Wisdom Wednesday’s: The 10 Plagues Explained Esoterically

“Each man knows the plague of his own heart.” – Lailah Gifty Akita

No astrology today; purely esoterics. The underlined hyperlink text is a spiritual jaunt.


Last night I watched an ASMR from Exodus that focused on baby Moses being found. This came after watching an ASMR by the same artist which was a purification ritual in Egypt with also a lice check within the role play. I subscribe to several ASMR artists and tarot readers in my spare time albeit my business has no real audience or support itself. There is a lack of symbiotic relating here, but I imagine my spiritual journey is requiring me to drop my ego also which is not very easy. Thanks Ketu and Magha whom I have been reading about extensively on my pursuit of moksha or nirvana.

In my journey to explore my beliefs I looked years ago to the Pagan Book of Hours really it was pure curiosity (it kills cats/Leos alike) and was awestruck to study the rituals for my birthday each year. I usually received the Solstitium (the Solstices) or an Invocation of the Celtic Ogham Tinne with the Holly matching my Celtic tree astrology sign.

What I wonder is if the photographer ever realized how much pareidolia he created for me when he photographed me with my mom in front of a Christmas tree and fireplace with stockings hung. Details you can not see unless you are present in my bedroom with my wealth altar. What was the photographer thinking or was it unconscious and a Freudian slip?!

It introduced to me to the idea of the Hekatombaion which I was completely ignorant of. I was given that year the Aphrodisia so I had much to catch up on.

For some this was a bathing festival in dedication of Aphrodite Pandemos (Aphrodite of All Peoples) and Peitho (Persuasion), her helper, who were considered powerful Goddesses since archaic periods like the worship of Ishtar. They are Goddesses of war and statecraft as well as love.

In ritual the temple is purified (in ancient times with the blood of a dove which was Aphrodite’s bird) and the altar was anointed. Today pagans might dedicate an unblemished rose to her or anoint their altar with pure rose oil. Apples and apple blossoms or myrtle sprays may be used. Finally a sacred image of Aphrodite may be carried in a procession to a place where it is washed.

I also had Day of the Spindle Tree. What is fascinating is I traced this to being referenced as the Burning Bush of all hilarious things. You can locate this through the Pagan Book of Hours which instructs one to invoke the Green Man of the Spindle Tree.

The Euonymus Alatus (Burning Bush) or The Winged Spindle Tree

Passover reminded me of the year my family allowed me to embrace my Ashkenazi Jewish roots as I ultimately was not raised in any church setting. My best friend in high school came from a Catholic family which influenced my 20s, and I became a full fledged Catholic at 21. I have previously blogged that my spiritual journey has been an odd one as I have tried to understand exactly why I took the path I did growing up. I never routinely attended church due to on/off working in retail. Catholic now always shocks me that I chose that path, but then I was attending church often with my best friend during high school and my first years of college. New definition of peer pressure?! I don’t know; she was my sponsor through RCIA. Long story short as I’ve said I did not know my ancestral roots till my maternal grandfather passed, and I inherited what I did. Family was not really investigating our DNA after all. We were not inherently interested in even investing in the new science around such practices.

When most of your weekends or holidays are spent earning a living you can’t develop a relationship spiritually although as an esotericst I am glad I was not indoctrinated via dogmatism or exoterics. My mother raised me with a view I should learn all faiths and then decide my belief structure. But I recognize I am so eclectic I don’t belong anywhere as I do not like rigid rituals or rules. I do my own thing, and I despise communities with legalism as I can not work in that environment. Solitary yet again.

Today I am going to try to explain the Biblical 10 Plagues which also are a part of Passover esoterically to my audience to the best of my abilities. I am not perfect at this. But for most of the Jewish holidays when I celebrated them at home with family I did a lot of the ritual work and taught it to my parents as a female. This includes waving the lulav/etrog during Sukkot. I also learned to become creative with matzah as I began to get really tired of it fast so I was making pizza or desert with it by covering it in homemade caramel, chocolate, nuts, coconut, etc. Kind of the same as my vegan macaroni and grilled cheese sandwich I make during winter.

The last two to three weeks of blog posts will illustrate or help my blog audience grasp why I chose this topic at present I believe. I advise you to investigate those blog posts for clarification. For the record my mom is doing well at healing from pneumonia. I’m still personal assistant or “woman” of the house with some of the chores, but she has been regaining her energy and starting to slowly participate more in the world of the living compared to the world of poor health. My allergies have greatly improved thankfully as well.

I previously wrote in my Quran studies that Moses is a level of consciousness which is concerned with morality that serves a purpose in disciplining one’s thoughts acting as preparation for spiritual law (life/creative intelligence and wholeness). The plagues of Egypt signify our right and proper ability to recognize the vital center of our organism known as the generative/life center as having a place within the economy of the Divine yet spiritual humanity should never become obsessed/addicted in the mere animal processes of life generation solely through sex. This is what brings the plagues of Egypt known as disease upon humanity. Ironic given 3/4 of exoteric people I meet insist I get married, have babies, and that is fulfilling the be fruitful and multiply.

Excuse me; what?! This is some very absurd logic.

Moses also indicates an evolutionary impulse towards spiritual unfoldment via a learning process whereby practicing the law of cause and effect leads towards spiritual awareness which is our promised land. Moses is not spiritual rather he is more of our cause and effect impulse, obedience, and agency for it which is actually a very important factor.

Egypt represents a realm of substance and life within the depths of our body consciousness which is full of darkness/ignorance and mystery which can be described as our subjective/subconscious mind. This is also known as flesh consciousness, sense consciousness, and materialistic consciousness.

Pharaoh acts as ruler of the Sun or our brain/nerve centers which physiologists name the Solar Plexus chakra as well teaching that the brain of our body directs our circulation, digestion, assimilation, etc. Intellectual students discovered that the Solar Plexus chakra is the organ where a ruling thought acts and this hardened heart will not let God’s/Goddess’ people go. I’ve delved into this within the last week in discussing my recent health crisis alongside my mom’s.

Physically Egypt is a portion of our body below the diaphragm. The various plagues brought upon the Egyptians by the Lord via Moses are symbolic representations of what occurs in this part of our organism when our presiding intelligence opposes any influx of the higher life/mind. Therefore the bloody waters, frogs, lice, flies, murrain, boils, hail, locusts, darkness, and death of the first born may all be found in the various diseases of our bowels, kidneys, and other organs of our body as named by doctors. A very large number of these diseases are the result of mental resistance to spiritual consciousness which is working widely in all of collective humanity.

The first plague is blood. Blood expresses spiritual principles which have been introduced into your race mind via the purified Christ consciousness. This spiritual principle rests on pure ideals; and manifests in mind/body in concrete forms when rightly appropriated. It can be appropriated and used for purification of the mind and the healing of the body.

Frogs teach that we must keep our thoughts proportioned between the manifest and the unmanifest. When we wish to keep our body we must hold it within a proper relationship with the manifest. If our consciousness affirms a spiritual origin our physical development of the body allows for a true relationship with both spiritual and material realms to be maintained. When we concentrate entirely on either the spiritual or the material we fail to maintain proper proportions that we as physically expressed/embodied souls must maintain in order to live harmoniously. To think exclusively on any one subject the manifestation becomes out of proportion and any one of these forms of plague appears.

A soul that is in bondage to Pharaoh is being prepared for freedom or liberty whereby the spiritual consciousness acts in two ways. One of these ways will be a forward movement as illustrated in the Biblical narrative of Exodus personified as Moses which means drawn out. The opposite way is an upward movement personified as Aaron which translates as mountaineer. The importance of these two movements is shown in spiritual consciousness personified as the children of Israel led forward and upward in an ascension by successive steps taken towards God/Goddess.

The spiritual is always superior to the materialistic which consumes the manifestations of the materialistic as shown via the rod serpents. This can annul its own manifestations as well as the manifestations which are materialistic thereby healing the plague of frogs.

Lice indicates symptoms within where unhealthy submission exists which can be productive or destructive. Being a humble student in life’s lessons is a noble character trait teaching that to surrender one’s ego to a higher truth is the foundation for all spiritual growth the exact same as the capacity to confess to an error/wrongdoing. Healthy humility and submission is different from destructive humility which crushes one’s spirit and dulls their zest for life. This type of submission causes one to think of themselves as worthless.. Like lice this level of consciousness is parasitic sucking a person’s blood and depriving them of their vitality or energy.

Horde is a swarm of devouring beasts attacking Egypt symbolic of one’s unhealthy ambition. Ambition is a great gift in life acting as an engine which drives humanity to achieve greatness and make a difference in their world. If we don’t refine this then our ambitions will turn us into devouring beasts which crush and destroy the people we perceive to be standing in the way of the fulfillment of our goals.

Pestilence matches my previous blog post about having archetypal consciousness of Apollo and Athena. Greek mythology shows that Apollo was a God of Light residing in the Sun. He was a healer and purifier, but light and heat are not always beneficial. Apollo was also the sender of pestilence and destruction. Sunlight without water burns up crops and brings forth pestilence.

Boils is in fact an epidemic. It is brutal rejection that becomes the epidemic. The physical embodiment of false compassion is an epidemic which harms people silently. Kabbalists teach that compassion is more powerful and enduring than love. Love can overlook the flaws of a beloved one. Compassion takes into consideration all of our flaws and extends a helping heart and hand regardless.

Boils engender a fire where the soul’s capacity to reject is like a bonfire. Verbal rebuff scorches and demolishes the one who is rejected. Rejection is an act of traveling inward and upward into one’s own world removing one’s self from the people and the events around them. A healthy soul needs to know how to reject the same as it must know when and how to embrace. One may be called upon to refuse a destructive urge, to sever an unhealthy relationship, or to say no to a spoiled child or an unethical business offer. That is healthy, but if our capacity for rejection turns into hate, bitterness, or abject cruelty we become destructive.

Pink Floyd: On The Turning Away

Hail suggests selfish love and when water as a state of consciousness descends from the higher planes to the lower planes it should embody generosity and loving-kindness. Kabbalah suggests our flow of love may be compared to the flow of water which can act as a force for irrigation or nourishment to a human or animal soul via its refreshing vibration.

If in bondage to Egypt one’s inner knowledge or gnosis is only an icy frozen form of love which is self-seeking and self-centered in intent. One’s flow of love becomes cold and frozen exactly like hail which harms their loved ones instead of nurturing them. Excessive self love is that which is ablaze with egotistical passions. The hail which falls in Egypt is born of the nature of coldness displayed towards another coupled with warmth displayed towards one’s self.

Locusts are of a perverted form of rationality and intelligence. Our ability to perform acts of intellectual inquiry or scrutiny represent the most precious gift within the human race. This allows us to explore the universe, improve our lives, and discover a higher moral/ethical calling.

This can likewise serve as a tool to rationalize every evil practiced under the Sun while justifying every destructive lifestyle or habit which Kabbalists call the evil inclination and relate to Satan/the adversary. The locusts that consumed all the existing plants in Egypt leaves in its wake barren soil. A corrupt mind will uproot every existing moral/ethical structure or established sacred foundation in an effort to leave in its wake a desolate society bereft of spiritual values and absolute principles. This is the tragedy of Egyptian intellectualism where one becomes so open minded that their brains figuratively fall out.

Imogen Heap: Plague Songs Glittering Cloud (a song about the Biblical locusts)

Darkness is the ignorance of the sense consciousness and an absence of Truth or light consciousness. One’s undeveloped potential is caused via a lack of love. Our ability to conceive of new original ideas can become inaccessible. A mind keenly realizing its limitations and borders must suspend its intellectual ego to open itself up to a higher mind. When one is arrogant and smug they deprive their mind of any ability to experience illumination constricted forever into a narrow tunnel vision of life.

Death of the first born of every state of consciousness or the personal “I Am” occurs lastly. A flood of light from the universal is let in through our declaration of the one love-wisdom where mortal states of consciousness are slain. There is a great cry in Egypt for there was not a house where there was not one dead.

This is death of one’s identity. Our initial instincts and motives lie beneath the surface of our conscious self within a dimension of our personality that is more difficult to violate as it is hidden/inaccessible. Habitual lifestyles of ongoing addiction and abuse bring about the death of the first born or super consciousness. With this plague the Jewish people are set free and are well on their way to receive the Ten Commandments used to reverse the perverted faculties of a diseased soul allowing one to express harmony and splendor of their individualized Divine essence.

The Tree of Life is better described as follows:

  • Kether is super consciousness.
  • Chokmah is creativity/imagination.
  • Binah is intelligence.
  • Chesed is loving-kindness.
  • Geburah is rejection.
  • Tiferet is compassion.
  • Netzach is aspirations/dreams.
  • Hod is submission/humility.
  • Yesod is empathy/sympathy.
  • Malchut is self assurance.

Anyone interested in some of my studies I found the following series as well:

Folds, Fractals, and Holograms

Post foot fracture as I have discussed while on gabapentin and tramadol I went through a consciousness changing experience. During this period of two months amidst side effects like passing out in the bathroom after a shower, lying on a tile floor unconscious, and waking up later I was only able to process astrology, philosophy, and quantum physics. Anything else put in front of me I experienced words on the pages or screen floating and moving around. Ultimately I have never quite been the same woman, and I somewhat feel as if I lost the person I once was. So I can admit I sometimes hate the change as I have felt unsure if I consented to this via my doctors or the pharmaceutical industries with pain management.

Largely because I learned how to heal in a more wholistic and safer manner which did not require psychotropic like drugs. There is a lot I do not put online or share of my truth. Some of it is too personal and some of it would take too long to explain to you. Instead I confide mostly in my mother of what my experience was the same as my near death anaphylaxis experience at 26 to sodium lauryl sulfates and derivatives or my extreme allergies and Eustachian tube dysfunction in my right ear which left me deaf for months one year. Honestly I do not have a good support group, and I manage a lot independently on my own which allows me to critically think for myself.

Yogi Tea Fortunes (I Collect Strange Things)

Todays positive affirmation is as follows.

1. With confidence and purpose I seek out like-minded successful people.


Heals morale


Symbolizing instinctive fulfillment of emotional, physical, and survival needs. Focuses attention on being an adventurer who enjoys courageous activities while motivating others to accomplish their goals.

If this blog post helped you please consider supporting my business with an astrology report purchase or donation.

Have a superb Wednesday! Best wishes! 🎋🧧

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I am a licensed aesthetician (#1446048 Expires October 2023 Valedictorian) who has worked previously in medical malpractice and personal injury legal administration, life/health insurance for State Farm, and various retail roles including personal shopper. My passion at this time lies in the field of esoteric studies. I am also a Master Level Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki certified healer. I happen to be currently employed within a 9-5 career in cosmetology retail selling to licensed professionals part time.

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