Self Examination Saturdays: Akashic Records

”One who has a good night’s rest awakes to a glorious morning. One who stays up late usually sleeps through it.” – Unknown

Please use the underlined hyperlink text to journey to happy hunting and gathering. I have been having a real hard time with online search engines which seem to purge results often or just flat out be cringe lately. Something about censored narratives…


There is an asteroid which you can chart known as Askashi (5881) which orbits the Sun between Mars and Jupiter. You will likewise find the asteroid Records (30718) to make a stellar match in the heavens above for personal analysis. This asteroid orbits the Sun once every 4 years and 7 months. I personally chart these as stated before via who has changed their website recently requiring you to set up a painless free account with them (they never spam your inbox/email or harass you for services).

Akasha is a Sanskrit word which means aether in both elemental and metaphysical correspondences. Hinduism sees this as the basis and essence of all things within the material world created from the astral (air, fire, water, and Earth) with its main characteristic being sound. The Hindus believe this to be space, sky, and the otherwise imperceptible. Jainism refers to Akasha as the conception of our Cosmos while Buddhism believes this to be infinite space. Theosophists often refer to the Askashic Records as the ethereal compendium of all knowledge/history.

It has been stated by some adherents that accessing the Akashic Records is done via perception and preconsciousness. There is a supposition which states that seers can investigate the probable events illustrating what has been all phenomenal experiences encoded therein. There are many spiritual practices who believe that each and every soul, jiva, atma, or entity has a recording of their existence located in the Akashic Records which may be read from if one is properly attuned.

Akasha Tattva means fundamental principle or truth referencing the Hindu God Brahma and accessing this will provide you with a connection directly to the Universe as well as the Divine. This is accomplished via the Throat chakra. There is also an Akash Mudra used to increase the element of space or the Cosmos within the body. To perform this mudra simply press the tips of the middle fingers to the tips of the thumbs on each hand keeping the other fingers held straight.

Furthermore another meditative pose may be employed which works with both the Throat and Crown chakras known as the Askashi Mudra or Looking to the Sky. This meditative pose helps kundalini activate rejuvenating your body, mind, and soul while working with the Ida, Pingala, and Sushmna nadis.

To perform the Akashi Mudra meditative pose sit in a cross legged position with your back straightened and your hands relaxed. Open your mind and gradually lift your head in an upward direction as if looking to the sky above while breathing in at the same time. Stretch your arms bringing your middle fingers to attach with your thumb while leaving the remaining fingers straight. Hold your breath for 15-20 seconds then lower your head while exhaling as you return to a normal position. Ensure your neck and shoulders remain relaxed. This should only be done for 10 minutes maximum.

Age Harmonic Chart for Asteroid Akashi and Asteroid Records

I’m using a Vedic Age Harmonic chart for this because I want to assess the current energies which define my life at this time. What we locate is Asteroid Akashi like Regulus whom I’ve spent an extended span of time on due to being born in Magha nakshatra is at zero point Virgo energy because they both sit directly at 0° Virgo.

Akashi is in my 6th House trine Venus and Mars and sesquiquadrate Uranus. Asteroid Records, however, is in my 11th House Aquarius at 24° squaring my Moon, sextile Venus and Neptune, and biquintile Uranus. We’ve seen this degree before for Aquarius as Asteroid Qwerty was sitting on this degree just last Friday.

I’ve since my last entry on Magha nakshatra watched the second whiteboard video; not sure on the predictions.

Further inspection shows that the 6th House places prominent focus upon self improvement, but at a truly gritty level as Virgo rules the 6th House. If you’re wanting to emerge from a chrysalis you will have to do some work with that which is outmoded, worn out, and damaged. This is the sign of fixing and improving what should be thrown out.

If you want to expand creatively you’re going to need to increase your skill and expertise level. This is displayed as creativity with the hands and voice primarily focused upon fashion, beauty products, artwork, and jewelry. The methods one employs may seem a bit alien to self or other though which can make one feel self conscious.

The 11th House refers to self realization, liberty, legislation, and regulation being ruled by Aquarius symbolizing future visions of the collective or group. Here we discover our undertakings for growth as well as actualizing our true self. Here the energy manifests erratic making one appear rebellious, disruptive, and having trouble forming long term emotional bonds due to being more detached by nature (a Magha native trait).

One may develop a love of experimentation with hobbies. Their biggest impulse could be towards beauty and fashion products as well as an interest in dance, music, and art. The need for freedom trumps all forms of self expression often resulting in upheavals with other people. One needs to try to find the humor in what they confront in life in order to relax more.

“For I dipped into the future, far as human eye could see, Saw the vision of the world, and all the wonder that would be.” – Unknown

This will go something like this. Letting go of the agendas given to us by the world while allowing ourselves to invent our own way of relating helps us to find a high place within ourselves where we may retreat to do inner work. Finding our spiritual center makes us able to attain the relaxation needed to allow what is inside to flow forth from us. Our inner life at last comes into an outer expression that is strikingly clear for it has given up striving to be anything other than what it is.

Things so intense that they just have to come out eventually find a meaningful rapport with certain other people in the outside world who have experienced similar energies.

Your inner space is what you see above you at night when you look at the stars. Your eyes do not go to them for their light has already come to you. There is work to do by disengaging with the machines called stories. Work with guardian angel Achaiah and daimon Aamon.

Daimon Aamon corresponds with the Eight of Swords, Moon, Cinnamon, and Gemini. This daimon helps with the Summer Solstice, employment, and dream work. Some associate Aamon with the deity Amun.

Lemurian Quartz is ideal for this degree while promoting understanding, lucidity, and wisdom with gentleness focused upon exemplifying dependability, intelligence, analytical insight, and discernment. Affirm that you encompass understanding, determination, and courage.

Once we get limbered up we find we’re ready for more options; some of which may be surprising. Sensing the golden opportunities around us stimulates us to go after them in a spontaneous and instinctual manner. Attaining to someplace we have always yearned to be we now try to figure out what is there for us. The fulfillment of basic needs frees us to turn our attention to higher spiritual realities. Work with guardian angel Menadel and daimon Stolas.

Daimon Stolas corresponds with the Ten of Cups, Jupiter, Celery Seed, and Pisces. Stolas is additionally helpful with chakra healing, meditative journeys, psychic protection, and mental clarity. You will learn about plants, mythology, crystals, astrology, history, and biology usually when working with this daimon.

Work with Merlinite utilizing the message of respectful kindness in the present sets the tone and direction for the future. Focus your encouragement on peace, harmony, and equality of all while affirming that you are confidently staying on track to achieve your highest potential.

All this focus on beauty and fashion! No wonder I landed the part time employment role of cosmetology sales in April 2022. I’m probably not supposed to discuss this, but my District Manager and Store Manager have been exceptionally helpful in assisting me with hair color or hair cut disaster remedies for clients who have entered with questions.

One earlier this week who let her friend entering cosmetology education as a hair dresser who accidentally cut a large chunk of hair attempt an experiment. What was down to the middle of her back had to be cut chin length to remedy a major “whoops.” She seemed to handle it with way more grace than I might have if it had been me.

The second one was today when someone was having their hair done for a 28th wedding anniversary. What should have been ash blonde came out too warm as in golden/brassy. But the other mistake was that they did not just do the roots or virgin hair. This was an all over which causes problems when the previously lightened hair then has problems with lift/deposit.

So when they toned her hair and color corrected her hair came out fried. We had to set her up with some Olaplex products as well as a purple tint shampoo. Fingers crossed she won’t come back from this experience any more angry then she was when she came to us for assistance.

Again being an aesthetician in skin I had to have a crash course today asking my District Manager to better explain to me how the number systems work in dye as well as the developers. In the meantime I’m focusing on a product line I’m familiar with in store right now as I went to a Paul Mitchell school and learning a new one from Sweden called Maria Nila which I chose to familiarize myself with.

Today was a very slow day so I literally spent my day “facing” the entire store between customers while asking questions about Pravana because I saw colors I liked such as Poison Berry with no swatches and was curious what they actually would look like when applied to hair. I really do approve of this color, but I need to find a new hair stylist instead of trying to do this myself as I’ve done in the past. Being around hair color temptation is literal hell on Earth!

Don’t ask! Beauty school I colored my hair every color of the rainbow! I stopped when I went into grocery retail and let it go virgin after being damaged. Now I’m getting that annoying “itch.” I am staring at all these colors everyday going crazy again the same as when I was getting my aesthetics license.

Tonight I’m taking a muscle relaxer as I still have some from my left ankle ligament surgery to calm my pain flare I’ve had all week. These come in waves ever since I injured this foot multiple times. I need a massive system reset, and I don’t go back to work until Wednesday so I’m going to rest up this evening. Have a superb Saturday!