Manifestation Mondays: Bibliomancy with Hans Christian Andersen Fairy Tales Introduces the Fir Tree

“Don’t Tame Your Wild!” – Cybele

The underlined hyperlink text is a journey into the realms of the Twilight Zone.


I can’t remember what email was sent to me, but while I was sick I received an email from someone which may have been connected with the Moon Readings I receive that told me I excel at Bibliomancy for divination. Potentially Bibliomancy is divination by interpreting a chosen passage at random from within a book or text; it was often done with the Bible. I will admit I do greatly enjoy the practice in trying to understand what perhaps my mind is sending me from time to time to gain focus on. Today I decided to open the large book above the fireplace of fairy tales by Hans Christian Andersen which opened to the Fir Tree (PDF at the link). I’ve never even heard of or read this story so I’m excited to share with you something new even to myself. I will state that when trees show up in my awareness as a symbol I take significant notice due to my studies of Celtic tree asrology, Kabbalah’s Tree of Life, and Wicca.

Essentially trees have very potent messages for me if brought to my awareness. That is why I honed in on mom and I being Holly under Celtic astrology or ogham while I inherited a California king oak bed from my grandparents (Oak/Holly King). The Ogham being another tool I’ve used for divination. In my studies of my Vedic lunar mansion I watched an astrologer explain the Magha lunar mansion fully telling me that it is the grandparents for anyone born into this lunar mansion who have an extremely close tie to their grandchildren and that often those born into this lunar mansion will inherit a piece of furniture that is a family heirloom with ancestral roots they’ve lost. I resonated this to my maternal great grandmother who inspired me to become a cosmetologist choosing to follow in her footsteps as she worked for Clairol, Revlon, etc.

I realize that I also remember being 5 years old, crawling in my mom’s lap, and crying on her shoulder at her funeral to this day. Perhaps this is due to her helping my mom raise me in my early years. What we can see is that this is shown in Reiki as well regarding our karma/dharma. According to Vedic astrology Magha nakshatra is a significant lunar mansion managed via Ketu and relates to the fixed star Regulus which moved into Virgo from Leo. It ranges entirely through Leo and Virgo. When this occurred it was also an Anaretic Degree which as mentioned yesterday implies one is to “Master” something to make the transition. This is not easy because Ketu Mahadasha is often by all accounts of those I talk to perceived as a literal hell on Earth.

When I attempted to use Twitter before dealing with crypto scams or people pushing porn at me/my business allowed for me to network briefly with Vedic astrologers long enough to know they generally don’t like people ruled by Ketu so I was not welcome there. A very frustrating experience because I was left with a select few Twitter friends/followers from Belgium, Poland, Nepal, and Spain. Actually I do miss these people now especially my friends in Nepal who sent me “nature” photography everyday. I loved the photos they sent me from their country everyday. I would love to have someone do this for me again as I’ve only been outside of the USA to Canada.

I’ve blogged a bit about how unfavorable Twitter was for my social networking. It was a failure in the end once scammers attached onto me, and I’m now lost in the blogosphere as well. I’m not being picked up by as many people perhaps as I’d hoped so I assume my content is wrong. I don’t appeal anywhere, I’m probably as my step father says “too erudite,” and I’m not sure how to change this or make it palatable to my audience to generate anything from my business endeavors. So instead it’s a lesson in watching someone get tomatoes hurled their way or fall on their face. Whatever I’m going to learn from this experience I’m not entirely sure as of yet. I guess try to handle it with grace under pressure. If I was honest I would tell you I’ve been everywhere including studying the Mayan calendar and modern Mayan zodiac with it’s New Age vibe of Dreamspells that claims I’m White Cosmic Wizard. Again this showed up for me at random looking into things surrounding my July 26th birthday over the years. I’ve simply picked up a lot of baggage. If you’ve seen my chart Leo and Virgo or my 10th/11th Houses are the places that everything usually wants to astrologically live in. Thankfully my Vedic chart never looks like a Western!

Having Stelliums in 10th/11th Leo/Virgo Houses is Insane!
Vedic is a Wee Bit Calmer, But Still Everything is in the 10th/11th Cancer/Leo Houses!

My childhood due to my mom’s first marriage as well as other factors around finances kept us estranged from family. I’ve only gone to see extended family twice in Chicago on the maternal side and three times I’ve interacted with step family from New York (twice for my step grandmother’s death/care giving when she was diagnosed terminal with grade IV brain cancer during my late 20s). I feel very estranged as if I did not have or know my “family tree” which by your 30s or 40s after a tough childhood that you did not know your biological father after age 2 due to domestic abuse you grow up coping with feelings of abandonment/orphaned archetypes in your psyche particularly if you were bullied by peers as a child.

It took me into my late 20s to forgive silly things such as the group of girls on my junior high school bus when I moved to Cedar Park, Texas who threw gum in my hair. I went home in tears requiring it cut out of my hair which I was not psychologically prepared for. So I held the pain for a very long time feeling rejected by my external world, and I still deal with this in the present sometimes. I struggle forming relationships because most of my youth I felt as if I was constantly rejected and this has damaged me emotionally as well as psychologically in ways I’m trying to recover from due to lacking a support group as I do not know how or who to properly reach out to as an adult because this hampers the ability to build trust in another. Again it is why I’m wholehearted a solitary!

You will find as I’ve previously mentioned that I’ve been trying to slowly study the esoterics of many cultures over the last two decades so I’ve dabbled in many areas including having briefly researched Santeria through texts that delve into the Yoruba. This has been for me something I’m quite passionate about; learning outside of Abrahamic spiritual realities to round out my understanding or gnosis. In my eyes if I don’t it will appear as if I’m being very prejudiced as a person almost xenophobic which is not an attractive trait and that mindset comes from fear of the unknown.

As I don’t want my blog post to be too long winded today I’m going to share with you links to how some have interpreted this fairy tale as well as links to the symbolic meanings of the Fir tree in the hopes that it will help you gain insight into what my Bibliomancy wishes to teach this Monday.

The overarching message is a tale is about a Fir tree so anxious to grow up and so anxious for greater things that he can’t appreciate living in the present now moment.

Poetic Life Pessimism

Ailm (Fir or Pine) and Ailm (Fir or Pine) II

I Am Like a Green Fir Tree: The Solar Horus X-mas Special, Part 2

I and My Father are One: The Solar Horus X-mas Special, Part 6

This Monday I leave you with the following as well for a positive affirmation.

1. Looking into the darkness there is color, there is life, and there is space. We can put ourselves at one with the universe like lying down and watching the stars. Most everything leaves your mind; you are “FREE!”


Heals the stomach walls

Rainbow Obsidian

Symbolizes North and East representing Spirit and Wind, two minds connecting magically together, and the art of fixing your gaze on an image, thought, or phrase while waiting, watching, and listening using the mind’s eye, ear, and voice to gain insight. Focuses the attention at being discouraged by something in life such as a lack of success and feeling unable to pick one’s self up to try again, but we have to get up and keep walking.

Virgo is about digestion which includes not just our literal food we eat at meals, but what we read, watch on television, or learn in school settings. My illness this month which caused me sore throat (Throat chakra imbalance), heartburn (digestive), loss of appetite, and dehydration coupled with mom’s pneumonia is insightful. For me it hurt to swallow, and I also had extreme dry mouth every night while sick. I add that to my long winded posts of learning about fluoroquinolones. As I’ve said my blog is a journey of expanding growth I’m personally going through when I meant it to be a help meet to my astrology business.

I happen to be a Pitta dosha.


The New Exodus (Click On The Hyperlink For More Information)


Holly (Celtic zodiac for mom and I) corresponds to courage, death, Divinity, healing, luck, protection, rebirth, and unity. Oak (the bed I inherited from my maternal grandparents) corresponds to ancestry, fertility, health, luck, prosperity, protection, strength, success, and wisdom. Fir (the Hans Christian Andersen fairy tale) corresponds to birth, far-sightedness, protection, prosperity, rebirth, and vitality.

I hope you have an extra special Monday! 🌜📅 Sending you much love!

PS: I’m saying this one more time. I will block your IP if you come to my business blog or website with a Gravatar/domain that hosts potential viruses or malware. I’ve already done this for two domains that put me at risk for viruses and malware. My Norton subscription alerts me, and I also use VPN. I’ve had enough of online 🗑️🚯 so don’t litter or loiter here! Do us all a favor and “grow up.”

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I am a licensed aesthetician (#1446048 Expires October 2023) who has worked previously in medical malpractice and personal injury legal administration, life/health insurance for State Farm, and various retail roles including personal shopper. My passion at this time lies in the field of esoteric studies. I am also a Master Level Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki certified healer.

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