Fun Quote Fridays: Remembering Our Ancestors

Perspectives in Life – Visiting Maternal Grandfather Memorial Day 2019 and February 2021

The underlined hyperlink text is very brief today, but will flesh out my blog post and help you gain some understanding!


I will likely take a two to three week hiatus. Some of this is for me to achieve my own mental headspace again. Other aspects are the needs of goals for my garden and for a trip out of town. We have bought seeds and some mulch with a goal to replace soil also if necessary in a few beds.

When I return then I might have some inspiration to share my vegetable, herb, and pollinator garden also. I need to find the motivation to continue blogging as well as tend to other needs/goals in my life which is coupled with a desire to severely break away from systems I honestly do not want to remain a partaker of. Similar to acknowledging that I am attempting to break away from iPhone app game addictions, and I know I can do this.

I sat on “dumb” phones for as long as I could not wanting to join the technocrat elitist world paradigm. So I believe if I want to change I can. The problem being the comparative concept of a person needing to kick a drug or alcohol abuse type addiction so there would be a withdrawal period you encounter in detox.

What I feel is that mass consciousness only changes when enough individuals embark on a new trajectory. There would be an eventual ripple effect. But this is my logic thinking of the monkey yam washing theory.

We have a lot of people pushing beliefs that issue from cognitive dissonance. An environmentalist approach that desires to increase electromagnetic frequency radiation for example at the expense of nature/life or electric cars when Texas did not have a grid that could withstand winter storm Uri all imply that humanity has some illogical concepts they wish to employ about climactic changes, footprints, and such that in my mind’s eye make me want to call it a specific animal’s dung which is also a card game.

Of course the rules of this game are in opposition to the card game War which when I played last with family I always won. Perplexingly every hand I was left holding all the cards at the end of War. It will mess with your psyche yet educate you when this occurs. One probably learns best by analyzing this dualistic problem I am speaking of and rising out of it. My estimation is that to effect change one has to really “think and get out of the box” which requires the greatest of change that too many would fear because humans are pre-disposed to seek comfort/status quo.

This is why we have had the same systems and leadership in place for so long. And I can not quite grasp fully where my mind is going as of yet nor do I want to freak people out by suggestions that appear too radical for it would disrupt their mental health profoundly I believe. All I know is I don’t want to own the planet or other people.

I do not need to take more than is necessary to comfortably exist as I am more ascetic/minimalist minded which is not poverty consciousness. I have no need for excess or to hoard although I plan ahead for contingent guano hit the fan potentials. And I do not believe digital is the solution to my problems quite the opposite. The Digital Aeon/Age is the reason for my problems. And I surely don’t want us living in tyrannical or oppressive propagandized nightmare realities of vices common to any shadow within our psyche/human condition.

Today I am closing out with some quotes about the remembrance of ancestors and one Arabic Lot.

“Our ancestors, possessed a right, which nature has given to all men, of departing from the country in which chance, not choice has placed them.”

• Thomas Jefferson

“When we know about our ancestors, when we sense them as living and as supporting us, then we feel connected to the genetic life-stream, and we draw strength and nourishment from this.”

• Philip Carr-Gomm

“The ancestor of every action is a thought.”

• Ralph Waldo Emerson

“Seeds carry life from generation to generation without end. Through the seeds speak the voices of the ancestors. Each time we plant a seed, we become ancestors for the generations to come.”

• Kenny Ausubel

“We are connected, like it or not, to the ancestors of our biological families, and their templates.”

• Robert Moss

“Our ancestors are totally essential to our every waking moment, although most of us don’t even have the faintest idea about their lives, their trials, their hardships or challenges.”

• Annie Lennox

“Our ancestors built temples for their gods. We build department stores.”

• David Mitchell

The Arabic Lot Ancestral Heritage is where I am leaving today as I take hiatus and gather my sanity using the formula Ascendant plus Moon minus 8th House which lives for me in 5th House Aquarius 25°.

Being on top of things showcases poise. The chart holder is able to face emotional upset via grit and forbearance. If one remembers to practice kindness as a spiritual path they can demonstrate self control setting an example for others. Humans learn how best to live by teaching others to rise above emotionality completely in order to attain desired spiritual wisdom (Chokmah).

Ancestral Heritage Arabic Lot

This degree was previously looked at in my blog posts when I observed the asteroid Aura in my chart. If you would like to see more research into this I encourage you to go here.


A mustache.

Disciplined, constrained, and consistent. Keeping things within the boundaries set by rational cognition, doing what is strictly appropriate. Objectively, impersonally, dispassionately deciding and choosing and following this up with a way of life. Circumspect, intensely aware of reputation and community standing. You live up to the highest standards impeccably and are self-suppressive routinely. Everything has been decided ahead of time. Obedience to the greater instructions. Subordinated to what shall serve and what shall reach far and wide. Able to tailor and custom-fit your behavior and expression so that the greater good is served absolutely, you manifest pure adherence to the law, with no qualms, no quibbles, no questions.

The concept here is about breaking the circle. Everywhere one looks in life they are seeing through the shadows of our past. This degree is strongly aware of this while looking to disperse those shadows so that everyone might see clearly what is here and how disencumbered are the distortions of memory. The chart holder has a way of making the needed connections to advance the process of understanding what is going on with a gift for seeing where energy needs to be focused to achieve maximum benefit for all.

This is one of the simplest of all symbols representing male maturity. All healthy males eventually come into this maturity physically speaking, but as a symbol what the mustache alludes to is spiritual maturity, that is, an ability to take spiritual initiative in the world and to wield spiritual power.

The worst characteristics of the male are selfishness in terms of their desire for sexual gratification among other vices as well as their obsessive need to dominate with its sub-need to be right. When this degree comes into alignment with its true nature it is careful to reign in selfishness as well as to know when dominating is the best thing and when softness or giving way to others is what’s more needed.

When these challenges are in fact mastered then the most Cosmic aspects of Aquarius are allowed to manifest.

Have a fantastic Friday and weekend! 😊💞

Tarot of the Day Thursdays: Looking for a Way Through the Darkness to Return to the Light

“Whatever your thoughts may be, if you don’t say them, none of it will be acknowledged by others.” – Tomoyo Daidouji

Sometimes it’s simply best to take a well deserved break. Sometimes one learns they just have lost the will to continue certain projects forward. I have seen this happen to others even on Kickstarter and Patreon. The underlined hyperlink text will provide enough Wisdom (Chokmah) for you to get the message I have stuffed in the bottle!


I’m considering a hiatus which I’m not sure how long this would be for from blogging. I’m battling a personal period of depression that has been on/off plaguing me for one and a half to two months. I had hoped that the positivity I originally was publishing would help, but it’s really not. The last two years have taken a lot of my energy psychologically which has provided me also with a lot of valuable education, but being online is detrimental in fact to my well being overall. The time I spent disconnected from social media outlets to reconnect to nature and life free of technocracy was the actual healthiest I ever was emotionally, mentally, physically, and psychologically whereas interconnectivity through a digital age actually for me personally I’ve been learning is the most anxiety/sadness promoting I’ve ever known.

Living life this way has not provided me with any of the benefits it did during the late 90s/early 2000s when I met genuine people with which I could network and form truly healthy bonds/friendships. Much of this was learned when I abandoned my aesthetics business because I freed myself from Facebook as well as blogging. It was the most liberating act of my life to remove myself from online presence, to stop being trapped in competition with others, or to disallow harassment by unneeded/unwanted solicitations. There is a true beauty to be found when one adopts a simple life via meeting people face to face not over a computer screen or “smart” device. The same holds true when you connect in person with nature or animals.

I’m an entirely different generation than many who willingly accept the technocratic societies they advocate for having been born in 1979 therefore our ideologies are at an impasse. I don’t like being plugged into a virtual reality Matrix, maya, or illusion as I am learning I find it unhealthy. So there are over 100 blog entries here. My business has had barely any customers and had zero support in donations with only 20 followers. Podcasts are not going to be a goal I will be reaching anytime soon, and it’s time I’m honest with myself that this is a failure so that I can move on with my life goals.

It’s time I put my well being ahead of a failed entrepreneurship and to follow my dreams which I don’t desire those ambitions to include toxic social media platforms as I already discovered on both Facebook and Twitter for the truth is they have devolved. I’m fed up with the world wide web at large despite my regular usage of VPN, cache/cookie clearings, and alternative search engine platforms. If something changes, and I find the motivation to ever return then so be it. For now I have to admit that I’m defeated by rain clouds and have to step away by removal of unhealthy habits or energy vampires as I don’t desire to continue in nor wish to keep butting heads with this.

I’ve even had people come here who have webhosts/websites that carry viruses/malware. I don’t find this time period to be “smart” at all. I find it to be one of ignorance and a new form of Kali Yuga where people are losing their groundedness in the 3D by looking outside of themselves for answers through relying on quick fixes in a form of turn on, tune in, and drop out that is simply a modern resurgence of using technology the same way the Rolling Stones song spoke of; Mother’s Little Helper.

Addictions in humanity are only going to cease when we all do our part to stop perpetuating them! Humanity’s dis-ease is within them not outside of them and until they do the inner work they’ll remain sick. No amount of pharmaceuticals will stop illnesses brought through improper education or the adoption of improper lifestyle practices picked up through generational abuses done individually and collectively. I don’t have to invest in what I don’t wish to support when I can re-direct my money, time, and energy elsewhere.

Below is today’s tarot reading! I wish everyone the absolute best. If you desire to reach out to me use my business email. If anyone does choose to try to help me find motivation you can support me with an astrology report purchase or donation. Otherwise this is where I may begin to cut my losses. I’m not entirely sure about the domain. I paid for 3 years at a reasonable cost through my webhost. I’ll be addressing this and making considerations as this also complicates if I will be letting my DBA lapse to simply shutter down fully as a business owner online. I actually took up Reiki Master certification for distance healing purposes during what was happening over the last two years, but nothing whatsoever has come from this except self growth. I know “me” better now, and that is what I’m most proud of and will be taking with me now.

I find blogging under a depressed mental state is presently pointless to continue spending my time/energy pursuing as I have done so far with minimal return on investment. The technocratic world does not repair my consciousness; it’s impairing it to such an extent I need to pull the plug. People suffer from fallacy and delusion as this “new” you’re creating or manifesting has not, is not, and does not simplify my existence. I don’t even enjoy television anymore. I’ve literally reached milestones I never thought possible in perspective of habits I choose to break.

I don’t like meeting people, places, or animals/plants through soulless cold machines. I like being able to meet face to face or to actually physically connect instead of fake/superficiality. Virtual is not genuine nor tangible; in fact virtual is a very poor substitution for that which is real and true in life. Quite honestly I want to spend my time during my evenings elsewhere, and I wanted to actually earn/benefit from this endeavor not put 110% in to feel unappreciated for it. Maybe I just don’t know why I attempted this now.

I pulled the following Sakura Card, letters, and charms while meditating with my Carnelian Sacral Chakra crystal which explains a lot I believe. Carnelian boosts courage as well as self expression sometimes termed the crystal of an artist as it assists one in feeling creatively confident in exploring their talents. The stabilizing influence of this crystal is helpful when one suffers overwork or over extension of themselves by helping them with concentration, protecting them from feelings of envy, and supporting the heart/circulatory system. Those suffering from low self esteem find Carnelian helps build faith in one’s inner self through art, music, and writing. The strong connection Carnelian has to our physical selves makes it paradoxically beneficial to astral travel by helping one stay grounded.

This protective crystal placed near any windowsill guards one from lightning strikes and minimizes major life transitions. Ancient Egyptians carved scarabs out of Carnelian believing it would work as a charm to increase vitality while protecting both the living and the dead.

The Through: Something in your life is at completion and needs to be let go of for one to really experience a breakthrough which may be difficult and may have repercussions which ripple out elsewhere. This card when drawn indicates a big change. Holding on to old or negative habits/lifestyles through fear of change promotes the reluctance to put effort into that which could only benefit one’s self in the long run. Why stick with anything which is not rewarding?

This card numerology indicates the vibration of 49/4 which in Chaldean numerology speaks to the Vedic concept of Rahu making one knowledgeable with an excellent grasp of self expression. It indicates the markings of an extrovert who possesses strength and courage. In Western astrology this number speaks to the energy of Virgo implying one will feel best when their surroundings are pleasant and structured. Those who see 49/4 should be aware that this is the number of a person with excellent healing abilities who embodies leadership qualities. It appeals to people who love animals and who can assess best when it is time to break with outmoded traditions finding new ways to transform.

The Owl: Owls play the role of protector offering the gifts of discernment between good/bad as well as a capability to feel out another’s intentions thereby knowing when to leave situations/people who are manipulators or toxic. Owls quickly unmask their opponents. They signify dramatic life change through spiritual death. When owl shows up you will know who your true friends are and you will crack through the facade of others seeing beyond the obvious. Anytime an owl appears it tells you to scrutinize your relationships thoroughly before committing yourself. Entanglments with those who have bad intentions are ill advised. Listen to your inner being and remove that which is undesirable.

The Anchor: An anchor is used to secure an object to a base of stability and security. The hooks/flukes grab the seabed holding boats in place. An anchor symbolizes safety and hope, however, also depicts honor to Neptune as God of the Sea. The anchor has specific parts which hold meaning. For example, the cross within the anchor represents the unity of spirit and matter while the flukes represent the feminine womb. The two flukes represent love between two people who have served to keep one another level headed. This charm represents resilience, overcoming adversity, and reminds one of their roots/origins.

Letters: We have the following letters which I’ve used to make words from. P, B, O, X, A, Y, Z, H, K, and G

Hazy (grey, ashen, dusty, and obscure/not transparent)

Zap (electric shock or sounds made by released energy)

Hoax (to deceive someone through malice)


Koph (another form of Qoph/Qof)


Kaph (another form of Kaf/Khaf)


Ahoy (warning of something approaching/impending)

Yoga (any Hindu/Buddhist discipline aimed at training the consciousness for a state of perfect spiritual insight and tranquillity)

Hag (Crone)

If you’re looking for more information on these topics I suggest you look at the following links:

I am closing today by looking towards the Arabic Lot of Vocation/Status following the formula of Midheaven plus Moon minus Sun. This gives me 11th House Leo 23° which is ruled by Aquarius. This house of friendship is how one communicates their inner personality with the outer Universe. It represents the way God/Goddess speaks to us thus it is a representation of our purpose for existence.

Vocation/Status Arabic Lot

LEO 23

An old man cutting mistletoe off an oak tree with a golden knife.

Spectacular attainment. Peak capacity. Everything prepared and ready. The consummation of lifetimes in the destiny drama of self mastery. Your tireless pursuit of perfection and gift of knowing what is asked are charged with collective power. Marking out a pathway which shall remain always. The Gods inspire; the hour is ripe. Demonstration is constant and the rhythm is the one where inner worlds are synchronized with. And the whole idea is to become selflessly yourself offered to the Goddess and emergent through time boldly, uninhibitedly, all there.

One sees things others aren’t aware of. The question is will people believe them when they share their insights? It’s best not to focus on this, but on the truth and wisdom behind what one is saying, its essence, rather than the details or physical veracity of it. The chart holder also needs to learn how to feed their insights to others gradually in a way they will accept. Sometimes it takes people awhile to see an open door and to move through it. Work with guardian angel Haiaiel and daimon Dantalion.

Daimon Dantalion is tied to the Nine of Cups, Venus, Pisces, and Honeysuckle. Dantalion helps one relate to others on a purely emotional level by teaching emotional intelligence heightening empathy for others. Often this daimon is associated with out of body experiences, astral projection, and remote etheric projection. The best use for Dantalion is healing broken communication in relationships.

This degree has the message of raising the level of perfection to accomplish more. The focus is to spend time participating in out of the ordinary pastimes. The affirmation is I defy convention. I am daring, bold, and adventurous.

Have a terrific Thursday! 💌

Wisdom Wednesday’s: Countering the Pervasive Online Groupthink Of Everyone

“When you truly don’t care what anyone thinks of you, you have reached a dangerously awesome level of freedom.”- Anonymous

Less underlined hyperlink text to help you grasp my thought stream today, but we’re here to redress what I’ve been trying to find the correct words for.


If my blog has appeared strange for a few days this week I have a purpose and a point. Believe it or not this all dovetails into a respect for mindfulness and care for everyone’s mental space. I imagine it may seem like a lot of anger or ranting at first due to coming from a personal perspective. It originates in concern not just for self, but for others as well. This is my esoterics business, but I am extremely careful to ask my audience to never take everything as I say as gospel. Rather if you like what you see to support me with a donation or astrology report and to always be your own person who critically thinks and becomes responsible for both self/other. What is here will likely cause me to have more enemies than friends, but the goal is to get everyone to see the foolishness of their adopted beliefs. Adopted because we are not creating originality! We are just recycling what is possibly broken and limiting our potentials.

Before you get frustrated or flame I have had discussions about these topics with family and it elicits even them to get annoyed. My step father often responds that it is actually best to just not open any form of dialogue with me some days. I can see the good and the flaws in everything, but some days I fixate on the flaws hoping if pointed out it will one day elicit some well deserved highly essential change!

If you follow the post there is a good lesson here!

When I discuss these topics I am well aware it probably sounds quite Debbie Downer and exceptionally critical, and I apologize for this. In my case I feel assaulted by a system that has been created and launched online that creates a war in not just my brain, but very likely in the minds of others.

I do not know if my blog is serving much purpose for anyone. I have been really over the last week unmotivated to stay on the internet because I have gone through several years of not using social media of any form when I closed my aesthetics business. What I returned to is so different from how I used to meet “real live” people who were not political posturing or pushing monetary finance at me. I actually just want out. There once was a division in life and a degree of respect in the audience I gained that kept sociological, behavioral, and psychological engineering out of these topics.

We no longer see this, and by this I mean when I entered communities online it stuck to the topic at hand without widely diverging to ulterior motivations. Beauty was beauty, skincare was skincare, anime/manga was anime/manga, and music was music. Now these algorithms pretend to “know me” as if they have been part of my family since birth. I spent a lot of time on Twitter in settings shutting off topics of interest the AI algorithms self elected to put into my feed.

None of which had any relevance to my business or what interested me. I realized it was time to understand how the internet was distorting reality and would begin to mold/shape the minds of humanity not for the better. Even search engines are so distorted that I can punch in a search string and receive the most useless non-relevant of results now which I believe is censorship.

If this is called optimization I am going to direct my readers back to reading comprehension whereby you need to again look at what artificial intelligence actually means before you erect your Golden Calf that you are worshipping which indicates your consciousness is in a state of darkness known as ignorance still not light or Wisdom (Chokmah).

If your intellect is the center of consciousness and you pour into it improper teachings you are left with many Golden Calves or material structures that are ignorant. Humans believe the only way to do good is through monetary exchange to carry out plans. There are a lot of other ways to benefit the world as we know it which cause a lot less problems for individual and collective needs.


  • A crafty but underhand deception
  • A trick played out as an ingenious, but artful ruse
  • A strategic maneuver that used some clever means to avoid detection/capture
  • A tactical move to gain advantage
  • Something made with technical skill and contrivance


  • Man made; of artifice (see above)
  • False; misleading
  • Unnatural


  • Capacity of mind, especially to understand principles, truths, facts or meanings, acquire knowledge, and apply it to practice; the ability to comprehend and learn
  • An entity that has such capacities
  • Information, usually secret, about the enemy or about hostile activities
  • A political or military department, agency or unit designed to gather information, usually secret, about the enemy or about hostile activities
  • Acquaintance; intercourse; familiarity

I have used the image above a lot recently when I feel as if I am never going to join a “group” of peer pressure and ideology ill aligned with my beliefs. It reminds me of a shirt I had growing up with a tabby cat covered in rainbow stripes which read “In a world of copy cats be yourself.” The reason being is that this is what is the most detached, emancipated, and powerful way for anyone to exist! To get there you also have to shut down the fear response because the largest propaganda peddled by humanity has been based upon triggering fight or flight response, poverty consciousness, and incites various forms of hate.

In fact I am learning or realizing that those who have pretended to be “friends” are not because they aligned or even affiliate with companies or social structures online that still prey upon fear responses by perpetuating a cult of dystopian “end of the world” apocalyptic methodology. My ancestors lived through harsher realities than anything we have right now during wars, economic downturns such as the Great Depression, famines, shortages, persecution, immigration, and lower life expectancy due to non-modern advances in science or education was not easily acquired by them. Our perceptions of harsh sometimes today are made worse by those who instill fear in us and destroy our ability to develop the confidence or problem solving solutions to get out from under the gloom!

This means humanity has to recognize they are stronger than they believe and more resilient. It also means petty differences orchestrated/manufactured by guano doctrines used to Divide and Conquer or to fall lockstep with a Hegelian Dialectic must be risen above of so that humanity united under love and for the betterment of the larger picture of healing the planet actually see the light of day. Instead humanity has allowed consciousness to be that of factory farm animals. Look around and you are being herded into a slaughter house. Your life is eat, sleep, work, get medicinals from the pharmaceutical industries which in fact do nothing except suppress and manage dis-ease not cure it, and then repeat till you hit the crematorium or are six feet under. Seriously WTAF?

This is not about currency either. You are trading one plot of grass that you perceive to be brown for another you perceive is green. It is simply a swap out that is a band aid solution, but which ultimately is an exchange under the very same system. An exercise in insanity. We are propping back onto a system that pretends to be a safe alternative of not centralized yet created by the same people who created a fiat bartering exchange. I do not know the solution, but yes my relationship to finance is different. I got here as a child who was explained monetary exchange in third grade and thought humans were quite dumb practicing rituals which were outmoded and backwards.

What I believe I have learned is that Wall Street was built by slaves and originally perpetuated slavery. Our entire his or her story was so badly distorted we have a disenfranchised memory which runs our unconscious and subconscious that our memories can be false due to manipulation. Instead we have been sold a huge lie. To gain control over humanity groups are actively trying to “trance” form or hypnotize further implanting these new supposedly improved false memories or ideologies. I went down this path; it did not work!

They remove free will and have grown very corrupt through how they systematically cradle to grave brainwash everyone. It can be said also that many value based systems are social constructs again pitting the subjective against the objective. Examples include law, economics, language, concepts, culture/traditions, literature, music, art/entertainment, architecture, fashion, communication, technology, human behavior, and norms such as shaking hands.

Keep Calm and Meow On!

Currency is a thoroughly manipulated system no matter which one is adopted that the weights and measures of have always been rendered to the public via distortion of truth through a hierarchical system that creates class, gender, and racial warfare. Therefore any system built upon those same foundations will always implode in a matter of time due to the inherent dis-ease already inherent in the overarching model with which it sits upon. It does not matter the material changed when the valuation of such exchange is improperly managed by a select few who have ill intentions and operate from collectivization or greed which shows they are in a mindset of lack. Frankly I’ve been really considering if the world is a globalized kleptocracy.

What we have is a group of people who are aptly and knowingly fostering “panic buying/hoarding” culture which replaces abundance with poverty consciousness. That means the problems we’re working to resolve are in fact of our own human creation and have little to do with the outcome of natural laws or the effects of a benevolent universe. So as I always say please stop, take stock, and own your shadow! Fix your own baggage and then you can address me if you want me to do business or partner with you at this time. Otherwise you will not win me to your cause.

The same apples to services and time/skill valuation. If it comes from inflated egotism it will always be a subjective not objective distortion of truth. Which can be seen in interviewing and negotiating wages or benefits. The largest form of monetary exchange to me is always rooted in a form of debt slavery and prostitution. Where others see it as a means of adequate exchange of skills towards the ability to support self/family that depends on who you work for or what negotiation you worked out. I had this discussion on Twitter with a practitioner of reconstructed Voodoo and we were able to avoid racial division as we discussed it. One of a select few decent encounters I had while on Twitter before binning my account.

Ironically the people offering alternative financial systems are within the same organizations that brought us the fiat usury model which leaves me skeptical; that’s not going to change. It is impossible for me personally to blindly trust a group of people or a system which has always had a sketchy origination point that has largely caused a lot of harm or suffering. Thus I am back to the phrase lipstick on a pig. I can not trust someone who has routinely stabbed me in my back because to do so regardless of if I have forgiven them means I never learned my lesson. It allows me to continue being victimized over and over again.

And honestly this is not out of selfishness, but I have no children, I’m not married, and I have no grandchildren. The proverbial “buck” stops with me so I don’t need to create generational wealth in the sense that I’ve spent the entirety of my life estranged from my maternal family line most of my life not knowing many of them. We’ve seen each other when I was 16 and again at the age of 29. My step paternal family I’m not very close to, and I’ve seen them the same amount of times in life. My biological paternal all ties were cut at divorce. That will sound absurd to many who come from close knit families, but I am living a lifestyle so different from others that my lifestyle does not comply with your choices or habits.

Catering cookie cutter algorirthms or marketing to the oddball won’t actually get them to necessarily adopt all of your practices. They’ve been born to an existence and consciousness which is entirely unique unto them. I have no siblings, and again this is not out of selfishness. I don’t have need for whatever others are suffering from which is a belief in lack although thousands of emails come to me telling me that I have poverty consciousness because they are all algorithms and run by as I’ve said a system of fakery/fraud evidently or willful ignorance.

The biggest mistake made by many was to sell me on trying to say I thought like billionaires or millionaires for trying to entrepreneur. Actually no I don’t. I’m trying to supplement some income or provide for myself comfortably. I have zero desire to become that income bracket, and if you’re under false pretenses about me or are making such assumptions I would highly suggest you stop stereotyping everyone you meet with absurd first impressions. These same falsehoods are used in marketing dating towards the public.

The psyops employed by those who look for lead generation are not custom tailored and have honestly been a complete put off when I’m approached as they seem like the tactics of boiler room high pressure desperation to me. This actually happened with a vacuum sales company where I live who went door to door. We almost called the police on them as they refused to leave and we felt held hostage by them in our house demanding we purchase from them. Now we no longer allow any solicitations at our home and removed also the landline due to harassment. Even television as I’ve stated to many has been removed from our lives. It’s called becoming the change you want to see in others.

And yes I realize I am going to be hated for expressing this. But the example is a woman who continues returning to her husband to be domestically abused thinking he will change. Eventually she risks coming out of this relationship so damaged she could even die or jeopardize the well being of her children. These are called generational curses folks! And my infancy dealt with this which my mom was smart and strong enough to get us both out of a domestic abuse situation giving us a new lease on life.

The biggest psyop is faulty environmentalism I have recently encountered. A system of “goals” that reduces strain on our environment yet when I have worked in companies I have seen it is all smoke and mirrors or lies. They are legitimately bold face not reducing waste, not energy efficient so please do not speak to me about faulty footprint ideologies, and they bank on people being so incapable of seeing through the deception. Making money work for you is only as good as how the system upon which your foundation was built is. If it was sand it won’t last against much when wind or rain comes against it. I worked for a company that prided itself on these goals and when push came to shove what I saw was a whole lot of phooey.

If you are targeting me with an algorithm or business that I can not get around you are practicing an exercise in futility. You will not win me to your cause so do not waste your energy with it. It will save us all a lot of headaches and unhappiness. Because usually I will unsubscribe to you, unfollow you, or place you in spam/junk. It will occur slowly over time as I gauge your intent or modus operandi.

Groupthink is actually a phenomena of psychology where people work to reach a consensus within themselves setting aside personal beliefs to adopt an opinion not facts of another. It was coined in 1972 by Irving Janis.

Those who are in opposition to the decisions or overriding opinion of the whole usually choose to remain silent preferring to keep the peace rather than rock the boat. This can be extremely problematic regardless if well intentioned people are prone to making irrational decisions in the face of overwhelming pressure from the collective.

To recognize groupthink look for the following:

  • Illusionary or gas lit forms of unanimity which leads you to believe that everyone is in agreement. It is difficult to speak out if it appears that everyone else in the group is on the same page.
  • Unquestioned beliefs lead humanity at large to ignore possible moral or ethical problems never considering the consequences of their individual and collective actions.
  • Rationalizing and hair splitting leads to those who will not reconsider their beliefs and causes them to ignore the blatantly obvious red flags.
  • Stereotyping and generalizing leads the in-group to demonize out-group members who oppose or challenge their ideas causing members of the group to ignore vital ideas or information encouraging the adoption of limited beliefs.
  • Self censorship causes people who might have doubts to hide their misgivings. Rather than sharing what they know to be truth people remain quiet under false pretenses that the group must know best.
  • Mind guards act as self appointed thought crime censors to scrub the problematic information from existence. Rather than sharing essential information they keep quiet or actively prevent the sharing.
  • Delusions of invulnerability leads the group to be overly optimistic engaging in risk taking which appears like Russian roulette. If and when no one speaks out or voices an alternative opinion it causes people to believe that the group must be correct.
  • Direct pressure to conform is applied on anyone who pose questions or dissenting views so that those who question the group are often seen as disloyal or traitorous. This leads to Saturnine humiliation, shunning/shaming, and cancel culture. In the past we placed people in the stocks or held witch burning and inquisitions as well as public hangings or drownings.
“Stop letting other people define you. Be yourself and be proud of it.” – Anonymous

What causes this is below:

  • Group identity happens in situations where members are very similar to one another who perceive of themselves as superior to others. Their superiority/inferiority complexes create disdain toward people outside of the group.
  • Groupthink is pervasive in places when a powerful and charismatic leader commands all the attention.
  • Low knowledge and poor education allows for feelings that other members of the group are more qualified to lead. This then brings up issues of low self esteem/self confidence and a lack of self love.
  • Extreme stress or duress leads to moral and ethical decay increasing the occurrence of groupthink.

Janis believed that groupthink is most common in conditions where there is high degrees of cohesiveness, situational factors contributed to deferring to the group such as external threats or difficult decisions to be made, and when structural issues such as isolation and a lack of impartial leadership has been deployed.

The high costs of this always ends with suppression of individual opinions and creative thought which is the cause of inefficient problem solving, seeking consensus above all else where humanity can not adequately assess the correct risks and benefits of their decisions, blindness to potentially negative outcomes leads to a failure of preparation to deal with negative outcomes, and obedience to authority without question creates resistance to change or new information/ideas.

To prevent the trappings of groupthink employ the following suggestions.

  • Leaders of any group should avoid stating their opinions or preferences when assigning tasks allowing for people to have necessary time to come up with their own ideas first.
  • Always allows one individual the position of devil’s advocate.
  • Always discuss and advocate for impartial opinions.
  • Encourage critical thinking without discouraging dissent to prevailing opinions.
  • Always hold second chance meetings with members for opportunities to express remaining doubts.
  • Reward the creativity of new ideas/thoughts brought to your group.
  • Diversity allows better decision making and reduces groupthink.

I thought today I would investigate another fun Arabic Lot. I am grabbing Genius using the formula Ascendant plus Sun minus Neptune. I also saw Originality with the formula Ascendant plus Uranus minus Mercury. I have to be careful with these. I noticed today that I had a few house placements incorrect in my last blog posts which I’ve edited. But at least I correct this and admit to human error! I had similar occurrences when my astrology software accidentally input an incorrect time zone once, and I had to reset preferences.

It’s probably better that I make mistakes though; it helps me work upon my perfectionism complex by acknowledging that it’s alright to even goof up now and then. Evidently Genius for me is found in the 9th House of Gemini 8° with Originality found in the 4th House Capricorn 29°. Originality is on an Anaretic Degree asking that one “Master” this house and sign to progress to the next one.

Genius depicts one’s purpose, direction, and advanced education/training, but this house focuses on oracular decrees, astrology/astronomy, divination, and philosophy/religion opening up new horizons. Originality is where one may show off their speculative abilities and usually is seen as a house of good fortune where spiritual will expresses as the actualization of one’s Higher Self through family origin/culture, home environment, inheritances, and parents.

Genius Arabic Lot

8° Gemini: A winged horse in mid-air with the Sun above its head.

Denotes an ambitious person of proud, aspiring nature, who seeks to rise, and who desires honor and reputation. The native has a good grip of human nature, its virtues, and its weaknesses. and they may find a position in some branch of the public service or in the service of their country. It is a symbol of Elevation.

The chart holder’s very being assists people to be more flexible, to transcend the nightmares and traumas of the past, and to be able to more fully receive from life while giving back to it. There is a talent for being able to captivate the attention of others, and through their perception of what is being done inspirations are triggered in them that can lead them out of their current life hangups.

This is a luminous placement used to help others to see their way forward giving as much as it can to those in need. It finds within itself what is needed to serve the situation at hand. Work with guardian angel Habuhiah and daimon Belial.

As previously noted Belial corresponds to 6 of Swords, Sun, Aquarius, and Mullein. The little bit I have read online this daimon influences how others view or perceive you. I have read for some this has included the creation of a new website, a better job with better paying clients, and new “spirit” friends; but there is a catch. It comes after your life is shaken up by a healthy dose of chaos.

Belial has also been known by some to work with one’s finances particularly ensuring troublemakers pay you back if they owe you money (particularly banks or other institutions). This usually revolves around bank loans, alimony, etc. This can also occur at the national level by disrupting malicious power structures.

I have likewise read Belial assists in freeing one from tyranny and oppression. If we consider the traditional Devil tarot card your chains of bondage are revealed to you and you are given the power to break them.

The three most practical applications of Belial’s powers are:

  • Free yourself from any form of bondage such as toxic relationships, dead end employment, and drug addiction.
  • Advance your career with recognition as an authority.
  • Defend yourself against political oppression and tyranny.
Originality Arabic Lot

29° Capricorn: A dismantled fortress in ruins; nearby an old man sitting on the ground, his back resting against a rock, with a sacred book beside him. His face expresses great sadness.

Denotes one of conservative and contemplative mind, aspiring, purposeful, and retentive, who mends the broken chains which link the past to the present, and who sees in the coming dawn a reflection of the remote past. He/she gains honor and esteem, but is not free from sadness. His/her ideals will be injured by events expected perhaps in all except intensity. It is a symbol of Comparison.

To go out into the world while simply and directly getting ones needs met is the genius of this degree. The concept of this is simple yet the actual playing out of it can be highly complex for this degree is gifted with a relentless ingenuity and resourcefulness able to maintain a coolness, calmness, and ease even in the midst of the world’s most difficult challenges. Reconstructing the past, if not in actuality at least in the mind, allows it to be clearly seen for what it is. Not just to the historical past in general, but to every souls own individual past; all of one’s past lives. Knowing exactly what happened and why brings one to the present.

In an ideal world an endless number of details add up musically to a beautiful harmonious symphony. This degree embraces wholeness through studying fragments. It is a challenge that can be accomplished so long as one avoids becoming lost in a sea of minute details. When this degree’s creative research works it magically builds out of the dust realms of imagination and wonder.

At its core this degree seeks something deeply cooling, soothing, simple, and refreshing which it can and will eventually find amidst the remains of antiquity. This something sought is eternal love that has always been there. Work with guardian angel Lauviah and daimon Gusion.

Gusion corresponds to 3 of Cups, Venus, Cancer, and Aloe. A daimon who passes on character development concepts and ideals while improving one’s self perception. Gusion teaches you to recognize your true self by looking within. If there are feuding parties in the external this daimon helps new friendships to form. Reconciliation helps with public relations instead of constantly living with situations of dispute/strife.

On a positive note medical bills were appealed and the cost for my mom’s pneumonia was drastically reduced. It is now a reasonable cost which will no longer create anxiety for our family. This takes a lot of pressure off of all of us and is a huge blessing for which we are exceedingly grateful! I love when this kind of outcome shows up in life.

Have an enjoyable Wednesday! ❤️‍🩹

Teach Me Tuesdays: The Liberty of Any Human On Spaceship Earth

I Have To Wonder About Human Logic Or Lack Thereof Especially Content Put On The World Wide Web Most Days!

If I were most people I’d probably learn to error on the side of caution a little more than those who don’t. At least think before you do something that to others appears foolish. You know the routine; the provided underlined hyperlink text is simply there to assist in elaboration or insight.


This supposed 2/22/2022 portal is still being confused as I have said before through how a Pluto Return would occur for the United States which also is creating some serious unrest globally in the collective consciousness of many. If you missed what I was speaking to I suggest you return back to my blog post from last Thursday because there is a degree of “care” with which anyone should behave from before they propagandize or seek to “mind control” another with respect to a person’s sovereignty, free will, and such acts are in direct conflict of proper karma/dharma.

This type of lunacy reveals what I said in my shadow clearing prompt about how disastrous the Aeon/Age of Pisces and Kali Yuga has been for all of humanity. It also teaches us much about as I posted with the Emperor and Wheel of Fortune archetype. Are people leading from love or fear, are their intents to manipulate and control the narrative or the audience by intellect over and to the exclusion of heart (Crown/Third Eye and Heart chakra imbalances) well received, and is their only goal to remove your ability to ask questions or critically think by accepting what “they” tell you as an indoctrinated dogmatic know-it-all system? Why are they working to create a Cult of Personality? Because some people are drunk also on fame and the wealth they receive from their supporters which is also a blurring of boundaries to the extent you might be like a Jim Jones cult. Be careful what you eat and drink in Wonderland Alice for the internet has a lot of rabbit holes that have made it unpleasant compared to when you were a content creator of the late 90s!

Lets all be very careful with our words and actions for the simple fact that in an Aeon/Age of Pisces versus Aquarius we must recall the urge to merge like seen with globalism is one upon which we teeter on a precipice of losing any sovereignty nationally as well as individual rights which are natural laws we are/have begun to trample under foot pushing us backwards to a time of tyranny and oppression which is a loss of maintaining correct boundaries and an act of co-dependence not interdependence. You are asking someone else to run your life which devolved you to infancy and childhood when mommy and daddy told you what to eat, what to wear, what to think/say, etc.

You need to learn how to balance being part of a group while retaining your self hood as an individualized spirit having a human experience. If not you may look like the Borg off Star Trek worshiping their Queen absolving yourselves of what Carl Jung says we came to gain. What is occurring is not just devolution, but is a form of atavism. Our consciousness has chosen this time to teach valuable lessons to all in the 3D and the coursework is indeed difficult. Traps and snares have been laid out like land mines.

Watch your back because “propaganda” knows no moral or ethical values and has only one goal. Over the last decade of my life I have watched 3/4 of humanity become incapable of ever “thinking for themselves.” They are simply mindless drone or worker bees who serve their master blindly. And letting the blind lead you is an exercise in negative outcomes. I think now the best approach is seen in my favorite movie Labyrinth when Sarah regained her own “power” back instead of being lost in the dream.

Blindness metaphysically is a darkened consciousness where one has no perception of his/her own power to exercise the ability to do for self rather the blind and ignorant drift on the tide looking to others to direct them. The blind sit by the wayside waiting for the few scraps thrown their way not wanting to become their own manifestor/producer. Blindness stifles and hampers spiritual as well as material growth. Many are letting others dictate their reality and they are “followers” with no capability to self rule their mind. They have let others control their subconscious, unconscious, and waking life. This is exactly as I have said how the dangers of “going viral” or a virus spreads like destructive wildfire which can not be controlled/put out as seen in history during the Salem Witch Trials, Roman Inquisition, and Satanic Panic spread in the past. Before you hit “share” or “like” why not think a little harder about what it is you’re actively participating in.

Dangerous Viral Media:

What is to be gained from so much emo angst because when I view my world I know that both sides of the duality are mirrors of each other failing to maintain balance/harmony. Both extreme polarities are swinging back/forth drunk on maintaining their radicalized power grabs over the masses and planet because they both operate from none other than poverty consciousness that has instilled in them envy, jealousy, greed, etc. They fear loss to such an extent they can not envision any other way to exist. The internet has so much AI, data mining, and lies meant to create confusion or pandemonium I think too many are impulsively and easily triggered by the amygdala hijack from which they need to disconnect.

Many are walking or being led into a trap the same way a hunter ensnares their prey. Ultimately we live in an age where entitlement and laziness is happening. It’s fine to want a work/life balance, but it’s another to not desire to be a productive member of society or to look down upon the sectors which without those world servers much would come to a screeching halt. An experiment that is at present teaching humanity much about what happens when the only value economy is an automated one with people who trade, hedonistically party, and abandon the rest of humanity out of selfishness for their immediate needs.

I’ve read about businesses closing and short staffed overworked world servers as everyone suddenly suffers from their “I don’t want to work those jobs” due to ego inflation for months now attitudes. If the entire services industry or certain other industries come to a screeching manufactured halt maybe just maybe people will be forced to come out of hiding in Plato’s cave. Maybe not; a lot of people advocate they want the system to implode. I hope you have a plan of action that does not undercut the people you look down upon who provide essential services to you. I hope your automatons will work and not look like those malfunctioning ones on Wall-E when you forget you have a swimming pool from being “too plugged in” to your internet of things/bodies!

You find engineered crises that would not exist otherwise. A doctor and other customers of mine as an aesthetician explained this. Multi tasking is in fact over rated, computer jobs are over paid and over rated, and the service sectors are exceedingly valuable because we all need to ensure our Root chakra needs are met. I could elaborate more on this, but I’m trying to not be a complete soap box rant. It stems from the adverts I receive on Youtube or other social media including my blog whereby I’m sick of the peddling propaganda of whatever is being bred by the limited beliefs of those with elitist mindsets who have somehow developed such a layer of egotistical pride they can’t see their own shortcomings or where there are discrepancies in their faulty logic. Everyone wants to play “chief” right?! Sounds like the snot Bianca was early on in Ten Things I Hate About You. “Planet Look at me!” Then again I also outgrew the selfie click bait generation a long time ago. Those societies are about competition with others. If you can’t see your dis-ease then you’re in Egypt along the river Denial!

Please exercise some caution because if you look at the Earth right now you will see it is very divisive and you need to exercise some wiser decision making before you make a foolish choice out of a temporary lack of sanity. All I am saying is be careful what you consume or let influence you because peer pressure is no valid excuse for stupid is as stupid does. Violence begets violence and aggression is not the only way to be seen or heard in life. No one has to collectively storm any particular place to make their point. I kind of feel as if I am remembering high school when fights broke out. Someone yelled fight and everyone wanted to go watch. This is the same exact form of immaturity. Only as I cautioned on Twitter (thankful I closed my account; extremely toxic environment) to many today’s harassment on the world wide web has legal consequences around gang or mob stalking as well as ramifications for slander, libel, assault, etc. In college my legal courses were instructed by criminal, business, and probate lawyers for legal administration as well as one Federal probation officer.

I received a very different background than many I know growing up. And I have been trying to explain this over time in my blog posts which I can not always reference all of them in links as I am now over 100 daily blog entries. What I do know is if you stoke certain bonfires beyond safe limit they spread similar to what we see each year in various parts of the world that cause devastation to innocent livelihoods when fire fighters can not control them or put them out. Consider how you impact the greater whole of humanity and the Earth as what happens to one happens to all. Playing with fire as in pyromania the wrong way is arson.

And many do not recognize who funds or who the controlling arm is of these “groups of people” which I call trolls that seek to pit us against one another creating conflict through Divide and Conquer or Hegelian Dialectic while they get their laughs. All I do know is a divided group of people is easier for any opponent to overtake so ask yourself why would an opponent work to weaken you by leaving you divided against self or your fellow humanity on so many fronts such as race, class, gender, spirituality, and so forth. What does your opponent gain?! I will say this only once.

All media is controlled media so if you listen to magazines, news, music, fashion, political pundits, and such step back and please recognize like spirituality it is always also tinged with personal subjective not always objective opinions. Even for my blog this is true; I always tell readers to please think for themselves and ask questions. Most of it has profit motive behind it that is mass manufactured therefore you won’t find transparent truth in it always because all humans fear transparency as it requires then to admit their shadow and humans prefer to not put everything into the light as it would perhaps be too hard on their fragile psyche. Integrate what you can, but exercise some authority in your life to not be constantly controlled by others.

Real liberty is about not letting anyone take ownership of you which includes the constant posturing I see all over from social justice warriors, instigators, and virtue signalers all over online. It is also the act of researching every fact checker you see online or outlet you’ve learned from. Start asking yourself where is the bias especially in medical as well as spiritual because you should research their funding and membership not to dox them or create drama rather so that you’re not taken for a ride. I’ve spent a lot of time doing this and become far more intelligent by recognizing the Matrix, Maya, and illusionary system that exists as a form of social, behavioral, and psychological engineering including our music or hypnotism industries designed to “trance” form humanity which is nothing short of “mind control, brainwashing, and borderline Mandela Effect” is run by the same branches of intel and think tanks all operating under various DBA.

3/4 of what is online content creation today compared to when I began in the late 90s is no longer real people, but a branch of the same organizations and simply AI bots. True liberty is to take back power and control over your own reality and not be a “pawn on a chessboard” of the stories others are telling you!

The definition in my previous post should have clearly read differently. The condition of being free from control, restrictions, imprisonment, slavery, forced labor, and excessive government control. The condition of being free to act, believe, or express oneself as one chooses. Do we still live by these principals? No! And to that it never should have been just about excessive government control, but should include any form of tyranny including the ones foisted upon us from peers, friends/family, religions, employers, propagandists, and think tanks. I’m probably leaving a few out although I’m sure you get the point.

The Butterfly Effect via I Take Off The Mask

For Americans there is a lot of talk about today being not President’s Day, but also Washington’s birthday. When you look at his or her story it’s never entirely correct. It will be revisionist, opinionated, and embellished for any number of purposes. If you did not know someone personally be careful with what you read or are taught about them. The “pop” astrologers using the wrong date for the Pluto Return I’ve addressed previously might rather consider that I have not yet found the incorporation date for the nation, but do see the Act of 1871 signed into law by Ulysses S. Grant when the District of Columbia repealed individual charters of the cities of Washington and Georgetown to establish itself.

They might do better to perhaps look at that date which was February 21, 1871 for some info although I still don’t believe this date is completely correct. The reason I’m not sure this is correct is due also to the fact that this was repealed in 1874 to be passed piecemeal March 2, 1877, amended March 9, 1878, and then there was June 11, 1878. The point is each of these dates would push the Pluto Return of the USA further out and it would not align to 2022 as so many are incorrectly teaching or promoting. And anyone can run those dates to see that it would move the Pluto Return making their “predictions” thoroughly wrong!

The actual District of Columbia was set up in 1790 and fully charted in 1801 according to some historians I’ve read. This kind of complexity is something astrologers could speculate about for quite some time before arriving at a definitive answer for the American Pluto Return. If you want to research this Act of 1871 I encourage you to do so for yourself. I am trying to leave the extreme political construct of such matters out right now because the topics of which I’m circling around can be extremely derisive regarding incorporation of the United States of America leading to some really Mario Bros fire flower spitting action against perceived opponents like Bowser or the piranha plants. As I’ve said I don’t want to commit arson by starting flame wars right now. Smokey the Bear would not be pleased.

Regardless esotericism is not fatalistic and countless people call it pseudoscience so just because you believe one thing does not make it the “ordained truth” of every other human on Spaceship Earth. I actually took the time and effort to run a Pluto Return for the date that matches the Act of 1871 which says the Pluto Return for America based on such would not be until June 14, 2113 through March 17, 2115 and then it shall not occur again until the year 2357. So this is as preposterous as the many theories on when we will enter the definitive Aquarian Aeon/Age. I suggest “pop” astrologers and estoericits as I’ve mentioned be careful what ideology they espouse. Self proclaimed experts and know-it-alls can always including myself who is not a self proclaimed expert or know-it-all be proven wrong with any “thought experiment.”

It’s also 2/22/2022 or 222222 as in a total of 6 repeating numerology references to a number of duality. The creativity manifested via the number 2 is in fact melancholic and sad in Chaldean numerology. It indicates being good at reading the intent or motives of others enabled by strong empathy while failing to envision the larger picture.

We recently had a Full Moon in Leo this month and this energy has two sides that can be put on display. We see this happening already. I am a Sun sign Leo on the Western zodiac as I’ve stated with a Virgo Moon, but my Vedic is a Cancer Sun sign with a Leo (Magha) lunar mansion. The Lion will express from the heart space and speak with no filter which I have seen occurring all over the globe. We’re finding our voice and this is wonderful, but we need to take stock of our emotions ensuring that we are not operating from an external need for attention seeking/approval or reactive impulsivity.

It’s time to focus on necessary self care reaffirming internally how valid and unconditionally loved we really are. Ensure you’re not tripping over your ego when deciding between what your mind and heart desire. Your ego is struggling with it’s fear of rejection if you’re showing up incorrectly in the world. Make sure your mind or the mind’s of others who are avoiding their own internal work are not tricking you into believing in the wrong conclusions of falsehoods.

I’m thinking most people are not understanding the duad either. The duad is the Mother of Wisdom (Chokmah) for ignorance out of the nature of itself invariably gives birth to Wisdom (Chokmah). The Monad is universally revered, but the duad is universally despised because it is a symbol of polarity. The power of the duad created contradistinction to the heavens. The duad in reference to water is again really all about consciousness as I’ve continuously stated. Those who get into “deep waters” in the 3D suffer financial, emotional, moral, or other forms of difficulty sinking into the mire of immorality and criminal activity of their own doing.

When you’ve learned your lessons of material existence you can ascend in consciousness to higher levels. Most right now, however, drink of the waters that won’t satisfy them so they remain in lower levels of consciousness. They have been draining the cup of pleasure, fame, ambition, and wealth and that will never satiate them so they are the hungry ghosts of all generations in their man made personal hells seeking to drag others down with them because misery loves company.

This portal was meant to teach or support purification for bliss, Edenic/Paradisian, freedom, abundance, and divine union. Oddly enough I think though many are still not finished or they did not pass sufficiently the Ketu Mahadasha they were given. Somewhere along the way it should have also incorporated the zero point energy, but as I’ve said from where I saw this was via my lunar mansion in Vedic astrology with Regulus moving to zero point Virgo from the last degrees of Leo which does not happen overnight at all. It will be ongoing for 72 years before it moves a degree. That implies a lot of fluctuation between Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine to integrate. Rushing outcomes is akin to haste making a ton of waste.

I wanted today to look at another Arabic Lot as I did yesterday. This one is Liberty of Person using the formula Ascendant plus Sun minus Mercury. It is therefore specific to your blueprint and should be run for every unique individual. Unlike others I’ve decided to add to this Spirit/Spiritus using the formula Ascendant plus Sun minus Moon and Lightning Flash which utilizes the formula Ascendant plus Uranus minus Sun.

Liberty of Person is my 1st House of Libra 15°, Spirit/Spiritus is my 12th House Virgo 24°, and Lightning Flash is my 5th House Aquarius 23°. So we would see Liberty encompassing a house of mannerisms, identity, and personality while Spirt/Spiritus takes to a house of subconscious/unconscious mind, mysticism, meditation, and past life or forgotten things serving the collective in terms of hopes/dreams. The Lightning Flash in the 5th House is going to effect self and artistic expression. I’m going to jump through these in the same order as above and finalize this for today.

Liberty of Person Arabic Lot

The chart holder takes the time to be careful, personal, and artful in bringing out the very best in a situation to create maximum enjoyment of it for self and others. This helps everyone to feel all of life more vividly and fully slowing down to see with far greater clarity what is truly most important to them. A beautiful skill executed wonderfully. Deep within beautiful pictures have been there from time immemorial. It is wonderful that they have been protected and preserved yet it is more wonderful to share them with others.

The challenge here is to invite others into your world so that you may share yourself with them in a deep way. Seeking a vivid transcendent way of relating overcoming all limits touches others deeply. It is only difficult to do this if one allows self doubt to stand in the way. If one is willing to let go of uncertainty and immerse themselves totally in being who they are then magical connections with others will spontaneously arise. Work with guardian angel Hahasiah and daimon Balam. That could be controversial to say the least as it will get conflated with Balaam.

Daimon Balam connects with the Seven of Wands, Sun, Leo, and Oak. Any lesson not learned in the past is going to be like a broken record on repeat until fully learned. The main purpose I’ve seen for this daimon is to improve intuition and develop mental aptitude as well as that famous cloak of invisibility (primarily astral) I joke about from time to time.

Spirit/Spiritus Arabic Lot

One has an ability to always be in touch with the Earth, practicality, and what is. It is a power of feeling at home wherever one is and of using any or all situations for personal sustainment through learning. It is the hallmark of one who is tremendously patient doing whatever it takes to accomplish their tasks no matter how long this may take or how complicated the road may become. This degree has to do with the refining and perfecting of the intuition as well as the ability to nurture and serve an ideal. There is a conflict here between Virgo’s desire to be accurate, clear, and precise against the need to listen to emotions, instincts, and the psychic self. These two sides of one’s being can seem to be at war with each other, but it is through their interactions that both sides are empowered.

This degree always wants to go deeper into the meaning of existence just as the roots on the bottom of a satyr’s foot grows deep into the ground. It will analyze something from every angle possible to delve into the finer and finer details of whatever it is dealing with. It may discover new things that have never been found or considered before. Ultimately it always needs to realize that the intellectual mind is just a tool whose rightful place is as a tool to serve a reality greater than itself which can only be merged with rather than ever completely objectified. Work with guardian angel Omael and daimon Forneus.

Daimon Forneus connects with the Four of Pentacles, Moon, Capricorn, and Sunflower. Forneus helps one work with the self awareness of their subconcsious. Esotericism would recognize this as trying to conect with angelic familiars. Largely beneficial for legal affairs Forneus is helpful for retrieving and winning battles over debt one is owed. I suspect this is not just monetary; perhaps paying off or burning off karmic debt.

Lightning Flash Arabic Lot

This degree is about remembering the past and drawing sustenance from feeling fellowship with all those souls who have gone before working together to fulfill a common goal. The chart holder gains sustenance from a feeling of connectedness with humanity that transcends any limitation imposed by religion, ethnicity, race, philosophical persuasion, or even death. Love is their true connector. Sensing the vastness of the group one belongs to includes the current human focus of everyone who has ever lived as well as infinite other possibilities from far distant places including other universes.

One has a deep knowing that all limits are temporary and illusions. It often tries out many different ways of relating to the world welcoming the seemingly random encounters it has as opportunities to connect with the greater collective consciousness. Rather than feeling special one knows that everything and everyone is special. Work with guardian angel Chavakiah and daimon Marchosias.

We potentially covered this yesterday. Daimon Marchoisias connects with the Nine of Cups, Moon, Pisces, and Pennyroyal. What I gather Marchosias helps one use their inner as well as outer innate powers/strength to remain motivated in life. If you’re feeling discouraged you will learn to master conflicts via focused discipline. Usually one learns how to protect themselves from negativity or psychic attack from proverbial energy vampires. Really this daimon is helpful in any type of conflict you might be facing be it verbal, physical, or psychological getting things ironed out and improved.

Have a safe rest of the week everyone! 🧯🔥

The last time America saw anything strange politically for me was while I was working a holiday season as a temporary grocery shopper. I legitimately thought the characters involved were making some of us look as if we were were not mentally functioning properly and maybe we had a few marbles running loose in our heads. I was glad I was finding more productive ways to get through life and to not be involved any further in the drama so many others are finding themselves ensnared in when one can rise above it. As for me I’m about ready to determine my job hunting tactics to take up a part time job for 3 days a week and to reduce my time blogging.

I’m still unsure where I’m taking my astrology business. I’ve debated closing it at only a few months in to focus my attentions on a life without esotericism altogether especially in terms of online. It’s gone virtually nowhere and been a dead end. The costs of which were not so burdensome an investment that I’ll feel much regret if I pack up and consider it a failed attempt. I’ll just move on! I did this intentionally. If I’m going to gamble with what may not give me any returns I’m not investing much into it as there is no benefit in doing that. You don’t go all in on a bad hand! 🎰🎲

Manifestation Mondays: What Major Arcana Card Best Describes Your Blueprint

The Emperor – Son of the Morning and Wheel of Fortune – Lord of the Forces of Life From the Hermetic Tarot

This is certainly not anything which is fixed or fatalistic. Have you ever inquired what your current energetic blueprint is in life? Today I decided to inquire and with the help of the provided underlined hyperlink text I thought I would share what I’ve learned with my audience. No, that image above is not my favorite attempt at image editing. Sorry, I struggled to figure out what I wanted and then gave up.


There’s something funny about esoterics in general. It’s really all one giant “thought experiment” if you consider that the core of most of these indoctrination schools use a dogmatic approach of legalism to implement their structures. When I entered this field I knew I’d be going it alone as I was butting heads with virtually everyone who has joined a clique which pays fees and operates like a witches coven whereby if you’ve “betrayed” your loyalties they’ll tar and feather you, smear you, or whatever other childish form of shunning they can think of because humanity still believes in Saturnine traditions of humiliation which exists in all cosmological practices. I saw this in Hinduism and Eastern societies as well.

What we’re really talking about is the maxims thrown around. As above so below only counts if you leave out certain space objects namely the hypothetical Trans Neptunian Objects (TNO) or the non-approved asteroids which the only one’s commonly used are the main Greek goddesses with Chiron. This is precisely why the “critics” call all esotericism pseudoscience to begin with and work adamantly to discredit it. If a philosophy looks like Swiss cheese it can’t hold up essentially. Which is why the maxim of everything being mental then makes thought experiments invalid because ironically everyone is splitting hairs looking pretty foolish. Mostly I’m triggered by reading yet another person online who like many has the “know-it-all” mantra of the day. And as I’ve said I don’t know-it-all nor would I pretend to. One thing I won’t also do is complain anymore about the fact that I feel exceptionally solitary. I’m finding I prefer this.

Where am I going with this? Debates that become illogical on the basis of a similar discussion I had with family recently. A complaint over the size of cut/diced onions when cooking soups erupted in me remarking how ignorant it is to say that onions cut/diced finely means there is no onion in the soup. If someone juiced an onion would we say there was no onion in what they’re drinking? Probably not. Most people do not want to sit down to a large onion in a soup the same way you would if it was on a skewer for shish kabob. This was the same logic I had over another debate regarding legislation where people were comparing a weapon to a medical procedure that has been fought over as a legal right to a specific group of humanity. At which point I thought is that a Freudian slip.

Did a legislator finally admit that this “weapon” being used to “kill/murder” was equivalent to a medical procedure not to be named at this time as it’s far too controversial might also actually be an act of “killing/murdering” or taking a life? I began to realize this is why I stopped voting several years ago. The more I watch humanity at large I’ve been seeing a lot of hypocrisy and duplicity. I’ve seen the “masks” removed and well the Matrix, Maya, and illusions have revealed to me that I don’t like participating in the ridiculous displays others put on. By that I mean everyone is ignoring as I’ve said their shadow only to project their stinky guano on another sort of like a monkey who played with it’s dung and then flung it at me. Not interested, and I’d suggest people grow up already!

And yes I know this may be why I have no followers sometimes in life. I’m blunt, and I’m done coddling or enabling the idiocy. Humans are as much capable of being the saint as they are of being the proverbial criminal. The holier than thou society of everyone’s light working to the neglect of Captain Obvious has worn my patience way too thin. I find this to be not the Aeon/Age of Aquarius or Pisces rather I’m thinking society is in an Age of Lawlessness. I’m recognizing I see more lack of humanitarianism or world servers in place of what I’m still not entirely sure of because it’s still emerging sort of like a baby being born out of the birth canal that has not yet even allowed me to get the head and shoulders free. What are we individually or collectively manifesting right now?

Megalomania, psychopathy, sociopathy, extreme egotism, or something more sinister. Is it that movie Rosemary’s Baby? I just don’t quite know, but somewhere the mojo is really off so perhaps it’s more like we’re birthing Eris or Discordia due to the love for chaos magick in esotericism or the love of those who work the Qliphoth. Either way most of what is birthed in these “experimentations” are divisional. As I said people are ignorant of wholistic healing as they run around picking sides in their dualistic consciousness seeing everything as us versus them, black versus white, and right versus left. Maybe one day we will all get beyond this, but at this point I’m skeptical and cynical. I began to wonder if people in esoterics had some sort of confusion about Cosmic or Christ consciousness whereby they mistakenly are attracting that creepy old guy in the movie Poltergeist.

Is humanity at large mistakenly seeking out Carol Ann to lead them into the “light” thereby they are working from the archetypal realms of playing out the very role or trope of none other than Reverend Henry Kane since the trope is the same one after all used by Crowley in some forms of fandom which derives from a quote within the movie that Tangina makes. Did they move the headstones while forgetting to move the bodies?! Time will tell I suppose. Yes, that came out weird. You would have to re-read or re-hear the quote from the movie that I’m referencing and try to get around my own logic.

Really I’m just tired right now; I can say I’m grateful, and there is much to be grateful for. Rubbing that in the face of others I’m seeing go through hell on Earth though is actually one of the worst things I or others can do. It is nothing more than gas lighting and fake virtue signaling from a society that is acting from the wrong place with poor intentions! And this is where the New Age has left me angry, disgusted, and unimpressed. It is where we will continue to disagree. I actually have little patience anymore with the constant happiness everyone is running around proclaiming because it is beginning to look very fake to me. Humans are not robots and life is not a cake walk.

If you’re repressing certain emotions to “put up a front” you get zero brownie points with me because to me you’re plastic! I’m not saying wallow in depression, but I am asking people to get real and cut the crap! I can see through it and frankly I’m completely repulsed. Being smug about how well ofF you are in life does not help others who need to find someone who is down to Earth and also has their share of bad days while not afraid to show/express this or individually witness that their consciousness at that moment is perhaps imbalanced/low vibe. It’s normal to fluctuate and is part of being in flow.

Today I decided to pull a card that would tell me what Major Arcana best described my blueprint which actually two cards came to me in my draw. I received the Emperor with the Wheel of Fortune. We’re going to consider the extent of these archetypes to see what this could indicate.

The Emperor archetype is best described as one who is a master of their own personal Universe or kingdom with the knowledge that self sacrifice is essential to being a great ruler. The tarot card in the image above shows the glyph of Aries as this card corresponds with the God Ares/Mars. Here one achieves their goals when they know the difference between what can and can’t be controlled or changed. If you don’t know the difference between these two you generally make terribly unwise choices. If you have not created a Universe or kingdom of the highest virtue possible than you’ve operated from the shadow archetype of the Emperor.

The Emperor who sits between Netzach operates via Venus (Empress) utilizing emotions, enjoyment, pleasure, and bliss as well as Yesod acting as the final filter through which the forces of the Tree of Life organizes manifestation in Malkuth (Kingdom) associated with the astral light into one’s Root chakra. A successful Emperor regulates their emotions and desires by redirecting the energy or manipulating what they wish to see happen in the world the same way a yogi awakens kundalini. This might be why I’m growing agitated with the external reality as I’m beginning to question if collectively as well as individually people have mastered balance/harmony in their chakras or actions in the 3D.

The Emperor is an aspect of the Divine Masculine given the number 4 which demarcates Chesed/Jupiter. At the highest vibration this should be a hardworking and trustworthy person who would be a desirable friend/co-worker. However, it’s important this energy be kept in check for this person usually wants to revolutionize through new ideas causing hate from those who are unwilling to leave their comfort zone. Thereby the Emperor archetype has many enemies and will be perceived as a black sheep. If we look at the connection between Chokmah (Wisdom) and Tiferet (Beauty) we see the Yang qualities of the pillar of mercy.

What you find is a strong willed and experienced persona who has to ensure they bring structure to life while caring for others and protecting them rather than operating as a control freak capable of operating strictly from head to the exclusion of heart. This is the path of the Hebrew letter Heh. Furthermore the quality of this archetype is that of Rajas promoting action or motion which we need to ensure does not become hyperactivity, excessive thinking, or anxiety. If one is imbalanced in this guna they will have a sense of greed always wanting to achieve or desiring more.

They can act quite impulsively leaving behind them a trail of regret when not careful. This is where one needs to work at not becoming easily bored with the company of others for example which leads to craving/grasping. If severely imbalanced the Rajasic temperament becomes self centered never considering the happiness of another showing little compassion for anyone else’s suffering whereby their intentions behind every action they perform is simply with the end goal of achieving fame/recognition. They become attention seekers who are angry and fearful of losing in life; the biggest thing they fear to lose is control/power especially over others.

If you’re looking for specific ways to heal imbalances consider these options:

  • Avoid spicy, oily fried, salty, pungent, bitter, and sour foods which cause hyperactivity, excessive heat, and leave one anxious. Opt for vegetarian, raw, whole grain, and non meat based proteins/foods.
  • Utilize visuals and audios which do not focus upon violence. Take up listening to, watching, and reading relaxing or soothing things which calm the sensate body.
  • Take an adequate amount of sleep each night to avoid deficiencies which make one sluggish and irritable.
  • Live closer to nature and take time for yourself while balancing this with adequate time given to other’s well being. There should be a balance between Rajas and Tamas which will develop consistency.

As we connect Chesed to Netzach via the Wheel of Fortune archetype we begin to see a connection in how mercy can manifest pleasure which should come via growth, expansion, and good luck. If the mind and willpower are in a state of imbalance one may suffer a few different outcomes such as stagnation which contradicts the principles of life and is associated with Typhon. If we manage to mediate between the extremes mentioned above of Rajas and Tamas we develop the skill of psychopomp which is often depicted as Hermanubis.

Everyone’s actions constantly turn the Wheel of Fortune of their own blueprint. Typhon or Tamas can appear as if it is oppressive leaving us with the feeling of powerlessness to change our current situation. Hermanubis brings purification and this archetype asks one to work with a variety of guides including totem animals such as bees, birds, and dolphins or even our ancestors. It is the role of deathworkers, birthworkers, dreamwalkers, and spirit workers. This would be the realm of those who can mediate the conscious and subconscious.

Similar to what is said when we confront the Devil it is within each of us to resolve turning our situations into something more harmonious bringing a sense of Victory (Netzach) for the Wheel of Fortune is in fact the sum total of the cycle of all experiences in our many lifetimes happening on different levels all at once. Time is not linear! Humans don’t like to accept adversity therefore when confronted with it they may fail to reflect on how these situations benefited them with tremendous personal growth or self discovery. They fail to appreciate the opportunity that was given to them while in the thick of things.

Really on the Wheel of Fortune we’re staring at the Fixed Cross of Aquarius (Air), Scorpio (Water), Leo (Fire), and Taurus (Earth) representing intellect, emotions, passion, and possessions. The path is Kaph representing the palm of any hand ready to receive knowledge. The entire cycle is that of birth, death, and rebirth. It represents people with good business sense who are normally quite optimistic while not allowing for the ups/downs in life to completely change their behavior for they ride the tides of change.

With all of this I thought today I’d look at my Arabic Lots which is interchangeable with Arabic Parts as I referred to it in a previous blog post for Jupiter 1 and Jupiter 2 which signify increase. The formula for Jupiter 1 is Ascendant plus Jupiter minus Sun while Jupiter 2 is Ascendant plus Jupiter minus Pars Futurorum. My results come to Jupiter 1 in the 2nd House Scorpio 6° with Jupiter 2 in the 10th House Cancer 17°.

Jupiter 1 Arabic Lot

Today we will briefly explore these through Sabian symbols to see what we can gain for insight. I considered fixed stars, but am unsure as to if I will include them. I do believe I have seen Scorpio 6° before actually in my studies. Actually yes this was my post about Hygeia. Below is some more information for this degree.

The chart holder possesses an ability to meet the requirements of their environment so that it may be melded with and taken in via a complete way. As anyone adjusts to the changes they are moving through the way is prepared for more changes of a higher kind. What is required to activate the best qualities of this degree is patience, focus, and a tuning in to the transformations happening in the moment. It requires one to be engaged in the process of synthesizing all aspects of life into a dynamic whole.

This process is not to ever be completed for it is a creative flow, never static, and always changing like a moving kaleidoscope. If this degree accepts this way of being then marvelous and continuous inspirations can flow forth from it. If it tries to be overly consistent or to fit into a mold it will always end up fragmented as well as quite frustrated. The key here is to let it all happen never getting hung up on criticism, judgement, and uncertainty – for the passing moment is meant for better things. Work with guardian angel Yelahiah and daimon Shax.

Daimon Shax connects with the Nine of Swords, Moon, Gemini, and Purslane. You’re going to find that Shax is a gift giver, but not in the sense of a materialistic concept. Someone beneficial may come into your life only to be temporarily taken away from you so that you learn to better value them. This daimon also helps one attain their Higher Self while aiding with skrying, tarot divination, mirrormancy, rune casting, and nature magic.

The fixed stars for this degree would incorporate respectively Gacrux in Crux the Crucifix and Khambalia in the left foot of Virgo the Virgin. Gacrux indicates one who perseveres during responsibilities placed upon them. The etymology might signify the Hebrew keres for hook/clasp with korus for bow/bend and karsol for joint/ankle alongside khirsal for crossing one’s legs, but ultimately I can’t locate much information on this fixed star so I’m uncertain if this synopsis is correct. Khambalia stems from Coptic meaning “Crooked Clawed” and signifies the wheat sheaf which belongs to Ceres. I’ve really only found that it might give one an active mind which can be occasionally argumentative, changeable, or make for a lot of talking. It rules the spine in our human body.

Jupiter 2 Arabic Lot

At Jupiter 2 we have no fixed stars to really speak of and we might simply describe it best as follows. The chart holder possesses a very active subconscious and whatever needs to come forth from it will do so in one way or another. One needs to listen carefully to what is going on inside of them no matter how inexplicable it is. If they ignore the energies moving deep inside these energies will grow stronger, take on a life of their own, and assert themselves into our world until they have made their point.

What comes forth is not likely to be limited by logic nor slowed down by any hesitancy. The deeper self keeps things moving forward with its own agendas, and if this degree can be self aware it can learn much from observing its own motions. The problem is determining if this work being carried out is for a constructive purpose or if it is nothing more than busy work engaged in as a means of avoiding what one really needs to be doing. If it’s the latter the shadow self with a mind of its own will eventually provoke a confrontation with the truth. Work with guardian angel Chavakiah and daimon Marchosias.

Daimon Marchoisias connects with the Nine of Cups, Moon, Pisces, and Pennyroyal. What I gather Marchosias helps one use their inner as well as outer innate powers/strength to remain motivated in life. If you’re feeling discouraged you will learn to master conflicts via focused discipline. Usually one learns how to protect themselves from negativity or psychic attack from proverbial energy vampires. Really this daimon is helpful in any type of conflict you might be facing be it verbal, physical, or psychological getting things ironed out and improved.

I hope everyone has a marvelous Monday wherever they are. Wishing everyone truly the best even if I seemed crankier today. Our Monday was very productive and we hope to be planting in our garden this weekend. We are having another cold front potentially roll through so we’re holding off to plant our seeds until it passes. 💐🏡

PS: I’m now finished proofing this post. Distracted by videos being played beside me a little. No offense to the family member meant by this. My concentration easily gets flighty lately.

Sign Spotlight Sundays: Ushi is to Aleph as Ailm is to Alif

“I like feeling like an ox at the end of the day. I like working hard.” – Unknown

We continue from the Rat today. Let us see how this compares to a Western metaphysical or spiritual view in astrotheology with the help of the provided underlined hyperlink text.


Those born in the years 1913, 1925, 1937, 1949, 1961, 1973, 1985, 1997, and 2009 or the year of the Ushi/Ox work diligently yet patiently with intelligence and reflective thought. They enjoy helping others. Their tenacity and self sacrificing exterior hides an active mind operating from balance and strength inspiring confidence. Oxen appear obstinate and slow, but they also impress others as leaders fearing no responsibility or risk placed before them. Sometimes they labor long hours to accomplish little.

People born under this influence are kind caring souls filled with common sense and with their feet securely planted on the ground. Security is their main preoccupation in life thus they are prepared to toil long and hard to provide a warm, comfortable, and stable nest egg for themselves and their families. These individualistic people don’t take kindly to being told what to do.

This sign falls under Kokuzo Bosatsu corresponding to the Space/Sky Repository signifying unlimited wisdom and compassion. This speaks to the removal of obstacles helping people recognize and overcome their errors.

Kokuzo Bodhisattva was originally paired with Jizo Bosatsu as the Earth Repositor with both representing the blessings of space and Earth respectively. This pairing is almost entirely forgotten. Today Jizo is one of Japan’s most popular deities worshipped both independently and as an important member of Amida Buddha’s retinue. Kokuzo is a relatively neglected deity whose adherents come largely from the Shingon tradition.

Kokuzo’s role in esoteric rites is to improve one’s memory encouraging the practice of the Ten Perfections or in Sanskrit the Paramita as well as Tenbu.

If we step back we see this connects to the Hebrew Aleph, the Ogham Ailm, and the Arabic Alif through the Alphabetic derivatives taken from Aramaic, Phoenician, Hebrew, Syriac, Greek, Latin, etc. The letter Aleph is the “father” of the Aleph-Beit with the original pictogram representing an ox, strength, and a leader. It’s numerical value is 1 and 1,000 which is a silent letter. Aleph alludes to the ineffable mysteries of the oneness of God/Goddess meaning “Master/Lord.” Phoenician/Ketav Ivri morphed to the Greek Alpha.

In Kabbalistic vein the upper Yod meaning an arm represents a hidden and infinite aspect of YHVH called Ain Sof (אֵין סוֹף, lit. “without end”) yet the lower Yod represents the revelation of YHVH to mankind. The Vav meaning is “hook” indicating connectedness between these two realms. Vav is believed to represent humanity as Adam was created on the sixth day. Vav is diagonal or humbled in the face of God’s/Goddess’ mystery and revelation. These two Yods indicate the paradox of experiencing God as both hidden/close and far/near.


The symbol of which we have already seen in previous blog posts as well.

The basic gematria for Aleph is one, indicating the one and only God/Goddess who is the Master of the Universe. The gematria for the parts of the letter Aleph add up to 26 (Yod, Yod, and Vav). This is the same number as the sacred Name YHVH. This is where the Lord reveals his/her name to Moses as ehyeh asher ehyeh (אֶהְיֶה אֲשֶׁר אֶהְיֶה), “I Am That I Am.”

The Celtic Ogham relates directly back to a previous blog post of bibliomancy I performed through a Hans Christian Andersen fairytale book I own. The Ailm as Scot’s Pine or Silver Fir.

In the Arabic sphere or Quran this is seen as Alif, howver, it will represent as Aries as seen or found here. Etymology of Arabic places Alif as 1,000 and Northern Kurdish as fodder, food, and forage.

The Ox is a representation of masculine leadership roles at home and in public as well as fertility and renewal. Oxen were one of the first creatures humanity domesticated to assist on their farms. Oxen provide food for people while being symbols of providers who would supply not only meat, but also leather for clothes or bones and sinews as weapons.

The meaning behind the bull or ox in mythology/folklore represents power. Their strength helped humans domesticate this creature early on through giving up sustenance like beef did when used by hunters. This robust role model holds a fiery personality with crescent shaped horns. Some cultures see the bull/ox as representative of Lunar worship relating to this spirit animal’s ability for intuition and reason to bridge together in one wholistic body connecting to feminine leadership. The Ox does have stubborn tendencies that require taming. They are an excellent guide through their expansive energy channels connecting them with other worlds of the Sun and Moon.

In the ancient world Ox offerings were a common practice. People believed that this creature’s vital essence gave fertility to the Earth and could also cure diseases such as headaches or stomach discontent. The mythology of the Ox and Mino is well known from Greek mythology. This white Ox came to life when King Minos prayed for an animal sacrifice to give to Poseidon as a representation of Neptune or our Piscean Aeon/Age, however, he was excessively greedy desiring this rare creature all to himself while providing only a plain ordinary cow in return. The punishment to Crete is the suffering of many years with famine because of his deplorable selfishness until Zeus or Jupiter (Chesed as in loving kindness/mercy) finally intervened and offered up one more chance at redemption by sending seven girls sacrificed as part time cows. At the same time their maidens could tend them on the land.

Asteroid Minos Age Harmonic Chart

In astrology there is the asteroid Minos (6239) for the King of Crete in the above tale. In the Age Harmonic chart this asteroid is placed in the 10th House of Capricorn 10° which is the house of father figures and authority in terms of how they handle responsibility in one’s life as well.

Are they in fact responsible or irresponsible? What do they do with their status or reputation in the public spotlight as this represents the patriarchy as well as Divine Masculine? The question at this time to be asked is for what is one fighting for or attempting to defend in the presence of perceived enemies or adversaries.

When we look around at our world today it is the Kozminsky Symbol which explains this best for those who are “watching.” Maybe some important questions should be pondered on all sides.

10° Capricorn: A glimmering light stealing into an armory on the walls of which hang polished implements of war.

Denotes one, active, ardent, and militant whose enthusiasm will lead him/her into trouble or danger and who is capable of heroic effort for an espoused cause. The nature is by no means selfish indeed the native would lay down his/her life for that which to him/her is right. It is a symbol of Militarism.

This degree has a lack of attachment to life or the world. It has an ability to move freely through life and to visit many places both physically as well as via inner emotional states which others would not allow themselves to experience due to fear of so much change. What appears to be chaotic behavior on the part of this degree is often seen as quite meaningful upon a closer look as a part of a regimen of highly individualized learning.

The chart holder is always aware that we are continually taking from nature, feeding on it, and using it to fulfill our own purposes. If this is carried out in a respectful way to sustain rather than to merely indulge ourselves we find that nature is always there ready to give. The strange and diverse objects which float down a river are all those things which captivate us one after another as we experience our world around us flowing through time.

The best relationship to have with all this passing stuff is to take what we need from it, use whatever we are inspired to use for whatever we need it for, and let the rest flow on for others downstream to use as needed. This degree carries just this kind of pragmatic yet spiritual attitude when its living in tune with its dharma. Work with guardian angel Mehiel and daimon Flauros.

Daimon Flauros corresponds to the Two of Pentacles, Venus, Capricorn, and Skullcap.

Do you need to be set free from tyranny or oprression.

Then Flauros is who you should be contacting. This daimon knows all things past, present, and future capable of removing obstacles to beginning new phases in life.

A very protective daimon who loves to discuss the Divine speaking often of heaven.

This daimon balances the physical, mental, and spiritual aspects of one’s consciousness. Flauros rules over justice, love, baptismal rites, and new beginnings offering one a retentive memory.

Have a sensational Sunday! I wish you joyous opportunities. 🤩

Self Examination Saturdays: Where Mythology Meets Mysticism

“When somebody starts going down, rats start leaving the sinking ship.” – Amarinder Singh

Dive deep with the underlined hyperlink text and you just might find some unusual answers.


What happens when identification with mono-myth and archetypal reality becomes a form of psychosis individually or collective? One could say humanity displays dissociation and Stockholm syndrome. It is extremely important to value fantasy as a wonderful source of creativity, innocent dreaming, and hope. However, when we fail to separate fantasy from reality or to ground ourselves into the 3D we become airy fairy head in the clouds delusional bordering on mental or psychological dis-ease due to imbalance.

There are lots of stories that exist about characters or worlds that we envision as possibilities to have existed or that could exist for this is why some seek answers to life on other planets. Nothing is wrong with this as long as we balance these beliefs with truth rather than pseudoscience or falsehoods bordering on insanity. No one should lose the ability to see the world as a child once did with wonder, but we still need to retain our sanity to cope with everyday life.

With the push towards meditation, numbing out through video games or drugs, and other dissociative practices we crater on a cliff that could pose serious harm for humanity. Today I wanted to look at two asteroids I found. One deals with the New Age fascination of Atlantis and the other with my push for moksha as many say this happens more in out of body or near death experiences as well as trance/hypnagogic or lucid dream states.

I have read that those born into Magha lunar mansion such as myself can be more prone to these conditions, and it is for that reason that I work hard to ground into reality as well as to avoid certain substances including why I disliked being prescribed off label Gabapentin and Tramadol. As someone who had an alcoholic biological father who became entrapped by a pattern of domestic abuse I am inherently conscious of not following that path. My inner guidance is hyper-alert. However, I do not judge people who have a healthy relationship with alcohol in comparison to addictive habit forming relationships. This does not mean we do not all have good as well as more detrimental habits to our well being overall.

I can suffer bouts of procrastination, perfectionist ideology, and problems with anger. On the other hand I have been told my strengths are detail orientation which I must guard against analysis paralysis, an erudite persona which I must guard against an inability to reach my audience at their level, and prudence which should not become fear of taking risks.

Pisces is known through its Neptunian energies to be the urge to merge and as an Age or Aeon to move beyond we find here problems with boundary setting as well as the phrase “I do not know where I end and you begin.” It may sound romantic, but it could be unhealthy! Selflessness is pushed so heavily in the Piscean Age or Aeon that people have no healthy self love or confidence creating the archetype of victim/martyr consciousness. I imagine this is ideal for abuse by those who are psychopathic, sociopathic, and narcissistic while it also is a facet of guru syndrome that can cause significant damage or trauma for anyone. We do not want spiritual bankruptcy we want wholistic balance or harmony between the rational, spiritual, psychological, emotional, and physical.

Today’s blog entry really came from inspiration today during a Zoom meeting which also became heated with racial gas lighting/hate where I attempted to express that many were missing the point playing into their enemies hands. Race, sex, gender, religion, and such are the tools of the ideologies inbred in Divide and Conquer or Hegelian Dialect used to weaken an opponent and cause distraction. It diverts attention from who, what, when, where, and how allowing the assailant to carry out their psychological warfare. This fell on deaf ears of course, and I stopped wasting my energy in a Pyrrhic battle.

I can not reach their level of cognitive dissonance or their hate towards classes of humanity that to me indicates they suffer prejudice and ignorance which I do not allow to sway me. Thankfully this was a side chat separate from the professionalism of the Zoom presentation. But it ate at me as a woman of 42 who embraces and studies a lot especially cross cultural spiritual or religious views. It bothered me more that this was a direct assault on my ethnicity having Jewish roots. Generalizing is wrong and no entire “group” is all bad. Race baiting and distractions serve only one aim; to keep us all looking the other way projecting garbage immaturity or low Emotional IQ at the wrong target. It makes you look foolish!

This is no different than Asian or Black hate and frankly as a white woman I am not gas lighting their own traumas and systemic abuse. Mine is different in how I am triggered and choose to respond. It is inflated by being bullied as a child and abused by some people during the course of my life. People show their maturity based upon how they respond in life. These people to me were displaying a lack of maturity by their absurd discussion in the side chat.

Atlantis is this legend or mythology promoted by many taken from Greek philosophy on some accounts written of around 350 BC of a technologically advanced, rich and prosperous, paradise like island run by Poseidon an archetype of Neptune or our Piscean Age/Aeon. At the height of their society their values deteriorate on all levels. The punishment is such a common theme again as Atlantis sinks in the ocean/sea via a flood. Countless stories abound of this which is really an allegory of consciousness as I have previously discussed in my blog posts about the Bible, Quran, etc. This mythology is so redundant it borders on the Promethean tale being retold for the millionth time repackaged. While I sound critical of others it is because I recognize guru syndrome, charisma, and things like megalomania/grandeur could cause significant distortion in the use of these mythologies to sway an unsuspecting audience.

Pride, arrogance, and conceitedness run amok might presuppose a fall from grace on the Wheel of Fortune. More than this a society at large who literally believes in a mythology allows for the manifestation or group induced psychosis which is what we see in a variety of cultish organizations that exist as forms of brainwashing or control mechanisms often times following a Machiavellian philosophy. Or was it really Machiavelli who coined the phrase?! Well not quite and this is the problem with again the echo chamber of humanity when it operates as a parrot or mockingbird through mimicry. The act of “sharing, liking, and so forth” comes with consequences for what we all promote, and I think we should caution ourselves here with regards to even our audience. Lest we create a viral following like say the Salem Witch Trials or the Catholic Inquisition intentionally or otherwise.

Again I ask my audience to not dogmatically think like me, but to critically think for themselves something I am working upon also. Which is why I’ve always used astrology or estoerics as a spring board to expand my conscious awareness through what I perceive may be a lesson I should learn. I question anything it places before me as a bread crumb to follow regardless if it looks more like pattern finding or pareidolia. I find it keeps me educating myself and in check to question my own mental landscape.

Samadhi brings us to a different locale. The etymology states a placing together, transcendence achieved by a yogi or holy person male/female only accomplished in death perhaps ego death as well as literal due to its reference to tombs, and the highest state of meditation being reached often ascribed as unity consciousness. Again death is not just literal, but a metaphorical process of constant transformation. The problem with unity consciousness is that this can be abusive as well. Who will be the demiurge in the story swallowing the children like Saturn myths by dragging others into their universe or rather multiverse. Again this is improper boundary setting and needs to stop unless you want to look like the Star Trek Borg Hive Mind. Where was the consent of those you just abducted/kidnapped?

Asteroid Atlantis and Samadhi Dodecatemoria/Dvadashamsha Chart

I thought I would return to the Dodecatemoria/Dvadashamsha chart for this to hunt for more meaningful clues with reference to karmic patterns or traps to improve upon in studying unconscious or subconscious proclivities.

Asteroid Atlantis (1198) speaks to our individual and collective adventurous desire to discover lost worlds/civilizations, spiritual awakening, DNA/ancestors, and New Age groups. Mythology speaks to us via the fall of Atlantis, natural disasters such as earthquakes/tsunamis, the abuse of technology, anxiety/trauma correlating to the perceived real/imaginary fall of one’s own civilization, abuses of trust, secrecy/inside information, and the sense of impending doom. It may display as an interest in astrology, numerology, crystals, natural or spiritual healing, occult knowledge, chakras, and starseeds.

Asteroid Samadhi (12472) speaks to our individual and collective belief or non belief in the ability to have a mystical/mental experience of zero point of mind, deep meditation, and to achieve enlightenment. This is termed as nirvana, shifts of perception, non-duality, selflessness, interconnection, yoga, and being one with something/somebody. It requires a subject-object relationship to disappear, one to lose themselves, the suspension of energy in or diversion of energy from parts of the brain, and the goal of emptiness with relation to the Crown chakra.

Atlantis is placed in the 9th House Sagittarius 3° with Samadhi in the 10th House Capricorn 20°. What does this really tell us? 9th House is a parental influence that has been handed down through the ancestors requiring us to remove obstacles acquired by the teachings passed onto us. The 10th House is the status of one’s family lineage in terms of what the father or paternal/patriarchy passed on to an individual. Being that this resonates to the Hindu pantheon 9th House would correspond to Ganesha while 10th House would incorporate the Ashvin twins or divine healers.

This dovetails on a point I wanted to make during the Zoom presentation that fell on deaf ears with reference to electromagnetism that matched my references to my wealth altar/Quadrivium just yesterday. Their explanations of nanotechnology hit exactly what I was seeing yet they were too busy fighting a religious race war to get a proverbial clue to what they were belligerently overlooking staring them in their face! So I left them to it because I have no time to waste energy on childishness. Sorry! I won’t enable that behavior nor will I coddle such people.

9th House is abstract thought where higher education, travel, spirituality, and such is conveying messages through events, signs, and symbols that requires a broader perspective for this is the higher mind’s realm. 10th House is a public persona of one’s career, social status, and life path on the world stage. So let’s take in the symbolism and call this a day.

The Sabian symbol for Atlantis calls us to develop long term strategies and possible moves which deliver effective mobilization rather than display social inappropriateness. The chart holder has a genius for connecting everything and for weaving the various parts of life together into a whole that is unlimited because it knows no end. The impulse to forward movement is relentless, this is the person always desiring to go further, sometimes without even being sure of what the goal is. This may wear out those who yearn for a stopping place, and frustrate those who seek closure, but the discoveries made by the restlessness found here can be priceless.

Surfaces onto which illusions are projected creates a feeling of great depth that reflects a great height filled with passing nebulousness. This is an extremely imaginative degree which allows anything possible to be envisioned. It is the antidote to neat little ways of being that are cut and dry not putting up any permanent walls. It might appear confusing, but to see confusion as negative is a value judgement of the rational mind. The Path of Confusion is just as valid a way as any other to reach higher consciousness. Work with guardian angel Yeratel and daimon Ronove.

Daimon Ronove is tied with the 10 of Wands, Moon, Sagittarius, and Cinnamon. Aside from assistance to help others see your point of view this daimon teaches rhetoric/languages, comprehension/intuitive knowledge, and helps one win an argument. I’ve seen Ronove called the multi-lingual linguist. Usually this is needed for changing undesirable outcomes in academia, industry, or personal life.


Clouds overhead seen in a reflecting pool.

Enlightenment rarely comes by pursuing straight lines or by following predictable tracks. If you wish to find the secrets to the mysteries you must give yourself over completely to the flux and to the ferment allowing the winds of destiny to prevail entirely. This immediate sense world casts a very different glow than the heavens ever could. By identifying yourself with each shifting nuance, every flicker of instantaneous movement, you find the inner worlds way to waking up here in this Earth. But this journey is a perilous one for you become awash in so many far flung spheres and there is no map or shortcuts. You must somehow see right through your own most addictive and compulsive impulses to ride the wild waves homeward through sheer presence of mind and gut conviction that everywhere leads to the same place. And that if you find yourself cast into any corner of fate it is the one perfect place to get home free within if you can hang on and let go and never lose your sense of humor.

“The world is a woven basket. Every stitch counts.” – A.D. Posey

The Sabian symbol for Samadhi posits for realizing that while we may appear as backup singers of a performance there are instances where they are better than the leader or performer. This degree can be very adept at figuring out the best way to proceed, and how to make the best and most efficient use of the resources at hand. Sometimes the best way to get where one is going is not the most seemingly direct or obvious one. This degree is aware of the need that often arises to let go of personal agendas and the dictates of the ego while focusing on following the flow of cosmic harmony as it unfolds.

These scents mingling in a breeze are an image of complexity that can be nearly impossible to analyze or define. This degree is always catching whiffs of things which are passing fragments that can be very beautiful and uplifting. It fulfills its highest ability when it moves instinctively with these vibrational eddies without trying to take them apart or figure them out. Everything is always trying to work itself out yet it is the ego that holds everything back. Step aside from the ego for a moment and these lovely resonances are picked up which can lead to the most marvelous and unexpected places. This is what the host of angels are and we discover what they are trying to tell us. Work with guardian angel Jeliel and daimon Agares.

Daimon Agares is tied with the Three of Wands, Venus, Aries, and Carnation. Another aid in learning languages some state this daimon helps also with sound financial advice and articles of wisdom. I managed to read one interpretation that offers a modern take with reference to building websites as well. Agares is the plural of agar in Spanish although I’m not sure where it wishes to direct me entirely as this relates to a bacterial culture medium and food additive obtained from red algae. This leads to Gracilaria which I plugged into a search, prodded around for more information, and wound up here looking at benefits of red algae!


Many different perfumes carried by a breeze.

We bear within us many past lives each one complete, autonomous, and emitting its own subtle special fragrance. There are points along the journey when we must stand together with the whole lineup of our previous selves and follow out the journey they were all leading to. This is a formidable task. There is a lot to live up to. It grants you authority and conviction and it makes it very hard to get started. In order to get anywhere you must at times deny the awareness that everybody is there, and do whatever you can do apparently on your own. But truly the depth of experience and the substantive inward development with the power of your inner drive give it away. You are destiny charged in a larger than life fashion. Being self possessed is your watchword. There is so much to accomplish. And at the center of the journey lies self knowledge and the overriding determination to clear the karmic slate, to free up what has been trapped and bound, and to come to yourself afresh. This destiny-will is guided, cosmically supported, centrally relevant to your whole world, and you will do it. Turn the darkest of hours into the brightest breakthroughs by refusing to stop anywhere or to back down from your resolve to wake up this time and get on with the greater path at long last.

Blessed Saturday and warm wishes! 🥳

Fun Quote Fridays: Goal Fulfillment Begins With a Dream

“When a flower doesn’t bloom you fix the environment in which it grows, not the flower.” – Alexander Den Heijer (Marigold in Our Garden)

We appear to be taking a detour today. The underlined hyperlink text will send us to a destination I did not expect to go to.


Perseverance is the relentless pursuit to achieve success towards accomplishing your desired goals. Achievements are accomplished not by trying, but by persevering against adversity.

“Sometimes you find yourself in the middle of nowhere, and sometimes in the middle of nowhere you find yourself.”

  • Anonymous

“If you fell down yesterday, stand up today.”

  • H.G. Wells

“Become comfortable with permanent uncertainty.”

  • Unknown

“If you can’t fly, then run if you can’t run, then walk if you can’t walk then crawl, but whatever you do, you have to keep moving forward.”

  • Martin Luther King, Jr.

“A kite can’t soar without some kind of force against it.”

  • Dakota Kirk

“I am an unpopular electric eel in a pool of catfish.”

  • Edith Sitwell

“A diamond is merely a lump of coal that did well under pressure.”

  • Unknown

Asteroid Perseverantia (975) is associated with an attitude of I will never give up as well as the ability to maintain tenacity for the long haul. With astute dedication, endurance, and discipline one can become a success. If we look at the house this asteroid inhabits we discover what area of life any individual has developed perseverance in. The sign is an additional marker to flesh the details out for further analysis.

I am going to use a new chart today. We will try the Local Space Technique. Natal charts represent the journey through life on Earth. This implies moving around the area where we live while utilizing the space we live in or traveling across the planet. A Local Space Technique takes intangible symbols found in your unique natal chart and makes them tangible as it translates them into horizontal parameters.

We discover where in our surroundings we find planetary energies which resonates well with Reiki especially with my Master level attunements and would be ideal for clients to consider having done for themselves or learning how to assess their own charts. One is placed in the center of the chart while both planets and yourself become placed directly on the plane known as the horizon.

Enlightenment allows anyone liberated in life to dissolve into a being of pure light. Beyond this is the Shakta known as the doctrine of the Goddess which can pass through the Rings Pass Not. This surface tension is a cosmic version of a black hole which at event horizon vanishes with no trace. Red light rays can not penetrate a black hole. Shaktas are worshipers of the Goddess known as Shakti or Devi.

The Rings Pass Not are allegorical circles within which are placed those confined in consciousness of the delusion of separateness/exile during the Yugas or Ages/Aeons. At present we have trampled the natural laws underfoot which should have the don’t tread on me flag placed over them so we recognize their importance.

There is a longer discussion of this for those interested who seek to understand this “process” whether one is currently experiencing it, have already experienced it, or have yet to experience this journey. I had begun this “process” well before taking up Reiki Master level certification or beginning my esoteric astrology business.

Imagine or visualize yourself in the middle of a large circle in a field with one line which goes from you to each planet’s position on that circle accompanying you wherever you move on Earth. This becomes your individualized personal compass. This is an extremely ideal way to attune to your piece of the Earth and your surroundings becoming even more valuable when desiring to change location or find a good place to spend a vacation.

Asteroid Perseverantia Local Space Chart and Astromap

I gather this is my 12th House at the Azimuth of 282°. Therefore we are looking at the 6th/12th House Axis. The Ascendant/Descendant is the horizon or rising/setting. When the Descendant is receiving the aspect of Perseverantia its effects are likely to be more subjective and psychological. This emphasizes your attitude, outlook, and personality inclinations ripe and ready for manifestation. The 6th/12th House axis shows the skills, maintenance work, and ability of one to tap into the needs of the public to provide a service without discrimination; it’s their professional function.

To understand this I had to place the degrees into a Local Space Astromap which gave me Aberdeen, Scotland (UK). I know very little of this area. But upon research I can safely say some areas are not where I desire to visit. Primarily due to the knowledge I have of those particular areas and their history they do not land on my list of desired destinations to travel to now or in my near future. All of which I simply can’t publish on a blog post as this knowledge or gnosis is of a personal nature bordering on extreme repulsion to the location which I do not have very often.

Some places give people the creeps due to the energy they give off or radiate. This is one of those places for me! I feel complete aversion to Aberdeen, Scotland the likes of which I have never sensed or felt before in my life. I can not explain this to anyone who would not understand it. It has to do with frequency, resonance, harmonics, and vibration of a person, place, or thing that is not in alignment with me. Feel free to form your own opinions and to research this area deeper than I have. In the interest of time and space I am literally not going to research it effectively. I have merely scratched the surface.

Aberdeen, Scotland:

Beyond this comparison what might align for Perseverantia is the fact that it inhabits 12th House Libra 11° furthering the 6th/12th House Axis and thus the Ascendant/Descendant receive the energies. Familiar symbolism is found on this degree.

Mandala I Colored; Edvard Munch’s The Scream


Tea leaves that form a pentagram.

Destiny openings. Carte blanche to enter upon fresh directions. A child of destiny. Offered by spirit protection, guidance, encouragement, and empowerment. You are the exception to the rule. The special exemption for future purposes extracted from the old regular patterns and given the chance to follow the inward instincts and sensibility completely. A distinctive quality of being marked out for destiny acceleration beyond what is reasonable or set up. The start of something big. Granted permission to make mistakes, make a fool of yourself, and still come up as the one everybody knows can and will do astounding things just because down the road somebody is calling you onward who cannot be refused.

I do believe I’ve worked on this degree once in my blog posts previously in terms of the Sabian symbols. Yes, this was asteroid Jabberwock’s transit circa January 1, 2022 to be exact. Far closer to what is within my Quadrivium book on my desk in my bedroom as well as the page taken from it to be placed upon my wealth altar.

This is that degree that bespeaks of the darkest of passages throughout which in life there is kept burning the lights of helping influences if the chart holder can maintain their contact with them. One is always aware within their being that where you place your attention is the key to moving beyond illusions of physical reality sensing that where one places their focus is what can ultimately change everything.

These tea leaves have settled after the tea was consumed leaving in their stead a pentagram. This is a meaningful synchronicity for this degree is about perceiving order which leads to finding meaning in the seemingly random occurrences of life. These meaningful coincidences are a way of connecting with the Divine as are the candles of the menorah at Hanukkah. To gain the most from this degree one has to become aware of these signs/symbols as they come to them becoming sensitive to their intuition and instincts so as to fine tune themselves to the spiritual forces that are in so many ways making themselves known.

The pentagram signifies the life force, harmony, and health which are organizing forces always there and always wanting to imprint themselves on our lives. There is only one spiritual light, but it manifests in many forms as signified by the candles of the menorah. Work with guardian angel Asaliah and daimon Vual.

Daimon Vual represents the Three of Cups, Mercury/Venus, Cancer, and Myrrh. I was made to laugh at the description of a love doctor daimon. Having just passed through Valentine’s Day I found the title inherently comical, but it’s probably my slight sardonic nature stewing today. Generally I’m seeing Vual strengthens relationships between friends and enemies forming a reconciliation as well as attracting people towards oneself. Usually worked with for those who may suffer low self esteem to rebuild confidence. This daimon also matches to a Friday correspondence.

I had to take the most unusual round-a-bout towards etymology which I won’t class as completely correct for Vual out of curiosity which pointed me towards veil, curtain (reduces the amount of light entering a room), and a mosquito net. My only reverse pscyhology then is to look up what mosquito totems would teach which I assume has something to do with itching, blood (people sucking your energy such as psychic vampirism), and themes of dis-ease. What I did not count on was for my search to legitimately bring up a website with 7 spirit animals linked to persistence; one being the mosquito!

Have an out of this world Friday! Sending you positivity! 😊

Tarot of the Day Thursdays: The Strange Bibliomancy Of Looking Glasses and Lions Who Fight Unicorns

“When my absence doesn’t alter your life, then my presence has no meaning in it.” – Unknown

The underlined hyperlink text will lead you on your journey.


I grew up one of those kids who loved Alice in Wonderland for which we won’t comment any further on that since some of us are well aware of the millions of beliefs held around authors, movies, books, etc. as tools of propaganda, brainwashing, or other abstract ideas.

Rather today what I am looking at is the layers of symbolism in where I opened this book to. I am not putting the sides I pick here because I want my audience to think for themselves when I write. A dogmatist would say to someone you have to believe as I do. I need you to critically think because we all have to develop this art that we are losing or have lost in society by becoming complacent as well as lazy or too busy to make the time for an education.

Even the links I use are two fold. One is for backlink exposure as Google will not index me, but Bing does for example. The other is because I too am working towards training my brain to read and actively listen as well as to learn etymology, symbolism, and other topics. I spend my days as a sponge trying to build my cognition rather than lose it in mindless activities like others. Sure I enjoy movies and video games or artistic endeavors and sports. There is more than all of that!

Today I used two crystals. You will see I am meditating with Zebra Jasper crystal and the Red Jasper Root chakra crystal. I pick these blindly out of my black drawstring bags so that it is an intuitive process guiding me.

Zebra Jasper is not a popular healing crystal yet it holds efficient strength over your personal balance and will work for pretty much everyone. Maintaining your balance to the highest standards is always important. This crystal will heal on all levels be it emotional, physical, spiritual, or psychological.

Harmony will help you find unity between Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine energies. People’s lives have never been more hectic as we now exist in a vicious cycle of honks, ringtones, and technology everywhere. Zebra Jasper works wonders in spiritual practice and can help you appreciate the little things in life. This crystal is useful for discovering a passionate awareness of the nature around you.

Zebra Jasper utilizes an incredible connection to the Crown and Root chakras. All opposites will come together in unification. This crystal will stabilize the mix between the high Crown chakra and the grounding Root chakra.

Red Jasper was considered a crystal of endurance, vibrancy, a promoter of justice, and a warriors’ amulet. According to mythology the hilt of Siegfried’s magical sword, was enameled with Red Jasper in order to infuse it with courage. Egyptians associated this crystal with the Mother Goddess archetypes’ fertilizing blood often carving it into an amulet to be worn upon the neck of a deceased.

If you’re having a hard time standing your ground or facing the things that will require power and courage Red Jasper can enhance that fire in you. Red Jasper is a crystal which can bring to light your inner powers. That is why it is the perfect option for people with challenges to face.

Known as a crystal of empowerment Red Jasper brings strength in order to surpass domestic violence and will also sustain those who are in the process of recovering from sexual violence. Red Jasper is the perfect stone for children who have been bullied and teased. Red Jasper can re-activate a living passion.

Thousands of movies, books, and esoteric schools utilize the symbol of the Lion and the Unicorn. They are ingrained into individual as well as collective subconsciousness. Some suggest it has a hidden layer of mathematical precision found in the number 42/6. Ironically Chaldean numerology places this combination in an unflattering light by stating that it foreshadows disasters brought about by association with others through unwise partnerships and unions. If it comes out in connection with future events it cautions that one should carefully consider the path they are treading. The number combination states you will have great initial success followed by ruination.

Lewis Carrolll employs this number in Alice in Wonderland through the use of illustrations as well as Chapter 2 for multiplication. Let us not forget Rule 42! “All persons more than a mile high must leave the court immediately.”

All of mythology centers around Virgo the Virgin when we consider the narwhal as the unicorn also. It references the allegory of incarnation as the unicorn trapped by a maiden we call the Virgin Mary where it falls asleep similar to Sleeping Beauty. Associating the Unicorn to the Divine Feminine we ignore also the resonance in the tarot Strength card with Leo as Beauty and the Beast another trope I have not fully covered. This is also an allegory of pitting opposites against one another. The Lion as the Solar symbol of Divine Masculine is hereby at war or battle with the Unicorn as a perhaps Lunar symbol of the Divine Feminine.

Many depictions show the Divine Feminine astride a lion throughout lore including Quan Yin who rides a Hou or Buddhist lion/dragon, but this is not the only form of such depictions as it is seen in countless renditions of Goddess symbolism. Therefore while the Unicorn and the Lion also herald English/Scottish tropes no nation has ownership of said symbol. No symbol is good or evil until we as humans project into them our own uplifting or twisted intents fueling them with our energies for better/worse.

The Wizard of Oz uses this same trope with a Cowardly Lion as does C.S. Lewis through the same continuous themes with Aslan. A wise yet compassionate magical authority who guides human children in stark contrast to our friend of Dorothy.

What if this programming is nothing more than an effect of hypnotic suggestibility again foisted upon a largely impressionable society unwilling to think for themselves cradle to grave. Alchemy depicts a green lion eating the Sun. It is always inscribed as Mercury devouring the Sun.

Astrology places the Lion and the Unicorn as Leo and Virgo. The ancient Egyptian sphinx as the head of Virgo on the body of Leo with Mercury ruling Virgo. The story has more to do with Pisces as an Aeon. It represents age 42 and the Hercules labor of the Red Cattle. Our lower desires are guarded by a shepherd or the mind and the two headed dog represents matter with our psychic nature. Hercules spares the shepherd or mind yet the two headed dog or psychic/emotional nature and matter aspect is killed in the Piscean Aeon utterly and wholly deprived of any power.

“Some people aren’t loyal to you, they are loyal to their need of you. Once their needs change, so does their loyalty.” – Unknown (Image is Fireworks 4th of July 2015)

Some call this lifting up humanity, but I digress it actually destroys humanity making us rationalists, arrogant intellectuals, nihilists, and devoid of sympathy/empathy. It is anything except humanity for it is dis-ease casting off or repressing a part of itself to project it elsewhere in a twisted mono-myth of a bygone era.

Furthermore Pisces rules the feet while biochemistry points to iron deficiency in this sign. All of which is linked together. The feet are the human transportation system like blood. Deficiencies of iron cause inflammation, congestion, hemorrhages, dull throbbing headaches, insomnia, sore throat, lumbago, heart palpitations, emotional disturbances, colds (chills/fevers), rheumatism, fractures, cuts, sprains, anemia, depression, or listlessness as well as lymphatic dis-ease.

Pisces rules Neptune and the 12th House all linked to sacrifice, the unconscious/subconscious mind, mysticism, imagination, illusion, intuition, confinement, and past lives. Could Rule 42 mean it is and has been time to move out of this Piscean Aeon already and many are dawdling incapable of catching up or unwilling to let go carrying baggage that sinks the Titanic or Noah’s Ark.

Noah’s Ark:

In the end the Lion and the Unicorn also represent Orwell perhaps symbols of National Socialism which I personally am not a fan of nor am I a fan of feudalism, imperialism, fascism, or communism. But then I have personal reasons for this due to my level of knowledge or gnosis and my family heritage which I have discussed in previous blog posts. America is supposedly in a Pluto Return from 2022-2024 reminding us of July 4, 1776. But is it really?!

So while other nations may not know what that energy feels like some of us will as my ancestral records show we immigrated here from Germany and Denmark with specific maternal and paternal DNA haplogroups in the 1800s. That inter-generational tie in with my blog posts on my Vedic Magha lunar mansion requires serious personal and collective healing. The thing is astrology is interpretation and most of society polarizes to the side of fear, negativity, and so forth. Look at many astrologers and they foretell huge debates around rumors of political uprisings or wars because it’s really what sells. Yes, fear sells just like sex sells complete with rape culture!

None of this really comprehends how nations or governments form/behave fully. Most of humanity has used the date for the signing of the Declaration of Independence which is not the actual date of the formation of the USA. Rather it’s going to require a look closer into the incorporation date of the USA akin to my blog post for Cedar Park, TX. Yes, I’m saying it again. Perhaps you’re doing it wrong “pop” astrology. Sorry, but misinformation can really screw with people’s minds, and it’s a form of improper handling of one’s audience in the echo chamber.

The truth is the Revolutionary War began and lasted from 1776 to 1783 with the Treaty of Paris being signed. Always a hilarity to me also is that I have an Eiffel Tower key chain on my wealth altar, but I digress again this could equal arguments that the USA formed officially in 1783. Again we have to look at the incorporation date. The point is whenever the Pluto Return falls it is only being interpreted through a trite if not narrow lens of “pop” astrology as the fall of imperialism.

The logic of which we see flaws distorting perception of reality. Pluto was not even discovered until 1930 so humanity had little if any consciousness of the energies occurring from this distant planet which is now demoted to dwarf planet. No nation of any type is formed in one day/night so the entire snapshot we’re judging by is a random Polaroid as are all forms of astrology or tarot which are forever adaptable and in perpetual phases of change. What is with the fatalism of everyone?!

Pluto is not only a destructive force, but an evolutionary force. I know this as Pluto for me was the Libra generation and within my 12th House to boot. That quarter ring on my finger is a Washington quarter which ironic as it is his, Washington’s, Pluto and Jupiter which were in Libra are within his 6th House. While I don’t favor digging up the charts of such people without permission I could not help, but notice this in my research today online. I go where I feel sometimes pulled in life figuring there is a message or reason for why it’s being put in front of my conscious awareness. What we should look at with regards to actual change is the Saturn Return for our nation based upon it’s incorporation date which might be nearer to April of 2022 through early 2023 to indicate a crisis of leadership change in various agencies, communities, and offices held where we need to better support a New Age/Aeon. Perhaps the Midterm Elections?!

Asteroid Lewis Carroll Dodecatemoria/Dvadashamsha Chart

I have decided given the Bibliomancy is from Alice in Wonderland to look at asteroid Lewiscarroll (6984) today using the Dodecatemoria/Dvadashamsha chart again which I’ve used recently for the karmic imprints. What we see is this asteroid is in the 12th House of Pisces with Jupiter and Mars at 23°. The energy of Jupiter is that of helping those who can’t help themselves with a strong spiritual side that harbors the mantra “Make love not war” strongly. Mars in Pisces imbues the energy of not liking normal life, jobs, and relationships. Essentially if we lack flexibility we get really cranky. In the 12th House these two planets resonate as not liking confrontation or the spotlight, low confidence, repression of our Divine Masculine, doing things by ourselves, reflecting upon life, and extreme compassion (we just want to help regardless of receiving reward/credit).

But this karmic DNA imprint for the 12th House is our ancestors themselves as it runs directly through the 6th/12th House axis. We are not in as much karmic debt as others, however, we will look to our long line of Pitris with all the problems we were left with and inter-generationally demand they answer the question “Why?” The house is one of moksha as previously mentioned in blog posts.

The Sabian symbol is narrating the story of being observant of information that blows one’s way especially the type which normally evades one’s notice. This is the story of stepping into new realms and new lands where each step is your first therefore you’re dealing with shaky leg experiences while testing the way forward. Spiritist although not in common use is derived from Latin meaning breathe closely associated with the vital essence or animating power in all living organisms. Animism is a belief where spirit is in all things from the living Earth to the animal spirits to the disembodied spirits and to the elementals. This degree suggests that one can receive frequencies or vibrations not easily sensed by most which causes confusion and enlightenment. It shows someone who can manifest or make things happen just by concentrating on them.

Everything we think as well as every product of our imagination has a life of its own. The chart owner is deeply aware of this fact acutely sensing the aliveness of even those things which materialists think of as inanimate. Complete rapport with everything is key to unending wealth and working with it. Someone has a message for us, but has not been able to make contact through the normal channels. Everything that occurs is happening to teach one something. To know these parts of ourselves we have to integrate them into our consciousness not as enemies, but rather as powers waiting to contribute their voice to the chorus which is us. Work with guardian angel Damabiah and daimon Andrealphus.

Daimon Andrealphus connects with the Three of Pentacles, Moon, Gemini, and the Lotus. This daimon is wonderful for practical astrology which involves chart casting/interpretation alongside astronomy as well as being a helpful daimon to instruct us in sealing spells/astral portals. The lotus being the chakras of our human body as well as the magnetic centers which run an electric current up/down the spinal column from our brain constantly sending messages.

The fixed star of this degree is Markab meaning “The Saddle of the Horse” in the wing of Pegasus the Flying Horse. We’re looking to another labor of Hercules. This fixed star favors intellectual alertness and mental power, but beware of becoming quarrelsome or losses in legal matters. Assign that as you see fit given what we see occurring on the world stage at large presently given that nothing is inherently fatalistic in my views. Or maybe it is all for show with Roman bread and circuses for entertainment value and ratings. Green screens and CGI?!

Have a tremendous Thursday! I’m debating on some sort of basic astrology lesson. It was brought to my awareness that some may not know the basics of reading an astrology chart or how to interpret the degrees. I wish I had gotten set up for podcasts somehow. This would be better with video instruction perhaps, but I’ll see what I can do for anyone who I might have left behind in my esoteric ramblings. All the best! 🤗

Wisdom Wednesday’s: February’s 2022 Full Moon in Leo

“It is a beautiful and delightful sight to behold the body of the Moon.” – Galileo Galilei

This entry is a bit late as there were errands today as well as mom’s checkup doctor appointment. The doctor was late, and we parked near a karaoke bar due to limited parking nearby. Which meant the alcohol delivery held us up for nearly an hour when they parked their truck behind us. We had to go into the karaoke bar and one of the staff named Adam moved their Red Ford Mustang so we could play musical car shuffle into their parking spot from ours and get out of this parking lot jam as we still needed to grocery shop. It looked like one of the iPhone app game adverts that I get from time to time trying to empty a full parking lot of cars. No, I am not pulling your leg. His name was Adam as that is how he introduced himself to me. The cashier at the grocery store also rang all our produce up incorrectly (organic is not conventional) so it has been a very long day of purely silly.

The underlined hyperlink text will fly you to the Moon.

🌕 🌖 🌗 🌘 🌑 🌒 🌓 🌔

Our Full Moon in Leo occurred where I live at 10:56 AM CST at 27° 58’ which I am only being exact as it can thus be rounded up to the 28° symbolism. The first degree of every sign begins at 0° degrees 00 minutes of arc extending to 0° degrees 59 minutes of arc. This is the same analogy as a new born child at birth and the first year of their life. We celebrate the child’s first birthday a year later representing a child who has left their first year entering their second year of life.

Today we will look at the symbolism of both Leo 27° and 28°. For everyone this will be felt in different locations of their chart as mine is my natal 10th House (occupation, advancement, skill/trade, honor, and relationships to authority) in Western astrology and 11th House (patronage, hopes/dreams, wealth, opportunity to serve the collective, and impersonal group relationships) in Vedic astrology.

We have two T-Squares with the Moon, Sun, Asteroid Ceres, True Node of the Moon, and North Node involving Aquarius, Leo, Gemini, and Taurus. Also a Yod is involved between the Moon, Midheaven, Pluto, and Asteroid Pallas Athena with Leo, Capricorn, and Aries.

This T-Square exists between Fixed and Mutable signs. What do you do if/when your heart longs to be loved, but the love you seek is not forthcoming? These fleeting transits are little red flags for us to formally say goodbye to all of the illusions we hold onto especially our expectations. The truth is what you desired they can not deliver on. Collectively we missed something exceptionally crucial in understanding the nature of this relationship. We idealized and romanticized the other forgetting all those practical realities/responsibilities. Remember to love yourself now.

The Yod is calling us to finish our inner work harnessing the energy of the Hermit tarot card. We need to cultivate personal power while reaching out to the world with the knowledge or gnosis we have acquired. Then we plant the seeds which grow into collective wisdom. Seek the best road forward as Pallas Athena and this Yod are asking that you use sustained action to shine a light into the darkness to receive a reality check. It’s high time ancestral wounds be healed. Pallas Athena is about perceived patterns and inter-relatedness. If you’re a skilled juggler you can keep more objects in the air as in visualizing the whole which is then taken apart and re-assembled to recreate your reality.

27° Leo: A bleeding hand holding a thorny orange branch on which the fruit is growing.

Denotes one who will be compelled to gain experience through suffering, losses, and deceit. He/she is sincere/affectionate and willing to sacrifice much to help another. One is aided, patronized, advanced, and from their former sufferings their fame springs. It is a symbol of Approval.

How you choose to interact with the world in every passing moment is more important than concerning oneself with what lasts. This degree is at its best when being spontaneous as it unites and dances with the energy of the present now moment. One’s elusive and mysterious presence can attune others to the glory of life that exists beyond the illusions of mundane life.

How flimsy and insubstantial are the barriers between realms. These other planes of existence only seem difficult to reach because we are afraid to go there or we think of them as remote. In actuality they are here with us all the time. This degree carries a marvelous subtlety that helps to open others up to various realms of reality. Doing this without others being consciously aware of it as well as via a direct manner often creates enriching effects enhancing all of life. Work with guardian angel Sitael and daimon Vassago.

Full Moon in Leo February 2022 Per What Watch

Daimon Vassago ties with the Four of Wands, Jupiter, Aries, and Cedar (there goes that Cedar Fever allergy I have again) as well as Leek. Vassago is very useful for divination assisting with explaining the message in full detail as well as being ideal for improving conversational ability, social skills/confidence, and quickness of thought. I have read this daimon through correlation to Jupiter also ties to Chesed on the Tree of Life.

We could consider our present trajectory in society today by looking at our leadership for it is not Chesed (loving kindness or mercy of God) that they operate from. Chesed as a formless and void darkness of the Supernal Triangle gave rise to manifestation as form/light on the Pillar of Mercy. It is described as a loving mighty king during a time of peace who is magnanimous and benevolent sitting upon his throne. In this Kali Yuga we see a succession of leaders harnessing their ambitions and goals via the four vices of Chesed.

These include tyranny, bigotry, hypocrisy, and gluttony. Chesed operating via Jupiter as wealth, prosperity, and growth should be understood as spiritual and intellect. When we are in a time of war leadership operates via Geburah through violence which utilizes the vices of destruction through fear/anger, severity, and tribulation. Geburah and Chesed not utilized wisely is in fact done via the Qliphoth spheres of these two pillars. For more information on this daimon please look at my previous blog post where I wrote about Vassago.

28° Leo: A stream of oil falling from mid-air upon the troubled waters beneath.

Denotes one who will exercise discrimination in the affairs of daily life; one who will possess tact, understanding, diplomacy, and a peculiar magnetic aura which enables them to bring quarreling units to a peaceful union. It is a symbol of Conciliation

Life is deeply affected by how we look at it. This degree has the ability to approach existence in a way which makes everything more vivid and alive both for themselves and others. One has the power to awaken others to what truly is on a spiritual level becoming a light of hope to others through the intensity of their sincerity.

Performing this activity together reinforces and encourages each other. Value can only be realized after a basic assumption about what is let go of. This degree is about helping others to be here in the world, helping others to exert themselves, to use what they have, and to develop a more harmonious relationship to the material world. As we do this we also derive these same benefits. Work with guardian angel Sitael and daimon Vassago for this degree also.

The astro narrative of these degrees in the Sabian symbols begins by showing that the awakening does not occur all at once, but gradually it dawns upon you. We could envision a very tangled situation looms before us which is complicated by lots of intricate factors/details at which point we suddenly realize relatively speaking that all the extraneous gibberish is exactly that; rubbish. Could the curtain of gloom reveal life giving radiance hidden behind it? Could your disappointments be the best possible news or a blessing in disguise? Could your subliminal mind be manipulated by your leadership or others hoping to gain an underhanded advantage over you?

Could the music you listen to hide back masking that you’re unaware of, could the internet be a deceptive tool to manipulate your ability to think for yourself, or could your television be brainwashing you through propaganda and improper psychological handling? If you have a sense this message could be true then you are probably right; trust your gut! This is called impressionability which means you’re capable of being very easily influenced by others without any capability to maintain your sovereignty and set proper boundaries in life.

Hand Colored 3 of Cups W/Traditional Medicinals Tea Fortune (People Who Love Are Happy)

We’re sitting on three total fixed stars at this moment which includes Alfard in the neck of Hydra the Watersnake, Adhafera in the crest of Leo the Lion’s Mane, and Al Jabhah in Leo the Lion’s Main. Alfard is known as “The Solitary One” giving off an emotionally passionate nature which is threatened by perceived dangers/hazards. This fixed star bestows musical and artistic appreciation with a knowledge of human nature. The energy of Saturn exuded by this fixed star speaks to poisoning of the blood or murder by poisoning. Ptolemy stated this star references misuse of drugs and over indulgence in good living. Poisoning can happen in relationships as well such as within a marriage. The Euphrateans referenced the Hydra as a source of the fountains of the Great Deep. It is the Chinese lunar mansion known for recompense or that which compensates for an injury, harm, or damage inflicted.

The Leonids, a meteor shower, issues from the western point of Adhafera which means “The Funeral Pyre.” Clearwater, Florida baby here! This aligns to Magha nakshatra and the fixed star Regulus which I’ve explored countless times personally as I was born in this lunar mansion via my Vedic chart as well as written of in my blog posts. The symbol of Magha is the “The Mighty” a house of regents known as the Pitris, Forefathers, and spirits of dead ancestors ruled by Ketu. Kabbalists associate this with the tarot card Strength.

The Pitris and Strength:

Al Jabhah is known as “The Forehead” promoting love and benevolence while helping against enemies. One is not to hide or wait to be rescued and should seek healing remedies while tackling tasks with courage and strength. In fact this lunar mansion states those who cover their eyes and mouth are afraid to see/speak whereas a lion will give forth a mighty roar. Am I the only one seeing a correlation between the forehead and the Crown chakra. The forehead is where lower Buddhis or Cosmic consciousness resides.

The Planes?

Have a blessed Wednesday everyone. Much love! 🌇☄️😘

PS: I do recognize some of these links stem from a video game analogy. That is done simply for also the fact that it can be seen in light of analogous to the terms used in Kabbalah with pathworking. Lots of authors come up with metaphorical and/or homilitic examples to flesh out or elaborate examples for an audience. Growing up there was a specific video game I played that was abstract science fiction purely based and originating from Kabbalah which is why I see parallels of these themes elsewhere in life.