spoken about my astrology chart Sun sign on Western and Vedic or my lunar mansion this struck me as another humorous synchronicity.

Here is 2022, and oh how I resonate to this as my blog readers may already know. Freedom and liberation are a huge theme in my life now on multiple levels!

Happy New Moon! I hope everyone has a wonderful Moonday (Monday; please enjoy the aerial silk act in the link)! Sending you happiness and blessings!


Wednesday I will try to work on a good blog post also, but I have to take my mom to an important medical checkup! So be patient with me. Jokes aside my ancestral records are in my bedroom atop bamboo I colored and my old stereo next to my wealth altar. I’ve made jokes that I’m in a haunted house and that I’m sleeping with the dead to family which is not meant to sound like perverted necromancy rather I just find humor in the fact that they watch over me this way. Ink Spot’s urn from her passing at New Years 2022 is sitting behind my laptop when I compose my blog everyday also as I’ve not yet moved her ashes from the formal dining room where I work. Guarded by black feline energy!

Ink Spot/Buddhist Temple Near Where My Maternal Grandfather’s Ashes Are Buried in a Military Cemetery

PS: I’ve proofread this blog post 2x, and hopefully corrected errors. I wanted to note the hand I wear my ring on as mentioned above is the left. This website points out that the left hand would in fact be Kaph (Kaf/Caph). I’m a left dominant so… The only one in a family of right dominant. Go figure!

The image of this letter references the acceptance of whatever is coming to you. When you have learned the cycles of the Wheel of Fortune via good/bad luck you will accept them both for you recognize that good/bad are merely relative terms with no existence on their own. Acceptance of both the good/bad things in life offers you an opportunity to not spill your energy via going against the laws of the Universe. This brings you more power and when you hold your own power/strength in the palm of your hand you learn how to use it in the most appropriate way. You become a conduit for the Divine force received, held, and channeled/directed via yourself.

Sign Spotlight Sundays: Pisces as Eastern Fish vs Western Fish

Pisces – February 19 through March 20

I am trying to return to my schedule, but it’s still difficult toggling responsibilities due to the research for content. I’m actually off kilter. I should have done Aquarius this week, but made a mistake. Next week is Aquarius! Take a dive with me via the underlined hyperlink text.


The title speaks to the upward ascension of the heavenly Christ versus the mundane descent of the Antichrist. The aeon old tale of higher and lower natures is written into the Zeitgeist of Pisces representative of creation via the Light of the World acting as a revealing Light of Life itself. Pisces like all zodiac signs is a sign of duality whereby the perfect manifestation of God/Goddess within humanity is demonstrated. The blending of the soul in matter produces a perfected individualized soul with the human being manifesting God/Goddess in a destined expression.

Pisces instructs one to go forth in matter commanding that the soul utilize its instrument during the earlier stages of evolution within the polarity of personality. Through the personality the soul is experienced as separate thus our mind creates an idea of separation known as our ego which sustains the veil of illusion through fear rather than love. Humans create the very illusions which keep them asleep until an important awakening happens in Pisces.

Humanity has to integrate the ocean of human suffering instead of hoping to escape, transcend, or run from it which is their greatest challenge. Most of us are easily deceived by mere superficial appearances and we do not have the spiritual maturity to see reality as it really is. Our spiritual eyes are still closed and we believe what we see/hear continuously living in a fearful and reactive level of consciousness.

When Christ overcame death and became the world savior collective humanity was participating in tests which carry their self will of their collectivized personality up into the region of Divine will with an end result of inspiration via emergence of a world savior.

Pisces is in fact a symbol of death and finality be it physical or psychological. A transformation so vital and basic is initiated by the disciple where after the death of personality and the killing out of desire they go on towards death unto an eternal resurrection if non-attachment and liberation of the soul for service upon a cosmic scale can be manifested.

Pisces is a Water element ruled by Neptune as Lord of the Oceans representing a death by drowning releasing humanity. Three planets are important when we look to the human experience in Pisces. Jupiter and Neptune act as custodians of the exoteric level while Pluto is the custodian of both esoteric soul level and consciousness via the hierarchical level.

Neptune is the influence of Pisces with regards to humanity as a whole and not just the individualized self, but this only takes place towards the final stages of the discipleship. Neptune in Pisces can be described best as one of being swept away by the ocean, going with the flow, and falling deeper into glamour, illusion, and escapism. Neptune’s job at personality level is to dissolve limiting physical and mental conditions which impede the influx of spirit in physical matter in the form of Universal love where we once again remember the oceanic nature of our consciousness. Our Divinity lives within experiences via individual physical incarnation.

Pluto begins in duality in Greek mythology as Hades representing death or the region of death as well as giver of wealth before custodianship over all that lies beneath the surface of the Earth including graves and all of the Earth’s riches are reaped which further includes the fertility of our soil and the wealth of Earth’s gems. At our core a jewel is an inner light which is carried over beyond death. Through Pluto the destroying power of the death of desire, personality, and of all which holds humanity between the pairs of opposites is actualized in order to achieve the final liberation. Pluto never destroys the consciousness aspect rather it is the great revealer stepping in to bring the conditions for the final transformation at soul level in Pisces.

Jupiter in Pisces fuses soul and personality seen as the two fishes magnetically tied to each other. Our soul feels an obligation to serve and uplift its personality. Jupiter in Pisces represents both unconscious and conscious fusion synthesizing the incarnated human soul in the Ocean of Substance. The human soul goes forth into matter with an expectation of satisfaction which comes inevitably when humanity learns to desire nothing for their separated self. Wanting nothing humanity is fit to have everything.

In this way we begin to more closely identify with our inner light as that which continues beyond death. Pluto brings the cycle of life to an end and Neptune ensures we carry with us as much illumination as is possible. The mantra of Pisces is I leave the Father’s home and turning back I save.

The vital role in this awakening process is for humanity to purify their thoughts and intentions to rise up from fear and learn to focus and direct Sacred Heart energy to invite others to fully mature, awaken, and join in the fulfillment of Divine purpose. The fully awakened Sacred Heart acts as pacemaker for awakening humanity. The soul in Pisces becomes a liberated radiant expression of a world savior. The developmental cycle is complete and the soul is now fully mature ready to fulfill Divine purpose.

From within esoteric Judaism and Christianity we see this best in the month Adar. Purim during Adar exemplifies a metamorphosis of the Jews’ apparent bad fortune to good. Adar augments one with joy. Purim marks a high point in joy for an entire year. The Jewish calendar year begins with the joy of the redemption of Passover concluding with the joy of the redemption at Purim for it is joy which breaks through all barriers.

When I was a grocery store cashier one location had a large influx of Jewish clients so during Purim I was routinely given homemade Hamantaschen by repeat female customers who knew I had Ashkenazi Jewish lineage. They had a way of sneaking them in and passing them to me during the checkout process of their orders. Mostly management did not want food or drink at your check stand. Bugs, spills, etc. One grocery store I worked for had year round latkes I often bought to eat. A previous blog post explained this masquerade via participation mystique. Below is a recipe I am including.

Mardi Gras Mask (Previous Wealth Altar Design)

My wealth altar used to be designed differently and harnessed the energy of the Empress as well it had a green and gold Mardi Gras mask which I have since thrown away in the trash a long time ago for particular reasons I won’t disclose here as part of a letting go ritual with it’s modern design. It is not unlike the Celtic astrology I have discussed as the Holly with the California king Oak tree bed I inherited at my maternal grandfather’s passing with Duir. Different cultural concepts with perceived similarities which may be subjective or objective.

It is an argument of understanding how languages evolved. Being that the world wide web is awash in a lot of stigmatization across a variety of cultures with finger pointing you will find I’m particular about trying to get people to stop spreading “ignorance.” Everyone’s walk or journey in life is pretty personal. I’m learning I prefer to be solitary despite my complaints of it feeling rather lonely from time to time (abandonment/orphan archetypal energies) and not within any spiritual group per say. In my views people who form cliques start to suffer with their share of power struggles or even have work they need to do on their own ego inflation still individually (superiority/inferiority complexes left largely unresolved). The proverbial know-it-alls which I don’t consider myself either. I’m constantly re-educating myself. I read somewhere you can’t take anything at blind faith so you should experiment or test everything in life so as to form your own conclusions. I’m also keeping politics out of this because the world wide web is a hot mess. Yes, I’m watching you.

For those questioning the Book of Esther here is a brief metaphysical breakdown.

  • Esther is a dissolving power of spiritual love which acts as an antidote for dictatorial will. Esther with all of her relatives, the Jews (spiritual thoughts), join in a fast denying all selfish desires out of love before utilizing it to soften an imperious will. Love consciousness stands in the inner court of one’s being and it is unselfish love which is fearless because of its forgetfulness of self. When approached with the correct attitude one touches the highest point of understanding of Divine law eradicating the idea of separation.
  • Mordechai is a victorious spiritual power working within each soul for full redemption where humbleness always marks a truly great individual or idea leading to repentance or turning away from error and a resolute turning to Truth. Mars as God of War indicates an overcoming power here.
  • Haman stands for the activity of one’s carnal consciousness known as the Adversary which gives itself up particularly to working against one’s spiritual thoughts and tendencies. The highest spiritual beliefs and aspirations are metaphysically seen as the Jews.

Book of Esther: A Poem


This relates to the Hebrew letter Qoph meaning monkey as a representation of laughter during Adar. This monkey in the face of humanity signifies a masquerade. Before the miracle of Purim God/Goddess hid his/her face from their children. Within the entire story of Purim in the book of Esther we never find God’s/Goddess’ name; not even once. By hiding one’s true identity and pretending to be someone else our innermost essence of our true self becomes revealed. During Purim one reaches the level of unknowable head where the head which has no knowledge or gnosis of itself is not known to others. It is an existential state of total hiddeness of self from self for the purpose of giving birth to one’s ultimate self anew.


The truly infinite essence of God’s/Goddess’ transcendent light entering into a finite context of physical reality is revealed in full to soul. The concept of a World to Come or tikun rectifies worry. The root of “to worry” is a time of Nechemiah where unobservant Jews desecrated the holiness of their Sabbath by selling fish in the market of Jerusalem. These fish turned into excessive worry over earning a livelihood. In the opposite direction the fish symbolizing the joy of Purim converts all of the worry in the heart of humanity into the ultimate joy of redemption with a new birth of self from this unknowable head.

Qoph means eye of a needle with a secondary meaning of monkey which references our physical body with its associated animal nature. The back of the head is where our visual centers are located beside the cerebellum and medula which maintain bodily homeostasis even when we sleep. Sleep allows a transformation of our bodies from animal to spiritual being. Get enough sleep each night and you will no longer lose consciousness when asleep rather you consciously function out of the body at that time.

The sense is laughter where Purim takes be fruitful and multiply turning it into an archetypal personification of laughter in the face of the fear and awe of God/Goddess who shall laugh or metamorphize into an exuberant laughter at the festival of Purim.

The spleen is considered the seat of black humor (Phlegmatic Melancholic over here) and the source of all states of melancholy and despair. Adar and Purim transmute this to happy thoughts; the funniest joke of all!

Figuromo Sand Castle With Dolphin/Seashells Via Mandala Coloring App

Fish are symbols of what may be obscure in your life. Fish spirit and the Water element enhance your level of fertility and femininity enabling you to enjoy prosperity and good luck. In Africa fish may be venerated as a source of health. The fish and other sea creatures held hallowed positions in the rituals of the Divine Mother as connected with inspiration, infinite wisdom, the power of prophecy, and unity in the community.

Fish represent abundance when it comes to reproduction as fish breed at a very high rate so it’s often given as a gift to a newly married couple to represent good luck especially to the bride. Fish asks you to face important decisions, use your psychic powers, tune into your emotions, and create harmony in your life.

The dolphin motif in the sand castle image above was to represent the myth of Amphitrite. You’ll find her as asteroid 29 if you ever choose to chart her. Amphitrite represents where you feel unworthy of the affection of others, where you see yourself vulnerable to others, and where you are shy in expression displaying difficulties in showing the energy of the house/sign she is located. This is your elusive imaginative qualities you struggle to express. Where do you give up your power? This asteroid can show how you like to be pursued in romantic relationships. It also symbolizes seeking relationships yet desiring to keep your power strong and individualized.

To keep this simple the natal placement for myself was 9th House Cancer 4°, transiting 2nd House Sagittarius 7°, and progressing to 9th House Cancer 23°. I won’t be going as in depth with these degrees today.  The natal degree takes us from arguments or being bullied to imbalances where one tries to get one over on the weaker of the species which triggers the chart holder to advocate for the underdog in life. The transiting degree says that problems might arise via the nature of Cupid. I seem to be sensing the annoyances of projection here. After all Cupid/Eros can ignite an all-consuming passion in his archetypal role. This was in fact not always a good thing in Greek mythology. The other gods were aware of the troubles that Cupid’s arrows tend to spark (Daphne and Apollo). The progression speaks to shared knowledge, but cautions against propaganda. How we describe something creates the potential for wider access by the collective. The question of this degree lies in if the chart holder feels required to censor themselves to appease the status quo and be accepted by others.

Happy Sunday! Tomorrow we begin a new week and it’s also a New Moon in Aquarius. 🏝️🐚🏄🏻‍♀️

Self Examination Saturdays: Feet as Seen Via Netzach and Hod

Those Birthday Cards Family Gives Aimed At Humor Circa 2020; Milk Mustache Cat?! (Meant To Remind Me Also Of One of My Cats No Longer W/Us)

After my foot fractures my podiatrist told me to give up all of my shoes which were not beneficial to the well being of my feet. For a woman this is not very easy due to the dictates of societal fashion. For example, when I worked in medical malpractice and personal injury law I was usually in heels with suits be they pants or skirts. I do recall the only time I had to file a case at the federal courthouse where I live. Must have been some sort of rite of passage as no one told me 8th Street was only commercial parking so naturally that day was agony. Unlike the county courthouse where I could easily parallel park around the building I had to park blocks away and “hoof” it back to the federal courthouse in my heels twice (walking to the courthouse and back to my car after I filed the legal documents). Needless to say both journeys caused horrific cramps in my legs from the shoes. Sure they make women look attractive; someone conveniently whistled at me and an entire block of people turned around which at that age embarrassed me to no end. People generally were not paying attention to me growing up unless they wanted to humiliate me.

If you spent your youth being picked on by peers and were a wallflower generally you don’t respond correctly to that degree of attention at first because you’ve been ignored for aeons and seen as some sort of mutant with permanent repulsiveness. I think I legit wanted to melt into the sidewalk and disappear. The same happened the day I got out of college, picked up my lunch, and made the bank deposit only to have the wind pull a Marilyn Monroe (as the paralegals began referring to me) when I was trying to enter the building that the law firm was in with my ill chosen dress. Needless to say the first level Bank of America got flashed and I was rather irked at Mother Nature; who wrote this script into my life?! I stood at that door for I do not know how long holding down my dress waiting for the wind to stop. As soon as it stopped, I reached for the door handle, and sure enough the wind decides to go rogue rather than cut me any slack.

I actually have a tote in my closet full of old shoes I’ve not gotten rid of which are more heels I can no longer wear. Attending events you generally look strange now because you’ve been relegated to running shoes only by your podiatrist due to the now lovely orthotics you’re forced to wear to help with your osteoarthritis and plantar fascia post fracture and ligament surgery. Maybe I should ask who invented some of these poorly designed shoes that offer no benefit to the anatomy of a human. These don’t really look good for formal events mind you so I detest when I have to “dress up” now because I’m instead reserved for comfort or athletic apparel. This also makes job interviews awkward for me as I’m self conscious of it and feel like I have fashion don’t catastrophe. It’s not like I can explain this conflict to the person interviewing me because they don’t give a you know what, but I feel like they’re critiquing me when I’m looked at. And again it causes me to feel inherently uncomfortable. Yes, this probably sounds silly to some. My life as a child grew up around an interest in fashion, makeup, fascination with hair color/changing hairstyles, etc. thus you would have to get around my perplexing mindset. I remember in high school at my summer job even having one girl ask me for permission to ask one of the guys I was friends with out. I looked at her like she was on drugs because I did not get it. Why would you ask me for permission? I don’t own the person. I’m not their mother either. Seriously?!

I felt we were friend zoned. She felt there was inherently something more because he hugged me every time I came to work and said he liked me because I changed my appearance all the time always re-inventing so he never knew who was showing up everyday. This carried on until somewhere in my mid 30s at which point I went through a change. I began realizing all the chemicals were making me sick so no more hair dye and all of my makeup I became aware of animal testing, petroleum, and other “baddies.” So I also opted for minerals and a more au natural look. No more rainbow hair or bright zany eye colors after having been a cosmetologist who owned her own business. I stopped getting my nails done and have ever since enjoyed leaving them 100% bare because I no longer smell acetone or other toxins all the time which were also providing me with ill health including yellowing of my finger nails as well as toe nails. This matches when my short stint on Twitter incurred a Vedic astrologer asking me if Covid changed my fashion sense. I remarked being unemployed and trying to begin an online business meant I sit in pajamas with a bun head and no makeup most days if I don’t need to interface with anyone of importance now.

I love it because as a child before peer pressure this was who I was. A “I don’t give a bleep” carefree little girl who also some days refused to comb the snarls/tangles out of her naturally curly hair and just went out as a wild child. My view was the opinion of others did not matter at that age. Then the constructs of other people alter your entire mental landscape and you lose yourself to people pleasing. Only now I do prefer to wear makeup when I go out in public if for nothing else than I’m 42 and with no makeup everyone mistakes me for someone around ages 16-26 which makes me again feel peculiar. Someone remarked once that I reminded them of their teenage daughter so I for some reason mentally took offense. I probably did not want to be perceived then as immature as my inner critic went berserk.

I should accept it as a compliment, but I’ve learned I am terrible at accepting compliments and instead I self deprecate myself. The negative self chatter of others was internalized by me. I’m working on learning to just say thank you instead because I’m horrible at it. One person’s perspective is never the same as other’s especially if you’re me. I also don’t assume someone hugging me is necessarily harassment so again where she saw closeness between us I saw nothing more than blossoming friendship cause maybe I was really incapable of taking cues also because frankly I lacked confidence after all the bullying I endured.

Now here is where this gets well I’ll call it humorous because I’m not sure how to define it. In Kabbalah the sefirot of Hod and Netzach represent a connection with our Solar Plexus chakra through anabolism and catabolism. All the sephirot are likened to different parts of the body, and Netzach and Hod are likened to the two feet of a person (i.e. the right and left foot). The feet are usually only the means for a person’s activity. While the hands are the main instrument of action the feet help bring a person to the place where he/she wishes to execute that action. Hod connects with prayer as a form of submission where instead of conquering the obstacles in your way (Netzach) you subdue yourself to the obstacles. Hod breaks down energy into various distinguishable forms and corresponds with intellectualism, learning, and ritual. Netzach is the power to overcome all barriers/limitations and corresponds with emotion, passion, music, and dancing. Both find balance in Yesod known as the world of the unconscious where various energies created await their expression in the lowest world of Malkuth. The archangel of this sefirot is Michael and the daimon is Samael.

Recall I said when I was sick I had dehydration, heart palpitations, sore throat, and heartburn amidst a potential UTI which thankfully the UTI turned out to be nothing meanwhile mom is recovering from pneumonia. We have an ah-ha moment!

What to do with all those pesky underlined hyperlink text… Zip around on a broom to various pockets of the world wide web! 🕷🕸

Old iPad Pottery App; The Game Said To Make A Broom!

With Samael we find connections to the shadow realms. While seen as an adversary this is actually where we find transformation occurs be it a broken system needing to be reformed or correcting wrongs in our world. This actually helps unblock the Sacral chakra as well. I found several various correspondences, but am listing bloodstone, hawthorn, and sandalwood.

This is described as meditating in the wilderness, beginning to understand, using the energy that surrounds you, creating some sort of a form (the form of a God or a symbol) to relate to, and using this symbol to contact that intangible energy once again. Hod uses music and dance with Netzach to reach the higher levels of consciousness. I danced more in high school than I do now. I took four years of dance or drill team as well as was a member of the Color Guard. Not so much now; I do more walking especially when I worked as a personal grocery shopper. Speed walking due to the crazy speed/efficiency metrics required to keep my job. There were other metrics as well which had to be met if you expected to not be on the chopping block.

I decided today would be a good day to look at this symbolically again in my life. Lo and behold we’re talking about legs as well as feet today. My blog posts are building on something here each and every day. Perhaps reflexology would be a good idea for me to expand into soon also.

So right and left foot which is the only means for your activity. Your hands are the main instrument of action while your feet are a vehicle which brings you to the place where you desire to execute an action. Strength in Netzach is your potential to be victorious, but in Hod fear is present in overcoming perceived threats. Hod deals with empathy therefore it asks how do you truly listen to another person, express gratitude, and develop humility. Netzach is your perseverance in not settling for less. Now which foot has had all of these injuries with fractures and ligament surgery; the left or the sephirot known as Hod. My stronger right foot Netzach has been what I’ve been leaning on to support me through my injuries whether on crutches or knee scooter. Netzach is said to be the archangel Haniel and the daimon Baal.

Baal corresponds with the 2 of Wands, Sun, Aries, and Frankincense. This daimon ties in with the solstices as well as fire festivals bringing groups of people together. Ideal for a creative spark or instructing in matters of the heart when sought for wealth it should be wealth which is manifested via creative projects. I’m envisioning Beltane honestly. Others disagree which what we have to realize is that with syncretism and not having proper contact necessarily with the ways of one’s ancestry most people are doing reconstructionism to find their roots.

The bird who dares to fall is the bird who learns to fly.

Ironic that when my high school performed in the Rose Bowl Parade the Color Guard carried maypoles (we’re number 21 on the list). I kid you not because I was smack dab in the center of the band formation marching with this ginormous maypole for the equivalent I was told of 7 miles on New Years Day. My position meant family recognized me on television when it aired. I was also recovering from having had the flu that year so I felt exhausted by the end of the event as the school had an entire week in California planned. We had been to Disneyland to perform in a parade, Universal Studios, and we were out all night New Years Eve at Medieval Times. I have a story about the bus ride back to the hotel that night when someone pissed and moaned about closing a window which was barely cracked open. I was attempting to sleep and my response was for them to essentially shut the bleep up. The entire bus went quiet and not even the chaperones said anything. That moment of I need sleep, I’ve been sick, and I have little patience so give me some silence now or else. I was drained of all energy by the end of the week literally.

If I remember correctly due to the UIL someone failed a course, and I had to be the replacement for their position in the formation. Most everyone in Color Guard who had the large maypoles had two people beside them to switch off with as they were heavy to carry with their decorum. I had no one as alternates or backups meaning I walked for that approximate 7 miles in the parade post flu hoping not to be dead on the asphalt in the middle of California in front of everyone. The challenges I get in life; what was the Universe thinking? And yes our maypoles had a crown of flowers, but some of the ribbon was actually holographic plastic that reflected prismatic rainbows and would blow in the wind and fly in your face actually hurting due to sharp edges whipping you. Very unpleasant! I recall also giving a drill team member a dirty look post parade fatigue when she complained her back hurt. Excuse me, but WTAF! My maypole was double to triple the weight of yours. 😫

So we divert back to shoes again! What brand do I wear everyday? Nike! When I went shoe shopping recently I picked out the Pegasus Air Zoom Shield running shoes primarily because when I look at shoes I stick to dark solid colors so that they blend well with most of my wardrobe. These are now primarily worn in the garden or around the house as they’re my older pair of running shoes. When I went looking for a new pair of running shoes I picked their Run Swift running shoes (smoke grey with fireberry). It’s the symbolism that I unconsciously did not recognize initially which now baffles. What do I mean about symbolism. We have the mythology of Pegasus as well as the constellation in space while fireberry can relate to the Hawthorn. Not to be confused with the “strange” rabbit holes I keep finding online. For the number of “theories” I find online which send me into the world of “don’t visit here” is actually huge. I still believe some of the internet lacks any proper oversight into it’s overall maintenance in terms of credibility if you catch my drift. Thankful for VPN is all I can say.

Pegasus or Run Swift? Cue the Jeopardy Anthem!

Some believe this symbolically represents the second coming of Christ consciousness via Revelation 19:11 as reference to the constellation Pegasus. Meanwhile in 1995 a Sun like star was discovered known as 51 Pegasi b as an exoplanet. Some felt it was a prototype of epistellar Jovians (hot Jupiters) ranking in the top five stars most likely to support life around 2006. In the human body Pegasus eludes to your hippocampus as Poseidon is the father via the hippocampus referencing a sea horse. Stedmans medical dictionary defined the hippocampus as a white eminence in the brain just like Pegasus is the white horse which we must remember this mythological creature was sacred to the Muses through Mneomosyne/memory. Your hippocampus is responsible for memory. Thought patterns in the human psyche/consciousness manifest into the physical via the Muses as related to meditation. The hippocampus is the Ammons Horn or Amen. What about Kalki Avatar as another representation of these themes? Ignoring my antiquated Muse meditation app/headset of course which I rarely ever use anymore…

Now the Run Swift struck a chord with me in research I’ve done regarding Surya and the chariot which if we were to consider Merkabah might be the same thing under different cultural terminology. We actually just bought a medicinal herb encyclopedia I have yet to read, but just peeking in it you can find a lot of helpful information. I happened upon the following regarding fireberry and the Hawthorn tree.

Surya has a horse drawing the chariot named Etasa which means “Swift.” Sol has Árvakr and Alsviðr meaning “Early-Awake” and “All-Swift.” Surya is described as possessing swift horses in the Rig Veda, but the number varies widely from two to a hundred. Helios even had a quadrigaor with four horses. Being a Leo Sun sign with a Virgo Moon again on the Western zodiac wheel with the Vedic as a Cancer Sun sign and Leo Moon always seems to mean I find myself unconsciously attracting weird symbolic items to myself like a strange magnet. You’d think I’d eventually manage to put an end to this, but nope. Read enough of my blog posts and like in Beetlejuice I’m strange and unusual.

Astrologically you can chart Nike for yourself via Asteroid 307. I kept this very simple today with just an Ephemeris. Nike is at Capricorn 7° which is my 3rd House. This is my communication style whereby I analyze what I will write or speak beforehand. I can’t stand to make blunders and usually within reason prefer to ensure what I present is relatively reliable although spirituality tends to run a gamut between the subjective as well as objective. My level of concentration tends to be strong, I excel at planning/organization, and view knowledge as something of practical worth. Work with the guardian angel Umabel and the daimon Zagan.

Zagan refers to the 8 of Wands, Sun/Mercury, Sagittarius, and Storax. Zagan transmutes things into their opposites via curbing addictions. Got a situation you’re unhappy with; Zagan will flip it on it’s head. The gifts of working with Zagan can include:

  • Bringing out the potential wisdom in those you employ.
  • Making friends see the error in their ways.
  • Making sound judgments when investing money.
  • Speaking with wisdom and wit in situations where finances are at stake putting others at ease.
  • Protection against people who perpetuate fraud and scams with fake means of monetary exchange or identity theft.

This degree might appear to us as being bandersnatched by a flash of intense insight. Our ordinary understanding of our perceived reality is seized by an awareness of acute energy stopping us in our tracks with a sudden realization or urge to do something. It can appear as if we’re acting via lunacy, but often something is hidden which we are developing an awareness of. When we point out the structures of things to others while clarifying information we bring forth lost or forgotten information which can enrich our present knowledge. If you were to peer into your animal side while glancing back from the depths of your subconscious while befriending it you would be capable of civilizing it. The more you can own it and love it the stronger you will connect yourself to the power of your Earth being. The challenge is to to make friends with and integrate this wild inner being.

Happy Saturday (so tempted to make this into Satyrday)! I can’t believe January is potentially over, but that’s because of mom and I being sick for several weeks and having lost time we can’t makeup now. 🚶‍♀️🌞

PS: I forgot the image of the Ephemeris so I’m adding it below!

Ephemeris Asteroid Nike

Fun Quote Fridays: Liberty/Freedom

Solar Eclipse 2017 Wedding Ring

“I am no bird; and no net ensnares me: I am a free human being with an independent will.”

  • Charlotte Brontë

“The most courageous act is still to think for yourself. Aloud.”

  • Coco Chanel

“Freedom is not worth having if it does not include the freedom to make mistakes.”

  • Mahatma Gandhi

“Those who deny freedom to others, deserve it not for themselves.”

  • Abraham Lincoln

“The first duty of a man is to think for himself.”

  • Jose Marti

“Disobedience is the true foundation of liberty. The obedient must be slaves.”

  • Henry David Thoreau

“I prefer liberty with danger than peace with slavery.”

  • Jean-Jacques Rousseau

The underlined hyperlink text brings up some questions for us to ponder; which one is sitting on my shoulder giving me advice exactly? 👼 or 😈?!

I decided upon this set of quotes when I began to notice the theme in my astrology chart surrounding “liberty/freedom” as I have been blogging. I see it in guardian angels I have researched, my ring, and when I slept to the audio of the Tibetan Book of the Dead or cited the following link recently in a blog post. Blogging seems to help me unravel my own hang ups or goals I am otherwise not entirely conscious of. Hopefully being an example will help others do the same as they will see some benefit to my astrological or spiritual musings as strange as they may appear.

I further saw this within my Vedic chart thanks to my natal nakshatra within Magha. My Ketu is Aquarian. Pitris represent our Divine ancestors also referred to as solar pranic energies who assist us on our journey from body to body. The purpose of this relationship is intended to remind us about our eternal connection to the continuity of life encouraging us to become more detached.

Pitris teach us about our cosmic spiritual essence which continues to live and travel through the cosmos even after the death of our body from life to life until it reaches final emancipation. Our Divine spark and Divine roots ask that we acknowledge our duties towards the material world which should be fulfilled with devotion and detachment. Our thoughts, actions, and words contribute to shaping the future.

Magha nakshatra inspires us to seek spiritual freedom from material bondages while honoring our roots and remaining responsible to the world that we come from. Moon in Magha desires for us to honor this sacred connection rather than try to be isolated from it which can make our ego too strong.

The ruling planet of Aquarius is also Saturn. Ketu and Saturn are friendly to one another. Saturn acts as significator of detachment from materialism while Ketu is associated with spiritual liberation. Those who are born with Ketu in Aquarius are quite erudite understanding the realities of life.

In honor of this blog post feel free to utilize your astrology software or for a free extended chart to plot Goddess Libera in your natal, transit, and progression. Libera is asteroid 771.

For me this Goddess is placed in my natal 11th House Virgo 12°, transits my 8th House Gemini 8°, and progresses to my 12th House Libra 1°. I studied Goetia briefly before I put it down. Today I will add some information on the daimon associated with each degree for those who prefer this route. Mostly I was investigating the daimon for my birth when I learned my birth guardian angel was Nith-haiah. I complain about being solitary and unnoticed. Meanwhile I have Glasya Labolas with the 8 of Wands, Mercury, Sagittarius, and Rosemary. I read somewhere this daimon acts like you have a cloak or cap of invisibility and ensures you are not overly materialistic. So I have a Romulan Bird of Prey?! Exactly when did this happen; scratches her head. 🤯

Glasya Labolas can be invoked to ensure what you’re doing is kept secret making you “invisible.” This daimon will make you wise to what is really going on around you while ensuring your friends and enemies are unsuspecting. This daimon is ideal for execration/binding, but also keeps your projects secret from noisy coworkers or competitors.

The 11th House deals with one’s aspirations, everything that has to do with friends or people in authority, philosophy/religion, idealism, speculation, and understanding of other people. Often the 11th House focuses on organizations which are humanitarian based.

The 8th House rules death, occultism/magic, sexuality, inheritances, and that which we must let go of. This can be considered one of the best mentors to teach us about life and it’s meaning.

The 12th House holds the subconscious/unconscious, secrets, self knowledge/gnosis, and deals with seclusion. Loss, isolation, hospitals, prisons, hidden enemies, fear of death, illness, and self undoing are featured here. These collective realms of life include neighborhoods, organizations, and the world in general.

Natal and Transits Asteroid Libera
Natal and Progression Asteroid Libera


A dog sniffing a dead animal.

Searching for clues, you probe the straight line and the intricate curve, tapping the mind’s powers for intricate operations. Prone to find the pathological, the destructive, and the inverted, the bloodhound sleuth checking everything out everywhere. Curious, fascinated, alive with speculations, hunches, notions. Wanting to track something down, to get resolution. Needing to know, poking about in the dark. You possess remarkable senses and an almost purely telepathic mind, tremendously skilled and adroit. But you can get poisoned by skepticisms and by too heavy an exposure to the dark underbelly of things. Desperate to learn how to also accept and embrace all that is, unconditionally, to let go into rightfulness and goodness in the very thick of things being rotten and pervasively wrong.

This degree shows that one is acutely aware of the forces of entropy/decay. One grasps the reality where everything eventually winds down, loses energy, and falls apart. When you struggle against this inappropriately you actually wear yourself out with futility trying to remedy what needs to be let go of as well as allowed to disintegrate. This degree indicates that the insights one born on this degree has into what is going wrong can be invaluable and used as a basis to effect renewal/rejuvenation. Work with guardian angel Caliel. The associated daimon to work with is Bathin.

Bathin corresponds to the 10 of Pentacles, Venus, Virgo, and Mistletoe. What I have read online invoking Bathin before travel ensures a smoother journey. Kitchen witchery gets you further with Bathin than ceremony/ritual! With regards to travel Bathin is also helpful with astral projection. Kabbalah teaches that the true secrets of our cosmos are only revealed to those willing to enter the various elements of the astral planes of which the allegorical Tree of Life is supposed to symbolize. Buddhism teaches that this can be reached via meditation and self realization.


A chandelier which holds lit candles.

Creative self-hood lights up the world. The brightness lies in the realization of being all things, becoming all things. It is everywhere at once. Nothing is linear, nor consecutive. The spinning upon an axis of power. Joy lies in making the connections, in being a resource, in bringing the situation to what it can be. All is activated, mobilized. Your potential is actualized by being all-inclusive and keeping every side of life in your sights. Lit up from within, having a place to shine.

This degree gives forth light by which collective humanity can see what is around them. This luminous degree assists others in seeing their way forward while giving as much as it can to those in need. Finding within itself what is needed to serve the situation at hand this degree can often be surprised at what can come forth from the depths of self at the right moment when the need arises. Work with guardian angel Habuhiah and the daimon Belial.

Belial corresponds to 6 of Swords, Sun, Aquarius, and Mullein. The little bit I have read online this daimon influences how others view or perceive you. I have read for some this has included the creation of a new website, a better job with better paying clients, and new “spirit” friends; but there is a catch. It comes after your life is shaken up by a healthy dose of chaos. Belial has also been known by some to work with one’s finances particularly ensuring troublemakers pay you back if they owe you money (particularly banks or other institutions). This usually revolves around bank loans, alimony, etc.

This can also occur at the national level by disrupting malicious power structures.

I have likewise read Belial assists in freeing one from tyranny and oppression. If we consider the traditional Devil tarot card your chains of bondage are revealed to you and you are given the power to break them.

The three most practical applications of Belial’s powers are:

  • Free yourself from any form of bondage such as toxic relationships, dead end employment, and drug addiction.
  • Advance your career with recognition as an authority.
  • Defend yourself against political oppression and tyranny.

Interesting… Although now I have Sia stuck in my head also! Thanks Chandra Symbols for mentioning chandeliers.

Art Puzzle (iPhone app)


A group of fat Italian ladies preparing bread.

Archetypal, universal, and diffuse allegiances, activities, and realms of experience. Becoming camouflaged perfectly by adopting a persona that is wondrously engaging and easily connected with. Putting it on a bit heavy, thick grease paint. You exult in getting away with seeming to be the world’s most anonymous person, the disguise can stick to the face. Overt consciousness awash in mass identification, at times you are able to penetrate through and find open possibilities, but you are primarily engrossed in the outer. And alive to the advertised sensations of what it is like to be popular, well-received, and simply welcome wherever you go as part of the mix, and no problem at all.

This degree has the ability to find the easiest most direct ways of relating to the world around it as well as with other people. Here one wants everyone to feel nourished, included, and to have a good time. One mixes so very well with all other types of energies and degrees that they function as a kind of lubricant that makes everything run more smoothly through their ease of connecting with what is inviting. This degree imbues one with a simple and elusive beauty which can mutate into what will best serve the purpose of enhancing interactions with others. Work with guardian angel Aniel and daimon Phenex.

Daimon Phenex corresponds with the 2 of Wands, Moon, Aries, and Roses. Phenex is ideal for work with creative muses. Invoke Phenex during fire baptisms and rebirth rituals including creative path working. He’s described as motivational; some say he lights a fire under your bum to get you moving (out with the old/in with the new)!

Is Phenex at all related to phoenix?!

You tell me! Happy TGIF! 🐦🔥🐦

Ink Spot Passed New Years 2022 Due to Kidney Failure, And I Miss Her as She Arrived a Kitten on My Doorstep Near Halloween. She Was Raised to Old Age With Us!

Today I share with you a Glowing Jungle Sound Bath. Have a great start to your weekend.

Tarot of the Day Thursdays: Waning Crescent Moon January 2022

Today We Utilize Crystals, Sakura Cards, and Charms For Guidance!

Our Moon’s current phase for today and tonight is a Waning Crescent. In this phase the Moon’s illumination is growing smaller each day (29%) until the New Moon. During this part of our Moon cycle the Moon is getting closer to the Sun when viewed from Earth. The night side of the Moon is facing the Earth with only a small edge of the Moon being illuminated.

The underlined hyperlink text offers some eye opening perspectives.


I ran an astrology chart today for 11:11 AM where I live placing the Moon at Sagittarius 5° (this is my 2nd House personally and will be different for others based on their natal chart) which makes a T-Square with Jupiter in Pisces (this is my 5th House) and the True Node in Taurus (my 7th House). The guardian angel to work with is Vehuel and Reiyel.

Egyptian Pottery via an Old iPad App and Figuromo Owl (Circa Post Foot Fractures Years Ago) Which I Created While Healing

Perspective can be one-sided. The owl up in the tree can swivel its head to see all around while also seeing very well at night; in the darkness. While up in this tree perched high one is still deeply rooted in the Earth. This degree commands a panoramic view of life. The owl is traditionally associated with wisdom (Chokmah/Athena or Minerva) so you can expect a philosophic nature to arise.

It is worth noting that לַיִל translates into night, midnight, nocturnal, and tonight. Often associated in Abrahamic faiths or occultism with Lilith the screech owl concept is a metaphysical reference to the time between nightfall and daybreak.

Night represents human understanding in which man’s thought works long and hard. Midnight signifies metaphysically the darkened negative state of one’s consciousness. Day and night in the Bible is a symbolic designation of the degrees of unfoldment of consciousness whereby night is ignorance while day is understanding.

Ironic is the fact that metaphysically lily is a symbol of pure thought. The Eastern occultism associates white with any brilliant color thus different colors in their highest sense speak to spiritual qualities which are all metaphor for true spiritual light and purity. Ironically my Minerva is in my 3rd House Capricorn 10°; I’ve charted Athena and Lilith recently. It requires one to have a special skill set to hover long enough to be able to feed from anyone’s extended hand. This albatross is a graceful soaring bird when in flight yet awkward when on land. Being nurtured by the hand of another is a wonderful gift and to receive nurturance implies that one also give in nurturing ways as circumstance allows. The guardian angel to work with is Mebahiah and and Mehiel.

Screech owls stay with us as previously mentioned in blog posts.

Front Garden Decor, Zinnias, Mushrooms, Feathers, and Lotion Making
Lettuce, Ladybug on Rosemary, Screech Owl, Rainbow Carrots, and Green Beans (Sprout)

This T-Square exists between Fixed and Mutable signs. The Moon placed in this position is largely psychic when it comes to business and financial management. It gives off an intrinsic ability to pick up algorithms or flashes of insight when it comes to numbers/money. Life tends to be characterized by sudden fluctuations or reversals of fortune. A possible lack of stability in early childhood may cause them to cling onto their valuables out of fear that if they have nothing they too will become nothing.

Jupiter in this current placement signifies a creative and idealistic dreamer exploring their world via their imagination. Artistic activities like drawing or acting are what they are likely to most enjoy doing in their spare time. Their travels and life experiences allow them to absorb a lot of feelings and abstract impressions that might be translated into their unique artistic medium. They tend to practice kindness with a spirit of tolerance towards others in a playful manner.

True Node asks us to find the proper balance between self and other. If you are wondering how to begin your journey of putting others first know that this begins with developing the habit of detaching from yourself while recognizing the egotistical ways of your past (via previous lifetimes/childhood). You will soon learn to reap the rewards of focusing your energy on someone other than yourself. As you take the emphasis off of you and put it on the other you will begin to see the habits of kindness and understanding can develop naturally. These behaviors will help you formulate appropriate goals for all of your relationships. A person may be torn between involvement at any cost and preservation of his/her highly comfortable image of self as a good person.

Fixed signs have a propensity towards the traits of arrogance, resoluteness, and becoming uncompromising. They are so ambitious that they continue working until they reach their goals. Because Fixed signs are resistant to change the Fixed T-square often gets stuck in certain situations. Those with this aspect pattern stick like glue to whatever gives them security. If energy is used efficiently then they could apply it to create something constant and reliable in their life.

Those with Mutable signs always feel the need to disperse their energy. They are influenced by diverse concepts and constantly evolving. Mutable signs enjoy collecting knowledge and passing this onto others. The Mutable T-square can be active as it is all about balancing multiple skills.

The crystals used during this meditation and reading are Selenite and Green Aventurine. Selenite gets its name from its connection with the Moon Goddess Selene. It is thus associated with her and harnesses the white glow of the Moon. On the physical level, Selenite can assist in keeping one youthful as well as rejuvenated. The crystal’s properties are connected to the female reproductive organs, the lymphatic system, and the white blood cells. Selenite is used to heal properties of the spine, skin, and nails.

People who suffer from insomnia, night terrors, sleep paralysis, or nightmares believe that they sleep better when they place a Selenite beneath their pillow or near their bed. Selenite healing is slow at first working by unburdening one allowing them to think crystal clear thoughts. This assists one in becoming objective and aware of their surroundings. This allows one to develop good judgement and healthy insight so that they can work carefully with their soul to make better decisions.

Selenite does not only help one communicate with the Divine realms, but it’s also used for past life regression, the awakening of psychic abilities, releasing all kinds of negative entities, and helping the movement of one into all states of consciousness. This crystal closely works with the higher chakras via the Crown chakra and the Third Eye chakra to keep the channels of spiritual guidance open and Divine energy flowing into and through you.

Heart Chakra via Mandala Coloring App

Green Aventurine is essential for one who is keen to attract a little more of Lady Luck’s energy into their world. This talisman of good fortune soothes the soul, regulates energy, and keeps the heart open and ready to receive. Green Aventurine is a heart healer activating feelings of love, compassion, gratitude, and inner peace.

Primarily the stone of prosperity Green Aventurine will not simply attract abundance into your life, but will inspire you to foster desirable qualities where you will do the inner work that is required to embody your best self. You are encouraged to embody strong and trustworthy leadership qualities in your decision making process while remaining resilient. This crystal soothes professional performance anxiety while stimulating mental clarity, creativity, and compassion. Use this crystal to promote healthy function of the thymus gland while also supporting the nervous system. Holistic healthcare professionals believe this aids in the balancing of blood pressure and the lowering of cholesterol.

Whether you are working with a lower flow of energy in your Heart chakra or a blocked one you can properly harmonize this chakra with this crystal.

What To Accept:

The Move teaches that it is now a good time to move on. This does not ask for anything major only that you put some distance between yourself and where you are now. If something always appears to be out of reach this may imply that you have to do something to move after what you desire. The Divine may be trying to get you to move onto the path you should be on in a spiritual sense. Stagnation is going to lead to boredom in time. I am paying attention to the rainbow colors as well!

Chaldean numerology of 45/9 is a favorable number which will help you enjoy good power and authority throughout your lifetime without any hiccups. Number 9 individuals can be highly helpful and compassionate in life.

MoMA Art Lab App Line Art (Designed to Look Like My Bedroom)

What To Learn:

The treble clef represents musical inclinations or a love for music. The treble clef is placed on every music line to indicate the notes a singer is to sing or a musician is to play. Surround yourself with music.

The solar system is all about astrology/astronomy or various forms of  occult pursuits. This suggests that it would be wise to know or learn your natal chart. You may be interested in astrophysics or you could visit a planetarium.

What To Forgive:

The Sand indicates that there may be a feeling of not being able to really move forward which you are or have recently experienced. It shows that progress is hard going and quite slow as well as energy zapping at the same time. Sometimes all you can do is just keep plodding along pacing yourself so as not to drain yourself of vital energy by trying to accomplish too much.

This suggests things have been made unnecessarily difficult. Don’t stand still for too long otherwise you may experience a sinking feeling! By procrastinating you may find that you have to work harder to actually get the momentum going again. Don’t dig that hole for yourself. If someone else is digging it with you in mind do what is needed to avoid becoming trapped by their negative energies.

Chaldean numerology of 40/4 doesn’t hold great merits. There are many times in life where you may feel lonely or isolated. However, Number 4 individuals are the most disciplined people.

I am questioning with The Sand also the importance of our soil particularly with my previous study into fluoroquinolones. The issue with my health this month as well as my mom’s raises new questions as you saw in my blog posts and research having been on Cipro two consecutive times and my ligament surgery or my mom’s negative side effects to Levaquin.

When I did my Krampus blog post I neglected to realize another connection!

The links to scientific studies about antibiotic use has made me very concerned about areas some are not exploring or addressing with Spaceship Earth.

Happy Thursday! Best wishes for your well being! ⚡🔨📅

Owl Bell Necklace That I Wear on Occasion!

Wisdom Wednesday’s: The 10 Plagues Explained Esoterically

“Each man knows the plague of his own heart.” – Lailah Gifty Akita

No astrology today; purely esoterics. The underlined hyperlink text is a spiritual jaunt.


Last night I watched an ASMR from Exodus that focused on baby Moses being found. This came after watching an ASMR by the same artist which was a purification ritual in Egypt with also a lice check within the role play. I subscribe to several ASMR artists and tarot readers in my spare time albeit my business has no real audience or support itself. There is a lack of symbiotic relating here, but I imagine my spiritual journey is requiring me to drop my ego also which is not very easy. Thanks Ketu and Magha whom I have been reading about extensively on my pursuit of moksha or nirvana.

In my journey to explore my beliefs I looked years ago to the Pagan Book of Hours really it was pure curiosity (it kills cats/Leos alike) and was awestruck to study the rituals for my birthday each year. I usually received the Solstitium (the Solstices) or an Invocation of the Celtic Ogham Tinne with the Holly matching my Celtic tree astrology sign.

What I wonder is if the photographer ever realized how much pareidolia he created for me when he photographed me with my mom in front of a Christmas tree and fireplace with stockings hung. Details you can not see unless you are present in my bedroom with my wealth altar. What was the photographer thinking or was it unconscious and a Freudian slip?!

It introduced to me to the idea of the Hekatombaion which I was completely ignorant of. I was given that year the Aphrodisia so I had much to catch up on.

For some this was a bathing festival in dedication of Aphrodite Pandemos (Aphrodite of All Peoples) and Peitho (Persuasion), her helper, who were considered powerful Goddesses since archaic periods like the worship of Ishtar. They are Goddesses of war and statecraft as well as love.

In ritual the temple is purified (in ancient times with the blood of a dove which was Aphrodite’s bird) and the altar was anointed. Today pagans might dedicate an unblemished rose to her or anoint their altar with pure rose oil. Apples and apple blossoms or myrtle sprays may be used. Finally a sacred image of Aphrodite may be carried in a procession to a place where it is washed.

I also had Day of the Spindle Tree. What is fascinating is I traced this to being referenced as the Burning Bush of all hilarious things. You can locate this through the Pagan Book of Hours which instructs one to invoke the Green Man of the Spindle Tree.

The Euonymus Alatus (Burning Bush) or The Winged Spindle Tree

Passover reminded me of the year my family allowed me to embrace my Ashkenazi Jewish roots as I ultimately was not raised in any church setting. My best friend in high school came from a Catholic family which influenced my 20s, and I became a full fledged Catholic at 21. I have previously blogged that my spiritual journey has been an odd one as I have tried to understand exactly why I took the path I did growing up. I never routinely attended church due to on/off working in retail. Catholic now always shocks me that I chose that path, but then I was attending church often with my best friend during high school and my first years of college. New definition of peer pressure?! I don’t know; she was my sponsor through RCIA. Long story short as I’ve said I did not know my ancestral roots till my maternal grandfather passed, and I inherited what I did. Family was not really investigating our DNA after all. We were not inherently interested in even investing in the new science around such practices.

When most of your weekends or holidays are spent earning a living you can’t develop a relationship spiritually although as an esotericst I am glad I was not indoctrinated via dogmatism or exoterics. My mother raised me with a view I should learn all faiths and then decide my belief structure. But I recognize I am so eclectic I don’t belong anywhere as I do not like rigid rituals or rules. I do my own thing, and I despise communities with legalism as I can not work in that environment. Solitary yet again.

Today I am going to try to explain the Biblical 10 Plagues which also are a part of Passover esoterically to my audience to the best of my abilities. I am not perfect at this. But for most of the Jewish holidays when I celebrated them at home with family I did a lot of the ritual work and taught it to my parents as a female. This includes waving the lulav/etrog during Sukkot. I also learned to become creative with matzah as I began to get really tired of it fast so I was making pizza or desert with it by covering it in homemade caramel, chocolate, nuts, coconut, etc. Kind of the same as my vegan macaroni and grilled cheese sandwich I make during winter.

The last two to three weeks of blog posts will illustrate or help my blog audience grasp why I chose this topic at present I believe. I advise you to investigate those blog posts for clarification. For the record my mom is doing well at healing from pneumonia. I’m still personal assistant or “woman” of the house with some of the chores, but she has been regaining her energy and starting to slowly participate more in the world of the living compared to the world of poor health. My allergies have greatly improved thankfully as well.

I previously wrote in my Quran studies that Moses is a level of consciousness which is concerned with morality that serves a purpose in disciplining one’s thoughts acting as preparation for spiritual law (life/creative intelligence and wholeness). The plagues of Egypt signify our right and proper ability to recognize the vital center of our organism known as the generative/life center as having a place within the economy of the Divine yet spiritual humanity should never become obsessed/addicted in the mere animal processes of life generation solely through sex. This is what brings the plagues of Egypt known as disease upon humanity. Ironic given 3/4 of exoteric people I meet insist I get married, have babies, and that is fulfilling the be fruitful and multiply.

Excuse me; what?! This is some very absurd logic.

Moses also indicates an evolutionary impulse towards spiritual unfoldment via a learning process whereby practicing the law of cause and effect leads towards spiritual awareness which is our promised land. Moses is not spiritual rather he is more of our cause and effect impulse, obedience, and agency for it which is actually a very important factor.

Egypt represents a realm of substance and life within the depths of our body consciousness which is full of darkness/ignorance and mystery which can be described as our subjective/subconscious mind. This is also known as flesh consciousness, sense consciousness, and materialistic consciousness.

Pharaoh acts as ruler of the Sun or our brain/nerve centers which physiologists name the Solar Plexus chakra as well teaching that the brain of our body directs our circulation, digestion, assimilation, etc. Intellectual students discovered that the Solar Plexus chakra is the organ where a ruling thought acts and this hardened heart will not let God’s/Goddess’ people go. I’ve delved into this within the last week in discussing my recent health crisis alongside my mom’s.

Physically Egypt is a portion of our body below the diaphragm. The various plagues brought upon the Egyptians by the Lord via Moses are symbolic representations of what occurs in this part of our organism when our presiding intelligence opposes any influx of the higher life/mind. Therefore the bloody waters, frogs, lice, flies, murrain, boils, hail, locusts, darkness, and death of the first born may all be found in the various diseases of our bowels, kidneys, and other organs of our body as named by doctors. A very large number of these diseases are the result of mental resistance to spiritual consciousness which is working widely in all of collective humanity.

The first plague is blood. Blood expresses spiritual principles which have been introduced into your race mind via the purified Christ consciousness. This spiritual principle rests on pure ideals; and manifests in mind/body in concrete forms when rightly appropriated. It can be appropriated and used for purification of the mind and the healing of the body.

Frogs teach that we must keep our thoughts proportioned between the manifest and the unmanifest. When we wish to keep our body we must hold it within a proper relationship with the manifest. If our consciousness affirms a spiritual origin our physical development of the body allows for a true relationship with both spiritual and material realms to be maintained. When we concentrate entirely on either the spiritual or the material we fail to maintain proper proportions that we as physically expressed/embodied souls must maintain in order to live harmoniously. To think exclusively on any one subject the manifestation becomes out of proportion and any one of these forms of plague appears.

A soul that is in bondage to Pharaoh is being prepared for freedom or liberty whereby the spiritual consciousness acts in two ways. One of these ways will be a forward movement as illustrated in the Biblical narrative of Exodus personified as Moses which means drawn out. The opposite way is an upward movement personified as Aaron which translates as mountaineer. The importance of these two movements is shown in spiritual consciousness personified as the children of Israel led forward and upward in an ascension by successive steps taken towards God/Goddess.

The spiritual is always superior to the materialistic which consumes the manifestations of the materialistic as shown via the rod serpents. This can annul its own manifestations as well as the manifestations which are materialistic thereby healing the plague of frogs.

Lice indicates symptoms within where unhealthy submission exists which can be productive or destructive. Being a humble student in life’s lessons is a noble character trait teaching that to surrender one’s ego to a higher truth is the foundation for all spiritual growth the exact same as the capacity to confess to an error/wrongdoing. Healthy humility and submission is different from destructive humility which crushes one’s spirit and dulls their zest for life. This type of submission causes one to think of themselves as worthless.. Like lice this level of consciousness is parasitic sucking a person’s blood and depriving them of their vitality or energy.

Horde is a swarm of devouring beasts attacking Egypt symbolic of one’s unhealthy ambition. Ambition is a great gift in life acting as an engine which drives humanity to achieve greatness and make a difference in their world. If we don’t refine this then our ambitions will turn us into devouring beasts which crush and destroy the people we perceive to be standing in the way of the fulfillment of our goals.

Pestilence matches my previous blog post about having archetypal consciousness of Apollo and Athena. Greek mythology shows that Apollo was a God of Light residing in the Sun. He was a healer and purifier, but light and heat are not always beneficial. Apollo was also the sender of pestilence and destruction. Sunlight without water burns up crops and brings forth pestilence.

Boils is in fact an epidemic. It is brutal rejection that becomes the epidemic. The physical embodiment of false compassion is an epidemic which harms people silently. Kabbalists teach that compassion is more powerful and enduring than love. Love can overlook the flaws of a beloved one. Compassion takes into consideration all of our flaws and extends a helping heart and hand regardless.

Boils engender a fire where the soul’s capacity to reject is like a bonfire. Verbal rebuff scorches and demolishes the one who is rejected. Rejection is an act of traveling inward and upward into one’s own world removing one’s self from the people and the events around them. A healthy soul needs to know how to reject the same as it must know when and how to embrace. One may be called upon to refuse a destructive urge, to sever an unhealthy relationship, or to say no to a spoiled child or an unethical business offer. That is healthy, but if our capacity for rejection turns into hate, bitterness, or abject cruelty we become destructive.

Pink Floyd: On The Turning Away

Hail suggests selfish love and when water as a state of consciousness descends from the higher planes to the lower planes it should embody generosity and loving-kindness. Kabbalah suggests our flow of love may be compared to the flow of water which can act as a force for irrigation or nourishment to a human or animal soul via its refreshing vibration.

If in bondage to Egypt one’s inner knowledge or gnosis is only an icy frozen form of love which is self-seeking and self-centered in intent. One’s flow of love becomes cold and frozen exactly like hail which harms their loved ones instead of nurturing them. Excessive self love is that which is ablaze with egotistical passions. The hail which falls in Egypt is born of the nature of coldness displayed towards another coupled with warmth displayed towards one’s self.

Locusts are of a perverted form of rationality and intelligence. Our ability to perform acts of intellectual inquiry or scrutiny represent the most precious gift within the human race. This allows us to explore the universe, improve our lives, and discover a higher moral/ethical calling.

This can likewise serve as a tool to rationalize every evil practiced under the Sun while justifying every destructive lifestyle or habit which Kabbalists call the evil inclination and relate to Satan/the adversary. The locusts that consumed all the existing plants in Egypt leaves in its wake barren soil. A corrupt mind will uproot every existing moral/ethical structure or established sacred foundation in an effort to leave in its wake a desolate society bereft of spiritual values and absolute principles. This is the tragedy of Egyptian intellectualism where one becomes so open minded that their brains figuratively fall out.

Imogen Heap: Plague Songs Glittering Cloud (a song about the Biblical locusts)

Darkness is the ignorance of the sense consciousness and an absence of Truth or light consciousness. One’s undeveloped potential is caused via a lack of love. Our ability to conceive of new original ideas can become inaccessible. A mind keenly realizing its limitations and borders must suspend its intellectual ego to open itself up to a higher mind. When one is arrogant and smug they deprive their mind of any ability to experience illumination constricted forever into a narrow tunnel vision of life.

Death of the first born of every state of consciousness or the personal “I Am” occurs lastly. A flood of light from the universal is let in through our declaration of the one love-wisdom where mortal states of consciousness are slain. There is a great cry in Egypt for there was not a house where there was not one dead.

This is death of one’s identity. Our initial instincts and motives lie beneath the surface of our conscious self within a dimension of our personality that is more difficult to violate as it is hidden/inaccessible. Habitual lifestyles of ongoing addiction and abuse bring about the death of the first born or super consciousness. With this plague the Jewish people are set free and are well on their way to receive the Ten Commandments used to reverse the perverted faculties of a diseased soul allowing one to express harmony and splendor of their individualized Divine essence.

The Tree of Life is better described as follows:

  • Kether is super consciousness.
  • Chokmah is creativity/imagination.
  • Binah is intelligence.
  • Chesed is loving-kindness.
  • Geburah is rejection.
  • Tiferet is compassion.
  • Netzach is aspirations/dreams.
  • Hod is submission/humility.
  • Yesod is empathy/sympathy.
  • Malchut is self assurance.

Anyone interested in some of my studies I found the following series as well:

Folds, Fractals, and Holograms

Post foot fracture as I have discussed while on gabapentin and tramadol I went through a consciousness changing experience. During this period of two months amidst side effects like passing out in the bathroom after a shower, lying on a tile floor unconscious, and waking up later I was only able to process astrology, philosophy, and quantum physics. Anything else put in front of me I experienced words on the pages or screen floating and moving around. Ultimately I have never quite been the same woman, and I somewhat feel as if I lost the person I once was. So I can admit I sometimes hate the change as I have felt unsure if I consented to this via my doctors or the pharmaceutical industries with pain management.

Largely because I learned how to heal in a more wholistic and safer manner which did not require psychotropic like drugs. There is a lot I do not put online or share of my truth. Some of it is too personal and some of it would take too long to explain to you. Instead I confide mostly in my mother of what my experience was the same as my near death anaphylaxis experience at 26 to sodium lauryl sulfates and derivatives or my extreme allergies and Eustachian tube dysfunction in my right ear which left me deaf for months one year. Honestly I do not have a good support group, and I manage a lot independently on my own which allows me to critically think for myself.

Yogi Tea Fortunes (I Collect Strange Things)

Todays positive affirmation is as follows.

1. With confidence and purpose I seek out like-minded successful people.


Heals morale


Symbolizing instinctive fulfillment of emotional, physical, and survival needs. Focuses attention on being an adventurer who enjoys courageous activities while motivating others to accomplish their goals.

If this blog post helped you please consider supporting my business with an astrology report purchase or donation.

Have a superb Wednesday! Best wishes! 🎋🧧

Teach Me Tuesdays: Multiple Intelligences (50/50 Visual Spatial and Musical Rhythmic)

Head of the Etruscan God Ani and Statue of the Egyptian Goddess Hathor

I am changing up my study resources today which I am sharing with you. The underlined hyperlink text is like lying down as a child in the grass trying to find shapes in the clouds. ⛅⛈️🌤️

In beauty school to receive my Aesthetics license via Paul Mitchell it was required that we take Gardner’s Multiple Intelligences test during orientation. I am a 50% Visual Spatial and 50% Musical Rhythmic learner. I imagine some perceive this similar to an MBTI for which I am an ENFJ-A. Most people really don’t value personality tests in the long run as we continue to learn more about them. On Twitter discussing MBTI caused a huge uproar when a Vedic astrologer wanted to partner lunar mansions with MBTI. It took me explaining to those offended by this thought experiment that all of life is in fact one giant hypothesis and school. We would have never gotten where we are as humans without “asking questions” or “trying new things.” Finally someone got a clue and understood why I also don’t like “pop” or “traditional” astrology. I’m a person who is very experimental and takes an intuitive approach with studying charts!

Below is some information on these learning styles for you to get more familiar with them via Very Well and Simply Psychology.

I’ve decided to match this with my esoteric and astrology studies to see how well I am doing at the so-called manifestation or Law of Attraction themes. However, my way of operating is likely quite different than that of others! Just a forewarning that I seem to have “Mastered” something not the same as what others manifest in life. And I am still coming to terms with becoming conscious of this in my reality or 3D existence. This was difficult to publish as I had to go through several cultural deities and rule them out based on who has an asteroid named for them.

In the less well known Etruscan mythology Ani was a God of the Sky who lived in the heavens. A few scant resources linked Ani as a god of the crossroads. Like his later, Roman counterpart Janus, Ani was shown having two faces seeing the past and the future. His correspondences are the Air element, the month of January, the symbols of keys, doors, archways, gateways, and portals, the patron of travelers and transitions.

While there is not a whole lot known about the ancient Etruscans there are a few images and statues of Ani that have been identified showing him having two faces much like Janus. Ani is mentioned on the periphery of the Piacenza Liver. In Martianus Capella’s Tempum I, dedicated to Janus, we also see the name of Ani inscribed.

Ani was also listed as an Egyptian god of the Underworld or Duat. There are connections to Ani being the Lord of Festivals as well as the New Moon within Egyptian beliefs. Ani was mentioned in a hymn dedicated to Amen-Ra. Meanwhile the Vedic Goddess of Infinity known as Aditi is depicted as having two faces. She is seen as the feminine form of Brahma and like Janus she was invoked at the beginning of ceremonies and she concludes them also.

Baal-Ianus may have originated via a Janus cult which originated from the Middle East within Chaldean culture. Janus as the Roman God of Beginnings, Gates, Transitions, Time, Duality, Doorways, Frames, Portals, Passages, and Endings. He is depicted as a primordial deity who was present at the beginning of time thus he represented anything begun or created. Janus is very much a Roman equivalent to Ani.

The ephemeris is a daily journal/diary or calendar used for celestial bodies throughout the year.

Using an Ephemeris we find the Etruscan Sky God Ani at Leo 4° which for me is my 10th House. If you wish to plot this for yourself simply determine what house in your own natal chart Leo resides.

This house is referred to as the house of social status. It is recognized as the place we have attained in our social (work/career) group and within society as a whole. It also speaks to any promotions we receive in life, any fame we may receive or come to possess, and the types of business or social activities in which we participate. This house focuses attention on how we see ourselves and how the community as a whole sees us.

It is through the 10th House that we work on manifesting ourselves.

Vocation is important here. What role will you choose and how will you best fill it? How much do you desire to achieve? Ambition and motivation all come into play. The question is how well do we manage these gifts and the status which comes along with them. Will you use your power to truly help society or will you be willful and reckless? Not all of us are cut out for or equipped to help society significantly.

Phase 25. Speak Your Mind (Nun Tav Hey)

Angel: Nith-haiah (NIT-ha-YAH) Spiritual Wisdom and Magic

Leo 4. A forest of mirrors used to collect the sun’s energy. (Omega Symbol) Manifesting/Responsible

(Degree Angel: Imamiah (ee-MA-mee-Yah) Passion and Expiation of Errors)

You play the role of a servant dedicated to the highest and finest vibration that you can possibly manifest. You need to not expect too much of yourself, though, or push yourself too hard. You can bring light to many people, but if you become obsessive or overly intense about what you’re doing it can have the opposite effect you wish to have.

The Chandra Symbol for this degree is “A gardener collecting cow manure.” The gardener has an end in view – the proliferation of beauty through the growing of flowers and the proliferation of health through the growing of vegetables. Just as these things feed our body and soul we must feed their physical form. This degree does the dirty work and seeks our rich nutrition to promote luxurious abundance. Here is nurturing at a deep and grounded level.

Azoth Symbol: Ritual and prayer before the construction of a great temple.

Pleiadian Symbol: An old wise man riding out of the forest on a stag.

Seed degree: Taurus 11. A man jumping into a river, melting, and flowing away. (Omega Symbol). The ability to be fluid and to flow with the moment creates a great receptivity to the meaning and significance of all one encounters.

A woman with flames for hair. (Chandra Symbol). To allow ones mind to be suffused with spiritual energy provides a basis for being able to recognize all those seemingly worthless things which can actually be food for one’s personal growth.

Fulfillment degree: Cancer 11. A hidden treasure waiting to be found. (Omega Symbol). The accumulation of energy becomes a resource waiting to be discovered and used.

Monstrosities in glass jars at a side show. (Chandra Symbol). Whatever we nurture proliferates, and even if it produces something that seems a failure, we come to realize that nature is always experimenting, and there is always something to learn from every outcome.

Oracle: Impacting surfaces at 186,000 miles per second you would think one might hear light crashing into the mirrors as it immediately changes direction. But traditionally gleam and reflection have always been accompanied by silence. After long journeys the light enjoys rebounding to instantaneously begin yet another trip, so much darkness to explore and fill, so many shadows sight see.

This degree is Al Tarf in the southern hind foot of Cancer the Crab. Al Tarf means “The End” and some translate it as “The Glance” (of the Lion’s eye) because in early Arabic astronomy it was Leo that extended beyond its present perimeters. Arabs had an enormous Lion known as Asad which extended over a third of the heavens. The stars of Arcturus and Spica were the shin bones with fixed star Regulus as the forehead and the heads of Gemini as one of the forepaws while Canis Minor was the other forepaw. Corvus was the hind quarters.

Kabbalists associated this with the Hebrew letter Tzaddi. This matches my wealth altar using the Star tarot card as well as the dreidel positioned to Heh as previously mentioned.

The name of this star is actually in the open mouth of Leo the Lion and is the name for the 7th Arabic Moon Mansion which it formed with an unnamed star xi Cancer. Alpha Regulus/Leo was chief star in the 8th nakshatra that bore its name, Magha, made up all the components of the Sickle in Leo’s mane and head. The symbol of Magha “The Mighty” was a House. The regents were the Pitris or spirits of the dead ancestors also know as the Forefathers. It is ruled by the Dragon’s Tail or Ketu. This was mentioned in my blog post yesterday.

Medium: The Magha Nakshatra

Mystic Medusa: Are Ancestors, Past Lives, And South Nodes Linked?

This sistrum was given to me by a friend of the family years ago at Christmas. The strangest things manifest or attract into my life as I reflect on where I have been or am going. I bet she does not remember giving this to me/us as a family. How this plays out with astrology is unbelievable.

The etymology of Hathor has been said to mean “The House of Horus the Elder.” Hathor is a pre-dynastic Goddess who was well known and she is still known by many in modern times. Hathor’s name may refer to her domain as a Sky Goddess via being the Celestial Cow where Horus held his domain as well. Horus represented the living king and Hathor represented the living queen.

She was known as a Goddess of the Dead, Love and Beauty, Music, Song, and Dance, as well as Drinking and Joy. She has been known as the patron of women and marriage. Her correspondences include the Air element, the Sun and the Moon, and the third month of the Egyptian Calendar. From September 17th to October 16th was the month of the inundation when the Nile River would flood.

Early images of Hathor show her as a cow with a Sun disk between her horns or as a woman wearing the horns and Sun disk headdress that may or may not have a symbol known as the uraeus on it. Sometimes when Hathor is shown as a cow she is covered in stars. When depicting Hathor’s role as a fertility goddess and her powers of procreation she is shown suckling a child.

At various points in the continuing development of Egyptian theology Hathor is equated and associated with many other Goddesses who are different aspects of the same Goddess. Hathor has also been shown to be the mother, daughter, and wife of Ra with many of her roles taken over by Isis who becomes the mother of Horus.

As the goddess Bastet we see Hathor is more gentle and loving especially when compared to the harsher image of Sekhmet. Where Bast represents Lower Egypt Hathor represents Upper Egypt. In Egyptian astrology I am Bastet. Bastet runs July 14 through 28 (I am 7/26). Those born under Bastet search for balance and peace while being very emotional. We are also inspired by the arts and music. We have a strong sense of insight and uncanny intuition which assists us with finding success as investigators and researchers.

How Stuff Works: Ancient Egyptians Believed Cats Had ‘Divine Energy’

Here is some info on the sistrum:

Musician Priestesses in Ancient Egyptian Culture And Their Use of The Sistrum

Sistrum: Ancient Egyptian Musical Instrument

Using an Ephemeris we find the Egyptian Goddess Hathor at Taurus 3° which for me is my 7th House. If you wish to plot this for yourself simply determine what house in your own natal chart Taurus resides.

This house is referred to as the house of partnership. We see a shift away from the self towards another and learn that cooperating with and relating to others is how we unite for the purpose of achieving something. It is within the act of accomplishing something great or small for the self, the partnership, and even society as a whole that we become a more valuable member of our society.

Within a partnership we work, play, love and/or create, and are fully formed/completed. It is our other half who helps to make us whole. How you relate to others will help to define the success you have as a human being.

The 7th House shows us that partnerships will take many forms: marriage, business, legalities, and negotiations. Why did you choose this partnership? Is it for love or money? Practical reasons? Social considerations? There are many reasons for merging with another. Did you choose to fill a void that you see in yourself? The partnerships we form say a great deal about ourselves and also serve to teach us much. This house wants you to know that the quality of your partnerships will enhance your life making it special and better for everyone.

Phase 7. DNA of the Soul (Aleph Kaf Aleph) Angel: Achaiah (a-KA-hee-YAH) Patience

Taurus 3. A woman at a crossroads. She buries something and then prays. (Omega Symbol) Manifesting/Receptive

(Degree Angel: Yehuiah (yay-Hoo-ee-YAH)

Revealing the Dark Side and Subordination to Higher Order

You are intent on creating change in life, of finding ways of turning around unfulfilling situations and finding ways out of old, set patterns, so that a higher vibration is attained, and a new level of consciousness achieved. You instinctively know how to attune to energies that can help and guide you to achieve your ends.

The Chandra Symbol for this degree is “A sleepwalker.” The crossroads is present – the place where the roads of past and future meet. There we always are, and what we are burying there is the karma we are creating in that moment. We pray that that karma is light-filled. The sleepwalker is at the nexus where waking and sleeping meet – where dreams meet the outer. We are all sleepwalkers – playing out our dreams until eventually we enter the Perfect Awakening.

Pleidian Symbol: The last few steps to the top of a hill opens a vision of an ocean far below.

Azoth Symbol: People seeking the Garden of Love.

Seed degree: Aries 26. A man studying a random sequence of numbers. (Omega Symbol). The man and the pattern of numbers are the roads that cross each other. Their gifts are mutually exchanged.

A man in the moon smiling. (Chandra Symbol). The smiles wake the sleepwalker’s feet. Curious they go to seek the hidden joys of the night.

Fulfillment degree: Sagittarius 3. No one is sure if the journey has ended. (Omega Symbol). The woman has given a gift to the crossroads for its gift of meeting. Intently she listens. Which direction calls her now?

Clouds overhead seen in a reflecting pool. (Chandra Symbol). The sleepwalker looks into the ground and sees the sky. “Are the clouds your face?” she asks. “No, they’re yours,” says the sky.

Oracle: The cross roads, where for a moment, two roads are the same, touching there for as long as the roads will live.

A woman is digging at the cross roads. She buries a candle there, and though we can’t see it the candle continues to burn underground, secretly lighting the way for future travelers.

This degree is Mesarthim in the left horn of Aries the Ram and Sheratan in the left horn of Aries the Ram. The star Mesarthim may have been the Jewish Shalisha or more correctly Shalish which was a musical instrument of triangular shape.

Here is a concordance to show this is a sistrum:

Bible Hub: Shalish

Sheratan via Al Sharat means “The Sign” and was once the marker for the Vernal Equinox. Sheratan rules the throat as well as the connection between the throat and the head via the tonsils of the human body. Ironic given my sickness was held in my Throat chakra as previously mentioned.

Aries speaks to events concerning sacred rites and our worship of God/Goddess. This affects conditions of the air and the seasons engendering the results of these elements on things which grow such as new shoots or arboreal crops like grapes and figs. Which again I mentioned previously I was drinking white and red grape juice now!

My goodness what did my Reiki attunements and Master level certification do to me?!

Kabbalists associated these fixed stars with the Hebrew letter Heh. Again this matches my wealth altar.

Both of these fixed stars are influenced via the 1st Arabic Moon Mansion Al Sharatain. Beta and gamma Mesarthim constituted the 27th nakshatra Ashvini which is the Ashwins or Horsemen; the Two Horsemen corresponding to Gemini. Robson says the regents were the Asvini Devas and ruled by the Dragon’s Tail or Ketu.

Ashwini: Star of Healers

Spirit Vehicle: Ashwini

2022 – It Appears I Have Developed Intrapersonal Skills Now!

Upon re-taking this test in 2022 it appears I have developed Intrapersonal skills with Naturalist and Linguistic trailing behind. My Visual Spatial has actually decreased some over the years with Musical Rhythmic still leading me forward on my journey. I find this chart to be very insightful to me at present. It means I’ve developed in new areas over the years since beauty school at age 29!

Have a wonderful Tuesday everyone! Wishing you happiness today! 😸

Manifestation Mondays: Bibliomancy with Hans Christian Andersen Fairy Tales Introduces the Fir Tree

“Don’t Tame Your Wild!” – Cybele

The underlined hyperlink text is a journey into the realms of the Twilight Zone.


I can’t remember what email was sent to me, but while I was sick I received an email from someone which may have been connected with the Moon Readings I receive that told me I excel at Bibliomancy for divination. Potentially Bibliomancy is divination by interpreting a chosen passage at random from within a book or text; it was often done with the Bible. I will admit I do greatly enjoy the practice in trying to understand what perhaps my mind is sending me from time to time to gain focus on. Today I decided to open the large book above the fireplace of fairy tales by Hans Christian Andersen which opened to the Fir Tree (PDF at the link). I’ve never even heard of or read this story so I’m excited to share with you something new even to myself. I will state that when trees show up in my awareness as a symbol I take significant notice due to my studies of Celtic tree asrology, Kabbalah’s Tree of Life, and Wicca.

Essentially trees have very potent messages for me if brought to my awareness. That is why I honed in on mom and I being Holly under Celtic astrology or ogham while I inherited a California king oak bed from my grandparents (Oak/Holly King). The Ogham being another tool I’ve used for divination. In my studies of my Vedic lunar mansion I watched an astrologer explain the Magha lunar mansion fully telling me that it is the grandparents for anyone born into this lunar mansion who have an extremely close tie to their grandchildren and that often those born into this lunar mansion will inherit a piece of furniture that is a family heirloom with ancestral roots they’ve lost. I resonated this to my maternal great grandmother who inspired me to become a cosmetologist choosing to follow in her footsteps as she worked for Clairol, Revlon, etc.

I realize that I also remember being 5 years old, crawling in my mom’s lap, and crying on her shoulder at her funeral to this day. Perhaps this is due to her helping my mom raise me in my early years. What we can see is that this is shown in Reiki as well regarding our karma/dharma. According to Vedic astrology Magha nakshatra is a significant lunar mansion managed via Ketu and relates to the fixed star Regulus which moved into Virgo from Leo. It ranges entirely through Leo and Virgo. When this occurred it was also an Anaretic Degree which as mentioned yesterday implies one is to “Master” something to make the transition. This is not easy because Ketu Mahadasha is often by all accounts of those I talk to perceived as a literal hell on Earth.

When I attempted to use Twitter before dealing with crypto scams or people pushing porn at me/my business allowed for me to network briefly with Vedic astrologers long enough to know they generally don’t like people ruled by Ketu so I was not welcome there. A very frustrating experience because I was left with a select few Twitter friends/followers from Belgium, Poland, Nepal, and Spain. Actually I do miss these people now especially my friends in Nepal who sent me “nature” photography everyday. I loved the photos they sent me from their country everyday. I would love to have someone do this for me again as I’ve only been outside of the USA to Canada.

I’ve blogged a bit about how unfavorable Twitter was for my social networking. It was a failure in the end once scammers attached onto me, and I’m now lost in the blogosphere as well. I’m not being picked up by as many people perhaps as I’d hoped so I assume my content is wrong. I don’t appeal anywhere, I’m probably as my step father says “too erudite,” and I’m not sure how to change this or make it palatable to my audience to generate anything from my business endeavors. So instead it’s a lesson in watching someone get tomatoes hurled their way or fall on their face. Whatever I’m going to learn from this experience I’m not entirely sure as of yet. I guess try to handle it with grace under pressure. If I was honest I would tell you I’ve been everywhere including studying the Mayan calendar and modern Mayan zodiac with it’s New Age vibe of Dreamspells that claims I’m White Cosmic Wizard. Again this showed up for me at random looking into things surrounding my July 26th birthday over the years. I’ve simply picked up a lot of baggage. If you’ve seen my chart Leo and Virgo or my 10th/11th Houses are the places that everything usually wants to astrologically live in. Thankfully my Vedic chart never looks like a Western!

Having Stelliums in 10th/11th Leo/Virgo Houses is Insane!
Vedic is a Wee Bit Calmer, But Still Everything is in the 10th/11th Cancer/Leo Houses!

My childhood due to my mom’s first marriage as well as other factors around finances kept us estranged from family. I’ve only gone to see extended family twice in Chicago on the maternal side and three times I’ve interacted with step family from New York (twice for my step grandmother’s death/care giving when she was diagnosed terminal with grade IV brain cancer during my late 20s). I feel very estranged as if I did not have or know my “family tree” which by your 30s or 40s after a tough childhood that you did not know your biological father after age 2 due to domestic abuse you grow up coping with feelings of abandonment/orphaned archetypes in your psyche particularly if you were bullied by peers as a child.

It took me into my late 20s to forgive silly things such as the group of girls on my junior high school bus when I moved to Cedar Park, Texas who threw gum in my hair. I went home in tears requiring it cut out of my hair which I was not psychologically prepared for. So I held the pain for a very long time feeling rejected by my external world, and I still deal with this in the present sometimes. I struggle forming relationships because most of my youth I felt as if I was constantly rejected and this has damaged me emotionally as well as psychologically in ways I’m trying to recover from due to lacking a support group as I do not know how or who to properly reach out to as an adult because this hampers the ability to build trust in another. Again it is why I’m wholehearted a solitary!

You will find as I’ve previously mentioned that I’ve been trying to slowly study the esoterics of many cultures over the last two decades so I’ve dabbled in many areas including having briefly researched Santeria through texts that delve into the Yoruba. This has been for me something I’m quite passionate about; learning outside of Abrahamic spiritual realities to round out my understanding or gnosis. In my eyes if I don’t it will appear as if I’m being very prejudiced as a person almost xenophobic which is not an attractive trait and that mindset comes from fear of the unknown.

As I don’t want my blog post to be too long winded today I’m going to share with you links to how some have interpreted this fairy tale as well as links to the symbolic meanings of the Fir tree in the hopes that it will help you gain insight into what my Bibliomancy wishes to teach this Monday.

The overarching message is a tale is about a Fir tree so anxious to grow up and so anxious for greater things that he can’t appreciate living in the present now moment.

Poetic Life Pessimism

Ailm (Fir or Pine) and Ailm (Fir or Pine) II

I Am Like a Green Fir Tree: The Solar Horus X-mas Special, Part 2

I and My Father are One: The Solar Horus X-mas Special, Part 6

This Monday I leave you with the following as well for a positive affirmation.

1. Looking into the darkness there is color, there is life, and there is space. We can put ourselves at one with the universe like lying down and watching the stars. Most everything leaves your mind; you are “FREE!”


Heals the stomach walls

Rainbow Obsidian

Symbolizes North and East representing Spirit and Wind, two minds connecting magically together, and the art of fixing your gaze on an image, thought, or phrase while waiting, watching, and listening using the mind’s eye, ear, and voice to gain insight. Focuses the attention at being discouraged by something in life such as a lack of success and feeling unable to pick one’s self up to try again, but we have to get up and keep walking.

Virgo is about digestion which includes not just our literal food we eat at meals, but what we read, watch on television, or learn in school settings. My illness this month which caused me sore throat (Throat chakra imbalance), heartburn (digestive), loss of appetite, and dehydration coupled with mom’s pneumonia is insightful. For me it hurt to swallow, and I also had extreme dry mouth every night while sick. I add that to my long winded posts of learning about fluoroquinolones. As I’ve said my blog is a journey of expanding growth I’m personally going through when I meant it to be a help meet to my astrology business.

I happen to be a Pitta dosha.


The New Exodus (Click On The Hyperlink For More Information)


Holly (Celtic zodiac for mom and I) corresponds to courage, death, Divinity, healing, luck, protection, rebirth, and unity. Oak (the bed I inherited from my maternal grandparents) corresponds to ancestry, fertility, health, luck, prosperity, protection, strength, success, and wisdom. Fir (the Hans Christian Andersen fairy tale) corresponds to birth, far-sightedness, protection, prosperity, rebirth, and vitality.

I hope you have an extra special Monday! 🌜📅 Sending you much love!

PS: I’m saying this one more time. I will block your IP if you come to my business blog or website with a Gravatar/domain that hosts potential viruses or malware. I’ve already done this for two domains that put me at risk for viruses and malware. My Norton subscription alerts me, and I also use VPN. I’ve had enough of online 🗑️🚯 so don’t litter or loiter here! Do us all a favor and “grow up.”

Sign Spotlight Sundays: Change of Plans While Helping Care for My Mother’s Health

“The faithful of Shiva or Dionysus seek contact with those forces which…lead to a refusal of the politics, ambitions, and limitations of ordinary social life. This does not involve simply a recognition of world harmony, but also an active participation in an experience which surpasses and upsets the order of material life.” – Alain Daniélo

Normally I reserve Sundays to continue my trek through the zodiac signs. I wanted to finish the Western zodiac so that I could move onto the Chinese zodiac or the Hindu lunar mansions, but as I’ve said I’m working through my own personal healing post being sick with severe allergies and dehydration with my mom’s pneumonia. It dawned on me this morning that I’m in an archetypal synchronous mental funk I’ve never acted out before. I feel like all these different personas are now coming out of me that it’s almost like a strange “madness” I have to try working with not against to heal. Here is what I am conscious of as of Tuesday and Saturday. I don’t feel “normal” by these experiences at all! I feel very strange. I’ve blogged before that I’m a huge fan of Jung’s concept on working with our shadow, but this year has already begun with me feeling overwhelmed! My brain is so confounded!

The underlined hyperlink text as is usual is here to help you follow what I’ve been researching and trying to “understand/innerstand” as I process what I’m feeling or thinking at present. Have I lost my sanity or am I processing this correctly?! I think someone would perceive me as neurotic or hysterical. 🍇😵🤷

When we covered Capricorn I focused back on my wealth altar designed as honoring Hanukkah and the Book of Judith. It explains about the “virgin” consciousness of Bethulia akin to Bethlehem with Virgo. The story speaks of their starvation and thirst. What happens when you’re dehydrated? Electrolyte imbalances, and I needed an IV. During the electrolyte imbalance I was having heartburn and heart palpitations and other signs of severe dehydration all explained as I studied online about my own medical condition. The heartburn prevented me from having an appetite. Everything I ate made me sick! Our body is a temple that holds the spark of Divinity within so it matched the Book of Judith in my eyes whereupon I had to act and have family get me to Urgent Care as I could not re-hydrate myself on my own once I reached “severe.”

Am I strange for seeing or finding symbolism here which is uncannily a bit the same between the music I chose Saturday and the following:

Virgo: Esoteric Treatise of Hermetic Astrology

6th Petal: Virgo

I also previously mentioned that I’m usually an Apollo/Athena archetype, but in this I’ve taken to drinking fruit juice. Particularly grape juice; white in the morning with breakfast and red in the evening with dinner. I made a joke to family that I’m like a non alcoholic Dionysus archetype now. That I’ve been through a complete change during this experience on many levels, and I am no longer behaving as I did before I was dehydrated. Even my diet has been changed again through the month of January 2022 as has my mom’s. Except hers is that I’ve had to make a special electrolyte drink for her due to her asthma inhaler having given her oral thrush and she can not have Pedialyte as I did. She is still even today having residual Levaquin side effects so while I got good sleep the last two to three nights tomorrow my step father returns to his full time job. I’m back to a busy schedule of helping mom get well so I won’t be blogging next week as much again if I’m “woman” of the house. While she is up trying to help with some of my tasks she is still in recovery so she can only help within her own limitations. I’m grateful for any assistance yet my week will be exhausting again, and I’m trying to psyche myself up for this. I’ve also made a juice with celery, romaine lettuce, and raspberries recently. Celery and romaine lettuce help with dehydration.  So I’ve seen improvements with my appetite now coming back and not suffering severe dehydration, but it took several days to regain my strength and energy. It also has required me to do tons of online research.

Here is what you find with the Dionysus archetype:

Know Your Archetypes: The Dionysus Archetype

Jung’s First Dream, The Mad God Dionysus and a Madness Sanctuary called Diabasis

The Disguised Archetype: Androgyny And Otherness In Dionysus

Apollo vs. Dionysus

Chakra Water In The Eat-In Dining Room And Mom’s Garden Design Is Also On The Wealth Altar

Notable symbols on the wealth altar:

My step father 3D printed the dreidels for me. I’ve been at work on this for as I’ve said almost two decades now. Mom and I are Celtic astrology Holly and I inherited from my grandparents a California king oak tree bed. And I’ve told family this feels so bizarre and funny at the same time as I’ve been working through my own psyche from my 30’s onward. Especially also receiving my ancestral maternal family records showing we immigrated from Germany/Denmark in the 1800s roughly and the Ashkenazi Jewish in our DNA. Add in my Reiki attunements/Master certification, and I keep remembering that the entire process also says I have to heal myself when I began my course. Magha lunar mansion; ancestors and karma/dharma anyone?

So where is Dionysus in my chart? Natal Dionysus is 9th House Cancer 17°, transits 9th House Cancer 14°, and progresses to 9th House Cancer 29°. The 9th House involves philosophy and higher knowledge whereby its ruler determines how and where one expands their life. This could be through travel, books, people, or exploring different cultures and points of view. Here one formulates their belief system and this can happen as many times in one’s life as is necessary. We are more sophisticated in the 9th House developing the traits of remaining objective, processing more complex ideas, and participating in far distant travel even if it is just that of one’s mind.

Asteroid Dionysus Natal and Transit
Asteroid Dionysus Natal and Progression

What do these degrees imply? It’s like my garden for my natal placement. Cancer 17° teaches us that life energy comes into manifestation via certain forms; it grows and spreads. This life force acts as any germinating seed would when planted in the soil it penetrates and takes root. This sounds exactly like our Root or Earth chakras. There is a strong tenderness to these roots which are strong enough to find their own way to grow in our world. A seed idea takes root, advances rapidly, and organically completes manifestation. Cancer 14° is about refining one’s mental energies as if a dream is being examined within a vast inner chamber of solitude. One’s needs could be highly precise, refined, and even make them appear nitpicky, but when one goes into their dream world they begin to sort things out via a social exchange. How far must one bend to intertwine with the status quo? The answer comes from within yet the discrimination one must deploy here checks their inner knowledge or gnosis to identify if their inner dreaming is of a world of one’s own similar to Alice in Wonderland.

Cancer 29° focuses on one’s ideals regarding justice within the arena of fair decision making based upon the image of a blindfolded goddess Astraea holding scales in her hand to weigh matters justly. This process rests upon an assumption of objectivity and neutrality of one who would bear no investment in the outcome favoring neither side of a matter beforehand. One does not judge based on their personal vested interests. My Venus is also in Cancer. What happens on the 29th degree is that one becomes a Master. This position is the end of a sign before a new one begins. Here we are challenged to “Master” the sign and house before “dying” and being “reborn.”

The angels for these placements that we work with include Leuviah, Vasariah, Chavakiah, and Asaliah. Being that most of my chart has planets in my 10th/11th Houses of Leo/Virgo and being a Leo Sun Sign with an IC/MC on Capricorn/Cancer like the Earth’s tropics makes me feel as if I’ve been losing my mind (solar deities) recently at the onset of 2022. I hope that is not the case. I do not want to be locked in a psyche ward or padded room anytime soon. Maybe it’s my ego (I Am) or my 12th House is flaking out. That house is seen as the house of the subconscious/unconscious where we deal with unseen realms, sorrow, shadow, and invisible enemies. This state can help engender one’s successes or help one cope with their failures. Do I consciously confront my life or subconsciously/unconsciously sweep things under the proverbial rug?

Happy Sunday everyone! See you soon! Many wishes for your well being as I trudge along on the road to getting well while trying to figure out what I’m doing with my little astrology/esoteric business. I don’t even know at this point!

I think I’m having a Mad Hatter tea party presently!

PS: If you watched the Hebrew Alice in Wonderland version of “In A World of My Own” the description has an English translation which is a bit different from the standard version of the movie I grew up with. This is why I chose it! I’ve been avidly trying to learn the Hebrew alef bet over the years. 👂🎧💫

Also, I was reminded by my step father that today marks 4 years since my maternal grandfather passed. 🪦♻️ My Moon Reading for the upcoming week speaks of a Last Quarter Moon in Scorpio 4° which for my Virgo Moon is a time to center, reflecting on where I’ve been, how hard I’ve worked to get where I am, and to appreciate my journey. This mystical period asks us to journey into the subliminal and unconscious to access parts of the self which we have allowed to remain repressed/hidden while confronting our shadow. The Aquarian Sun helps our self reflection become evolutionary and transformative. Explains why I feel as I do.

Scorpio 4. An albino woman unaffected by the rays of the Sun.

(Omega Symbol) Manifesting/Responsible

(Degree Angel: Jabamiah (ya-BA-mee-YAH) Recognizing Design Beneath Disorder, Alchemy, and Transformation)

There is an ability here to repel any and all energies coming from outside. In short, the person can be almost impervious to influence. They have a staunch integrity that refuses to be impressed or compelled even by the strongest of powers. They do not buy into what seems to be for they have the capacity to see beyond appearances into the spiritual reality of things.

The Chandra Symbol for this degree is “A loud roar as a tornado approaches.” The loud roar gives one time to take cover or run away from the tornado. This degree is aware of mental obsessions, compulsions, and other consuming forms of negativity, and because it has an internal advanced warning system it instinctively will circumvent becoming involved in many forms of chaos and destructiveness. It knows that sometimes turbulence must be waited out and allowed to dissipate.

It is as unaffected by the mental mind-wind as the albino woman is unaffected by the scorching rays of the Sun. This ability to repel discord can help to set an atmospheric tone that helps others to not fall prey to their own raging mental vortexes.

Pleiadian Symbol: A nude woman holding a candle around which dances a moth.

Azoth Symbol: Sailors approach a lush island that has been calling to them but which is not on their maps.

Seed degree: Taurus 14. A woman making her way to the center of a labyrinth. (Omega Symbol). Finding the center within we attune to the higher light of pure love and tune out the lesser love which is solely selfish.

An old lady selling bunches of violets on a street corner. (Chandra Symbol). When we humbly and spontaneously offer our beauty to the world we are able to overcome the negative effects of all mental whirlwinds and conflict dramas.

Fulfillment degree: Capricorn 18. A forgotten painting stored in a vault. (Omega Symbol). Detaching ourselves from the force of selfishness we find within treasures that we have forgotten.

A black leopard with green eyes. (Chandra symbol). The conflicts and chaos that the mind can produce, when overcome, allows us to get in touch with our primal desires and find a way to constructively channel them.

Oracle: The alchemist Piaro Lambeth once generated an homunculus who from birth had been fed only dew collected during the full moon and melons picked only at night and preserved after picking from the rays of the sun. He gave her the name Lunadoria, and she lived her early life in the grotto beneath Lambeth’s house where visitors often came to hear her oracles which she murmured in some unknown tongue. And even though the visitors never understood the strange words of her pronoucements they found that days later they would dream a clear and vivid answer to their question which they attributed to the power that her words carried.

One day she asked to leave the grotto and Lambeth consented feeling that her desire was a sign of her maturing. When she emerged it was noted that even during the day she could not see the sun and that no matter how much her snow white skin was exposed to sunlight it never showed any signs of burning. And so she wandered the woodlands and the streets of Peth where she offered her pronouncements to anyone who questioned her.

Being now over 200 years old she appears to have aged in no manner.

I’ve got this; check out your central nervous system for the homunculus everyone. It was mentioned repeatedly regarding side effects of the fluoroquinolones. I studied this post foot fracture when finding safe alternatives for chronic pain to replace the gabapentin and tramadol which was contraindicated that pain management placed me on which caused me suicidal ideation.

Central Nervous System

Motor Homunculus

If you want to dive deeper consider somatic yoga! 🧘🧿

Self Examination Saturdays: More Research Into Hygeia and Asclepius (Astrology and Family Health Notice)

Temple of Asclepius

Due to a busy schedule this week I have posted for Saturday early to share an update with my customers and blog readers. I’ve also updated this post Saturday morning at 8:00 AM with new information!

I blogged about Hygeia with my family’s recent health crisis on Teach Me Tuesdays and learned there is an asteroid for Asclepius as well. You will notice in my chart that I have a lot of activity in Leo and Virgo as my respective 10th and 11th Houses. Asteroid Hygeia is ruled by Virgo actually as well Virgo rules the asteroids Ceres, Demeter, and Vesta.

The underlined hyperlink text will help you discover more vital health information that will assist you in comprehending the topics which I’m teaching you or explaining at this time. I’ve been doing research all month and this week while I sit with mom I’ve been doing the greatest amount of studying to understand the medications she was prescribed. Please take a look at these bread crumbs while thinking of me as Hansel and Gretel helping you not be lost or eaten by a witch! Eat Healthy, Live Longer!


A Treatise on Initiations or Asclepios

Gustav Klimt’s image “Medicine” shows Hygeia with a serpent entwined on her arm over a mixing bowl. The snake’s head is probing the mixing bowl to signify a pharmacist’s apothecary where we receive healing potions. This entwined snake signifies feminine kundalini or Shakti energy which lies coiled at the base of the spine. Virgo the Virgin has jurisdiction over this universal sexual force and its right use. The serpent of Wisdom/Chokmah is drinking from the bowl. Traditionally the serpent was a symbol of resurrection and regeneration associated with Pluto and the restoration to good health. My Pluto is in my 12th House of Libra connected with the subconscious/unconscious, karma, past lives, hospitals, prisons, and other forms of self undoing,

This is kind of ironic and unusual. I get emails for Moon Readings on my iPhone. These emails vary and can be free meditations, rune readings, or today I got an Angel Reading for Raziel which says the person who did my reading sensed I am carrying a heavy spiritual burden, I feel as though I’ve lost myself, I’ve shrunk down my passions, desires, and goals to make space for everything else going on around me, I’ve given myself to others in friendships, relationships, and especially with family forgetting where their needs and my own begin/end. This is very true of January 2022! It also directly matches to the link above for Chokmah mentioning that this Sephira on the Tree of Life falls under Archangel Raziel. The reading further states I should be practicing self love and self care right now, I should not feel guilty for focusing on me, and that I should have been taking steps towards my dreams.

My reader says Raziel connects with the inner authentic self which exists below the surface. We work with this Archangel when we need to be reminded to find answers within because over the last year we have helped so many people close to ourselves, managed life’s ups/downs, and helped others achieve their dreams, but have forgotten that to do so we divided ourselves into fragmentation for others. This reading actually says to look to the Book of Raziel (online PDF) which is opened to anyone who is lost and needs help with a difficult task. The Book of Raziel assists one with revealing details of past spiritual incarnations, the destiny of their current path, and discovering the empowered being they are becoming. I saw the Book of Adam online, but am not sure if “this” is correct.

The links below should explain the importance in a time of Covid and my mom’s pneumonia/asthma for remembering the importance to focus on our breath not just in meditation. It’s important that I not be the only one doing this level of research. I believe medical practitioners should get well rounded views of their profession and alternative therapies! It’s not meant offensively, but as a huge way for us all to grow and expand our awareness.

Shakti via Yogapedia

Ida, Pingala, and Sushumna

Channel Cleaning Breath via Yoga Journal

Do you know the etymology of the word pharmakeia? I know it all too well also from my time working in medical malpractice law. In fact I have known this for decades since my 20s and I am 42. This is why I want to eat organic foods, and I choose natural wholistic health. I know this sounds absurd, but I’ve also heard too many whistle blowers who left the pharmaceutical industries explain how the industry really operates. Their stories are very eye opening. People are taking too much at a person’s “word” in terms of what companies lobby or are content with kickbacks. Yet, we should be using the organ called a brain to think critically and discern.

My mom was put on Levaquin for pneumonia, and I had two rounds of Cipro for my last UTIs during 2019/2020.

My last UTI this year in January 2022 a teledoc said he could not prescribe Cipro.

I wondered why and so I began to look for answers. My mom at three days in had adverse reactions to Levaquin matching symptoms of being floxed. After my two courses of Cipro within a few months (October 2020 to March 2021) I tore the ligament in my left foot. I have been pumping mom full of magnesium and potassium supplements, dietary help and meal planning, etc. This also reminds me of how gabapentin and tramadol post foot fracture made me suicidal which is noted all over online. I left my mom a suicide note while on these drugs only to later learn from rehab websites that gabapentin can cause suicidal ideation and irreparable harm via side effects. I am grateful my teledoc alerted me to this now. I was not putting clues together. In 2022 he gave me Macrobid instead. Should an average consumer be the one reading and studying medical journals even? I would actually say yes if you want to be an educated and responsible adult!

Here is a study showing the link of Cipro with ligament damage.

Phase IV Study of Cipro with Ligament Injury

Side Effects of Cipro

Side Effects of Levaquin

I always prefer herbalism and alternative medicine not allopathy unless I need surgery. I detest Western medicine for the harm it can do which I have seen from time spent in medical malpractice law because I know there are other ways to heal and that all humans are unique. We could be allergic to virtually anything or even have an adverse reaction at any time! We never know when it may strike so we must be careful. Or in my case you learn later about drug interactions and contraindications. My pain management ignored that gabapentin and tramadol are contraindicated. I walked in as an ignorant advocate for my own well being, and I left made wiser in hind sight! I wish I’d known before I took gabapentin and tramadol or even Cipro.

We need to all be educated better about risk/harm ratios to benefit in our decision making, nutritional choices, and to care better for one another! And I am an annoyance because my life experiences taught me to study and ask questions or become a perhaps even rigid set in my ways health advocate for myself which carries over to caring for others. I am very protective now or neurotic about getting answers before I risk ignorantly hurting self or other like ahimsa. Our actions could have consequences and we need to be careful.

I believe my previous foot fractures and two doses of Cipro aggravated my ligament to tear. A combination of variables could have become Murphy’s Law or the law of cause/effect.

On top of all of this my uncle finally reached out to mom and I letting us know he was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes now and had Agent Orange exposure when serving in Vietnam. My maternal grandfather a WW II Pacific Theater vet had Type 2 Diabetes and a pre cancer blood disease which he died from.

Floxed by Fluoroquinolones

Why You Can’t Detoxify from Levaquin and Cipro

Mom was put on azithromycin which she previously tolerated well. I understand the Levaquin due to her penicillin allergy, but why would you not use a safer antibiotic for a person over 60 when being floxed is becoming very common?! They also prescribed a corticosteroid, and I became worried of this as the prescription warns steroids and NSAID are not good with fluoroquinolones.

Cipro, Levaquin, and Avelox are Chemo Drugs

Fluoroquinolones and Systemic Fungal Infections

                                            Skull Cup Pottery

You will see when I went to make pottery I was at first thinking of Day of the Dead. However, this cup is also a Buddhist tantric skull cup symbol in my eyes and a Skull Shining Breath symbol for what my intuition was telling me which I painted. This matches the garden I believe as well which we began and is probably why I love astrology, mysticism, tarot, and universality of esoteric spiritual practices over dogmatism.

What we find is that this is beginning to match all the symbolism I wear on my dominant left hand. I wear my Buddhist chakra bracelet with my USA quarter ring (referencing “Liberty”) which I previously wrote a blog post about on my left Jupiter finger. I am in fact surrounded by symbols everyday that I am realizing have attracted to me including my Hanukkah wealth altar design so that I begin to remember and intuit the answers I need to find before, during, and after Reiki Master attunements and certification. I love Hanukkah understanding it via Kabbalah and this extends to my love for the Apocryphal Book of Judith. I simply did not realize it until I started to ask questions of myself as to what messages the Universe or my subconscious/unconscious mind was trying to even tell me.

The Energy Centers of the Hands

Feeling Energy and Spirit on Left Side vs Right Side

I was walking blocked to listening for a bit of time in acknowledging the markers being put before me. We have to be open to see the answers being placed in front of us by the Universe to identify the answer! The left dominant hand for me is receptive also. Thus the symbolism is for what I desire to receive this incarnation! And some may or may not agree with this. How many people get lost in exoterics and absurd concepts with radicalized religions after all. When I have posted on my Quran studies I have been trying to also use esoterics and metaphysics to help people realize the vital need to get better comprehension regarding consciousness!

I have been listening before sleep to a Hebrew meditation for half an hour of Ana Bekoach, and I love it. Learning my maternal and paternal biological DNA had Ashkenazi Jewish roots helped me understand why I went into Kabbalah and Hebrew Roots in my 30s. I did not know then until I got ancestral records at my maternal grandfather’s passing or until I researched my biological father’s family that I was compelled at that age to seek answers as well.

Wheels are also like the chakra system! This wheel in the garden has 12 sections like an astrology chart has 12 Houses!

My life coach who I did not work well with despised what I would show him about even the wheel in our garden with the Yin Yang telling me that my mind was essentially mis-programmed and that I desperately needed it to be hypnotized and fixed so I abandoned my life coach amidst feeling insulted by him for this as if he violated my beliefs and inner knowledge or gnosis of God/Goddess. I was very unhappy to be told by someone that my mind was essentially broken and felt misunderstood on a deep level by society at large when I wanted people to accept me not tell me I am damaged goods for seeing my existence as different than others in Western high society. I do not believe my mind or myself is broken or impaired. I think I work just fine thank you very much! I think my knowledge or gnosis is also working just fine! I just operate on levels of consciousness that countless people are unable to evidently accept. And if you have followed my blog you will see how my story and business is trying and hoping to progress with every new realization.

As my blog readers know I love the Tao even for Bibliomancy divination! I use the copy my mom gave me for Christmas one year, and I also love the I Ching for divination.

I was actually trying to desperately teach my life coach that I grasped Wu Xing when I was ridiculed by him creating my rejection of him as someone to work with. If you tell me my knowledge of this is wrong as a life coach you lose your customer! Sorry! Spirituality is personal. Your relationship to the Divine in life is a hieros gamos or sacred marriage of heaven and Earth. We are lost in defining the right and wrong rituals of this which is like Christian Phariseeism and the Sadducees consciousness that destroys the soul by ensnaring us in the letter of the law or legalism. The Bible explains this also. The Pharisees and the Sadducees symbolize those who have intellectual understanding yet lack the spiritual understanding.

As mentioned in my previous post the serpent is found on the Staff of Asclepius and the Caduceus which are symbols for Mercury ruled by Virgo. These symbols of medicine and healing are ancient.

Asclepius as the Greek God of Medicine can also be plotted in your natal, transit, and progressed charts., This asteroid positively reflects being skilled in the art of medicine yet can negatively represent neutral doctors/nurses and medicine. Analyzing this asteroid helps pinpoint where one would excel at being a healer or shaman.

Asteroid Asclepius Natal and Transit
Asteroid Asclepius Natal and Progression

Natal Asclepius is positioned in my 8th House Gemini 20°, transits my 5th House of Pisces 5°, and progresses to my 10th House of Leo 18°. The angels to work with for these degrees are Iezalel, Cahetel, Asaliah, and Manakel.

We can summarize this as esoterically impacting the following areas due to these astrological house placements.

  • Transforming personal desires into group desires and spiritual goals
  • Liberation into world service
  • Path of discipleship
  • Actualization of higher self
  • Expression of spiritual will
  • Opportunities for spiritual advancement and responsibility
  • Externalized spiritual will

8th House feels magical and celestial as the ruler of all things birth, death, sex, transformation, mysteries, and merged energies. It’s represented by Scorpio asking us to go deep. If we have anything located in this house it may mean that one is keenly interested in magic and mysticism as well as the unconscious aspects of anything rolling through this house.

5th House relates to creativity, joy, pleasure, and children. This house is all about having the joy and enthusiasm of a child. Consider your natural creativity and sense of freedom; the kind you had as a young citizen of the Universe. This often manifests in this area of your chart.

10th House is the placement which indicates one’s ideal purpose, career path, and destiny. The 10th House sits at the top of all charts meaning it’s the most obvious and apparent to us. Some of the traits or characteristics that go along with what is placed in this house might be what people first see or understand of you when they initially meet you. Pay close attention to your 10th House if you’re seeking clarity on your career.

Using fixed stars with these degrees we find the following with these placements.


We would be investigating Bellatrix in the left shoulder of Orion the Hunter. Bellatrix is Latin for “Female Warrior” and this fixed star was also known as the Amazon star which comes from the Arabic name Al Najīd which means “The Conqueror.” An older Arabic name meant “The Lion” or “The Conqueror.”

Bellatrix corresponds to Mars and Mercury. It imparts quick decision making; where one’s thoughts and plans are realized with energy, courage, and determination. We find here an ability to organize which leads to advancement and success.

Virgo rules caves under the Earth where ancient mysteries were enacted for neophytes such as the festival of Demeter in the month of September also known as the Eleusinian Mysteries. Candidates for initiation were led through dark underground caves in a quest for the light of knowledge and wisdom. The seeds of Virgo are emblematic of the Christ and Love-Wisdom ray which expresses so strongly in Virgo. Bethlehem signifies the the Virgoan first initiation.

The initiate works in the dimly lit cave of the spiritual birth continuing to struggle to reveal divinity on the physical plane symbolized for us in the word “Bethlehem” learning the dual function of lifting up the lower energies into the light and at the same time of bringing down the higher energies into bodily expression. Thus one becomes a white magician. This matches my natal birth angel Nith-haiah.

It is said that the Sun or any planet within two degrees of Bellatrix may have an affinity with or could be an Orion starseed. One’s karma could be influenced by this stargate. You will find my Mars within two degrees of Bellatrix.


We should be investigating Deneb Adige in the heart of Cygnus. Deneb which comes from the Arabic Dhanab means “Tail.” Astrologers identify the brightest star in the Swan Deneb Adige with the Adige coming from the Arabic for Hen.

Fixed star Deneb Adige is the energy of Venus and Mercury indicating idealistic, psychic, organized, lovable, refined, genteel, and intelligent traits which gives an ingenious nature and a clever intellect that is quick at learning. This is favorable for artistic and scientific pursuits which are carried out with the aim of gain. Fixed star Deneb Adige rules the top of the instep of the left foot in the human body.

Ironic because my left foot is where I had my previous fractures and ligament surgery. This week the arch (plantar fascia) and sural nerve are flaring with pain as I take care of mom, and I am putting in 20 hour days with exhaustion wanting sleep and rest feeling stressed. I love how this always matches the axiom as above so below. I see the Universe has a twisted sense of humor; this is not funny Universe. Renee is not laughing as she feels a bit anxious and irritable with what you gave her to manage/handle. And I know you will tell me I can do it, but what the…

This fixed star is the 12th Chinese lunar mansion. The Rooftop is under the Black Tortoise. This lunar mansion is for fortification and Earth work being favorable for building construction, renovations, and repairs yet unfavorable for moving. Dangers exist for travelers over land or water. Travelers on land are in danger of attack whereas travelers by water are in danger of the ship filling with water and sinking.

I found the following link as well which is fascinating to me as an esotericist! The symbol matches my 2022 blog post like the alchemy symbol of the Sun as well in the image. A single dot enclosed within a circle. And as a Leo Sun sign and Virgo Moon I am happy to find this link. I feel as though I have all these Carl Jung synchronicities happening as I have loved his books on these topics and we share a birthday (7/26).

Unborn I Ching


We should be investigating Naos on the deck of the stern in Argos the Great ship. In Greek naos means “Ship.” This is also a term used in classical architecture to refer to the inner chamber of a temple which houses an idol. It references dispute and the swearing of an oath. An oath is a pledge such as an oath of office and on the deck of a ship there may be much salty language likely to be heard as sailors are notorious for swearing. Which I also do a lot at home. I will admit to having a mouth that uses a lot of four letter words when I speak and am not required to accommodate societies dictates of proper demeanor or decorum.

The energy is of Jupiter and Saturn. Argo is said to give prosperity in trade and voyages with strength of mind and spirit, but it has been observed to accompany cases of drowning. On account of the constellation of Virgo’s first decan we find frequently a connection with drowning.

Consider the following with the mythology of Jason and the Argonauts and some info on the Naos! In school I loved when I was taught mythologies of world cultures, and I now know why. Esoterics for me are an incredible passion I gravitate towards in a way I can not put into words. It is an area that I am so unbelievably in love with! No other career or study course growing up made me as ecstatic as these topics do because I feel like I found missing pieces of myself I thought I had lost especially when the Bible esoterically teaches that our body is the temple of Divinity.

When the garden was designed we redid the front walkway where I fell and fractured my foot as a ramp for knee scooter and wheel chair accessibility. In the back a screened porch was added to eat and relax in. This matches the golden fleece on the oak bed I inherited at the passing of my maternal grandfather with the mythology as well.

Agonautica and Africa

Parts of a Temple Explained

Strong’s Concordance Naos

Wiktionary Naos

My Jupiter is within two degrees of the fixed star Naos within the Argo Navis constellation (Puppis). In trying to gather some research for this I found the following link. This link additionally might interest those who are Christian and less interested in my studies of the Tao, I Ching, Quran, etc. I will leave this here as well. Chinese astrology places me as Earth Sheep (1979) under Dainichi.

I personally believe Western society and Americans have a toxic relationship to pharmaceutical companies and a very warped understanding of true wealth or health having forgotten other alternative ways to cure disease instead of managing disease or suppressing symptoms. All of which harms us collectively and individually. No one working in allopathy will like me for my beliefs, but while allopathy has a place it has become a one size fits all disaster for society at large in my views to the exclusion of anything else often for profit and greed! The same with the pharmaceutical cartel which I think acts like a drug mafia in how they conduct business.

If this blog post helps you please support my business with a donation or purchase an astrology chart. Being sick myself and caring for mom has slowed my ability to build my business online out further as I have had zero time or energy from healing or being a care giver. We also are impaired by medical costs for my mom. She had several tests at the Urgent Care, IV antibiotics, etc. We will be drowning in debt in 2022.

Any thing even a dollar donation over time from enough donors will help if you can as they cumulatively add up. I want to buy a microphone to help me make podcasts to discuss these topics on other platforms. And I have had no ability for the month of January to look into networking with anyone online. I have been given obstacles to overcome, and I had no other income sources even for medical bills I incurred January 2022.

Mom and I are huge into as I said organic foods, I prefer an anti inflammatory vegetarian/vegan diet as I value vegetables and fruits for my health, I have cut out sugars and am working on carb reduction, and we also practice supplementation for deficiencies. If I eat meat for protein it is primarily organic chicken and pork. Extremely minimal high grade tuna or organic beef is what I will eat. This is also because of factory farms and their use of antibiotics causing terrible problems. If we eat meat treated with antibiotics we are constantly receiving antibiotics through ingesting these factory farmed animals from CAFOs causing bacteria to be resistant! Thus animal husbandry is a huge problem for our cumulative health! Add in pesticides, herbicides, and fungicides in vegetable or fruit farms when not organic you will see the road map to our diseased blue planet called Spaceship Earth! Wake up humanity before we poison ourselves and all life beyond repair as this compounds research into epigenetics also! We are murdering/harming all life forms if we do not get a consciousness awakening to truth while we blame it on the “devil made me do it.” The ego made you do it as did human vice or the Kabbalistic evil inclination compared to virtue and listening to/honoring your higher self. We should be wiser than this.

Getting mom off Levaquin has brought her downstairs from being in bed all day or sick with side effects. She even made her own quinoa crackers in the kitchen today. Proof that we all need to understand our bodies better and what we put in them! She said she felt as if she lost the last week of her life to a toxic drug which should not be on the market anymore. When mom got off Levaquin you see a complete turn around in her!

Western society should learn their mythic history to gain some powerful insights into why we say, do, or think as we have and to evolve consciousness.

Thank you to the asteroids Asclepius and Hygeia for a vital lesson!

While I do not like “pop” astrology Bustle points out an interesting idea!

My generation is Ophiuchus in Neptune. This generation is few in number yet very influential. The visible tip of a giant demographic of a newly born baby boom; a tsunami of kids about to overwhelm our old institutions. Neptune erodes and washes away old ideas, politics, dictators, and undermines the fractious sectarian governments with a worldwide youth movement. The aim is to save the Earth. This wave of higher consciousness involves peace and justice sweeping over the world like a whirlwind blowing away the staunchest traditions and prejudices humanity has held onto. Neptune represents the future and the dreamers.

Ophiuchus has an ability to passionately pursue spiritual values making one willing to die for their ideals. This generation faces a battle between the satiation of desire and the passion for a spiritual way of life which is ascetic. One may play a transformative role in the world through non-violence and appealing to the masses in an inspirational way. Neptune in Ophiuchus brings a new dimension into humanity’s collective unconscious of the dark powers, the inert matter, and the unseen yet deeply felt. This is expressed as the song of the self. One personally may be subjected to dreams, night fears, and requirements for escapism via moments of solitude or rigorous self control to cope with a torrent of negative and misleading information that others push upon them.

While mom is doing better now that she is off Levaquin within reason we are monitoring her adverse reactions right now. Last night we had two occurrences, and I was woken around 4:30 AM to go to the restroom having to stay up with her during a second round of neuropathic like pain as a side effect of Levaquin. I was exhausted from my day on top of getting her new script at approximately 9:30 PM. And I know every doctor, nurse, and countless video interviews with pharmaceutical companies claim risk to benefit makes fluoroquinolones seem necessary. Really? With two FDA black box warnings on them. What the… I am worried though as she is expressing her vision was altered by being on Levaquin and not for the better.

The Earth is Floxed

Redbubble was a no go during this moment. I could in no way make any time to think about graphic design or anything as a potentiality. I had to halt all business momentum or progress. And I feel frustrated by this. I lost the entire month of January 2022 to disease.

I’m not a doctor, and I’m not giving medical advice. What I’m asking is for people to critically think, to study, to listen to the personal stories of others, and to recognize the deeper issues we confront when seeking to achieve long life, happiness, and abundance.

Take good care of yourself everyone. Have a wonderful weekend! Much love! 💛

And if there are proofreading errors my apologies. I only had enough time to quickly compose this entry and check for grammatical or other errors once so it may be a bit “off!”

PS: Mom has had another bought of neuropathic pain with burning, tingling, numbness, and cramps in her arms, calves, and feet as well as back pain around 11:00 PM Friday night until nearly 1:30 AM. I hope this is not something permanent with the Levaquin. She has begun documenting these occurrences for reference and we’re debating trying to send this to the FDA, but I’m not sure if we can get the information they require. We do know the manufacturer of the medicine she was prescribed, but I question finding lot numbers and other requirements the governmental organization is demanding in order to file a report. It might be easier to contact the consumer watch group I found online and talk to them than the FDA. I’m still puzzling over anything that occurred in my two consecutive doses of Cipro for UTIs and the span after my second course of a few months with a ligament tear. I wonder if these are linked and a sign of being floxed even mildly.

I took my two consecutive doses of Cipro for a recurrent UTI and they were 1 year apart. My first round of Cipro was in November of 2019, and I had my second dose October of 2020. In 2019 I was given Cipro when Macrobid failed September of 2019 and my UTI remained while working as a personal shopper for a local Texas grocery store. I worked through my UTIs during these periods and my ligament tore as I’ve said while at work as well. I did not even know till my teledoc this month told me he could not prescribe me Cipro that these class of antibiotics have these risks. I never read the paperwork the pharmacist gives and just took my prescriptions thinking they were safe. I feel very stupid for doing this, and yes I know that is not a nice word to use to refer to myself.

I feel that I was very naive and ignorant when I should not have been so trusting therefore I’m beating myself up for this mistake and learning this caused me problems in trying to get my parents to understand why I was upset with mom being put onto Levaquin wanting her to be given a different script sooner. In fact family had some serious arguments this week over various affairs as I became extremely worried for her well being. Moreso, in that her asthma medication is a corticosteroid and a steroid pack was prescribed with her Levaquin. These should be contraindicated so what are medical professionals even thinking exactly?! 🤔 This seems like crack pot logic that any medical professional prescribe drugs that have fatal interactions. Sorry! It just irks me! My empathy when people are improperly treated causes me to get also angered by ignorance.

Statue of Hygeia