Fun Quote Fridays: Life Feels Like A Stressed Fracture

Looking Kind of Rad(ish)?!

This week has been one of my worst to be perfectly honest. I don’t want to even discuss this because it’s very personal. Due to chronic pain I’ve abandoned my Nike Swift shoes for the Pegasus again. The Swift line is atrocious for chronic foot pain compared to the Pegasus line. I also purchased new slippers to provide my feet with comfort as I had a pair too small and very little comfort in the soles.

It was so bad I barely slept last night after working my part time cosmetology job for two days open to close as we had lots of freight. This whole week has been days of chronic foot pain that I take two Excedrin every single day to survive while I KT tape my surgery ankle.

We are struggling to figure out personal affairs with my mom’s health which I can’t publish here. It has bordered on being asked to give up my part time cosmetology job so I’m simply posting a quick entry with the acceptance that leaving for a hiatus as I have no time for my online business or blog until further notice will be best for all involved. We’re too burdened elsewhere and my apologies. We’ve been having a lot of struggles in 2022. I need to put me and my family now first. I barely have time for my personal self care or self love during a family emergency. If my well is dry I can’t water the thirst of others correctly!

Please use the underlined hyperlink text to traverse this race course safely today.


“Stress acts as an accelerator: it will push you either forward or backward, but you choose which direction.”

  • Chelsea Erieau

“Mental health awareness doesn’t mean fighting stress, anxiety, depression, and other everyday mental health issues, rather it means consciously modulating the habits that intensify those issues. Once you are in control of your habits, instead of checking your habits, you would automatically be in a much better shape, both mentally and physically. ”

  • Abhijit Naskar

“Everyone is struggling under stress and fear. Only with right attitude we can avoid regrets.”

  • Kishore Bansal

“Stress is real, and you never know what a person is going through behind the camera.”

  • Soulja Boy

“Self-care is, fundamentally, about bringing balance back to a life that has grown imbalanced from too many commitments or responsibilities.”

  • Robyn L. Gobin

“The time to relax is when you don’t have time for it.”

  • Sydney J. Harris

“It’s not the load that breaks you down, it’s the way you carry it.”

  • Lou Holtz

We’re going to keep this short again. I’m simply charting two asteroids today to match the color of these new sneakers. We’re looking at the Nike Zoom Pegasus 38 Women’s Barely Volt, Volt, Aurora Green, and Black sneakers that I purchased. I saw a pair of teal and pink online I wanted, but naturally when I got to the store they were not there despite the website saying they would be.

I’m charting asteroids Aurora (94) and Volta (8208). I chose Volta simply because the etymology matches through Faroese and through the Italian physicist Alessandro Volta albeit this word is more defined as a musical or poetical turning of time or change such as with a sonnet or in dance such as couples performed during the Renaissance.

The New Nike Pegasus Shoes I Bought

Lets try the lunar return chart today. Tomorrow is a New Moon in Taurus with a Solar Eclipse. I’m certain this is another factor in the toxic vibe my family is experiencing. Why? Taurus is Venus ruled and is about money, investments, relationships, love, and happiness. It asks us to ground and find that which helps us to feel secure.

If we likewise are not experiencing any pleasure we also won’t feel very empowered. Venus and Jupiter will both be connecting in Pisces which as I’ve said some family opt to dissociate from reality; a truly Piscean trait of escapism and abandoning responsibilities to self/other.

For me personally this was the optimal time to receive what we’ve longed for in terms of a pay raise or new opportunities in our careers. It is our professional network that will help us connect with opportunities we otherwise would not have access to. This occurs at Taurus 10° .

Taurus hates change, but Uranus is also in the same position as it was during the Great Depression and World War II during 1934-1942 which means giant financial change. This began actually in 2018 and exists until 2026. I can vouch for this as at my part time cosmetology job a box of foils for highlights/bleach from Reynolds is now $26 for hair stylists. So if you are getting your hair done and notice your stylist has increased the cost of their services it is due to inflation perhaps even hyperinflation!

Unemployment has been rampant albeit my current job does not seem to want to part ways with me encouraging me to force the issue with my parents that they stop asking me to give up a job/career I love for them when they can easily reach out to get help through their insurance or at home nurse services. Our financial world has behaved recently as if it were a kid’s toy yoyo.

The Universal givers known as the planets remains as steady as the Aurora Borealis and are constant. This energy also speaks to changes in farming or gardening. I’ve recently learned that one package of seeds contained radishes. I wish I knew who to sell them to because our family does not like radishes. We’re learning our current ways of living are no longer profitable nor sustainable especially if we consider improving health of our soil or seas. Humans may be asked or told as the dinosaurs soon.

You will experience changes that leave you different. The Earth will survive as it always does, but your species has a challenge which may include extinction if you don’t get your act together. In my house I have been the one with acute awareness while it can fall on completely deaf ears of the generations who refuse to “wake up.” That is why some call the older generations the dinosaurs also as an idiom.

You’re asked with tomorrow’s energies to flex your green thumb, cleanse/heal the Throat chakra, and begin small with micro-resolutions. Begin with small shifts and build upon them to create the snowball effect.

You should if you can learn to put your hands in pesticide free soil, plant heirloom seeds, water your crop, and nurture it to full harvest. Our potatoes are starting to flower finally and we do see tomato plants finally after cutting away the buckwheat that swallowed them. We are beginning to cut into/harvest lettuce which we have an abundance of. Clearly express your truth from a place of free will.

I was told today to encircle my navel in tea tree to create a barrier that will protect me from negative energy while drinking peppermint tea and rubbing lavender oil upwards on my throat to empower my voice as I’m losing it due to how some family members have bullied me this week.

My mom suggested I instead inform someone that I should not be expected to be Nell in the Haunting. She also sees the problem with our situation and has been having anxiety over someone else’s inability to own up to what ankle surgery entails if the MRI shows we have to go this route for her. I know this experience all too well. I’m still suffering from it. The chronic pain does not go away.

The Taurus of my family was great grandmother!

Lunar Return Chart for Asteroid Aurora and Asteroid Volta

Asteroid Aurora is placed retrograde along my Imum Coeli in the 4th House of Scoprio at 0° on zero point energy again as previously written about. It is biquintile Jupiter and Neptune, sextile Moon, trine Mars, square Pluto, and opposition Mercury. Asteroid Volta is placed in my 10th House of Taurus at 26° square Mars and Saturn, sextile Jupiter and Neptune, trine Pluto. Oh boy!

4th House is all about one’s home environment. This house directly rules our parents. 10th House is all about career and profession. This house directly rules our life path and future.

This makes one a problem solver who wants to create order on an intellectual level as a natural teacher or counselor. We value creative expression through music, art, and life style displaying a rich imagination or sensitivity. We make choices that align to our emotional needs and if we can’t properly express our feelings we lose center. We have to break free of any old patterns and hate losing personal power.

If we can’t communicate objectively we begin to express to a wider public seeking to learn how to understand both sides of our ineffective dialogues. Our emotions will fluctuate strongly from depression to frustration when others can’t handle their responsibilities and they press it upon us to finish/accomplish. We need time to integrate and break down larger visions into smaller manageable steps.

When we get to the source of our emotions we are elevated into a broad and expansive vision of ourselves. A light yet highly focused touch allows us to make our way through all obstructions and to penetrate the densities of all difficulties. When we see the whole of things through rising above them we then need to come back to Earth and respond to the energy that is deep within.

The most difficult and arduous parts of our journey makes us more aware of the signs, symbols, and portents along the way for they are helping messages. Work with guardian angel Veuliah and daimon Sabnock.

Daimon Sabnock connects us with the Eight of Swords, Moon, Allspice, and Gemini. Most work with Sabnock for protection and find this daimon to be particularly effective for the Evil Eye or Return to Sender spells. You will find working with Sabnock also effective in other forms of defense magic.

When we can conceive of what is precious to us and worthy of being embraced we can then perceive more clearly the dross and waste of the world. Sensing more and more clearly the forces of nature amongst which we move our perception grows beyond limiting abstractions and generalities and comes to embrace the utter uniqueness of ourselves and of every passing moment.

Realizing the destructibility of all things we let go of the need to concern ourselves with the durability of whatever we create. Appreciating the quality of uniqueness in everything we transcend the limits of role and allow ourselves to manifest to the world in whatever form we are comfortable with. Work with guardian angel Hahaiah and daimon Sitri.

Daimon Sitri corresponds with the Four of Cups, Jupiter, Cancer, and Rosehips. I’ve previously covered Sitri so I’ll encourage you to go here.

Have a great Friday, and I will be back to regularly blogging eventually! I just need to focus properly until then on family and other obligations for a time until after all the “madness!” Non regular followers I’m very sorry; when family may be up for surgery on their feet life comes to a screeching halt or stop sign! 💞

PS: Here are more inventions by Alessandro Volta! And I saw this! Green lights from the Universe! It matches my new sneakers LOL! I’ve never seen anything so unusual in my life as I have today. I can’t even; these symbols today! 🤪