Self Examination Saturdays: Vedic Yoga Natal & 2022

Vedic Chart via Jagannatha Hora (Yogas)

This is a slightly in-depth post on Vedic astrological yoga which has helpful study materials you may value through the inclusion of underlined hyperlink text.


If you are interested in Vedic astrology a method outside of website calculators would be Jagannatha Hora which I’ve been also using. I’ve gone this route because most website calculators have limitations with what they will feature as generally the website hosting such tools has been featured on a business website which will expect at least a donation or some for profit support which makes perfectly logical sense. I feel the same way quite honestly which is why I’ve advertised at the end of my blog posts occasionally. Never one to back down from growing my knowledge in astrology I often experiment a lot with my own chart or members of family/friends when they allow me to.

I never divulge online their details or those of my clients at least without express permission as that would be inherently unprofessional in my estimation. Granted I’ve used my ancestors as examples for my business, but I’m with the hopes that this they understand I did such as a means of venerating their existence in the 3D rather than as a show of disrespect.

Personally I love the software as it opened up something others did not for me regarding my Magha lunar mansion by giving me the exact degree of Leo when I was born which I’d never been offered in any Vedic astrology calculator online. Kozminksy paints the symbolic picture as thus.

8ยฐ Leo: Two lovers walking in a forest glade. Before them are two doves and a brilliantly colored butterfly.

Denotes one of an idealistic and affectionate disposition whose poetic nature will at times put him/her out of touch with the world, its false ideas of justice, and its oceans of pain. Then should he/she “seek the forest lands for peace and heaven.” He/she is a happy influence and generally will be favored. Should the horoscope show marriage it will be a union of souls. It is a symbol of Affection.

This degree carries a rather unusual ability to mesmerize others, to capture their attention, and compel them to listen to what one has to say. At worst the chart owner may fear their own power while trying to suppress it. When they maintain their center focusing on what they desire to communicate while allowing others to react as they are going to without trying to control the narrative this works to one’s benefit.

One can be spontaneous, and if a mistake is made, or if inspiration falters flow onward when they learn not to allow the inner critic to interrupt them. When this occurs it encourages others to do the same thereby connecting with their own inner wisdom/creativity. Work with guardian angel Poiyel and daimon Gremory.

Daimon Gremory associates with the 3 of Swords, Venus, Libra, and Fenugreek. While Gremory is yet another daimon to assist in divination there is also useful knowledge to be gained with reference to treasures of the self. I’ve read that there is a tie in with Archangel Uriel as well as Netzach on the Tree of Life. Beyond this the only mention I read online was the association which further connects to the planet Venus and likely the sacred geometry of the Rose/Kiss of aforementioned planet.

We’re a few days early yet as we approach a Full Moon in Leo this month Venus and Mars will align in Capricorn. These energies are meant to liberate ourselves into the fullness of our higher selves. Remove the obstacles that have prevented you from acting upon your soul group contracts. Venus and Mars aligned July 2021 so reflect on where you were at this time; were you in the energy of fear or love. When these planets do align it signifies unity symbolized also as the Yin Yang when two Universal lovers join together to manifest our goals.

Something to remember is that these energies are archetypal within our psyche. We can channel them at any time as needed. Uriel appears in Chapter 20 of the Book of Enoch which when broken down outside of Abrahamic context could be a Helenized concept of an agathodaimon who watches over the Greek abyss of torment referenced as Tartarus. In Kabbalah on the Tree of Life we also find mention of crossing the Abyss. Much of this is as I’ve said online as well as per any written materials or podcasts something which becomes personal to each individual. Everyone has their own experiences and life paths they tread. Thus you will find countless interpretations for working with archetypal constructs from the collective. Those experiences are unique unto our level of consciousness.

Netzach and the Abyss:

Ladybug, A Rainbow Carrot (When Cut it Appeared as a Rose), and Gold Leaves on the Fire Dragon Maple Tree

Most Vedic astrologers use the same system as other astrologers which I really am not fond of in that I don’t believe there are inherently bad or negative planetary or house aspects. What we deem as negative is simply any area in life where we need to put in a little effort to correct a perceived obstacle, weakness, or adversity we encounter. In this astrological system you will see beneficial planetary combinations referred to as yogas while the malefic will be referred to as dosha.

My natal chart has 8 planetary yogas within it which I will address first before looking at present yogas for 2022. In the interest of time I will only touch on a few of the yogas present for myself in 2022 which can be revisited at a later date if anyone has interest in learning more on such topics. At birth the following are what were present in my Vedic chart.

Natal Yogas:
Kedar: Present in ones birth chart if all seven planets are placed in exactly four houses. One who has Kedar yoga is more likely to gain wealth while making their livelihood from farming and agricultural industries (probably due to extended time in grocery retail positions on/off throughout my career history). Excellent trustworthiness and good communication skills make such individuals excellent friends. The purpose of such a yoga in life is to engender self sufficiency as well as prosperity, but again most Vedic astrologers state this depends on if any planets are in opposition to this yoga which nullifies the effects.

I suppose this would ignore one’s ability to utilize their free will to remedy any perceived or limiting beliefs with which one can find solutions or work arounds during a period of potential bad luck or hardship be that of their own doing or unfortunate events we all encounter in day to day life. If we put our value in viewing any astrological or spiritual practice as fatalistic we fall into a dogmatic trap!

By this I could list the example of taking FMLA when my step grandmother was diagnosed with grade IV glioblastoma. Clearly I was not earning income during the time. My mom and I were her caregivers overseeing much for her with end of life responsibilities as we became the one’s listed on her Power of Attorney. This happened again during medical LOA twice for my foot injuries as well. Financial hardships and rough patches as well as myriad other potentialities can befall anyone at any given time during their life journey. It’s how we respond to them for better/worse that shape the outcomes as much as looking into esotericism for clues.
Kahala: Occurs when the lords of the 4th and 9th houses are in mutual Kendras (1st, 4th, 7th, and 10th Houses which are under Lord Vishnu). Lord Vishnu is the lord of stability and savings which leads to achieving growth/progress in life. The 4th House signifies home, internal happiness, mother’s felicity, movable/immovable properties, and general education while governing the body via neck and shoulders. There also exists a strong lord of the Lagna or 1st House signifying the childhood, health, physical appearance, and individual character.

4th House is more auspicious than the 1st House often referred to as a Kona House. If we combine these with the next yoga it’s said to give rise to authority, power, position, and wealth. 9th House itself signifies luck, guru, father, religious/spiritual progress, knowledge of the scriptures, and sadhana.

An individual with Kahala Yoga may have contradictory characteristics. One moment they are the brightest minds in the room yet in the next instant they may make the silliest of mistakes via irresponsible decisions. Ups and downs in life are quite typical of any chart holder with Kahala Yoga.
Raja: A typical Raja Yoga happens when two or more than two planets (out of which at least one should have been the lord of a Kendra House and the other should be the lord of a Trikona House) is in a relationship with each other. This relationship can be a combination, bidirectional vision, or exchange of zodiac houses. A person with a Raja Yoga enjoys social status/fame. Recognition and laurels will follow them for their efforts on various matters within their life. In my chart there is a relationship between the Sun and Moon.

The Trikona House relates to dharma which deals with the way or manner with which we execute work or our duties in our life ensuring that these are fulfilled. This is not something that occurs overnight, and I’m certain many people struggle to get it perfect day to day. I’ve previously covered this, but in a nutshell it stems from recognizing the benefits of both mental/physical health. You’ll see this described as learning how to consciously react to the world around you.

One tries to work towards promoting a more friendly, kind, and considerate way of treating themselves as well as other while mindfully speaking their truth. Unlike the dogmatic approaches of Abrahamic faiths it’s not about abstinence and chastity rather one takes a higher approach towards marital or sexual relationships. They avoid the traditional abundance/prosperity traps common today in Kali Yuga of amassing material possessions for the benefit of bragging as chasing the next new “thing” has little to do with comfort or happiness. You’ll find they begin to focus more on controlling their life force/energy. It also lends itself to inward focus and an attempt to reach super consciousness where individual and collective merge into unity consciousness more commonly referenced as total freedom/liberation from fear, conflict, and complexity.
Hamsa: Being one of the five of the Panchmaha Purusha Yogas this is an auspicious yoga. Hamsa Yoga is said to be found in oneโ€™s chart when Jupiter is in its own sign or in exaltation occupying a Kendra House either from the Ascendant or from the Moon. A chart holder with Hamsa Yoga is known to be satisfied with their lot in life without unnecessary greed for money or the need to amass wealth. They are independent thinkers free from pessimistic thoughts generally; does not mean they don’t have an “off” day. In this chart Jupiter is in exaltation within Cancer.

The Hamsa of Vedic, Yogic, or Tantric correspondences works with kundalini. Portrayed in Sanskrit literature as a swan representative of prana and the inner self it is a vehicle for Brahma, the Creator, and his consort Saraswati as the bringers of knowledge. This solar symbol is a bird of light depicted as hawk or falcon that steals soma and takes it up from the Earth to enjoy it in the freedom of heaven. Our individual soul or Jiva is governed by breath, the dualities of our body/mind, and the awareness which arises. Hamsa is merely another term utilized as a reference towards Paramahamsa which is any liberated soul that dwells in a state of Shiva/Shakti Yoga.

Kundalini carries the Hamsa up the spine during spiritual aspiration and ascent. The common images of this with the two wings symbolize prana and mind flying upward to heaven or the thousand petal lotus of our head. Serpent and bird indicate electrical ascending energy where the expansion of the bindu vibrates its wings. Without this soul awakening consciousness can’t work with kundalini in a harmonious manner without disturbing the physical and subtle bodies. To awaken as an individual soul develops perennial pursuit of the Godhead through the chakras guided by Shakti. Energies of the powers of stillness and receptivity carry the soma up from the lower chakras to the thousand petal lotus of the head.
Anafa: Anafa Yoga is a result of a beneficient planet (exceptions being the Sun, Rahu, and Ketu) in the 12th House from Moon. The chart holder enjoys good health as well as getting people on their side via charm and wit. They will be a master in communication as well as may also be interested in humanitarian causes or charitable acts. In my chart Mercury, Venus, and Jupiter are in the 12th House from the Moon.
Veshi: Veshi yoga is formed when Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, or Saturn is in the 2nd House from the Sun. The chart holder with this yoga does not discriminate between people. They are spiritual happy go lucky people. If the Sun is well aspected as is Jupiter, Venus, or Mercury one may exhibit inborn talents with leading others. In my chart Saturn is in the 2nd House from the Sun.

An example from the Puranas shows that เคตเฅ‡เคทเคฟเคจเฅ refers to โ€œone who is dressed/wears clothes.โ€ The seven chakras work via Parvati or receptive consciousness. The trident bearing Shiva or pure consciousness is free from shame with no home or pedigree being naked. We should find ourselves clothed in wholeness, soundness, love, and peace.
Grahan: The Sun or Moon is with either Rahu or Ketu impacting various spheres of life. In my chart the Moon is with Rahu. It might help to look back to a previous blog post on both North/South Nodes as well as Rahu/Ketu. Many people take extremely negative views of these within astrology. I’ve also read a more balanced approach to Ketu Mahadasha which I’ve often referred many to for some stellar insight. I’m essentially fed up with ignorance around these topics by “pop” asrologers who can’t find significance or a more workable approach towards esotericism content with their negative or limiting beliefs they’ve pandered and convinced others to adopt creating unhealthy egregores (energy which manifests into low vibrational material planes poisoning both individual and collective consciousness).

You see why Twitter, Facebook, and I are not friends. I don’t do a lot of social media as well as why I’ve been going my own way avoiding the nonsense of those who can’t evolve out of certain constructs. I said this yesterday that I was not raised by a family that allows coddling and enabling; we employ tough love when necessary.

Mandala I Colored via iPhone App

Kuja: When Mars is in the 1st, 4th, 7th, 8th, or 12th House of a chart you will find a thousand Vedic remedies. Really this can best be surmised by looking back to Raja Yoga whereby we need to be mindful of our ability to inflict physical, emotional, or verbal abuses in any form of relating beyond just the potentials of any marriage. It is my firm belief as I’m not a dogmatist that like Catholic indulgences you have to do this work yourself not just by rituals or paying for Vedic remedies where someone else performs some sort of action for you to absolve you of your actions in life. It requires you to grow up, do some shadow work, and develop healthy habits.

As a victim of domestic abuse in my infancy which I don’t actively remember beyond what my mom has told me with my biological father’s life, their divorce, and so forth I’ve had little desire to pursue the same course he took. Does not mean I don’t get hot headed because honestly I tend to get “salty” and can curse like a sailor as the idiom goes. When I develop a foul mood profanities fly.

2022 features several yogas in my chart as well, but I’m only covering a select few below. It’s important to remember this is not the same as my natal chart and would be more like a Western transit chart. It is a snapshot of energies for this year.

Vajra: While the chart holder can most often be optimistic, lovable, and caring they may struggle with home life, their mother’s health will be impacted during this time, and their professional life can suffer setbacks. What we have to do is look towards the meaning of “vajra” as thunderbolt and diamond with reference to meditative practices. It’s purpose is to symbolize strength, indestructibility, and force where spirituality is discovered without sudden physical exertion. Embodied mindfulness allows one to connect to the present now moment. This leads further to the next yoga.


Indra: The 5th House and 11th House are in mutual exchange where one develops an outspoken nature. It is not an indicator of long lived fame or success in life unless one is willing to put in effort to achieve whatever goals they have set. Indra is another archetype of what would be Zeus in a more Greek construct. A war deity wielding a destructive force in the form of the vajra which summons courage and confidence. My Rahu and Sun are in my 5th House with Jupiter in my 11th House.

It’s not wielded outside, but used within to conquer one’s own desires, temptations, and negative habits so we progress spiritually and physically. Vedic mythology originally placed Indra as a Sun deity opposite Saturn also seen in Abrahamic faiths as Satan or our shadow. It’s the age old esoteric story of base versus higher consciousness. Later Indra became representative of rain, the rainbow, and thunder/lightening. The negative of Indra consciousness being a bloated ego and arrogance.

Shiva: The 5th House lord transits/moves to the 9th House while the 10th House lord transits/moves to the 5th House and lastly the 11th House lord transits/moves to the 9th House. This is a funky one to read about as it seems to pertain to warnings about career in terms of not working for one’s government or foreign service. I was not planning to so I actually started laughing as I read this. Some careers or industries simply don’t appeal to me. Neither of the above interests me now or in my past. As above my Rahu and Sun are in my 5th House, Venus and Mars are in my 9th House, my 10th House is empty, and Jupiter is in my 11th House.

The Shiva Yoga puts focus on spiritual wisdom as well as could speak to travel opportunities. It sets one on a path towards philosophical or wisdom thinking. I might link this to the Hamsa Yoga above. Shiva consciousness helps one realize their true self when they destroy aspects of their character or belief systems that no longer serve them. This can involve reflecting on repressed emotions, working on one’s weaknesses, and going through a spritual rebirth.

Brahma: The placement of Jupiter in either Kendra or Quadrant Houses leads to higher education, spirituality, good health, a higher social status, and wealth. Generally one should be respected for their studies or knoweldge. My Jupiter, Venus, and Mercury are in Kendra Houses.

Brahma as Universal mind was surmised as Jung’s collective unconscious. The functionality of the brain to create and formulate new ideas through analytical thought and invention speaks also to our subconscious. Whatever we are projecting creates our future based on energy which is why as I’ve said above I’m not into egregore creation by those I have interacted with and ended relationships with. The conscious mind is always communicating with the subconscious and unconscious so be careful what you wish for. As described above the seven great sages are your seven chakras which during meditation create or destroy what you do or do not want.

Amala: This is due to my Moon having no malefic aspects with my 10th House during 2022. This confers one with the desire to practice good morals as the 10th House is the place for karma, career, and action. This stems from เค…เคฎเคฒ referencing Lakshmi where amala etymologically ties into spotless, clean, faultless/sinless, and pure.

Most think of Lakshmi consciousness solely as abundance and prosperity gospels in today’s society ignoring that her four arms in iconography signify dharma which is doing the right thing, perfection, and freedom from mental/emotional bondage. She can often be seen with elephants representing our need to nurture the qualities of strength, wisdom, and patience. Ultimately Lakshmi consciousness asks that you step away from unethical people in business and personal relationships. It has absolutely nothing to do with dishonesty, anger, or deceptive practices.

In business and personal you begin saying “No,” you set boundaries, you learn to judge your success by the number of times you’ve felt discomfort in the conversations you’re willing to have when you’ve realized you’re fed up with giving your power away.

There is an asteroid named Amalia (284) which is another derivative of Amala through Medieval Latin and Hebrew referencing work/deed. This is my 2nd House of Taurus 19ยฐ which through the Sabian degrees also paints an interesting image. The degree speaks to learning from almost anything through the power of observation. This degree wants to attain to โ€œthe real thingโ€ which is its spiritual self. It will be very resistive of guidance as well as suspicious of the approval of others rejecting outer support. The chart holder is intent on seeking their own true power in their own way discovering their inner gold. One has a strong agenda which some may think is wrong or misguided yet it must do what it must do in its own way. Work with guardian angel Vehuel and daimon Crocell.

Daimon Crocell draws us towards the 5 of Wands, Venus, Leo, and Betony. Working with this daimon helps soften the sharp emotions and aggression of others during heated arguments so that they are less quick to judge. This can be helpful even when the chart holder experiences a negative attitude especially towards their creativity or body. The goal being an improved outlook when working with Crocell.

Briefly in 2022 I also have Saubhagya Yoga making me talkative with a desire to influence others, Ayushman Yoga creates a foodie who loves to travel to new places relishing in different cuisines while seeking recognition in the field of the arts/literature, Vishkambha Yoga allows one a family oriented approach to life, Sobhana often imparts a higher intelligence quotient with intellectual prowess, and Parigha Yoga which allows one to master several subjects by exploring new avenues in life.

While I don’t disclose all of my personal life online I can safely say that I’ve seen the effects of these astrological yogas in my life path. Hopefully this blog post shares some further insights into the manner with which esotericism and astrology can be a benefit to our lives if we make strides to evolve it out of the doldrums it sometimes resides in.

Have a splendid Saturday! Sending you wishes for the best wherever you are. ๐Ÿช๐Ÿ“†


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I am a licensed aesthetician (#1446048 Expires October 2023 Valedictorian) who has worked previously in medical malpractice and personal injury legal administration, life/health insurance for State Farm, and various retail roles including personal shopper. My passion at this time lies in the field of esoteric studies. I am also a Master Level Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki certified healer. I happen to be currently employed within a 9-5 career in cosmetology retail selling to licensed professionals part time.

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