Fun Quote Fridays: Millions of Eyes Watching From Space

“If you don’t know where you are going, any road will get you there.” – Lewis Carrroll

Yes, those are eight tarantulas that hid in a pot on the porch during a rain storm! We had to release them back to nature by dumping the pot out carefully.

The underlined hyperlink text is our normal journey into nonsense! 🥴

…the day will come when the mystical generation of Jesus, by the supreme being as his father in the womb of a virgin will be classed with the fable of the generation of Minerva in the brain of Jupiter.

  • Thomas Jefferson

“Man must rise above the Earth to the top of the atmosphere and beyond for only thus will he fully understand the world in which he lives.”

  • Socrates

“The universe is like a safe to which there is a combination, but the combination is locked up in the safe.”

  • Peter de Vries

“Telescopes are in some ways like time machines.”

  • Martin Rees

“In philosophical inquiry, the human spirit, imitating the movement of the stars, must follow a curve which brings it back to its point of departure. To conclude is to close a circle.”

  • Charles Baudelaire

“As much as we need a prosperous economy, we also need a prosperity of kindness and decency.”

  • Caroline Herschel

“I much prefer the sharpest criticism of a single intelligent man to the thoughtless approval of the masses.”

  • Johannes Kepler

Would you believe I had a different entry begun, but completely scrapped it. I had so much I wanted to say, but could not bring myself to do so. I’ve learned something about not just myself, but also how I perceive my audience and humanity at large right now. Some people are like Cypher in the Matrix. They really never want to be “red pilled,” and if they are they will only resent you for doing so. Therefore, I’ve today fallen victim to censoring myself opting to instead try to go back to blog posts that don’t have to “wake anyone” to truths that they might dislike me for sharing because I’m afraid I would be shooting myself in my own foot.

This is not the person I expected to be, but it’s the energy or frequency I’ve been picking up from a lot of people I meet in everyday life over the last two years. As I said recently I can’t stand this for the fact that everyone and every thing feels truly inauthentic so I’m unable to feel at home now just about anywhere that I find myself.

It’s the painstaking reason for why I’ve grappled with depression, anxiety, and literally wanting off Spaceship Earth for I don’t feel this place is home to me at all. Funny isn’t it? My intuition tells me I belong somewhere else and that I feel exceptionally displaced or like a stranger on this planet. But I think or rather I believe this is because if I spoke my inner knowledge or gnosis I’d begin to expose the blatantly obvious truths of adopting Swiss cheese beliefs of certain ideological groupthink full of holes which the brainwashed, hypnotized, or trance formed ignore which is being or has been pushed by certain humans who run the movie we’re watching while inciting hatred enjoying those who squirm over illusionary defective values they adopted.

We’re on a trajectory that was put into motion by humans not taking responsibility for self which is why I’ve eluded towards improving one’s consciousness. If you give all your power to a collectivization system you probably will lose any shred of as my tarot reading said Thursday independence within unity causing a collapse or cascade effect. It’s also this inkling in my logic which states that if a nation’s debt to GDP is severely messed up one could consider someone coming to collect on the amortization usury loans where you get re-possessed or dispossessed.

Now before someone says “decentralized” and waves magical wands/words at me with a miracle solution because I’ll poke holes into that as well just stop so we don’t argue today. My family already knows how my consciousness operates understanding fully why I’ve said “impermanence” is what we need to get comfortable with because nothing lasts forever and change is all there is. Flow state means you don’t get “jailed into” anything whatsoever. I’m that annoying 42 year old woman who says to some people “security” is an illusion which is why I always think of the quote “Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety.” Thanks Franklin!

The most comforting truth found in 3D life is exactly what many fear; impermanence. Nothing lasts forever. Not the good nor the bad. Through all my depressive or anxious episodes allowing for anyone to appreciate their happier moments everything is made more valuable by impermanence. Instead of the common answer to how one is doing perhaps a better answer would have always been “ebb/flow.” Life is the cycle of perpetual seasons. Summer babies like myself (7/26) feel this flow the most during both spring and summer months returning with the winter months. Flow, liquid, fluid, and being like water.

Today I’m returning to my lessons on the Nordic Runes, by using them to play around with my astrological placements for a reading which I’ve ultimately never done for myself or anyone else. Before I get to that today is 3/11/2022, and I want to call attention to the number 311. Some assign 311 to ἀναβολή translated as ascent, to move upward, to rise, and to succeed. It indicates we should focus on our greatest dreams not our fears by embracing new friends, new ideas, and new status.

More than this it cautions that something negative could change our life so we should be prepared for adapting during adverse periods of our life. Where I live we dial this number for help as well as information with regards to non-emergency concerns. This could be anything ranging from neighborhood complaints to traffic fines and sewer concerns. I don’t worship any of this in my esoteric studies. I value what I can possibly learn from these systems same as when I have discussed the Four Pillars or Genetic Matrix.

This will get even more interesting if one was to consider Kabbalah. I was reading a discourse on the tree from which Adam ate being wheat. The infant who has not cried out to “Mother/Father” and the taste of grain. This becomes an issue of the Omer (wheat sheaf), Passover, and Shavuot (two loaves of bread at the Feast of Weeks) referencing perhaps Virgo or Elul in my though process, but also Aquarius due to the fruits of trees which are blessed. A field being Malchut (Malkuth) joined with a tree of the field.

Humanity is that tree of the field which a barley offering could represent a beast or the lower animal nature coming under the authority of the Qliphoth or Sitra Achra towards the authority of holiness. Wheat can also be described as the primordial world of Tohu. Wheat is the spiritual service of humanity if civilizations properly rectify their disorder and ruin. Tohu is the three unrectified lower worlds where division exists in all forms especially an argumentative nature through opinion. Whose garden are you in? Yours or that of others? Furthermore who have you caused/allowed to enter your garden.

You have a manure pile of memories. Nothing you can do about that. Now, you can drown in the stink, or turn it into compost and grow a garden. – Rebecca O’Donnell

God/Goddess encounters Tohu or a Universe before creation dividing it into its constituent parts to reshape it into a wiser orderly world entrusting this task to humans. Societal mayhem and disorder characterize intellectual as well as moral impoverishment which leads to childlike foolishness. When rampant senselessness reigns perplexity is ascribed to the Earth. Some state Tohu never communicated the message or philosophy of creation out of nothingness for it was not fully accepted by all sources.

Eventually too much classifying and systematizing leads to a cacophony of disparity. Not only does the Evil Inclination represent the ego, but it could relate to death whereas good rather than a moral or ethical edict alone could relate to continued existence and permanence. Again though if we transitioned this to creation, preservation, and destruction we would find that birth and death are the realities of life from which we can’t escape. Traditionally we’re conditioned to celebrate birth while fearing death. To cope with both polarities religion is adopted. Ironically those who accept impermanence learn to value a life of change.

Who wants to live in a world where everything stays the same forever. A seed for example turned into a tall tree signifies the importance of impermanence. A withered flower teaches one to value how a negative becomes a positive, but only when one investigates the concept of compost/fertilizer. If we never put in hard work the poor would never become rich and the ignorant would never become educated. Without change democracy never overthrows tyranny/oppression and civilizations will be replaced by barbarism. Attachments to possessions remove the natural laws and destroy any possibility to locate the path to freedom.

We’re all victims truthfully of “word magic” which I ever briefly spoke of regarding artificial intelligence and equity in previous blog posts. Two important words you also need to pay special attention to include lawful and legal.

  • Lawful is used to describe something of substance or something that is real.
  • Legal is used to described something of form or something that appears to be real.

Lawful is based upon natural rights and the laws of nature while legal deals with the color of law through rights given by man and the institutions of government. Color of law is a fancy way to describe the appearance of law rendering legal as nothing to do with any real basis in law whatsoever. The little bit I’m still attempting to learn about this indicates that it could nullify all legal contracts and debts. It is something I’ve attempted to put in front of family as well which is more easily accepted by my mother, but very much misunderstood by my step father creating a lot of argumentation. This occurs not just in the literal we should consider any karmic or dharmic debts.

We will look at Sunna’s Chariot representing my Heroic Self/Soul Purpose today as well as Nornir’s Gift representing my Evolutionary Key/Destiny Helper, the Earth Rune representing my Skillful Warrior/Practical Purpose, and Manni’s Chariot representing my Passionate Self/Emotional Purpose. Each of these represent the Sun sign, Moon sign, and Birth Hour respectively. I’m not sure if I’d consider this as an addition to astrology charts I currently provide. If I knew they interested my readership or customers I’d be willing to expand this further.

“The Japanese say, if the flower is to be beautiful, it must be cultivated.” – Lester Cole

Sunna’s Chariot: Uruz

Uruz corresponds to manhood/womanhood, strength, and the wild ox signifying termination as well as new beginnings. When this rune is drawn it indicates that the life lived thus far has outgrown it’s purpose and new energy must be released in a new form. This Cycle of Initiation is focused on new growth, change, and a descent into darkness. This progression is symbolic of five aspects including death, decay, fertilization, gestation, and rebirth.

Events undergone all deal with undergoing death from within the self where loss is disguised as new opportunities. Uruz speaks of an ancient symbol known as the aurochs or wild ox which when domesticated (an immensely difficult task) were capable of transporting heavy loads. Paying attention to one’s unconscious when drawing Uruz provides for better adaptation to missed opportunities, failures, and the weakening of one’s position.

Below are some further helpful descriptions of the rune Uruz and as always this might be akin to previous studies:

The Aurochs:

Nornir’s Gift: Fehu

Fehu corresponds to nourishment, fulfilled ambitions, and shared emotions. This speaks towards taking what is worldly and transmuting it to the Divine which only occurs when one deeply probes into the motives/intent of the profit and gain ideology in society at large. If one draws Fehu they are asked to take a long look into what their desires really are with reference to wealth and possessions essential to their well being, self rule, and growth of their will power. Fehu speaks succinctly to the conservation of what is already gained through vigilance and mindfulness.

It is highly cautioned to not be reckless lest you collapse your successes. Considerable frustrations in life are best addressed when one learns that they could be dispossessed within a range of trivial to severe. This speaks to the actions of falling short in one’s efforts, reaching out and missing the mark, and standing by watching helplessly as what you’ve gained is taken away. If you have not yet asked “what can I learn from this in my life” then you have not adequately assessed your situation.

Below are some further helpful descriptions of the rune Fehu:

The Norns:

A brief PDF of the Fates/Norns

Earth Rune: Wunjo

Wunjo corresponds to joy, light, and a fruit bearing branch. A shift must occur for one to freely receive this rune’s blessings which comes in many forms not limited to material gains, but can encompass the emotional well being of humanity as well as self. Wunjo has been known to speak of an alchemical understanding which transmutes knowledge sufficient to illuminate the human soul. This will only occur when one renounces existing plans, ambitions, and goals. Everything is in fact a test asking humanity as a whole to be present, sincere towards self/others, and trusting in the knowledge that one can’t fail. If you face a time of crisis meditate with Wunjo.

Below are some further helpful descriptions of the rune Wunjo:

Manni’s Chariot: Ansuz

Ansuz was in fact given it’s interpretation in my Thursday blog post.

Below are some further helpful descriptions of the rune Ansuz:

Yew Tree:

Have an instructive and productive Friday! 😉

Tarot the Day Thursdays: Over Reach is A Dis-ease Where Boundaries Are Crossed

“Settle down Beavis. This is only gonna hurt for like a minute or something.” – Butthead

Why is this blog post early? I felt this unsettling urge to simply release and let go. I need to also free up some time tomorrow for other endeavors and scheduled plans. It is the only way I can move forward otherwise I’m going to stagnate. The underlined hyperlink text I think will be a bit more minimal today in showcasing some of the inner work I’ve been trying to do. You may be triggered by this or disagree. My apologies!


I woke up this morning desiring to pen something again. It occurred to me that reaching Master level Reiki while thinking I needed podcasts to heal self or others at a distance for my business is also not correct. I looked at what I wrote and realized there were so many hidden layers to what I was recognizing, but my inner voice had yet to identify it. This onion I’m peeling and coping with which can produce tears has so many levels to address individually as well as collectively that it’s exceptionally bitter! The best of advice given is to unplug from the world because as I tried to explain to someone who suggested I go out and travel this is definitely not the best of solutions.

I’ve been quite redundant about groupthink or propaganda because we’re all victims of this being groomed by the engineering of others that we never think for ourselves or address the core of this onion. I’ve stated humans have lost the rights they were given at birth which are backed by natural laws because our ego is always there, and we’re always having to answer to the culture of a time, place, and so forth. That culture may be found in your job, your family heritage, your nation, or your governmental regulations.

Is there really any separation or freedom is where I return to the most often? I’m never going to have an answer to this question. What I know is I started reading about nanotech, transhumanism, and such to the point that I realized I don’t need that either. Reiki attunes you which makes you an antenna without any of those patented for profit bells or whistles! I won’t need wi-fi to receive the transmissions nor will you! That’s all another illusion someone taught you!

If you don’t recognize this then perhaps there is a problem in your logic. All of a sudden these radio broadcasts start being picked up by the Master of this technique like turning the dial. What if you can’t stand any of the music or the news broadcast between AM/FM? What if even the white noise is in fact suddenly playing out of tune, but you don’t have the tuning fork to correct it? Why do we even allow this into our homes, cars, jobs, and so forth? Are we that uncomfortable with our authentic selves? It’s literally groomed and shoved directly into our hands through our technocratic framework while these same mega corporations direct us towards merging even more with “IT.”

This sounds like a horror movie on steroids complete with clowns. I don’t think I like clowns! I’m 42, and I just realized this. Did you ever think that maybe some boundaries exist for a reason? If I was to be really crass what I might actually say to you is that you’re allowing someone to groom you into an orgy and without consent would that not be a criminal act bordering on abuse. What about the issue of consenting age? Here is where someone is going to tell me what they’ve already told me; I don’t believe you. Could you breakdown for me why what I’m saying seems “unbelievable” please? Normally my response to this is to ask where is the brain bleach so I can sanitize/disinfect my consciousness!

The only way for you to get stillness is to distance yourself from every distraction. Travel won’t do this unless you find a truly isolated location. Why? Let’s tackle the last two years without using explicit trigger words if possible. We grappled with racial discrimination that was a collective global if not largely American historical shadow we shined the light on, then we took this to two years of what some feel was medical tyranny/oppression on another form of collective global racial hate, and no sooner are we seeing perhaps a small “Glimmer of Hope” known as light at the end of that tunnel than we are bombarded with governors or Federal and bureaucratic non elected leadership telling us to ban yet another ethnic group that dredges up the same xenophobia of times in our individual and collective pasts.

Stand with this country while you sanction this other one is to essentially put them into an internment or quarantine camp. We’re repeating patterns failing to see the dis-ease of such ways. What if we stood in the middle and chose to defy these orders without resorting to violence? Why should we choose sides if both sides are the same? Can a person say I don’t comply? It does not seem to be an option even on the table! And non violence; where is that through all of this? Over reach is violence!

I’ve been told this belief is wrong, but is it? Where does learned hate come from? I believe it is taught and that it is not natural to our human condition until it becomes learned/habituated or ingrained. You can’t comfortably find work with this over reach into the boundaries of one’s life and then claim you have freedom because of these laws of attraction as well as vibration which then may create a new frequently heard law of repulsion also known as giving one your resignation speech/letter.

I should not have to deal with finding a job where if it was a liquor store my political leadership has thoroughly over stepped its authority and said get rid of this countries liquor or where a potato named after a certain nation is discriminated against then removed off restaurant menus in times past out of the same faulty ideologies. Where cats are not to be shown in pedigree shows because we are genociding one another via these actions which prove some can’t integrate into the menagerie of their own shadow! Why is this being projected onto others to enact out like marionettes? I’m not your puppet! In the past it was black cats as the witches familiar which some believe led to Halloween ritual abuse of these same black cats under fanaticism or hysteria. This is certainly not really the path we should walk down again. So why are we?! Anyone?!

When Reiki is the healing of people, plants, and animals what happens when you place your hands on a chair, table, or computer. Can you feel the vibration of that person who was just sitting there? Can you feel the vibration of the people still in that vicinity which lingers in the air? If you can do you believe that it is possible that this will make you dis-eased? That the biome of such frequencies can ripple out entangling us all, but if we can find a place of stillness and isolation then maybe we should not tell others how best to heal for they know how to heal.

You isolate long enough which for each person is unique to them to heal and transmute. As one does for self it radiates throughout mass consciousness beginning slowly to heal others, but this requires patience a trait long lost in modern society who has an addiction to the “I need it now” culture which is why we’ve also been advancing to the 5G/6G spectrum with no precautionary principle also known as prudence. Um, what’s the rush? My connection is fine; in fact it’s so good I  think I’m losing my sanity! This is not smart so don’t call it that! And let’s certainly not weaponize this someone is very likely to actually get hurt!

I can’t speak for other nations, but I don’t know how America became as hypocritical as I have found it to be. Actions speak so loud they become deafening, and I’ve been acutely aware of what is “plaguing” humanity, but it’s deeper than what so many have been trying to “cure” at a 3D level in the physicality of their existence. If humans do not get to the common “root” of their dis-ease while working to heal it they are simply repeating the process of repression and suppression. Most are not even finding truly healthy or constructive ways to cure what ails without causing a lot of harm to self and other because they have not removed their blinders to see that they’re holding the line of “peer pressure and ideologies that are not of their authentic selves.”

I can’t even find the correct words anymore to explain how “sick” individual and collective humanity actually is if we stay on this trajectory. The time to change was “yesterday,” and we’re behind. We’ve been groomed by so much cradle to grave that I can see how what the Brave New World shows is not unlike the Pixar movie Wall E when they showed the babies being mind raped into the Buy N Large ideologues. And if this is offensive I’m sorry, but we really need to fix this for both self and other.

When I say it’s a hall of mirrors, when I looked at how unlike others I don’t have race bated hate because I’m not choosing sides and won’t, and how I published that I used to and still do value anime/Japanese music or have studied from the Tao or cross cultures I began to realize I don’t like being told to repeat in my places of work mantras or affirmations that are not my truth. If you want to call that gas lighting maybe you should acknowledge instead that you really don’t know me outside of an online business or blog. Why the stereotypes?! You don’t think for two seconds again that this is a two way street? I’ve been so thankful I’m not a child today because I can’t imagine the damage done to these generations! It legitimately horrifies me what they’re indoctrinated with! They’re our future no less. I can’t even imagine being the parent.

I’m not a white woman who carried hate towards other ethnicities because I value their diversity and what they can teach me. I was not aware or judging ethnicity until it was taught to me by others so that is in fact also a learned/habituated or ingrained trait not inherent to humanity. Now we have to enforce guilt and shame or cancel culture as I’ve said because you need to be punished for your ancestors which is another ideology raised up out of religion/spiritual cults actually that I began to press upon in my blog. Why must we carry around a consciousness of guilt or shame? Should we all self flagellate ourselves too? If you want to free your mind and change something I suggest you get busy peeling your onion humanity and addressing the bitterness so that we can work to sweeten it as well as heal from it! It’s more like horseradish at Passover Seder it’s so bitter! If you don’t know what that is type this into a search engine with reference to Kabbalah.

We’re told to shine light into the darkness, but that is also about the gunas. We are both candle, flame, and mirror! Looking for a job has become so complex now even to get one which would be part time for three days out of my week. This over reach now brings to light how difficult it is to find a company I’m even remotely comfortable with going into partnership with. In the past I never took the time to discern this and to dig that deep into the soil when assessing if I could plant my seeds in that garden or not upon which individual as well as collective dreams could be manifested. If the soil is unhealthy what will I even grow? Will my harvest even be plentiful, and will that harvest if plentiful come up with something more like water rot or could I have aphid infestation? How did we all even get here… When does a person get to say “NO” and receive the respect they deserve for saying it.

Before I enter today’s reading which I used runes for I wanted to tiptoe around what I’ve seen in discourse. Images that trigger something many others have said to me that they are incapable of believing or processing. This might relate back to our levels of consciousness as I explained briefly. We first saw the Gibor rune I mentioned, but now I’ve had to see in propaganda the Teiwaz rune as well. I’m going to briefly discuss these as well with some additional help. Maybe someone else can “pick this apart” besides me.

Gibor should in fact only be used to signify partnership with the Higher Self via the realization of Divinity. This rune should have no reversals as it signifies freedom from which flows all other gifts. Partnerships are never achieved in business, love, or elsewhere without separate and whole beings who have retained their separateness while being united. If correct boundaries are not established you are placed on notice that you will collapse yourself. Teiwaz speaks to spiritual warriors, but that battle is in fact only with self. This requires no attachment to outcomes while remaining mindful all you can really do is stay out of your own way letting the will of heaven flow through you.

There is a requirement to cut through that which is old, dead, and extraneous which won’t happen until you take the time to isolate and look within long enough to delve down into the foundations of existence itself. If you’re waving these around in your propaganda or psyop perhaps you should be acknowledging what these “symbols” wish to express to you! That message is one where everyone needs to look at their boundaries and personal sovereignty at all levels be this within their homes, jobs, relationships, and self rather than hurtle blindly over the cliff.

Teiwaz is also the Tyr rune (as with Kabbalah terminology there are spelling variations), but as I’ve said this depends on how we individually as well as collectively employ symbolism. If we use this to justify hate in place of love we likely have a significant dis-ease to heal from! In what way does war of all things operate from a place of love?!

“What you choose also chooses you.” – Kamand Kojouri

Today we are given three runes to explore which I’ve pulled for guidance, but I’m using a different website as reference to expand beyond my own personal interpretation. First we see Othila/Othala which asks that we retreat and separate our paths. We should discard and shed any or all outmoded relationships by peeling away and radically severing ourselves with that which no longer serves during this Cycle of Initiation. The most appropriate action you can take individually as well as collectively is that of submission and retreat while possessing a firmness of will. You will only gain any benefit or acquisition from giving up some aspect of your behavior which is found in some position you hold within your society be that the work you do or you own beliefs. This is the only way for you to receive that which is your birthright.

This is not the time for anyone to be bound to old authority or conditioning because we should individually as well as collectively consider what will benefit others. Through any negligence or refusal to see clearly pain will be caused to others as well as damage to your own self. Othila/Othala has an affirmation assigned to it that reads as “We do without doing and everything gets done.”

Next we see Ansuz which is a messenger or signal which is warning that we should take care now during all of our meetings, visits, and chance encounters for we’re dealing with the Trickster archetype acting as a mocking shadow of the creator God/Goddess. Those who appear as scoundrels or archenemies may be the bearer of self change indicating the need to integrate the unconscious motives/intents with those which are being actualized into our 3D consciousness. You first need to draw from the well of self to nourish or you can give/offer nothing to others.

The last rune is Eihwaz asking for a transition through slow growth/development which requires moral effort, steadfastness, and the cultivation of your own authentic self/nature not that of others. If you have failed to recognize that not all possibilities at this time are available to you then consider how far you’ve deviated from your authenticity.

Let’s try to detach some this Thursday as well as over the weekend long enough to regain some well deserved clarity! Individually or collectively we need to release the need to control through the abuse of power. Oddly enough I thought humanity at large used to prefer to have less over reach in their lives being more than able to be independent and hands off! I see now why so many want to live what they call “off grid.” I don’t need a boot stomping on my face as the idiom says! If you do we will never agree! If you’re the boot we’re going to have some serious problems; sorry! Why not try a nature preserve or hiking path… Anywhere except here! Or maybe lose the boots and Earth in. Walk softer not stomping around aggressively! Certain “theories” might have to be dispersed with for us to make progress!


PS: Don’t tell me to travel. The ingenious return to sender spell of sanctions hyper inflating the cost impacts not just the gas to use my SUV, but likely will impact airlines at some juncture.


I’m not entirely sure how this is an intelligent form of handling affairs. My Spock sense is always telling me that humans are by and far the most illogical of species! We take a group of people who may already have hardships financially and decide to make it worse with sanctions and hysteria/fanaticism that boomerang back on the average common peoples.

I don’t expect my readers to understand this. I did not inform them that for a few years I worked for a telecom giant in a call center for accounting through a temp agency having to primarily help those already in poverty who would need to have services re-established having lost television, phone, and internet essential for these times even if I want “off grid.” Various ages and races because poverty does not discriminate.

They lived paycheck to paycheck so when someone has made life worse collectively thinking it only impacts their target in geopolitics I actually find them to be using flawed logic. I’m trying to not issue expletives or name call because that would not be useful, but would have felt better as a release.

High energy costs impact far reaching industries and then we deal with fertilizer or other shortages in essentials which in history led to Communist revolutions. It’s a blatant assault on the Root chakra matching the lowest portion of the pyramid for Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs. If you’re like me watching banned or censored “truths” to hear all sides you know these geopolitics are engineered all of the last few years. And I watch many who are on the wrong side of history playing their part in the movie. This is not a Jenga game with your buddies after hours; there are consequences for ignorant geopolitical decisions being made. If you’re helping to encourage this grow a brain! Get an Emotional IQ and learn empathy!

Wisdom Wednesdays: Understanding the Value/Validation of Negative Emotions

“I’m only responsible for what I say, not for what you understand.” – Unknown (Garden)

I’m issuing a trigger warning today because some of this may be difficult for certain audience members to read or learn. Any underlined hyperlink text you find is here to simply expand awareness by pointing you towards asking questions about any limiting beliefs you may still adhere to.


A lot of people online may not realize the life or careers I’ve held or the changes that I’ve experienced as I’ve come across certain educationally enriching experiences/knowledge. To some it may appear that I sound rather snide in my blog posts, morally/ethically self righteous, and bitter. The problem is fitting a personal history into a blog or social media platform within reasonable constraints with those who may shut off to a message being delivered. I worked my first post college job at a regional office for State Farm in Life insurance within a department that digitized files/records then moved into accounting after applications were inputted and went through underwriting.

I returned to college to get my Associates Degree in Office Technology while working in personal injury as well medical malpractice law. The most pivotal experience in my 20s was the 500+ breast implant cases I was handling at Federal level for women who suffered botched surgeries and silicone poisoning against well known mega corporations. We were also working on elderly care/neglect cases, but I was not involved in that side of the firm. I was the silicone poisoning justice woman. This was all at the administrative level only. I was more like an Erin Brockovich.

These cases become personal when you meet your client and have to hear/see their stories especially if you’re also a woman with an acute sense of empathy that can only be “numbed out” for a certain time frame and ignored. You may witness someone who has suffered from plastic surgery that left them with a gangrene infection permanently disfiguring them because they had to have their nipples permanently removed.

Others may have already entered the six foot under part of impermanence which means we are explaining to the son of a mother that we would have to exhume her and an autopsy be performed to remove the implants in order to locate their product information as the lawsuit rewards are based on specific “numbers” that delineate the silicone breast implant manufacturer because we sat for countless hours combing through files in a conference room reading medical records unable to find this information. Still others may actually die from silicone poisoning during the holidays so you receive a phone call that can be very emotionally triggering when you’ve become that close to fighting for the cause of someone else who felt wronged.

My high school best friend’s mother got silicone implants. Doctors and mega corporations told her they were lifetime safe. They ruptured so the two of us watched as she sat in a hospital with tubes in her lymphatic system via the underarms having this drained. She is permanently disabled with an immune deficiency syndrome after being poisoned by silicone. She could never work again! They had been in a car accident and were sued under a personal injury lawsuit, lost everything, and were in extreme poverty. Her father worked in construction as independent contractor. If you find me peculiar because I sound like a Greek “harpy” terrorizing your life about my own chemical sensitization and concerns regarding medical care I only want to raise awareness and actually to inform the public so others are not harmed.

I recognize that mega corporations lobby and that systems are in place which have hierarchies that have vested interests in protecting these organizations profits because at the end of the day the employees of these mega corporations are simply trying to put food on a family table, provide a roof over their heads, and to clothe themselves. I’m not a complete righteously indignant jerk rather I simply believe different than you, and I may be passionate about my own beliefs the same as any mega corporation, NGO, or political affiliation. That said I also know some people are just corrupt! I know I’m told to see the good in even the bad. Not exactly easy to do sometimes; I’m human!

We all know this no book, movie, or personal tale will have an audience without it’s hero and villain archetypes. As I’ve said I’m not perfect sometimes I’m just feeling like a frog in a pot on boil!

After this I worked for a very long time in retail. I was very good at jewelry/watch sales in department stores, but clothing is not my jive. One large sale day I took photos with my cell phone of clothes up to my knees left on the floor by customers as I was disgusted. We could not keep up when you’re on commission sales, and if you don’t meet a quota you actually get your pay docked. This department store not to be named hires you at the highest pay, but when you’re not cut throat about sales goals your pay will be docked every consecutive review period until it’s back to minimum wage in the USA.

They lock you in the store during closing/recovery and threaten you that if you leave you won’t have a job. It’s morally and ethically demeaning to endure this when you need to pay your bills. I may develop a certain cynicism as I realize others don’t have the same empathy that I do because I see that they operate from shady practices. As I speak out co-workers or family may call me the Norma Rae because I’m getting really fed up with the status quo of humanity at large, I may want change, but am not sure how to fix the problems we’re encountering!

Then I worked in oil exploration as an administrative assistant. This did not last very long being that a female higher up had a personal problem with me telling me to my face that I should stick to retail because I was essentially ineffective at my job. I both love and hate at will employment because I can sever ties, but usually it gives the right to employers to be proverbial @#$%&. This woman had clout I was told because she slept her way into the owner’s charms. Nothing new, and I won’t put my judgments here about that. It isn’t even my business.

So I go over to grocery retail as a cashier managing to befriend the cosmetic department staff. I earn my way into a leadership position over time in cosmetics and stay for a while, but this company has no growth for me to enter management. I leave for a little over a year to become a photo lab technician and cosmetics manager at a drugstore. This is another commission based role with the added pressures of people who call out, a store manager who is stealing from the company which I have to report to loss prevention (cosmetics and photo lab processes employee discounts so I had that authority, but the store manager wanted me to give the discount to vendors and ex-employees essentially sweethearting), and we have to be responsible for department resets where you get planograms and have to re-arrange products on the shelves constantly like musical chairs.

I guess my co-workers wanted me to go down being the fall guy for a corrupt store manager; I don’t work that way. Again sorry! I had bailed on a job in college due to another form of business or professional ethics gone wrong that jeopardized me and could  have had “implications.” No job is worth someone asking me to get into “trouble” for them. A lot of people I know are not worth that kind of sacrifice! I’m not your patsy nor your martyr!

You’re hated because you snitched on a certain manager and did not take the fall for the company theft which was ongoing by co-workers yet district management appreciates you. Then you decide I want to blow this because I’m not appreciating this job either right now with this kind of unnecessary drama giving me panic attacks as I sometimes have to simultaneously run two departments when anyone no call no shows or calls in sick.

You decide I’m going to attend beauty school and as stated before that is an interesting journey also. After interviewing and getting nowhere you begin your own aesthetics business while working as a part time grocery store cashier again to help pay for the costs of beginning an entrepreneurship. You even start pawning items you no longer need or want to pay off the loans to begin your little business and afford rental costs. All is going well until you have a medical incident like this one. You learn that you’re chemically sensitized to such an extreme that you along that course had a potential near death anaphylactic episode which was very triggering and life changing. You begin to educate yourself on cosmetic chemistry as well as what is in your dental care, home cleaning care, etc. thus beginning to see patterns unfolding.

I tried an aesthetician role at a newly opened compounding pharmacy also. The owner thought it was cute everyday to psychologically abuse me by also ridiculing my work everyday. That person who sits in an office and tells you to get his pharmacy up and running by bringing him all your design ideas for product placement/visual sales. Everything fails as he continuously hates every idea you bring him so you leave the job so irate you’re crying. The compounding pharmacist he hired comes over and does the product placement/visual sales, and you realize they have a “favoritism” issue.

Before the business goes under you look at the social media to realize they never hired another aesthetician to replace you so you’re utterly confused as to the potential WTAF that was for a very short two weeks of hell on Earth. The Devil Wears Prada?! If I was not replaced why did you even hire me to begin with? Was I that bad or did you have a personal vendetta? I was interviewed with the role of performing actual makeup/facial services not product placement/visual sales, but I bet that was the non disclosed part of a job description that reads “additional duties” leaving out the fact that some people can’t be pleased or enjoy being a male who hires a female they can belittle. I won’t discuss there was a massive racial issue at play also. I’m fine with constructive criticism until I can tell you’re just wanting to be what I call a prick; sorry. The business folded within months. It never went anywhere!

I think some of my readers want me to sugar coat and talk nicely of others, but then you’re having a problem with projection or shadow work. Everyone judges and if you believe that you don’t you’re in denial. Discernment is judgment which is always being utilized in life because if it wasn’t most of society would constantly fail at healthy self love or avoiding unhealthy relating we all fall victim to when we forget that we have a right to say “NO!”

What I’m saying is if I put something in front of you I’m not asking you to believe everything I believe. You’ve not lived my life and I’ve not lived yours. What I am always asking is for open mindedness, critical thinking without bias/prejudice, zero shilling if possible, and for one to reconsider their limiting beliefs as I have had to continuously do. None of this stops at just these industries because grocery retail exposes one to the entire factory farm, genetic modified, and so forth philosophies as well to “pick a side of history” to support. Beyond this all of these careers begin to start to fray at the lines of political discourse that always creates rifts between employee/employer, family, and friends. I’ve said this before I don’t expect to be liked all the time. I’ve learned to not expect much of an audience to even listen to me while trying to not make it personal. I struggle with objectivity some days because actually it is personal; sorry!

In my eyes if humans are not getting angry or experiencing negative emotions it’s my belief then that this is how we continue to not effect change. If you’re in escapism or anesthetized from feeling something then you’re more likely to sit there in that complacency I discussed yesterday. Others of us are willing to feel and work through developing shadow integration while trying to figure out how best to improve our Emotional IQ. We don’t always get this right!

I have not gone into corporate America for a little over a year because the awakening I’ve had has made it difficult to “pretend act” that everything in my life is going fine or that I agree with the practices of certain mega corporations. This still hasn’t touched on the fact that the last two years were stressful on another front. I am not asking for or expecting perfection, but I’m so out of alignment with much I find it really difficult to keep up a guise that creates dissonance or hypocrisy in my psyche. I wind up feeling inauthentic, and as if I’m lying to my customer when I enter the role of that which does not represent me correctly just to earn a paycheck.

How others do it I’m not sure because I believe this is why I wound up consuming ASMR as I said in yesterday’s blog post or having panic attacks since it’s the way your consciousness seeks to communicate with you and suppression of dis-ease is never healthy. No one said evolution or enlightenment was some sort of cake walk! It actually is going to be painful. I may sound as if I’m making excuses when I confront job hunting and act selectively. Again it’s about a person’s beliefs/principals they wish to lead by and what actions they’re comfortable with taking or even what legacy they may leave/be remembered for.

I am nothing like my youth for hobbies or extra curricular activities. My extroversion has become introversion to re-configure where I want to be in my future. I’ve ran a domain that focused on anime and Japanese music, I participated in a website review group that helped publish articles on web design, I was partnered with public relations for brand name cosmetics and published for a beauty blog in Ireland, I attended concerts, played visual novels that reminded me of my youth reading Choose Your Own Adventure novels, got absorbed into fashion fads before abandoning them, and decided I don’t really need to date because I’m comfortable in my own skin at 42.

And people all want to change me which is where all relating has created some impasses. It’s really a funny thing with psychology whether that is positive or not because we have to remember you don’t force others to change. You only change yourself. Mirrors; it’s always the hall of mirrors. You can’t change the path someone is on because we’re all here to take our own paths. So even the best of advice we’re all guilty of rejecting or feeling sometimes a rebuff when it’s offered to us despite the best of intentions. Again we don’t change others we change ourselves!

Why People Prefer to Retreat or Go Within:

As a way to effectively end this blog post and work with an archetype today I’m going to chart asteroid Sekhmet (5381) into an Age Harmonic Chart to honor the negative emotion of rage. Catharsis and healing only really comes through the honoring and acknowledgment of one’s condition so they can after all release it. Sekhmet the Egyptian term for Shakti connects our evolutionary Kundalini or driving force of creation with the awakening of power to create/destroy for better/worse.

Sekhmet is in my 9th House of Sagittarius 2° which is an astrological house concerned with personal expression, but the 9th House is based in philosophical, higher learning, religious, foreign cultures, and major social institutions. Ultimately what happens in the 9th House is an individual gains access to the collective mind so to speak attempting to access a higher level of inspiration to develop their social conscience.

Age Harmonic Chart for Asteroid Sekhmet

When we look around what do we see? We are all busy all the time often without the patience or energy to be anything for another. Some of us want to be there, but instead we walk around with these masks plastered to our faces which serve to hide away the parts of ourselves that make us human acting as the cornerstones of our stories, lessons, and scars. Tuck away that which we are ashamed of…

What I’ve noticed is I’ve reached out recently to all the wrong people right now; taking it too personally. I’m tired of the toxic culture of positivity as I touched on yesterday. I’m tired of society that keeps offering me quiet polite platitudes because I sense “their inauthenticity” and brush off. “Sharing is caring” is not an accurate phrase. When we share sometimes it’s simply not welcomed by others. And if that sounds very negative I do not mean it as a negative. It’s speaking to all of us thinking before we hit “send, like, or publish.”

Sagittarius rules the 9th House with Jupiter where we search for meaning grasping everything which is available to us grappling with our worth and soul purpose; this becomes our front and center!

This was a good asteroid to chart because I can relate to the Sabian symbol. It actually has the message of continuous swelling of energy and emotion focused on being cheerful and lively attracting the unusual and eccentric in one’s friends/past times. It embodies the affirmation of seeking adventure and freedom. But ultimately it’s the Chandra symbol that also speaks to me because the neighborhood where I live has a street named Iris. The Greek rainbow goddess who acts as a messenger while simultaneously referencing flower magic.


Many iris blooming in a wide variety of colors.

A vast multiplicity of vantage points, ways of being, and complete identities. Fabulously suggestible and impressionable. Fanning out in all directions and becoming one with everything. Desiring and needing to bring forth each self you have ever been, every fancy you are filled with, you are impetuous, outrageous, and irrepressible. Freedom at all costs. The moment prevails. Ferment and flux. A great difficulty in holding steady, perpetual adolescent rebellion, and the magnificent ability to become absolutely anything. Experience is all. Your deepest need is to embrace your astounding nature and let it be free despite all signs to the contrary.

In the darkest and most difficult of situations a chart holder on this degree can feel those forces which are ever present always ready to guide them. This degree could be named “The Glimmer of Hope” which is something the chart holder can always find. Although their outward demeanor won’t match the inner there is a tremendous underlying confidence which can sneak silently in and inspire other people.

This degree is highly creative with elusive inspiration quickly coming and going. The challenge here is to accept this fragile passing quality and go with it faithfully moving with the energy when it’s there without attempting to capture or contain it in the sense of limitations or regulating its ephemeral nature. The secret is that when we finally and completely accept the truth that all will pass away we realize also that all is continually being reborn. Then we are able to live within as eternal flux. Working with guardian angel Haaiah and daimon Bune is recommended.

Daimon Bune relates to the 9 of Wands, Venus, Sagittarius, and Orange. Bune is an essential when you seek employment, business expansion, and promotions. This daimon generally grants one wisdom, eloquence, and I’ve read many reach out to Bune when they realize their career trajectory has thus far left them rather pessimistic and miserable. Usually there is an inspiration to explore opening one’s own business.

What I need is to figure out how else to generate any support here. I really can’t stand always ending blog posts asking for someone to consider purchasing an astrology report or donating to me. What I probably need to ask for is if someone would help me generate some ideas on what I can “expand into” that an audience might feel more comfortable with. Otherwise I’m simply fumbling around in the dark with no flashlight tripping over objects like furniture. Please don’t leave me here listening to crickets. 🙏🏻

If I was honest these last two years I lost a lot people that I thought were friends some by my own choosing to walk away, some by distance, and others because we’re now too “different” as I got to see who they actually were which allows me to discover my blind spots.

I was, however, informed by my step father that he has been investigating a way to help me possibly achieve my podcasting goals since I’ve not had any substantial financial support otherwise yet from my business. It’s been small potatoes over here. I call this stage treading water so as to not run out of energy and sink.

I hope you have an edifying Wednesday. 🌧️🌈🌤️

Today was far better than yesterday. I am enjoying a banned or censored video on a Senate bill panel in Pennsylvania regarding health freedom which is wonderful to see. At this stage the focus is on children kindergarten and up. I wish these messages would get to audiences with larger more expansive reach! I’m thrilled it is beginning where it is, but I firmly believe medical autonomy/freedom should extend to a larger audience globally!

This Senate bill in Pennsylvania is not being televised or reaching mainstream media, but the expert panel is stellar like others I’ve been trying to tune into. It connects with my previous work in the legal system so I really magnetize to these topics like childhood vaccination. I’m so strange though. Watching this reminds me to a prior blog post with the daimons Focalor and Malphas. I know I’m weird and it seems superstitious, but I see it as simply reading/channeling energy by feeling into the frequency or vibration of people, places, and so forth.

I’ve been silent on much in life because I don’t want to face the censorship over these topics. So as I’ve said you will find me dancing around a lot without having to take certain gambles. For two years now I’ve been choosing all my interactions, relationships, and words extremely carefully going so far as to abandon most social media. Power to those who have more courage and capability to enforce change right now! If you don’t follow what I’m speaking about you may need to backtrack to some blog posts also in January 2022 for reference. Freedom and liberty has taken and is taking too long to arrive! If you can’t understand or believe in a consciousness awakening I can’t really help you. If you can’t believe in negative intent existing alongside positive intent than the problem is you not me.

While the world slept through two years I chose to awaken!

“Man sacrifices his health in order to make money.Then he sacrifices money to recuperate his health. And then he is so anxious about the future, that he does not enjoy the present moment. As a result, he does not live in the present or the future, he lives as if he is never going to die, and then he dies having never truly lived.” – Unknown (Common Buckeye Butterfly)

Teach Me Tuesdays: How Do We Flip a Negative Narrative to A Solution

“There are never gardening mistakes, only experiments.” – Unknown

If I was not consuming social media as I have been today’s blog post and others would not take place. While many feel I’ve gone down a path of negativity I’m trying to educate myself and others about topics they may otherwise have no time to research or pursue. Please use the underlined hyperlink text for expansion of the topics covered today.


“Negative results are just what I want. They’re just as valuable to me as positive results. I can never find the thing that does the job best until I find the ones that don’t.”

  • Thomas A. Edison

How many podcasts do you listen to that have become politically charged recently? There are a select group of podcasts I listen to in my spare time while I perform other tasks. Some have been pushing a lot of “fear” around supply shortages. I don’t discount this because last year I could not source essentials needed for my garden to fertilize or enhance my soil. Mostly because I’m not gardening strictly vegan therefore I needed organic bone/blood meal which there was none.

I began then researching how to make our own bone and blood meal. Local Texas fertilizers I could source everything else. This year family and I are seeking solutions. Here is some of what we are finding, and I sincerely hope anyone who can or will grow their own food in any form/fashion they so choose will be able to use this knowledge to empower themselves during our present possible dark nights of our souls given the doomsday prophets.

It’s being offered in the hopes that it will encourage or benefit someone during any period of hardship with local supply shortages. The goal here is to show various alternatives towards getting your soil and plants to produce. I’m from a different school of life which while I have tried to pick up a vegetarian/vegan lifestyle I live with two parents not yet ready or desiring to take that plunge.

I also suggest stocking up on seeds if you can or creating your own seed bank. If you’re going to go Organic make sure you learn the brands as some are genetic modified or were bought out by Bayer Monsanto which is not a company/mega corporation I choose to support. I try to avoid that route at all costs with food and herbs especially. Most podcasters have already taken to the worst outcome scenarios possible. If we all adopt those practices or beliefs there will be some pretty negative outcomes.

NPK Fertilizer:

This last week we’ve gotten set up to begin the herb garden first before the vegetable garden or pollinator garden. The problem is we’ve again been slowed by a cold front which has made me antsy as Texas weather is two seasons. Brown and brown as in winter brown or summer scorched brown. Agribon is often deployed over certain crops on hoops to reduce blight/heat exhaustion on plants as well as to prevent pests from taking over. Usually if that occurs I then deploy neem oil or an organic garden soap spray. Here are other alternatives for controlling garden pests without chemicals. My beginning in gardening I literally tracked my biome of beneficials and pests in terms of “critters.” I was reading and studying entomology as well as sending into BAMONA my captured butterfly images for identification.

But I will be honest our pollinators in my locale have been on a steady decline. Part of this is due to last year my neighbor removed a hive they had which began in an old bird nesting box in their crepe myrtles. So I lost a significant portion of honey bees which were vital. I was exceptionally unhappy when this transpired. Another neighbor had a landscaping/yard maintenance crew come out while I was working in my garden with no notification who sprayed pesticides. I was actually covered in these chemicals. It really did not impress me due to the fact that I’m chemically sensitized as well as I did not want the residues on my garden or the foods I was growing. This does not come out of clothes the same as certain fragrances can embed into fabrics.

If one steps back long enough what they’ll recognize is that this was sprayed on me with no protection so the particulate and spray landed on/in the face even. It’s generally not a topic you can easily have certain audiences relate to unless you’ve studied the impacts of certain chemicals which is beyond a MSDS. I actually got educated through documentaries detailing the exposure through migrants who work on genetically modified farms where crops are resistant to specific pesticides, herbicides, and fungicides. If you objectively trace the health concerns for yourself or others it might require you to re-think certain practices. Unfortunately these topics tend to lead to the loss of certain friendships because people don’t want to be bothered with the considerations. I’m finding a commonality with humanity which prefers to develop complacency. Monocrops and chemicals erode soil quality making such practices deleterious overall.

I actually went looking at Arabic Lots again today noticing they have one called Mind Captivity using the formula of Ascendant plus 3rd House minus Mercury. I’m going to run this on my way out for myself to locate the place where I struggle with thoughts which enslave or subjugate. I’d encourage others to do the same via Astro Seek. I would say this could be accurate actually. It sits 5th House Aquarius 12° and that would certainly correlate to our technologic advances also being used to keep our mental spaces in a prison cell through psyops and various forms of conditioning.

This is not found solely on the world wide web, but it is utilized in marketing with company advertising/branding particularly the Pavlovian model. Many see no problem with this, but I find it a bit dehumanizing. There is an argument here which can exist within Kabbalah regarding reward and punishment. The effect is a trigger for me in how an instance during my upbringing made me feel abused through disciplinary actions taken.

Mind Captivity Arabic Lot

The most classic example of this is when Aldous Huxley, who I share a birthday with much like Carl Jung (7/26), satirizes hypnopaedia or sleep teaching in Brave New World to instruct children about morality as well as caste/class distinctions. Speakers are placed next to the child to impart information via slogans or messages while they sleep to ingrain a child’s memory.

This promotes societal ideals regarding established roles and behaviors to maintain conformity.

In this “World State” like globalism there are no parents rather children are raised in dormitories. The model is a classic illustration of the damage that occurs through brainwashing. Within these infant nurseries Neo-Pavlovian conditioning is done through “fear” conditioning which was normally utilized on rats relying on both a sound and electric shock that induced “fear” in rats. This same concept is being practiced today through optogenetics! A topic which when put in front of close friends and family seems to shut discussions down or render one told they are toxic. I actually have a copy of this book as well as 1984. These topics while to some seen as uncouth to study are not the only areas of focus in my life. Speculations abound with this surrounding nanotech, wearables, and other technocratic advances.

Bio-ethics or issues of freedom, self determination, sovereignty, and free will?!

Self determination is defined best as government of a political unit by its own people and determination of one’s own fate or course of action without compulsion.

Sovereignty is defined best as government free from external control.

Free will expands this through the power of making free choices unconstrained by external agencies.

I used to attend SXSW or concerts, play visual novels, and all kinds of other extra curricular activities. People change for various reasons and this requires us to part ways with what no longer serves us including jobs or friendships. Sometimes it parts families as well.

We find in Brave New World hypnopaedia slogans encompass:

  • Community, identity, stability which is ironic given that the World State’s occupants are sacrificed in order to achieve a perfectly stable community.
  • When the individual feels, the community reels discourages individualism as this gets in the way of the World State’s ultimate goal of stability.
  • Ending is better than mending is a government slogan to encourage people to throw away old possessions, buy new ones, and promote consumerism to stabilize their economy.

The problem is that if you ignore through cognitive dissonance your reality then future generations pay the price so this is what you leave to your children, grandchildren, nieces, nephews, and so forth. The Mechanics of a Brain explores this also where behaviorists use reductive views of humanity to extrapolate successful experiments which show learned responses can be created in our consciousness via mechanical stimulus response affairs. You’ll see this further depicted in a Clockwork Orange or attempts at aversion therapy for curing homosexuality. The Mechanics of a Brain is a difficult read due to animal cruelty.

The experiments are flawed and some believe these same dehumanizing experiments were practiced during the Soviet Union. Pavlov’s own associate repeated these experiments on children. The use of invasive surgery or other coercive medical techniques has far reaching implications involving the physical and psychological well being of the subjects and participants for the remainder of their lives. And I won’t go any further with this because it’s as I said triggering even for me due to disciplinary actions I endured growing up which you can not always get other generations to understand as they see nothing wrong with such forms of social or behavioral engineering the masses. If I’m toxic for getting online to even gain this degree of knowledge the larger exposition is how toxic are the creators of such experiments on animals or humans while considering it acceptable.

The rabbit hole of this goes deeper though yet confronting audiences with it acts as a triggering device. I think this is because humans are bombarded with a lot of mixed messaging while trained to develop a tunnel vision. Our 5th House also heavily encompasses the collective element of humanity at large. Your 5th House is about seeking validation or attention through romance, self expression, hobbies, entertainment (music, movies, games, etc.), and soul connecting bonds. Aquarius is all about an addiction to social media, television, radio, or other technological advances which could branch off into the world of wearables or topics of transhumanism.

The degree falls upon the fixed star of Armus in the heart of Capricornus the Goat. An interesting legend with this star about a war with Giants that sent the Gods into Egypt pursued by Typhon. So we’re really talking about the realms of substance and life in the depths of our bodily consciousness where we exist in darkness. Egypt as a representation of the darkness of ignorance and obscurity speaks to the subjective mind and sense consciousness. This might be better understood if readers looked back to my post on the 10 Plagues of Egypt.

Sense consciousness is more in the vein of Eastern philosophy than Western. Giants being nothing more than the fear that ensues when someone is dissuaded from a goal they have set for themselves. It’s really the moment we make excuses when faced with change. “I don’t have enough time, I don’t have enough help, I don’t have the education, and It’s too much for me.” I know plenty of people who use these to lock them into limited beliefs, and I’ve heard myself make similar excuses.

Our perceptions and the awareness of these perceptions fall into different categories of consciousness in material reality which interface with our sensory organs. Habitual tendencies allow for consciousness to appropriate a mental body to shape our perceptions. The mental body attempts to fully mimic functionality of our sensory organs, neuronal paths, and brain activity engendering the end result of a perception akin to a being possessing these. A good example of this would be how our perception of smell involves the olfactory organs, receptors, etc. Yet if there were no habitual tendencies associated to a particular sense consciousness to begin with how could consciousness react to stimuli? This is where we encounter subliminal perceptions.

Being aware of our perceptions without being aware of their nature such as during an ordinary dream state allows us to perceive and react to stimuli without being aware of their illusory nature. It arises as a result of the material physical senses. ASMR, for example, puts a prime focus onto our sense consciousness bringing into question this subjective reality. The perceptions we encounter during ASMR by many who don’t experience “tingles” such as myself illustrates the illusory nature of sense consciousness because we have no habitual tendencies for it. If I consume it the only reason for this is to simply calm an over-active mind so that I can drop into sleep states. I’ve recently stopped consuming ASMR finding that I can now fall asleep calmly without it as a crutch.

ASMR can become anecdotal, but for many it’s a relief for depression, anxiety, and chronic pain which leads to insomnia. It is usually utilized to promote comfort, relaxation, and to invoke a response that releases dopamine, oxytocin, and endorphins that help one progress to sleepiness. The goal can be as simple as blending sensory and emotional stimuli with a variety of role play experiences.

If this degree also deals with obsession then it is worth addressing modern societies addiction to positivity culture also. This is not meant as a full affront to positive psychology, but what some find is that happiness is best pursued indirectly while remembering that it has subjective qualities as well as those which are objective. What makes me happy won’t make you happy! If we pursue our happiness indirectly we won’t find our negative emotional states or those of others as offending because we no longer assign them the valuations of failure in life.

What has been found is that anyone who believes they need to maintain high levels of positivity or happiness all the time to live a worthwhile existence, be valued by others, and to like themselves requires acceptance not avoidance of our negative emotional states. I think this is another aspect of shadow integration being failed by consciousness on our score cards.

You can’t go through life with the belief that there will never be pain, loss, or disappointment. Escapism is another coping mechanism of complacency or numbing out. Most people are employing emotion regulation through avoidance or suppression. It’s actually scientifically being found that we need to get “discomfortable” to increase our understanding in life of one another and make better choices.

The fixed star is commonly associated with the Wheel of Fortune by Kabbalists, but others associate this with the goddess Vesta who tended to the fire or flame of renewal. For the renewal flame to work any deposit within the Earth would need to be pried out, smelted, and fashioned into silver or gold. Usually this process occurred when iron and bronze was melted in a hot furnace. Within consciousness we have to recognize that Earth is chaos with it’s duality in nature and ourselves where we begin meditation. It’s a pretty base level as they often say. What I’ve learned is that the asteroid Vesta also is presently in Capricorn at this time. The placement deals with seeking out a crowning achievement in career which is to be enriched/developed.

At present we have Pluto, Mars, Venus, Saturn, and Mercury in Aquarius. That stellium translates to the exchange of ideas publicly with an interest in over dramatizing life and being competitive. Life becomes stressful with little time for play blocking creativity while breeding a lack of rest due to disciplined attitudes. This is very bad if it impacts children, but especially the inner child of any adult.

Obsessive disorders begin to form and society at large becomes resentful, oppressive, and strict with rules, legislature, and so forth. With the Sun ruling the 5th House one is ego centered with a focus on duty, conformity, and compliance. Humanity in this position will lack self awareness or the personal capacity to perform on behalf of his/her generation. It’s also related to the Sacral chakra when we look at this placement for imbalances.

12° Aquarius: A beautiful woman tending a dove with injured wing. On a table a manuscript, a bundle of letters, and an open book.

Denotes one of sympathy and feeling who thinks deeply because he/she feels deeply, and whose ideas, entirely utilitarian, find their ready acceptance will have much to do with the majority. He/she is launching beneficial reforms and will ever be striving to heal the wounds of others. It is a symbol of Reforming.

A chart holder can manifest a weightlessness of attitude which will shield them from almost anything if they develop an innate understanding that their karma could become dangerous if they’re not truly working to clear negativity. Being serious or passionate about life is not good when we turn what is important to us into a burden. If the chart holder attunes to the greater spiritual reality from which consciousness arises one can know the joy of pure being. Working with guardian angel Umabel and daimon Zagan is advised.

Daimon Zagan relates to the Eight of Wands, Sun, Mercury, and Hyssop. This daimon asks that one think as well as comprehend what they wish to say before speaking instructing on evolution and the natural environment. Ultimately Zagan is beneficial for removing addictions or healing negative habits.

Have a thought provoking Tuesday! 💡

Manifestation Mondays: Your Thoughts Are What Creates Your World

“I’ll always remember the things you taught me, and how much you loved me. Rest well, my angel.” – Unknown

Please use the underlined hyperlink text because while this sounds like another post of angst I tried to pepper it with some humor and some positive concepts nonetheless! I’ll admit my humor may not appeal to some. I’ve made jokes at home that my stand up comedy might not be very good also due to the fact that I can be crass.


The only “devil” which exists is the one with which we create. Lucifer is a fallen angel as in thought that “fell” from God/heaven like lightning which dovetails into Kabbalah. Yes, in astrotheism it also is Venus. Satan and the Devil includes every thought built up in individual as well as collective consciousness through every single generation on Earth within all of the Universe from the least to the greatest which crystallized into our personality/carnal mind. Sense consciousness which makes up all the thoughts in this Universe fighting against and adverse to truth belongs to a state of mind described by metaphysicians as Satan/Devil and the Evil Inclination.

Proper names for this include Abaddon, Apollyon, Beelzebub, and Belial. It’s always described as a slanderer, caluminator, and liar. But culminator associates also with astrology terminology as a swift moving planet which in transit reaches a critical position by conjunction or aspect. Thereby precipitating the externalization of a simultaneous state of displaced equilibrium caused by a lingering aspect from a slow moving planet. The Latin culminere means to crown and culmen means peak/highest point. Proto-Indo-European uses the base of kol to imply to project, rise, peak, climax, and summit. How would this also be different from projection with one’s shadow through Jungian studies and archetypal forces? It is known as bringing something to it’s conclusion.

I had to make an addendum to my last blog post as I kept studying the symbolism found on every image of the psyop going on as I realized it expounded on the knowledge I have of the World War 2 Era and esotericism. I’ve never been a radicalized xenophobe or prejudiced against any spiritual practice, race, etc. I may not agree with certain lifestyles or practices largely because of the education I’ve tried to gain, but ultimately I guess humanity is going to have to learn everything the “hard” way including through making some ignoramus style mistakes while I’ve been told I’m supposed to coddle them and enable this. Probably not going to happen sorry!

There is a lot out there I may not always agree with and some people’s beliefs royally irritate me because I find these people to behave childish, un-evolved, and ignorant (by that I mean they’ve not really had a spiritual awakening to recognize the unity of all things so they’re ensnared in Divide and Conquer and Hegelian Dialectic). Look around the internet and we see so much immaturity with race bating, sexual orientation bating, gender politics, etc. all in the name of fostering hatred because like fear humanity feeds off of it like psychic vampires with an insatiable dis-ease! Most of which I’m finding in life just about everything anymore is political! There is not one single field or topic on Earth that has not become a politicized theater which looks like a bad version of Noh.

When I say I don’t vote it’s because I’m educated enough to see a systemic dis-ease that I don’t want to participate in anymore than I’m forced to. I can’t stand some days even being in what some call the 3D reality longing to bail and abandon ship using one of those eject buttons whether or not I have a parachute because I’m just made sick by lies/propaganda, and honestly I don’t really believe we have an “out.” What I’m learning is I have multiple “Smiths” to use a Matrix term all running around me trying to foul up my existence pretending to be my “friend.” Should I place a post it note on my forehead that reads “stupid.” I don’t think so… I can tell when someone’s a “plastic!”

For two days solid I’ve been reading about the history in America of white supremacy, a perplexing government that is definitely nothing like what public education taught, and pulling apart some esoteric keywords or anagrams in the very media be it social, main stream, or otherwise pandered by the collective masses unaware of the neural linguistic programming being used the same way an affirmation would be used except this kind of programming is used to manipulate and brainwash a society at large. As someone who reached Master level in Reiki even I’m starting to realize and integrate a lot which I’ve tried to pass on to close friends/family only. You can’t put this on the world wide web when you pick certain things apart to see the underbelly of thoughtcrimes. I can’t believe how many people are actually not in control of themselves being buffeted along by the millions in groupthink.

And no I am not some tin foil hat wearing person who plans to incite anything before someone thinks I’m violent because that’s not me. What I do know is symbolism is neutral, but any one can take something and invert it for any cause they see fit which usually is destructive to self or other. As I said it usually boomerangs back as a return to sender spell because we’re in a hall of mirrors. It’s also the analogy of how you can use the energy of the Sun with a mirror or magnifying glass to “burn/incinerate” so I suppose burnt offerings would make for a metaphysical topic someone else can learn about when we speak of darkness versus light in dualistic philosophy with regards to energy weapons (spiritual warfare).

This might be why I was reminded of the Golden Rule even though some find it to be a rather obtuse moral or ethical ideology. That does not negate the idea that what you send out shall return unto you so perhaps you should reconsider what you’re sending out towards others even those you dislike. I’ve been remarking lately that humanity at large has a real problem with self control therefore they also have no sovereignty which is leading to a loss of their rights! I’ve also told family I feel as if I’m on a planetary lunatic asylum where some need straight jackets and serious cognitive behavioral therapy!

You’ll find I don’t resonate with war mongers. I must have been born in the wrong generation! And yes I know all about polar opposites, but we’re back to my Enneagram also. 9 wing 1 is not gonna jive with this, and while I could ignore it all that is not the answer; no offense to ostriches! I really don’t want to get rid of or take part in the cancel culture of some part of the Earth for virtue signals like others are advocating because that is the most moronic thing I’ve ever seen in my life. If the shoe was on the other foot I have to wonder how these people would feel, but then maybe they don’t think of “other.” That requires empathy! Yes, I’ve said that because it’s as stupid as kids who think they’re cute when they are angry at their friends for some random offense.

The friend says something and the group looks at each other when John Doe or Jane Doe remarks “did you hear something” so they all shake their heads or reply “No.” Thereby ostracizing, humiliating, and shaming the person. Grow up please society because I know I’m not the only human getting fed up with this theater of hypocrisy. Try breeding a little more love and a lot less hate please. If you’re an incensed chat bot or some defunct AI get off my blog and business website for I don’t need trolls. Speaking of which did anyone else grow up with David the Gnome besides me? The ending reminds me of my garden! It’s the two trees in the Yin Yang which do this for my consciousness reminding me of this episode as a child.

Rather than stay utterly pessimistic I’m going to take a trip over to plot the course in an Age Harmonic chart for Asteroids Magion (2696) which means magic through Esperanto (magio) and Asteroid Angel (11911). The numerology of Asteroid Angel will add up to 13 and reduce to 4. Thereby rendering the tarot match of Death with the Emperor. Normally 1 added to 9 would render a 10 reduced to 1 as the beginning of all things/purity.

Any sequence of 119 or 991 signifies the chance for all of us to stare our thoughts in the face coming eye to eye with them as they’re our own creations letting the old fall away to replace it with the new in accordance with our desires. This asteroid was named for Roger Angel a professor of astronomy who developed telescope lenses to gather light seeing further into the cosmos! Angels connect to “lightworkers” from which we find every religion or spiritual practice relating this to God/Goddess and our creators.

Age Harmonic Chart for Asteroid Magion and Asteroid Angel

Both of these asteroids are found within my 7th House of Libra (Venus ruled) respectively representing the other, 1:1 relationships, union, legal systems, shadow parts of our personality, soulmates, and where one receives income from legacies, investments, and other sources. This is a stellium housing also the Sun, Mercury, and Neptune. Magion is at 11° with Angel at 5°. This would be the fixed stars of Tureis in the keel of Argo Navis the Great Ship, Auva in the girdle of Virgo the Virgin, and Minkar in the neck of Corvus the Raven. Um, yes I actually do wear glasses! Bad left eye which is lazy with astigmatism, born cross eyed, and had surgery very young to remedy this.

Tureis was the Latins’ Scutulum meaning “Little Shield” with little to really speak of otherwise about it. Perhaps we can derive from this that it is a symbol of protection. Auva also known as “The Barker/Howler” was considered a good omen offering benevolence, gain, harvests, and freedom of captives! It’s often associated with the Empress. Minkar or “The Nostril” is associated with the lunar mansion Hasta, the Sun or Sun’s rays, and the Hand. It can offer resourcefulness unless it’s malefic whereupon one may be merciless, a thief, and shameless. Honestly it’s connection to Corvus in star myths was a fun study for me in months past.

But being that this relates also to Leo in a sense with Corvus it likewise reminds me of the feeding of the crows. We don’t always settle in the soil of our forebears so we carry them wherever we go. Ketu ruling Magha is our descent into matter through the genes of our parents which is the symbol of Magha as house or palanquin. The mission of being born into this lunar mansion is to guide your descendants on the correct path towards a soul mission on Earth.

We don’t intervene until humanity has deviated too far off their path because the mission given to us born into this lunar mansion is a collective one. Succession is a choice and decision regarding who will lead. Home can be one’s castle, roots, and for some there is a reluctance to lead. The person in this role is not always bestowed with blessings for sometimes their ancestors condemn them for having strayed so far from their soul mission as to have violated their contract with God/Goddess before one was even born.

Magha born have but one collective soul mission for which they must never violate their contract. An evolutionary purpose and impulse to carry one’s genetics forward as their dharma.

You see a seed was planted inside of us with a mission to be fruitful and grow a future tree, but if the soil or the gardener does not take care of this seed the mission may fail.

That mission to carry our genetics forward is our birthright which is and was not to ever be stripped from us!

A few deep sky objects might include Messier 61, Messier 90, The Eyes, and NGC 4038/4039.

“A man may die but his legacy will continue through his deeds.” – Unknown

Therefore these two degrees look a bit like this. The chart holder can’t align themselves with any one group. They simply will not limit themselves in that way. They’re not aggressive or even openly rebellious, but are beyond the usual systems which continuously run the world. It causes them to emit a fresh and open vibration which relates to life in a purely direct way unencumbered by the past.

This degree has a wide open uninhibited way of relating to the world. It doesn’t think in terms of any relationships having set limits or even consistent formats. It’s attitude is “lets explore it all as much as we want, as much as is enjoyable, and when the mood strikes us.” It is the diametric opposite of formal, conservative, and stiff. This degree’s flagpole doesn’t need a flag to advertise partisanship. The chart holder can run any flag of any country it wants to run up it at any time, change them at will, or run up the flag pole just some colored celebrational flags to let everyone know there’s a “party going on and all are invited.” Work with guardian angel Hahael and daimon Focalor.

Daimon Focalor connects with the Six of Pentacles, Venus, Wild Rose, and Taurus. This daimon is written as capable of drowning one in water, but we need to understand this as consciousness or rather the subconscious. Running water is symbolic of cleansing away confusion in a chaotic mind which happens when one meditates on peace within! Some believe this daimon is depressing and advise one use breathing exercises. Others find Focalor is great for protection/binding spells useful for removing troublemakers. If you work with Focalor expect your troublemaker to make a mistake which brings about evidence of a crime that will be examined causing an investigation to transpire. This could lead to legal aid in the process of righting all wrongs!

In the darkest of passages through life there is kept burning the lights of helping influences if we can only maintain our contact with them. The chart holder is always aware that somewhere within their being where one puts their attention is the key to moving beyond all illusions of physical reality. Your focus is what can ultimately change everything.

Seemingly random occurrences in life and meaningful coincidences are a way of connecting with Divinity. Being sensitive to intuition and instincts tunes one into the spiritual forces that are making themselves known. The pentagram signifies the life force, harmony, and health. Work with guardian angel Rehael and daimon Malphas.

Daimon Malphas connects with the Four of Wands, Mercury, Aries, and Marigold. What I gather this daimon helps find remedies in emergency situations assisting one with knowing what has been done in the past giving one an advantage over anyone perceived to be operating in an adversarial role. If you need to overcome anything along your path Malphas is generally helpful in protecting you from those who hatch undesirable plans. I’ve read this is best done with bottle magic. Strange since we’ve been planting marigolds in our garden!

Please don’t talk to me about something being “fair.” I grew up in a school of thought that said life is not “fair.” Fairness would not be the systems we’ve all adopted. Fairness is defined as equitable. Equity?

I am not property. Last I checked humans did not earn escrow!

Try learning what words mean if you want to use them in proper context. 📖💬

Equity is derived furthermore from monetary ownership, Britain, and legal code. Equity is simply a nice way to call a human chattel or cattle!

This is why humans are called “resources” the same as any other resource “raped” from the Earth. This has little to nothing to do with being balanced, uniform, egalitarian, or competent (to know one’s stuff as in gnosis) all synonyms of equality!

I actually want to re-incarnate in another Cosmos/Universe as far away from the Milky Way as is conceivably possible as a consciousness completely distinct and separate from Earth consciousness for what I know is Earth is un-evolved in my views still and backwards.

It’s run by an inverted system that to me behaves as a prison and as a punishment rather than a reward. This is due to a failure on part of individual and collective karma/dharma whereby this dimensional reality or quantum entanglement is in fact dis-eased! That was not its point of origin, but something that has occurred through generational curses and thus far there has been a failure to repair or heal this condition! When someone says any injustice done to one was done to all they should put some serious “thought” into this ideology in terms of how we got here.

The inversion lies in those still refusing to integrate their shadow as well as those still projecting onto others when it begins within each of us. Don’t tell me I have poverty consciousness when I see plenty who promote fear, hoarding, and greed thereby they invert reality ignorant of their own addictions and poverty consciousness as they are guilty of that which they project on others. What is wrong with Earth is that the problem begins at the top of the hierarchy pyramid.

It begins with the leadership of Earth not with those lower on the caste system created by those in charge of these power structures who are guilty of projection. Don’t foist blame on “other” when the problem is your own self. It was not those at the bottom of the hierarchy creating these problems, but due to inferior teachers/leaders suffering psychopathy, sociopathy, and ego/megalomania. Much of which is all the outpouring of when Magha/Regulus was in Leo and needs serious correction now that it moved to Virgo.

Hence the belief in the Demiurge and Archons… Noxious belief systems have destroyed and continue to destroy consciousness in this solar system! And no I don’t expect to be liked by being honest. Pretty sure like my last employer who let me go it’s the same thing. I’ll be told I’m not liked for seeing through the guano of others! Yes, at will means you’ll learn quickly how “other” thinks of you when an employer dislikes that you won’t “play their game” sometimes because you’re growing impatient with that which you’ve outgrown. Matching the Tower card of a previous post! I’m exhausted by those unwilling to do their own shadow work.

May your Monday manifest something “uncontaminated” that is not thoroughly and utterly unfit, broken, debilitated, and dysfunctional! You know; Schoolhouse Rock only instead of Conjunction Junction What’s Your Function I got Dysfunction Junction What’s Your Function. What I would like to see is people regain some basic “common sense.” Lots of love! 😘

PS: This blog post expects some people to read between the lines. Also typographical error corrected. Antonym was the wrong word; should have been synonym!

Fun Quote Fridays: A Lesson in Remembering the Golden Rule (Pride Before a Fall)

“Do not offend others as you would not want to be offended.” – Udanavarga 5:18 (Buddhism)

Follow the path of underlined hyperlink text to positive growth!


“None of you shall be true believers unless you wish for your brother the same that you wish for yourself.”

  • Sunnatt (Islam)

“Do one of the above; And live in such a way that you will enrich, and not diminish, our relatives in the Earth family of animals and plants, soil, air, and water.”

  • Earth Wisdom

“That which you do not wish for yourself you shall not wish for your neighbor. This is the whole law; the rest is only commentary.”

  • Talmud Shabbat 31a (Judaism)

“The one who shows mercy unto the needy lends unto the world.”

  • Proverbs 19:17

“The successes of your neighbor and their losses will be to you as if they are your own.”

  • T’ai-Shang Kan-Ying P’ien (Taoism)

“Everything you should do you will find in this: Do nothing to others that would hurt you if it were done to you.”

  • Mahabharata 5:1517 (Hinduism)

I’m doing my best to actually not choose sides in recent topics regarding two countries which have consumed the debates of modern media. I have reasons which stem from learning and choosing to not repeat the mistakes of one’s past. Virtue signalling is becoming the same as I’ve said as the Inquisition, stonings/burning at the stake of heretics or witches, and placing “other” in the stocks to shame them. We’re teetering on a darker aspect of history within the United States which is similar to what many termed McCarthyism as well as the WW II internment camps which were not just for Japanese Americans.

I reside in Texas, my great grandmother on the maternal side graduated high school 3 years before the Great Depression, and my grandfather also on the maternal side is a late World War II veteran. We’ve discussed this, and blog followers will know I’ve openly stated I know that era very well from the middle/high school curriculum I received as well. This doesn’t mean anyone got their his/her story exactly correct. Whoever thinks that should recognize that if you were not there you probably got revisionism.

If we really remember themes found in every school of philosophy we recognize this is psychological projection when we don’t hold/integrate our shadow. It operates as a return to sender spell, and I for one won’t be a party to such practices. The reason I discuss this is due to the fact that I personally believe if we are unconscious of these behavior patterns we will act them out as habitual drives. If we remain conscious of them then we will seek to transmute them into something of a higher order being more respectful in life to one another. I’m not perfect at this so I have to watch my own emotional “hot head” moments of words/actions. 🤯

Most people think they’re being cute with the meme wars they generate online seeking their narcissistic pleasure from a few minutes of viral fame. It always comes with a price actually. One where some will view the behavior as quite immature and unevolved. I quite honestly see it as infantile as I’ve said. A spoiled brat who bullies others is in no way a sign of maturity when I look at people. There is a better way to resolve perceived disparity; no this is not me being holier than thou.

It’s the Golden Rule spoken of in countless guises as I’ve stated above. I even used this as my response in job interviews when asked about customer service. How you treat your customer should be the model for how you wish to be treated by another in life when the role is in fact reversed. At some point you will be the customer and someone else will be the employee servicing you. Respect is a two way street of give/receive. Some of this is also those who pass blatant lies and promote fear because it sells better than love. Base instincts are always easier to prey upon and incense.

Wicca has the Rule of Three and Christianity has The Greatest Commandment. Yet this moral precept which may involve basic ethics also is a baseline of philosophy. What people are now openly and unabashedly showing is their true colors before all of humanity with social media. The “masks” are off, and you’re seeing their karma/dharma play out whether this is unconscious or conscious habitual drives. Nonetheless their psychological, sociological, and behavioral dis-ease is out in the open. They are the same people who probably want a social credit system. Ironic since if they continue such behavior one has to ask what would their score really be under such a dictatorial regimented society of right versus wrong, black versus white, and so forth. It’s sort of like stubbing your toe while blaming the inanimate object for your own mistake.

I won’t choose a side, and if you want to shun me, humiliate me, or label me the problem is not me. It’s your personal karma/dharma that you must account for. I’m walking a path knowing if we removed Divide and Conquer or Hegelian Dialectic we’d see that humanity as well as all life on Earth is more alike than different with the same desire to find health, wealth, long life, and happiness. We would see all are an image of the Divine and Cosmic/Universal removing the need for hatred and superiority/inferiority complexes such as megalomania, greed (poverty consciousness), and such.

Why is this a return to sender spell? How well have these sanctions served? Is this behavior self destructive and suicidal? Yes! You are no longer hurting just those you sanction. We are all one, unified, and interconnected world so now these after effects of the causation ripples you caused by tossing a rock/pebble into the pond (the quantum waves) are going to find you and unleash the same hatred back at you because you were looking in a mirror projecting on another what you hate about yourselves.

What we’re seeing is inflation/hyperinflation, violence/crime, job loss, and conversion into totalitarianism/tyranny. An inversion of the Tree of Life is evidently what mass consciousness has chosen to unleash, and this is as I’ve pointed out is exactly what Jung spoke to. We need no social credits or passports/identification to know this or to help us adhere to these precepts of living on a higher vibration. It should have been written, circumcised, and engraved upon your heart and mind. I’m not saying suppress. I’m saying elevate your consciousness. Sometimes I really want to say stop being a @#$%&!

Today I’m using an Age Harmonic chart again for the asteroid Reiki. I had no idea our symbolism, star myths, or language would teach me so much about 2021-2022 for me to become conscious of. In fact I’m unbelievably bothered almost haunted by the archetypal realities of what I’ve now learned. This chart is about rhythms via the moment of our first breath in this world. Our physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies are continually assimilating information which leads to continuous growth and development of our psyche.

Age Harmonic Chart for Asteroid Reiki

Asteroid Reiki (5239) is placed in my 8th House Scorpio 25°. Being that Scorpio is the 8th House ruler this chart at age 42 is going to be potent. This signifies the death/rebirth process, spiritual/psychic awakenings, inheritances/legacies, and shared resources.

We have to tackle fear of death, karma, and remain a survivor.

The Scorpionic 8th house deals with magnetism, attraction, and power. This asteroid is sharing the 8th House with Mars, Venus, and MC.

We can compare symbolism at this time between Sabian and the fixed stars. This degree sits upon two fixed stars. Beta Lupus in Lupus the Wolf and Mu Serpens in Serpens the Serpent; could even be worked with as totem animals.

Wolf/Snake Totem:

Derivatives of lupus for wolf originate in the Germanic/Latin wulf, lobo, lupine, lupus, lycanthrope, lycopodium, and lyceum. Hearse and rehearse share a common Oscan root for wolf known as hirpus or a large iron toothed rake as an allusion to the long, sharp, pointed, and jagged teeth of wolves. Old French herce for rake/harrow describes the framework for candles hung over a coffin which later came to refer to a vehicle for conveying a coffin in a funeral. Ululate means to howl like a wolf.

A possible association of Latin ferrum for iron is found with Latin ferusfera. Ovid vertically aligned ferrum with ferarum. The Roman mythological poet described four ages of man: Golden, Silver, Brazen, and Iron (Iron as our present age). During our Iron Age men become evil, greedy, and dishonest.

Zeus/Jupiter instructs the assembled gods on Mount Olympus that he must punish these men and proceeds to tell them how he dealt with an especially corrupt man named Lycaon, king of Arcadia, whom he turned into a wolf for the crime of offering Zeus a dish of human flesh (human entrails would be intermingled with the animal’s) in order to test his divinity. This gives rise to the story that a man was turned into a wolf at each annual sacrifice to Zeus Lycaeus via the Lupercal, but recovered his human form if he abstained from human flesh for nine years. Apollo also had a wolf form.

The Norse interpretation is Fenrus/Fenrir and the Christian interpretation was Abraham sacrificing Isaac. Abraham offered a ram instead as a burnt offering. The Greeks believed this was Therion. The vampire is occasionally regarded as an example of lycanthropy. Vampires were linked to the werewolf in East European countries. In Serbia the werewolf and vampire are known collectively as one creature called the Vulkodlak. Vamp means to behave seductively and exploit.

“Your wound is not your fault, but your healing is your responsibility.” – Unknown

Ophiuchus and Serpens wage a struggle forever due to them being on equal terms/powers. Mythology states that Glaucus, son of Minos the King of Crete, was drowned in a barrel of red honey. Asclepius was sent to restore him to life thereby being shut in a secret chamber with the body. While Asclepius stood wondering what to do a serpent entered which he slew. Thereupon another serpent came in bearing an herb which it placed on the head of the dead serpent restoring it to life. Asclepius using the same herb succeeded in restoring Glaucus. The serpent (Serpens) was placed in heaven, and for this reason writers identify Ophiuchus with Asclepius. According to other accounts the serpent is one of those that would have slain Hercules in his cradle.

Certain astrologers posit this particular fixed star as the energies of Saturn/Mars giving wisdom and craft, but negatively offering malice, feeble will, deceit, and the danger of poison. It is said to be an unfortunate degree in that it is dangerous/destructive resulting in weakened health, chronic disease, and damage to social position or professional life. When we add Venus this is said to display as enmity, jealousy, and secret death again by poison. Mars speaks to quarrels, lies, violence/crime, and secret death by poison. The MC is an explicit indication of malefic. I honestly try to not demonize any house or astrological placement. I have always wanted to learn and see this as how do I raise/elevate it up or transmute it.

Attempting to work from home as well as being in Texas I’ve remained free of any mandates thus far, and due to my particular anaphylactic response to particular adjuvants/chemicals I’ve avoided much. I’m also a modern skeptic of our modern medical professionals due to my previous employment in medical malpractice law at the administrative level. This should never be taken as anti science for most of my life I have been vaccinated. If I had not I would have never attended the public school system.

I’ve danced around this for months, and on Twitter when I had my account I chose all of my words carefully expressing that I was medical exempt due to a previous experience. At age 26 I had an anaphylactic response well beyond the normal time frame for “supervision.” I woke up at 3:00 AM CST choking on my saliva and could not speak. My family called an on-call nurse, were told to get me to the ER or I would be dead as my tongue was swelling, would soon block my windpipe causing me to lose the ability to breathe, and I would die by choking on that saliva. Although it right now does not matter. I’m only indexed in Bing yet most others have not indexed me or taken notice of me. I don’t need to be censored because I’ve remained hidden by the virtue of those who ignore me anyway. This is a blessing in disguise that I’m now content with and grateful for!

Others do not seem to value life enough to care or ask questions before they risk their or another’s well being while pretending to take the moral/ethical high road. We’ve tested negative, but others believe the risks are not great enough to warrant critical thought or caution. Sometimes that boomerangs back on you which is actually not something I’d personally have wanted for anyone. That’s just how the circular nature of karma/dharma works.

One near death experience is enough for me as well as my family. I have countless life experiences I can’t put online which have made me my own health advocate, and I would teach others to do the same as I’ve tried to do for my parents. I can’t preach nor can I force anyone because I honor free will believing it is a person’s given birth right to have that freedom/liberty to be their own sovereign ruler. I wouldn’t wish 2021-2022 on my worst enemy ever, and believe me there are certain people that I rather vehemently dislike/disagree with. So much so that I have to watch my temper and not show up in life as a belligerent fool. I don’t always succeed. Rather I have to witness my own failures some days.

In Latin Serpens is called Serpentarius shown to be seizing the serpent with his two hands while treading on the very heart of the scorpion marked by the deep red star Antares. We read the first constellation of the woman and child in Coma as expounding on the signs of Virgo/Libra. It is here that we have a further picture showing the object of this conflict on the part of the scorpion.

In Scorpio the effort to wound Ophiuchus in the heel is indicated, but the serpent desires to seize the crown situated immediately over the serpent’s head to which he is looking up while reaching forth. The contest is for dominion! Christianity tells of the Devil in the form of a serpent who robbed the first man of his crown, but in vain he struggled to wrest it from the sure possession of the second man. Not only does he fail in his attempt, but is himself utterly defeated and trodden under foot.

This degrees message is that by naturally observing and assessing the truth is profoundly revealed. The focus is a penetrating stare which sees through any person/situation; the initial assessment is usually accurate. The affirmation is “I have valuable insights.”

The chart holder has a simple and direct way of expressing themselves that is beautiful, memorable, and which can make a vivid impression. This has to do with the removal or reduction of complexities that then allows the true essence to shine through giving the world a clarity that is revealing and refreshing. A window into the realm of spirit.

The Chandra Symbol is a doctor who is utterly dedicated to his patients and wants to know firsthand the effects of his/her treatments. There’s much fearlessness here, as well as curiosity, together with a determination to innovate. Healing and magical formulas in this degree summon the elementals and angels of healing. This doctor is protected by his/her loving intent which surrounds him/her with powerful nature spirits. Work with guardian angel Leuviah and daimon Saleos.

Daimon Saleos connects with the Two of Swords, Venus, Libra, and Aster. This daimon encourages love between people, incites the passions, and encourages loyalty. It is about igniting the flames of love.

To raise this blog post to something positive please look at the following for what lies in Lupus and Serpens.

Are you operating from your lower or higher self humanity? Have a compelling Friday and weekend. I’m taking my weekend off. My hiatus has not turned out the way I hoped, and remaining silent is something I find I’m incapable of doing! If I’m damned for speaking so be it! Sometimes life calls for tough love to step forth! ❤️‍🩹

PS: What I mean by my blog post is that I use Nordic Runes for my readings occasionally. I know what the rune Gibor is from within insignia of the German World War 2 engine. It should be known I’m not a white supremacist nor do I support xenophobia or genocide!! This insignia flew on a branch of National Socialist Germany during the war, and is now openly displayed in psychological warfare in one of these two countries which many have been willingly aligning to which says more about them than most are willing to even acknowledge.

Everyone who willingly is choosing that side of history is on the wrong side of history by condoning mass murder!! There is no way for me to not state that as it is blatantly obvious to me if one flies such insignia on war memorabilia regardless if you find it as historical collector’s items. That insignia on war memorabilia speaks to a belief system I don’t agree with which is rampant online in propaganda/psyops! It’s not used for good, but for harm.

Tarot of the Day Thursdays: A Quick and Roughly Done Chaldean Numeroscope

“Follow it. Dream it. Live it.” – Unknown

A brief entry just to change the topic for the rest of my hiatus. The only underlined hyperlink text today is a few tarot/astrology references I found.


I’ve had this done for my personal name, however, today I decided I’d like to investigate my business which I actually created the name from an anagram generator using my mother’s, grandmother’s, great grandmother’s, and my own names (matriarchy) to form as well as Gematria. This somewhat adds another layer to the esoteric basis for those interested in such perhaps silly world views. Credit for the numeroscope goes to this calculator. I wanted to try this the same as I did with Genetic Matrix on my blog.

The following is presented as name, cons, and vocal energies. The birth date used is when I officiated my DBA with the government.

  • Alchemic Seer – 23/5 – 17/8
  • Alchemic – 25/7 -18/9 – 7
  • Seer – 15/6 – 5 – 10/1

Alchemic Seer was born August 25, 2021 (6 months old – 0 years old). Alchemic Seer is currently in destiny period 1. This destiny period lasts 5 years. 2022 is year 2 out of this 5 year destiny period. The birth date of my business would be Virgo. I had the “bad habit” years ago of using personology also; looking at August 25th which is an Earth sign.

The Higher Self Numeroscope:

Base vibration is 25/7.

Balanced Kewords:

  • What doesn’t kill me makes me stronger
  • Talented and able to get smart
  • Learns quickly
  • Strong intuition/gut feelings
  • Appears wise
  • Good at making right decisions
  • Good at understanding people
  • Good at being at the right spot on the right time
  • Good judgment

Unbalanced Keywords:

  • Many tough lessons
  • Endless hardship
  • Tough childhood
  • Many failures to learn from
  • Many disappointments to overcome

This is a number that denotes strength gained through experience and benefits obtained through observation of people/things. It is not deemed necessarily lucky as its success is given through strife and trials in an earlier life. It is favorable when it appears in regards to the future. The compound number of 25/7 has a motto which reads as “What doesn’t kill me makes me stronger!” This is the case because the essence of the compound number of 25/7 is that one gradually learns and grows stronger from experience. This is especially true when learning from tough experiences. People who are represented by the compound number of 25/7 have strong creativity with a good gut feeling.

Minor and major destiny number is 20/2.

Balanced Keywords:

  • Knowing which way to go in life
  • Great passion
  • Creativity
  • Psychic abilities
  • Much fun and joy in life
  • Feeling a calling for a greater purpose
  • Wanting and succeeding to change the world into a better place for all of mankind
  • Balanced empathic skills
  • Good at reading people
  • Good at understanding people
  • Loves nature and animals
  • Idealist
  • Universal protection

Unbalanced Keywords:

  • Changing passions
  • Too fixated about one passion
  • Mania
  • Mental problems
  • Unbalanced psychic abilities
  • Bipolar
  • Negatively spontaneous

This number is called “the Awakening.” It’s also called “the Judgment.” It’s symbolized by the figure of a winged angel sounding a trumpet and from below a man, a woman, and a child are seen rising from a tomb with their hands clasped in prayer. This number has a peculiar interpretation known as the call of action for some great purpose, cause, or duty. The compound number of 20/2 is the number of creativity, passion, and idealism. It’s a number of the desire to change the world and to make the world a better place for all people. However, the weakness of the compound number of 20/2 is that one often gets fixated about one concept/idea and thus becomes so obsessed with it that one might not be able to think of anything else. It’s furthermore a number of aesthetics and hedonism as well as melancholia if it’s unbalanced.

Lifeview number is 33/6.

Balanced Keywords:

  • Gaining prestige
  • Great strategic thinker
  • Hard working
  • Structured
  • High energy
  • Charismatic speaker
  • Compassionate
  • Career minded
  • Intelligent
  • Intellectual
  • Strong ethics

Unbalanced Keywords:

  • Acting superior to others
  • Stubborn
  • Working too hard
  • Narrow minded
  • Many frustrations
  • Problems in the family and close relations
  • Too hard on oneself
  • Too materialistic

The compound number of 33/6 has many similarities with the compound number of 24/6. However, the compound number of 33/6 is more focused on materialism and business. It’s also strongly focused on due diligence withiin business as well as a high level of integrity within business.

The Human Self:

First name (Alchemic) is 25/7; same as above.

Last name (Seer) is 15/6; same as above.

Life theme is 13/4.

Balanced Keywords:

  • Innovative skills
  • Good at thinking outside the box
  • Doing the unexpected
  • Creating change
  • Seeing opportunities everywhere
  • Logical mind
  • Talents in math and physics
  • Rational mind

Unbalanced Keywords:

  • Obssessive compulsive
  • Black sheep
  • Nitpicker
  • Opportunist
  • Likes to be in opposition
  • Provocative behavior

This is a number indicating a change of plans, place, and such which is not unfortunate as is generally supposed. In some of the ancient writings it’s said “He who understands the number 13/4 will be given power and dominion.” It’s symbolized by the picture of the Grim Reaper with a scythe reaping down men in a field of newly grown grass where young faces and heads appear cropping up on every side. It’s a number of upheaval and destruction as well as a symbol of power which if it’s wrongly used will wreak destruction upon oneself. It’s a number of warning of the unknown or unexpected if it becomes a compound number in one’s calculations.

In the Chaldean tables the compound number of 13/4 is associated with the Grim Reaper as the symbol of death describing a metaphor for removing something that is there and replacing it with something new. This could, for example, have to do with removing old and outdated traditions/concepts and replacing them with new ideas. The compound number of 13/4 is the number of innovation, science, and everything that can be proven and documented. Innovation is something that changes old habits and traditions. Therefore people who are represented by the compound number of 13/4 are also people who often change their mind to the great frustration of their fellows.

Heart center is 9.

Balanced Keywords:

  • Honor
  • Justice
  • Integrity
  • Frankness
  • Righteousness
  • Seeing the big picture
  • Fairness
  • Speaking one’s mind
  • Standing up for oneself
  • Speaking the truth
  • A deal is a deal
  • Credibility
  • True wisdom
  • Authoritative behavior

Unbalanced Keywords:

  • Querulous behavior
  • Always looking for a fight
  • Unnecessarily tough
  • Self righteous
  • Often complaining and ranting
  • Tough life
  • Tough childhood
  • Many fights and struggles

The number 9 is represented by the planet Mars. People who are represented by the number 9 are focused on justice, integrity, and honor. Therefore they are very frank and they speak their mind without a filter. The number 9 is the final number of the Heavenly Triad of 3, 6, and 9. It’s also considered to be a divine number because it’s the highest number there is. The number 9 is considered as the number of literally everything. Therefore the number 9 is the shadow number of the number 0. The number 0 is the number of nothing and the number 9 is the number of everything. According to ancient Chaldean philosophy, everything is nothing, and nothing is everything. Therefore people who are represented by the number 9 are meant to be the enforcers of karma and justice. Nearly all people who are represented by the number 9 have had a tough childhood and are meant to see the big picture of life.

“You will find a way.” – Unknown

Solar plexus center is 3.

Balanced Keywords:

  • Good strategist
  • Never gives up
  • Turns dreams into plans
  • Being structured
  • Perfectionist
  • Strong will
  • Always on the forefront
  • Patient
  • Enjoying the journey to success
  • Making projects expand
  • Good sense of humor
  • Ambitious
  • Determined

Unbalanced Keywords:

  • Acting superior
  • Stubborn
  • Lone wolf
  • Arrogant
  • All or nothing attitude
  • Judgmental
  • Cruel
  • Black and white view upon life
  • Lots of hardship
  • Problems in the family
  • Rough childhood
  • Refuses to concede defeat when defeated
  • Negatively pragmatic

The number 3 is represented by the planet Jupiter. The number 3 is the first number of the Heavenly Triad of 3, 6, and 9. It’s the number of expansion, growth, and the “male winner mentality.” It’s a number of theories, knowledge, and advancement. People who are represented by the number 3 have a strong talent at being strategic and keeping an overview of things. Unlike people who are represented by the “feminine winner mentality” (number 1) who like to outsource people the number 3 want to do everything themselves. Therefore they often appear as a “one-man army.” This is the case because people who are represented by the number 3 want to be in control in order to be sure that everything is done well enough.

Spine number is 11/2.


  • Low self esteem
  • Social pleaser
  • Inferior complexes
  • Feels he/she has a lot to prove
  • Neglected in childhood
  • Wants recognition from other people
  • Touchy
  • Afraid to say no
  • Compromises self integrity in order to please others

This is an ominous number to some occultists. It gives warnings of hidden dangers, trials, and treachery from others. It has a symbol of a clenched hand and a lion muzzled representing a person who will have great difficulties to contend against. The symbolism of a lion muzzled means that one has a great deal of inner strength, but it is all drowned out in self doubt, low self esteem, and a racing mind. Therefore the number 11/2 is the number of stress, low energy, and low self esteem. It’s a number of caring too much about other people’s opinions and possible addictions may come with the compound number of 11/2.

Vitality number is 12/3.


  • Anxiety
  • Victimhood
  • Irrational fears
  • Racing Mind
  • Self destructive behaviors
  • Powerlessness
  • Good at theory
  • Interested in self development

12/3 wants to take responsibility, but may be unable to do so properly. The symbolism of this number is suffering and anxiety of the mental kind. It is also indicated as the sacrificial victim archetype which foreshadows one being sacrificed for the plans and intrigues of others. It’s mentioned in the Chaldean tablets that the number 12/3 is the number of victimhood. This happens in the way that one does everything according to the book, other people mess up, and one becomes the victim to other people’s mistakes/incompetence. Therefore if one is represented by the compound number of 12/3 one will often experience victim conciousness and hopelessness. One tries to evolve from it and works a lot with oneself, but keeps falling back into the same mistakes over and over again. Therefore with the compound number of 12/3 one can become paranoid overthinking things. One may be afraid that danger is around every corner. From this comes addictions and self destructive and/or abusive behaviors.

Appearance number is 36/9.

Balanced Keywords:

  • Great humor
  • Kicking doors in
  • Making people listen
  • Authoritative behavior
  • Charm
  • Powerful behavior
  • Gets things done
  • Never gives up
  • Mesmerizing honor
  • International business
  • Solid personality

Unbalanced Keywords:

  • Often misunderstood
  • Drama in relations
  • My way or the highway attitude
  • Self righteous
  • Unnecessarily tough
  • Tough childhood

People who are represented by the compound number of 36/9 are very frank and honest. They speak their mind without a filter.

Column number is 23/5.

Balanced Keywords:

  • Fully protected
  • Karmic reward
  • One gets what he or she wants
  • Great financial wealth
  • Good and loyal friends
  • Seducing speaker
  • Invincible
  • Liked by all
  • Gets away with most things
  • Nonchalant

Unbalanced Keywords:

  • Doing many bad things because one can get away with it
  • Relying too much on karmic protection
  • Only partially protected
  • Lack of responsibility

This number is called the Royal Star of the Lion. It is a promise of success, help from superiors, and protection from those in high places. In dealing with future events it is a most fortunate number and a promise of success of one’s plans. The compound number of 23/5 is extremely fortunate. It’s a number of karmic protection and karmic reward. This means that one can get away with a lot of things and indicates that things never really got as bad as they could have. If the compound number of 23/5 is perfectly balanced one is always invincible. If not the compound number of 23/5 means that one is hard to defeat. The compound number of 23/5 is also a number of great networking skills and communication/oration.

Life theme is 9; same as above.

Heart center is 5.

Balanced Kewords:

  • Great speaker
  • Communicates greatly both written and orally
  • Gets along with most people
  • Liked by most people
  • Popular
  • Clear and precise expression
  • Lots of energy
  • Many friends
  • Good at making money through communication
  • Good at investing money
  • Great financial wealth

Unbalanced Keywords:

  • Flighty minded
  • Deceptive
  • Tells people what they want to hear
  • Dishonest
  • Lack of structure
  • Speaks too much or speaks too little
  • Good at lying
  • Crooked
  • Many financial ups and downs
  • Lack of integrity
  • Wants to be neutral and avoid picking sides
  • Social butterfly

The number 5 is represented by the planet Mercury. People who are represented by the number 5 are natural born speakers. They have great social skills and they are good at getting along with everyone. This is the case because the number 5 is between 1 and 9 which can go all the way to the top (9) and all the way to the bottom (1). Therefore people who are represented by the number 5 often behave as social butterflies. The number 5 stands for motion, vigor, communication, friends, and business. People who are represented by the number 5 are good at making friends and making networks.

Solar plexus center is 9; same as above.

Vitality number: 14/5

Balanced Keywords:

  • Good at investing money
  • Fact based speaker
  • Entrepreneur
  • Gets along with all people
  • Modest
  • Well prepared
  • Innovative
  • Understands things easily

Unbalanced Keywords:

  • Many financial ups and downs
  • Financial struggle
  • Much negative focus on economy
  • Talks too much
  • Bad investments
  • Overconfident
  • Humiliating losses

This is a number of movements, a combination of people/things, and danger from natural forces such as tempests, water, air, or fire. This number is fortunate for dealings with money, speculation, and changes in business, but there is always a strong element of risk/danger attached to it. Generally this is owing to the actions and foolhardiness of others. If this number comes out in calculations of future events the person should be warned to act with caution and prudence.

The compound number of 14/5 is a number that is frequently seen among self made billionaires. It creates situations in people’s lives in which they suffer deeply from a bad economy and then eventually the individual will make the decision of getting wealthy so he/she shall never go hungry again. Thereby the compound number of 14/5 supports the individual becoming wealthy, but he/she must work hard and be determined to do so. With the compound number of 14/5 one is a natural born investor/stockbroker. However one must work hard to become good. If one does so great achievements can be made. The compound number of 14/5 is also the number of eloquence and fact based communication.

Column number is 30/3.

Balanced Keywords:

  • Highly intellectual
  • A mind of a true philosopher
  • Sees people, society, and ideas from a higher perspective
  • Great educators
  • Good at theory
  • Great thinkers
  • Profound understanding of the Universe
  • Great teachers
  • Retrospective and conservative mindset

Unbalanced Keywords:

  • Stubborn
  • Afraid of change
  • Anti social behavior
  • Living in the past
  • Dislikes big gatherings of people
  • Feeling and acting mentally superior to others
  • Introvert

This is a number of thoughtful deduction, retrospection, and mental superiority over one’s fellows, but as it seems to belong completely to the mental plane the persons it represents is likely to put all material things on one side. Not because they have to, but because they wish to do so. For this reason it is neither fortunate nor unfortunate for either depends on the mental outlook of the person it represents. It can be all powerful, but it is just as often indifferent according to the will or desire of the person.

People who are represented by the compound number of 30/3 have the mind of a philosopher. They have a profound mindset, and they like to see things from a higher perspective. Therefore they are also interested in history because they like to understand why things are the way they are now, and they want to understand how things became this way. People who are represented by the compound number of 30/3 are in their head, and they prefer a small group of friends rather than a vast army of acquaintances

Spine number is 16/7.


  • Many losses in close relations (often fatalities)
  • Life is a struggle of survival
  • Ignoring that life is tough
  • Ignoring the warning signs of the body
  • Fights too hard on expense of one’s physical and emotional health
  • Stubborn
  • Ruled by fear

This number has a most peculiar occult symbolism. It’s pictured as a tower struck by a lightning from which a man/woman is seen falling with a crown on his/her head. It’s also called the shattered citadel. It gives warning of some strange fatalities awaiting one’s self as well as danger of accidents or the defeat of one’s plans. If it appears as a compound number relating to the future it’s a warning sign that one should be very careful.

The compound number of 16/7 is a number of fatalities in one’s closest relations. People who are represented by the compound number of 16/7 have lost a lot of loved ones in their lives. They will live long enough lives that they will outlive all of their loved ones thereby they will experience even more fatalities in their near relations. People who are represented by the compound number of 16/7 don’t feel themselves much. They are in a constant stage of anesthesia. For example, if they break their hand they ignore their pain and they just keep on doing what they used to do.

I also gave this website a try enjoying the chakras function. Have a truly fun Thursday. ☺️

Wisdom Wednesdays: There Has Seriously Got To Be a Better Timeline in Our So-Called Simulated Reality

“If you want to understand today, you have to search yesterday.” – Pearl Buck

I’m never going to get to an actual hiatus when I feel the world’s energies pull me into the need to say something even if no one else reads it, and I’m sitting here some invisible speck in a huge sea of silence that is deafening. It feels more like someone slapped me upside my face which I’m growing tired of. You know my drill; underlined hyperlink text is here to educate or get us questioning our beliefs that we’ve been holding onto.


Tomorrow is a day trip and this really began last night, but I saved the blog post telling myself “don’t do it.” I woke up this morning and realized like my last post humans are clearly doomed which is probably not a wise choice of words to repeat the history they choose to forget. Others have said go get a real job and ignore political discourse. I’m no ostrich with my head in the sand especially when I know the entire scope of everything I see is some form of propaganda much less that politics is the entire backdrop of all human lives yet many choose to deny this.

Politics is in every company be it civil rights/liberties, environmentalism now under a green or white wash guise of sustainability, and our current supposed health crisis. None of this is new nor is today’s asteroid which came to my radar when thinking about numerology or the patterns continuously coming upon my awareness. For historically politics was what drove collectivization or the need for humans to conquer their perceived enemy which is really their own selves. As the Byrds sing there is a season for everything under the Sun. A time to love, to hate, for peace, and for war. I’m not here to incite anything more than let’s get some common sense if it exists. And no I’m no advocate of the allusion this can imply on other fronts which I am not going to label here. You either know what I am referencing or you don’t.

Everything that you think is other is you. The person next to you is another you, the car you drive is another you, the clothes you wear is another you, and so forth. When we realize all is energy and that everything we do ripples out with a chain of events that karmically as well as via dharma boomerangs back to self we learn that the problem is us; you and me! It begins with us and as all esotericists suggest this is how we learn at-one-ment and unity consciousness which removes the falsehood of separation from our blinded eyes.

As I have said I don’t need a social credit system to teach me this nor do I need remedial history to teach it to me. I’m very unimpressed that I feel as though I’m reliving middle and high school courses at the age of 42. It’s also where I mentioned that while I don’t like the assaults on capitalism it’s inherent profit for profit’s sake only is unfettered greed and nothing else. Lobbyists and humans who have a disjointed concept of give/receive, poverty/abundance, and other dualistic concepts thus we’ve lost the middle narrow path of synthesized wholeness.

If I really went into discussions on current affairs and the exchanges of what we all share I’d have a set of blog posts so long that we’d all be so opinionated about them the “trolling” or infantile aspect of it would become a three ring circus of pure violence I believe which is pretty sad. We literally look like toddlers fighting over building blocks. Unfortunately right now I feel like I’m watching that movie War of the Roses with Michael Douglas and Kathleen Turner play out. In fact if you’ve never seen it I suggest you watch it.

For me sanctions as well as their far reaching implications that some have put before me reminded me of times past with my stating Uranus is in Taurus as a generational energetic force we must learn/grow from. My education of this era was thorough already, but it will a always be tinged with distortions nonetheless due to each individual perspective or personal experience we come into contact with. We create our enemies or heroes and we also determine what is interconnected, what is not, and what is distraction. It is in fact us that are defining our realities not just individually as Jung says also collectively.

Holodomor/Engineered Socio-Political Constructs:

This will never change as long as we all remain infighting about anything and everything. That is after all why propaganda works as well as does the ideologies we have yet to graduate out of. In my estimation I don’t need social credits because it is blatant Orthodox legalism. It is based upon the age old esoteric argument with works versus faith. And those who pander it do not surprise me because clearly they think some of us are still “children not ready for meat/solid foods, but who still need to be fed formula.”

I neither need nor want social credits and to be babysat by some self appointed “master” treating me as their “servant.” Do you like the ideology of the ball and chain? I never was a fan of BDSM sorry! Flies in the face of beliefs I hold for freedoms/liberties we all were equally I thought given as birth rights. Or have I missed something yet again? I don’t believe whoever designed the Universe wanted to be that type of micromanager. If others do we have a disparity in our beliefs. Same as those in politics who if we legally read their oaths of office begin to see they are in violation of upholding our Constitution or even Bill of Rights due to conflicts of interest. Yes, many of us are waking up and learning about the “trickery” of our present now moment. Peculiar leadership? Not really; with no correct jury, attorney, or competing against the paid off most will feel with no hope.

I’m looking at humans grappling with their superiority/inferiority complexes, psychopathy, sociopathy, and megalomania or is it I have control freaks around me. I don’t know maybe the Star Trek Borg Queen hive mind which is another form of groupthink. Additionally I keep hearing the song Man in a Box and trying to process the 21st Century looks like hell on Earth and “beam me up Scotty” so I’m not present for it. I don’t get it. I truly feel as though certain humans behave illogically pardon my Spock moment. Everyone individually as well as collectively has to let go of control if they ever expect to embody flow.

Some are not even elected and have taken control of the world while seeking to control space also. Again humanity suffers poverty consciousness through collectivization and greed motives/intent while those who have it project it onto another failing to own their own share of the weight upon Atlas’ shoulders. Nope instead like in any job we in-fight over who contributes the best to the team and breed animosity. This is primarily why I’ve been wishing to simply not be present on Spaceship Earth for the estimation of the last decade gripping with my own spiritual awakening and frustration. So rather than soap box I will keep this short if I can. The goal is to make everyone for a time critically think. The next issue I see in projection has been those who tell me do not compare or compete with others. Collectively that mantra is a bit absurd as nations, companies, and such are wide examples of this practice. They employ healthy as well as unhealthy competitiveness with one another. What is a game to one person is not a game to another so perhaps we should clear that up now.

Asteroid 888 is Parysatis which comes to us from Persian language which Parisa means fairy faced or like a fairy. A derivitaive would be Parisatide. Parysatis was the 5th-century BCE illegitimate daughter of Artaxerxes I, Emperor of Persia and Andia of Babylon. She was the half sister of Xerxes II, Sogdianus, and Darius II. She married her half brother Darius and had four sons who were Artaxerxes II, Cyrus the Younger, Ostanes, and Oxathres.


This name is associated with the numerology of 3 which depicts advanced social skills and articulation to indicate those who are delightful to speak to and are often successful orators/writers. They have a colorful imagination and enjoy life to the fullest. The color of sunshine and the color of the third energy center known as the Solar Plexus chakra is that of yellow representing the intellect. In fact the color yellow relates to acquired knowledge resonating with the left or logic side of our brain stimulating our mental faculties, creating mental agility, and aiding our perception. The color psychology of yellow is uplifting, illuminating, hope, happiness, cheerfulness, and fun. Yellow inspires original thought and inquisitiveness. It is the practical thinker not the dreamer. Then again Queens and Empresses. A potential archetypal energy one could indeed say.

The problem with living only in the present is that this becomes how we forget history or we learn revisionism coupled with a cycle where no one plans for their futures. At some point your now will be tomorrow and time is certainly not linear. How do humans learn from the past while avoiding a repetition of similar knee jerk impulsive reactions in their need to “parent” another by disciplining them for a perceived infraction? The best way to flow is to listen to more than one viewpoint. To go out and expose ourselves to a myriad of options and avoid these echo chambers I’ve spoken to. But the internet is also it’s own closed system of echo chambers so why do people want to join an IOT/IOB?! Wouldn’t virtual become it’s own disaster where eventually no one leaves their comfort zone?

The most difficult situation I find we face is discerning truth from fiction because I’m well informed that not everything online much less on television is even properly being shown to any of us. That was also why I explained the problems of the “Mandela Effect.” While someone else self elects what is truth and what is misinformation through fact checking, but then I have to isolate where there is bias and where there is not bias due to the interests of any one particular group. You want me to trust you, but you have a vested interest in leading me astray. Right…

Logically or illogically I was looking at a long structure of numerology between 666 and 888 in esotericism. We could have those discussions for a very long time hairsplitting it. Best if we don’t do this rather we open our minds to the diverse ways we interpret life.

I’m going to plant this asteroid into an Ephemeris once more. Asteroid Parysatis is in Sagittarius 4° which is my 2nd House, and I encourage everyone to think then about where in their chart this would be. The 2nd House in particular is personal values, how one saves/spends currency, all assets including liquid, their occupation, what is consumed as well as accumulated (study habits/knowledge), and in fact deals with that which is maternal.

Natal and Transit Chart for Asteroid Parysatis


A young prince undresses to bathe in a pool.

Seeking your own reflection. Willing to go to any lengths to divest yourself of that which stands between yourself and your world. Seeking a path, a practice, a journey from an insulated way of life to a vitally engaged way of life, but hung up at the point of giving yourself completely over. Stalling for time, reaching for excuses, pulling in escapes and perpetuations of the status quo, you linger on the brink between one world and another. Propelled forward, but equally jerked backward. Destiny shall assert itself in a forward direction at the right time. And before that happens the drama of “will he/she, won’t he/she?” dominates consciousness and energy keeping everything tense, fascinating, and hopeful.

The chart holder has knowledge that must come out even if it isn’t acknowledged or accepted by others. There is an ability here to be impervious to the negative reactions and/or disinterest of others. As long as this degree focuses on what it needs to do and lets go of any apprehensions concerning the ramifications of its actions it can live true to itself.

The young man puts himself in a vulnerable position by taking away all the barriers between himself and nature. He then enters the water, the sacred womb of the mother to be refreshed, cleansed, and purified. This degree is about seeking direct experience by divesting oneself of preconceptions and social conditionings. By also letting go of assertiveness and agendas the chart holder can have a full experience of what’s right there in front of one’s self. It’s not easy to give oneself completely over to the feminine. It requires a lot of macho courage and gutsiness. Work with guardian angel Seheiah and daimon Berith.

Daimon Berith corresponds with the Two of Pentacles, Venus, Capricorn, and Heliotrope (also seen as a crystal). Berith seems to prefer that one come to the correct answer on their own terms meaning any imparted mistruths serve to teach valuable lessons. This seems to be a method of instruction rather than something done underhandedly. This daimon of alchemy teaches you that you should learn to help yourself when you’ve been given true answers to that which concerns past, present, and future.

Have a weird Wednesday! Mine has already been thoroughly uncertain. Our fault as humans is that we are ever prone to repeating our mistakes when we should open our eyes to stories of generations past. His/her story has a big impact on us therefore understanding it can benefit us. For humanity to understand how and why our present world is the way it is look to the past for answers. I’m now going to unplug myself from the world wide web again hoping I don’t get any more memos from cyberspace. 🌐🤖🎮

PS: I’m now in a seeming mourning phase. I just stepped out into my garden to find my screech owl obliterated who has been with us as we have returning screech owls every year. Feathers everywhere, and I’ve matched the pattern. The problem with having a heart is that you care a lot about random nature too. Walking outside to a dead garden companion is quite upsetting to me. 🦉💔

Teach Me Tuesdays: Desdemona or an Adverse Fate

Desdemona – Frederic Leighton in 1888

You likely won’t get anywhere unless you use the underlined hyperlink text in my blog posts or are a more regular follower to comprehend my unusual personality or mind as it processes what it explores. Sorry you may be feeling a wee bit of discomfort or really dislike me. I am used to this though. This one is early as I needed to get it off my chest now.


We interrupt regular broadcasting to bring to you a lesson in whether or not words as in neural linguistic programming, propaganda, and brainwashing can impact all of humanity at large to produce exceptionally harmful groupthink which no one should participate in unless they are tools of the inherently foolish and in fact are exceptionally ignorant with regards to sociology, behaviorism, and psychology or in general consciousness as a whole. I am still technically on hiatus, but I had an ah-ha moment I needed to pen and get out. Many are perhaps still asleep.

This name derives from the Ancient Greek deisidaimonía (δεισιδαιμονία) meaning ill fated, by adverse fate, born under an unlucky star or from the Ancient Greek dysdaímon (δυσδαίμων) composed of two elements: dus- (δυσ) (hard, difficult, and bad) plus daímon (δαίμων) (deity, divine power, guiding spirit, and tutelary deity) which means misuse of power. Desdemona is a character in William Shakespeare’s play Othello and a character in the tale Hecatommithi (1565) by Giambattista Giraldi Cinzio.

The name numerology is 8 and it is the Aetheric Body chakra. This is located at the base of your skull or cerebellum linked to the Causal chakra just above the Crown chakra to the left in the Aetheric Body. This center enables any individual to achieve advanced out of body projection, aetheric projection, spiritual perception, and spiritual wisdom. These abilities and ideas are larger than the self and the Earth which were where the ability of remote viewing resides.

Black is the color of that which is hidden, secretive, and the unknown creating an air of mystery. One keeps things bottled up inside and hidden from the world. In color psychology the meaning of the color black is protection from external emotional stressors.

One also creates a barrier between themselves and the outside world providing comfort while protecting their emotions and feelings hiding their vulnerabilities/insecurities and lacks self confidence. In times of fear and uncertainty black contains the energy of the threatening unknown. In a positive state, however, black is seen as a restful emptiness into which anything may emerge and disappear once again. It is also mysterious providing a sense of potential and possibility.

The ironic aspect or duplicity here is that some categorize Desdemona in Othello as the innocent citing she is innocent with a naive and optimistic world view believing the best in everybody despite the glaring obviousness that this is not truth. The play on opposites depicted here is that her naivety is her own downfall. Her goodness and honesty puts her death as that of the very actions of the others in the story. Desdemona is murdered through the act of being smothered by a pillow in a bed covered in her wedding sheets symbolic of a literal suffocation beneath the demands put on anyone who rests too strongly on the laurels of fidelity (loyalty and faith) at all costs even blindly by never questioning or critically thinking for one’s self.

Again as I have said context always matters for what is blind faith and is it really a healthy aspect of how we go through life with regards to trust?! It begs some serious questions like where are you putting your blind faith or loyalties. Could you be misguided in that which you place your trust? This is in my eyes how humans are so easily duped or misled especially taking anything at face value. I personally believe this is how we keep failing certain lessons in life. We are in fact becoming too trusting of that which should have been red flags and warning signs even ignoring our internal or intuitive systems that let us know when anything is a threat. Humans have been losing their ability to discern.

Then again I am also thinking of the class clown bully in school who walks up and asks someone if they want to be hit after telling them today is “flip flop/opposites day” where yes means no means yes. The problem for me is I have not nor will not turn the other cheek. Second you should not hit a woman. Who raised you? Would you hit your wife, sister, daughter, niece, girlfriend, or mother in domestic abuse cases? If you answered yes you have a serious problem to address. I was raised to not be a doormat for another to walk over in life. That means if you hit me I actually will hit back even as a female in self defense. And yes I know the entire non violent movement is out there. But I also know there is a phrase which says when you stand for nothing you will fall for anything. So I will have to own when my shadow decides to be a bit rogue or has gotten testy and rears its head by fighting back again in self defense.

Natal and Transit Chart for Asteroid Desdemona

Lets look at asteroid Desdemona (666) today. And yes I did choose this for a specific reason which I expect people to figure out on their own. Desdemona is also the name for one of the Moons of Uranus. The asteroid itself orbits the Sun in the middle main belt once every 4 years and 2 months. Most see this asteroid as speaking to victim consciousness. I beg to differ as stated above.

Naivety indicates having rose colored glasses as a default option. One who is not being selective, hoping that everything will go the way that is convenient for themselves, and it doesn’t have any basis upon which to build a foundation of trust. Naivety won’t rely on past experiences. This is a person not paying attention to clear warning signs because they believe that everything will be good! It forces you to ignore the fact that the last time in similar circumstances you fell into a trap. And the time before that the same thing occurred yet you take the same path again forgetting about it. Is the third time the charm?

A colleague always borrows money from you and happily forgets to return it. But you lend them money again and again hoping that this time it will be different. They must know that money needs to be returned! This is definitely at the expense of your naivety.

Another colleague has been working with you for a year now and you know for sure that you can rely on them because they have repeatedly proven this by being reliable and honoring all agreements. You feel comfortable and safe with them. This is trust.

Trust is a creative force. Naivety is a field where you can step into the mud, fall into a bog of eternal stench, or find yourself in a dead end. How does naivety versus trust impact our ability to misjudge again and again people, stories, and situations? A naive person trusts everyone because they think that any person with a kind face/demeanor could not possibly be lying. They also believe the item that is promoted/sold by their favorite actor/actress can’t possibly be bad. Why? Because the actor/actress believes in it so it must be truth. Funny when one looks at the word hypocrite.

Because I do not want this astrology lesson to be solely based on my chart I am going back to the Ephemeris. You want to look for this placement in your own chart. Where in your chart is Taurus 13°? This is my 7th House and right now Uranus also transits this location.

Uranus has been known as a planet of rebellion, freedom, upheaval, revolution, unexpected change, and our future ruling lightning, aircraft/spacecraft, scientific discoveries, electricity, technology, and our world wide web. I will put a highlight on freedom or liberty again as well as our internet. Uranus shows collective humanity exactly where we want to fly free and without absolutely any, and I mean any restrictions. It is this spark of intuition that prompts all human inventions and innovations.

For better or worse radical change occurs when Uranus changes signs. Uranus rules the collective consciousness. Taurus an Earth sign ruled by Venus is a planet of love, money, and values so look for change in the areas of finance/money, security, conservation, Earth changes specifically your farming and food supply, relationships with women, and the arts.

The last time we faced Uranus in Taurus we saw that between 1934 and 1942 we experienced the latter half of the Great Depression when millions of Americans were left without jobs and income! I know because I as I have said at the passing of my maternal grandfather inherited my matriarchal records with my great grandmother’s yearbook from high school 3 years before we entered the Great Depression. I am not stupid or naive. You are gonna have a hard time with someone like me if you are trying to “screw” with me in life.

The worst aspect ever of this generation was in fact our war mongers. During 1935 President Roosevelt gave us an aggressive series of federal programs better known as The Second New Deal. During the same period Congress passed the Social Security Act. What exactly do we hear today? Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s Green New Deal, economic inequality, and of course WW III posturing from none other than our negative Uranus in Taurus war mongers banging their drums ferociously! Nothing new under the Sun and lessons still not learned is what I suspect. I detest remedial because I always excelled in school overall (3.7 GPA, around the same for my Associate’s, and Valedictorian in cosmetology). I have no time/patience for remedial! So I get cranky and try to shove it down which is not working.

World War II began in 1939, and we all know that America entered the war with its attack on Pearl Harbor December 1941. Our nation’s factories went back into full swing employing women whose labor in the work force increased 36%.

Our Dust Bowl was a result of severe drought and largely the ignorant failure of the masses to apply dryland farming methods to prevent wind erosion. This only served to prolong the Great Depression forcing change to our agricultural practices.

Taurus rules our voice so we should recall that the first commercial broadcast in America occurred July 1941 featuring an ad for Bulova watches. My birthday is July 26, 1979. Changes for Leos during this time are within career/job and determining our priorities. Not sure why I’m here attempting a failing esoterics astrology business that fell on deaf ears.

Our last collective cycle of Uranus in Taurus gave us all the rise of Hitler’s National Socialism, Mussolini’s Fascism, and Francisco Franco with a Civil War and dictatorial powers that allowed for forced labor, concentration camps, and yes repression of political opponents.

Did anyone at all learn from the past to see that these groups can’t be ignored. Out of sight out of mind won’t work!!

In middle and high school my education although public was exceptional at covering the last generation of Uranus in Taurus so I am well versed in the era. And I am watching even if I am hated for this. This was before curriculum to me went in the toilet making me wonder is it education at all that students receive.

7th House is our 1:1 relationships, open enemies, legal system, partnerships, and our shadow we are to integrate which “pop” astrology and many I met refuse to do. Carl Jung explained this best! Someone has to own it, and I have a lot of people I am most certainly not impressed with right now. Why? Because of many people’s ignorance and garbage. One person can’t do this alone; it will make them crack.

13º Taurus: A judge in a court of law frowning at a man holding up a document.

Denotes one who is energetic and active, but who is threatened with disfavor, prejudice, and adverse judgment. He/she has trials in life, and suffers much, and he/she is likely to oppose or be opposed by authority. If Mercury is weak or afflicted in the horoscope (mine is in 10th House Leo) the native suffers in business and from law. If this planet is strong he/she is a mental pioneer fighting for liberty. It is a symbol of Gripping.

The chart holder is aware of the truth that anything upon first encountering is very different from what it really and truly is. They are willing to further pursue things which might have initially repelled others or which seems unlikely to yield any fulfillment. Through openness, patience, and persistence this chart holder can find much of great value that might otherwise have never been explored.

The Chandra symbol for this degree is actually defined as a treatise on imaginary creatures. This treatise is an exploration of all possibilities with a reorganizing of the known elements into new patterns and options. What results might be grotesque, beautiful, or both seen as once repelling and yet delicious. Nature is constantly experimenting and it is our collective destiny to do so as well. Work with guardian angel Veuliah and daimon Sabnock.

For notation I do not commonly use Goetia. I have studied it, but do not routinely use it. I choose to use angelic correspondences. I began including them to balance polarity and show how we can walk down the middle narrow path if any of us so choose to synthesize and get beyond duality.

Daimon Sabnock connects us with the 8 of Swords, Moon, Gemini, and Allspice. Sabnock builds towers and castles also known as dwellings of the astral spirit strengthening the self.

Many invoke Sabnock as a protection ward for their home or astral temple.

Anyone who attacks your spaces will become ill immediately. Once they call off their attack the illness should subside.

Sabnock reverses a manipulative spell and sends it back to the sender. This daimon wards off evil protecting against invaders. Sabnock builds one’s mental strength particularly self confidence.

Have a good Tuesday and rest of your week! I am gonna try to force myself to stick to my hiatus. Although I am very much considering removing my blog or privatizing it in the end. I am strongly in favor of leaving behind the world wide web altogether right now because I have been miserable having come back after closing my aesthetics business and learning I do not have to be dependent on it as others are. Nor am I dependent now on television. Maybe there is a freedom and beauty in walking away! All the psychological warfare is simply a great chance for humans to grow up, but whether or not they can is up to each who contributes to a choice.

Do we want to operate from the negative or positive pole in life?

Social credits; have a look because it reminds me of this and clearly we see how well this works for portraying our human condition as a whole. If you can’t look in the mirror the problem is not me, but rather it is you. This is why I left social media years ago. I tried again, and I don’t desire to partake anymore because I no longer need your popularity contest, lies, and fakeness!

We reap as we sow! Let us not forget the group think of Magic Squares, the carbon atom as 666, and so forth. Where do you look or see your own paradoxes in your life or consciousness? I do not want to have to explain the image above is the year 1888 and the number 888 for this is about the patterns we find in life. 🗣✔️📃