Manifestation Mondays: What Major Arcana Card Best Describes Your Blueprint

The Emperor – Son of the Morning and Wheel of Fortune – Lord of the Forces of Life From the Hermetic Tarot

This is certainly not anything which is fixed or fatalistic. Have you ever inquired what your current energetic blueprint is in life? Today I decided to inquire and with the help of the provided underlined hyperlink text I thought I would share what I’ve learned with my audience. No, that image above is not my favorite attempt at image editing. Sorry, I struggled to figure out what I wanted and then gave up.


There’s something funny about esoterics in general. It’s really all one giant “thought experiment” if you consider that the core of most of these indoctrination schools use a dogmatic approach of legalism to implement their structures. When I entered this field I knew I’d be going it alone as I was butting heads with virtually everyone who has joined a clique which pays fees and operates like a witches coven whereby if you’ve “betrayed” your loyalties they’ll tar and feather you, smear you, or whatever other childish form of shunning they can think of because humanity still believes in Saturnine traditions of humiliation which exists in all cosmological practices. I saw this in Hinduism and Eastern societies as well.

What we’re really talking about is the maxims thrown around. As above so below only counts if you leave out certain space objects namely the hypothetical Trans Neptunian Objects (TNO) or the non-approved asteroids which the only one’s commonly used are the main Greek goddesses with Chiron. This is precisely why the “critics” call all esotericism pseudoscience to begin with and work adamantly to discredit it. If a philosophy looks like Swiss cheese it can’t hold up essentially. Which is why the maxim of everything being mental then makes thought experiments invalid because ironically everyone is splitting hairs looking pretty foolish. Mostly I’m triggered by reading yet another person online who like many has the “know-it-all” mantra of the day. And as I’ve said I don’t know-it-all nor would I pretend to. One thing I won’t also do is complain anymore about the fact that I feel exceptionally solitary. I’m finding I prefer this.

Where am I going with this? Debates that become illogical on the basis of a similar discussion I had with family recently. A complaint over the size of cut/diced onions when cooking soups erupted in me remarking how ignorant it is to say that onions cut/diced finely means there is no onion in the soup. If someone juiced an onion would we say there was no onion in what they’re drinking? Probably not. Most people do not want to sit down to a large onion in a soup the same way you would if it was on a skewer for shish kabob. This was the same logic I had over another debate regarding legislation where people were comparing a weapon to a medical procedure that has been fought over as a legal right to a specific group of humanity. At which point I thought is that a Freudian slip.

Did a legislator finally admit that this “weapon” being used to “kill/murder” was equivalent to a medical procedure not to be named at this time as it’s far too controversial might also actually be an act of “killing/murdering” or taking a life? I began to realize this is why I stopped voting several years ago. The more I watch humanity at large I’ve been seeing a lot of hypocrisy and duplicity. I’ve seen the “masks” removed and well the Matrix, Maya, and illusions have revealed to me that I don’t like participating in the ridiculous displays others put on. By that I mean everyone is ignoring as I’ve said their shadow only to project their stinky guano on another sort of like a monkey who played with it’s dung and then flung it at me. Not interested, and I’d suggest people grow up already!

And yes I know this may be why I have no followers sometimes in life. I’m blunt, and I’m done coddling or enabling the idiocy. Humans are as much capable of being the saint as they are of being the proverbial criminal. The holier than thou society of everyone’s light working to the neglect of Captain Obvious has worn my patience way too thin. I find this to be not the Aeon/Age of Aquarius or Pisces rather I’m thinking society is in an Age of Lawlessness. I’m recognizing I see more lack of humanitarianism or world servers in place of what I’m still not entirely sure of because it’s still emerging sort of like a baby being born out of the birth canal that has not yet even allowed me to get the head and shoulders free. What are we individually or collectively manifesting right now?

Megalomania, psychopathy, sociopathy, extreme egotism, or something more sinister. Is it that movie Rosemary’s Baby? I just don’t quite know, but somewhere the mojo is really off so perhaps it’s more like we’re birthing Eris or Discordia due to the love for chaos magick in esotericism or the love of those who work the Qliphoth. Either way most of what is birthed in these “experimentations” are divisional. As I said people are ignorant of wholistic healing as they run around picking sides in their dualistic consciousness seeing everything as us versus them, black versus white, and right versus left. Maybe one day we will all get beyond this, but at this point I’m skeptical and cynical. I began to wonder if people in esoterics had some sort of confusion about Cosmic or Christ consciousness whereby they mistakenly are attracting that creepy old guy in the movie Poltergeist.

Is humanity at large mistakenly seeking out Carol Ann to lead them into the “light” thereby they are working from the archetypal realms of playing out the very role or trope of none other than Reverend Henry Kane since the trope is the same one after all used by Crowley in some forms of fandom which derives from a quote within the movie that Tangina makes. Did they move the headstones while forgetting to move the bodies?! Time will tell I suppose. Yes, that came out weird. You would have to re-read or re-hear the quote from the movie that I’m referencing and try to get around my own logic.

Really I’m just tired right now; I can say I’m grateful, and there is much to be grateful for. Rubbing that in the face of others I’m seeing go through hell on Earth though is actually one of the worst things I or others can do. It is nothing more than gas lighting and fake virtue signaling from a society that is acting from the wrong place with poor intentions! And this is where the New Age has left me angry, disgusted, and unimpressed. It is where we will continue to disagree. I actually have little patience anymore with the constant happiness everyone is running around proclaiming because it is beginning to look very fake to me. Humans are not robots and life is not a cake walk.

If you’re repressing certain emotions to “put up a front” you get zero brownie points with me because to me you’re plastic! I’m not saying wallow in depression, but I am asking people to get real and cut the crap! I can see through it and frankly I’m completely repulsed. Being smug about how well ofF you are in life does not help others who need to find someone who is down to Earth and also has their share of bad days while not afraid to show/express this or individually witness that their consciousness at that moment is perhaps imbalanced/low vibe. It’s normal to fluctuate and is part of being in flow.

Today I decided to pull a card that would tell me what Major Arcana best described my blueprint which actually two cards came to me in my draw. I received the Emperor with the Wheel of Fortune. We’re going to consider the extent of these archetypes to see what this could indicate.

The Emperor archetype is best described as one who is a master of their own personal Universe or kingdom with the knowledge that self sacrifice is essential to being a great ruler. The tarot card in the image above shows the glyph of Aries as this card corresponds with the God Ares/Mars. Here one achieves their goals when they know the difference between what can and can’t be controlled or changed. If you don’t know the difference between these two you generally make terribly unwise choices. If you have not created a Universe or kingdom of the highest virtue possible than you’ve operated from the shadow archetype of the Emperor.

The Emperor who sits between Netzach operates via Venus (Empress) utilizing emotions, enjoyment, pleasure, and bliss as well as Yesod acting as the final filter through which the forces of the Tree of Life organizes manifestation in Malkuth (Kingdom) associated with the astral light into one’s Root chakra. A successful Emperor regulates their emotions and desires by redirecting the energy or manipulating what they wish to see happen in the world the same way a yogi awakens kundalini. This might be why I’m growing agitated with the external reality as I’m beginning to question if collectively as well as individually people have mastered balance/harmony in their chakras or actions in the 3D.

The Emperor is an aspect of the Divine Masculine given the number 4 which demarcates Chesed/Jupiter. At the highest vibration this should be a hardworking and trustworthy person who would be a desirable friend/co-worker. However, it’s important this energy be kept in check for this person usually wants to revolutionize through new ideas causing hate from those who are unwilling to leave their comfort zone. Thereby the Emperor archetype has many enemies and will be perceived as a black sheep. If we look at the connection between Chokmah (Wisdom) and Tiferet (Beauty) we see the Yang qualities of the pillar of mercy.

What you find is a strong willed and experienced persona who has to ensure they bring structure to life while caring for others and protecting them rather than operating as a control freak capable of operating strictly from head to the exclusion of heart. This is the path of the Hebrew letter Heh. Furthermore the quality of this archetype is that of Rajas promoting action or motion which we need to ensure does not become hyperactivity, excessive thinking, or anxiety. If one is imbalanced in this guna they will have a sense of greed always wanting to achieve or desiring more.

They can act quite impulsively leaving behind them a trail of regret when not careful. This is where one needs to work at not becoming easily bored with the company of others for example which leads to craving/grasping. If severely imbalanced the Rajasic temperament becomes self centered never considering the happiness of another showing little compassion for anyone else’s suffering whereby their intentions behind every action they perform is simply with the end goal of achieving fame/recognition. They become attention seekers who are angry and fearful of losing in life; the biggest thing they fear to lose is control/power especially over others.

If you’re looking for specific ways to heal imbalances consider these options:

  • Avoid spicy, oily fried, salty, pungent, bitter, and sour foods which cause hyperactivity, excessive heat, and leave one anxious. Opt for vegetarian, raw, whole grain, and non meat based proteins/foods.
  • Utilize visuals and audios which do not focus upon violence. Take up listening to, watching, and reading relaxing or soothing things which calm the sensate body.
  • Take an adequate amount of sleep each night to avoid deficiencies which make one sluggish and irritable.
  • Live closer to nature and take time for yourself while balancing this with adequate time given to other’s well being. There should be a balance between Rajas and Tamas which will develop consistency.

As we connect Chesed to Netzach via the Wheel of Fortune archetype we begin to see a connection in how mercy can manifest pleasure which should come via growth, expansion, and good luck. If the mind and willpower are in a state of imbalance one may suffer a few different outcomes such as stagnation which contradicts the principles of life and is associated with Typhon. If we manage to mediate between the extremes mentioned above of Rajas and Tamas we develop the skill of psychopomp which is often depicted as Hermanubis.

Everyone’s actions constantly turn the Wheel of Fortune of their own blueprint. Typhon or Tamas can appear as if it is oppressive leaving us with the feeling of powerlessness to change our current situation. Hermanubis brings purification and this archetype asks one to work with a variety of guides including totem animals such as bees, birds, and dolphins or even our ancestors. It is the role of deathworkers, birthworkers, dreamwalkers, and spirit workers. This would be the realm of those who can mediate the conscious and subconscious.

Similar to what is said when we confront the Devil it is within each of us to resolve turning our situations into something more harmonious bringing a sense of Victory (Netzach) for the Wheel of Fortune is in fact the sum total of the cycle of all experiences in our many lifetimes happening on different levels all at once. Time is not linear! Humans don’t like to accept adversity therefore when confronted with it they may fail to reflect on how these situations benefited them with tremendous personal growth or self discovery. They fail to appreciate the opportunity that was given to them while in the thick of things.

Really on the Wheel of Fortune we’re staring at the Fixed Cross of Aquarius (Air), Scorpio (Water), Leo (Fire), and Taurus (Earth) representing intellect, emotions, passion, and possessions. The path is Kaph representing the palm of any hand ready to receive knowledge. The entire cycle is that of birth, death, and rebirth. It represents people with good business sense who are normally quite optimistic while not allowing for the ups/downs in life to completely change their behavior for they ride the tides of change.

With all of this I thought today I’d look at my Arabic Lots which is interchangeable with Arabic Parts as I referred to it in a previous blog post for Jupiter 1 and Jupiter 2 which signify increase. The formula for Jupiter 1 is Ascendant plus Jupiter minus Sun while Jupiter 2 is Ascendant plus Jupiter minus Pars Futurorum. My results come to Jupiter 1 in the 2nd House Scorpio 6° with Jupiter 2 in the 10th House Cancer 17°.

Jupiter 1 Arabic Lot

Today we will briefly explore these through Sabian symbols to see what we can gain for insight. I considered fixed stars, but am unsure as to if I will include them. I do believe I have seen Scorpio 6° before actually in my studies. Actually yes this was my post about Hygeia. Below is some more information for this degree.

The chart holder possesses an ability to meet the requirements of their environment so that it may be melded with and taken in via a complete way. As anyone adjusts to the changes they are moving through the way is prepared for more changes of a higher kind. What is required to activate the best qualities of this degree is patience, focus, and a tuning in to the transformations happening in the moment. It requires one to be engaged in the process of synthesizing all aspects of life into a dynamic whole.

This process is not to ever be completed for it is a creative flow, never static, and always changing like a moving kaleidoscope. If this degree accepts this way of being then marvelous and continuous inspirations can flow forth from it. If it tries to be overly consistent or to fit into a mold it will always end up fragmented as well as quite frustrated. The key here is to let it all happen never getting hung up on criticism, judgement, and uncertainty – for the passing moment is meant for better things. Work with guardian angel Yelahiah and daimon Shax.

Daimon Shax connects with the Nine of Swords, Moon, Gemini, and Purslane. You’re going to find that Shax is a gift giver, but not in the sense of a materialistic concept. Someone beneficial may come into your life only to be temporarily taken away from you so that you learn to better value them. This daimon also helps one attain their Higher Self while aiding with skrying, tarot divination, mirrormancy, rune casting, and nature magic.

The fixed stars for this degree would incorporate respectively Gacrux in Crux the Crucifix and Khambalia in the left foot of Virgo the Virgin. Gacrux indicates one who perseveres during responsibilities placed upon them. The etymology might signify the Hebrew keres for hook/clasp with korus for bow/bend and karsol for joint/ankle alongside khirsal for crossing one’s legs, but ultimately I can’t locate much information on this fixed star so I’m uncertain if this synopsis is correct. Khambalia stems from Coptic meaning “Crooked Clawed” and signifies the wheat sheaf which belongs to Ceres. I’ve really only found that it might give one an active mind which can be occasionally argumentative, changeable, or make for a lot of talking. It rules the spine in our human body.

Jupiter 2 Arabic Lot

At Jupiter 2 we have no fixed stars to really speak of and we might simply describe it best as follows. The chart holder possesses a very active subconscious and whatever needs to come forth from it will do so in one way or another. One needs to listen carefully to what is going on inside of them no matter how inexplicable it is. If they ignore the energies moving deep inside these energies will grow stronger, take on a life of their own, and assert themselves into our world until they have made their point.

What comes forth is not likely to be limited by logic nor slowed down by any hesitancy. The deeper self keeps things moving forward with its own agendas, and if this degree can be self aware it can learn much from observing its own motions. The problem is determining if this work being carried out is for a constructive purpose or if it is nothing more than busy work engaged in as a means of avoiding what one really needs to be doing. If it’s the latter the shadow self with a mind of its own will eventually provoke a confrontation with the truth. Work with guardian angel Chavakiah and daimon Marchosias.

Daimon Marchoisias connects with the Nine of Cups, Moon, Pisces, and Pennyroyal. What I gather Marchosias helps one use their inner as well as outer innate powers/strength to remain motivated in life. If you’re feeling discouraged you will learn to master conflicts via focused discipline. Usually one learns how to protect themselves from negativity or psychic attack from proverbial energy vampires. Really this daimon is helpful in any type of conflict you might be facing be it verbal, physical, or psychological getting things ironed out and improved.

I hope everyone has a marvelous Monday wherever they are. Wishing everyone truly the best even if I seemed crankier today. Our Monday was very productive and we hope to be planting in our garden this weekend. We are having another cold front potentially roll through so we’re holding off to plant our seeds until it passes. 💐🏡

PS: I’m now finished proofing this post. Distracted by videos being played beside me a little. No offense to the family member meant by this. My concentration easily gets flighty lately.

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I am a licensed aesthetician (#1446048 Expires October 2023 Valedictorian) who has worked previously in medical malpractice and personal injury legal administration, life/health insurance for State Farm, and various retail roles including personal shopper. My passion at this time lies in the field of esoteric studies. I am also a Master Level Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki certified healer. I happen to be currently employed within a 9-5 career in cosmetology retail selling to licensed professionals part time.

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