Teach Me Tuesdays: How Do We Flip a Negative Narrative to A Solution

“There are never gardening mistakes, only experiments.” – Unknown

If I was not consuming social media as I have been today’s blog post and others would not take place. While many feel I’ve gone down a path of negativity I’m trying to educate myself and others about topics they may otherwise have no time to research or pursue. Please use the underlined hyperlink text for expansion of the topics covered today.


“Negative results are just what I want. They’re just as valuable to me as positive results. I can never find the thing that does the job best until I find the ones that don’t.”

  • Thomas A. Edison

How many podcasts do you listen to that have become politically charged recently? There are a select group of podcasts I listen to in my spare time while I perform other tasks. Some have been pushing a lot of “fear” around supply shortages. I don’t discount this because last year I could not source essentials needed for my garden to fertilize or enhance my soil. Mostly because I’m not gardening strictly vegan therefore I needed organic bone/blood meal which there was none.

I began then researching how to make our own bone and blood meal. Local Texas fertilizers I could source everything else. This year family and I are seeking solutions. Here is some of what we are finding, and I sincerely hope anyone who can or will grow their own food in any form/fashion they so choose will be able to use this knowledge to empower themselves during our present possible dark nights of our souls given the doomsday prophets.

It’s being offered in the hopes that it will encourage or benefit someone during any period of hardship with local supply shortages. The goal here is to show various alternatives towards getting your soil and plants to produce. I’m from a different school of life which while I have tried to pick up a vegetarian/vegan lifestyle I live with two parents not yet ready or desiring to take that plunge.

I also suggest stocking up on seeds if you can or creating your own seed bank. If you’re going to go Organic make sure you learn the brands as some are genetic modified or were bought out by Bayer Monsanto which is not a company/mega corporation I choose to support. I try to avoid that route at all costs with food and herbs especially. Most podcasters have already taken to the worst outcome scenarios possible. If we all adopt those practices or beliefs there will be some pretty negative outcomes.

NPK Fertilizer:

This last week we’ve gotten set up to begin the herb garden first before the vegetable garden or pollinator garden. The problem is we’ve again been slowed by a cold front which has made me antsy as Texas weather is two seasons. Brown and brown as in winter brown or summer scorched brown. Agribon is often deployed over certain crops on hoops to reduce blight/heat exhaustion on plants as well as to prevent pests from taking over. Usually if that occurs I then deploy neem oil or an organic garden soap spray. Here are other alternatives for controlling garden pests without chemicals. My beginning in gardening I literally tracked my biome of beneficials and pests in terms of “critters.” I was reading and studying entomology as well as sending into BAMONA my captured butterfly images for identification.

But I will be honest our pollinators in my locale have been on a steady decline. Part of this is due to last year my neighbor removed a hive they had which began in an old bird nesting box in their crepe myrtles. So I lost a significant portion of honey bees which were vital. I was exceptionally unhappy when this transpired. Another neighbor had a landscaping/yard maintenance crew come out while I was working in my garden with no notification who sprayed pesticides. I was actually covered in these chemicals. It really did not impress me due to the fact that I’m chemically sensitized as well as I did not want the residues on my garden or the foods I was growing. This does not come out of clothes the same as certain fragrances can embed into fabrics.

If one steps back long enough what they’ll recognize is that this was sprayed on me with no protection so the particulate and spray landed on/in the face even. It’s generally not a topic you can easily have certain audiences relate to unless you’ve studied the impacts of certain chemicals which is beyond a MSDS. I actually got educated through documentaries detailing the exposure through migrants who work on genetically modified farms where crops are resistant to specific pesticides, herbicides, and fungicides. If you objectively trace the health concerns for yourself or others it might require you to re-think certain practices. Unfortunately these topics tend to lead to the loss of certain friendships because people don’t want to be bothered with the considerations. I’m finding a commonality with humanity which prefers to develop complacency. Monocrops and chemicals erode soil quality making such practices deleterious overall.

I actually went looking at Arabic Lots again today noticing they have one called Mind Captivity using the formula of Ascendant plus 3rd House minus Mercury. I’m going to run this on my way out for myself to locate the place where I struggle with thoughts which enslave or subjugate. I’d encourage others to do the same via Astro Seek. I would say this could be accurate actually. It sits 5th House Aquarius 12° and that would certainly correlate to our technologic advances also being used to keep our mental spaces in a prison cell through psyops and various forms of conditioning.

This is not found solely on the world wide web, but it is utilized in marketing with company advertising/branding particularly the Pavlovian model. Many see no problem with this, but I find it a bit dehumanizing. There is an argument here which can exist within Kabbalah regarding reward and punishment. The effect is a trigger for me in how an instance during my upbringing made me feel abused through disciplinary actions taken.

Mind Captivity Arabic Lot

The most classic example of this is when Aldous Huxley, who I share a birthday with much like Carl Jung (7/26), satirizes hypnopaedia or sleep teaching in Brave New World to instruct children about morality as well as caste/class distinctions. Speakers are placed next to the child to impart information via slogans or messages while they sleep to ingrain a child’s memory.

This promotes societal ideals regarding established roles and behaviors to maintain conformity.

In this “World State” like globalism there are no parents rather children are raised in dormitories. The model is a classic illustration of the damage that occurs through brainwashing. Within these infant nurseries Neo-Pavlovian conditioning is done through “fear” conditioning which was normally utilized on rats relying on both a sound and electric shock that induced “fear” in rats. This same concept is being practiced today through optogenetics! A topic which when put in front of close friends and family seems to shut discussions down or render one told they are toxic. I actually have a copy of this book as well as 1984. These topics while to some seen as uncouth to study are not the only areas of focus in my life. Speculations abound with this surrounding nanotech, wearables, and other technocratic advances.

Bio-ethics or issues of freedom, self determination, sovereignty, and free will?!

Self determination is defined best as government of a political unit by its own people and determination of one’s own fate or course of action without compulsion.

Sovereignty is defined best as government free from external control.

Free will expands this through the power of making free choices unconstrained by external agencies.

I used to attend SXSW or concerts, play visual novels, and all kinds of other extra curricular activities. People change for various reasons and this requires us to part ways with what no longer serves us including jobs or friendships. Sometimes it parts families as well.

We find in Brave New World hypnopaedia slogans encompass:

  • Community, identity, stability which is ironic given that the World State’s occupants are sacrificed in order to achieve a perfectly stable community.
  • When the individual feels, the community reels discourages individualism as this gets in the way of the World State’s ultimate goal of stability.
  • Ending is better than mending is a government slogan to encourage people to throw away old possessions, buy new ones, and promote consumerism to stabilize their economy.

The problem is that if you ignore through cognitive dissonance your reality then future generations pay the price so this is what you leave to your children, grandchildren, nieces, nephews, and so forth. The Mechanics of a Brain explores this also where behaviorists use reductive views of humanity to extrapolate successful experiments which show learned responses can be created in our consciousness via mechanical stimulus response affairs. You’ll see this further depicted in a Clockwork Orange or attempts at aversion therapy for curing homosexuality. The Mechanics of a Brain is a difficult read due to animal cruelty.

The experiments are flawed and some believe these same dehumanizing experiments were practiced during the Soviet Union. Pavlov’s own associate repeated these experiments on children. The use of invasive surgery or other coercive medical techniques has far reaching implications involving the physical and psychological well being of the subjects and participants for the remainder of their lives. And I won’t go any further with this because it’s as I said triggering even for me due to disciplinary actions I endured growing up which you can not always get other generations to understand as they see nothing wrong with such forms of social or behavioral engineering the masses. If I’m toxic for getting online to even gain this degree of knowledge the larger exposition is how toxic are the creators of such experiments on animals or humans while considering it acceptable.

The rabbit hole of this goes deeper though yet confronting audiences with it acts as a triggering device. I think this is because humans are bombarded with a lot of mixed messaging while trained to develop a tunnel vision. Our 5th House also heavily encompasses the collective element of humanity at large. Your 5th House is about seeking validation or attention through romance, self expression, hobbies, entertainment (music, movies, games, etc.), and soul connecting bonds. Aquarius is all about an addiction to social media, television, radio, or other technological advances which could branch off into the world of wearables or topics of transhumanism.

The degree falls upon the fixed star of Armus in the heart of Capricornus the Goat. An interesting legend with this star about a war with Giants that sent the Gods into Egypt pursued by Typhon. So we’re really talking about the realms of substance and life in the depths of our bodily consciousness where we exist in darkness. Egypt as a representation of the darkness of ignorance and obscurity speaks to the subjective mind and sense consciousness. This might be better understood if readers looked back to my post on the 10 Plagues of Egypt.

Sense consciousness is more in the vein of Eastern philosophy than Western. Giants being nothing more than the fear that ensues when someone is dissuaded from a goal they have set for themselves. It’s really the moment we make excuses when faced with change. “I don’t have enough time, I don’t have enough help, I don’t have the education, and It’s too much for me.” I know plenty of people who use these to lock them into limited beliefs, and I’ve heard myself make similar excuses.

Our perceptions and the awareness of these perceptions fall into different categories of consciousness in material reality which interface with our sensory organs. Habitual tendencies allow for consciousness to appropriate a mental body to shape our perceptions. The mental body attempts to fully mimic functionality of our sensory organs, neuronal paths, and brain activity engendering the end result of a perception akin to a being possessing these. A good example of this would be how our perception of smell involves the olfactory organs, receptors, etc. Yet if there were no habitual tendencies associated to a particular sense consciousness to begin with how could consciousness react to stimuli? This is where we encounter subliminal perceptions.

Being aware of our perceptions without being aware of their nature such as during an ordinary dream state allows us to perceive and react to stimuli without being aware of their illusory nature. It arises as a result of the material physical senses. ASMR, for example, puts a prime focus onto our sense consciousness bringing into question this subjective reality. The perceptions we encounter during ASMR by many who don’t experience “tingles” such as myself illustrates the illusory nature of sense consciousness because we have no habitual tendencies for it. If I consume it the only reason for this is to simply calm an over-active mind so that I can drop into sleep states. I’ve recently stopped consuming ASMR finding that I can now fall asleep calmly without it as a crutch.

ASMR can become anecdotal, but for many it’s a relief for depression, anxiety, and chronic pain which leads to insomnia. It is usually utilized to promote comfort, relaxation, and to invoke a response that releases dopamine, oxytocin, and endorphins that help one progress to sleepiness. The goal can be as simple as blending sensory and emotional stimuli with a variety of role play experiences.

If this degree also deals with obsession then it is worth addressing modern societies addiction to positivity culture also. This is not meant as a full affront to positive psychology, but what some find is that happiness is best pursued indirectly while remembering that it has subjective qualities as well as those which are objective. What makes me happy won’t make you happy! If we pursue our happiness indirectly we won’t find our negative emotional states or those of others as offending because we no longer assign them the valuations of failure in life.

What has been found is that anyone who believes they need to maintain high levels of positivity or happiness all the time to live a worthwhile existence, be valued by others, and to like themselves requires acceptance not avoidance of our negative emotional states. I think this is another aspect of shadow integration being failed by consciousness on our score cards.

You can’t go through life with the belief that there will never be pain, loss, or disappointment. Escapism is another coping mechanism of complacency or numbing out. Most people are employing emotion regulation through avoidance or suppression. It’s actually scientifically being found that we need to get “discomfortable” to increase our understanding in life of one another and make better choices.

The fixed star is commonly associated with the Wheel of Fortune by Kabbalists, but others associate this with the goddess Vesta who tended to the fire or flame of renewal. For the renewal flame to work any deposit within the Earth would need to be pried out, smelted, and fashioned into silver or gold. Usually this process occurred when iron and bronze was melted in a hot furnace. Within consciousness we have to recognize that Earth is chaos with it’s duality in nature and ourselves where we begin meditation. It’s a pretty base level as they often say. What I’ve learned is that the asteroid Vesta also is presently in Capricorn at this time. The placement deals with seeking out a crowning achievement in career which is to be enriched/developed.

At present we have Pluto, Mars, Venus, Saturn, and Mercury in Aquarius. That stellium translates to the exchange of ideas publicly with an interest in over dramatizing life and being competitive. Life becomes stressful with little time for play blocking creativity while breeding a lack of rest due to disciplined attitudes. This is very bad if it impacts children, but especially the inner child of any adult.

Obsessive disorders begin to form and society at large becomes resentful, oppressive, and strict with rules, legislature, and so forth. With the Sun ruling the 5th House one is ego centered with a focus on duty, conformity, and compliance. Humanity in this position will lack self awareness or the personal capacity to perform on behalf of his/her generation. It’s also related to the Sacral chakra when we look at this placement for imbalances.

12° Aquarius: A beautiful woman tending a dove with injured wing. On a table a manuscript, a bundle of letters, and an open book.

Denotes one of sympathy and feeling who thinks deeply because he/she feels deeply, and whose ideas, entirely utilitarian, find their ready acceptance will have much to do with the majority. He/she is launching beneficial reforms and will ever be striving to heal the wounds of others. It is a symbol of Reforming.

A chart holder can manifest a weightlessness of attitude which will shield them from almost anything if they develop an innate understanding that their karma could become dangerous if they’re not truly working to clear negativity. Being serious or passionate about life is not good when we turn what is important to us into a burden. If the chart holder attunes to the greater spiritual reality from which consciousness arises one can know the joy of pure being. Working with guardian angel Umabel and daimon Zagan is advised.

Daimon Zagan relates to the Eight of Wands, Sun, Mercury, and Hyssop. This daimon asks that one think as well as comprehend what they wish to say before speaking instructing on evolution and the natural environment. Ultimately Zagan is beneficial for removing addictions or healing negative habits.

Have a thought provoking Tuesday! 💡

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I am a licensed aesthetician (#1446048 Expires October 2023) who has worked previously in medical malpractice and personal injury legal administration, life/health insurance for State Farm, and various retail roles including personal shopper. My passion at this time lies in the field of esoteric studies. I am also a Master Level Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki certified healer.

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