Self Examination Saturdays: How Others See Your Aura

“A person’s energy and the aura they give off never lies. Trust in that.” – Anonymous

Self reflection can require one to locate areas where perhaps they fall a little short of the goal that not only they set for themselves, but the expectations or even assessments of others. The key is to not take it all personally.

It’s time to see what the looking glass and magnifying glass can teach us today with elaboration via our customary underlined hyperlink text. What can we sleuth out?


I believe I will discuss my Vedic astrology chart yogas next Saturday. There is so much to actually learn and benefit from in astrology that I imagine “pop” astrology is popular for letting people digest it within their busier lifestyle. The rest of us gluttons for punishment choose to experience the discomfort of attempting to continue advancing to newer and/or higher plateaus undaunted or if we feel nervousness/uncertainty we refuse to let that deter us. It probably would not suit certain personality types and this may be why I suffer in relating to some people coming off as I did in my tarot reading.

Last night’s tarot reading I had done for myself was an inquiry by which I desired to know how others perceive me. I believe the reading was quite accurate. I am not sure if others who know me personally or who read my blog would agree with the reader’s findings.

What came forth in this reading was my energies or tendencies within Libra which is my natal 12th House Ascendant which is where I have Pluto as well as the fact that I tend to have a dominating or is that domineering frequency via the Dominance card about me. This appears to occur in the sense that all relationships entered I like to remain ahead of the game. I am known to evaluate things to have timely and efficient decision making which keeps me one step ahead of others. This is done to maintain control of situations in life which I am presented with.

The next energy to express was Sagittarius with the card representing Protection. I am also sensing more flow with Jupiter here as has become a constant in my life which I have repeatedly referenced in various correspondences throughout my blog be it my studies of palmistry, tarpan, my Liberty ring given on my birthday, and so forth.

In fact I have made jokes with a thought experiment about how my astrology chart would look to family if I lived on Jupiter. This planet has 53 named Moons and 26 waiting to be named supposedly. Can you fathom how complex this would be to interpret? I believe it has been estimated that Jupiter has 80 Moons possibly altogether. On Spaceship Earth we have only one Moon.

What the tarot reader and I noticed was the colors of the cards represented higher chakra energies of violet, magenta, and small amounts of bright red/orange. The dominant energy was mental and based in Wisdom (Chokmah). I am perceived as calculating, knowledgeable, and I under estimate that what I perceive as intuition is in fact my ability to make choices after I perform research. Libra is not a risk taker while Sagittarius in fact is. I rely on accumulated knowledge. A Sagittarian is a risk taker only when they have enough wisdom behind them to warrant taking a gamble.

Could this be the path of Cheth with its associated symbolism within the Chariot perhaps? Cancer was my 9th House holding Venus.

Magenta always strikes a personal chord with me. As someone who does spend some time still on iPhone app games my account originally with the old Game Center was auto generated. Sly Behemoth of Magenta Abbey is what I was given and accepted. Really Apple?! I mean way to be really blunt with a gal. Makes one feel very strangely scrutinized. 🤣

Screenshot off iPhone

Even if one seems happy-go-lucky they take action when they have enough of a foundation to correctly discern that their choices are less likely to backfire on them. It is never impulsive. She mentioned that I am perceived as someone who already had skills/talents when I take on certain challenges or projects in life. My energy creates a form of dominance she referred to as gravity without trying, and I do not outshine others. Those who listen to me or follow me do so of their free will. She expressed that my energy operates as a natural gravitational pull or magnetism. Venus ruled Libra causes this energy to appear subtle.

I do not profess to completely always grasp physics even if I have read it. But maybe this will be insightful for someone.

Leadership roles which are Sagittarian in nature under a Libran influence can create relationships where others want me to take the lead rather than be a follower. Others unconsciously expect me to step up due to my ability to communicate by sweet talking my audience without realizing it (I definitely do not realize this).

The next card that came forth was Consciousness. Libra activates one’s mediator skills and she pointed out this is utilized to help raise the consciousness of others. Therefore I make communication between different people, realms, and energies possible to elevate others via the Wisdom channels that they would otherwise never consider gaining access to because they would have ignored those planes of existence normally.

The Anger card turned up in this reading also which was the same red/orange as the Dominance card. At this point we noticed that these energies were mirroring chakras as well. We saw violet followed by red/orange again. The change was that in place of magenta now the green chakra activated via the Balance card. While I may not always listen to others in life which angers them they may often listen to me. This causes people to dislike me regardless of my skills/talents. Even if I bring benefit to the lives of others they dislike me.

This is due to my independent nature which triggers people to assume I do not value them in relationships and acts as a blockage. I am on the other hand very protective of my loved ones, and I take on responsibility with them. In this outsiders notice I have outdone myself. My ability to sift the wheat from the chafe ignores any emotional energy in how I relate to others shown forth in the reading at this time making me very in my head.

This makes me difficult to be connected with as many are not perceiving any love behind my actions sometimes. For me this creates a chakra imbalance that also generates anger as I feel deeply under appreciated (this resonates). My lesson is to allow people to help me, and to stop assuming responsibility for tasks that I should not feel obligated to perform.

Let go of my control issues and begin to trust that others will do their best to help me with projects I am involved with undertaking. I should not feel like I have to do everything out of limited beliefs that I am the only one capable of performing or accomplishing something the correct way in life. This causes me to under estimate the potential of others.

Even if am generous I am interpreted as being emotionally unavailable from those I form relationships with. The King of Wands presented himself from the tarot. I come off as intimidating, but inherently my know-it-all confidence and excitement triggers their lack of self confidence from time to time.

Since Esoteric Meanings has no translation available I used the Muse tarot for now. I’m partial to the tutorials on Esoteric Meanings.

How do Romanesco Form Fractals? Here’s The Answer! Image Via What We Grew in Our Garden.

When I give advice to others it is detected as judging them, and I won’t deny I probably do appear this way intentionally or otherwise. However, it is my belief that in proper balance this is essential in life. If we do not discern we might make some very unwise choices and place ourselves into harmful situations.

When I tell others my story they assume that I am judging their life path which I can say is not always the case. I believe everyone is here to learn and that includes allowing them to make mistakes as we grow from those experiences. As I have told my mom I may not desire to live my life as she did, but I do not believe she was a failure or that she did anything wrong. Quite the opposite I see a lot of wonderful strengths in her personality. This does not mean that I ignore a person’s shadow though. I do not even ignore mine. I grow frustrated by those who still have not left their comfort zone my tarot reader intuited. Probably very true because we are all recognizing this is a vital way to discover more about our potentials.

This was followed by the Four and Five of Cups. When I offer gold to people they become discouraged. Somehow my approach is making others feel empty and unacknowledged. My perspective in this becomes complicated as while I may not do a footnote of resources I am constantly leaving underlined hyperlink text in my blog to indicate that I value the input of others. It is also to illustrate I have no desire to plagiarize them or steal their content. One should receive that from the source told in their own words not through my impressions/projections alone which can distort the message.

Inherently she said I am triggering humanity to heal themselves. Libra is meant to teach us that intellectualism is not all there is. We must reach a point of harmony, balance, and agreement. Somehow instead others have a misconception that I am not acknowledging their subjective reality she opined.

Even though MBTI and personality tests state I have empathic abilities she stated others do not feel this when I read them as clients. She wondered if this reading came off harsh to me. I expressed a “No.” I see this as either constructive criticism or that I have not explained/emoted correctly to my audience. Constructive criticism is meant to help one adapt, and I am not taking personal insults to this.

She states I should not diminish my self assurances or make myself smaller for others despite how they perceive me. The job of my clients and relationships is for others to grow up/mature. This statement made me feel like something I have expressed over and over again in some of my blog posts as well as previously on Twitter before closing my account. We each need to learn how to relate to one other without the need to attack our differences.

Lastly we received the reversed Tower, upright King of Pentacles, and upright Ace of Swords.

Notated to avoid confusion; the only reversal was the Tower in this reading with all other cards upright.

I get angry, but nothing can shake me. After a storm she said I return back to center unharmed. I am perceived as going my own way and building empires in unconventional ways usually. My audience recognizes me as focused on my own journey which can cause others to sense my stability regardless of what is thrown my way. I just keep building assets/knowledge, and I am committed to my self growth. She said I am observed as finishing what I start.

Flower of Life Wall Art on Garden Fence Near Yin Yang

It was her belief that others may recognize how I excel at altered states/meditation while comprehending higher knowledge. She expressed that she also intuited people were wondering about my mother and father figures in life. That is a funny intuition from someone I had not met or who has not read my blog recently. We are now actually doing well.

My step father is back to his normal routine, and I still assist my mom with tasks. Her checkup went well and she will have another in two weeks. She has been making solid upward progress now which is something we are all grateful for. We take it one day at a time. My other lesson is to help people attract their desires in life and learn to manifest.

People may begin to understand she noted that I should have been a communicator as a life coach which I have no real tangible skills in with regards to actually getting certification per say beyond Master level Reiki or my aesthetics license. Nonetheless I valued this tarot reading, and I hope sharing it will be advantageous to someone else along the way. I am totally fine with someone pointing out these shadow qualities to me if they can be called such and integrating them to my awareness. If it makes those who meet me online or otherwise feel better I do not believe that I know it all. That is not even remotely possible for any human to achieve. I simply have a thirst for attempting to gain better knowledge or gnosis.

I do feel a wee bit triggered, but only by a faint memory of some motivational speaker online years ago. They expressed that I should never put my vision board, truth, etc. online. This was not expressed as caution about others using the information I share against me. They expressed that even they felt threatened by my presence/potential in the sense that it would have a similar impact on others. I am still not entirely sure how I feel about this personally. Life did not give me the option to fully embrace my HSP attributes or to wallow in my emotions.

I was asked to potentially work more with masculine type traits to get along in life leaving me not as adept at feminine consciousness. This came from a variety of people in my life. It is still a belief that I find many believe in even today regardless of those of us who recognize a deficiency in feminine energies has been deleterious to consciousness/Earth. So is the problem within or without?

What to do? Check Aura numbered 1488 in your chart also. I went completely different today and set to sidereal. This will look strange to those not realizing it harnesses the Vedic astrology.

Asteroid Aura Retrograde Sidereal Chart

This places a retrograde Aura within the 5th House Aquarius 25°. I looked through all the symbols and preferred the Sabian symbol for this degree as a match.

This degree has one question. What do you define as perfect? The right wing of the butterfly is akin to right brain usage being more advanced or relied upon. Supernatural, intuitive, and creative wisdom allows for the ability to restore balance while rising above commonality. The degree is involved in searching for higher knowledge. Work with guardian angel Aniel and daimon Phenex.

As I have covered this daimon once before I will put a refresher (copy/paste). Sorry if this appears lazy.

Daimon Phenex corresponds with the 2 of Wands, Moon, Aries, and Roses. Phenex is ideal for work with creative muses. Invoke Phenex during fire baptisms and rebirth rituals including creative path working. He’s described as motivational; some say he lights a fire under your bum to get you moving (out with the old/in with the new)!

Is Phenex at all related to phoenix?!

I find it ironic this degree brings up the left tibialis muscle. This has to tie back into my surgery/foot fractures. In fact the tendon in this location could rupture causing me to question as I previously said Cipro and Levaquin. Could I have excelled at learning medical astrology? Hashing it all out with being prescribed two consecutive doses and later ligament surgery or mom’s reactions to these antibiotics makes me keep sensing there is a message hidden here.

This 5th House placement is creativity of the soul with a soul’s purpose to connect with nurturing the creativity found within young people via working with children or helping others to become more creative/spontaneous. Children here may represent the ability to nurture and care for the disabled, homeless, or those in foster care.

This is I believe Purva Bhadra nakshatra. If I am wrong correct me please. Matching degrees to Vedic was a wee bit challenging for some reason due to learning the padas. This seems to match a prior blog post.

Medium: Purva Bhadrapada Nakshatra

Spirit Vehicle: Purva Bhadrapada

I neglected to mention the backyard garden does not get much Sun in certain areas. The Yin Yang is still frozen/encased in ice from the one day winter storm. All the best to you. 🤗💕

Violas Via Our Garden to Remind One of Great Grandma (Her Name Was Viola).

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I am a licensed aesthetician (#1446048 Expires October 2023) who has worked previously in medical malpractice and personal injury legal administration, life/health insurance for State Farm, and various retail roles including personal shopper. My passion at this time lies in the field of esoteric studies. I am also a Master Level Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki certified healer.

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