Fun Quote Fridays: Liberty/Freedom

Solar Eclipse 2017 Wedding Ring

“I am no bird; and no net ensnares me: I am a free human being with an independent will.”

  • Charlotte Brontë

“The most courageous act is still to think for yourself. Aloud.”

  • Coco Chanel

“Freedom is not worth having if it does not include the freedom to make mistakes.”

  • Mahatma Gandhi

“Those who deny freedom to others, deserve it not for themselves.”

  • Abraham Lincoln

“The first duty of a man is to think for himself.”

  • Jose Marti

“Disobedience is the true foundation of liberty. The obedient must be slaves.”

  • Henry David Thoreau

“I prefer liberty with danger than peace with slavery.”

  • Jean-Jacques Rousseau

The underlined hyperlink text brings up some questions for us to ponder; which one is sitting on my shoulder giving me advice exactly? 👼 or 😈?!

I decided upon this set of quotes when I began to notice the theme in my astrology chart surrounding “liberty/freedom” as I have been blogging. I see it in guardian angels I have researched, my ring, and when I slept to the audio of the Tibetan Book of the Dead or cited the following link recently in a blog post. Blogging seems to help me unravel my own hang ups or goals I am otherwise not entirely conscious of. Hopefully being an example will help others do the same as they will see some benefit to my astrological or spiritual musings as strange as they may appear.

I further saw this within my Vedic chart thanks to my natal nakshatra within Magha. My Ketu is Aquarian. Pitris represent our Divine ancestors also referred to as solar pranic energies who assist us on our journey from body to body. The purpose of this relationship is intended to remind us about our eternal connection to the continuity of life encouraging us to become more detached.

Pitris teach us about our cosmic spiritual essence which continues to live and travel through the cosmos even after the death of our body from life to life until it reaches final emancipation. Our Divine spark and Divine roots ask that we acknowledge our duties towards the material world which should be fulfilled with devotion and detachment. Our thoughts, actions, and words contribute to shaping the future.

Magha nakshatra inspires us to seek spiritual freedom from material bondages while honoring our roots and remaining responsible to the world that we come from. Moon in Magha desires for us to honor this sacred connection rather than try to be isolated from it which can make our ego too strong.

The ruling planet of Aquarius is also Saturn. Ketu and Saturn are friendly to one another. Saturn acts as significator of detachment from materialism while Ketu is associated with spiritual liberation. Those who are born with Ketu in Aquarius are quite erudite understanding the realities of life.

In honor of this blog post feel free to utilize your astrology software or for a free extended chart to plot Goddess Libera in your natal, transit, and progression. Libera is asteroid 771.

For me this Goddess is placed in my natal 11th House Virgo 12°, transits my 8th House Gemini 8°, and progresses to my 12th House Libra 1°. I studied Goetia briefly before I put it down. Today I will add some information on the daimon associated with each degree for those who prefer this route. Mostly I was investigating the daimon for my birth when I learned my birth guardian angel was Nith-haiah. I complain about being solitary and unnoticed. Meanwhile I have Glasya Labolas with the 8 of Wands, Mercury, Sagittarius, and Rosemary. I read somewhere this daimon acts like you have a cloak or cap of invisibility and ensures you are not overly materialistic. So I have a Romulan Bird of Prey?! Exactly when did this happen; scratches her head. 🤯

Glasya Labolas can be invoked to ensure what you’re doing is kept secret making you “invisible.” This daimon will make you wise to what is really going on around you while ensuring your friends and enemies are unsuspecting. This daimon is ideal for execration/binding, but also keeps your projects secret from noisy coworkers or competitors.

The 11th House deals with one’s aspirations, everything that has to do with friends or people in authority, philosophy/religion, idealism, speculation, and understanding of other people. Often the 11th House focuses on organizations which are humanitarian based.

The 8th House rules death, occultism/magic, sexuality, inheritances, and that which we must let go of. This can be considered one of the best mentors to teach us about life and it’s meaning.

The 12th House holds the subconscious/unconscious, secrets, self knowledge/gnosis, and deals with seclusion. Loss, isolation, hospitals, prisons, hidden enemies, fear of death, illness, and self undoing are featured here. These collective realms of life include neighborhoods, organizations, and the world in general.

Natal and Transits Asteroid Libera
Natal and Progression Asteroid Libera


A dog sniffing a dead animal.

Searching for clues, you probe the straight line and the intricate curve, tapping the mind’s powers for intricate operations. Prone to find the pathological, the destructive, and the inverted, the bloodhound sleuth checking everything out everywhere. Curious, fascinated, alive with speculations, hunches, notions. Wanting to track something down, to get resolution. Needing to know, poking about in the dark. You possess remarkable senses and an almost purely telepathic mind, tremendously skilled and adroit. But you can get poisoned by skepticisms and by too heavy an exposure to the dark underbelly of things. Desperate to learn how to also accept and embrace all that is, unconditionally, to let go into rightfulness and goodness in the very thick of things being rotten and pervasively wrong.

This degree shows that one is acutely aware of the forces of entropy/decay. One grasps the reality where everything eventually winds down, loses energy, and falls apart. When you struggle against this inappropriately you actually wear yourself out with futility trying to remedy what needs to be let go of as well as allowed to disintegrate. This degree indicates that the insights one born on this degree has into what is going wrong can be invaluable and used as a basis to effect renewal/rejuvenation. Work with guardian angel Caliel. The associated daimon to work with is Bathin.

Bathin corresponds to the 10 of Pentacles, Venus, Virgo, and Mistletoe. What I have read online invoking Bathin before travel ensures a smoother journey. Kitchen witchery gets you further with Bathin than ceremony/ritual! With regards to travel Bathin is also helpful with astral projection. Kabbalah teaches that the true secrets of our cosmos are only revealed to those willing to enter the various elements of the astral planes of which the allegorical Tree of Life is supposed to symbolize. Buddhism teaches that this can be reached via meditation and self realization.


A chandelier which holds lit candles.

Creative self-hood lights up the world. The brightness lies in the realization of being all things, becoming all things. It is everywhere at once. Nothing is linear, nor consecutive. The spinning upon an axis of power. Joy lies in making the connections, in being a resource, in bringing the situation to what it can be. All is activated, mobilized. Your potential is actualized by being all-inclusive and keeping every side of life in your sights. Lit up from within, having a place to shine.

This degree gives forth light by which collective humanity can see what is around them. This luminous degree assists others in seeing their way forward while giving as much as it can to those in need. Finding within itself what is needed to serve the situation at hand this degree can often be surprised at what can come forth from the depths of self at the right moment when the need arises. Work with guardian angel Habuhiah and the daimon Belial.

Belial corresponds to 6 of Swords, Sun, Aquarius, and Mullein. The little bit I have read online this daimon influences how others view or perceive you. I have read for some this has included the creation of a new website, a better job with better paying clients, and new “spirit” friends; but there is a catch. It comes after your life is shaken up by a healthy dose of chaos. Belial has also been known by some to work with one’s finances particularly ensuring troublemakers pay you back if they owe you money (particularly banks or other institutions). This usually revolves around bank loans, alimony, etc.

This can also occur at the national level by disrupting malicious power structures.

I have likewise read Belial assists in freeing one from tyranny and oppression. If we consider the traditional Devil tarot card your chains of bondage are revealed to you and you are given the power to break them.

The three most practical applications of Belial’s powers are:

  • Free yourself from any form of bondage such as toxic relationships, dead end employment, and drug addiction.
  • Advance your career with recognition as an authority.
  • Defend yourself against political oppression and tyranny.

Interesting… Although now I have Sia stuck in my head also! Thanks Chandra Symbols for mentioning chandeliers.

Art Puzzle (iPhone app)


A group of fat Italian ladies preparing bread.

Archetypal, universal, and diffuse allegiances, activities, and realms of experience. Becoming camouflaged perfectly by adopting a persona that is wondrously engaging and easily connected with. Putting it on a bit heavy, thick grease paint. You exult in getting away with seeming to be the world’s most anonymous person, the disguise can stick to the face. Overt consciousness awash in mass identification, at times you are able to penetrate through and find open possibilities, but you are primarily engrossed in the outer. And alive to the advertised sensations of what it is like to be popular, well-received, and simply welcome wherever you go as part of the mix, and no problem at all.

This degree has the ability to find the easiest most direct ways of relating to the world around it as well as with other people. Here one wants everyone to feel nourished, included, and to have a good time. One mixes so very well with all other types of energies and degrees that they function as a kind of lubricant that makes everything run more smoothly through their ease of connecting with what is inviting. This degree imbues one with a simple and elusive beauty which can mutate into what will best serve the purpose of enhancing interactions with others. Work with guardian angel Aniel and daimon Phenex.

Daimon Phenex corresponds with the 2 of Wands, Moon, Aries, and Roses. Phenex is ideal for work with creative muses. Invoke Phenex during fire baptisms and rebirth rituals including creative path working. He’s described as motivational; some say he lights a fire under your bum to get you moving (out with the old/in with the new)!

Is Phenex at all related to phoenix?!

You tell me! Happy TGIF! 🐦🔥🐦

Ink Spot Passed New Years 2022 Due to Kidney Failure, And I Miss Her as She Arrived a Kitten on My Doorstep Near Halloween. She Was Raised to Old Age With Us!

Today I share with you a Glowing Jungle Sound Bath. Have a great start to your weekend.

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