Tarot of the Day Thursdays: Structuring Your April

“When the moon is not full, the stars shine more brightly.” – Unkown

We are in a Waxing Crescent Moon so here is a helpful tarot reading to kick this month off. Use the underlined hyperlink text to hop around.


Card 1: Your Source of Energy And Willpower

King of Clubs: Sailor Venus and Libra

This high energy card carries important messages for the goals you’re setting. This King is associated with success and good fortune leading you on a path to your dreams. The King of Clubs reminds us that life is short and doing what makes you happy is the best way to enjoy your time on Earth. Now is not the time to be a bump on a log rather put everything you have into achieving what you want in life by carefully focusing your time and energy.

If you’re seeing this card you’re encouraged to present your ideas without the fear of being rejected or laughed at for not knowing what you’re doing at all times. The King of Clubs is a “yes” to any question you have asked, don’t dwell on the past, move forward, and seize new opportunities coming your way.

Libra is ruled by Venus and at present Venus is in Pisces at 2ยฐ. In all life situations this degree senses a greater reality where hidden energies influence the here and now. We find here a strong and persistent knowing that what we are all doing here in the realm of physicality is of extreme importance with a key to spiritual fulfillment. This degree’s highest calling is via taking up the role of a patient learner who listens to the world around themselves and hears the voices of spirit calling to them.

We need to understand that we are all healed by taking an often extreme and periodic break from the rigors of being encased in social frameworks. All humans are at their best when they don’t fall prey to thinking that their primal energies are meant to dominate the self or can’t be resisted. Work with guardian angel Yelahiah and daimon Shax.

Daimon Shax ties to the Nine of Swords, Moon, Purslane, and Gemini. This daimon is a gift giver, but this is not material gains. You will obtain something that you’ve had your eye on as a goal that is not just financial. Rather someone beneficial may enter your life. One of Shax’s specialties is assisting with attaining one’s Higher Self as well as being an aid with the skills of skrying, tarot, mirrormancy, rune casting, hydromancy, and nature magick.

Card 2: Your Talents

King of Hearts: Zoisite

This King of Hearts dispalys honesty, nobility, and truth by teaching you to remain in harmony (all parts of self should be in sync). Right now you should deploy a sense of justice and fairness for self/others. Take a close look at your thoughts and feelings comparing them to the opinions of others.

Don’t be too quick to dismiss new ideas. Instead listen carefully to others taking their opinions into consideration when making decisions regarding career and life choices no matter how small their advice may appear. While the King of Hearts indicates a “yes” know that more responsibility is coming your way.

Zoisite is a form of silicate which is an important ingedient in mineral makeup and healing crystals. It is often used to rebirth one’s soul, foster inner development, increase understanding of one’s self and the world, as well as stimulate regeneration of cells neutralizing over-acidification inside the body. Many use this crystal to overcome the flu or other respiratory diseases. Zoisite appeals to the Heart and Third Eye chakras promoting a connection with your truest self.

Card 3: The Environment

Five of Diamonds: Chibimoon and Cancer/Tuxedo Mask and Leo

When we face the Five of Diamonds in a reading we may be feeling blocked, but we’re being warned to not give up or allow fear to take over. Push through your obstacles, inner doubts, and negativity. The number five represents new beginnings in a much larger game.

If you’re choosing between different paths assess the pros/cons of both to wisely discern which will bring you the greatest happiness in life. The Five of Diamonds asks for you to assess your history which holds answers to your current situation by symbolizing recovery from disaster, restitution, and stability through selflessness with unexpected rewards.

Cancer is ruled by the Moon and at present the Moon is in Cancer at 1ยฐ while Leo is ruled by the Sun and at present the Sun is in Aries at 17ยฐ. Breaking down barriers and clearing away the detritus of the past leaves the consciousness free to experience imaginative possibilities. Experiencing any gushing of feelings we seek to form vessels to give life form.

To be receptive to all the colors of the spiritual light is to find a food that can restore harmony. To fashion vessels which hold what is valuable leaves us with what is left over. This is lifeโ€™s trash which we seek to collect together so that it is out of our way.

When we release so much that is pent up we come to a point of relaxed meditative silence where all becomes light and the kingdom of the fairies is found. In this meditative silence all voices of the universe become magnified. Work with guardian angels Leuviah and Lauviah as well as the daimons Botis and Gusion.

Daimon Botis ties to the Nine of Pentacles, Mercury, Lily, and Virgo. Work with daimon Botis will bring one new friends protecting your social reputation. Botis helps one develop courage and avoid being hurt by the hatred/envy of others.

Daimon Gusion ties to the the Three of Cups, Venus, Aloe, and Cancer. Gusion will be best suited towards bringing longstanding disagreements with friends/family to an end. This daimon is ideal for character development and improving your self perception.

Card 4: Your Resources

Queen of Clubs: Mercury and Virgo

The Queen of Clubs shows up to teach us the importance of both spiritual and practical abundance representing the duality of our lives via the balance of Yin and Yang. You have the power to create abundance in your life. This card in particular is about the Divine Feminine, but comes with a warning to ensure your motives are pure rather than those which take advantage of others such as is seen in grifters. Don’t misuse your power or you will face difficulties further down the road.

The Queen of Clubs displays in a tarot reading to show how attracted others are to you because you fill up their life in a positive way. She indicates kinship, support, and honesty to help you succeed in becoming a great friend/partner. This card indicates a “yes” to a question you’ve asked yet you should focus on that which is most important in your life at this time rather than spreading yourself too thin. Stay grounded and practical!

Virgo is Mercury ruled and at present Mercury is in Aries at 23ยฐ. This degree has a great ability to keep experimenting with a situation until it has found a way to make it work. Remaining always open to the potential of change, knowing that nothing is set in stone, and even if it seems to be, stone, too, can be re-carved. Everything is open to modification and experimentation; knowing this is actually a strength.

Through becoming aware of what is hidden we realize that it is actually always lurking beneath and influencing our lives even when we are not directly aware of it. When we relax and let go of expectations we find that the currents of life carry us into unexpected adventures. Work with guardian angel Melahel and daimon Aim.

Daimon Aim ties to the Four of Cups, Neptune, Lemon, and Cancer. Aim is good for improving your intuition, making you witty, and ensuring that anything your do in life runs smoothly by teaching you to become a more organized individual. When working with this daimon you will be filled with a variety of ideas, inspirations, and perspectives ready to share with others what you’ve discovered by working as a creative muse. This can be applied to a wide range of topics such as writing, party planning, interior decorating, or cooking.

Have a tranquil Thursday! ๐Ÿ˜š๐Ÿ’Œ

Our mason bee house arrived. Smaller than I thought. Maybe we will need more than one.

PS: I’m still researching fertilizer solutions such as making our own potash!

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