Self Examination Saturdays: Feet as Seen Via Netzach and Hod

Those Birthday Cards Family Gives Aimed At Humor Circa 2020; Milk Mustache Cat?! (Meant To Remind Me Also Of One of My Cats No Longer W/Us)

After my foot fractures my podiatrist told me to give up all of my shoes which were not beneficial to the well being of my feet. For a woman this is not very easy due to the dictates of societal fashion. For example, when I worked in medical malpractice and personal injury law I was usually in heels with suits be they pants or skirts. I do recall the only time I had to file a case at the federal courthouse where I live. Must have been some sort of rite of passage as no one told me 8th Street was only commercial parking so naturally that day was agony. Unlike the county courthouse where I could easily parallel park around the building I had to park blocks away and “hoof” it back to the federal courthouse in my heels twice (walking to the courthouse and back to my car after I filed the legal documents). Needless to say both journeys caused horrific cramps in my legs from the shoes. Sure they make women look attractive; someone conveniently whistled at me and an entire block of people turned around which at that age embarrassed me to no end. People generally were not paying attention to me growing up unless they wanted to humiliate me.

If you spent your youth being picked on by peers and were a wallflower generally you don’t respond correctly to that degree of attention at first because you’ve been ignored for aeons and seen as some sort of mutant with permanent repulsiveness. I think I legit wanted to melt into the sidewalk and disappear. The same happened the day I got out of college, picked up my lunch, and made the bank deposit only to have the wind pull a Marilyn Monroe (as the paralegals began referring to me) when I was trying to enter the building that the law firm was in with my ill chosen dress. Needless to say the first level Bank of America got flashed and I was rather irked at Mother Nature; who wrote this script into my life?! I stood at that door for I do not know how long holding down my dress waiting for the wind to stop. As soon as it stopped, I reached for the door handle, and sure enough the wind decides to go rogue rather than cut me any slack.

I actually have a tote in my closet full of old shoes I’ve not gotten rid of which are more heels I can no longer wear. Attending events you generally look strange now because you’ve been relegated to running shoes only by your podiatrist due to the now lovely orthotics you’re forced to wear to help with your osteoarthritis and plantar fascia post fracture and ligament surgery. Maybe I should ask who invented some of these poorly designed shoes that offer no benefit to the anatomy of a human. These don’t really look good for formal events mind you so I detest when I have to “dress up” now because I’m instead reserved for comfort or athletic apparel. This also makes job interviews awkward for me as I’m self conscious of it and feel like I have fashion don’t catastrophe. It’s not like I can explain this conflict to the person interviewing me because they don’t give a you know what, but I feel like they’re critiquing me when I’m looked at. And again it causes me to feel inherently uncomfortable. Yes, this probably sounds silly to some. My life as a child grew up around an interest in fashion, makeup, fascination with hair color/changing hairstyles, etc. thus you would have to get around my perplexing mindset. I remember in high school at my summer job even having one girl ask me for permission to ask one of the guys I was friends with out. I looked at her like she was on drugs because I did not get it. Why would you ask me for permission? I don’t own the person. I’m not their mother either. Seriously?!

I felt we were friend zoned. She felt there was inherently something more because he hugged me every time I came to work and said he liked me because I changed my appearance all the time always re-inventing so he never knew who was showing up everyday. This carried on until somewhere in my mid 30s at which point I went through a change. I began realizing all the chemicals were making me sick so no more hair dye and all of my makeup I became aware of animal testing, petroleum, and other “baddies.” So I also opted for minerals and a more au natural look. No more rainbow hair or bright zany eye colors after having been a cosmetologist who owned her own business. I stopped getting my nails done and have ever since enjoyed leaving them 100% bare because I no longer smell acetone or other toxins all the time which were also providing me with ill health including yellowing of my finger nails as well as toe nails. This matches when my short stint on Twitter incurred a Vedic astrologer asking me if Covid changed my fashion sense. I remarked being unemployed and trying to begin an online business meant I sit in pajamas with a bun head and no makeup most days if I don’t need to interface with anyone of importance now.

I love it because as a child before peer pressure this was who I was. A “I don’t give a bleep” carefree little girl who also some days refused to comb the snarls/tangles out of her naturally curly hair and just went out as a wild child. My view was the opinion of others did not matter at that age. Then the constructs of other people alter your entire mental landscape and you lose yourself to people pleasing. Only now I do prefer to wear makeup when I go out in public if for nothing else than I’m 42 and with no makeup everyone mistakes me for someone around ages 16-26 which makes me again feel peculiar. Someone remarked once that I reminded them of their teenage daughter so I for some reason mentally took offense. I probably did not want to be perceived then as immature as my inner critic went berserk.

I should accept it as a compliment, but I’ve learned I am terrible at accepting compliments and instead I self deprecate myself. The negative self chatter of others was internalized by me. I’m working on learning to just say thank you instead because I’m horrible at it. One person’s perspective is never the same as other’s especially if you’re me. I also don’t assume someone hugging me is necessarily harassment so again where she saw closeness between us I saw nothing more than blossoming friendship cause maybe I was really incapable of taking cues also because frankly I lacked confidence after all the bullying I endured.

Now here is where this gets well I’ll call it humorous because I’m not sure how to define it. In Kabbalah the sefirot of Hod and Netzach represent a connection with our Solar Plexus chakra through anabolism and catabolism. All the sephirot are likened to different parts of the body, and Netzach and Hod are likened to the two feet of a person (i.e. the right and left foot). The feet are usually only the means for a person’s activity. While the hands are the main instrument of action the feet help bring a person to the place where he/she wishes to execute that action. Hod connects with prayer as a form of submission where instead of conquering the obstacles in your way (Netzach) you subdue yourself to the obstacles. Hod breaks down energy into various distinguishable forms and corresponds with intellectualism, learning, and ritual. Netzach is the power to overcome all barriers/limitations and corresponds with emotion, passion, music, and dancing. Both find balance in Yesod known as the world of the unconscious where various energies created await their expression in the lowest world of Malkuth. The archangel of this sefirot is Michael and the daimon is Samael.

Recall I said when I was sick I had dehydration, heart palpitations, sore throat, and heartburn amidst a potential UTI which thankfully the UTI turned out to be nothing meanwhile mom is recovering from pneumonia. We have an ah-ha moment!

What to do with all those pesky underlined hyperlink text… Zip around on a broom to various pockets of the world wide web! 🕷🕸

Old iPad Pottery App; The Game Said To Make A Broom!

With Samael we find connections to the shadow realms. While seen as an adversary this is actually where we find transformation occurs be it a broken system needing to be reformed or correcting wrongs in our world. This actually helps unblock the Sacral chakra as well. I found several various correspondences, but am listing bloodstone, hawthorn, and sandalwood.

This is described as meditating in the wilderness, beginning to understand, using the energy that surrounds you, creating some sort of a form (the form of a God or a symbol) to relate to, and using this symbol to contact that intangible energy once again. Hod uses music and dance with Netzach to reach the higher levels of consciousness. I danced more in high school than I do now. I took four years of dance or drill team as well as was a member of the Color Guard. Not so much now; I do more walking especially when I worked as a personal grocery shopper. Speed walking due to the crazy speed/efficiency metrics required to keep my job. There were other metrics as well which had to be met if you expected to not be on the chopping block.

I decided today would be a good day to look at this symbolically again in my life. Lo and behold we’re talking about legs as well as feet today. My blog posts are building on something here each and every day. Perhaps reflexology would be a good idea for me to expand into soon also.

So right and left foot which is the only means for your activity. Your hands are the main instrument of action while your feet are a vehicle which brings you to the place where you desire to execute an action. Strength in Netzach is your potential to be victorious, but in Hod fear is present in overcoming perceived threats. Hod deals with empathy therefore it asks how do you truly listen to another person, express gratitude, and develop humility. Netzach is your perseverance in not settling for less. Now which foot has had all of these injuries with fractures and ligament surgery; the left or the sephirot known as Hod. My stronger right foot Netzach has been what I’ve been leaning on to support me through my injuries whether on crutches or knee scooter. Netzach is said to be the archangel Haniel and the daimon Baal.

Baal corresponds with the 2 of Wands, Sun, Aries, and Frankincense. This daimon ties in with the solstices as well as fire festivals bringing groups of people together. Ideal for a creative spark or instructing in matters of the heart when sought for wealth it should be wealth which is manifested via creative projects. I’m envisioning Beltane honestly. Others disagree which what we have to realize is that with syncretism and not having proper contact necessarily with the ways of one’s ancestry most people are doing reconstructionism to find their roots.

The bird who dares to fall is the bird who learns to fly.

Ironic that when my high school performed in the Rose Bowl Parade the Color Guard carried maypoles (we’re number 21 on the list). I kid you not because I was smack dab in the center of the band formation marching with this ginormous maypole for the equivalent I was told of 7 miles on New Years Day. My position meant family recognized me on television when it aired. I was also recovering from having had the flu that year so I felt exhausted by the end of the event as the school had an entire week in California planned. We had been to Disneyland to perform in a parade, Universal Studios, and we were out all night New Years Eve at Medieval Times. I have a story about the bus ride back to the hotel that night when someone pissed and moaned about closing a window which was barely cracked open. I was attempting to sleep and my response was for them to essentially shut the bleep up. The entire bus went quiet and not even the chaperones said anything. That moment of I need sleep, I’ve been sick, and I have little patience so give me some silence now or else. I was drained of all energy by the end of the week literally.

If I remember correctly due to the UIL someone failed a course, and I had to be the replacement for their position in the formation. Most everyone in Color Guard who had the large maypoles had two people beside them to switch off with as they were heavy to carry with their decorum. I had no one as alternates or backups meaning I walked for that approximate 7 miles in the parade post flu hoping not to be dead on the asphalt in the middle of California in front of everyone. The challenges I get in life; what was the Universe thinking? And yes our maypoles had a crown of flowers, but some of the ribbon was actually holographic plastic that reflected prismatic rainbows and would blow in the wind and fly in your face actually hurting due to sharp edges whipping you. Very unpleasant! I recall also giving a drill team member a dirty look post parade fatigue when she complained her back hurt. Excuse me, but WTAF! My maypole was double to triple the weight of yours. 😫

So we divert back to shoes again! What brand do I wear everyday? Nike! When I went shoe shopping recently I picked out the Pegasus Air Zoom Shield running shoes primarily because when I look at shoes I stick to dark solid colors so that they blend well with most of my wardrobe. These are now primarily worn in the garden or around the house as they’re my older pair of running shoes. When I went looking for a new pair of running shoes I picked their Run Swift running shoes (smoke grey with fireberry). It’s the symbolism that I unconsciously did not recognize initially which now baffles. What do I mean about symbolism. We have the mythology of Pegasus as well as the constellation in space while fireberry can relate to the Hawthorn. Not to be confused with the “strange” rabbit holes I keep finding online. For the number of “theories” I find online which send me into the world of “don’t visit here” is actually huge. I still believe some of the internet lacks any proper oversight into it’s overall maintenance in terms of credibility if you catch my drift. Thankful for VPN is all I can say.

Pegasus or Run Swift? Cue the Jeopardy Anthem!

Some believe this symbolically represents the second coming of Christ consciousness via Revelation 19:11 as reference to the constellation Pegasus. Meanwhile in 1995 a Sun like star was discovered known as 51 Pegasi b as an exoplanet. Some felt it was a prototype of epistellar Jovians (hot Jupiters) ranking in the top five stars most likely to support life around 2006. In the human body Pegasus eludes to your hippocampus as Poseidon is the father via the hippocampus referencing a sea horse. Stedmans medical dictionary defined the hippocampus as a white eminence in the brain just like Pegasus is the white horse which we must remember this mythological creature was sacred to the Muses through Mneomosyne/memory. Your hippocampus is responsible for memory. Thought patterns in the human psyche/consciousness manifest into the physical via the Muses as related to meditation. The hippocampus is the Ammons Horn or Amen. What about Kalki Avatar as another representation of these themes? Ignoring my antiquated Muse meditation app/headset of course which I rarely ever use anymore…

Now the Run Swift struck a chord with me in research I’ve done regarding Surya and the chariot which if we were to consider Merkabah might be the same thing under different cultural terminology. We actually just bought a medicinal herb encyclopedia I have yet to read, but just peeking in it you can find a lot of helpful information. I happened upon the following regarding fireberry and the Hawthorn tree.

Surya has a horse drawing the chariot named Etasa which means “Swift.” Sol has Árvakr and Alsviðr meaning “Early-Awake” and “All-Swift.” Surya is described as possessing swift horses in the Rig Veda, but the number varies widely from two to a hundred. Helios even had a quadrigaor with four horses. Being a Leo Sun sign with a Virgo Moon again on the Western zodiac wheel with the Vedic as a Cancer Sun sign and Leo Moon always seems to mean I find myself unconsciously attracting weird symbolic items to myself like a strange magnet. You’d think I’d eventually manage to put an end to this, but nope. Read enough of my blog posts and like in Beetlejuice I’m strange and unusual.

Astrologically you can chart Nike for yourself via Asteroid 307. I kept this very simple today with just an Ephemeris. Nike is at Capricorn 7° which is my 3rd House. This is my communication style whereby I analyze what I will write or speak beforehand. I can’t stand to make blunders and usually within reason prefer to ensure what I present is relatively reliable although spirituality tends to run a gamut between the subjective as well as objective. My level of concentration tends to be strong, I excel at planning/organization, and view knowledge as something of practical worth. Work with the guardian angel Umabel and the daimon Zagan.

Zagan refers to the 8 of Wands, Sun/Mercury, Sagittarius, and Storax. Zagan transmutes things into their opposites via curbing addictions. Got a situation you’re unhappy with; Zagan will flip it on it’s head. The gifts of working with Zagan can include:

  • Bringing out the potential wisdom in those you employ.
  • Making friends see the error in their ways.
  • Making sound judgments when investing money.
  • Speaking with wisdom and wit in situations where finances are at stake putting others at ease.
  • Protection against people who perpetuate fraud and scams with fake means of monetary exchange or identity theft.

This degree might appear to us as being bandersnatched by a flash of intense insight. Our ordinary understanding of our perceived reality is seized by an awareness of acute energy stopping us in our tracks with a sudden realization or urge to do something. It can appear as if we’re acting via lunacy, but often something is hidden which we are developing an awareness of. When we point out the structures of things to others while clarifying information we bring forth lost or forgotten information which can enrich our present knowledge. If you were to peer into your animal side while glancing back from the depths of your subconscious while befriending it you would be capable of civilizing it. The more you can own it and love it the stronger you will connect yourself to the power of your Earth being. The challenge is to to make friends with and integrate this wild inner being.

Happy Saturday (so tempted to make this into Satyrday)! I can’t believe January is potentially over, but that’s because of mom and I being sick for several weeks and having lost time we can’t makeup now. 🚶‍♀️🌞

PS: I forgot the image of the Ephemeris so I’m adding it below!

Ephemeris Asteroid Nike

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I am a licensed aesthetician (#1446048 Expires October 2023 Valedictorian) who has worked previously in medical malpractice and personal injury legal administration, life/health insurance for State Farm, and various retail roles including personal shopper. My passion at this time lies in the field of esoteric studies. I am also a Master Level Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki certified healer. I happen to be currently employed within a 9-5 career in cosmetology retail selling to licensed professionals part time.

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