Wisdom Wednesdays: This is Not the Same as All Those Gardening/Farming Video Games You Play

“Computers make excellent and efficient servants, but I have no wish to serve under them.” – Spock

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I watched a video today on Sri Lanka and was a bit perplexed by what they were saying with reference to chemical agriculture versus the organic model largely because when we xeriscaped the garden became above ground as RoundUp had been used in the yard for weeds by my step father which I was pretty vehement against ending up in my food. Transitions are neither easy nor cheap. This had expenditures involved that some can not even afford because you’re building from nothing or new. We literally had to order new organic soil/mulch, mushroom compost (we were just beginning to make our own compost), organic coconut coir, and then the organic fertilizers had to be purchased.

The garden actually began in 2017 so we’re now 5 years in, but those first two years no the plants did not produce the same as the soil has to be “built to produce.” Chemical agriculture depletes the soil of what is essential for it to thrive so eventually that model just makes empty food also with little biome or nutrient density is how I’ve understood it. People are going to argue that you need chemical agriculture, and I don’t really want to hash out or debate this. You are going to choose to believe how you want to believe; I’m going to disagree for reasons of my own!

The first year I tried different vegetables because I was told you will have to learn what you can grow. For me bell peppers my first year and broccoli/romanesco were complete failures. My bell peppers were exceedingly small and they did not survive the heat very well in Texas. I was honestly worried about Sun blight. My romanesco began turning purple due to too much Sun exposure. I have not tried them again. Last year zucchini was a complete failure also because I got infested with caterpillars that are known to live in them during the flowering stages. Cucumbers my first year I got an aphid infestation that was horrific.

Beans I will have caterpillars, but the ones I usually acquire don’t really bother me because they only eat the leaves and well I as a human don’t eat or use the leaves so as long as they don’t become so infested that they destroy the overall plant I will let them be. Besides they sometimes just don’t hang around very long. These caterpillars in beans build leaf tents, but rain and watering with them do not mix meaning they often don’t survive I’ve learned such events. I watched several die during heavy rain periods out in Mother Nature if they never dried out or left their leaf tents to get the light of the Sun.

These caterpillars hide in these leaf tents and will stare out at you with what appears to be red glowing eyes. They’re otherwise rather harmless, and I believe it’s at night they emerge to eat some of the leaves. But for me they did not do much damage to my bean plants. This year if they become a bother I think we can cover the structure in Agribon like our lettuce.

Those working in a green house which we can’t afford will have entirely different experiences. Needless to say I left the video thinking here goes a nation giving up completely on organics because they don’t understand the extent of the transition or project. Perhaps they should transition by doing some chemical agriculture and some organic as an ad mixture.

If you need to feed a populace don’t try to convert all at once, but work in stages to get there. This is not Farmville when you grow your own food either. If you lack patience you’re going to be really angry at how long it takes to actually see production sometimes. Farmville teaches instant gratification and well the real world is not really going to operate that way I’m afraid.

Composting is a lesson all it’s own because the first time I began I literally got off my job as a grocery shopper the first year and took our collection out to the compost pile and had a heart attack when I saw these really large maggots or worms in my compost. I thought I was going to be sick, but they later turned into soldier flies which stayed in the compost pile under the Agribon working everything down to this wonderful new soil we were able to spread/use so I became exceptionally grateful for those scary large maggots or worms later that caused me to think I might throw up watching them at first.

That’s the problem with being raised forever in the city and having extreme disconnect with nature. You have zero experience with how anything “really” works. The compost pile was actually an endless source of experiments. When my romanesco was not doing very well I pulled most of it. It started to grow in the compost after I placed it in the pile to my dismay. I thought it would dry up and die, but it was the exact opposite.

Ironically over the years as I’ve said I took up my own study of bugs and critters that would show up in my front/back yard garden including the preying mantis’ who perched often on my zinnias looking for bees much to my dismay. I have seen this in action sadly. I literally watched a preying mantis in my garden catch and eat several bees one day only to then craw down the stem of my zinnia and invert itself blending in with the flower as camouflage to wait for more.

Welcome to the nature versus nurture argument of life and that little problem one will have with regards to peace versus war/martial battle; someone has to eat. I even had baby preying mantis’ in my garden. One decided to hitch a ride on my glasses one day.

An attempt at bell peppers failed the first year, but it got better if you don’t just give up on organic gardening and are able to adapt to adversity. We succeeded at California poppies, buckwheat, and oat grass.
Broccoli became baby broccoli so I harvested what I could adding this to salads. Thyme and other herbs such as apple mint, various basils, lemon balm, borage, etc. were also successful. I’m finally seeing better root systems on my beans, tomatoes, and potatoes this year.

I did not realize until I sat down for breakfast looked out the corner of my eye and wondered what the green thing was looking at me; the baby mantis was returned to the garden. I’ve had assassin bugs also that I try to avoid like a plague which invade the garden. Not many, but a few which I prefer to simply not come into contact with. Let’s not forget bringing in basil to dry when extra large grasshoppers move in to your garden.

I had one hiding in some of the basil I brought into the house which meant I had to run to the front door of the house carefully and put that basil back outside because I was worried the ginormous grasshopper would leap somewhere, and I would be harassed by him/her in my actual house which I also do not welcome. I like my insects to remain outside not inside of the home. No offense just I guess I’m not that hospitable.

I went from non-producing in my garden to over producing. When I was recovering from ankle surgery the cover crops would just keep returning in phases. Buckwheat would go through a die off phase and then if I cut it laying it back in the bed it re-sowed. I still have oat grass growing beside my green, yellow, and purple beans because the roots I could not pull them all they were that well established into the bed.

So I’m leaving this as a companion plant bed. Not only that, but the buckwheat literally wind pollinated so it would spread to adjacent beds sometimes. And then there are the squirrels which keep bringing me peanuts from whatever neighbor keeps feeding these to the furry critters.

I am constantly pulling out peanut plants that begin to grow peanuts in my vegetable garden every year because I did not ask to become a peanut farmer. This means some days if I see a squirrel running down the fence line, and I’m watering I’ve sprayed them with water to deter them from entering the garden as I don’t want them digging up plants or depositing peanuts into my vegetables. One day the water spray literally knocked the squirrel off the fence into my neighbor’s yard. Oops!

Too many variables exist from soil quality to pest versus beneficials to geoengineered weather that can create myriad whoops like droughts/floods therefore you may find yourself struggling to go with the flow. Some years I lost perfectly good plants beginning to produce to too much rain and water rot so family watched me become very angered having to pull up my plants in beds. I get angry at the pests also who usually are met with neem oil or a safe soap with water spray trying to deter them.

Caterpillars I started using tweezers and re-locating them when found on lettuce one year until we got the Agribon ordered to cover the heads. Let me tell you that is the most frustrating of life experiences ever and is to me like listening to someone describe when there are no pollinators so people have to self pollinate their plants. Too time consuming. If you think gardening looks easy you will be in for a rude awakening. It is not an adventure for someone faint of heart.

I really did not understand the person making the video and when I say people argue for chemical agriculture I’m hard pressed about how I’ve mentioned profit motives as well as lobbies influencing 3/4 of what humanity adopts for ideologies in life without any critical thinking. I even realized some make choices from a more administrative roll with little to no real world experience of that which they’re promoting.

So when the narrator mentioned Sri Lanka was only using manure to grow their crops I thought either the person making the video was being facetious/obnoxious or they were implying the farmers in this nation were deserving of a dunce cone shaped cap.

I had that assumption that most farmers even those more versed in chemical agriculture have to know manure is certainly not the only organic means to having a garden. Once again if you’re watching a podcast it is always likely the same as when reading a blog post you’re going to be triggered by something. And anyone who follows my ramblings probably knows I have a short fuse if I feel like I’m being fed rubbish propaganda or just malarkey.

This preying mantis is not just eating a bee atop a zinnia in my garden, but it’s actually staring back at me while I take his/her photo which is actually quite “creepy!” Welcome to nature in all it’s unruly splendor!
We lost our rather large flowering front hedge to winter storm Uri and replaced it with wildflowers this year because there have been some shortages of plants at the nursery which we liked or felt would sustain our climate during the hot summers. Lettuce is finally shaping up like miniature heads.

I did not want to keep using Arabic Parts/Lots for this blog, but I was abjectly drawing blanks besides Ceres, Demeter, and Persephone for what to even put in with regards to astrology today. Persephone at least in my natal chart couched herself in my 9th House Cancer. When we deal with the 9th House we begin to see what philosophies one subscribes to, we find forward abstract thinkers who enjoy publishing/writing, and see a connection with Sagittarius/Jupiter. Cancer happens to be my MC while Capricorn makes up my IC just like the Tropics found on Earth. This placement is usually a person who accumulates knowledge sharing it with others.

Asteroid Persephone Natal Chart

Yet I’ve read from an esoteric astrologer that the Cerest/Demeter connection relates right back to a female aspect of Pater Aether or Jupiter (hierarchical ruler of Virgo which is my 11th House) thereby this energy is not unlike Pan or Eros (Fohat). This kind of energy puts all the focus onto feeding the world’s hungry. For those unaware America’s Cancer Sun astrologically deals precisely with grain crops problems particularly the reliance on genetic modification through pressure from major corporations/lobbies.

I’m that 42 year old female esotericist who extensively studies her own chart knowing that her North Node/South Node axis is Virgo 11th House/Pisces 5th House which is epitomized in the allegory of the northern hemisphere traditions for our four seasons. It is Persephone our goddess of vegetation and daughter of the grain goddess who as the spirit of Mother Earth/Virgo is abducted by Pluto taken underground for 1/3 of every year to become his wife.

Our seed corn lies in the ground for part of the year before it rises from the ground bringing forth a harvest. Anyone remotely familiar with these allegories also knows that it is Pluto as Lord of Death who rapes Persephone or vegetation every season. The Virgo/Pisces axis in our Ceres/Demeter mythology depicts the daughter of Cronus and Rhea or Saturn and the Earth as a disciplined discriminating mind.

To Christianity this is allegory for the seed grain of Virgo being an emblem of the Bread of Christ, Love-Wisdom, expressed through Bethlehem and the first initiation. This actually showed up in a recent study I had with Hebrew Chet, Challah, and Chai.

And while I don’t agree with everything this school of thought says I found it ironic the further tie in given genetic modification/editing we are experimenting with as a global society upon the all new altar of “science” that we would run up across DNA/RNA and mitosis. You see recent “science” reminds me instead of the episode of Gilligan’s Island I grew up with as a child known as The Friendly Physician. Only this is no friendly physician rather it’s a mad scientist; mad as in lunatic!

Let’s just say I don’t like these kinds of experiments and due to my high likelihood for anaphylaxis as I’m chemically sensitized my doctor’s don’t vaccinate me as I had a NDE at age 26. I have not been routinely flu vaccinated nor was I at birth given measles, mumps, and rubella despite my mom stating there was an outbreak because I was tested for “natural immunity.”

I survived fine without that vaccine. This again creates for me a problem with modern “science” in that I am questioning the cognitive dissonance with comparative critical thinking most should be doing. My doctors simply don’t want an uninsured person experiencing another NDE where they have to be rushed at 3 AM CST to the emergency room as previously occurred for me.

One could say I have a very different way in which I manage my health that is certainly not just pharmaceuticals or allopathy which is where I’m also not aligned in any way with transhumanist ideologies. I look at this as the fork in the road where timelines might be diverging.

In 2003 Jupiter entered Virgo staying there for one year during a time when Sirius poured energy through the gateway of the Sun transmitting it via Jupiter through all the zodiac signs paying particular attention to Virgo. Virgo as the hidden gestating Christ or Cosmic consciousness in all human hearts does not appear until instinct transmutes into wisdom.

Jupiter as this hierarchical ruler of Virgo relates to Monadic consciousness while Virgo shares close relationship to the creation of all forms in nature with intimate concern for the Deva/Angelic kingdom especially the elementals or archangels. My 11th House on the Western zodiac holds not just my North Node, but also my Moon, Saturn, and Lilith.

I watched a video recently where someone mentioned that they term how I use astrology as a more divinatory tool. I play around a lot more than most traditionalists with the random asteroids or symbols looking for anomalies and answers often mixing/matching Western with Vedic. Therefore if you look through all of my archives you will find what other esotericists usually don’t like to see perhaps. I’ve done harmonics, ephemeris, draconic, etc. and mapped some hypotheticals before in my spare time simply because I’m too free spirited to live inside boxes or the status quo within esotericism.

Agriculture Arabic Part/Lot

I took a peek at the Arabic Part/Lot for Agriculture, but then questioned if given topics at large if I should not be looking instead at Energy or Finances instead. Maybe another day I’ll peruse those for reference just so I can get a feel for them. Agriculture is located for me 3rd House Sagittarius 10°. This house deals with intelligence whereby one has a practical sensibility that allows them to think as well as communicate being ruled by Mercury and Gemini. We won’t just communicate verbally rather it is often written as well. We won’t find any fixed stars on this degree, but we can still poke around at it for answers.

When we tune in to the tremendous possibilities that surround us we draw to us those forces that can help us to actualize the ones we need most to bring into reality. When we open up to new possibilities of communication we see far more facets to everything we encounter. Making contact with new possibilities we find both energies that come at us for the purpose of holding us back and energies that seek to encourage our progress. Ultimately we find that both of these encourage our progress in the end.

When we tune in to the eternal enchantment of Cosmic beauty we then question the need to always be trying to keep things the same and to always be desperately fighting off the ravages of time. Work with guardian angel Lehahiah and daimon Furfur.

Daimon Furfur connects with the 8 of Cups, Mars, Pisces, and Cypress. I covered this daimon previously, but new information seems to indicate Furfur aids with astral shapeshifting, destruction of one’s ego (ego death), divinity, the study of esotericism, and a focus on introspection/transformation.

With regards to ego death we’re speaking of loss of the carnal ego or one’s aggressive nature/behavior in life. Cypress was used as well as several other trees due to varying traditions for Maypoles, easing losses, healing, past life workings, and protection representing the element Earth.

If we look at the suit of Cups and the Water element we find that our emotions may be difficult to restrain or control in our day to day activities which can cause any one of us to abandon logic in favor of our primal instincts which leads to unfavorable outcomes. If you want a desirable outcome to be realized you will need to work on your Emotional IQ.

What we have to realize though is that we have extremes on many fronts where emotions oscillate between anger, hope, love, hatred, desperation, etc. Relationships can go harmoniously and in alignment with the Divine or they can become strained, misaligned, and suffer disconnect. What you will be forced to do when confronting these matters is examine any and all relationships with others.

Usually what is occurring is that we find ourselves being gnawed at by that which we have built up in life only to find we’ve overextended ourselves being worn thin with no fruit growing from our relationships. Usually unless issues are resolved one makes a break with toxic relationships, heals, and then discovers why they experienced failure. You can’t force a fit where one does not exist so it’s better to apply foresight and planning so you seize something better in the long run.


A star turning many different colors.

Bedazzled by the lights, intoxicated with the display, amazed and stunned by the spectacle. You are your own audience, your own accompanist, your own shadow catcher. Prone to excess in all things in a release of spirits unending. Becoming roles, worlds, and ways of presenting self. Taking karmic episodes of the past and replaying them in another variation. Given over to the senses, body charged, chaotic, and commanding. Taking life through all its shifts and nuances with easy and spectacular capacity you feel somewhat at the mercy of the shadow that comes back to haunt. Effortless grace and subtle burnout. For there is more than this and it will not come unless this does consume itself making way for the unknown as the only place to go when the excitement wears off.

Why did I pick the title above because gardening or farming is not an idle game; you actually have to put some effort into it! If you’re not willing to do so I don’t advise taking it up even if the skill is exceptionally beneficial in my eyes.

Happy Wednesday! I’m off to tend to other affairs… 🤩

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I am a licensed aesthetician (#1446048 Expires October 2023 Valedictorian) who has worked previously in medical malpractice and personal injury legal administration, life/health insurance for State Farm, and various retail roles including personal shopper. My passion at this time lies in the field of esoteric studies. I am also a Master Level Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki certified healer. I happen to be currently employed within a 9-5 career in cosmetology retail selling to licensed professionals part time.

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