Teach Me Tuesdays: White Knight Syndrome and the Damsel in Distress Archetype

Do We All Suffer The Fixer Mentality?

Blog followers have heard me harp tirelessly on how “pop” astrology is not my jive or on how I don’t understand people running/publishing the astrology charts of others especially people of notoriety or his/her story without much afterthought or even permission. That I’ve acknowledged while I use my ancestors as examples for my astrology website I did so out of veneration, but won’t publish a client’s information without consent so I focus on myself as the example which could appear narcissistic or as egotism. Yet isn’t it wiser to work on self than to be so fixated on consistently “fixing” other…

Perhaps questioning this together via the underlined hyperlink text will divulge some rather insightful solutions.


I’m referencing a portion of the Bible at this point which probably gets a lot of incorrect usage all the time. The eye metaphysically being our spiritual sight and quality of mind tells us that what we have is thousands online or elsewhere attempting to remove their neighbor’s darkened consciousness with light. We spend all that time working on their shadow, but have we done our own shadow integration?

White Knight Syndrome and the Damsel in Distress archetypes are given to humanity to foster codependency. It’s estimated around 100 million Americans suffer from this disorder. It is a form of emotional and psychological abuse which creates inequality where one is concerned with the needs of other. Their own feelings, desires, and needs are never prioritized as they enact out the rescuer/savior role with a compulsive need to help, nurture, or even control another. The White Knight seeks those who lack stability, firm boundaries, and who act irresponsibly.

They are addicted to the hope that their Damsel in Distress will change, and their own dis-ease stems from a desire to dissociate from their own issues which could for example be dysfunctional family dynamics of anger, extreme rigidity, violence, manipulation, and/or abuse in the home as they grew up. They could have assumed inappropriate caretaking roles of a substance abuser or even an over dependent parent. The child has learned to be compliant, ever pleasing, and to adopt distorted survival techniques which carry into adulthood.

White Knights go from person to person seeking a “perfect” relationship. They think the problem only lies within the Damsel in Distress when it lies within them also. The over dependence on a significant other causes pain, suffering, and a downward spiral of mental health problems, emotional addictions, and improper boundary setting. This archetype is not bound to gender and is largely taught through peculiar codes of chivalry ingrained into many of the mythologies we were given with every mono-myth we’ve been handed. The truth is no can rescue another because we rescue ourselves.

It’s perfectly alright to assist another and to lend a hand every now/then. Ultimately we need to love someone without feeling that we need to overhaul them to truly love them. It’s time to let go of the fairy tales when we resonate incorrectly with them.

Asteroid Whiteknight (17612) and Aurora (94) are two archetypes I’m choosing to study in the Dodecatemoria/Dvadashamsha chart like I used for yesterday’s blog post. The reason being that I’m pulling inspiration via the story of Sleeping Beauty in which we had Princess Aurora in this tale that you will find consistently has been more recently used in esotericism. There is a belief that these tales reinforced patriarchal ideals of women with the first two fairies gifting our title character with beauty (hair of sunshine as well as lips so red they shame the red of roses). This is followed by the gift of song, but nowhere is she bequeathed courage or wisdom which traditionally aligned to the Divine Feminine. Her archetype is the Damsel in Distress suffering until a prince rides in on his steed to rescue her. Couple this with the simple fact that Princess Aurora is in an arranged marriage at the behest of her father despite her heart being set upon another.

Nowhere in the story does she make choices of her own which teaches us everywhere the same limited beliefs in a society. To add further shame to the tale our title character accepts the decisions of others indisputably never critically thinking for herself which is another problem rampant in society today. In every way she is disempowered and her tale is of pre-destination where she has no free will anywhere. Every plot point in the tale is one of her as a member of victim consciousness despite those who also see this as a tale speaking to the truth of what our individual/collective soul is experiencing during the Great Awakening.

The plot points are actually telling in that the entire thread of this yarn upon pricking one’s finger of the spindle of a wheel (perhaps the wheel of samsara) is based upon some childish vengeful Malefic who was uninvited and acted out of spite because she was full of piss and vinegar to begin with. Meanwhile modern movies want us to also integrate the truth that our Malefic is part of our shadow depicting a woman scorned. And we all know the idiom of a woman scorned with the fury of hell.

One might be another frog in need of rescuing. In which case we pick the wrong prince/princess.

There is one other character we could play around with in this blog post, but we should remember these asteroids could also represent actual Goddess archetypes wholly unto themselves as the Divine Feminine. There are three fairies in this tale known as Flora, Fauna, and Merryweather. The only one which has an asteroid is Flora whose color is red quite representative of our Root chakra. She is in fact the leader of all three who is the bravest, most determined, and heavily relies on flowers/nature. She is our strategist and ironically it is Flora who possesses the Sword of Truth as well as the Invulnerable Shield of Virtue thereby she can conjure as she sees fit. We can chart Flora (8) today as well for more knowledge.

Goddess Aurora and Flora:

Let’s take some stock here and assess what we have. Asteroid Whiteknight is placed in the 8th House with Chiron at Scorpio 12° which I covered this house quite succinctly in my blog post yesterday (linked to above) so I won’t be redundant rather I invite everyone to investigate my previous entry. Asteroid Aurora is stationed in the 10th House with my True Node of the Moon and Mercury at Capricorn 13° also discussed yesterday briefly. Flora is encamped in an unusual place in the 1st House at Aries 5° which speaks to Ganesh Dwadasham. The 1st House relates to the physical body and generalized matters, but also calls into play epigenetics.


Asteroid Whiteknight, Aurora, and Flora Dodecatemoria/Dvadashamsha Chart

Whiteknight calls us towards looking for a repeated pattern in reality; a synchronicity. The question is what does it mean? And why is it sought? This degree is always aware of the difference between what the most spiritual aspect of self desires versus the limitations imposed by the physical world. The challenge of this degree is to not allow the physical limits to dominate. Spirit can transform matter even though the task may often seem arduous. It is of tremendous benefit both to spirit as well as matter.

This degree in Sabian Symbols asks you to ask yourself how many times were you required to give your consent at the bank, grocery store, and within any corporate or governmental bureaucracy. What is choking or impinging on your sovereignty?

Work with guardian angel Lehalel and daimon Valefor. Daimon Valefor connects with the Seven of Pentacles, Venus, Taurus, and Dandelion. I’ve read this daimon can be worked with to guard one’s sleeping chamber which in modern terms is a bedroom obviously. More specifically I’ve read Valefor assists with healing dis-eases and afflictions. Other areas of skill one may improve have included astral projection/combat, protection from negative energies, and self acceptance in overcoming life’s obstacles.


A young man with a frail body but a beautiful and noble face.

Old roots crumbling. New self emerging. Historical underpinnings not very strong. The vision of what can be burns bright and clear. You’ve been held back a long time by questions about health, safety, viability, and durability. Always seeming on the way out yet the internal image of who you are intended to become looms large and seeks to become incarnated. The battle between what could never be and what must emerge. The underlying feeling tone is that somehow, barely, and despite all odds the infinite one can be born directly in the shell of the one who could not be. Then all bets are off. Absolutely anything is possible.

Asteroid Aurora inquires into creating our own way to enjoy life even in situations where the potential to do so seems remote. The chart holder makes do with what it has and will often even seek out limiting/desolate situations so that it may exercise its resourcefulness and ability to generate happiness. By working hard and choosing to get a lot done this degree can be tremendously productive. One should make sure they do this with kindness and gentleness so that they don’t overburden themselves becoming worn out. It intensely desires to improve anything with which it becomes involved. If this can be balanced with continuous regeneration of one’s own energy it will find that its projects will thrive and flourish to a much greater extent.

This degree in Sabian Symbols asks us to look at our cultural traditions for one person is given the role of keeper of the fire while everyone else is to keep their meddling ways far afield. The character and identity of the fire can be nurtured for a specific purpose as was intended. It is therefore interesting how much bringing up children mimics the care and tending of a fire. Work with guardian angel Eyael and daimon Amdusias.

Or Could This Be The Moirai/Fates?

Daimon Amdusias connects with the Five of Swords, Venus, Aquarius, and Mimosa. Amdusias is a spirit of the Earth who brings one close to the spirits of nature. This daimon guides one in dreams to the great forests from which the trees are flowing in beauty and ancient wisdom. Ultimately I’ve read this daimon’s highest skill is in music whereby the instruments are heard yet not seen. It is said that Amdusias is valuable for pursuing personal interests, honing one’s craft, and achieving financial success.


A very old wrinkled brown paper sack.

Use and misuse. Taking advantage of your own beast of burden endurance to get the most out of yourself you possibly can. Extracting productive results from all other factors and fixating upon these. Eventually you get what you put into it. And if there is a self exploitative or a darkly abusive side to your way of operating it generates the karma of aging, death, and blight. It becomes crucial to develop against the grain compassion and all the gentler feelings. Because if unchecked the heavy handed self demand to make the world work better at all costs will decimate the inner self.

Asteroid Flora speaks towards loving and positive intentions as a healing balm to self and others. The chart holder has the ability to stay attuned to spiritual wavelengths which simplifies, harmonizes, and elevates the atmosphere around them. To the extent that one can just be themselves all negativity falls away and their path opens clearly before them. So many kisses; drop by drop accumulation of love gradually accumulates a focus of spiritual light in the physical realm. The hardness of stone meets the softness of a kiss and finally at last the stone disappears, is worn away, and what is left is the fragrance of divine love as embodied in a healing balm.

This degree in Sabian Symbols asks us to ascend beyond all situations which no longer could or should ever be what we’ve been involved with. Work with guardian angel Mahasiah and daimon Marbas.

Daimon Marbas connects with the Six of Pentacles, Mercury, Taurus, and Chicory. I should have more of the prebiotic herbal chocolate tea which has chicory in it obviously. It has been said this daimon will appear in the shape or guise of a lion symbolic of power, royalty, strength, courage, and authority with a desire to triumph over the challenges of chronic illness offering one the ability to recover from dis-eases of all kinds. Much of the description for working with this daimon regards mechanical arts, but not one person is perceiving this as the mechanics of the human body as in medicine!


The statue of a God worn smooth by devotees’ kissing.

Honoring the spirit within at all costs. Insisting upon the vertical aspect in all things. You feel driven by the heart to go to any lengths to express and embody the realization of divinity. Intoxicated with the Divine, called beyond, and taken by a passion you are dedicated and consecrated and given over. Transported into other realms. Ecstatic. A frenzy of conviction that nothing matters except the ultimate. Swept away. Released into the Cosmos. Liberated from the wheel. And expressing the inexpressible with consummate conviction.

Have a terrific Tuesday everyone and please take care out there! Sending you good vibes! 💓 Support me with an astrology report or a donation if you feel obliged. I  put a good deal of time into my blog content even if it’s gone unnoticed.

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