Fun Quote Fridays: Life Feels Like A Stressed Fracture

Looking Kind of Rad(ish)?!

This week has been one of my worst to be perfectly honest. I don’t want to even discuss this because it’s very personal. Due to chronic pain I’ve abandoned my Nike Swift shoes for the Pegasus again. The Swift line is atrocious for chronic foot pain compared to the Pegasus line. I also purchased new slippers to provide my feet with comfort as I had a pair too small and very little comfort in the soles.

It was so bad I barely slept last night after working my part time cosmetology job for two days open to close as we had lots of freight. This whole week has been days of chronic foot pain that I take two Excedrin every single day to survive while I KT tape my surgery ankle.

We are struggling to figure out personal affairs with my mom’s health which I can’t publish here. It has bordered on being asked to give up my part time cosmetology job so I’m simply posting a quick entry with the acceptance that leaving for a hiatus as I have no time for my online business or blog until further notice will be best for all involved. We’re too burdened elsewhere and my apologies. We’ve been having a lot of struggles in 2022. I need to put me and my family now first. I barely have time for my personal self care or self love during a family emergency. If my well is dry I can’t water the thirst of others correctly!

Please use the underlined hyperlink text to traverse this race course safely today.


“Stress acts as an accelerator: it will push you either forward or backward, but you choose which direction.”

  • Chelsea Erieau

“Mental health awareness doesn’t mean fighting stress, anxiety, depression, and other everyday mental health issues, rather it means consciously modulating the habits that intensify those issues. Once you are in control of your habits, instead of checking your habits, you would automatically be in a much better shape, both mentally and physically. ”

  • Abhijit Naskar

“Everyone is struggling under stress and fear. Only with right attitude we can avoid regrets.”

  • Kishore Bansal

“Stress is real, and you never know what a person is going through behind the camera.”

  • Soulja Boy

“Self-care is, fundamentally, about bringing balance back to a life that has grown imbalanced from too many commitments or responsibilities.”

  • Robyn L. Gobin

“The time to relax is when you don’t have time for it.”

  • Sydney J. Harris

“It’s not the load that breaks you down, it’s the way you carry it.”

  • Lou Holtz

We’re going to keep this short again. I’m simply charting two asteroids today to match the color of these new sneakers. We’re looking at the Nike Zoom Pegasus 38 Women’s Barely Volt, Volt, Aurora Green, and Black sneakers that I purchased. I saw a pair of teal and pink online I wanted, but naturally when I got to the store they were not there despite the website saying they would be.

I’m charting asteroids Aurora (94) and Volta (8208). I chose Volta simply because the etymology matches through Faroese and through the Italian physicist Alessandro Volta albeit this word is more defined as a musical or poetical turning of time or change such as with a sonnet or in dance such as couples performed during the Renaissance.

The New Nike Pegasus Shoes I Bought

Lets try the lunar return chart today. Tomorrow is a New Moon in Taurus with a Solar Eclipse. I’m certain this is another factor in the toxic vibe my family is experiencing. Why? Taurus is Venus ruled and is about money, investments, relationships, love, and happiness. It asks us to ground and find that which helps us to feel secure.

If we likewise are not experiencing any pleasure we also won’t feel very empowered. Venus and Jupiter will both be connecting in Pisces which as I’ve said some family opt to dissociate from reality; a truly Piscean trait of escapism and abandoning responsibilities to self/other.

For me personally this was the optimal time to receive what we’ve longed for in terms of a pay raise or new opportunities in our careers. It is our professional network that will help us connect with opportunities we otherwise would not have access to. This occurs at Taurus 10° .

Taurus hates change, but Uranus is also in the same position as it was during the Great Depression and World War II during 1934-1942 which means giant financial change. This began actually in 2018 and exists until 2026. I can vouch for this as at my part time cosmetology job a box of foils for highlights/bleach from Reynolds is now $26 for hair stylists. So if you are getting your hair done and notice your stylist has increased the cost of their services it is due to inflation perhaps even hyperinflation!

Unemployment has been rampant albeit my current job does not seem to want to part ways with me encouraging me to force the issue with my parents that they stop asking me to give up a job/career I love for them when they can easily reach out to get help through their insurance or at home nurse services. Our financial world has behaved recently as if it were a kid’s toy yoyo.

The Universal givers known as the planets remains as steady as the Aurora Borealis and are constant. This energy also speaks to changes in farming or gardening. I’ve recently learned that one package of seeds contained radishes. I wish I knew who to sell them to because our family does not like radishes. We’re learning our current ways of living are no longer profitable nor sustainable especially if we consider improving health of our soil or seas. Humans may be asked or told as the dinosaurs soon.

You will experience changes that leave you different. The Earth will survive as it always does, but your species has a challenge which may include extinction if you don’t get your act together. In my house I have been the one with acute awareness while it can fall on completely deaf ears of the generations who refuse to “wake up.” That is why some call the older generations the dinosaurs also as an idiom.

You’re asked with tomorrow’s energies to flex your green thumb, cleanse/heal the Throat chakra, and begin small with micro-resolutions. Begin with small shifts and build upon them to create the snowball effect.

You should if you can learn to put your hands in pesticide free soil, plant heirloom seeds, water your crop, and nurture it to full harvest. Our potatoes are starting to flower finally and we do see tomato plants finally after cutting away the buckwheat that swallowed them. We are beginning to cut into/harvest lettuce which we have an abundance of. Clearly express your truth from a place of free will.

I was told today to encircle my navel in tea tree to create a barrier that will protect me from negative energy while drinking peppermint tea and rubbing lavender oil upwards on my throat to empower my voice as I’m losing it due to how some family members have bullied me this week.

My mom suggested I instead inform someone that I should not be expected to be Nell in the Haunting. She also sees the problem with our situation and has been having anxiety over someone else’s inability to own up to what ankle surgery entails if the MRI shows we have to go this route for her. I know this experience all too well. I’m still suffering from it. The chronic pain does not go away.

The Taurus of my family was great grandmother!

Lunar Return Chart for Asteroid Aurora and Asteroid Volta

Asteroid Aurora is placed retrograde along my Imum Coeli in the 4th House of Scoprio at 0° on zero point energy again as previously written about. It is biquintile Jupiter and Neptune, sextile Moon, trine Mars, square Pluto, and opposition Mercury. Asteroid Volta is placed in my 10th House of Taurus at 26° square Mars and Saturn, sextile Jupiter and Neptune, trine Pluto. Oh boy!

4th House is all about one’s home environment. This house directly rules our parents. 10th House is all about career and profession. This house directly rules our life path and future.

This makes one a problem solver who wants to create order on an intellectual level as a natural teacher or counselor. We value creative expression through music, art, and life style displaying a rich imagination or sensitivity. We make choices that align to our emotional needs and if we can’t properly express our feelings we lose center. We have to break free of any old patterns and hate losing personal power.

If we can’t communicate objectively we begin to express to a wider public seeking to learn how to understand both sides of our ineffective dialogues. Our emotions will fluctuate strongly from depression to frustration when others can’t handle their responsibilities and they press it upon us to finish/accomplish. We need time to integrate and break down larger visions into smaller manageable steps.

When we get to the source of our emotions we are elevated into a broad and expansive vision of ourselves. A light yet highly focused touch allows us to make our way through all obstructions and to penetrate the densities of all difficulties. When we see the whole of things through rising above them we then need to come back to Earth and respond to the energy that is deep within.

The most difficult and arduous parts of our journey makes us more aware of the signs, symbols, and portents along the way for they are helping messages. Work with guardian angel Veuliah and daimon Sabnock.

Daimon Sabnock connects us with the Eight of Swords, Moon, Allspice, and Gemini. Most work with Sabnock for protection and find this daimon to be particularly effective for the Evil Eye or Return to Sender spells. You will find working with Sabnock also effective in other forms of defense magic.

When we can conceive of what is precious to us and worthy of being embraced we can then perceive more clearly the dross and waste of the world. Sensing more and more clearly the forces of nature amongst which we move our perception grows beyond limiting abstractions and generalities and comes to embrace the utter uniqueness of ourselves and of every passing moment.

Realizing the destructibility of all things we let go of the need to concern ourselves with the durability of whatever we create. Appreciating the quality of uniqueness in everything we transcend the limits of role and allow ourselves to manifest to the world in whatever form we are comfortable with. Work with guardian angel Hahaiah and daimon Sitri.

Daimon Sitri corresponds with the Four of Cups, Jupiter, Cancer, and Rosehips. I’ve previously covered Sitri so I’ll encourage you to go here.

Have a great Friday, and I will be back to regularly blogging eventually! I just need to focus properly until then on family and other obligations for a time until after all the “madness!” Non regular followers I’m very sorry; when family may be up for surgery on their feet life comes to a screeching halt or stop sign! 💞

PS: Here are more inventions by Alessandro Volta! And I saw this! Green lights from the Universe! It matches my new sneakers LOL! I’ve never seen anything so unusual in my life as I have today. I can’t even; these symbols today! 🤪

Teach Me Tuesdays: Zero Point Energy

“Fertilizer does no good in a heap, but a little spread around works miracles all over.” – Richard Brinsley Sheridan

Well, it’s hope for the best with your fingers crossed on both hands and prepare yourself for the worst just in case. Not the greatest of quotes or ideologies. Where did we as humans come up with this saying exactly?! Collect some interesting discoveries today via the underlined hyperlink text.


I’m keeping this extremely brief as just a continuation of the last two blog posts on zero point energy by charting Asteroid Zero (4321) at present. I’m sitting before I go run shopping errands for the week battling neuropathy in my left foot. I needed a break off my foot, and this is essentially it with an Excedrin because burning pain up your left leg is miserable to feel.

It’s one of those risks of surgery I acquired along my sural nerve. I’m not in Cleveland, but resources for this online are not easy to come by. I do my best to not moan and groan, but during a flare I might be a little more emotional and angsty especially if I’m dealing with a lot on my plate as I will be shortly. I’m human so I try my utmost to not be the whining complainer.

Birth Vedic Chakra Chart via Jagannatha Hora
Today’s (4/26/22) Vedic Chakra Chart via Jagannatha Hora
Magha Lunar Mansion at Birth (Regulus, Pitri/Pitru, and Ketu Ruled)

We’re all born with unique “signatures.” Mine was Magha nakshatra; today there is a different energy in comparison. Ketu who rules Magha is now more aligned with Varuna for suffering/foreign things than it was at birth. Less energy in Indra for power, but more with Isana for blessings of the Gods/Goddesses. Saturn wants to sit near Kubera for money it seems.

I encourage non regular blog followers to read the previous posts I’ve explored on zero point, the torus, Magha nakshatra, and Regulus (this one will cause a serious stir in my blog readers because it deals with topics many won’t like I imagine). I have quite a bit here while I take a potential hiatus to care for mom during an upcoming surgery that I hope will entertain everyone. 2022 has been one crazy year for our family!

Age Harmonic Chart for Asteroid Zero

We will try the Vedic Age Harmonic chart again to see the current energies defining my life at this time. This placement is another ironicism because guess what Asteroid Zero is in my 6th House of Virgo at 8° which is a house ruled by Virgo and Mercury. This is sextile Jupiter, biquintile Uranus, and conjunct Pluto. For me my attention is focused on the details of practical uses of my mind, and I pay close attention to what I eat, drink, and how much I exercise with this placement.

If I am stressed it will manifest psychically sometimes via my gut, but also elsewhere in my body. This house is how we cope with our day to day tasks from work to our overall health and the care/service we give to others.

This placement seeks to learn more about helpful relationships while being mentally stimulated by multiple subjects/interests which facilitate our learning, business, and communication skills. We’re known to encompass the innovative mind of unusual connections especially with astrology, language, and alternative forms of education. We put a huge emphasis on freedom, independence, and all forms of liberation while rebelling against established life patterns.

We may feel victimized by the lingering effects of past generations which span socio-cultural forces of racism, mental illness, war, and poverty consciousness. Difficulties in life are often caused by people being at odds with their environment or having agendas that simply aren’t possible given what they are dealing with. The chart holder can feel and sense this with a knowing of how to remedy the problem by finding better environments for the desires of both themself and others. These are environments in which they can thrive and be fulfilled.

The Chandra Symbol for this degree is “A man thinking up names for colors.” There can be no perfect translation between the language of color and the language of words. But how you label things may result in a kind of poetry that can stimulate the imagination of others.

But at worst if your approach is overly rationalistic rather than poetic you might get so attached to the names for colors and your attempt to be accurate about them that you lose touch with the direct sensation of the colors themselves. Then you will need to drag your beached imagination back into the sea of intuition which is its natural home. Work with guardian angel Mebahel and daimon Leraje.

Daimon Leraje represents the Six of Wands, Moon, Leo, and Rosemary. If you’ve gone through anything traumatic this daimon helps you raise your vibration from depression helping you to let go of the pain physically as well as emotionally. When conflicts arise this is not always unhealthy for pent up aggression actually stands in the way of reaching a resolution.

When we work with Leraje we will be taught effective ways to handle emergencies, natural disasters, and the protection of our astral body especially during lucid dreams. You will learn how to network on the physical 3D as well as on the astral planes.

The Flower Agate is a great crystal to harness the energies of with the message of attuned inner harmony guided by the Divine focused upon effortless support which mentors others promoting an atmosphere of cooperation and respect. Affirm that you are filled with grace and soulful beauty.

This degree sits upon the fixed star Alioth in the root of the tail of Ursa Major the Great Bear. It is believed that Alioth derives from Al Hawar meaning “The White of the Eye” or “The White Poplar Tree” symbolic of being intensely bright. Others perceive Alioth to derive from Al Jaun meaning “The Black Courser.”

In China, however, this was known as Yuh Kang meaning “The Gemmeous Transverse.” There may be a connection to the Nichiren, Shingon, and Tendai found here as well through Myoken Bosatsu who was the deification of the North Star.

In 1838 Sir John Hershel thought of this fixed star as the lucida or brightest of the seven stars within the constellation of Ursa Major the Great Bear. The energy of Alioth is likened to Mars imbuing one with a quiet, prudent, mistrustful, self controlled, and patient nature who when roused will display anger. Kabbalists associate it with the letter Zain and the tarot trump of the Chariot.

I sent family information on the surgery I had which was a Brostom ankle repair which explains what this is as well as that there are new treatments with ultrasound bone marrow injections to heal the tears rather than them drilling holes in your bones, lacing harvested tendons either from elsewhere in your body or a cadaver (I’m pretty sure I have a dead person’s body parts in me because no one mentioned any grafting from my body to me), and the risks of chronic pain post surgery on top of previous foot fractures I incurred.

They tend to not understand sometimes when I explain that I have chronic pain or limitations now in range of motion. I also can’t sit cross legged or sleep on that side without the neuropathy as well as arthritis flaring. Anything rubs the surgery area enough, and I’m gonna be a very grumpy female. This surgery doesn’t return you back to normal entirely!

You’re gonna feel a burn and random numbness when neuropathy sets in with the achey bones from the osteoarthritis! I generally try to not think about dead people in me although I’m grateful I suppose for the help. Sounds rather necromantic to me. Can I borrow some corpse’s tendons to re-lace my ankle ligament? Um…

One thing is for sure this does not make ankle surgery sound too positive to my mother probably. I wish medical procedures came without risk or suffering, but that simply is not how life works for some of us. Even before surgery I had to sign paperwork stating I was aware of every associated health risk post operation. Today has been trying on my nerves; I’ve gotten responses that trigger my anger at family.

Largely due to the fact that I find them to be ignorant as well as insensitive or non-proactive or even worth my vested time because they resolve nothing being the byproduct of Piscean escapism rituals where people can’t cope with life and opt to dissociate.

I’m not sure how anyone would think such behavior would be a solution for my life, but they must not quite understand the importance of mental health as dissociation is not to me a correct coping mechanism to adopt. For me foot or ankle injuries are triggering to me; I re-live my experiences again. I can pretend I’m unaffected sure, but that is not my truth.

I’m literally re-experiencing trauma when I confront this again for family I care about. Funny isn’t it?! We think we’ve healed something, but the baggage seems to resurrect itself when we least expect it for us to investigate further implying that we still need more cleansing and repair.

I know why it is re-trauma. I sat in the MRI getting a long talk about how the science was discovered and shown my images with someone who could not read them, but told me I had too much fluid in my ankle. The results came, but when I saw a 75% and medical jargon I hoped it was going to read 75% intact and got told my ligament was torn that much thus I had only one option called Brostrom ankle repair.

So I freaked because uninsured, out of work for half a year, and a chain of events that sent my life spiraling into the unknown world of an outcome I was never ready to confront. Compression socks to stabilize and control swelling/pain.

Then there is my game of musical socks instead of musical chairs. I can wear them for only so long before they too irritate my foot too much. So you’ll see me put it on my left foot, take it off, and put it on and take it off again. The story of my life with a temperamental body part! I really do miss the old me sometimes; is that normal?!

I hope everyone has a stress free week! I’m back to work tomorrow and trying to rest/relax now that I’ve gotten shopping errands done. This blog post was broken up and finalized after I ran myself through two grocery stores.

Therefore I want someone to understand why it’s also difficult to work the jobs I’ve worked in retail; you’re on your feet all day! Then you come home to “more work.” And it’s hard to some days remember just to breathe! Breathe and release! I hope I retain my sanity through this.

I forgot that I have tape also. So I can begin this again as well as teach mom now. Someone please heal the foot chakras for mom and I. 🦶☸️

Manifestation Mondays: Spiritual Misunderstandings Which Lead Us All to Chagrin

“Essential advice for the gardener: grow peas of mind, lettuce be thankful, squash selfishness, turnip to help thy neighbor, and always make thyme for loved ones.” – Unknown

This may be my last blog post for a while, and you will understand the “what, where, when, why, and how by the end of this entry. Please use the underlined hyperlink text as a map for hidden treasure!


The more I try to learn about the Abrahamic faiths the more I somewhat feel a growing need to distance myself from some of them due to their radicalization on the basis of improper teachings that are birthed from them. I think this is something that is more common than not to the mutual dissatisfaction of those who are Jewish, Christian, and Islamic. The degree with which I’ve studied the history of their proselytizing which has led to some incredibly violent and horrific atrocities or crimes against humanity is quite off putting.

Any ideology that has become radicalized I simply won’t agree with particularly when it comes with an inability to understand or know (gnosis) that there are differences between the literal interpretations to the esoteric more metaphysical/mystical interpretations.

When I went to high school it was situated on Baghdad Road, and I began to think about the relation of this to the fact that I’ve taken up gardening with a name that directly reflects Persian or Zoroastrian concepts in reference to the location of the Hanging Gardens of Babylon for these were located south of Baghdad in what is modern day Iraq.

If we were to look upon the etymology of paradise we would find that Proto-Iranian paridayjah gives us garden. This was meant to represent a garden surrounded by a circular boundary wall. Ironic that it is thus that many have believed this Garden of Eden would be located in the Middle East near Mesopotamia. Some consider these gardens to be purely mythology!

The archetypal reality of this place so many yearn to return to though is not necessarily outside of ourselves. In Hebrew Gan Heden of surpassing greatness is a sphere of activity known as a garden, world, body, and Universe where it was in fact metaphysically meant to represent a pleasant, harmonious, and productive state of consciousness where all possibilities of growth existed. It’s not something to look for “out there” when it is within each of us.

The “garden” so many seek is a symbolic representation of our spiritual body in which we as humans dwell when we bring forth our thoughts derived from Divine ideas in perfect relation to the substance of God/Goddess. The idea of a Paradise Lost is an esoteric exposition of what happens when we have not developed Divine consciousness in realization of God/Goddess therefore our thoughts and ideas do not originate in Divine mind, wisdom, or love.

Our body or temple is meant to be the outward expression of the Garden of Eden. This was in fact given to us by God/Goddess with express instructions to keep and dress it by working in Earthly consciousness to use our co-creative powers to preserve harmony/order in our world.

What happens is that exoteric believers ignore that the entire book they choose to cherish so passionately is an entire allegory. Eden is a region of being where primal ideas are meant for the production of beauty in elemental life with intelligence placed at the disposal of humanity through which we are to evolve our mind and body. Your physical as well as spiritual attributes comprise a mini Garden of Eden. The minute we actually begin to operate in accordance with Divine law rulership as in our sovereignty becomes authority and dominion of the Kingdom of God/Goddess within.

Instead I have literally countless people around me who promote these incredibly unpleasant ideologies that foster nothing except perversion in the outer reality through their improper powers of manifestation advocating for that which has no place in occurring because of the “agendas” it furthers likely as a byproduct of their egoic self or at the juncture of being propagandized to such an extent that they can’t accept truth.

Genesis 2:8 And the Lord God planted a garden eastward in Eden; and there he put the man whom he had formed.

Here Eden signifies “light” and thus the garden is of light, love, and peace. Earth consciousness is the mind combined with chaos where duality exists and it is only the beginning of a meditative practice. You see this as I’ve said previously represented as the animals going in pairs into an ark. But these stages must progress to water, air, and finally fire before you receive a renewed mind often called quintessence. Adam is a word construct which means atom as the source of all life.

Activate the Third Eye chakra in the right hemisphere of your brain and you will come to the seven days of creation as your chakra system where your Earthly lower mind must reach higher consciousness. It is not until you open the seventh chakra that you will find the place of peace known as Jerusalem which again is not “out there,” but within you. Elohim was a plurality meaning it contained both Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine principles, but religion with its inherent dogma can’t seem to cope with this fact.

The two month status update of buckwheat dwarfing the roma tomatoes, the garlic chive, our beans sprouting flowers, and the basil finally developing larger healthy leaves.
A forest of potato leaves and stems above ground. I’m still wondering how it looks under the soil. Curiosity as to what I’m growing for tubers/root vegetables.
Yes, we have that many heads of lettuce growing in the above ground bin!
Carrots are finally shaping up to look like actual carrot tops! It feels like this has been a very slow process to me this year.
Wildflowers are still not flowering, but the sage has taken off splendidly. I’m not seeing pollinators as of yet. I’ve attempted to pacify my concerns with the knowledge that most years April is “wet” with rain and an onslaught of flies. We’ll see how well I can keep this up given life has just thrown me a huge monkey wrench and challenge!

It’s also a byproduct of an era when women were not to learn that their female energy rising up the spine as kundalini made them part of their Divine creator. This is still going on presently; you will still see people who wish to continue promoting the patriarchy as superior. We should be seeing ourselves as equals, but I imagine it will continue to take a long time for consciousness to reach this goal.

And this is also often misconstrued further into other lower mental topics which are infesting our 3D with improper ideologies or teachings wreaking havoc on the human condition. Topics too “touchy” for me to discuss with my audience. Eve is simply a split atom with a serpent that represents our physical aspect via a sigmoid shape of the human spinal column.

The minute our consciousness gets confused by duality we lose our sense of self as well as our life’s purpose. The inherent goal presently of the 3D dogma is to keep everyone trapped in this duality or lower consciousness. Another ironicism is that Sin which meant we are missing the mark was also a lunar deity of the Chaldeans. Ur being a place where we dwell in a lower Emotional IQ.

Babylon is also not something “out there” rather it is within every human corresponding to our lower nature of desire and the five senses which hold our souls in captivity. As many do not have their seven chakras spiritualized they are entrapped in wanton consumerism and self indulgence. Higher consciousness is in fact always available and accessible when we become willing to sacrifice the time and commitment to acquire it.

The entire “beast system” is merely people who desire to have more any way you slice it through vices such as lust, greed, gluttony, and so forth because it implies an insatiable nature. This is where we learn that the number of this “beast system” is also a closed Third Eye chakra dominated by the Earth consciousness.

The two hands we possess are tools to survive in a system that engenders the constant need to accumulate material possessions which now rakes us over coals through inflation. So the larger portion of humanity chooses to worship at an altar of materialism lacking proper balance in their existence.

Materialism in and of itself is not wrong rather it becomes perverted when we allow it to override our spiritual evolution. The insatiable aspect is found in humans who mix their lower nature with the higher consciousness forgetting to purify these energies which leads to a cup of indignation or wrath hence we never find contentment or satisfaction making us like a drug addict always yearning for more.

The literal always compounds problems because it foments a slew of improper lifestyles in the 3D. These are seen in the beliefs of there being no harsh weather before Sin, no hard labor to receive food or other life essentials (seems to me this would lead to sloth/laziness), no death on Earth (again we’re speaking in parables therefore that would mean no transformation or transmutation of the lower nature) which hardly seems ideal for a spiritual or consciousness evolution, and a place where God/Goddess spoke to humanity face to face.

I’m still stuck on no death on Earth because I find that not a positive harbinger or outcome and it makes me think of humans wandering in darkness or ignorance for aeons which really doesn’t sound optimal. Then again I’m also coming at this from my understanding of Death as a Major Arcana rather than the literal act of dying. We’re running around fearing death which while this could be literal also quite truthfully is simply a new life opening before us with new opportunities.

The best description I saw was that the dance of death is when all the “masks” fly off and the husk to refer to the a Kabbalist term more related to the Qliphoth has cleansed its core and died acquires what is its true beauty. This, however, occurss for all regardless of sex, age, creed, hierarchy, etc.

Ephemeris for Asteroids Paradise, Bean, Roma, and Potato

Today I’m going to briefly touch on some asteroids I located which match my garden as I’m growing green, yellow, and purple beans, roma tomatoes, and potatoes. I don’t want to get too in depth with this so I will make this very brief. I’ve added the asteroid for Paradise as well.

If you would like to chart these for yourself you can locate them via the following association: Paradise (2791), Bean (13606), Roma (472), and Potato (88705). To keep this as basic as possible I’m using an Ephemeris to simply take stock of where they are located in my astrology chart as of today. This means I’m matching it to my Western natal chart.

We would find Paradise in my 1st House Scorpio at 14° with Uranus, Bean is in my 8th House Gemini at 15° with Mars, Roma is in my 1st House Scorpio at 27° with Uranus, and Potato is in my 3rd House Capricorn at 27°. That is a mouthful! It is widely accepted that the 1st House is our ego, appearance, focus, identity/self, and explains the wide range of perspectives one holds about their world.

Ruling the head and face as well as the conscious mind the 1st House is quite different from the 12th House where our intutive mind lies. It is best said that Aries and Mars rule the 1st House making it the house of a doer where it is all action. Scorpio imbues this with magnetism, mystery, and usually one will have a brooding expression on their face coupled with an intense stare. We generally intimidate everyone.

Come full circle to the 8th House and we get another whammy of Pluto/Scorpio energy due to their rulership of this domain. This relationship house deals more with the axis of money, mental/emotional transformation, and of course death/inheritance.

Thankfully Gemini here allows one to come up with a variety of ways to deal with joint finances, investments, and we look at life through the perspective of diving into our problems through transforming our mental perspectives. We’re just naturally curious! Communication is huge for us as is self knowledge. So when it comes to mental health we let go of any and every thing which is not healthy for us.

Finally the 3rd House is the place where we speak or write while focusing on transportation and local community. This house speaks to early years of education up through college or trade school. Capricorn doesn’t waste time with saying what needs to be said, but we also don’t express our thoughts and opinions unless we have something productive to interject.

Being ruled by Gemini and Mercury you will find this deals with the neck, shoulders, arms, hands, and ears. When we feel misunderstood we tend to become disinterested in relationships. We also come across as serious most of the time, distant, and won’t put a lot of faith in others so I imagine this deals with that issue of “trust” again.


Women dressed in black. They are wailing and mourning.

Darkness, heaviness, sobriety, and grimness. Grief for lost worlds. Dramatically cleansing what must be let go. Freeing the spirit. Laboriously and intensively preoccupied with endings and captivated by the past. You are fascinated with the decomposition of things. Living deep in the unconscious and inside collective dramas. Lost to yourself.

Thrown into patterns, syndromes, and worlds that require drastic measures to transform. A feeling of being cursed. A sensibility of doom. A creation of the worst inside. The long established deeply ingrained consciousness of stark limitation. Getting under it and destroying it the long hard way.

Being able to turn any energy into something positively has a deeply enlivening effect on whatever one creates. Strong and deep attachments eventually lead to mourning until they are released. When we soften our consciousness so that we may perceive that everything is alive we are visited by and receive the love of the angels.

When we share our grief with others in a complete way we lighten ourselves so much and create such a connection with the Divine that we are able to rise above the heaviness of the physical world. Work with guardian angel Cahetel and daimon Barbatos.

Daimon Barbatos relates towards the Nine of Swords, Venus, Gemini, and Arnica. This daimon excels at teaching one to understand the voices of animals particularly that of feline creatures, amphibians, and reptiles. Working with this daimon allows one to divine messages from pendulums and tarot cards. Barbatos is also ideal for mindfulness, spirit communication, and musical inspiration.

Work with Copper remembering that messages are to be swiftly articulated transmitting truth and wisdom focused on easy communication/networking while reconnecting people and places. Affirm that you develop and maintain clear bonds.


People gathering salt from the ocean.

There is a universal sourcespring of renewed life-forces and reawakened expanded awareness which is on tap for those who venture there. Most characteristic of this vast realm is its common ground, free access, and broad representation. You are everybody at once converging toward sisterhood and brotherhood. The sudden, drastic, and astounding universal life stream toward the future being there just like that. Serendipity and chance.

Fortune and synchronicity. The hundredth monkey comes to town. The only thing asked is to make way; to cast off the outer covering of separative identity and to open the path letting it flow. However, this is so easy and natural you can pass it right by and miss the chance. It takes an urgent call and a trick of destiny to reveal that as close as can be open doors to the infinite are waiting for those who can drop the disguise and come to the party as they truly are.

Realizing the accumulated meanings of the past we are able to rise above them and gain an expanded overview of how the spiritual realities create and interact with our physical reality. Continuing to flow through time we sense certain forces to which we are attuned calling to us and are able eventually to see and understand those forces in a deeper clearer way.

Or put another way at first we may follow our bliss only uncertainly and darkly, but if we continue faithfully to follow it we connect eventually to universal consciousness by coming into a deep understanding of who we really are. When we allow ourselves to build our own tower of magic from which to view the world we grow into being able to appreciate the mystery of beauty without requiring any explanations in which to keep it caged.

When we come to realize that our physical life is actually a distillation of our emotional body we perceive that all matter is alive and that everything is always surprising when limiting assumptions are let go of. Work with guardian angel Sitael and daimon Vassago.

Daimon Vassago relates towards the Four of Wands, Jupiter, Aries, and Saffron. This daimon helps one improve conversational ability, quickness of thought, and social confidence. Some believe working with Vassago will aid with having prophetic dreams.

Using Snowflake Obsidian impart the message that our imagination takes us on journeys of play and discovery with a focus on breaking the barriers of time and space. Affirm that you are free to roam freely through the past, present, and future where treasures await to be awakened.


Three blue robin eggs.

Holding inside you a complete future vision. Preserving and guarding a limitless awareness of what can be and of what shall be. You feel so pervasively the impact of what you carry inside that each piece of it now becomes supercharged with meaning and archetypal power beyond how it might seem to anybody else. Being in the preliminary stages of something so vast and staggering that even those stages feel momentous beyond conception.

Just about bowled over by future destiny. The personal self of now is cast into shadow, seeming trivial, a throwaway. But so transported by prenatal resolves to go all the way this time that any sacrifice or difficulty is chalked up to necessary stages of rough process. And the inner mind holds its lodestar in view and simply cooks inside till it’s time to boil over.

Letting communication happen naturally and spontaneously we are able to relate to others with whatever level of formality, distance, or intimacy that feels required in the moment. Tuning in to a fine, subtle, and intuitive level of communication we find ourselves able to impart a sense of new life, hope, and transcendence to others.

To relate to others in an atmosphere of openness and joy that leaves behind all fear induces us to spontaneously see the beautiful and eternal purposefulness of the universe. Simple hope and an innocent effortless connection to life becomes a path to the healing of emotions and the creation of miracles. Work with guardian angel Nelchael and daimon Morax.

Daimon Morax relates towards the Four of Swords, Mars, Elder, and Libra. Essentially this is another daimon skilled with the teaching of herbs, stones, and astronomy/astrology. Morax is seen as an ideal to work with if you wish to become a herbalist or to enhance your skills with crystals and gems.

Yellow Topaz enhances this degree spreading the message of one who is in command, stirring valor, and displaying intense fearlessness while focused upon joining forces with others to fight for good causes that achieve the greater good. Affirm that you have a brave heart.


A long mirrored hallway lit with candles.

Purpose gazes right down the middle and sees that the way is clear. The internal adversary lurks under, around, and through things and is supremely doubtful of everything you see and know. This only provokes the purposive one to become higher and mightier, more commanding and domineering, which in turn incites the adversary to more radical sabotage by denying your own worth in a savage fashion. Each side pushes the other over the edge.

You are karmically at a crossroads trying on for size strong selfhood and its inevitable shadow of pervasive doubts and negations. Learning and discovering arduously how to stay with yourself even while going against oneself. And thereby outlasting the adversary and proving that one can do the impossible even when one is one’s own fiercest critic and hardest to impress audience.

When we tune in to those living forces of wisdom within we find we are able to use that energy to effect profound changes in this world and to help others to open up to higher states of consciousness. Working delicately and lovingly with the intricacies of life we find our way forward becomes more and more clear as it is illuminated by our intuition.

The understandings that swim within our subconscious and which are always ready and willing to reveal themselves to our conscious mind are eternal truths that are ever finding a new and unique expression through our own utterly unique being.

When we can clearly see the way forward we then realize that what we need to enhance our journey is to take care of whatever we are going to use as our vehicle of travel and to meet whatever responsibilities it requires of us. Work with guardian angel Haziel and daimon Paimon.

Daimon Paimon relates towards the Ten of Swords, Sun, Bindweed, and Gemini. Most people work with this daimon for astral out of body experiences as well as remote viewing. Paimon increases creativity, resourcefulness, quick wittedness, and teaches one to disregard physical pain. Paimon also assists with alchemy and knowledge about psychology, neurology, and social skills.

Harness the energies of Peacock Ore with the message of energy, lightness, and freedom helping you effortlessly deal with your own troubles while helping resolve the problems of others. Affirm that you are open and accepting of all possibilities.

I hope that you have a soothing Monday. My left foot is slowly feeling better; the muscle relaxer helped. I guess I forgot that an eight hour shift of standing in one spot at a register taxes my injuries I’ve incurred and healed from. This is probably why I was trying to “face” the entire store so I would be walking. It definitely feels better to be moving and on the go than stagnating in one location.

Today is a rain day so I’ve been hiding in the house with my blog post, podcasts, video games, and laundry. Then there is dinner tonight that I’ll be helping with.

On the part time cosmetology employment front my schedule may change to 4 days off with me working Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays. HR emailed me with this today asking what I thought. I’m not going to complain with this suggestion. Ironically this may be ideal for me right now as if HR has ESP!

Meanwhile mom is likely repeating my foot injuries, and I’m going to need to take another hiatus from my business blog.

She made a podiatrist visit, needs an MRI, and will likely also have ligament surgery on her left foot. When people talk about Twinkie Day this is not what I wish to see happen is my mother re-living my experience of foot injuries.

There will be zero time for me to focus attention here as I have to put my attention and focus back on family health as my priority alongside my part time cosmetology employment. This is just a head’s up to my regular blog followers! Fingers crossed; I’m sure she will be fine through this.

I just would not wish foot fractures, ligament surgeries, or anything on my worst enemy right now! I’ve lived these, and I don’t want anyone to go through this because it’s ultimately just not a fun experience or adversity to overcome!  If anything at this blog has helped you please support my business if you can or desire to do so! I’ve tried to proofread this entry, but am short on time. If there are any errors my sincere apologies. Sending you much love! 💌

Sign Spotlight Sundays: Hippity Hop

“When a child loves you for a long, long time, not just to play with, But REALLY loves you, then you become real.” – Velveteen Rabbit

Last Sunday was the Tiger now we move on… Use the underlined hyperlink text to seek out some unusual solutions to culture.


Those born in the years 1915, 1927, 1939, 1951, 1963, 1975, 1987, and 1999 or the year of the Usagi/Rabbit make up a collection of smooth talkers who are talented, ambitious, virtuous, and reserved receiving admiration and trust from their peers.

People born under this influence are the happiest of the zodiac epitomizing refinement, rarely displaying anger/aggression, and have a natural shrewdness about them. They can perceive things before they happen ensuring that they can undertake much in the business or personal life spheres by being skillful at assessing the pros/cons of any situation examining it from every angle. Their eye for beauty is associated with beautiful paintings, cultured views, and individualistic fashion sense.

This sign falls under Monju Bosatsu associated with education therefore many may pay homage in the hopes of passing exams or becoming gifted writers. One of Monju Bosatsu’s other correspondences is the removal of delusion. You will see depictions often of him riding a lion known as the king of a hundred animals carrying the scriptures of Buddhism in his right hand to signify a living person’s search for enlightenment.

Monju Bosatsu is held to perform actions which save people by cutting off evil as the root of malefic thoughts/actions which are the byproduct of ignorance.

Monju Bosatsu:

Further depictions will show Monju Bosatsu riding atop a roaring lion or shishi symbolizing the actual voice of Buddhist law overcoming all obstacles. You will find a shishi flanks our garden at the front door to our house. We may see this again in the gejishi-in mudra as I’ve covered months ago in a blog post where the gesture of the outer lion and its immediate counterpart naijishi-in or gesture of the inner lion represent the Yin/Yang relationship.

When seen outside of a Buddhist temple they guard against evil and baleful influence uttering the sound “A” for Alpha and “Un (Hūm) for Omega to destroy the false views of nihilism and externalism as falsehoods. There is neither real nor unreal.

If you see an infant Monju Bosatsu this corresponds to eternal youth from the Sanskrit Kumarabhuta. There are eight attendants for Monju Bosatsu known as the Great Youths referred to as Komo, Hokan, Keishini, Ubakeishini, Shittara, Jie, and Chosho. The last five are female collectively known as the Five Messengers. Some recognize that the purpose here is to be reminded of the dangers of nuclear power plants. In Fukui Prefecture there are two named Monju and Fugen.

December 8, 1995 Monju was temporarily shut down due to a sodium coolant leak. Fugen advances thermal reactions using uranium and plutonium as fuel. There was stiff opposition to these reactors and Buddhists believe by naming them after both Monju and Fugen Bosatsu this is a swift vengeance sent by Heaven.

Rabbits and hares alike will connect with reproduction, abundance, fertility, humility, rebirth, and the release of fears. They ask you to take opportunities in life as they come to you before they pass you by without allowing your fears to create stagnation. When rabbit or hare appear you may find that your endeavors move forward as if taking a leap of faith.

Rely on and further develop your intuition and you will quickly succeed at sensing what paths will lead to danger so that you can avoid them. Keep an eye on your impulsivity ensuring that at all times you look before you leap. If you spot a rabbit or hare near Easter then your dreams might relate to your childhood or memories of the past. Rabbits and hares alike share a short life span so the message here is to take advantage of every waking moment to reach your goals moving forward with perseverance.

Please be aware that rabbits and hares also have many predators which is why they often reproduce at a higher rate than other animals. Across the cultures you may also be familiar with the story of the Usagi in the Moon, but it’s also important to remember this is a symbol of the Goddess of Love known as Aphrodite. This concept has been popular in Mexican lore as well such as with the Aztecs.

Moon Rabbit:

I am not finding very much by way of what could be used for astrology here except for tweaking one specific asteroid. The connection my mental intelligence comes up with here is that rabbits and hares while both members of the leporid family have key differences. The rabbit is a social burrowing mammal who at birth is known as a kitten or bunny which is furless, blind, and completely dependent upon its mother for survival making them easy targets for predation. Hares are born to run from birth known as a leveret covered with fur, capable of sight, and known to be hopping within an hour or two.

Hares are solitary with a tendency to gather in small groups to huddle for warmth in snow shelters when necessary. Rabbits on the other hand live in warrens or a special nursery dug by mother rabbits covered with twigs, grasses, and fur plucked from her own chest. Asteroid Warren (5597) might be applicable here in a somewhat unusual way. Orbiting the Sun between Mars and Jupiter we might glean some insight if I were to chart this for myself or if other’s charted it for themselves.

Persona Chart for Asteroid Warren

The Persona chart tells the story of an inner personality which is an individual sound of a person within us who is independent. For me the standard run of this presents Asteroid Warren in the 11th House Scorpio at 20° with Uranus. Aspects include semisquare the Moon, square Jupiter, and conjuct Uranus. The 11th House in Vedic astrology known as Badhaka is obstructive towards the signs of Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn.

You will face obstacles in this house of friendships where you may prefer seclusion rather than the life of a social butterfly. It is often used as a determinant of financial assistance and gains from your associations outside of profession such as inheritances, foreign sources, and speculation.

This displays as a healer with powerful subconscious drives/longings, the killing off of bad habits, and finding comfort in intensely transformative experiences. One is to gain an underworld experience of growth by having their belief systems shaken up where they are opened to new sources of inspiration. This encourages one to know that a new philosophical/spiritual system is to be followed.

You will feel driven to liberate yourself from anything which restrains or limits your ability to actualize your unique authenticity. All unconscious motives and desires are no longer denied where one may overturn their life structures to forge a new path.

There may be an accumulation of knowledge here, but can it be used? The chart holder needs to actualize this wisdom in the immediate world around themselves rather than just passively holding onto what they know. There is a tendency for the mind to become a barrier to growth and forward movement. The way out of this is to let go of what you think you know while going spontaneously where your instinct takes you.

The Chandra Symbol for this degree is “A serpent wrapped around an immense egg.” The man and the serpent feel as if they have to protect this life and wisdom. Yet wisdom and truth can never be destroyed only the forms in which they manifest can be which is what must be protected. We might call this degree “The Guardian of Truth.”

Carrying all of this is a burden, but at the right place and the right time the chart holder will be prepared for they will be able to reach in their metaphorical sack and pull out what is needed. This is what makes all this inconvenience worth it. And when the egg is ready to hatch the serpent will then be able to relax his coils allowing the new life to unfold and take wing.

This degree may often do things which seem impractical or unnecessary, but it senses something others don’t sense with a need to follow these inklings and meet their requirements. Also it needs to develop the ability to go ahead and use what it has even when it seems there isn’t much outer support for doing so. Work with guardian angel Mebahel and daimon Leraje.

Daimon Leraje represents the Six of Wands, Moon, Leo, and Lemon. If you’re working with Leraje you will likely change your outlook on life while reconciling conflicts with difficult people. This daimon helps one to shed their naivety or gullibility while teaching nature based knowledge. Leraje’s healing style is one that teaches physical and emotional well being.

One can work with Peach Moonstone for this degree while remaining brave and intrepid uncovering personal power through inner wisdom focused upon providing hope to society revealing that which is important and valuable. Affirm that you are moving beyond limitations.

What did Santa bring you? Or was that Krampus? (The Coalsack Nebula)

This degree sits upon Alpha Musca in Musca the Fly. The common housefly known as muscadomestica derives from the word Mu meaning gnat and to buzz as well as midge and muscarine which is the red form of mushroom known as Amanita Muscaria.The Fly Agaric mushrooms have chemical properties which target specific areas of the brain. We see them as common red caps with white polka dots and they tend to work upon the parasympathetic nervous system involved in heart rate/force, contraction of smooth muscles, the release of neurotransmitters, control of posture, and memory.

Our mythology has identified this with Beelzebub as a God of the flies. Further mythology tells of Metis the first wife of Zeus who transformed herself into various shapes and when in the shape of a fly was swallowed by Zeus while already pregnant with Athena. Inside of Zeus we find that Metis began immediately fashioning Athena’s robe and helmet causing Zeus great pain in his head. So that’s what I’ve been plagued with for months on end!

Fly Agaric:

Do Christians realize that metaphysically there was a point where Jesus was called Beelzebub for demonstrating truth in an age in which he lived (Christ/Cosmic consciousness)? You will find this in Mark 3:20 to Mark 3:30. The names Baal-Zebul, Baal-Zevulon, and Baal-Al-Zebul relate to the oak tree, Thor’s hammer, the Vajra, mountains/mountaintops, the Sowilo rune, thunderbolt, and a bull’s head.

This corresponds to union/division, the spark of life, kingship, rulership, and protection. The Ancients used this to refer to Zeus, Thor, Indra, and the Baltic God Perkunas. Baal is in reference to basileus or king as a title where coins in ancient Greece were minted with the face of Zeus as well as shields.

The full association closes with rain or energy which flows down from the Crown chakra combined with the bioelectricity generated during meditation. Modern religions slander these practices ignorant of the psychological importance of Beelzebul or Zeus as Divine Masculine strength known as the deciding force of the kosmos or all that is.

Many worked with this energy in the past to remove tyrants from their positions of power. Another use of Beelzebul is to drive away pestilence in the form of physical illness, social perils as a restorer of justice, and to employ vibration in healing an afflicted soul.

Not much else to say at this time. Tomorrow I will see if I can share some garden photos as a status update. It certainly does not belong here. I hope everyone is doing well and has an elevated Sunday! 🏮🍡⛩️

Self Examination Saturdays: Akashic Records

”One who has a good night’s rest awakes to a glorious morning. One who stays up late usually sleeps through it.” – Unknown

Please use the underlined hyperlink text to journey to happy hunting and gathering. I have been having a real hard time with online search engines which seem to purge results often or just flat out be cringe lately. Something about censored narratives…


There is an asteroid which you can chart known as Askashi (5881) which orbits the Sun between Mars and Jupiter. You will likewise find the asteroid Records (30718) to make a stellar match in the heavens above for personal analysis. This asteroid orbits the Sun once every 4 years and 7 months. I personally chart these as stated before via who has changed their website recently requiring you to set up a painless free account with them (they never spam your inbox/email or harass you for services).

Akasha is a Sanskrit word which means aether in both elemental and metaphysical correspondences. Hinduism sees this as the basis and essence of all things within the material world created from the astral (air, fire, water, and Earth) with its main characteristic being sound. The Hindus believe this to be space, sky, and the otherwise imperceptible. Jainism refers to Akasha as the conception of our Cosmos while Buddhism believes this to be infinite space. Theosophists often refer to the Askashic Records as the ethereal compendium of all knowledge/history.

It has been stated by some adherents that accessing the Akashic Records is done via perception and preconsciousness. There is a supposition which states that seers can investigate the probable events illustrating what has been all phenomenal experiences encoded therein. There are many spiritual practices who believe that each and every soul, jiva, atma, or entity has a recording of their existence located in the Akashic Records which may be read from if one is properly attuned.

Akasha Tattva means fundamental principle or truth referencing the Hindu God Brahma and accessing this will provide you with a connection directly to the Universe as well as the Divine. This is accomplished via the Throat chakra. There is also an Akash Mudra used to increase the element of space or the Cosmos within the body. To perform this mudra simply press the tips of the middle fingers to the tips of the thumbs on each hand keeping the other fingers held straight.

Furthermore another meditative pose may be employed which works with both the Throat and Crown chakras known as the Askashi Mudra or Looking to the Sky. This meditative pose helps kundalini activate rejuvenating your body, mind, and soul while working with the Ida, Pingala, and Sushmna nadis.

To perform the Akashi Mudra meditative pose sit in a cross legged position with your back straightened and your hands relaxed. Open your mind and gradually lift your head in an upward direction as if looking to the sky above while breathing in at the same time. Stretch your arms bringing your middle fingers to attach with your thumb while leaving the remaining fingers straight. Hold your breath for 15-20 seconds then lower your head while exhaling as you return to a normal position. Ensure your neck and shoulders remain relaxed. This should only be done for 10 minutes maximum.

Age Harmonic Chart for Asteroid Akashi and Asteroid Records

I’m using a Vedic Age Harmonic chart for this because I want to assess the current energies which define my life at this time. What we locate is Asteroid Akashi like Regulus whom I’ve spent an extended span of time on due to being born in Magha nakshatra is at zero point Virgo energy because they both sit directly at 0° Virgo.

Akashi is in my 6th House trine Venus and Mars and sesquiquadrate Uranus. Asteroid Records, however, is in my 11th House Aquarius at 24° squaring my Moon, sextile Venus and Neptune, and biquintile Uranus. We’ve seen this degree before for Aquarius as Asteroid Qwerty was sitting on this degree just last Friday.

I’ve since my last entry on Magha nakshatra watched the second whiteboard video; not sure on the predictions.

Further inspection shows that the 6th House places prominent focus upon self improvement, but at a truly gritty level as Virgo rules the 6th House. If you’re wanting to emerge from a chrysalis you will have to do some work with that which is outmoded, worn out, and damaged. This is the sign of fixing and improving what should be thrown out.

If you want to expand creatively you’re going to need to increase your skill and expertise level. This is displayed as creativity with the hands and voice primarily focused upon fashion, beauty products, artwork, and jewelry. The methods one employs may seem a bit alien to self or other though which can make one feel self conscious.

The 11th House refers to self realization, liberty, legislation, and regulation being ruled by Aquarius symbolizing future visions of the collective or group. Here we discover our undertakings for growth as well as actualizing our true self. Here the energy manifests erratic making one appear rebellious, disruptive, and having trouble forming long term emotional bonds due to being more detached by nature (a Magha native trait).

One may develop a love of experimentation with hobbies. Their biggest impulse could be towards beauty and fashion products as well as an interest in dance, music, and art. The need for freedom trumps all forms of self expression often resulting in upheavals with other people. One needs to try to find the humor in what they confront in life in order to relax more.

“For I dipped into the future, far as human eye could see, Saw the vision of the world, and all the wonder that would be.” – Unknown

This will go something like this. Letting go of the agendas given to us by the world while allowing ourselves to invent our own way of relating helps us to find a high place within ourselves where we may retreat to do inner work. Finding our spiritual center makes us able to attain the relaxation needed to allow what is inside to flow forth from us. Our inner life at last comes into an outer expression that is strikingly clear for it has given up striving to be anything other than what it is.

Things so intense that they just have to come out eventually find a meaningful rapport with certain other people in the outside world who have experienced similar energies.

Your inner space is what you see above you at night when you look at the stars. Your eyes do not go to them for their light has already come to you. There is work to do by disengaging with the machines called stories. Work with guardian angel Achaiah and daimon Aamon.

Daimon Aamon corresponds with the Eight of Swords, Moon, Cinnamon, and Gemini. This daimon helps with the Summer Solstice, employment, and dream work. Some associate Aamon with the deity Amun.

Lemurian Quartz is ideal for this degree while promoting understanding, lucidity, and wisdom with gentleness focused upon exemplifying dependability, intelligence, analytical insight, and discernment. Affirm that you encompass understanding, determination, and courage.

Once we get limbered up we find we’re ready for more options; some of which may be surprising. Sensing the golden opportunities around us stimulates us to go after them in a spontaneous and instinctual manner. Attaining to someplace we have always yearned to be we now try to figure out what is there for us. The fulfillment of basic needs frees us to turn our attention to higher spiritual realities. Work with guardian angel Menadel and daimon Stolas.

Daimon Stolas corresponds with the Ten of Cups, Jupiter, Celery Seed, and Pisces. Stolas is additionally helpful with chakra healing, meditative journeys, psychic protection, and mental clarity. You will learn about plants, mythology, crystals, astrology, history, and biology usually when working with this daimon.

Work with Merlinite utilizing the message of respectful kindness in the present sets the tone and direction for the future. Focus your encouragement on peace, harmony, and equality of all while affirming that you are confidently staying on track to achieve your highest potential.

All this focus on beauty and fashion! No wonder I landed the part time employment role of cosmetology sales in April 2022. I’m probably not supposed to discuss this, but my District Manager and Store Manager have been exceptionally helpful in assisting me with hair color or hair cut disaster remedies for clients who have entered with questions.

One earlier this week who let her friend entering cosmetology education as a hair dresser who accidentally cut a large chunk of hair attempt an experiment. What was down to the middle of her back had to be cut chin length to remedy a major “whoops.” She seemed to handle it with way more grace than I might have if it had been me.

The second one was today when someone was having their hair done for a 28th wedding anniversary. What should have been ash blonde came out too warm as in golden/brassy. But the other mistake was that they did not just do the roots or virgin hair. This was an all over which causes problems when the previously lightened hair then has problems with lift/deposit.

So when they toned her hair and color corrected her hair came out fried. We had to set her up with some Olaplex products as well as a purple tint shampoo. Fingers crossed she won’t come back from this experience any more angry then she was when she came to us for assistance.

Again being an aesthetician in skin I had to have a crash course today asking my District Manager to better explain to me how the number systems work in dye as well as the developers. In the meantime I’m focusing on a product line I’m familiar with in store right now as I went to a Paul Mitchell school and learning a new one from Sweden called Maria Nila which I chose to familiarize myself with.

Today was a very slow day so I literally spent my day “facing” the entire store between customers while asking questions about Pravana because I saw colors I liked such as Poison Berry with no swatches and was curious what they actually would look like when applied to hair. I really do approve of this color, but I need to find a new hair stylist instead of trying to do this myself as I’ve done in the past. Being around hair color temptation is literal hell on Earth!

Don’t ask! Beauty school I colored my hair every color of the rainbow! I stopped when I went into grocery retail and let it go virgin after being damaged. Now I’m getting that annoying “itch.” I am staring at all these colors everyday going crazy again the same as when I was getting my aesthetics license.

Tonight I’m taking a muscle relaxer as I still have some from my left ankle ligament surgery to calm my pain flare I’ve had all week. These come in waves ever since I injured this foot multiple times. I need a massive system reset, and I don’t go back to work until Wednesday so I’m going to rest up this evening. Have a superb Saturday!



Fun Quote Fridays: What The Bleep Happened Exactly Between January 2021 to April 2022?

“If you get tired, learn to rest, not to quit.” – Bansky

Unlike that song I don’t have two tickets to paradise today, but I’ve certainly been unproductive in an effort to rest my more than upset left foot that did not like the last two days as I spoke of yesterday. Please use the underlined hyperlink text in an effort to try helping you follow my train of thought.


I’m not ignorant of the supposed “Great Resignation,” economic bubbles, and other politicized or psychological warfare promoted topics of the impending societal collapses many advocate for because I can’t call it anything else other than advocating for an inversion of reality known as a tarot “Tower” card moment because so many claim they can “build” it back in a superior way. As I previously said you can’t build though if the foundation is cracking as you would place your structure on a cement slab which is not going be safe or secure. The above dates are essentially how long I personally took a hiatus from holding a job outside of this online attempt.

It’s like putting Bondo from 3M on something as a patch and expecting it to stand the long haul. I’m going to preface this with a idiom that says we should be careful what we wish for in life. It’s always that issue I have with the term “grifters” and if I’m being sold a con by modern advocates for certain “changes” because I do question if they actually have a different intention than what they say. Anyone can paint a pretty picture for you to visualize and sell you a “Let’s Make a Deal” Zonk! This is probably going to be my stereotypical blunt and harsh dialogue again.

Then again I’m all for certain types of “energy” except that I’m not an environmentalist zealot who has lost her rationality either. I’ve been noticing this trend and it’s a big problem with the birthday I have as I realize what this entire “all or nothing” mantra really means. It is more like the idiom where people throw the baby out with the bathwater. Rather foolish, but then as I said most are trying to remake the Wheel! Wasn’t there something in there about don’t fix it until it’s broken?! I don’t know maybe I’m missing something or are others missing something?

Wait a minute? Who picked what was behind Door #2?! And furthermore “why?”

Remember what I said previously about artificial intelligence and groupthink. That I have explained that most humans don’t know the wool is pulled over their eyes because they have no time for education nor desire one especially grammar, linguistics, or etymology much less certain other topics they allow to elude them.

That is why we’re all being duped and giving our sovereignty away. Now pay attention so that you can question what is taught or fed to you by neural linguistic programming, hypnosis, frequency, and such at just the level of the smithery of language or the alphabet.

Artificial originates from Middle English through man made to Old French articiel. This becomes Latin artificialis, artifex, and facere. It means false, misleading, and unnatural. Intelligence originates from Middle English and Old French intelligence which is taken from Latin intelligentia meaning capacity of the mind to understand truth, acquire knowledge, and apply it to practice. It also means a political/military department or agency which secretly gathers information even about average citizenry. But it gets even better!

What does everyone want in the transhumanity end game? It is always supposedly intelligent and “smart” because this is a play on your own ignorance of truth. Here is what smart means, and I ask you to think about this next time you buy anything “smart” on the menu offered by Big Brother/Sister. It is a self monitoring analysis and reporting technology.

Smart originates from Middle English smerten and Proto Germanic smertana which means to bite, sting, hurt, and ache. It literally means to feel a pungent pain of mind, a sharp pain or grief, to be punished severely, and to feel the sting of evil. It also means being depraved, wicked, and accursed (shrewd) or literally bitter in a rude and disrespectful way.

Dumb does not really mean what most of us think it does because it originates from Middle English dumb and Proto Germanic dumbaz to mean mute, silent, speechless, and unable to speak. Yet we somehow attribute this to stupidity and the unintellectual. It is always vital to learn both spoken and written comprehension before anyone begins to assume they know whether or not they’ve been taken for a ride by others with questionable motives.

You’re not really doing anything new to me though regardless of your fancy word smithery. Humans have a propensity to simply engineer more and more delusion into the consciousness of collective minds. That’s why “grifter” translates to con man/woman or a confidence game playing again upon the issue of “trust games.” It’s really the indication of manipulation, scams, swindlers, and a system of corruption always being disguised as it’s polar opposite.

Whatever this is though it’s also an environmental collapse. They show places where wifi and radio frequency for the transhumanist agenda compounded by chemical agriculture has led to hand pollination. How this provides supposed “sustainability” is well beyond me to use the term of certain “agendas.” This is why many state we’re actually not addressing the root of our problems which is a biodiversity extinction level event!

Those who say everything is in fact safe make me always remember I live surrounded by bias fostered by lobbyists, the infamous shareholders, and the toxic culture of selfish greed re-labelled as profit. I’m not full anti capitalist. I’m a person advocating some middle of the road common sense! I’m not anti everything, but I certainly expect people to think more before they just act or even react!

Our household has gone through some of the most eye opening changes as we age out of the 3D realizing just how absurd most lifestyles many adopt really and honestly in fact are wanting something remarkably different!

No one really wants to accept truth because the truth is inconvenient. Hide in your houses using those gig jobs making those shareholders rich and continuing a toxic paradigm while not providing solid solutions because crypto which also has a “footprint” to use the “sustainability” lie again only this time in a return to sender spell because I am also agitated by the faulty logic of others. I don’t like it when people sell me smarmy stuff that tickles my too good to be true intuition.

How much energy and resources or “footprint” does the crypto really use again for quantum computing? Please don’t sell me some sort of lobbyist or shareholder driven bias either because that is how misinformation spreads like wildfire. If we’re going to praddle about the state of our multiverse or global citizenry shouldn’t we be more “honest.” Nope; that would be more than we can handle!

Again I’m not going to be an easy one to win over because I see all the glaring holes in the business models of the “plan” meant to keep people, plants, animals, and so forth in the dark or deflected looking the other way while they’re being robbed. Fair has nothing to do with it because the “agenda” is something else entirely! I’m toying with the notion that consciousness is on a one way path towards entropy in a death drive thanatos cult of personality.

I’ve found two Arabic Parts/Lots I’ll publish today which are more in vein with my current part time employment because they struck me as a synchronicity when I stumbled upon them. Being in a retail establishment that provides products solely to those licensed in cosmetology with a primary focus on hair rather than aesthetics (spa/skin and body) you meet several explaining they have been forced to close their practices because they can not fill the chair rentals. People are not wanting to work is what many have expressed.

This was something I was already stating on my blog about influencers and the new mindset of esoterics with people who I instead refer to as slothful or lazy also called a sluggard. There is a balance between being overworked and just being indolent. Mind you that many of these cosmetologists who’ve been in the field for years are sharing my sentiments of these new generations of entitlement mindset who tell us it is wrong to earn a living the way that we do.

So I’ll right now flip this on its head to my readers just to give another perspective. Do you want to be in Pixar’s Wall E with those cosmetologist robots who make you look like a clown? You know which I’m talking about I hope because one of them in the movie was having a malfunction; PR-T. The whole idea to me with Kabbalah even is that we’re put here as world servers, but the transhumanist and automation mindset seems to think that humans are obsolete I suppose. Funny because we have laws which make our technology also obsolete to rake us over the coals for more money. Sorry! As I’ve said I’m tired of being fed garbage because I just don’t like it.

There is an inherent what I call self hate/loathing aspect starting to occur with how consciousness is viewing or observing itself at the human level much less at other levels by which I’m most definitely referring to that which deals with various forms of physics in the observable multiverse.

This type of world view actually does not resonate with me which is why I’ve been hard pressed to go back out into a physical labor field to work where I can serve humanity in person and not behind the digital age so many collectively are manifesting through their Internet of Things/Bodies that I’m still not content with as a future.

Ironically this was someone else pondering our future in 2010 near my birthday. No, I don’t want to eat bugs, mealworms, or some other nasty “grubs” for my protein as if I were in the Lion King franchise with Timon and Pumbaa. And no, I also don’t want slime robots thanks, but I will pass! Yes, that is a pun on my Western Leo Sun also at this lunacy! Not happening regardless how many times you tell me “no worries!” And while my readers may not genuinely know what that strange message means it stems from certain purveyors of hatred against free will or think tanks with which I’ll never get along with.

“I want to vacation so long I forget all my passwords.” – Unknown

We’ve also been discussing the ongoing detriment of the homeless in the area where I work because it’s quite a significant detraction to the entire city of Austin leading to increased crime. This has included them bringing in portable restroom facilities, tent cities, and actually some less than appropriate behavior which has also caused customers or families to move out of the city altogether in abject disgust or fear for their well being including their children, but businesses don’t sometimes stay in these locales either.

I don’t really want to be on some criticizing soap box rant as I’m sure some of my regular readers will see where this is going. Most of the cosmetologists won’t give to the homeless they’ve stated because these homeless have not wanted to change or receive help in a way that we feel would make them more meaningful members of society. Instead it’s an epidemic of abandoning the homeless and the city which is slowly occurring.

Austin if you live here has the tagline “Keep Austin Weird” which has I think for the more conservative of society or the hard working cosmetologist now been losing all of its appeal so even though this area of America is taunted as the place to “move to” those who have been here the longest are finding that they’re looking elsewhere.

This creates other problems I’m sure for those who perhaps can’t find a home elsewhere to move into, but I won’t go down that rabbit hole right now. There is a lot of interesting topics covered when meeting the career cosmetologist even in what they’ve stated about the illusionary world of influencers who can pop up any edited video which paints a delusion for a customer.

The consumer thinks they can get some well known influencer’s possibly unrealistic outcome from a short video when the actual cut or color took several hours or even sessions particularly if this includes blonding or bleaching the hair. The average consumer does not understand hair density, that you should only be lifting virgin hair to ensure even color, and other factors while they don’t want to pay the cosmetologist for their time, product, and expertise some have expressed which is similar to how I feel even with my astrology or esoterics business.

My attempts to break into an online business model allowed me to see how certain influencers or charlatans as I call them also spin a yarn for their “manifested wealth.” What I mean is that you learn just how deceptive some people really are quickly in the world.

As I don’t want to discuss a lot of personal here because my employee manual says to keep social media clean I’ll simply state that I work with two wonderful women so far. I enjoy the people I meet everyday and being a part of helping them make their clients feel good about their physical appearance with what we provide them as we have a lot of hair color, styling products, perms, etc.

Nothing much else to say as my team is around my age and we all have had some similar interests as one has been in drum line (she has played in bands also) when they grew up while another was in drill team, and I was in Color Guard. I’m the only single gal with no children though. We all get along really well at managing the store.

As for me I’m in desperate need of hair stylist education because when you’ve been the entire other side of the industry you’re not as familiar with selling certain items so I may get stumped on questions more often needing help. I really don’t know enough about coloring hair. I also have not had my hair professionally colored in probably over a decade now nor have I been flat ironing it because it was damaged too much from the abuse I put it through previously.

Now we can all laugh because my hair is naturally curly so one of my co-workers as hair stylist said she loves curly hair and always wants to pet people with it. Reminded me of high school when I used to wear chemical hair gel and a friend wanted to play with my hair because it was crunchy. I don’t use those hair products anymore though. Now I use homemade product and leave in conditioner letting my hair air dry which means it shrinks up compared to when I would flat iron it. My image in the sidebar I pinned my hair up so you won’t see it.

Here are some quotes and the Arabic Parts/Lots which today we will look at where Beauty, Merchants, and Merchandise sit briefly for myself. I guess people find liberation in different ways, but whatever is being bred by society not everyone is in agreeance with or even likes it. And those decisions that you’re making they do not just impact you, but they will ripple out affecting a great many others with whom you forget there was an interconnection or even entanglement you have ignored or not realized existed.

I suppose your ego has forgotten to inform you that it’s not all just about you or your family, but it’s about a Cosmic community because instead most of our words and ideologies only focus today at the global level. So the mind of most is still thinking small potatoes at that level and limited to just their impact on Earth rather than a greater whole of influence they are responsible to.

By this I’m taking a direct hit at your space junk because we’ve littered the planet Earth and made it toxic enough that we’ve simply moved onto colonizing and trashing the Cosmos/Universe now. Sorry, but someone has to say this or else no one will will question their intentions and modus operandi walking with blinders on them in tunnel vision.

One planet, one experiment.” – E. O. Wilson

“The only place where success comes before work is in the dictionary.”

  • Vidal Sassoon

“Inaction breeds doubt and fear. Action breeds confidence and courage. If you want to conquer fear, do not sit at home and think about it. Go out and get busy.”

  • Dale Carnegie

“Luck? I don’t know anything about luck. Luck to me is something else: hard work and realizing what is opportunity and what isn’t.”

  • Lucille Ball

“When the grass looks greener on the other side of the fence, it may be that they take better care of it there.”

  • Cecil Selig

“The harder I work, the luckier I get.”

  • Samuel Goldwyn

“If your new job were a person, he would feel lucky to have you. Congratulations.”

  • Unknown

“A new job is like a blank book and you are the author.”

  • Unknown

Time for some astrology speculation. Here are the formulas for what we’re seeking today. Beauty follows Ascendant plus Venus minus Sun, Merchants follows Ascendant plus Venus minus Mercury, and Merchandise follows Ascendant plus Fortune minus Spiritus. Now we can analyze where these land for myself as an example. Anyone can do this also via Astroseek.

We find Beauty in my 1st House of Libra at 15° on a Jupiter degree, Merchants is also in my 1st House of Libra at 7° on a Mercury degree, and Merchandise is in my 3rd House of Sagittarius at 21° on what I believe is a Saturn degree. This is fascinating and eye opening! There is some overlap in these degrees with previous blog posts around Easter.

Actually this last week has proven to have some interesting studies, but I digress.

If we just generally break this down for analysis we find that I may appear as graceful, mediating, and sociable with a compromising attitude that generally seeks the middle ground by bringing everyone to the table to seek out a solution which works best for all, but that I’ll feel as if I lack harmony in environments that do not have some order established within them.

The 1st House is the outer appearance which generally speaks to their personality, looks, and overall presentation. What needs to be remembered is that the scales of Libra is in continuous states of weighing/measuring the quality of fairness, quality, and justice of all ongoing relationships.

Mercury here would apply a rational approach that can also negatively appear as intellectual narcissism so it’s vital we acknoledge the ideas of our peers. We have an insatiable appetite for knowledge and learning constantly gathering up new information with a desire to critically think for ourselves also suffering from a compulsion to talk non stop.

It’s advised that we avoid caffeine which is too stimulating for our nervous system. Well, I’ll have to work on that as I’m still a bit of a coffee drinker!

Jupiter, however, is said to make one an optimist amidst what otherwise appears as dismal or demoralizing circumstances. We must guard against inflated egos or projecting a larger than life persona because we can appear to be of greater means than we necessarily are. We display ostentatious magnanimity with a honest and moralistic vibration wanting to put otherwise positive energy into the aether. We may come off as superficial.

The 3rd House is overlooked and misrepresented. It was once called the “Goddess” house running the axis of partnership to the 9th House which is the “God” house. It was once inferred to bring about manifestations of the feminine nature which in Catholicism became a vision of the Virgin Mary focused upon devotion of the Divine Feminine archetypes as seen in grottoes and fountains. There is no shortage of synchronicity here; nope none at all! Not when I spent my 20s becoming Catholic even though I have Ashkenazi Jewish in my maternal and biological paternal DNA.

In Greek culture the extension goes further as to illustrate this misrepresentation of the 3rd House because Greece left women out of power in spiritual practice. Therefore this is the house of appreciation, devotion, and reverence to women via modern day feminism which is not of the toxic variety. This overlooked astrology house has become a place of irreverence towards the Divine Feminine putting focus upon the 9th House of the Divine Masculine. The 3rd House becomes the place of unorthodox religion and beliefs on returning to the “place of Goddess.”

The Moon has become maligned as well as misunderstood through associations with darkness, evil, and the nocturnal sect of those in Abrahamic faiths who demonize Lilith. Our 3rd House holds the wiring of our mental habits, early education, and alignment of faith. The Moon Goddess was once a place of joy until we began to misappropriate it.

With Saturn and Sagittarius this house becomes childhood loneliness and isolation where speech is suppressed by fears of inadequacy. Later in life many become grammarians and teachers of language employing a lack of interest in frivolous banter desiring well thought out speeches that focus on truthful honesty. We realize our foolish choices come back to bite us in life therefore we value self reliance.

I’m going to touch on the energies of these placements below and close out today’s blog post. This will run in the same order as listed above.

Beauty Arabic Part/Lot

Looking deeply into life we find those things of great value that help us to bring loving care into all that we do. Realizing the repetitive nature of all cycles we come to see the deeper meaning and purpose of that which we continually repeat. Giving loving and careful attention to all that we do creates in us an attunement to a pure source of deep inner wisdom. Perceiving the ancient imprints that exist in the deepest layers of our unconscious we are able to see more clearly the one sidedness of our thinking and how all thoughts are illusions. Work with guardian angel Hahasiah and daimon Balaam.

Daimon Balaam connects with the Seven of Wands, Sun, Leo, and Frankincense. While this is a touchy daimon to work with for some the specialty of working with Balaam is in tarot, hydromancy, palm reading, and mirror skrying. Balaam is also an essential to partner with for healing spells, shielding, astral travel, solar magic, working with tree spirits, and commitments to employment.

A great crystal to work with for this degree in Libra is Ammolite. The message is to live with the natural rhythms/cycles of life focused throughout with wholistic awareness of places and situations. Affirm that you rejoice in the circle of life.

Merchants Arabic Part/Lot

The chart holder is aware of all the limits around them as well as within. They may be intensely concerned with maintaining their own integrity by holding out all that might try to compel them to be other than what they truly are. On the other hand they can become quite frustrated with the restrictions they find everywhere. This acute awareness of all of life’s edges and boundaries can make them feel impossibly limited or it can also imbue them with the ability to relate in a highly clear and focused manner.

The Chandra Symbol for this degree is “A group of old ladies gossiping excitedly.” The ladies of this symbol are talking about the limits of decency, the limits imposed by social mores, about people pushing and transgressing limits, and about the limited information they have as well as the desire to have more of it. And, of course, these limits cast a shadow over everything.

Relationships are all about interacting within limits. It is a testing of our limits to see where they are and maybe to push them back to make more room for ourselves. It is through encountering, assessing, and working with these limits that we come to know ourselves as well as others more clearly and based on this define a path forward. Work with guardian angel Veuliah and daimon Sabnock.

Daimon Sabnock connects us with the Eight of Swords, Moon, Jasmine, and Gemini. What many may not know is that this daimon helps one overcome depression while acting as a bodyguard/ally. Sabnock forces you to cut off any connections with people whom are unhealthy especially those who impose their will upon you.

Hawk’s Eye is a great crystal to utilize for this degree with a message to employ a cloak of protection ensuring we are safe and secure while focusing on nourishing/protecting our family, friends, objects, plans, and ideals. The affirmation should state that you are astute and observant.

Merchandise Arabic Part/Lot

Knowing there is something we need to do, to realize, and/or to resolve, we are eventually guided to it. When we allow ourselves to relate to the whole of nature the energy we emanate naturally calls to others of like vibration. When we reconnect with becoming rejuvenated we are inspired to express our passion to others. To voice our deepest most primitive feelings releases the darkness within which makes way for the light. Work with guardian angel Sehaliah and daimon Vine.

Daimon Vine connects to the Ten of Swords, Sun, Gemini, and Mallow. If you’re working with Vine it’s usually in reference to protection magic.

As this guardian angel and daimon were previously covered another great crystal to work with for this degree is Blue Spinel. Another message for this degree is to take a new perspective of the matter at hand while focusing on creative solutions to understand how best to see life through the eyes of a child. The affirmation to remember the wisdom of your ancestors while avoiding conveying thoughts from another angle is well advised. Perhaps we should ask how would our ancestors really view us or our lifestyles if they were in fact here to sit down and chit chat. It’s not all negative, but it’s also not entirely all ideal for some.

I’m going to enjoy the rest of my day off today as I don’t have any business to do with my astrology or esoterics at present for clients. I hope everyone has a well spent Friday and weekend! I have some garden photos, but I’m waiting to publish them a little later instead of badgering you with them right now. What’s my beef? That if we spend all our time in cyberspace we never ground in reality or the Root chakra. Again I’m not anti everything in life; I encourage people to not be sold a lemon even if you can make lemonade. 🏡

Tarot of the Day Thursdays: Needing Recuperative Time

“True love isn’t about being inseparable; it’s about two people being true to each other even when they are separated.” – Unknown

Please use the underlined hyperlink text for further guidance on today’s topics.


I’ve used the Green Aventurine Heart chakra crystal for this reading. This will assist with strength, confidence, courage, and happiness renewing your optimism for life pushing you to take action towards acquiring what you want in this world. This crystal encourages you to step out of your comfort zone to take on new opportunities that aid your growth. Those nervous butterflies in your stomach will be replaced by eagerness to enjoy life causing a chain reaction of positivity that changes the lives of you and those you love the most.

Raido: Communication, attunement with that which has two sides/elements, and the ultimate union that comes at the end of this journey which you’re taking. Uniting the as above with the so below creates single mindedness.

Your inner worth asks you to “let go and let God/Goddess” as it’s currently not an appropriate time to rely upon your own power. Inquire as to what constitutes right action via prayer or meditation while addressing your Witnessing Self or Teacher Within which cleanses and neutralizes any refusal to allow right action to flow through you.

Patiently wait and continue removing resistances or obstacles in your path which impede upon your self healing, self change, and goal of perfect union of Heaven and Earth which must not be forced, but naturally occurring.

For more information on this rune please visit the following link.

Eihwaz: Transition and slow growth/development may require moral effort, steadfastness, and the cultivation of your own authentic self/nature. Not all possibilities at this time are available to you therefore consider how far you’ve deviated from your authentic and true self.

Right action will help you avert anticipated difficulties. When you can foresee and make clear decisions the Universe will support and empower you. Inconveniences and discomfort is how you grow.

A trying time is a meaningful moment to get your house in order while waiting on Divine timing.

For more information on this rune please visit the following link.

Laguz: Unseen powers are afoot powering your fluidity and flow state. Immerse yourself in the experience of living without having to always evaluate or understand. Awaken your intuitive lunar nature as the solar nature strives for differentiation; the moon encourages union/merging.

Study spiritual matters while attuning to your own rhythms. Alchemists as well as Carl Jung refer to this stage as the Conjunction or Sacred Marriage. Fairy tales will display this as the hero and heroine living “happily ever after.”

Go within while honoring your warrior nature.

For more information on this rune please visit the following link.

I pulled the following letters and formed a few words from them:

A, R, H, G, K, G, O ,X, O, M, U, Z, J, and R

Ark (metaphysically this is your light body where your Christ/Cosmic consciousness resides)



Ogham (Celtic alphabet and tree zodiac)

Okrug (administrative division of Slavic states)


Armor (a protective layer over the body or a vehicle; that which is intended to deflect and diffuse damage)

Mojo (a magic charm, supernatural luck/skill, or personal appeal)


Orzo (barley)

Amok (disruptive behavior)


Hoax (a deliberately intended deception)



Hooka (normally spelled hookah; smoking implement known as a water pipe)


Amour (love, affection, courtship, and flirtation)




Rumor (claims of questionable accuracy, misinformation, and what is spread by word of mouth)


I’m very tired with beginning my new job, but I can let you know that I love it and hope to successfully complete my 90 day probation so that I can remain there permanently. It has caused some pain flares in my previously injured foot due to a lot of standing/walking, but I’ve had these before and am hoping over the next day off or the three days off after my shift on Saturday that it will calm back down thereby normalizing.

Chronic pain for me has been an on again off again love/hate affair after my multiple injuries to my left foot. I’ve been handling the phone orders, freight, and the register for my first two days which includes closing as well as opening. The store is open 9-5 PM CST Monday through Friday and 9-3 PM CST on Saturdays so I put in a full day Wednesday, Thursday, and Saturday. We’ve been having working lunches also which meant my first day we ate pizza.

No, not that kind; I was thinking of self censoring myself because the world wide web has lingo problems as I’ve said thanks to certain people’s “twisted” jargon, but honestly this is just getting old fast (I should not have to have these kinds of discussions here)! I’ll be sure to share more in my blog post tomorrow with you! There are three of us most days this week, but sometimes there will only be two managing the store together. Some Saturdays we may work alone.

I’m almost certain this also relates to my previous blog posts on my own spiritual journey including my ring that I wear and have backlinked to several times. No astrology today. I’m absolutely exhausted from my part time cosmetology job.

Please have a restful Thursday! 💞


Teach Me Tuesdays: Answering My Own Nagging Feelings

We are born at a given moment, in a given place and, like vintage years of wine, we have the qualities of the year and of the season of which we are born. Astrology does not lay claim to anything more.” – Carl Jung

This brief entry is simply to satisfy something that was bothering me yesterday which I did not investigate. You know the drill with the underlined hyperlink text. I always share what I’m studying or investigating.


I don’t want to post a really long entry today. As I said I did not plan to post today, but yesterday I saw this Arabic Part/Lot and it was really piquing my interest to chart it so that I could just see what might show up as to if it was confirmation bias. This happens often at an unconscious level where we seek out anything which backs up a personal belief or feeling. In my estimation my exposing this of my own self helps me heal my shadow and where I am falling victim to that which otherwise would not support my views. You either nip certain traits in the bum as they say or you keep walking around in a haze/fog of not objectively being truthful even with yourself.

I’m not completely un-awake nor do I want my blog followers or readers to think that. I am very selective about what I publish or put online often trying to remain cryptic because of reasons others might not fully understand or even agree with. As I stated yesterday this certainly does have much to do with the issue of “trust” which when your foundation cracks can significantly damage the structure built upon that cement which makes it actually unsafe for habitation.

It’s not going to be easy to repair the cracks that have formed for me because while I forgive I don’t walk way with reconcilable differences quite the opposite. We can’t reconcile these differences so its like filing for an annulment or divorce.

So here is a truly quick little blurb, and I’m signing off! This will be the Arabic Part/Lot for Grandparents utilizing the formula Ascendant plus Jupiter minus the 2nd House. I’m fascinated again by the result, but when am I not. We have this in my 11th House of Leo at 9° with Jupiter. This is probably because I ultimately have always loved Jupiter as the greater benefic in astrology feeling a stronger affinity with the planet in how many describe it. It’s funny that the chart shows the degree for Jupiter, however, matched to a Saturn glyph.

Grandparents Arabic Part/Lot

Why is this nagging at me and what is it with my own obsession regarding my Vedic lunar mansion. Some of this began by watching a whiteboard as well as another informational video to help my studies because while I’ve made myself more of an example as well as I did use my ancestors on my business website I’m particular.

I’ve said this before I don’t like taking the information of a client, celebrity, or any other person to publish their astrological details because in my estimation it’s a violation of their privacy, rights, and I may not even have their permission to do so.

What I do here may seem utterly self absorbed, but it’s about respecting another person rather than disrespecting their energy. It’s also about self healing which is important because that ripples out into the consciousness as a gift to others as well. We have just as much duty to heal ourselves as we do to heal another.

The Arabic Part/Lot is matched to a Venus glyph. It goes something like this albeit I’m always taking astrology with a bit of a grain of salt and often also observing it from a very esoteric perspective where I don’t get too wrapped up in making it a legalism. Anything I study or read online is usually something I’m always quizzical and puzzling about as it’s perspective, interpretation, and can often times get a wee bit misconstrued from time to time.

This house happens to be one of friendships, hopes, and aspirations wrapped around community, activism, and societal changes being ruled by both Aquarius and Uranus so it represents our relation to others in a stronger fashion than the 7th House of partnerships. Placing Jupiter here can imply popularity, social prestige, a large circle of friends (I don’t have that by choice), idealism, tolerance, and a team player. Really how many people are friends versus minor acquaintances? Who really has your back?

Jupiter is the abode of those who enjoy progressive or liberal views although I still consider myself middle of the road between conservative and progressive, generosity, optimism, and the nature of one’s outlook, mindset, and future prospects.

Saturn in a complete contrast is associated with the energy of a malefic who brings forth negative news, tough lessons, the need for caution, and limitations of all sorts. I’ve told plenty of people that I hate Saturn even though the energy of this planet and Capricorn in general is meant to make one keep some traditions and be a hard worker amongst other correspondences.

In Leo this signifies a capacity for easily attracting support due to one having self confidence as well as normally radiating positive energy; that is a work in progress. It is known as the placement of those who partake in altruistic causes wishing to bond with all walks/ages.

I might test recently as an extrovert on MBTI, but that took years of effort to confront a lot of anxiety and fear as an adult because initially I tested stringently as an introvert early on when graduating high school. Gaining any form of extroversion came at the cost of a lot of internal struggle.

Venus only further emphasizes the above by adding art, beauty, charisma, and good will towards others supposedly imbibing one with charm. The energy is supposed to make one conciliatory, tactful, and accommodating towards compromise. This is the area of demonstrating one’s skills/abilities, drama, and public speaking which also makes one a good sales person.

The chart holder possesses a great ability to just be themselves and no matter how simple this seems it oddly enough can cause problems. The question is who are you really? What seems so obvious can actually be quite unknowable for what appears as your surface can only reflect the tiniest part of your essence. The truth is that our image is just that; an image. One that everyone including yourself can learn much from for it fosters greater self awareness.

The Chandra Symbol for this degree is “A solid gold egg.” The chart holder and degree hold an acute awareness of exactness which by contrast also invokes an equally acute awareness of what is flawed as well as where inadequacies lie.

Thus one deeply senses what furthers evolution and what thwarts it. Any tendency here to over idealize the self will result in suffering while any tendency to attune more and more finely to the eternal wholeness that has always been within will nourish both the growth of self and others.

Be the witness of your thoughts.” – Buddha

From experiencing seeming failures we come to a deeper and deeper understanding of life with a realization that everything has meaning and purpose. As attachment is let go of we come to see beyond the illusions that desires have created and perceive instead the spiritual ramifications of everything.

When we allow ourselves to completely and truly be ourselves life is ultimately softened and simplified in such a way that we perceive the harmony and accord between all its various parts. Work with guardian angel Nemamiah and daimon Ose.

Daimon Ose corresponds to the Four of Swords, Mercury, Horsetail, and Libra. Specialities of Ose include math, astronomy, geometry, language skills, and handcrafts often to assist one with a source of income. The problem with this daimon is that one needs to establish a particular goal/focus because they can become overwhelmed with too many choices, opportunities, or dreams offered to them.

Stuff of the imagination needs to be grounded into a realistic achievement. The energy given by Ose is one of learning discernment also in the simple truth that some people act with secrecy withholding information from others with/without the intent to do harm. Ensure that those you surround yourself with are not out to mislead or take advantage of you.

As there is no fixed star for this degree I’ve attached the Kozminsky Symbol below:

9° Leo: A lady elegantly dressed and bedecked with many jewels standing before a mirror.

Denotes one fortunate, but somewhat egotistical whose desire it is “to make a good appearance’ and who expends much money for this purpose. But the glories which shine forth from a great soul glitter more than the choicest diamond in the daintiest setting giving a lasting beauty which age cannot change nor time obliterate. There are two sides to this symbol and both reflect for it is a symbol of Reflection.

I begin my first day on my new part time cosmetology job tomorrow so I’m sure there will be lots of training, but I’ve done some of this before as it’s retail/sales albeit slightly different. This is not the stereotypical grocery/drug store as I’ve done before as a Cosmetics Lead/Manager or as an actual aesthetician running my spa business.

I don’t believe it will be too hard to fall back into though. Probably the analogy about riding a bike and not forgetting the skill. Have a marvelous next two days as I’m probably not going to have the time to publish a blog post with beginning my new job as I will be working Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays! Best wishes! 😏

PS: If you’re wondering where these “cracks” are it’s everywhere in everything I was raised with that is lies and deception that was foisted upon me by those who I simply no longer see eye to eye with; probably never will. And it’s been there now for some time in a variety of forms where I’ve realized I was just fed way too much delusion by those who became way too complacent giving their power away. If I was truthful what is being created and manifested collectively is certainly not what I dreamed or envisioned when I was a child or came here. This narrative needs the greatest of re-writes ever!

Manifestation Mondays: Keep Calm and Ascertain the Departed

Great Grandmother and I (Yes, the original image cuts half of her off…)

It feels as though everyone is in a pessimistic rut lately so let’s attempt to alter the frequency. Maybe the provided underlined hyperlink text can point someone to that which is more harmonious.


I’m surrounded by a lot of “doom/fear” in podcasts right now, and as someone who is not burying her head in the sand I also don’t want to be the person who leaves others in a completely negative mental space where they exist in constant anxiety, depression, and other unhealthy ideations. I mean sure that certainly drives home and sells a product. Even astrologers use that tactic to scare people into indulgences or extracurricular services because I covered this months ago when I attempted social media via Twitter meeting someone who I could not reach about how we don’t have to “demonize” everything.

I went through a week or two of ranting about how the social media culture was abhorrently dis-eased with toxic censorship, convoluted mindspaces that create problems I could not assist others with if they did not wish to change, and off the beaten path corners which seemed like an unholy place that I just did not want to associate with thereby putting myself into a sort of “I’m not discoverable mystery realm.”

I’m here, but I don’t get click throughs, and I’m not sure if I care because I’m going back to a 9-5 job literally! It is what it is… An assorted admixture of comfort with discomfort! Being home is just not working for me either. How anyone does work from home or stay at home is beyond me. I need to have some other form of interaction than digital or I’m going to go bonkers to be perfectly frank.

One podcast today dealt with “trust.” Let’s say I have boundaries in life which after being “wronged” enough times I’ve learned there are limits with me when it comes to “trust.” I’m more aware than ever that I am surrounded by sociopaths and psychopaths as I age out of the 3D Earth little by little. My life coaches did not like this about me because I won’t swallow nor eat from their “Candy Land” cavity inducing rose colored glasses lies. I never had that game growing up so perhaps this says something.

I was taught to not accept candy from strangers without someone else or myself inspecting it before I just ingest it. I know that nature versus nurture, dog eat dog, and toxicity have inverted the inner as well as outer realities of many in the multiverse. A “cancer” can eat at it’s source and metastasize leaving a festering wound when we ignore it or refuse to attack it at its source.

The apolitical of me who says arguing left versus right no longer works because like in Kabbalah we’re really fighting against aspects of self through a shadow play with the ego, ID, persona, superego, etc. has not been capable as of yet in determining how to move completely from solitary in some aspects of how she goes through life. I can be a team player, but I also value self reliance and independence. With that comes a level of responsibility to self as well as other. I don’t get it right every time. Remember I said I’m not perfect! I’m also conflicted; I don’t want to become like that which I don’t agree with or feel as if I dislike.

I’m also not wanting to be assaulted by the online agent provacateur psyop where we join some sort of manipulated cult. This “internet” is not anything like the one when I first got online in the 90s where I was meeting “real” people before the rabid foaming at the mouth era of “deep fakes, bots, and other falsehoods.” Actually both my iPhone and laptop I’ve come to wonder about some of what is even in the app stores because it just looks abnormal some of what is found there. The world wide web is now a game of Halloween trick or treat where we may get tricked more often than treated!

Yes, I question the followers and “likes” of my blog posts also. How can I not when I’m realizing not everything is as it appears. I’m allowed to be wary the same way others may be towards me which is why I put a small image of myself on the sidebar of this blog. As much as I hate putting my image on this little part of cyberspace I figure it might make people a little less likely to think I’m a complete wyrd-oh! I don’t know other than that as a child maybe I was a little more able to make friends easier, but I don’t think so ultimately.

I was quite introverted, kept to myself, and selectively chose who I “let into my world.” I expected others to be equally as discerning and a lot less naive. Maybe expectations as they say are just improper to have. No, actually I don’t think I trusted easily growing up. I got picked on enough to learn to question the motives/intents of everyone I came into contact with. You had/have to earn my “trust.” Definitely a paradox with me around. Or maybe the warning should have been good luck as I grew up.

This goes back somewhere to those people who also threw gum in my hair on a bus ride home. No, I did not forget you! Yes, you left an impression on me about “humanity.” No, I did not do that kind of stuff to others. I usually came at them from another angle. Something verbal and psychologically abusive might leap out although I’ve tried to improve upon this with age.

Gum belongs only in a few locations; the mouth, the trash, or in the wrapper! Not on my head or my hair! Misplace it in the wrong location, and I’m going to get very testy with you! Look Leos happen to be very particular about the mane! Screw with it and face our wrath! For that matter I would not go playing with lions unless you want to risk something perhaps you shouldn’t.

This is a matter of principle and morals/ethics where I figure each person has to determine for themselves how far into the “evil” they want to really trek. As they say which wolf do you want to feed or allow yourself to become? Can you walk down the middle or rather go your own way? Something is definitely happening though when you look at groupthink beside the everyday echo chambers. No one is thinking for themselves and we sort of keep chasing our tails some days like cats/dogs. Maybe my hope or wish is that this part time job will help me further my goal to get off the internet if I’m kept busy elsewhere.

I’ve been so torn; do I want my online business or do I want the bleep off the IoT/IoB because I sense something pretty tyrannical about what is afoot. Unlike others I’ve not jumped into wearables, I’m not on social media except a sock puppet account on Facebook for my iPhone app games which I am trying to wean off of, and I don’t online date. I’m still kind of old school and frankly I still value that. And no we won’t be discussing my various views on finances either. This is that tug of war game where I’m deciding if I want to just let go of the rope because I’ll watch the other side drop to the ground due to the physics of gravity and the amount of “oomph” they put into pulling said rope.

I’ve been “scammed” through credit/debit, identity, and other factors making me suspicious. That means I don’t take well to the crypto scammers now nor in the future which usually ensues in me playing mind games back with various groups of people as I don’t like their “game.” I was raised by that logic which says if you mess with me I might mess with you back at least enough to frustrate or dissuade you from wasting your time on me. Burned enough to just not want to keep going through the same tired routines! Bitter no, but I’ve had enough!

So today I’m going to try to leave an ASMR which I don’t watch as often anymore because I finally broke my habit of binge watching for people to simply have some positive unwinding, healing, and to remember our mental health is important at all times so we need to back up for a bit to focus on our breath so that we successfully enter a calmer flow state. With this I’m doing a brief Arabic Part/Lot for our current Monday.

I’ll add a few garden photos as well because the lettuce, beans, and potatoes are bustling with basil starting to also take off. I’ve been impressed by the leaf patterns of the wildflowers at present since I’ve planted a variety of plants which will be songbird, edibles, and pollinator attractors. I’ve also acquired some mushrooms recently; probably not the edible kind. But to me putting some “nature” back in here actually helps us with our Root chakra remaining balanced.

I’m trying to keep my head above the water as the great granddaughter of a cosmetologist who worked as a hair stylist and survived the Great Depression era having worked for larger names like Clairol, Revlon, and such. The matriarchy of my DNA who I’ve repeatedly discussed as she was my inspiration to get my aesthetician’s cosmetology license.

I have haphazardly believed she is still there somewhere in spirit watching over me when my WW II veteran maternal grandfather passed which allowed for me to inherit my maternal ancestral records with her high school yearbook from 3 years before we had a global financial collapse and a World War erupt. Strange that I feel as if we did not learn from our his/her story so we could repeat our pasts.

I know it’s a form of hopium, but we all need something that also keeps us from spiraling into an abyss of darkness from which we never return. That faint nudging belief that I’ve landed this latest part time job I begin on Wednesday in cosmetology thanks to letting her be one of my beacons or inspirations for strength. If I need a female to look to it has been her who also helped raise me till age 5 when she passed on.

It is also because I am 42 remembering sitting in my mom’s lap, leaning over her shoulder, and crying at her funeral. Something formed with us as a bond that I just can’t myself fully put into words. Can a 5 year old or younger understand something better than her 42 year old self? I don’t know other than that I probably appear superstitious to some.

Ancestral Heritage Arabic Part/Lot

I’m going to look at the Arabic Part/Lot of Ancestral Heritage via the formula Ascendant plus Moon minus 8th House. This is an unusual spot. I’ve talked before about Magha nakshatra moving from the anaretic degree in Leo 29° to Virgo 0° which I refer to as zero point energy of Virgo as it also transitions from my 10th to 11th House.

Ancestral Heritage is at Pisces 0° or zero point energy of Pisces in my 6th House which is a Virgo ruled house. It has left the anaretic degree of Aquarius in my 5th House on the Arabic Part/Lot system. Stranger still is that my North Node is Virgo 11th House with a South Node of Pisces 5th House on the Western system previously written about.

I’ve said this I’m not worshiping the stars, I’m not a dogmatist, I see pattern recognition, and I decide if I want to work with it or against it. I’ve been studying this stuff for longer than the attempt at an online business or even trekking into the nonsense eccentric blog I’ve created. But what does this really look like because no one does the symbolism for the zero point degree so I usually have to go with the first degree making it not entirely even accurate.

Well we can begin to state that this would look like a Mercury ruled Earth element Virgo paired with a Neptune ruled water element Pisces in the association of work/job, health, pets, employees, and self improvement. When you have shortcomings how do you deal with them and furthermore if there is a collective or personal crisis such as illness, reversal of fortune, or facing adversity exactly how do you react in the face of them all?

This is what this speaks to because we’re focused on employment, training, those who serve us, and those who depend upon us. Do you endeavor to heal yourself, do you address what you wear everyday and if you needed a haircut, was your fur baby fed, and other daily “chores” make up this placement.

This degree has the awareness of the multifarious forms through which knowledge manifests deeply sensing the eternal realities that hide in passing forms. What is most difficult for the chart holder is to focus on any one thing for in its world energies flow together as formless and inexpressible. The way out of this frustration is to embrace them all and move with the passing shimmerings of each moment.

The Chandra Symbol for this degree is “A field of dandelions.” This degree has a joyful appreciation of the common and ordinary while understanding that all aspects of the human species shared reality have come to be due to having survived and outlived so many other ideas/ways of being that have been cast aside or minimized over time.

In other words there is an instinct for comprehending how the mainstream of society represents the strongest yet most persistent motivations of the race. To try to find and support what is most positive and spiritual in this is the goal of this degree. It is the Piscean sympathy shining forth most directly, spontaneously, and universally like the sunshine of countless stars in a galaxy of dandelions. Work with guardian angel Veuliah and daimon Sabnock.

Daimon Sabnock connects us with the Eight of Swords, Moon, Allspice, and Gemini. When you want to protect your home or astral temple from attacks you want to work with this daimon. As always if you’re working with Sabnock what you will begin to learn is how to take someone else’s nasty little attacks and return them to their sender as a form of defense. Essentually the goal here is that we should be learning/teaching not to be maliciously manipulating or harming others.

“Never rush in haste for anything. Keep calm, stay focused, and the sequence of events will take care of itself.” (The Fried Egg Galaxy) – Unknown

This degree sits on the fixed star of Enif in Pegasus the Flying Horse’s nose. The nature of Enif being that of Mars and Mercury usually combines to make for a high enterprise, ambitious, intuitive, and enthusiastic temperament. We should be careful, however, where we place our judgment which I think this caters back to the issue of “trust.”

As an aesthetician here is a spa ASMR from one of the channels I subscribe to. Have a great and relaxing Monday. I might take tomorrow of as a respite from blogging until Friday just so I can finalize what I need to before beginning my new part time job. I think everyone will be fine during this span of time! Also the next time someone says you can’t produce anything organic because they believe only in chemical agriculture we’re going to have a dispute.

I’ve been doing just fine organic gardening so maybe the problem is a lack of proper education in making the switch! Either out of ignorance, limited beliefs, or fear to change perhaps! All I know is food in the ground is not like a virtual reality game or a Star Trek hologram. It takes time requiring some patience which seems to be in short supply lately. 😊 I really can’t wait for my plants to produce the actual beans or flowers. I’m getting very antsy simply because I want to take photos of something colorful and beyond stems, leaves, and roots.

Tomatoes are under monitoring. Our buckwheat has overtaken them therefore I think we will be thinning shortly. I have not attempted photos because literally the roma tomatoes are dwarfed by a sea of buckwheat! This is what happens when you cover crop and return to planting other items in the bed. Some plants are invasive.

I also had a squirrel stand off recently. They keep bringing peanuts as I’ve said from someone feeding them to my garden to plant them. So as one scurried down the fence I walked over and had to have a face to face discussion with him which sent him back up the fence, turning to face me, twirling a peanut in his hands in front of me, and then leaving. He’ll be back! This is not over!

Connect with Nature – 2 Month Progress Report:

The beans look like they are beginning to consider flowering which is probably a very positive sign for production before we get too hot here in Texas. I’m thinking spring and fall are going to be our best production times. Basil is another exciting one because we use it in various dishes usually macaroni night as my Sicilian step father calls it because certain words now have negative connotations due to improper slang! We literally live in a world where we have to self censor because of those using improper grammar or lingo!
I need a miracle here for carrots, but at least the wildflowers are providing great blanket cover and will hopefully flower shortly. The leave patterns have been fascinating to see, but then I’m probably just being a nerd. I don’t know how much root builder these carrots need or if they’re storing energy for later. I’ve used a lot of fertilizer though in an attempt to bulk my plants up.
I have so many heads of lettuce right now growing that I’m going to be having to ask neighbors to take some to prevent spoilage of perfectly good salads. And nature thinks that mushrooms would look great on those salads as well! Fungus is among us.

Sign Spotlight Sundays: Do Tiger’s Change Their Stripes?

“A tiger never returns to his prey he did not finish off.” – Chinese Proverb.

We left off at the Ox in February 2022. I was going to take today off not posting a blog post, but I’ve been ignoring Sunday’s for quite some time so I decided to sneak this one in despite my desire to excuse myself for a day. 2022 is the Year of the Water Tiger. Let’s investigate some Big Cat energy via the provided underlined hyperlink text.


Those born in the years 1914, 1926, 1938, 1950, 1962, 1974, 1986, and 1998 or the year of the Tora/Tiger display sensitivity, stubborness, a shorter fuse temperament, courage, and can be deep thinkers capable of great sympathy for those they feel an affinity towards.

When born under the influence of the Tiger one is likely to be a living symbol of strength and power inspiring awe/respect of their peers through a dynamism, independent nature, and curiosity about life which makes them irresistible to their followers and admirers. Their self assurance and liberal mindedness, however, can also come across as selfishness if it is not balanced with humanitarianism or altruism. The Tiger embodied individual will often throw off confining traditional roles as well as seek out solitude. They posses a gift for open mindedness, seeing things objectively, and discernment of truth excelling at reading how others feel.

This sign falls under Kokuzo Bosatsu as well like the Ushi/Ox we previously covered corresponding to the Space/Sky Repository signifying unlimited wisdom and compassion. This speaks to the removal of obstacles helping people recognize and overcome their errors. I invite everyone to re-explore my entry in February on the Ox as a “refresher” to learn more about Kokuzo Bosatsu’s associations. You will find this information as well as helpful underlined hyperlink text about the third paragraph down fleshing out better understanding without me re-publishing the same rhetoric.

This is also due to the fact that I actually struggled finding information on Kokuzo Bosatsu’s correspondences; I believe nothing much has changed due to the algorithms of modern artificial intelligence. Let’s not get me started on that rant again because I’m not a fan of anything false, misleading, or unnatural via man made artifice when it comes to the capacity of the mind to discern truth. Let’s just say I’m unimpressed because I’ve been online since the late 90s. No, I’m not a dinosaur; I simply see flaws or holes in the Matrix sort of like those black cat glitches!

As we are embarked currently on the Year of the Water Tiger we can expect focused expressions of our mental landscape amidst our current times of adversity, limitations, and fears which may reside in our subconscious or be manufactured via our outside reality by the interconnected nature of all. We should look at the union of perceived opposites known as duality as a learning experience where different approaches/systems have in common a harmonized way of existing. Water is essential to life and this year also asks us to place a focus on our kidneys much the same as Libra when I discussed it through the lens of Judaism and Christianity.

You see your kidneys are the organ in charge of eliminating nitrogen waste from your blood as well as foreign substances you’ve chosen to incorrectly introduce into your organism like toxic substances absorbed with your food/water consumption or medications. It is here that acid base and blood PH are maintained which assist with blood pressure. Their importance with all the fluids of your body resonates deeply to your Emotional IQ where your physical as well as sexual energy and fears will be reflected back to you.

The kidneys ask if you have the ability to face the pressures of life and traditional Chinese medicine associates these organs with ancestral frequencies. Something I’m constantly discussing due to the Magha lunar mansion’s emphasis on ancestral veneration. When you experience problems with your kidneys it expresses a hidden component known as fear of losing or not feeling a part of something such as family, country, and so forth. Coexistence is a correspondence of the kidneys so if you feel separate, abandoned, or isolated you may experience renal dysfunction. This will also begin to display in the arterial through hypertension when the Heart chakra closes. I believe in Kabbalah this would sound like the state of exile.

For me, I recently recovered from a uterine tract infection, and I know that kidney stones run in my maternal lineage. I equally know that Magha nakshatra is ruled by Regulus at the heart of Leo the lion. You’ll thus understand why I’m a bit particular about medical freedom and informed consent as well as other topics as of late such as CRISPR gene modification which I’m actually just not a fan of evident in that I organic garden stringently to avoid this.

I don’t think we fully understand or innerstand what we’re doing because the idea of hacking anything usually means infecting it with malware/viruses and last I checked this creates also exposure to harm. Hackers are identity thieves and predators we do well to protect ourselves against. Those who don’t protect themselves or guard their lives/investments can incur serious and otherwise unnecessary suffering.

We have to develop a friendship with the unknown and change. The Year of the Water Tiger is Yang asking that we cross a big body of water, but this requires you to be brave enough to answer the call knowing that you will land upon a foreign shore in the borderlands of existence where the understanding of what you call home is washed away and you never return to the comfort of what once was. The first time this occurred for all was the birth canal from which we were born crying, reaching out in hunger/desire, and the mother principle went through unbelievable exertion and pains.

Daoism views the Universe and consciousness as never ending, self sustaining, and a co-creation of opposing forces that takes place in a forming and dissolving, emerging and collapsing, and circular path known as the spiral. This belief system views the most Divine form as that of the androgyne/hermaphrodite with a full access to gender traits as seen in the Yin Yang which belongs to all of us.

This concept is esoteric and metaphysical speaking to anatomy where the two bodies of our brain are identical composed of the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine nature which can never be dissociated as seen in alchemy. No, not the kind with absurd elixirs of immortality that were toxic soups of ingredients humans were never meant to ingest, inject, and poison themselves with. Sorry that to me is crazy and disturbing logic. Why would you want to poison yourself or others exactly?! Hinduism has used Brahma as direct light and creation to describe the root of growth/expansion where both fire and water mix to create man in God’s image as both male/female or androgyne. In Hinduism this is described as ardhnarishwara.

The problem arises in literalization when Brahma divides itself into a pair of two Hermes known as dharma (righteousness and merit through conformity to Universal laws and principles) and Aphrodite as murti (image and embodiment). This is the means to reproduction and manifestation through which kundalini arises, both snakes merge together, the he/she within projects both polarities of his/her original creator parent outwardly, and we become whole. Instead what many teach or promote has left humanity at large low, degraded, and carrying a rotten view of the proper orientation of spirituality as we bring it down into the 3D from higher vibrational worlds.

When the Divine Masculine denies the Divine Feminine and vice versa we diminish the capacity to experience our emotions, we control through rigidity and fixed ideologies, we pursue ambition through competition at the cost of other, and we lack any ability to create genuine relationships. It is in this manner that the world inverts becoming a place of manipulation, passivity, illicit exploitation, incompetence, and victimization for the gain of power.

If humans continue to separate themselves from what they eat, how they consume, and deny that our choices have provided for making our living unhealthy we will continue to live behind the locked doors of factory farming, processed/genetic modification, and extractive industries of our energy/mineral resources. These all are symbolic of a death phobia and culture that is led by toxic, unchecked, and uninhibited entitlement to cannibalism. If we observe an actual tiger in nature we see this animal does not predate in any form upon which it is dominating life or over consuming. Humans play a larger role in the ecosystem by which we are not very good predators.

Big Cat energy asks that we learn the endless game of run and return or spontaneity, improvisation, chase, and following. When you read the subtle hints or gestures of another good hunter you become available to the muse allowing yourself to be led. Warriors like the tiger cultivate the bravery to face death with all of its consequences understanding that this provides for our aliveness. You don’t arrive at this place without having a true value for all living things so that you don’t misuse them.

This means you produce no waste and leave no loose ends. Nature devours; what a coyote does not finish the vulture will followed by the worms and microorganisms that then feed the soil, grasses, and trees. This frequency of Tiger also often teaches one to embrace and value their solitary moments. Being social creatures is great, but we all need time for ourselves alone as well if we expect to find stillness and peace.

When Tiger energy enters it can rule its domain with an iron fist riding over the rough waves in life. Don’t waste your energies pursuing what will not add value to your life. You have the power to be independent while remaining patient as you focus on your goals amidst any distractions coming your way. Now is the time to avoid aggression and speed slowing down to pay attention and strike when the moment is right. This vibration is great for rising above setbacks or missed opportunities, disconnecting from stressful people or places, and becoming more productive in life.

Age Harmonic Chart for Asteroid Tigris

I’ve used the Age Harmonic chart to plot today the Asteroid Tigris (13096) which as I’ve said anyone can do this to locate the energies they are working with at this time. These charts are able to elicit the present and future defining moments of any person’s life, but can be used for much more such as a nation, enterprise, or for two people such as seen in Synastry or Composite charts. The honest truth is that some believe these are better than the traditional Solar/Lunar Return charts.

Tigris is the Latin form of tiger taken from Ancient Greek via τίγρις. I’m not going to state I’m entirely accurate here, but I do believe this chart has the makings possibly of a Kite configuration within it. These can foster wholeness through polarity when we adapt, transform, and properly manage expansion. Asteroid Tigris nestles into my Neptune/Piscean ruled 12th House in this chart of Pisces at 27° with Uranus. Tigris also forms a trine with Mars and a sextile with Jupiter. The Harvest Moon is very symbolic of the Autumnal Equinox when we claim all we have learned from and grown.

This energy allows for one to work hard to fix injustices that seem impossible while feeling undermined at times by others. This can be done anonymously or via charity, but the focus here is always on remembering that when it comes to anything spiritual we will deal with karma (what goes around comes around). While we may discuss what cultivates collective imaginings we discover a larger truth that requires us to be far more mindful of life’s mysteries.

Whatever the chart holder becomes entangled with by circumstance must be something that is needed for everything is here for us to learn from. This degree knows this truth thus the chart holder is very accepting of anything that comes its way ever trying to figure out the relationship of other to self. Its magic is the ability to transform the seemingly random into the deeply meaningful.

The Chandra Symbol for this degree is “A ritual sand painting.” The desire to bring all of one’s vision and aliveness into the present now moment free of worry about the future reveals the underlying Cosmic patterns of the Universe.

This practice shows us something, but because the grains of sand are not fixed being thrown to the winds once the painting is completed like any mandala it reminds us that these Cosmic conscious patterns being revealed are actually within us as we are living them. Can we like a spider search our mind to see if we have captured the meaning of them?

The emphatic message that one needs to align with the energies of the Cosmic dance not worrying about the future allows one to find within the freedom to achieve closure where closure is needed and appropriate. Work guardian angel Rehael and daimon Decarabia.

Daimon Decarabia represents the Seven of Swords, Moon, Lunaria, and Aquarius. Lunaria is known as the money plant which I’ve seen and studied previously before I took to building my astrology business.

A word of caution these plants are toxic to cats creating excretion problems, blood problems, and severe cases of vomiting/depression therefore they should be avoided like the plague if you own any feline fur babies. You can instead substitute Pennywort also known as Gotu Kola which is safer as an alternative money tree.

Working with Decarabia increases knowledge of herbs, precious stones, and astral travel. This daimon places a focus on all things Divine Feminine. You will develop a broader understanding of nature elementals while transcending the ego. If you’ve been facing obstacles and deception in life you will find that Decarabia can dissolve these.

Some believe that the Tiger is associated with the analogy of hexagram 49 often translated as revolution because with reference to the title of my blog post the tiger does not change their stripes. If you would like to learn about this hexagram or Tao verse please use the links below!


As there is no fixed star to mention for this degree I wish you all a very bright and beautiful Sunday! I’m off to enjoy the rest of my weekend before it is gone too soon. If anything provided has helped you please consider supporting my business with an astrology report or a small donation. Lots of love! 💖

Cat got your tongue?!