Teach Me Tuesdays: What Lies Hidden Behind Your Name?

Does Curiosity Really Kill The Cat?

Sometimes people are called superstitious for their beliefs. It is then that I have to wonder if those who perceive this as a superstitious world view are ignoring certain obvious synchronicities that can be found within our lives. Those kinds of people like me who get an itch to scratch with looking at the meaning of words in terms of their power may appear to others as very peculiar. If you were like me then you’d start questioning even the names for certain hurricanes, tropical storms, etc. thus beginning your journey into researching them further. Sure, it may come off as rather absurd of a notion, but that does not explain the simple fact that when you venture to perform such an action you will discover that many of our names with which we’ve utilized across various cultures are no different than the same way you find a Native American, Jewish, or Hindu society would have chosen the names of their children. Within these cultures the art of naming is not at or after birth rather it does not come until an age appropriate to pick one’s name when you can see elements of their personality. It is believed the name should be specific to that person. These cultures have actually utilized this for their real name, spirit name, and gifted names. This can also be done when we select names for our business.

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For Native Americans this process occurs within their tribal communities when gathered in a Sacred Circle after prayer involving a spiritual leader with the help of their assisting apprentices/partners. Once one receives their name they are escorted around this Sacred Circle as the name is announced to introduce them to the twelve levels of creation and the creator. They may develop a new regalia to symbolize the birth of your identity and your commitment to living up to this name as well as your tribe. If we translated this to Kabbalah we’d find that when Adam was gifted the ability and power to name the animals in the Garden of Eden this concept then becomes similar to the names we likewise choose for our children, business, and so forth.

We find a difference here in that Kabbalists have cautioned feeling completely destined to live with or exemplify only the names given to us by others. We may go through changes and we can in fact rename ourselves. Hinduism may be one other example where names accrue benefit to the person upon who they are given. As in Native American cultures the naming of a child can be based upon popular characteristics or it may also be based upon great personalities, celestial beings, aspects of human beauty, and characters from within their mythology. Hinduism, for example, may name females after holy rivers as they are considered feminine. You may find names within their culture such as Chakrapani which means carrier of wheel, Vinai which means obedient, Sulakshana which means beautiful, or Anandhi which means bliss.

I’m personally not one who wants to give my full name online at this time so I will give my first and middle names with an allusion to my last name. Another decoding tool I’ve utilized to understand the permutations of words has been Gematria, but much of this is purely based on one’s personal beliefs which as stated above for many can be perceived as a very pseudoscientific practice. Renee is of Indo-European and Latin origin from the root Renatus. This name means revived, renewed, and born again. It was a spiritual concept amongst early religions particularly Christianity with regards to baptismal rites in reference to water and the Holy Spirit. We find this also in Persian Zoroastrinism or Roman Mithraism via persons initiated into the mysteries designated Renatus.

The name carries a value related to the number 2 in numerology as well as a connection with the Sacral chakra and the color orange. Here the main energy is that of creativity and feelings often believed to radiate warmth alongside happiness. Orange mixes the red of our Root chakra with the yellow of the Solar Plexus chakra believed to help us bounce back from disappointments or despair. My middle name also carries the same numerological and Sacral chakra connection. I’ve been doing a lot of research into this, but I’m most certain I don’t have it perfected yet as I keep seeking to unravel mysteries for myself. I think everyone should inquire into this for their own given name. I happen to have a birthday which as previously noted gives me the Magha lunar mansion as well as the birth tarot cards for Hierophant/Temperance. Where this gets interesting is in the following link where “The Name of Mughistan” explains that Mugh/Mogh are derived from Magha meaning Zoroastrian priest known in the Western culture as magus. It has made me more intrigued by the buildup of my blog posts from the beginning even with reference to one of my first blog posts.

We know also that regarding baptism by water and Holy Spirit (fire) this is in fact discussing our levels of consciousness as I’ve previously written about via my studies of the Quran recently. Likewise we know I’ve been covering a lot with astrotheology recently which is a touchy subject amongst those who are a bit more of a Pharisee or Sadducee type zealot with regards to exotericism essentially disdaining the esoteric teachings as pagan, heresy, and falsehoods. It’s impossible to not find those online screaming their religion was plagiarized by some perceived “Devil” and that there is no way it could be of pagan or astrotheological origin. But I digress facts are facts and as said before cognitive dissonance is used to stop one from feeling discomfort with truth. I’m generally perhaps not always nice anymore with this topic because I’m frankly tired after studying esoterica for over a decade.

Magi (singular magus; from Latin magus, cf. Persian: مغ pronounced [moɣ]) were priests in Zoroastrianism or the earlier religions of the western Iranians. Our earliest known use of this word “magi” is found in a trilingual inscription written by Darius the Great known to us as the Behistun Inscription. Old Persian texts which predate our Hellenistic period refers to a magus as a Zurvanic, Zoroastrian, and priest. The Eastern Mediterranean and Western Asia until later antiquity and beyond saw the word “mágos” influenced by older words for a practitioner of magic which included astronomy/astrology, alchemy, and other forms of esoteric knowledge. The association was then the product of the Hellenistic fascination for Pseudo-Zoroaster perceived by the Greeks to be the Chaldean founder of the Magi and an inventor of both astrology alongside magic. In the Gospel of Matthew magoi from the East do homage to the newborn Jesus where the transliterated plural “magi” enters English from Latin in this context around the 1200s commonly rendered in English as “kings” and more often in recent times as “wise men.”

You can read more information at the following links:

Introduction to Zoroastrinism and Astrology

Magi – Zorastrian Priests


Followers of my blog will notice I’m not a “classical astrologer,” and I prefer to take a more experimental approach to esoterica which has kept me as a rebel and outcast. One of my first clues to this began through Barabara Pijan’s website when I took an interest in my Vedic chart. Many wonder why I focus on my Jungian foundation or shadow work which is really about mastering ourselves. Before Carl Jung and Sigmund Freud we had ancient Sanskrit writers explaining symbolism to the masses through the nature of self and ego from which arose the id-ego-superego concept of psychoanalysis. Mithra was a representative of the morning star as a solar deity presiding over day thus known as Lord of Light who grants wealth (of knowledge). Sanskrit Mitra meaning “ally/friend” connected him to harmony and the integrity of truth which keeps our relationships strong. We saw this in forging oaths or contracts. Along comes Varuna often seen as the monarchy and perhaps where we get monotheism upon which Mitra would represent the priesthood responsible for balancing day and night or good and evil. We choose with our mental content, words, actions, and so forth with regards to if we are creator, preserver, or destroyer.

Solar deities are those who understand themselves while Varuna was seen as our unconscious which can be both destructive and rewarding. We don’t necessarily want to ignore our shadow projections rather we should embrace and discover the negative aspects of self bringing into balance our consciousness. Mitra (Mithra) and Varuna build upon countless mythologies of twins across various cultures. Abrahamic faiths use Cain and Abel to depict this same allegory. Self realization arises from our archetypal projections helping us free ourselves from ego consciousness. Today many of us are mind programmed via cultural values of social media, sex, violence, mainstream media, and so forth which feeds the shadow.

Here is a link with audio for easier instruction on the Vedas which I’ve been interested in learning more from.

The Guardians of the Light

Renee is the Jewish Gematria value of 135 and the English Gematria value of 282. A few words connected with 135 are pineal, sigil, I’m Free, Pacman, paladin, and Midgard. A few words connected with 282 are luck, time, Loki, amor, cure, and Jahwe.

“Run wild and free like a waterfall” – Anamika Mishra

Lynn originates in Germanic, Scottish, and Gaelic dialects carrying this further as it means lake, waterfall, pool, and pond. Waterfalls symbolize change with a variety of cultural meanings such as:

  • Classical Chinese paintings use the waterfall as an element with rocks to represent yin and yang symbolically for impermanence. The waterfall persists while never being the same.
  • Greek philosophy ruminates on the waterfall as a symbol of continuous evolution. The drops of water which makeup this waterfall are renewed every second and as seen in Buddhism it is seen as an illusory component of manifestation.
  • Judaeo-Christianity teaches the waterfall is the insistence of intentions, exceptional career luck, and an invitation to delight an observer.
  • Hinduism considers the waterfall to be a place of spiritual cleansing where downward heavenly forces emanate displaying infinite potentiality.
  • Shinto tradition believes similar to Hinduism using waterfalls for purification.

Water has consciousness and memory. The brain is 95% water and is the ultimate receiver or carrier of information. One single drop of water stores many terabytes of information implying that the watery content of your brain makes it a far more powerful information processor than any computer could ever be; sorry to those proponents of artificial intelligence and machine learning. This is why you should be drinking more water. Water is our medium of consciousness and evidence indicates that the malleable structure of water is very significant. We find that the geometric clustering of water molecules can be altered by the subtlest of influences. There is in fact hundreds of thousands of information panels constituting these geometric structures registering energetic imprints from substances, activities, and the frequency of thought to which water has been exposed. This attribute is sometimes referred to as the “memory” of water.

Our human emotions change water and evidence also indicates that any substance which comes into contact with water leaves a trace upon it. However, it is our human emotions which are the strongest influence. Water constitutes, migrates, and interpenetrates everything meaning all is connected via water. We can change our world through water by the conscious use of thought and feeling. Water is also the information carrier that changes our blood, tissues, and reflects the very character of our innate human consciousness. The Earth is a giant container of water responding to the quality of our thoughts and feelings. Love increases the frequency that imprints upon water. When looking for life on other planets it is water that we seek which brings a pre-existing impulse to life. It creates the structure of DNA and proteins. Every seed and embryo begins in water which acts as the carrier of all biological intelligence that is the determiner and the means of change.

Lynn is the Jewish Gematria value of 500 and the English Gematria value of 390. A few words connected with 500 are fiery, kindred spirit, eyes, and sun moon. A few words connected with 390 are lumen, Uriel, spark, Ra codes, music, white, and today.

Regarding my last name it is occupational in origin and refers to the office of sheriff. This meant in high school I had to play the role of this character in the Canterbury Tales according to my instructor at the time. I certainly did not want to get up in front of everyone and play out this archetype. I usually got picked on by my peers, and the only time I wanted to perform was in high school Color Guard. Our high school was in the Rose Bowl parade, and at the time we won a lot of competitions so I preferred to dance rather than act. Below is some information on the history of this occupational role. No, this not a career I’ve ever held nor plan to. I do not wish to go down the lurid rabbit holes that others may choose to go down. Much in our history carries it’s light and shadow for which I’m more than well aware of so this is not gaslighting or ignoring the truth of where humanity has failed.

Sheriffs in Norman Times

Early History of Policing

The History of Modern Policing

Happy Tuesday! Wish you the best.

PS: Pardon any typographical errors. My seasonal allergies have me in a fog today. I’m under the weather mentally.

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I am a licensed aesthetician (#1446048 Expires October 2023) who has worked previously in medical malpractice and personal injury legal administration, life/health insurance for State Farm, and various retail roles including personal shopper. My passion at this time lies in the field of esoteric studies. I am also a Master Level Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki certified healer.

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