Self Examination Saturdays: Interpretation Can Get Misrepresented

“Paradise is not a place; it’s a state of consciousness.” – Sri Chinmoy

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Continuing with an ongoing theme of blog posts that many of my followers may be familiar with as I dance my way around various spiritual theories. I was looking up asteroid names today, and I was trying to think if there was anything remotely Christian themed per say. I was looking for a specific example stumbling upon Yeshuhua which I then began to seek out the meaning of this asteroid online coming up with a bunch of very “mixed” beliefs or propositions. The asteroid itself is named for an astronomer/professor in China who is known for achieving precise measurements of Universal time in the 1960s as well other astronomical achievements.

This asteroid is in fact orbiting the Sun between the orbits of Mars/Jupiter. But some astrologers have taken to attempting to identify this asteroid with how Christianity or Jesus influences one’s life or even defined it as representing Christ consciousness, unconditional love, and forgiveness.

I was coming at this more from the Hebrew name Yeshua rather than the Greek translation/transliteration. There are certainly other asteroids that could be used for a Christian theme at some point such as Jessie, Mary, and Maria. Yeshua comes via a language family that takes Afro Asiatic through Semitic/Central Semitic languages directly to Hebrew from the root Yehoshua/YƏHOŠÚA (יְהוֹשֻׁעַ). It is said to mean “God rescues/Yahweh is salvation” appearing in later books of the Hebrew Bible and among Jews of the Second Temple period.

Yeshua appears as a derivative of Joshua son of Nun and 28 times for Joshua the High Priest (Jeshua) who are translated/transliterated as Joshua in the books of Haggai and Zechariah differing from the usual Hebrew Bible spelling of Joshua found 218 times. Yahshua is a proposed translation/transliteration within Hebrew Roots movements, but there has not been much support philologically of this when compared with archaeological findings via the Dead Sea Scrolls or rabbinical texts. Some Christian Kabbalists have used Yahshuah as a form of the pentagrammaton stating that Jesus is derived from the tetragrammaton.

It is important to note that many rabbinical authorities supposed that modern esotericists as well as those who teach exoteric literal concepts don’t properly understand the linguistics of Hebrew. This becomes arguments over what emerged during the Renaissance period as well as during the early 1930s to 1950s. I’m not really wanting to split hairs over this so I’m going to leave it up to the audience themselves to make their own determinations and conclusions.

The numerological value is 7 indicating an analytical and inquisitive individual with a thirst for knowledge who often makes for an excellent academic, researcher, or scientist. They will embody a strong sense of independence doing things their own unique way by being self reliant and coming across to others as reserved. This name is also associated with the Crown chakra and the color violet to signify Cosmic awareness to signify unity, oneness, and spirituality. The color violet is tied with imagination inspiring higher ideals where we get in touch with our deeper thoughts. Violet is not purple (a mix of red and blue), but is the highest vibration along the visible color spectrum.

Still others see this as Yod (10), Shin (300), Vav (6), and Ayin (70) which added together Kabbalisticly equals 386. These esotericists have seen in Strong’s Concordance that 386 is ethan pronounced ay-thawn meaning permanent, perennial, ever flowing, and a chieftain representing a leader of a people/clan. I’ve also seen Strong’s Concordance place 386 as anastasis meaning a rising again, resurrection, and a standing up.

Anastasis (ἀνάστασις):

  • Rebirth
  • (Christianity) Resurrection especially the resurrection of Jesus Christ

Ethan/Etan (אֵיתָן):

  • Strong, firm, enduring, and permanent
  • Ever flowing; running (as water)

If you are looking for some further etymology here are a few links before I show where this asteroid is placed in a Vedic Age Harmonic Chart for myself.

I’ve seen this also described as 4 letters which define the 4 worlds of the spiritual, psychological, spiritual, and Divine realms. Aleph being a seedling of our inner life fecundating our outer life creates non-duality. You have no outer life without it connecting to the inner breath. The Yod is the seed of Divine presence (masculine and feminine), the Heh is the breath of spirit in the field of Cosmic conscioiusness, the Vav is the awakened spine connecting Heaven and Earth, and the final Heh as the vital breath which animates your physical body.

Yeshua thus adds the Shin of divine fire and the Ayin of the open Third Eye chakra allowing one to perceive the multiple dimensions of our reality. As you shape and direct your free will up the Tree of Life you can manifest the fruits of your inner tree. It is the ego which keeps us all feeling separated, isolated, and alone. As soon as you’ve burned through your old identities you will connect with life, nature, your fellow creatures/humans, and the stars/galaxies.

Age Harmonic Chart for Asteroid Yeshuhua

This looks like a five pointed star or another Castle/Seer configuration as well as Mystic Rectangles. The asteroid is in my 8th House of Scorpio at 18° with Pluto. The 8th House reveals how we get the most out of our relationships with a value placed on equality and justice. Death and rebirth are natural aspects of life often following failed relationships, career changes, and the transformation of weaknesses to strengths.

You learn here how to manage your interactions by exploring your self through exploration of life when resources are shared. Pluto placed here allows for one to drastically change the lives of others allowing for them to bring profound healing often with an all or nothing attitude. We focus on the occult, psychology, and dig deep into discovering our deep seated fears.

All of existence is the way it is for a reason and this degree senses this feeling within itself the stirrings of something more expanded which is to come. There is a great sensitivity here especially to the limitations and restrictions of life. It yearns for something more and its yearnings will persist until it gives in to its impulse to transform.

The Chandra Symbol for this degree is “People holding hands around a table. One candle is burning in the middle of the table.” When we connect we need only hands to do so. We don’t need to speak the same language or agree on anything except holding hands. What is at the center of this simple act of connecting is the candle or the spiritual light. The relationship of this is that the circle of hands are likened to a cocoon with the candle within it equating with whatever is awakening for a moment in the cocoon. It is not time for a full awakening, but the awakening is near, or else there would not be this moment.

The chart holder awakens the spiritual light in others by the simple act of connection. Done over and over these little sparks of awakening accumulate finally resulting in a great collective awakening. Work with guardian angel Hahaiah and daimon Sitri.

Daimon Sitri corresponds with the Four of Cups, Jupiter, Cancer, and Cedar. This daimon focuses on the Earth element by involving humans with their external and physical environments particularly through health, finance, wealth, property, family, and career. If you face a time of hardship Sitri grants courage by imparting strength of conviction especially through giving you powerful knowledge for nature magic and working with the elementals.


People holding hands around a table. One candle is burning in the middle of the table.

Intimate depths of camaraderie. Forces joined by spirit call. Gathering in the name of a greater vision. Pooling resources, tapping what each does best, and both inside the self and in soul links with others. Avid to combine forces. The drive to fuse. Passion, desire, intent, and a surge of power. Being hugely drawn to consume separativeness and attain to unity and wholeness. A path or journey that will put you through every test and trial imaginable. Fierce resolve. And encountering shadows and dissipations so thunderous and multiplex that it will take everything it has inside to see this one through.

You can find more information on this degree from my Valentine’s Day blog post!

If I don’t blog tomorrow I’m busy with hunting for a part time job plus today was some more work in the garden. I was attempting to clean up near my Hollyhock to plant sunflowers, but there are two very large ant hills I have to tackle removal of first. Thankfully I was not eaten by giant black ants this morning. The neighbor’s oak tree is also dropping catkins literally everywhere so I’ve spent a greater portion of my day picking them out of my hair prior to getting cleaned up after being outside this afternoon. It is horrible this time of year. The oak tree could be seen all day from the dining room/kitchen just flinging pollinated catkins in droves all over the garden.

My application would not digitally go through to a local nursery/garden center so I am going in person to deliver my resume/application as is instructed on their website for a job as cashier or customer service help. Honestly I’m not finding much job growth where I live due to the fact that instead online I see the same job posted over and over again as supposedly “new,” but it’s only them harvesting or not pulling their entries. How can you tell? Double check the employment/careers sections of the business’ website! If the two don’t match up you’re being given the run around by the employer intentionally or unintentionally. I’m not sure why they don’t remember to pull the listing off job aggregators, and I prefer to apply for a position directly. All this impersonal interaction to save supposed time dehumanizes the entire experience.

This is all time consuming, frustrating, and just a waste of a person’s energy. We all know that oxymoronic phrase that data is the new oil or black gold or some absurdity. It serves zero meaningful purpose to fill out applications for non-existent employment! Nihilists are not my cup of tea no offense, but I need to have a purpose to what I’m doing! And sending my data into a void or abyss is bloody aimless! This has been ongoing now for decades. The internet actually made sense to me in the late 90s and early 2000s during my college/20s. Now it makes zero logical sense to me what humans are even doing in the name of supposed intelligence which again makes me soap box rant about the meaning of the word artificial as in fake/falsehoods. I don’t feel very confident about jobs where I live whatsoever.

And this has been ongoing for a very long time! I’ve literally returned to a previous employer more times than is necessary. This last time I was forced into resigning on their “return to work” program when they refused to transfer me to a cashier position I interviewed for even though I was sent to training. You’re given a month to transfer, and I was being blackballed into remaining a personal in store shopper in the very department where I was injured and had my ankle surgery. I don’t really want to have to go back there because over the years this kind of treatment of staff to me is quite abusive. But if I need money I’m going to possibly become desperate… Consider this my SOS!

Have a relaxing rest of your weekend; I’m going to be productive as usual! 🥺

“Consciousness is the birthplace of change.” – Unknown