Teach Me Tuesdays: The Liberty of Any Human On Spaceship Earth

I Have To Wonder About Human Logic Or Lack Thereof Especially Content Put On The World Wide Web Most Days!

If I were most people I’d probably learn to error on the side of caution a little more than those who don’t. At least think before you do something that to others appears foolish. You know the routine; the provided underlined hyperlink text is simply there to assist in elaboration or insight.


This supposed 2/22/2022 portal is still being confused as I have said before through how a Pluto Return would occur for the United States which also is creating some serious unrest globally in the collective consciousness of many. If you missed what I was speaking to I suggest you return back to my blog post from last Thursday because there is a degree of “care” with which anyone should behave from before they propagandize or seek to “mind control” another with respect to a person’s sovereignty, free will, and such acts are in direct conflict of proper karma/dharma.

This type of lunacy reveals what I said in my shadow clearing prompt about how disastrous the Aeon/Age of Pisces and Kali Yuga has been for all of humanity. It also teaches us much about as I posted with the Emperor and Wheel of Fortune archetype. Are people leading from love or fear, are their intents to manipulate and control the narrative or the audience by intellect over and to the exclusion of heart (Crown/Third Eye and Heart chakra imbalances) well received, and is their only goal to remove your ability to ask questions or critically think by accepting what “they” tell you as an indoctrinated dogmatic know-it-all system? Why are they working to create a Cult of Personality? Because some people are drunk also on fame and the wealth they receive from their supporters which is also a blurring of boundaries to the extent you might be like a Jim Jones cult. Be careful what you eat and drink in Wonderland Alice for the internet has a lot of rabbit holes that have made it unpleasant compared to when you were a content creator of the late 90s!

Lets all be very careful with our words and actions for the simple fact that in an Aeon/Age of Pisces versus Aquarius we must recall the urge to merge like seen with globalism is one upon which we teeter on a precipice of losing any sovereignty nationally as well as individual rights which are natural laws we are/have begun to trample under foot pushing us backwards to a time of tyranny and oppression which is a loss of maintaining correct boundaries and an act of co-dependence not interdependence. You are asking someone else to run your life which devolved you to infancy and childhood when mommy and daddy told you what to eat, what to wear, what to think/say, etc.

You need to learn how to balance being part of a group while retaining your self hood as an individualized spirit having a human experience. If not you may look like the Borg off Star Trek worshiping their Queen absolving yourselves of what Carl Jung says we came to gain. What is occurring is not just devolution, but is a form of atavism. Our consciousness has chosen this time to teach valuable lessons to all in the 3D and the coursework is indeed difficult. Traps and snares have been laid out like land mines.

Watch your back because “propaganda” knows no moral or ethical values and has only one goal. Over the last decade of my life I have watched 3/4 of humanity become incapable of ever “thinking for themselves.” They are simply mindless drone or worker bees who serve their master blindly. And letting the blind lead you is an exercise in negative outcomes. I think now the best approach is seen in my favorite movie Labyrinth when Sarah regained her own “power” back instead of being lost in the dream.

Blindness metaphysically is a darkened consciousness where one has no perception of his/her own power to exercise the ability to do for self rather the blind and ignorant drift on the tide looking to others to direct them. The blind sit by the wayside waiting for the few scraps thrown their way not wanting to become their own manifestor/producer. Blindness stifles and hampers spiritual as well as material growth. Many are letting others dictate their reality and they are “followers” with no capability to self rule their mind. They have let others control their subconscious, unconscious, and waking life. This is exactly as I have said how the dangers of “going viral” or a virus spreads like destructive wildfire which can not be controlled/put out as seen in history during the Salem Witch Trials, Roman Inquisition, and Satanic Panic spread in the past. Before you hit “share” or “like” why not think a little harder about what it is you’re actively participating in.

Dangerous Viral Media:

What is to be gained from so much emo angst because when I view my world I know that both sides of the duality are mirrors of each other failing to maintain balance/harmony. Both extreme polarities are swinging back/forth drunk on maintaining their radicalized power grabs over the masses and planet because they both operate from none other than poverty consciousness that has instilled in them envy, jealousy, greed, etc. They fear loss to such an extent they can not envision any other way to exist. The internet has so much AI, data mining, and lies meant to create confusion or pandemonium I think too many are impulsively and easily triggered by the amygdala hijack from which they need to disconnect.

Many are walking or being led into a trap the same way a hunter ensnares their prey. Ultimately we live in an age where entitlement and laziness is happening. It’s fine to want a work/life balance, but it’s another to not desire to be a productive member of society or to look down upon the sectors which without those world servers much would come to a screeching halt. An experiment that is at present teaching humanity much about what happens when the only value economy is an automated one with people who trade, hedonistically party, and abandon the rest of humanity out of selfishness for their immediate needs.

I’ve read about businesses closing and short staffed overworked world servers as everyone suddenly suffers from their “I don’t want to work those jobs” due to ego inflation for months now attitudes. If the entire services industry or certain other industries come to a screeching manufactured halt maybe just maybe people will be forced to come out of hiding in Plato’s cave. Maybe not; a lot of people advocate they want the system to implode. I hope you have a plan of action that does not undercut the people you look down upon who provide essential services to you. I hope your automatons will work and not look like those malfunctioning ones on Wall-E when you forget you have a swimming pool from being “too plugged in” to your internet of things/bodies!

You find engineered crises that would not exist otherwise. A doctor and other customers of mine as an aesthetician explained this. Multi tasking is in fact over rated, computer jobs are over paid and over rated, and the service sectors are exceedingly valuable because we all need to ensure our Root chakra needs are met. I could elaborate more on this, but I’m trying to not be a complete soap box rant. It stems from the adverts I receive on Youtube or other social media including my blog whereby I’m sick of the peddling propaganda of whatever is being bred by the limited beliefs of those with elitist mindsets who have somehow developed such a layer of egotistical pride they can’t see their own shortcomings or where there are discrepancies in their faulty logic. Everyone wants to play “chief” right?! Sounds like the snot Bianca was early on in Ten Things I Hate About You. “Planet Look at me!” Then again I also outgrew the selfie click bait generation a long time ago. Those societies are about competition with others. If you can’t see your dis-ease then you’re in Egypt along the river Denial!

Please exercise some caution because if you look at the Earth right now you will see it is very divisive and you need to exercise some wiser decision making before you make a foolish choice out of a temporary lack of sanity. All I am saying is be careful what you consume or let influence you because peer pressure is no valid excuse for stupid is as stupid does. Violence begets violence and aggression is not the only way to be seen or heard in life. No one has to collectively storm any particular place to make their point. I kind of feel as if I am remembering high school when fights broke out. Someone yelled fight and everyone wanted to go watch. This is the same exact form of immaturity. Only as I cautioned on Twitter (thankful I closed my account; extremely toxic environment) to many today’s harassment on the world wide web has legal consequences around gang or mob stalking as well as ramifications for slander, libel, assault, etc. In college my legal courses were instructed by criminal, business, and probate lawyers for legal administration as well as one Federal probation officer.

I received a very different background than many I know growing up. And I have been trying to explain this over time in my blog posts which I can not always reference all of them in links as I am now over 100 daily blog entries. What I do know is if you stoke certain bonfires beyond safe limit they spread similar to what we see each year in various parts of the world that cause devastation to innocent livelihoods when fire fighters can not control them or put them out. Consider how you impact the greater whole of humanity and the Earth as what happens to one happens to all. Playing with fire as in pyromania the wrong way is arson.

And many do not recognize who funds or who the controlling arm is of these “groups of people” which I call trolls that seek to pit us against one another creating conflict through Divide and Conquer or Hegelian Dialectic while they get their laughs. All I do know is a divided group of people is easier for any opponent to overtake so ask yourself why would an opponent work to weaken you by leaving you divided against self or your fellow humanity on so many fronts such as race, class, gender, spirituality, and so forth. What does your opponent gain?! I will say this only once.

All media is controlled media so if you listen to magazines, news, music, fashion, political pundits, and such step back and please recognize like spirituality it is always also tinged with personal subjective not always objective opinions. Even for my blog this is true; I always tell readers to please think for themselves and ask questions. Most of it has profit motive behind it that is mass manufactured therefore you won’t find transparent truth in it always because all humans fear transparency as it requires then to admit their shadow and humans prefer to not put everything into the light as it would perhaps be too hard on their fragile psyche. Integrate what you can, but exercise some authority in your life to not be constantly controlled by others.

Real liberty is about not letting anyone take ownership of you which includes the constant posturing I see all over from social justice warriors, instigators, and virtue signalers all over online. It is also the act of researching every fact checker you see online or outlet you’ve learned from. Start asking yourself where is the bias especially in medical as well as spiritual because you should research their funding and membership not to dox them or create drama rather so that you’re not taken for a ride. I’ve spent a lot of time doing this and become far more intelligent by recognizing the Matrix, Maya, and illusionary system that exists as a form of social, behavioral, and psychological engineering including our music or hypnotism industries designed to “trance” form humanity which is nothing short of “mind control, brainwashing, and borderline Mandela Effect” is run by the same branches of intel and think tanks all operating under various DBA.

3/4 of what is online content creation today compared to when I began in the late 90s is no longer real people, but a branch of the same organizations and simply AI bots. True liberty is to take back power and control over your own reality and not be a “pawn on a chessboard” of the stories others are telling you!

The definition in my previous post should have clearly read differently. The condition of being free from control, restrictions, imprisonment, slavery, forced labor, and excessive government control. The condition of being free to act, believe, or express oneself as one chooses. Do we still live by these principals? No! And to that it never should have been just about excessive government control, but should include any form of tyranny including the ones foisted upon us from peers, friends/family, religions, employers, propagandists, and think tanks. I’m probably leaving a few out although I’m sure you get the point.

The Butterfly Effect via I Take Off The Mask

For Americans there is a lot of talk about today being not President’s Day, but also Washington’s birthday. When you look at his or her story it’s never entirely correct. It will be revisionist, opinionated, and embellished for any number of purposes. If you did not know someone personally be careful with what you read or are taught about them. The “pop” astrologers using the wrong date for the Pluto Return I’ve addressed previously might rather consider that I have not yet found the incorporation date for the nation, but do see the Act of 1871 signed into law by Ulysses S. Grant when the District of Columbia repealed individual charters of the cities of Washington and Georgetown to establish itself.

They might do better to perhaps look at that date which was February 21, 1871 for some info although I still don’t believe this date is completely correct. The reason I’m not sure this is correct is due also to the fact that this was repealed in 1874 to be passed piecemeal March 2, 1877, amended March 9, 1878, and then there was June 11, 1878. The point is each of these dates would push the Pluto Return of the USA further out and it would not align to 2022 as so many are incorrectly teaching or promoting. And anyone can run those dates to see that it would move the Pluto Return making their “predictions” thoroughly wrong!

The actual District of Columbia was set up in 1790 and fully charted in 1801 according to some historians I’ve read. This kind of complexity is something astrologers could speculate about for quite some time before arriving at a definitive answer for the American Pluto Return. If you want to research this Act of 1871 I encourage you to do so for yourself. I am trying to leave the extreme political construct of such matters out right now because the topics of which I’m circling around can be extremely derisive regarding incorporation of the United States of America leading to some really Mario Bros fire flower spitting action against perceived opponents like Bowser or the piranha plants. As I’ve said I don’t want to commit arson by starting flame wars right now. Smokey the Bear would not be pleased.

Regardless esotericism is not fatalistic and countless people call it pseudoscience so just because you believe one thing does not make it the “ordained truth” of every other human on Spaceship Earth. I actually took the time and effort to run a Pluto Return for the date that matches the Act of 1871 which says the Pluto Return for America based on such would not be until June 14, 2113 through March 17, 2115 and then it shall not occur again until the year 2357. So this is as preposterous as the many theories on when we will enter the definitive Aquarian Aeon/Age. I suggest “pop” astrologers and estoericits as I’ve mentioned be careful what ideology they espouse. Self proclaimed experts and know-it-alls can always including myself who is not a self proclaimed expert or know-it-all be proven wrong with any “thought experiment.”

It’s also 2/22/2022 or 222222 as in a total of 6 repeating numerology references to a number of duality. The creativity manifested via the number 2 is in fact melancholic and sad in Chaldean numerology. It indicates being good at reading the intent or motives of others enabled by strong empathy while failing to envision the larger picture.

We recently had a Full Moon in Leo this month and this energy has two sides that can be put on display. We see this happening already. I am a Sun sign Leo on the Western zodiac as I’ve stated with a Virgo Moon, but my Vedic is a Cancer Sun sign with a Leo (Magha) lunar mansion. The Lion will express from the heart space and speak with no filter which I have seen occurring all over the globe. We’re finding our voice and this is wonderful, but we need to take stock of our emotions ensuring that we are not operating from an external need for attention seeking/approval or reactive impulsivity.

It’s time to focus on necessary self care reaffirming internally how valid and unconditionally loved we really are. Ensure you’re not tripping over your ego when deciding between what your mind and heart desire. Your ego is struggling with it’s fear of rejection if you’re showing up incorrectly in the world. Make sure your mind or the mind’s of others who are avoiding their own internal work are not tricking you into believing in the wrong conclusions of falsehoods.

I’m thinking most people are not understanding the duad either. The duad is the Mother of Wisdom (Chokmah) for ignorance out of the nature of itself invariably gives birth to Wisdom (Chokmah). The Monad is universally revered, but the duad is universally despised because it is a symbol of polarity. The power of the duad created contradistinction to the heavens. The duad in reference to water is again really all about consciousness as I’ve continuously stated. Those who get into “deep waters” in the 3D suffer financial, emotional, moral, or other forms of difficulty sinking into the mire of immorality and criminal activity of their own doing.

When you’ve learned your lessons of material existence you can ascend in consciousness to higher levels. Most right now, however, drink of the waters that won’t satisfy them so they remain in lower levels of consciousness. They have been draining the cup of pleasure, fame, ambition, and wealth and that will never satiate them so they are the hungry ghosts of all generations in their man made personal hells seeking to drag others down with them because misery loves company.

This portal was meant to teach or support purification for bliss, Edenic/Paradisian, freedom, abundance, and divine union. Oddly enough I think though many are still not finished or they did not pass sufficiently the Ketu Mahadasha they were given. Somewhere along the way it should have also incorporated the zero point energy, but as I’ve said from where I saw this was via my lunar mansion in Vedic astrology with Regulus moving to zero point Virgo from the last degrees of Leo which does not happen overnight at all. It will be ongoing for 72 years before it moves a degree. That implies a lot of fluctuation between Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine to integrate. Rushing outcomes is akin to haste making a ton of waste.

I wanted today to look at another Arabic Lot as I did yesterday. This one is Liberty of Person using the formula Ascendant plus Sun minus Mercury. It is therefore specific to your blueprint and should be run for every unique individual. Unlike others I’ve decided to add to this Spirit/Spiritus using the formula Ascendant plus Sun minus Moon and Lightning Flash which utilizes the formula Ascendant plus Uranus minus Sun.

Liberty of Person is my 1st House of Libra 15°, Spirit/Spiritus is my 12th House Virgo 24°, and Lightning Flash is my 5th House Aquarius 23°. So we would see Liberty encompassing a house of mannerisms, identity, and personality while Spirt/Spiritus takes to a house of subconscious/unconscious mind, mysticism, meditation, and past life or forgotten things serving the collective in terms of hopes/dreams. The Lightning Flash in the 5th House is going to effect self and artistic expression. I’m going to jump through these in the same order as above and finalize this for today.

Liberty of Person Arabic Lot

The chart holder takes the time to be careful, personal, and artful in bringing out the very best in a situation to create maximum enjoyment of it for self and others. This helps everyone to feel all of life more vividly and fully slowing down to see with far greater clarity what is truly most important to them. A beautiful skill executed wonderfully. Deep within beautiful pictures have been there from time immemorial. It is wonderful that they have been protected and preserved yet it is more wonderful to share them with others.

The challenge here is to invite others into your world so that you may share yourself with them in a deep way. Seeking a vivid transcendent way of relating overcoming all limits touches others deeply. It is only difficult to do this if one allows self doubt to stand in the way. If one is willing to let go of uncertainty and immerse themselves totally in being who they are then magical connections with others will spontaneously arise. Work with guardian angel Hahasiah and daimon Balam. That could be controversial to say the least as it will get conflated with Balaam.

Daimon Balam connects with the Seven of Wands, Sun, Leo, and Oak. Any lesson not learned in the past is going to be like a broken record on repeat until fully learned. The main purpose I’ve seen for this daimon is to improve intuition and develop mental aptitude as well as that famous cloak of invisibility (primarily astral) I joke about from time to time.

Spirit/Spiritus Arabic Lot

One has an ability to always be in touch with the Earth, practicality, and what is. It is a power of feeling at home wherever one is and of using any or all situations for personal sustainment through learning. It is the hallmark of one who is tremendously patient doing whatever it takes to accomplish their tasks no matter how long this may take or how complicated the road may become. This degree has to do with the refining and perfecting of the intuition as well as the ability to nurture and serve an ideal. There is a conflict here between Virgo’s desire to be accurate, clear, and precise against the need to listen to emotions, instincts, and the psychic self. These two sides of one’s being can seem to be at war with each other, but it is through their interactions that both sides are empowered.

This degree always wants to go deeper into the meaning of existence just as the roots on the bottom of a satyr’s foot grows deep into the ground. It will analyze something from every angle possible to delve into the finer and finer details of whatever it is dealing with. It may discover new things that have never been found or considered before. Ultimately it always needs to realize that the intellectual mind is just a tool whose rightful place is as a tool to serve a reality greater than itself which can only be merged with rather than ever completely objectified. Work with guardian angel Omael and daimon Forneus.

Daimon Forneus connects with the Four of Pentacles, Moon, Capricorn, and Sunflower. Forneus helps one work with the self awareness of their subconcsious. Esotericism would recognize this as trying to conect with angelic familiars. Largely beneficial for legal affairs Forneus is helpful for retrieving and winning battles over debt one is owed. I suspect this is not just monetary; perhaps paying off or burning off karmic debt.

Lightning Flash Arabic Lot

This degree is about remembering the past and drawing sustenance from feeling fellowship with all those souls who have gone before working together to fulfill a common goal. The chart holder gains sustenance from a feeling of connectedness with humanity that transcends any limitation imposed by religion, ethnicity, race, philosophical persuasion, or even death. Love is their true connector. Sensing the vastness of the group one belongs to includes the current human focus of everyone who has ever lived as well as infinite other possibilities from far distant places including other universes.

One has a deep knowing that all limits are temporary and illusions. It often tries out many different ways of relating to the world welcoming the seemingly random encounters it has as opportunities to connect with the greater collective consciousness. Rather than feeling special one knows that everything and everyone is special. Work with guardian angel Chavakiah and daimon Marchosias.

We potentially covered this yesterday. Daimon Marchoisias connects with the Nine of Cups, Moon, Pisces, and Pennyroyal. What I gather Marchosias helps one use their inner as well as outer innate powers/strength to remain motivated in life. If you’re feeling discouraged you will learn to master conflicts via focused discipline. Usually one learns how to protect themselves from negativity or psychic attack from proverbial energy vampires. Really this daimon is helpful in any type of conflict you might be facing be it verbal, physical, or psychological getting things ironed out and improved.

Have a safe rest of the week everyone! 🧯🔥

The last time America saw anything strange politically for me was while I was working a holiday season as a temporary grocery shopper. I legitimately thought the characters involved were making some of us look as if we were were not mentally functioning properly and maybe we had a few marbles running loose in our heads. I was glad I was finding more productive ways to get through life and to not be involved any further in the drama so many others are finding themselves ensnared in when one can rise above it. As for me I’m about ready to determine my job hunting tactics to take up a part time job for 3 days a week and to reduce my time blogging.

I’m still unsure where I’m taking my astrology business. I’ve debated closing it at only a few months in to focus my attentions on a life without esotericism altogether especially in terms of online. It’s gone virtually nowhere and been a dead end. The costs of which were not so burdensome an investment that I’ll feel much regret if I pack up and consider it a failed attempt. I’ll just move on! I did this intentionally. If I’m going to gamble with what may not give me any returns I’m not investing much into it as there is no benefit in doing that. You don’t go all in on a bad hand! 🎰🎲

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I am a licensed aesthetician (#1446048 Expires October 2023) who has worked previously in medical malpractice and personal injury legal administration, life/health insurance for State Farm, and various retail roles including personal shopper. My passion at this time lies in the field of esoteric studies. I am also a Master Level Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki certified healer.

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