Tarot of the Day Thursdays: Needing Recuperative Time

“True love isn’t about being inseparable; it’s about two people being true to each other even when they are separated.” – Unknown

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I’ve used the Green Aventurine Heart chakra crystal for this reading. This will assist with strength, confidence, courage, and happiness renewing your optimism for life pushing you to take action towards acquiring what you want in this world. This crystal encourages you to step out of your comfort zone to take on new opportunities that aid your growth. Those nervous butterflies in your stomach will be replaced by eagerness to enjoy life causing a chain reaction of positivity that changes the lives of you and those you love the most.

Raido: Communication, attunement with that which has two sides/elements, and the ultimate union that comes at the end of this journey which you’re taking. Uniting the as above with the so below creates single mindedness.

Your inner worth asks you to “let go and let God/Goddess” as it’s currently not an appropriate time to rely upon your own power. Inquire as to what constitutes right action via prayer or meditation while addressing your Witnessing Self or Teacher Within which cleanses and neutralizes any refusal to allow right action to flow through you.

Patiently wait and continue removing resistances or obstacles in your path which impede upon your self healing, self change, and goal of perfect union of Heaven and Earth which must not be forced, but naturally occurring.

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Eihwaz: Transition and slow growth/development may require moral effort, steadfastness, and the cultivation of your own authentic self/nature. Not all possibilities at this time are available to you therefore consider how far you’ve deviated from your authentic and true self.

Right action will help you avert anticipated difficulties. When you can foresee and make clear decisions the Universe will support and empower you. Inconveniences and discomfort is how you grow.

A trying time is a meaningful moment to get your house in order while waiting on Divine timing.

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Laguz: Unseen powers are afoot powering your fluidity and flow state. Immerse yourself in the experience of living without having to always evaluate or understand. Awaken your intuitive lunar nature as the solar nature strives for differentiation; the moon encourages union/merging.

Study spiritual matters while attuning to your own rhythms. Alchemists as well as Carl Jung refer to this stage as the Conjunction or Sacred Marriage. Fairy tales will display this as the hero and heroine living “happily ever after.”

Go within while honoring your warrior nature.

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I pulled the following letters and formed a few words from them:

A, R, H, G, K, G, O ,X, O, M, U, Z, J, and R

Ark (metaphysically this is your light body where your Christ/Cosmic consciousness resides)



Ogham (Celtic alphabet and tree zodiac)

Okrug (administrative division of Slavic states)


Armor (a protective layer over the body or a vehicle; that which is intended to deflect and diffuse damage)

Mojo (a magic charm, supernatural luck/skill, or personal appeal)


Orzo (barley)

Amok (disruptive behavior)


Hoax (a deliberately intended deception)



Hooka (normally spelled hookah; smoking implement known as a water pipe)


Amour (love, affection, courtship, and flirtation)




Rumor (claims of questionable accuracy, misinformation, and what is spread by word of mouth)


I’m very tired with beginning my new job, but I can let you know that I love it and hope to successfully complete my 90 day probation so that I can remain there permanently. It has caused some pain flares in my previously injured foot due to a lot of standing/walking, but I’ve had these before and am hoping over the next day off or the three days off after my shift on Saturday that it will calm back down thereby normalizing.

Chronic pain for me has been an on again off again love/hate affair after my multiple injuries to my left foot. I’ve been handling the phone orders, freight, and the register for my first two days which includes closing as well as opening. The store is open 9-5 PM CST Monday through Friday and 9-3 PM CST on Saturdays so I put in a full day Wednesday, Thursday, and Saturday. We’ve been having working lunches also which meant my first day we ate pizza.

No, not that kind; I was thinking of self censoring myself because the world wide web has lingo problems as I’ve said thanks to certain people’s “twisted” jargon, but honestly this is just getting old fast (I should not have to have these kinds of discussions here)! I’ll be sure to share more in my blog post tomorrow with you! There are three of us most days this week, but sometimes there will only be two managing the store together. Some Saturdays we may work alone.

I’m almost certain this also relates to my previous blog posts on my own spiritual journey including my ring that I wear and have backlinked to several times. No astrology today. I’m absolutely exhausted from my part time cosmetology job.

Please have a restful Thursday! 💞