Fun Quote Fridays: The Oak King and The Holly King

The California King Oak Tree Bed (Inheritance From Maternal Grandparents) and a Rainbow (Taken While Eating Out W/Family)

I did not know what I wanted to put here today so this blog entry may be a bit of a flop. I’ll just keep blowing in the breeze while you use the underlined hyperlink text to climb a tree.


The Oak King and the Holly King are another fashion or form of astrotheology as they honor the solstices. When I looked to the Pagan Book of Hours my birthday every year recently falls on the Solstitium and the Tinne Invocation. I touched briefly on this before. In fact this will not change until 2023 when I have the Solstitium with the Day of Math. Potentially I enjoy learning about the cultures and esoterics we have brought with us and/or reconstructed. Our journeys are our own and people choose to find or not find meaning in their lives. I am not sure for 2022.

They have a coding error that has my birthday’s Solar mixed with the Lunar for my mom’s birthday being that our birthdays are three days apart in the same month. What it appears to say is that 2022 is the Solstitium with the Day of the Hero. Potentially the idea being a lunisolar calendar to balance the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine. Day of the Hero invokes the hero archetype. Being a female I think I will go with showcasing the feminine side, but ultimately one is not better than the other as we need both.

The Day of Math is really pointing to the Vedas. Dyaus in the Hindu texts offers us a look into the Brahmanas indicating a syncretism of two myths. There is a combination of the Dyaus myth involving the rape of his daughter with the Prajapati myth seen as symbolic of Math as an archetype of Savitr-Prajapati.

Savitr and Surya can be used interchangeably for the Sun in Vedic myth. Savitr represents the Sun when it is invisible to worshipers while Surya shines so bright his glare is blinding depicting when it’s not advisable to look directly at/into the Sun. Savitr is also a Moon deity reflecting the Sun’s light during the darkness of night. This teaches one of their light and dark aspects found in their conscious or unconscious actions. The light of day is good dharma yet night represents the dark passenger that leads one into temptation.

Differences exist in these myths which for me match my astrology chart both Western and Vedic as well as my name.

Mithra personifies the morning star and fertile light of the Sun. The first stirring of manifestation begins to take shape based on our actions. Mithra grants knowledge, harmony, and integrity regarded as the God of Friendship, truth, and justice. His twin, Varuna, alongside him symbolizes Universal laws based on our thoughts, emotions, and actions.

You essentially have progenitors of the true spiritual self in the physical which are the higher Prajapati while the Pitris are the lower Prajapati (forefathers of the model/type of physical forms made in their image). Prajapati etymologically meaning creator God, father, king, offspring, and that which is brought forth. Within this etymology we find lord, master, owner, ruler, and possessor.

For me there is always a personal aspect to my journey that has always gone back to the foot fractures. When the gabapentin and tramadol changed me I was able to after detox understand why as I honed in on a very important trick question from the medical/pharmaceutical industry that controls the lives of many today. That question was in regards to if I had a living will. We assume this is just a legal document. I comprehend it differently. I hear do you have the willpower to exist and live in the 3D or do you wish to not exist and die. The question is in fact loaded with intentions where mindless non-rational humans give their power away. All of which then can feel like an out of body or near death experience.

For people not to take their own lives through a thanatos drive you must give them a reason to exist. If humanity understood the value of their life they might begin to seek and find a purpose to endure life’s adversities and adapt. I was in fact in so much chronic pain and had no idea how to heal till I went through my own personal hell on Earth to get well without drugs that re-wired my nervous system I simply looked for anything that would numb out if possible with very bad consequences that I only talk to close family/friends about.

I had to rely on people in drug rehab to taper as my doctors refused to agree to my detox. A profession that advocates keeping you “drugged” against your will is to me criminal and this compounds my time as an admin in medical malpractice law in my youth where I saw humanity act with ignorance implying quite clearly they forgot the Hippocratic Oath or ahimsa. I could guess why, but then I may put words in the mouth of those people who seem to have questionable morals/ethics. Any medication that causes one to develop suicidal ideation and those who write the scripts or fill them while ignoring this truth frankly to me are complicit or derelict in their role.

Such practices are not based in healing anyone in my opinion particularly if they ignore alternatives or reaching a problem at it’s root. I was seeking to suppress initially a symptom myself rather than to heal so you learn from the school of hard knocks. There are always limiting beliefs or mantras pandered by these people that I have dealt with, I have read others have dealt with, and I recently saw with my mom.

That mantra is that adverse reactions or side effects in life are very rare and low percentage. This is usually not entirely true. It also applies to food, herbs, and other contraindications such as my time as an aesthetician being told you need to ask if anyone is allergic to shellfish. Why? Any sea mud mask will have cross contamination. If you apply it for a facial or body wrap a person may go into anaphylaxis. You would lose your cosmetology license, business, and face other consequences if as I was told the person dies during the procedure. This did happen somewhere same as I’ve heard of sanitation problems where MRSA broke out in a salon from a contaminated wax pot. That’s really only one of many examples. I had another client who was severely allergic to bovine/porcine collagen, but then you’re ignoring the simple fact of someone who could have on the other hand been vegetarian/vegan or even did not believe in inhumane sourcing of various ingredients if you peel back the layers.

It becomes quite a tangled web if we look at the philosophies many live by yet need to make accommodations to ensure the client is comfortable and not harmed. Thankfully I had skincare lines which were specially targeted to avoid all these speed bumps firstly in that not one of them used any animal byproducts (fully plant/vegetable including the stem cell anti-aging line of skincare). It got trickier with makeup artistry! Petroleum dyes or choices like carmine with boiled beetles or thank goodness we have minerals. Am I anal about details? Yes.

It took me recently telling a doctor who wanted to still insist Levaquin or fluoroquinolones as safe that I had two rounds of Cipro with a ligament tear five months later. My doctors now won’t prescribe me Cipro due to as I previously blogged obvious warnings being ignored. At which point this doctor remarked his mother when prescribed Cipro had so severe a reaction she stopped breathing, turned blue, and was sent to an out of network hospital needing emergency care. Ironic how finally someone has a Freudian slip and stops pandering or towing the line for risky medications.

Licensed aestheticians also require malpractice insurance so you see how this becomes a central theme in being responsible for your role in a profession. What happens when we all ignorantly parrot the same thing is we learn we live in an echo chamber which does not require the internet it simply requires NLP, self hypnosis, or a good propaganda machine which was perfected by countless questionable regimes in history least of which could have been Stalin, Hitler, or Pol Pot. I can name several other examples. None of which are in my corner of favorites right now. I am not too keen on genocidal governments, and I tend to question if humanity has any intelligence some days. Sorry! I’m not sure the terrain we’re on every now and then.

“A person who aims at nothing is sure to hit it.” – Anonymous

Humanity has to educate themselves and start taking control of their destiny rather than put blind faith or trust in others because frankly not everyone you meet will ever have your best interest in their mind/heart. Something else is there and I could term it countless archetypal characters such as Ebenezer Scrooge, the Grinch, or a Dr. Jekyll/Hyde bi-polarity. Again learn to also break down words and discern their real meanings/context. Once you do so you will realize their inherent power over you when you’re not self aware.

The Oak King and the Holly King ostensibly are thus one and the same vein of twins between the concept of light/dark. Therefore, the Tinne invocation matches mom and I for Celtic tree astrology signs making the symbolic bed a conscious reminder to me of the solstice rituals as it took a felled oak tree to craft a bed that is literally a King size bed.

Fact remains reconstruction is not always correct!

So wouldn’t an ingot imply currency? Well of course! 💰

China’s gold sycees remain a symbol of wealth/prosperity and are commonly depicted during Chinese New Year festivities. You may see paper imitations of gold/silver colored money burned along with hell money as part of Chinese ancestor veneration Tomb Sweeping Day and Ghost Festival. Naturally as I have said my ancestral documents sit on my old no longer in use stereo atop a coloring page of bamboo beside my wealth altar. Further yesterday I learned that Jaybirds are a member of the crow family aligning to Magha or my Vedic lunar mansion as well. I now understand why mom and I often feed our local birds including the Jaybirds.

Meanwhile my step father also bought me two butterfly kites to match the butterflies which came through my garden. None of which was done by my prompting. They literally were just given to me at random without me even asking for them. My house does not overtly ritualize this since we do not do dogma. My family was non-religious in a strict sense on the maternal side that I know of. I have not heard of any of them really being overtly into any particular faith. I can not vouch per say for step family on my paternal side and the biological side is estranged for specific personal reasons.

Although I also remember the year as I have said I performed Sukkot with family wanting to learn my Jewish roots which also invites one’s ancestors; only now we would use the covered porch in the garden. Before I was realizing how much is acted out. It’s only later that you become aware of how you’re going through these motions whereas previously you had not even one iota as to why or what was propelling you to behave in such a manner. Needless to say at one point I also read about performing tarpan. I would assume it’s ingrained in the unconscious or proverbial subconscious.

Porch, Swallowtail/Monarch Butterflies, and Kites

Probably why online certain people within specific groups/organizations keep postulating certain topics (they know who they are) and some make them into a cultish affair when it is all a bunch of esotericism taken so literally, so dogmatically, and so zealously as to cause others to think people are quite superstitious. For they don’t quite grasp that these traditions are becoming a form of psychosomatic or psychospiritual beliefs which we may need to consciously ponder. What if in a New Age the shadow of what is to come were to resonate with fossilized customs we carry on robotically and generationally. The AI and the bots that effect constant psychological warfare have grown old fast! As some random person who has been online since circa late 90s I’ve seen the changes in humanity where technology has really not rendered the best of outcomes.

By this I mean whenever any topic is incorrectly taught then pretty much everything sentient suffers for it individually as well as collectively. Could we all finally be ready for a completely new and different mono-myth or heroic journey than the one’s we have been telling one another for countless aeons? It’s not necessarily complaining rather it’s a frustration I think at times in the processes through which our world has become a stage whereby we question the age old argument. Do we get a say so in how our lives fulfill themselves or is it scripted in advance and we’re merely the actors/actresses?

If the tendency is unconscious or carried from past lives in our subconscious we need to make it in fact conscious to take control of our reality. But then we would buck up against Saturn with his traditions, limitations, rejection, and so forth. To each their own, but I really can’t do legalism. It is in fact a thorn in my side when people get too rule bound or boxed in during life lacking an ability to do something inventive. As I say this I was looking at some older photos I have on a drive for this blog post only to realize I forgot about my pottery adventure.

When mom and I showed up the woman running the company that day was an Army veteran who asked me to paint and leave a skull plate with her. I forgot that I was asked to do this. When I showed up to get my skull cup the plate was placed next to a Christmas tree which for esotericists we will get the memo loud and clear. We were not even discussing esoteric topics. It was post foot fracture, and I needed something to get my mind off the chronic pain I was in amidst the pharmaceuticals I was on so art day.

“A closed mind is a good thing to lose.” – Anonymous

The two brothers in the Oak King and the Holly King share the same job which is to care for the Earth. One is responsible for the dark half of the year turned to light while the other is responsible for the light half of the year turned to dark. Half of the year lots of trees grow beautiful green leaves by which one brother became known as the Oak King. As the light disappears the leaves turn to orange/brown which are finally lost altogether. Evergreen trees begin to stand out against the now bare branches especially when they carry bright red berries. The Holly King takes over. Their battle is not out of anger or hatred, but a fight to prove their worthiness to shoulder the responsibility of caring for the land and its creatures. For women this story would be sisters rather than brothers I imagine.

I went to dig around again in the asteroids and pulled an Ephemeris. Sure enough there is an asteroid Holly numbered 19955 and Quercus (Oak) numbered 8643. or any astrology software can have these added. uses the free extended charts with the manual entry under other objects. It’s my way of trying to figure out how our projections keep shaping our realities.

I’m Beginning to Wonder if There Are Asteroids Named For Anything I Could Think Up? Strange…

Holly is sitting at Taurus 2° the same as Hodios so I am going to briefly use a Sabian symbol for this now as I previously covered this degree on a poignant date.

The degree is an energy shift where humor is utilized to uplift one’s mood and spirit. This second degree brings with it the awareness of something not initially considered. Some enjoy the charged nights of electrical storms which possess an intensity or alert awareness like a celestial wake-up call. The caution is to not fall into the abyss.

The fascinating synchronicity here is the element Electrum. Electrum is a naturally occurring gold, silver, or copper metal which was used in ancient times as coinage. The color of the metal is dependent upon relative amounts of the metals within it ranging from vivid yellow to pale pink and white gold in color.

Metaphysically Electrum has long been held in high regard and was considered its own metal in ancient times with equal value to gold. Electrum vibrates with alchemy, magic, and helps in all transitional times.

Now Quercus is in my 6th House Aries 14°. Hmm, health, work environment, pets, daily routine/tasks, and some serious Virgo/Mercury energy. Nothing suspicious here right… I guess that depends on common/shared mythology!

This degree speaks to the tarot card of the Lovers. Creativity lies in the coming together of masculine and feminine; Yin and Yang. Strangely this can be the most solitary yet intimately shared of spaces. If you surrender your independent sense of self in order to join with another the end result is greater than the sum of parts. Work with guardian angel Mebahel and daimon Leraje.

The element is Serpentine. This green metamorphic rock naturally has a snake like appearance in color and form which acts as a stone for love, money, and psychic energy with snake totem energy.

Leraje represents the 6 of Wands, Moon, Leo, and Jasmine. Leraje is worked with when one wants to obtain a specific goal such as a job, trip, particular item, etc. The archer as Leraje has been known to be useful in the sense of hitting the mark. Leraje may also be ideal for emotional healing targeting negativity within to remove imbalances. Pessimism is transmuted to optimism. Finally this daimon aids with tarot, astral projection, and remaining composed during various situations.

When I was younger and in certain classes during educational courses I had a phrase that always emerged where I would exclaim that it felt as if my brain was bleeding from the workload put upon me. I’m not really sure that it’s still appropriate, but at the time I needed an adequate metaphor for how I sometimes internally felt when under pressure.

Have a weekend filled with fun! All the ice and snow melted today where I live, but it’s still too cold for me to want to venture out of the warm house. 🏡🌞 And when I hit publish today I will have grown tired, having only proofread this entry once, and making my way through round two. Pardon any mistakes!

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I am a licensed aesthetician (#1446048 Expires October 2023) who has worked previously in medical malpractice and personal injury legal administration, life/health insurance for State Farm, and various retail roles including personal shopper. My passion at this time lies in the field of esoteric studies. I am also a Master Level Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki certified healer.

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