Teach Me Tuesdays: Answering My Own Nagging Feelings

We are born at a given moment, in a given place and, like vintage years of wine, we have the qualities of the year and of the season of which we are born. Astrology does not lay claim to anything more.” – Carl Jung

This brief entry is simply to satisfy something that was bothering me yesterday which I did not investigate. You know the drill with the underlined hyperlink text. I always share what I’m studying or investigating.


I don’t want to post a really long entry today. As I said I did not plan to post today, but yesterday I saw this Arabic Part/Lot and it was really piquing my interest to chart it so that I could just see what might show up as to if it was confirmation bias. This happens often at an unconscious level where we seek out anything which backs up a personal belief or feeling. In my estimation my exposing this of my own self helps me heal my shadow and where I am falling victim to that which otherwise would not support my views. You either nip certain traits in the bum as they say or you keep walking around in a haze/fog of not objectively being truthful even with yourself.

I’m not completely un-awake nor do I want my blog followers or readers to think that. I am very selective about what I publish or put online often trying to remain cryptic because of reasons others might not fully understand or even agree with. As I stated yesterday this certainly does have much to do with the issue of “trust” which when your foundation cracks can significantly damage the structure built upon that cement which makes it actually unsafe for habitation.

It’s not going to be easy to repair the cracks that have formed for me because while I forgive I don’t walk way with reconcilable differences quite the opposite. We can’t reconcile these differences so its like filing for an annulment or divorce.

So here is a truly quick little blurb, and I’m signing off! This will be the Arabic Part/Lot for Grandparents utilizing the formula Ascendant plus Jupiter minus the 2nd House. I’m fascinated again by the result, but when am I not. We have this in my 11th House of Leo at 9° with Jupiter. This is probably because I ultimately have always loved Jupiter as the greater benefic in astrology feeling a stronger affinity with the planet in how many describe it. It’s funny that the chart shows the degree for Jupiter, however, matched to a Saturn glyph.

Grandparents Arabic Part/Lot

Why is this nagging at me and what is it with my own obsession regarding my Vedic lunar mansion. Some of this began by watching a whiteboard as well as another informational video to help my studies because while I’ve made myself more of an example as well as I did use my ancestors on my business website I’m particular.

I’ve said this before I don’t like taking the information of a client, celebrity, or any other person to publish their astrological details because in my estimation it’s a violation of their privacy, rights, and I may not even have their permission to do so.

What I do here may seem utterly self absorbed, but it’s about respecting another person rather than disrespecting their energy. It’s also about self healing which is important because that ripples out into the consciousness as a gift to others as well. We have just as much duty to heal ourselves as we do to heal another.

The Arabic Part/Lot is matched to a Venus glyph. It goes something like this albeit I’m always taking astrology with a bit of a grain of salt and often also observing it from a very esoteric perspective where I don’t get too wrapped up in making it a legalism. Anything I study or read online is usually something I’m always quizzical and puzzling about as it’s perspective, interpretation, and can often times get a wee bit misconstrued from time to time.

This house happens to be one of friendships, hopes, and aspirations wrapped around community, activism, and societal changes being ruled by both Aquarius and Uranus so it represents our relation to others in a stronger fashion than the 7th House of partnerships. Placing Jupiter here can imply popularity, social prestige, a large circle of friends (I don’t have that by choice), idealism, tolerance, and a team player. Really how many people are friends versus minor acquaintances? Who really has your back?

Jupiter is the abode of those who enjoy progressive or liberal views although I still consider myself middle of the road between conservative and progressive, generosity, optimism, and the nature of one’s outlook, mindset, and future prospects.

Saturn in a complete contrast is associated with the energy of a malefic who brings forth negative news, tough lessons, the need for caution, and limitations of all sorts. I’ve told plenty of people that I hate Saturn even though the energy of this planet and Capricorn in general is meant to make one keep some traditions and be a hard worker amongst other correspondences.

In Leo this signifies a capacity for easily attracting support due to one having self confidence as well as normally radiating positive energy; that is a work in progress. It is known as the placement of those who partake in altruistic causes wishing to bond with all walks/ages.

I might test recently as an extrovert on MBTI, but that took years of effort to confront a lot of anxiety and fear as an adult because initially I tested stringently as an introvert early on when graduating high school. Gaining any form of extroversion came at the cost of a lot of internal struggle.

Venus only further emphasizes the above by adding art, beauty, charisma, and good will towards others supposedly imbibing one with charm. The energy is supposed to make one conciliatory, tactful, and accommodating towards compromise. This is the area of demonstrating one’s skills/abilities, drama, and public speaking which also makes one a good sales person.

The chart holder possesses a great ability to just be themselves and no matter how simple this seems it oddly enough can cause problems. The question is who are you really? What seems so obvious can actually be quite unknowable for what appears as your surface can only reflect the tiniest part of your essence. The truth is that our image is just that; an image. One that everyone including yourself can learn much from for it fosters greater self awareness.

The Chandra Symbol for this degree is “A solid gold egg.” The chart holder and degree hold an acute awareness of exactness which by contrast also invokes an equally acute awareness of what is flawed as well as where inadequacies lie.

Thus one deeply senses what furthers evolution and what thwarts it. Any tendency here to over idealize the self will result in suffering while any tendency to attune more and more finely to the eternal wholeness that has always been within will nourish both the growth of self and others.

Be the witness of your thoughts.” – Buddha

From experiencing seeming failures we come to a deeper and deeper understanding of life with a realization that everything has meaning and purpose. As attachment is let go of we come to see beyond the illusions that desires have created and perceive instead the spiritual ramifications of everything.

When we allow ourselves to completely and truly be ourselves life is ultimately softened and simplified in such a way that we perceive the harmony and accord between all its various parts. Work with guardian angel Nemamiah and daimon Ose.

Daimon Ose corresponds to the Four of Swords, Mercury, Horsetail, and Libra. Specialities of Ose include math, astronomy, geometry, language skills, and handcrafts often to assist one with a source of income. The problem with this daimon is that one needs to establish a particular goal/focus because they can become overwhelmed with too many choices, opportunities, or dreams offered to them.

Stuff of the imagination needs to be grounded into a realistic achievement. The energy given by Ose is one of learning discernment also in the simple truth that some people act with secrecy withholding information from others with/without the intent to do harm. Ensure that those you surround yourself with are not out to mislead or take advantage of you.

As there is no fixed star for this degree I’ve attached the Kozminsky Symbol below:

9° Leo: A lady elegantly dressed and bedecked with many jewels standing before a mirror.

Denotes one fortunate, but somewhat egotistical whose desire it is “to make a good appearance’ and who expends much money for this purpose. But the glories which shine forth from a great soul glitter more than the choicest diamond in the daintiest setting giving a lasting beauty which age cannot change nor time obliterate. There are two sides to this symbol and both reflect for it is a symbol of Reflection.

I begin my first day on my new part time cosmetology job tomorrow so I’m sure there will be lots of training, but I’ve done some of this before as it’s retail/sales albeit slightly different. This is not the stereotypical grocery/drug store as I’ve done before as a Cosmetics Lead/Manager or as an actual aesthetician running my spa business.

I don’t believe it will be too hard to fall back into though. Probably the analogy about riding a bike and not forgetting the skill. Have a marvelous next two days as I’m probably not going to have the time to publish a blog post with beginning my new job as I will be working Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays! Best wishes! 😏

PS: If you’re wondering where these “cracks” are it’s everywhere in everything I was raised with that is lies and deception that was foisted upon me by those who I simply no longer see eye to eye with; probably never will. And it’s been there now for some time in a variety of forms where I’ve realized I was just fed way too much delusion by those who became way too complacent giving their power away. If I was truthful what is being created and manifested collectively is certainly not what I dreamed or envisioned when I was a child or came here. This narrative needs the greatest of re-writes ever!