Sign Spotlight Sundays: Do Tiger’s Change Their Stripes?

“A tiger never returns to his prey he did not finish off.” – Chinese Proverb.

We left off at the Ox in February 2022. I was going to take today off not posting a blog post, but I’ve been ignoring Sunday’s for quite some time so I decided to sneak this one in despite my desire to excuse myself for a day. 2022 is the Year of the Water Tiger. Let’s investigate some Big Cat energy via the provided underlined hyperlink text.


Those born in the years 1914, 1926, 1938, 1950, 1962, 1974, 1986, and 1998 or the year of the Tora/Tiger display sensitivity, stubborness, a shorter fuse temperament, courage, and can be deep thinkers capable of great sympathy for those they feel an affinity towards.

When born under the influence of the Tiger one is likely to be a living symbol of strength and power inspiring awe/respect of their peers through a dynamism, independent nature, and curiosity about life which makes them irresistible to their followers and admirers. Their self assurance and liberal mindedness, however, can also come across as selfishness if it is not balanced with humanitarianism or altruism. The Tiger embodied individual will often throw off confining traditional roles as well as seek out solitude. They posses a gift for open mindedness, seeing things objectively, and discernment of truth excelling at reading how others feel.

This sign falls under Kokuzo Bosatsu as well like the Ushi/Ox we previously covered corresponding to the Space/Sky Repository signifying unlimited wisdom and compassion. This speaks to the removal of obstacles helping people recognize and overcome their errors. I invite everyone to re-explore my entry in February on the Ox as a “refresher” to learn more about Kokuzo Bosatsu’s associations. You will find this information as well as helpful underlined hyperlink text about the third paragraph down fleshing out better understanding without me re-publishing the same rhetoric.

This is also due to the fact that I actually struggled finding information on Kokuzo Bosatsu’s correspondences; I believe nothing much has changed due to the algorithms of modern artificial intelligence. Let’s not get me started on that rant again because I’m not a fan of anything false, misleading, or unnatural via man made artifice when it comes to the capacity of the mind to discern truth. Let’s just say I’m unimpressed because I’ve been online since the late 90s. No, I’m not a dinosaur; I simply see flaws or holes in the Matrix sort of like those black cat glitches!

As we are embarked currently on the Year of the Water Tiger we can expect focused expressions of our mental landscape amidst our current times of adversity, limitations, and fears which may reside in our subconscious or be manufactured via our outside reality by the interconnected nature of all. We should look at the union of perceived opposites known as duality as a learning experience where different approaches/systems have in common a harmonized way of existing. Water is essential to life and this year also asks us to place a focus on our kidneys much the same as Libra when I discussed it through the lens of Judaism and Christianity.

You see your kidneys are the organ in charge of eliminating nitrogen waste from your blood as well as foreign substances you’ve chosen to incorrectly introduce into your organism like toxic substances absorbed with your food/water consumption or medications. It is here that acid base and blood PH are maintained which assist with blood pressure. Their importance with all the fluids of your body resonates deeply to your Emotional IQ where your physical as well as sexual energy and fears will be reflected back to you.

The kidneys ask if you have the ability to face the pressures of life and traditional Chinese medicine associates these organs with ancestral frequencies. Something I’m constantly discussing due to the Magha lunar mansion’s emphasis on ancestral veneration. When you experience problems with your kidneys it expresses a hidden component known as fear of losing or not feeling a part of something such as family, country, and so forth. Coexistence is a correspondence of the kidneys so if you feel separate, abandoned, or isolated you may experience renal dysfunction. This will also begin to display in the arterial through hypertension when the Heart chakra closes. I believe in Kabbalah this would sound like the state of exile.

For me, I recently recovered from a uterine tract infection, and I know that kidney stones run in my maternal lineage. I equally know that Magha nakshatra is ruled by Regulus at the heart of Leo the lion. You’ll thus understand why I’m a bit particular about medical freedom and informed consent as well as other topics as of late such as CRISPR gene modification which I’m actually just not a fan of evident in that I organic garden stringently to avoid this.

I don’t think we fully understand or innerstand what we’re doing because the idea of hacking anything usually means infecting it with malware/viruses and last I checked this creates also exposure to harm. Hackers are identity thieves and predators we do well to protect ourselves against. Those who don’t protect themselves or guard their lives/investments can incur serious and otherwise unnecessary suffering.

We have to develop a friendship with the unknown and change. The Year of the Water Tiger is Yang asking that we cross a big body of water, but this requires you to be brave enough to answer the call knowing that you will land upon a foreign shore in the borderlands of existence where the understanding of what you call home is washed away and you never return to the comfort of what once was. The first time this occurred for all was the birth canal from which we were born crying, reaching out in hunger/desire, and the mother principle went through unbelievable exertion and pains.

Daoism views the Universe and consciousness as never ending, self sustaining, and a co-creation of opposing forces that takes place in a forming and dissolving, emerging and collapsing, and circular path known as the spiral. This belief system views the most Divine form as that of the androgyne/hermaphrodite with a full access to gender traits as seen in the Yin Yang which belongs to all of us.

This concept is esoteric and metaphysical speaking to anatomy where the two bodies of our brain are identical composed of the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine nature which can never be dissociated as seen in alchemy. No, not the kind with absurd elixirs of immortality that were toxic soups of ingredients humans were never meant to ingest, inject, and poison themselves with. Sorry that to me is crazy and disturbing logic. Why would you want to poison yourself or others exactly?! Hinduism has used Brahma as direct light and creation to describe the root of growth/expansion where both fire and water mix to create man in God’s image as both male/female or androgyne. In Hinduism this is described as ardhnarishwara.

The problem arises in literalization when Brahma divides itself into a pair of two Hermes known as dharma (righteousness and merit through conformity to Universal laws and principles) and Aphrodite as murti (image and embodiment). This is the means to reproduction and manifestation through which kundalini arises, both snakes merge together, the he/she within projects both polarities of his/her original creator parent outwardly, and we become whole. Instead what many teach or promote has left humanity at large low, degraded, and carrying a rotten view of the proper orientation of spirituality as we bring it down into the 3D from higher vibrational worlds.

When the Divine Masculine denies the Divine Feminine and vice versa we diminish the capacity to experience our emotions, we control through rigidity and fixed ideologies, we pursue ambition through competition at the cost of other, and we lack any ability to create genuine relationships. It is in this manner that the world inverts becoming a place of manipulation, passivity, illicit exploitation, incompetence, and victimization for the gain of power.

If humans continue to separate themselves from what they eat, how they consume, and deny that our choices have provided for making our living unhealthy we will continue to live behind the locked doors of factory farming, processed/genetic modification, and extractive industries of our energy/mineral resources. These all are symbolic of a death phobia and culture that is led by toxic, unchecked, and uninhibited entitlement to cannibalism. If we observe an actual tiger in nature we see this animal does not predate in any form upon which it is dominating life or over consuming. Humans play a larger role in the ecosystem by which we are not very good predators.

Big Cat energy asks that we learn the endless game of run and return or spontaneity, improvisation, chase, and following. When you read the subtle hints or gestures of another good hunter you become available to the muse allowing yourself to be led. Warriors like the tiger cultivate the bravery to face death with all of its consequences understanding that this provides for our aliveness. You don’t arrive at this place without having a true value for all living things so that you don’t misuse them.

This means you produce no waste and leave no loose ends. Nature devours; what a coyote does not finish the vulture will followed by the worms and microorganisms that then feed the soil, grasses, and trees. This frequency of Tiger also often teaches one to embrace and value their solitary moments. Being social creatures is great, but we all need time for ourselves alone as well if we expect to find stillness and peace.

When Tiger energy enters it can rule its domain with an iron fist riding over the rough waves in life. Don’t waste your energies pursuing what will not add value to your life. You have the power to be independent while remaining patient as you focus on your goals amidst any distractions coming your way. Now is the time to avoid aggression and speed slowing down to pay attention and strike when the moment is right. This vibration is great for rising above setbacks or missed opportunities, disconnecting from stressful people or places, and becoming more productive in life.

Age Harmonic Chart for Asteroid Tigris

I’ve used the Age Harmonic chart to plot today the Asteroid Tigris (13096) which as I’ve said anyone can do this to locate the energies they are working with at this time. These charts are able to elicit the present and future defining moments of any person’s life, but can be used for much more such as a nation, enterprise, or for two people such as seen in Synastry or Composite charts. The honest truth is that some believe these are better than the traditional Solar/Lunar Return charts.

Tigris is the Latin form of tiger taken from Ancient Greek via τίγρις. I’m not going to state I’m entirely accurate here, but I do believe this chart has the makings possibly of a Kite configuration within it. These can foster wholeness through polarity when we adapt, transform, and properly manage expansion. Asteroid Tigris nestles into my Neptune/Piscean ruled 12th House in this chart of Pisces at 27° with Uranus. Tigris also forms a trine with Mars and a sextile with Jupiter. The Harvest Moon is very symbolic of the Autumnal Equinox when we claim all we have learned from and grown.

This energy allows for one to work hard to fix injustices that seem impossible while feeling undermined at times by others. This can be done anonymously or via charity, but the focus here is always on remembering that when it comes to anything spiritual we will deal with karma (what goes around comes around). While we may discuss what cultivates collective imaginings we discover a larger truth that requires us to be far more mindful of life’s mysteries.

Whatever the chart holder becomes entangled with by circumstance must be something that is needed for everything is here for us to learn from. This degree knows this truth thus the chart holder is very accepting of anything that comes its way ever trying to figure out the relationship of other to self. Its magic is the ability to transform the seemingly random into the deeply meaningful.

The Chandra Symbol for this degree is “A ritual sand painting.” The desire to bring all of one’s vision and aliveness into the present now moment free of worry about the future reveals the underlying Cosmic patterns of the Universe.

This practice shows us something, but because the grains of sand are not fixed being thrown to the winds once the painting is completed like any mandala it reminds us that these Cosmic conscious patterns being revealed are actually within us as we are living them. Can we like a spider search our mind to see if we have captured the meaning of them?

The emphatic message that one needs to align with the energies of the Cosmic dance not worrying about the future allows one to find within the freedom to achieve closure where closure is needed and appropriate. Work guardian angel Rehael and daimon Decarabia.

Daimon Decarabia represents the Seven of Swords, Moon, Lunaria, and Aquarius. Lunaria is known as the money plant which I’ve seen and studied previously before I took to building my astrology business.

A word of caution these plants are toxic to cats creating excretion problems, blood problems, and severe cases of vomiting/depression therefore they should be avoided like the plague if you own any feline fur babies. You can instead substitute Pennywort also known as Gotu Kola which is safer as an alternative money tree.

Working with Decarabia increases knowledge of herbs, precious stones, and astral travel. This daimon places a focus on all things Divine Feminine. You will develop a broader understanding of nature elementals while transcending the ego. If you’ve been facing obstacles and deception in life you will find that Decarabia can dissolve these.

Some believe that the Tiger is associated with the analogy of hexagram 49 often translated as revolution because with reference to the title of my blog post the tiger does not change their stripes. If you would like to learn about this hexagram or Tao verse please use the links below!


As there is no fixed star to mention for this degree I wish you all a very bright and beautiful Sunday! I’m off to enjoy the rest of my weekend before it is gone too soon. If anything provided has helped you please consider supporting my business with an astrology report or a small donation. Lots of love! 💖

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