Wisdom Wednesdays: Turning What We Touch Into Gold

“The stars up there at night are closer than you think.” – Doug Dillon

Struggling to know what to write about when you’ve been battling severe allergies for now two days means you hit a road closed zone. Where I live they sometimes call it the “allergy capital” so I get hit with cedar season now and oak season later both of which are very unpleasant. I decided to pick up my copy of Bulfinch’s Mythology perusing the table of contents falling upon Midas and thought why not see if there is something here I could write about which there is including a bit of a dabble into astrology.

Greek mythology places Midas as a well known figure with some less than stellar judgment. What most remember him for is his request of Dionysus that everything he touched be turned to gold. Once this was granted he was exceptionally happy with his newfound ability until he soon came to regret this gift when he turned his daughter to gold. We see a similar theme in Midas judging a competition of musical skill between Apollo Musagetes (leader of the Muses) and a satyr. Apollo playing his lyre against the satyr with pan pipes caused a disagreement between Midas and Timolus. Timolus (God of Mountains) judged Apollo as the winner, but Midas loudly disagreed stating the satyr was more skilled. As punishment Apollo gave Midas the ears of an ass saying his dull judgment and lack of discernment in hearing should be visible for all to see.

These tales are archetypal depicting celestial foundations between the material and spiritual realms. For some this can be seen in the Judgment of Paris which lead to the Trojan War or the Judgment of Solomon. We find Solomon had the wiser of discernment when he requests wisdom and discerning judgment contrasted against Midas who was given the choice of riches, honor, long life, or power over his enemies. Midas essentially asks Dionysus for the equivalent of riches with disastrous results. In the Judgment of Paris selecting Aphrodite launches the Trojan War when the most beautiful woman in the world having already been married to a king is given over to Paris.

When Midas wrongly judges the musical contest between Apollo and the satyr we see an inversion of the proper order, a disrespect of the Divine, and a punishment where Midas is made to look like an ass or donkey. This same theme runs through the myth of Isis. Not only did Midas turn his daughter to gold, but he could neither eat nor drink without everything being transformed into gold. After praying to Apollo or Dionysus to have the curse of golden touch lifted Midas is told to immerse his head three times in the river Pactolus. It has been surmised this myth may also be similar to the constellation Perseus when it rises above the Eastern horizon appearing as if Perseus has immersed himself in the Milky Way between Sagittarius and Scorpio.

In these myths we see illustrations of contact with the invisible realms as contrasting material and spiritual natures of our human condition. Midas’ animal ears portray our worldly entanglements with our animal nature or lower self prone to being seduced by riches for ourselves or power over others. When we invert the Divine realm for personal gain it leads to objectification of oneself and others. This same concept can be applied through individuation.

The underlined hyperlink text unlocks the door. 🔑🚪

The Secret of Alchemy and Psychology

Alchemy and Individuation

If we were to plot this asteroid into a chart it would symbolize our money making ability by sign, house, and aspects in the chart as well as our lapses of judgment where we may enter into no-win situations or events which fall into the category of “be careful what you wish for, you just might get it.” The mythology ends with Zeus making Midas the judge of the dead in Hades. Hades is nourishment of the soul and hidden wealth or riches of the invisible realms. Thereby it’s important to understand the shadow aspects of this asteroid in a chart where our foolish pursuit of wealth leads to greed, avarice, and making imprudent choices.

If you would like to chart this asteroid for yourself simply go to Astro.com, select their free extended charts, and plug in number 1981 under the Manual Entry box for Additional Objects. I chose to look at natal, transits, and progressions just to grasp where this fell. My natal Midas is in the 9th House at Cancer 16° trine Uranus in my 1st House of Scorpio. This could be described as the aural/soul body, chakras, and emergence of soul purpose encouraging the knowledge of cosmic law to synthesize ancient wisdom teachings into a unified whole. This would be done by expressing my uniqueness in a harmonious way which hopefully will not upset others. It’s said this placement is indicative of one who is an agent of progressive change with interests in science, technology, and occultism particularly astrology. My personal Midas touch lies in humanistic achievements where I express creative and inventive individual flare via the internet to help others adapt to being seen as different and heightening their self awareness. Natal Midas is also semisquare my Moon in the 11th House, semisextile Jupiter in my 10th House, square Pluto in my 12th House, and sextile Chiron in my 7th House.

So if we took this into account we’d find my spiritual visions and service to humanity connects to my career with teaching about our spiritual purpose and responsibility through partnership with the union of soul and personality. I am one who prioritizes being self-reliant more than others while I am adept at discerning real “lucky breaks” from unrealistic ones or scams. Nonetheless I usually hide my self image due to a feeling of vulnerability where I protect against threats to my autonomy. Moments will arise where I’ve hit rock bottom and become terrified of loss due to my desire to succeed. We are called to forgive those who severely criticized us or refused to see our full potential.

Midas has been transiting my 10th House presently of Leo at 3° which means I’m relying on my creativity to attain prosperity, and I’m known for wanting to bring a “do what you love and love what you do” attitude to my work endeavors. I need to keep in check my need for recognition as well as accolade chasing. Meanwhile Midas will progress to my 8th House of Gemini at 19°. It’s best if I transmute my personal ambitions into group or spiritual endeavors. The question here is what should I transform in myself so that I better heal others. It’s of great importance that I place emphasis on maintaining healthy boundaries while remaining curious and open minded with regards to life in general.

We can explore this further through the study of the degrees Midas is hitting.



KEYNOTE: A deep concern with problems raised by the process of personality integration.

After a person decides to follow a certain course of action, accepting a new allegiance, the results of this decision at the three basic levels of human experience (actional, emotional-cultural, and individual-mental) have to be stabilized and consolidated.

This is what is meant by the process of personality integration. In Asia the great symbol of this process is the Mandala; in the Christian world we find, in various forms, the symbol of the Cross. The Christian design is often simple and bare; it is its reference to the crucifixion of a God-man that personalizes or emotionalizes it. The Oriental Mandala can take an infinite variety of forms and can encompass a vast multiplicity of contents; it is psychological and cosmic. The square is the foundation of the Mandala which potentially encloses diverse contents. The Cross, on the other hand, represents conflict in action; it is a symbol of tragic overcoming. The Mandala symbolizes integration of opposing trends and multiple bipolar energies.

This is the first stage of the twenty-second five-fold sequence. It reveals a deep effort on the part of the individualized consciousness to reach a solid basis of understanding that will allow it to perceive the structural relationship of every part of the personality to every other part. It is a mental process implying study and an inward-turning of the attention, CONCENTRATION; even more it is a symbol of what might at first be called CONFORMATION — that is, a profound and stabilizing sense of form, but of one’s own individual form, not an external socio-cultural pattern.

This could be a very cathartic degree from which we could learn much. Mandalas often circular in design are seen as a window or portal leading into our most private yet powerful sources of power. One may enjoy coming together with others to share, learn, digest, and integrate new ideas and experiences. Eventually we should bring it together in a more intelligent geometric design rebuilding something new and more effective which fuses together our present. Our astrology chart is one manner for this, but we could also take a large colorful piece of poster board, draw a huge circle on it, and divide this circle into four parts. This would be a vision board of our four goals such as health, home, relationships, and money where we place in the center a powerful spiritual figure who we would look upon to help us attain these goals. The mandala should be created as a treasure map creatively, colorfully, and with lots of imagination! It should be done in private, and we should not discuss it or reveal it to anyone.

This quote might help us understand the nature of this degree also:

“Contemplating and creating mandalas can help heal our sense of spiritual and psychic fragmentation, manifest creative energy and optimism, and reconnect us to our essential being.”

  • Judith Cornell, PhD

Others might better enjoy simply coloring mandalas such as those I found at Just Color. I used to use an iPhone app for this actually.


A rickshaw.

Hyperactive. Engrossed in sensations. Absolutely fascinated by the ins and outs of everything. Training yourself arduously to become completely present in the action. Insisting upon getting it right. Aiming for spirit and flesh to merge. Knowing how to do it and feeling sharply motivated. However, the little self does get carried away with the literal outward experience so very easily. You must battle to harness your powers and to pull yourself away from random delight. It is quite a journey, with one great thing going for yourself. You just know that you can do anything you set your mind to, and you are correct.

While we may look as if our energies are scattered as we run here and there what we are really doing at this degree is connecting and synthesizing all patterns of harmony and progress into a focused means of looking at what is really important or vital to our growth. If we are willing to experiment, embark on adventures, and encounter our shadow self we will free up energy to that which is cosmic, exalted, and sublime. Who we are is not the myriad masks we wear. This degree is described as the Sufi process of muhasabah which is self reckoning or accountability.

Phase 16. Dumping Depression (Hey Kuf Mem)

Angel: Hakamiah (he-KE-mee-YAH) Loyalty

Gemini 19. The Golden Fleece hanging in a garden.

(Omega Symbol) Manifesting/Resposible

(Degree Angel: Achaiah (a-KA-hee-YAH) DNA of the Soul and Patience)

You have a strong urge for adventure, and where that adventure will take you can be surprising and completely unforeseen. There can be abrupt changes of direction that you can’t account for, but which you strongly feel the urge to make. Something is calling to you, and you will not be at peace until you give it your attention and follow it wherever it calls.

The Chandra Symbol for this degree is “Strange creatures peeking out from behind trees.” The Golden Fleece is something marvelous, and the strange creatures are something you didn’t expect. This degree connects to the realm of miracles – without even trying to do so. When life is lived without a minimum of expectations, marvelous discoveries can be made. The strange creatures peeking out from behind trees are beings that are usually hidden who are trying to make contact because they sense the kinship and receptivity of this degree. Here are spontaneous and often surprising encounters with the unexpected, and new and unimagined opportunities arising because of them.

Pleiadian Symbol: A book that only allows itself to be opened by certain people.

Azoth Symbol: At the tip of Africa a ship is deciding whether to go north or south.

Seed degree: Scorpio 9. Looking through a microscope, a man sees a woman waving at him. (Omega Symbol). When you notice tinier and tinier things and feel them loving and wanting to connect with you, you find yourself suddenly beholding a treasure you’ve been searching everywhere for.

A hand with six fingers. (Chandra Symbol). Until the moment of enlightenment we aren’t aware that we are holding in our hands the universe’s perfection – but as we catch glimpses of this we tap increasingly into the universal aliveness of everything everywhere.

Fulfillment degree: Libra 7. The Great Wall of China making a huge shadow. (Omega symbol). As we seek the fulfillment of our desires we come to realize the extent and power of the limitations we’ve created for ourselves.

A group of old ladies gossiping excitedly. (Chandra Symbol). Picking up on so many different possibilities lurking everywhere, we exchange information and speculations as they occur to us, hoping to find something that will further our fulfillment.

Oracle: There it hung, the magic fleece that he’d journeyed so far to obtain and take home with him. Who could say why people wanted such things, why they were so relentlessly compelled to own them? He knew in his heart that the fleece was of another world, and he felt that maybe by possessing it he might somehow form a connection with it through which he could enter that other world. At the same time, though, he knew that such hope was in vain, for that realm was already within him, and to find it he must make an even more perilous journey through the unknown territory of his own being, if he was to ever find the real Fleece of Gold.

But, being weary of searching, and desperate to feel a moment of triumph, he grasped the one in front of him hanging on the tree – the other, illusionary fleece – and shivered as he felt a breeze from the future stir through it as he stole from the garden.

“She ran away in her sleep and dreamed of paradise.” – Unknown

A funny degree in its own right. I have a golden fleece on my bed. It was purchased around Passover/Easter a few years ago. It has also been said that this mythology was one of healing wounds of all kinds through the mysteries of warmth, sleep, and hibernation. Sleep allows us to contact our subconscious or higher beings. When we sleep under warm blankets we are enshrouded in our own warmth field archetypally connecting to the process of a butterfly in a chrysalis. Deep sleep is comforting and healing on many levels, but the body must be allowed to bathe in its own currents as well as the currents of the Earth. In the chrysalis the caterpillar liquefies dissolving into the butterfly. Warmth of body fire produces deep sleep disengaging us from various energies allowing us to be transformed. Another helpful way to achieve this transformative state is through guided visualization or listening to harmonic sounds. When we build heat in the body like a sweat lodge or sauna we purify the body.

Below is some information on the golden fleece:

Jason and the Quest of the Golden Fleece

While in and out of sleep last night it dawned on me that my issue with “pop” astrology and those who warrant we do not use asteroids or other objects in our chart outside of the traditional planets is because this is like ignoring dark matter as well as an expanding Universe that is still creating. It’s also annoying to me in that another example exists between the amount of time it takes for light to reach us from the Sun when compared to that of a star. The sunlight we see is 170,000 years and 8.5 minutes old. Light travels at 300,000 kilometers per second or 186,000 miles per second. The time it takes for light from stars to reach us is the distance to the star divided by this speed. A star which is 4.3 light years away means that light from it takes 4.3 years to reach us. Nonetheless that light will still be reaching or effecting us. When you study non traditional space objects in an astrology chart you’re looking at that which is associated with the symbolism and archetypes of cultural Gods/Goddesses and such. These various space objects explore the many different shades and sacred dimensions of Divine energy.

Have a wonderful Wednesday!

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I am a licensed aesthetician (#1446048 Expires October 2023) who has worked previously in medical malpractice and personal injury legal administration, life/health insurance for State Farm, and various retail roles including personal shopper. My passion at this time lies in the field of esoteric studies. I am also a Master Level Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki certified healer.

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