Sign Spotlight Sundays: The One Pointedness of Capricorn’s Ambition

Capricorn – December 22 through January 19

This blog post was edited as of 2:28 PM CST when I woke up with a mind exploding with more information I was compelled to get out. I wish I knew how to shut this off. I feel obsessive compulsive right now and it’s really at times annoying to have a nagging feeling to “automatic write.” How does someone shut this off exactly?

Every soul incarnates through the zodiac sign of Cancer by way of the Gate of Man passed from heaven to Earth. This story originates in the Greek mythology based upon Chaldean and Platonist philosophy depicting Hercules during his contest with the Hydra. In Capricorn humanity learns self mastery and ascends through the Gate of the Gods after death. The will nature arrives at fulfillment with an envisioned goal having been reached. Capricorn exemplifies humanity reaching the height of personal ambition as well as becoming the initiate who attains their spiritual objectives. The difference within these two goals is purely based upon the mode of progression around the wheel of life which one takes. The Divine’s idea in Aries must become a concretized plan through Capricorn. This birthplace of Christ consciousness is where humanity’s second birth and emergence of the fifth kingdom in nature occurs under a Divinely appointed time. It is here that the initiate comes into their spiritual awareness.

Through the seeds of death and finality Capricorn is the sign of conclusions where the mountain top is frequently a symbol marking the point beyond which further ascent in any particular life cycle is no longer remotely possible. Progress having become impossible under the existing forms must now descend into the valley of pain, desperation, and death in order to scale the heights yet again. Effort, strife, and the fight with the forces native to the underworld also known as the strenuous conditions we endure via the tests of discipleship or initiation are all experiences found within Capricorn. The soul is admitted into conscious participation in the life of the hierarchy where only on the reversed zodiac will humanity learn to pass with equal conscious purpose through this gate. In Capricorn we find the triumph of matter reaching its densest and most concrete expression to be followed by triumph of spirit.

The initiate begins to realize the meaning of a growing light which welcomes humanity’s progress as they climb upward to the mountain top. Flashes of intuition with which we become familiar change into blazing constant lights of our souls irradiating the higher mind to provide a point of fusion which is a joining together of the two lights. This higher and lower light are known as the light of our personality and the light of our soul.

From within esoteric Judaism and Christianity we see this best in the month of Tevet. This month begins with the conclusion of Hanukkah. For Kabbalists this signifies four fast days commemorating the destruction of the Temple in the following order:

  • 17th of Tammuz (4th month)
  • 9th of Av (5th month)
  • 3rd of Tishrei (7th month)
  • 10th of Tevet (10th month)

If these numbers are added together (4, 5, 7, and 10) they equal 26 as a value of God’s name Havayah signifying mercy. Hidden within this is also the word Chanoch which means “education and initiation” as an acronym for Havayah that likewise speaks of “grace.” The symbolism of this is a process during the year whereby Divine grace from the ultimate source of mercy is drawn down and becomes physically manifested on Earth. The letter associated with the month of Tevet is Ayin which signifies that this month is about rectification and nullification of the “Evil eye.” You might have seen this actually play out in some of my recent blog posts although I was not even aware of it until I began composing today’s entry. I legitimately did not recognize or know this until I researched Capricorn as we speak. Which is very humorous as I’ve been saying I felt blocked for a while now, and I seem to actually have a perspective problem of enormous proportions instead.

Or the Universe is laughing with me right now rather than at me. I hope! I don’t like being laughed at. It’s why I did not choose stand up comedy as my profession. I even posted an Evil eye “return to sender” ritual. I also designed my wealth altar throughout the entirety of 2021 for Hanukkah as I prefer it to Christmas as an adult knowing of my Ashkenazi roots. I have not desired to change it simply because my favorite book in the Bible originates in the Apocrypha which I found in a local store after much hunting as it was the only copy available; the book of Judith. It has always been one of my absolute favorite books in the scriptures. But enough about me since knowing this may scare people off. I swear I’m not a dogmatist and prefer the esoterics.

You can read about this with the underlined hyperlink text I’ve provided above.

Within Judtith there are actually some points we could learn from just briefly. I don’t want to get too deep into this as my blog posts keep becoming longer and longer. Although I think these explanations will in fact help others better grasp their religions moving past dogmatism.

Nebuchadnezzar: In metaphysics Nebuchadnezzar relates to Nebo as chief protector. This Babylonian or Chaldean God relates to wisdom as Nebo was the lord of brightness representing in us our human will backing itself up via our human intellect to bring about human judgment. A king even in tarot always represents a function of our human will which can become entrenched in intellectual learning where it gives its fullest attention to material subjects. This process can cause humans to feel as if they’re all-powerful, but there comes a time when we realize this actually is a sign of weakness and inability.

Hebrew develops from the word Nebuchadnezzar the concepts of a pouring out of inhibiting tribulations, out-flowing calamities, and a flood of adversities. Taken in conjunction with the idea of judgment it can be likewise perceived that Nebuchadnezzar also represents an emotional child who wants to fulfill all of their desires of their soul whether they be good for themselves or not. Our world is full of these Nebuchadnezzar people. They are willful and they rule capriciously. It is a dangerous thing to neglect the development of one’s judgment or discernment.

Assyria: Our reasonings either philosophical or psychical which don’t recognize the spirituality of the Universe, but are based upon what our five senses observe; upon the formed instead of the formless. These thoughts are destructive and undisciplined. If our attention remains fixed on spirit we are protected from the materialism which constantly encroaches upon our consciousness. If we worship the five senses or outer world we lose the protective action of higher law and fall into the hands of the Assyrians. If spiritual understanding predominates in us then the mental realm that Assyria signifies is in fact redeemed.

Bethulia: Originates from Bethel and Bethuel. Metaphysically this relates to a dweller in God/Goddess or a house of God/Goddess. It’s a level of unity consciousness reached when one is abiding with God/Goddess.

Virgin consciousness as this story relates to Hanukkah can be best described as in the parable given of the virgins in the Bible. The way with which to supply oil for the lamps of the virgins including the foolish ones is to affirm that our life source or spirit from which comes the power of hearing, smelling, seeing, feeling, and tasting is not material rather it is spiritual. Each sense has its inner counterpart interconnected with the Universe from which it draws its oil or life current. There is a soul eye as well as a soul ear on our inner side always in direct contact with spirit which we may choose to ignore. But our outer side is in touch with the intellect through which our formed organs sense sending signals through our body. It is on this intellectual plane that our conscious mind has so much trouble with its outer organs.

This is probably better explained through Buddhism.

Medes: Our consciousness between the intellect and superconscious mind of spirit in the psychic realm. Self sufficiency comes via psychically raising our spiritual understanding and realization.

The word Tevet is taken directly from “tov” in reference to good referring in fact to “tov ayin” or the “Good eye” which is a source of the power of blessing as it is said “the Goodly eye shall bless.” This rectification begins when we gaze upon Hanukkah candles especially during the eighth day of completion. Destructive processes begin with the “Evil eye” of hatred which is the hatred of the profane unto the holy. Hatred originates within anger as a fire of destruction. The negativity of anger must be rectified and made positive. An allegory exists that by age ten (the 10th month) a child jumps up and down playfully like a goat reflecting a stage of growing up from a state of immaturity to maturity. Immaturity resides with the “Evil eye” while maturity is nestled within the “Good eye.” In order to rectify or sweeten the emotion of anger latent in one’s animal soul they must jump up and down like a goat.

This Kabbalistic principal originates with the tribe of Dan who is compared to a snake biting the venom of anger judging reality critically. When one engages in a battle of holy anger against evil anger they reflect a spark of the nachash which equals the number 358 and Mashiach. Kabbalists believe the tribe of Dan according to the Zohar is the commander-in-chief of the army of Mashiach. The sense or emotion of anger can come to us as righteous indignation which arouses the soul towards a good inclination whereby they become angry at their evil inclination. Anger directed positively expresses care and concern of one’s soul that our reality become good. Therefore one is directing their “Evil eye” towards themselves to lower and subdue their egoism.

The controller of anger is our liver which functions to purify the blood. The snake mentioned in the Bible is a representation of immaturity of our individual and collective soul characterized by unrectified anger which is seen as hot (the month of Cheshvan) which is to be converted to good to warm the month of Tevet. When one fasts over the four months regarding the destruction of the Temple they mellow their anger and arouse mercy so that the Temple is rebuilt.

Goats are four legged domesticated animals with an unquenchable inquisitiveness who are forever looking for new places to obtain food. They are also curious about anything which they come across. Observe a goat and they will only eat that which is clean and palatable. Adept at climbing some goats have been known to climb trees not just mountains. Their determination and persistence is often mistaken for stubbornness, but goats do not stop until they achieve their objective. It has been observed that when searching for quality food a goat will push through any challenge regardless of how steep the hill or the sharpest of inclines.

As goats are known for trekking into treacherous terrain they tread slowly and with care. The totem animal is usually indicative of hard working individuals with single minded resoluteness in pursuit of their daily sustenance. They often tap into their higher power to achieve good for self, family, and society at large. This totem enters our lives when we yearn for independence, have a new project we’re working on and are unsure of where to start, want to enjoy prosperity in our lives, find our courage and strength have been at an all-time low, lack patience, and are stuck in a rut.

The Greeks associated goats with Zeus through the mythology of Amalthea’s horn of plenty and Pan the god of forests, wildernesses, and shepherds while the Romans associated goats with Faunus. Norse mythology tells of a magial goat, Heidrun, who fed on the leaves of Yggdrasil producing a sweet powerful nectar for the Norse Gods and heroes to drink. Hindu mythology associates goats with their legends of the Mother of the world. We find that Chinese traditions equate the goat with the eighth sign of the zodiac. Chinese tradition equates goats with ideas and concepts of calmness, stability, steadiness, politeness, and restraint. I may have to work on that; I’m a 1979 baby so that would be Sheep/Goat.

When we enter the Western terrain goats are associated with the Devil. What is missing here is the powerful concept within Western ideology whereby goats stood for sacrifices for a higher purpose, endurance, self reliance, and courage. The horns look intimidating, but the milk of the goat is healing and nutritious. In truth goats have sometimes been called “poor man’s cows” because they are not demanding nor do they require special treatment. They do not need much food and can survive harsh climates and environmental conditions. Goat’s milk is used for dairy products, soaps, and other various purposes. Tibetans use goats for salt transport. Excuse me while I go ponder the alchemical significance of this. I don’t know what just happened here, but I’m going to be laughing at it for some time. I’m certainly “in season.”

There is a New Moon which where I live strangely it occurred at 11:35 AM today in Capricorn. Also, where I live it’s hitting Capricorn at 11°. While our “pop” astrology says this is about money that actually is too blanket terminology or vague and may simply not be very true for everyone. Sorry guys/gals, but I get tired of generic cold readings. In fact this is why I self taught myself esoterica. I’m abjectly fed up with generics and in need something more in depth. First, you need to look at where Capricorn is in your specific natal chart. For me this is my 3rd House which esoterically not exoterically deals with mind substance/energy where one develops mental telepathy (mental transference of energy), the unfoldment of knowledge necessary to the journey on the mutable cross, development of the Rainbow Bridge and a merging of the higher and lower selves, and we begin to find members of our soul group. As a Reiki Master here is information on the Rainbow Bridge and Antahkarana. I really am starting to feel like a Vulcan mind meld. I believe this concept may also be akin to Metatron’s Cube reminding me of my crystal grid work.

The mutable cross is Virgo, Gemini, Sagittarius, and Pisces where our animal nature is transmuted into that of an aspirant. It is where we experience temporal change, fluidity, and a constantly evolving environment which drives our soul from one extreme experience to another between the pair of opposites. Here our lower nature re-orients towards individual and collective higher vision while we develop the life of the indwelling Christ consciousness which is our hidden soul. It is within Gemini that we grasp our first initiation of a spiritual awakening as it relates to the principal of the trinity (father, mother, and child) where Christ consciousness is birthed onto the physical Earth plane.

This is where we develop our adaptability and it is where the Christian concept of the holy spirit is poured out on individual and collective consciousness. The function of humanity at this juncture is to realize their purpose which is only grasped by those willing to be crucified at Golgotha which I explained on Saturday if you read the Arcturian Starseed Energy. Here we begin to prepare for the fixed cross of discipleship. We are now aware of our individual and collective responsibilities, have become self aware, and are working from right human action when we’ve achieved this level of consciousness as we see the plan of the Solar Logos begin to take shape within our consciousness.

Furthermore the chart I ran for myself with my present location today actually places Capricorn in the 10th House which is not the same as my natal chart. Esoterically not exoterically this marks where Divine will is revealed as our spiritual purpose, it’s the house of Masters and hierarchy where teachers step out looking for willing students if any should appear to them, and it offers one a position of spiritual advancement and responsibility to externalize themselves into the fields of service for the greater good of all of humanity. It’s where one is to embody the Love/Wisdom consciousness of their soul which in my case can sometimes come through as tough love even towards myself. If you feel stressed be glad you don’t hear my inner critic all the time the way that I do. It’s brutal in here.

So what happens at this degree well let’s look back at the Omega symbols this time. I’ve looked now several times at Sabian and Chandra.

Phase 57. Listening to Your Soul (Nun Mem Mem)

Angel: Nemamiah (ne-MAM-mee-YAH) Discernment

Capricorn 11. A gothic novel creates a dark mysterious atmosphere.

(Omega Symbol) Transforming/Experimental

(Degree Angel: Damabiah (da-MA-bee-YAH) Fear of God and Fountain of Wisdom)

Definiteness is always confining or limiting in some way. This degree has the ability to create an expansiveness through indefiniteness; an openness that provides a field in which the imagination can thrive. This also allows the contents of the subconscious to come forward with a consequent purging and healing of the emotional body. Most of this usually happens in a highly subtle unconscious way.

The Chandra Symbol for this degree is “A young boy joyously kisses a fat old lady.” This degree loves life as it is, and has a zest for encountering things as they are and then moving forth from there, by bettering what can be bettered, but accepting what is not likely to change. It can be contented, even happy, even in circumstances which are restrictive and lacking of opportunity, for it knows within itself that whatever is there is what needs to be there for now, and so without expectations it is free to relish what is.

The message it has to impart is that when we have “little” that perceived “little” we believe we have becomes a lot when we can truly allow ourselves to appreciate it.

Pleiadian Symbol: Wild birds flocking around temple ruins.

Azoth Symbol: A man using colored lights to read a palimpsest.

Seed degree: 10 Leo. A man who sees stars invisible to others. (Omega symbol). When we are able to perceive that which others do not notice it induces us to bring a subtlety of intensity and feeling into all we do.

A man putting olive oil all over his body. (Chandra symbol). To love and nurture our physical self stimulates us to love others for who they are irrespective of their outer appearances.

Fulfillment degree: 24 Leo. A drowning man turns into a fish. (Omega Symbol). When we deeply encounter our fears we find we are able to merge with them to the point that they support rather than threaten us.

Sunrise over Stonehenge. (Chandra Symbol). The new expressing vibrant love for the old brings new life to ancient truths.

For your enjoyment here is sunrise over Stonehenge! Happy New Moon! 🌑

Astronomy Picture of the Day

Reddit Winter Solstice 2021 Stonehenge

I’m here, and I got no students so… Hello? Anyone? Bueller? 🤣

Have a wonderful Sunday! 😇 I’m going to keep working on whatever this is that I’m currently struggling or wrestling with which appears to be myself. At least I know what the problem is now.

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I am a licensed aesthetician (#1446048 Expires October 2023) who has worked previously in medical malpractice and personal injury legal administration, life/health insurance for State Farm, and various retail roles including personal shopper. My passion at this time lies in the field of esoteric studies. I am also a Master Level Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki certified healer.

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