Teach Me Tuesdays: The Featured Cliffhanger From The Heavens

“Every man needs a shadow to reveal his light, to always be that close, ever present, bonded forever in astral allegiance.” – Poppet

It’s time for a summer adventure so let’s use the underlined hyperlink text to beam up to the cosmos for more lessons in learning about our purpose down here on Earth. Get your mouse ready to click!


There are three areas we can look to in this short extract of astrology that help us understand how fixed stars contribute to certain actions, choices, and attitudes in our life if we are in greater harmony with them. Today we’re looking at that which shapes the character, vocation, and journey of my life. The astrology reports my business offers work to give a very personalized yet not too in depth or overwhelming interpretation of similar concepts.

They never delve quite into the areas that I blog about because I recognize I sometimes get too “detail oriented” with what I’ve chosen to study, share, and use with regards to myself as the guinea pig example rather than just my ancestors. I’m not as I’ve said keen on publicly using my client’s info out of respect for their privacy nor impeding into the lives of celebrities. Am I triggered at times by what I see other’s do; probably. I have been trying to keep that more restrained.

For example, the Do What You Love report is vocational astrology while the As Within So Without report showcases personality through your natal blueprint. Other features include the Part of Fortune report looking at areas of how abundance might display in your life, but I’ve even included a focus on the Nine Muses, the Four Pillars of Destiny, and the Lunar Goddesses/Moon for themes which can shape our unconscious/subconscious.

I’m once again utilizing the SAD or Solar Arc Direction chart today the same as I’ve done on Monday, but rather than utilize both Sabian and Omega Symbols we’re going to only utilize the Chandra Symbols for reference. This is mostly due today to time constraints whereby I need to better manage my energies spent online researching/sharing with others. Apologies!

I’ve really been intrigued with self studying videos on my lunar mansion though as of late which sadly becomes addictive. Self absorbed; no! Just really wanting to gain a better understanding of the vibrations, frequencies, and energies I might be working with.

Solar Arc SAD Chart for Achernar, Antares, and Altair


Achernar in Eridanus is a river that winds down the southern hemisphere into unknown lands, but at the very end of this river we find the constellation Phoenix. This is an allegorical hint of this river being transformational. Mythology spoke of Achernar in Eridanus as a river leading to our Underworld or to lands of mystery. The energy is often a love of knowledge, science, and travel. Well placed Achernar may indicate happiness, success, good morals, and a faithful adherence to spiritual beliefs of one’s own choosing.


The man in the moon smiling.

Living on the edge. Poised at many brinks. Swept up in a tide of changes. Chaotic and magnificent. Everywhere at once. You are creative, generative, overwhelmed, and overstimulated, but primarily exulting in yourself and your emergent capacities. Falling in love with the dance of destiny you find yourself in. Ecstatic release in being able to catch the spark as it flies. Very fast, very strong, very remarkable, and knowing it.

Achernar was placed natal in my 5th House of Pisces, but the Solar Arc Directional has moved this fixed star to my 6th House of Aries at 26°. From the simple act of creating, giving of oneself, and making something we move towards maintaining good health, coping in the face of adversity, and refining our skills towards perfection. Work with guardian angel Lelahel and daimon Valefor.

Daimon Valefor connects us with the Seven of Pentacles, Venus, Dandelion, and Taurus. When working with this daimon we are initiated through our astral double and dreams. I’ve read that this daimon guards one’s sleeping chamber protecting you from any evil entities which come near. Valefor also assists with self acceptance and the overcoming of life’s many obstacles.

Is there really a man in the Moon or was that a Goddess or even a rabbit?


Antares in Scorpio is the fabric of rebirth lying in the constellation Scorpius which stands as a great scorpion in the sky guarding at the gateway of the West, the Underworld, and all who pass through this domain undergo a journey where their old self dies to be born again. Career choices will be motivated by a desire to engage with groups which bring forth knowledge and order to life on Earth.

The lunar mansion associated here is Jyeshta associated with the string of stars in the constellation Scorpius. If you wish to learn more about this nakshatra watch the following whiteboard video and these two additional videos.

The Egyptians saw this star as a representation of the sunrise heralding the autumnal equinox around 3700-3500 BC making it a symbol of the goddess Serket (Isis in the Pyramid Ceremonials). As one of the four royal stars or archangel stars Antares represented the Watcher of the West and Uriel.


Many different perfumes carried by a breeze.

We bear within us many past lives, each one complete, autonomous, and emitting its own subtle special fragrance. There are points along the journey when we must stand together with the whole lineup of our previous selves and follow out the journey they were all leading to.

This is a formidable task. There is a lot to live up to. It grants you authority and conviction making it very hard to get started. In order to get anywhere you must at times deny the awareness that everybody is there and do whatever you can do apparently on your own.

But truly the depth of experience, the substantive inward development, and the power of your inner drive give it away. You are destiny charged in a larger than life fashion. Being self possessed is your watchword.

There is so much to accomplish. And at the center of the journey lies self knowledge and the overriding determination to clear the karmic slate, to free up what has been trapped, and come to yourself afresh.

This destiny will is guided, cosmically supported, centrally relevant to your whole world, and you will do it. Turn the darkest of hours into the brightest breakthroughs by refusing to stop anywhere or to back down from your resolve to wake up this time and get on with the greater path at long last.

Antares was placed natal in my 2nd House of Sagittarius retrograde, but the Solar Arc Directional has moved this fixed star to my 3rd House of Capricorn at 20°. From our feelings and emotions, inner selves, finances/assets, and physical surroundings we move to how we consciously interpret the world around us, express ourselves through written/verbal exchange, and how we learn best. Work with guardian angel Jeliel and daimon Agares.

Daimon Agares connects us with the Three of Wands, Venus, Carnation, and Aries. Working with this daimon increases our perception of language, communication, and abundance. I’ve literally read on one website that we should seek out this daimon to gain wisdom in friendship and making our garden grow pun intended as it states that Agares makes the Earth dance.

“Leaving the world behind is the best experience most feeble minds fear to try.” — Michael Bassey Johnson

Life Journey:

Altair in Aquila is the story of a spiritual warrior transcending their experiences coming forth as an eagle. The Greeks saw this as a form of Zeus while the Romans saw it as a symbol of military might. The Norse knew this as Veðrfölnir. Associated with Shravana nakshatra which you can learn more about via these two videos. Altair influences our imagination, passions, will, clairvoyance, and has been associated with the Hebrew letter Vav and the tarot trump The Lovers.


A woman asleep in a ring of flames.

Drama, color, and sound. Magnitude and shakings. You dream through it all in an enchantment which simultaneously protects and stifles. An ancestral power of suspended life force held away while great events surround and envelop you yet do not penetrate. You experience a most unusual soul disposition of deep sleep in the teeth of collective and ancestral events. Experiences which are huge and never ending.

Is it a grace or a curse? It can be either. It becomes a grace if you awaken in ripe timing and move on from here. It can be a curse if you stay down under too long and miss the cue to stir and look around discovering that the future has dawned and the old ways have fallen away. Sleeper awake!

Achernar was placed natal in my 4th House of Aquarius, but the Solar Arc Directional has moved this fixed star to my 5th House of Pisces at 12°. From the domestic satisfaction of mental peace and emotional satisfaction we journey to our childlike innocence, seek validation, and discover what hobbies or artistic talents inspire us. Work with guardian angel Nithael and daimon Murmur.

Daimon Murmur connects us with the Ten of Pentacles, Venus, Oak Bark, and Virgo. Murmur also strengthens the astral double, rules over music and sciomancy, and imparts one with restraint. Most people refer to sciomancy as working with the shades or shadows as in the departed, but it’s also widely described as divination through a spirit guide to develop higher consciousness.

What many also confuse is their understanding of the daimon as well as divination versus fortune telling. Divination is ritual based and much more focused on general or social character while fortune telling makes it personal and intimate. Both seek to channel a higher consciousness level to find answers to an uncertain future.

Awaken Your Shakti:

I hope everyone has a wholesome and recuperative Tuesday! 🏝️🦩


Manifestation Mondays: A New Moon, A Garden, and Sunflowers

“Be outstanding in your field.” – Unknown

Busy bees are using/clicking on the underlined hyperlink text to bring you treats!


We have a New Moon in Gemini on a degree that has occurred several times in my years of studying astrology. It’s a degree that I really don’t want to focus upon at this time because for the concept of today’s blog post I don’t particularly vibe with energy it speaks to whatsoever. I’ve decided to place my focus elsewhere and do something different instead to elevate the day rather than “trigger” anyone through divisive topics.

You see the energies of this New Moon many would be astrologers as well as those who are “trendy/popular” want to play up this degree and placement. Meanwhile it’s aspecting fixed star Aldebaran, Mars, and Jupiter promoting the energies of karmic vengeance/retribution, anger, and rage.

When we compound this with the Saturnine energies present we get negative thinking, nasty words spoken, and we should do everything we can to not project these energies onto those we care about. To channel this New Moon what you want to focus upon is turning over a new leaf, questioning old habits, and inventing new ways to make progress with your goals.

This fixed star corresponds to a group of stars which in classic literature were described as causing backstabbing, muddled thinking, evil dispositions, and violence. Some see this as harnessing the energies of unceasing anger and avenging murder all of which I for one don’t desire to put my energies into. I’d advise other esotericists and would be astrologers or tarot readers to re-think about promoting this New Moon due to it’s current aspects or vibrations.

Try to place your attention on something else today for where our focus is that is actually what we begin to attract into consciousness. It’s best not to play around with such negative prospects when we can transmute them to a more positive outcome.

Just looking at the above is enough explanation to why aspects of my personal life have suddenly been uprooted and become stressful especially at my part time cosmetology job. The last thing I want when I have family drama from time to time is to confront the unnecessary nitpickiness, micromanaging, or even workplace aggression of co-workers or managers.

I don’t even know what happened or why it feels like a repeat of a previous experience I had in this industry a few years ago, but I’m frankly unwilling to re-live the trauma a second time.

Ironically I did an astrology study for my recent part time cosmetology gig and learned quite a lot tonight in terms of the who, what, where, when, and how. Insightful to say the least! I won’t be publishing this, however, I did share my research with a couple of people.

Solar Arc SAD Chart for Asteroid Sunflower

I’m going to work upon a SAD or Solar Arc Direction chart with a snapshot of asteroid Sunflower (19019) while explaining some of the symbolism or mythology behind this beautiful flower as I’ve just had the ones sown in the garden begin to open. I’ve also got some more photos to share with everyone of our progress at the end of May despite some rather unforgiving Texas heat. Neither I nor the plants are enjoying this scorcher of a season.

I’m going to be a little less in depth today simply to return to a less lengthy post session as it’s also a holiday today. We find asteroid Sunflower placed in my natal 3rd House retrograde Sagittarius while the Solar Arc has moved this to 4th House Aquarius at 4°.

Here we’re moving from intellect, communication, mind, and information perception to where we wish to establish our roots or home, our mental peace, and where we feel most secure. We’ll pass over aspects and do a direct focus on the degree as well as the symbolism of the sunflower today. I’m in love with this Sabian symbol again; perhaps a correlation to yesterday!

The chart holder has the power to trace anything backwards to understand its source. Other people who engage in this process often don’t go far enough, but this degree is intent on origins continually looking under anything found to seek its cause and source of support.

The highest result of this is the complete cleaning out of all negative karmas by clearing them at the root.

The Chandra Symbol for this degree is “Many fireflies at dusk.” The dark may be vast and engulfing, but the light is always there to help us let go of doubt and uncertainty knowing we have the power to overcome any and all challenges.

This degree is about little seemingly insignificant things serving as lights, and more importantly about the way our light calls to the light of others creating mutual enhancement and encouragement thereby helping us all to always remember who we really are. Work with guardian angel Hekamiah and daimon Zepar.

Daimon Zepar correlates with the Eight of Pentacles, Venus, Black Mustard, and Virgo. When we work with Zepar we may experience various forms of fertility including mental and artistic inspiration. This daimon assists with mental alchemy and disolution of one’s little ego. The goal or focus is to remove phobias while breaking down disadvantagous thought patterns from forming. Zepar works in two spheres that of the Earth and the Sun.

Let’s look at the mythology and uses of sunflowers below.

The Helianthus:

This degree sits upon the fixed star Oculus in Capricorn’s eye. It is associated with the Hebrew letter Yod and the tarot trump The Wheel of Fortune. The energy is often displayed as piercing intellect. If I don’t blog on Tuesday this week please know that I’m busy tending to mom’s health as well as other important tasks that take priority, but I’ll see where I am as the week continues with time management.

Have a great New Moon, Memorial Day, and mesmerizing Monday! 🪔🌻

A bee caught within the center of a zinnia as well as several other flowers on display.
A tangled mess of carrot tops!
Heads of lettuce galore!
The roma tomatoes have grown again. I have seen about three flowers, but am still waiting for more.
Basil in the front as well as the back of the garden is doing quite well even with having to transplant some of it. The recent thunderstorms caused some havoc for a few of our plants/wildflowers. Extreme weather is not a good friend, but does indicate the nature of Mother Earth.
Another round of harvested beans; many were left as they were not matured!

PS: More garden photos from when I awoke this Monday! 📷🥔🍅

Sage and more beans on the way due to continued flowering as well as growth.
More sunflowers opening and showcasing their beauty. The birds have already been staking claim before they go to seed by sitting atop the thick stems and large leaves. I believe they’re also eating the bugs in our garden.
Roma tomato flowers are slowly beginning to appear here/there.
Zinnias and marigolds!
Gold rush! More yukon gold potatoes; I’ve harvested and re-planted all the baby potatoes. We’ve also cut up our sprouted sweet potato to plant as seed potatoes.

Everyone digs/searches for gold in their own way LOL! 😹
An otherwise unknown yellow wildflower!

Self Examination Saturdays: Which Greek God/Goddess is Representing You Right Now?

Most people pursue pleasure with such breathless haste that they hurry past it.” – Soren Kierkegaard

Use the underlined hyperlink text to discover and inquire into an archetype that I did not expect to study today.


This was the question I asked of a specific personal tarot reading because I’d already done personality tests for the Greek Gods/Goddesses and surprisingly this time my result also resonated to my Valentine’s Day blog post in February 2022 as I received Eros whose Roman counterpart is Cupid which I charted the asteroid of during the holiday. My previous matches for the Greek God/Goddess was Apollo and Athena.

Today is a good day to do a little research on Eros and to plot the asteroid briefly into an astrology chart. Me thinks I will try a Vedic Age Harmonic Chart since that will bring the most resonant energy for the present. I have one other blog post where I spoke to the differences between Eros and Thanatos as the drives which propel us through life. Let’s look a little closer into what Eros has to teach us.

Eros like Cupid issues arrows of love which has often also been depicted in Dante’s Paradiso throughout the cantos to symbolize not just love, but perfection be it Platonic or mystical. Some have argued this is another form also of Adonis whereby we find many religions including Protestant faiths had a tendency to reject Eros.

For example, Milton was divorced of the Court of Love code believing it was closely related to the sin of Eve in the Garden of Eden. It is here that a great many religious dogmas began to reject the institution of marriage.

The problem with this is that it also divorces Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine which is why we see problems within religious dogma where we have no balance/harmony between God/Goddess creating a schism in not just ourselves, but in all relationships.

“Every woman is strong, some are just quieter about it.” – Lori King

Now don’t get me wrong there is also the Hindu mythology of Kamadeva who did not survive Shiva’s Third Eye chakra being reduced to ashes. This is best illustrated through the Sacred India Tarot of the Four and Five of Lotuses. I was reading this particular entry and shocked yet again to see Magha mentioned albeit as a month in the Hindu festivals being born in the Magha nakshatra.

The problem with idealization is that the object of affection or the beloved is robbed and depersonalized regardless of gender. The beloved functions as a mere actor fulfilling the desires of the author/poet. They in essence have no agency which reminds me even further of my blog post on the problems with Sleeping Beauty. Idealization is a one way relationship devoid of internal substance.

Will the beloved be elevated to spiritual/ethereal ideal or function as the mirror of the author’s/poet’s projection of narcissistic ideal. Many modern concepts view this as masochism when the beloved has been reduced to servitude as the beloved has no autonomy. Shakespeare illustrated that the beloved engulfed by passion often carried a type of suffering.

This is of no surprise for the etymological definition of the word passion is taken from Latin passio and passus or patior all of which mean suffering, suffered, and I suffer. Proto-Indo-European uses peh for to hurt and Old English feond as devil/enemy while Gothic utilized faian for to blame. We see this in how it is likewise defined as an intensely powerful form of love and extreme hatred (mental disorders or madness).

As this happens to state what exactly are we trying to constellate?! It’s usually seen as an aspect of Pluto believe it or not in some astrology schools. A planet which stood for sexuality, eroticism, death, and seriously explosive crises where everything is reconstructed upon a brand new foundation.

I did find a PDF describing the healing power of this archetype. When I read some of this I simply shoulder shrug though. What else can one do when the answer to the question I asked of the tarot “Which Greek God/Goddess is Representing You Right Now?” turns up the reply of Eros. Not exactly what I personally expected for a reply. I sat there with a kind of blank stare.

Needless to say we will find asteroid Eros (433) in my Vedic Age Harmonic Chart hanging out in my 7th House Libra at 27° retrograde representing attraction through a soul depth level of love. While many mistake it for purely “sexual” this asteroid shows what one yearns for in terms of transcendental, divine, and passionate unions with another.

The best thing to do is to compare your chart to that of a potential partner looking for personal planets or angles in their chart that will touch the degree of your Eros signifying a fated love connection.

Age Harmonic Chart for Asteroid Eros

Asteroid Eros is sextile Sun and Mercury, biquintile Moon, and semisextile Pluto. Libra is Venus ruled adding another layer to this. Age Harmonics are a personal chart similar to a harp being played. Pluck a string and see how it resonates/vibrates thereby determining your unique frequency or tone. If partnered you will see how well the two of you make music together.

Generally speaking this is a placement ideal for spending time with loved ones while imbuing one with good social skills for making new friends. Mercury rules communication while Venus rules love and relationships therefore one should strike a balance between friendship and diplomacy.

One will enjoy pleasant environments having a strong aversion to anything coarse/aggressive. There is a drawback to this placement not unlike my Enneagram of 9w1 in that we avoid confrontation therefore we may miss out on challenging experiences which will strengthen our character. If necessary we seek the fighting skills of one who can defend us enlisting their help.

As someone who will be more sensitive than others we seek out laughter, games, and learning experiences that are unconventional. We unfortunately attract a lot of unhealthy people to us who wish to possess us which if not careful relationships can turn sadomasochistic if we don’t also set boundaries learning to simply say “no.”

With Eros in Libra love begins with the mind, but when we’re unappreciated in any relationship we become resentful and move on quickly. In the 7th House we best express ourselves in one to one relationships.

This degree best displays as the message contemplation, harmony, and peaceful surroundings renew my spirit when worked with Black Jade focusing on enjoying travel while encouraging others to broaden their horizons through a change of perspective. The affirmation is I accept that I’m made in the image of the Divine Masculine/Feminine.

Nothing is set in stone here and everything can be changed. The chart holder is refreshingly open and can help others to make changes they may have never thought themselves capable of making. They are difficult though to pin down and can frustrate other people sometimes by their lack of definiteness and certainty. Keeping options open and alive is their forte.

The Chandra Symbol for this degree is “A black leopard beneath a full moon.” This degree has an intense awareness of its own emotional needs being determined to get them fulfilled. This only becomes negative when the needs it is aware of are not the true life sustaining ones, but rather those that fulfill a dysfunctional agenda.

There is a great awareness here of selfishness. Both one’s own as well as the selfishness of others. How much better to be aware of this than to deny or repress those impulses!

If this degree can realize the great spiritual importance of giving to others, and that karmically this is the only way to ultimately gain self fulfillment then the tremendous power of desire it has can be harnessed and used to further the evolution of both self and others. Work with guardian angel Anauel and daimon Andras.

Daimon Andras is associated with the Six of Swords, Moon, Amber, and Sagittarius. Working with Andras is akin to work with any psychopomp where one is taught to properly work with the dying/dead, shapeshifting, overthrowing existing hierarchies, and confrontation with those that choose to “bully” you. If you’re wise remember that silence sometimes is the best weapon. Be very accurate, polite, and observant.

One of the best descriptions of Andras would be to learn about Eris in Greek mythology or to locate her in your astrology chart. I’ve spent ample time learning about her. Think discord and strife. When plotted briefly in my Vedic Age Harmonic Chart separate from Eros you will find Asteroid Eris in my 9th House of Sagittarius.

I won’t be going into the nitty gritty details at this time. This placement is teaching from one’s personal wisdom while being open minded to various opinions. We’re at odds with cultural norms seeking expansion through foreign travel, higher mind, and freedom.

Dogmatic indoctrination and limitations of religion cause us to seek our own personal truths. We’re called digital nomads who take up online instruction, writing/blogging, and public speaking.

The fixed star on this degree is Delta Centaurus in Centaurus the Centaur. The origin of the word centaur is found within the words cento (to goad/prick) and tauros (bull) implying cattle herders. The Greeks used the word kenteo to imply goading, urging, and driving on.

While many confuse centaurs with the half human half horse or Chiron mythologies it actually is defining the occupation of cowboys rounding up herds of cattle while on horseback known as cowpokes. The Hebrew letter associated with this placement is Lamed as a cattle prod/shepherd’s staff.

Have a super out of this world Saturday! 💖

Tarot of the Day Thursdays: Cloudy With a Chance of Vocalization

“A cloudy day or a little sunshine have as great an influence on many constitutions as the most recent blessings or misfortunes.” – Joseph Addison

Light bulb moments within the underlined hyperlink text have helped me better understand why I’m feeling rather angsty as of late with most people I’m interacting with. I’ve been for a month very short tempered!


I was scheduling this for tomorrow on May 26, 2022, however, because today is actually World Tarot Day I’m sharing this on May 25, 2022. It’s a collective as well as somewhat personally valuable message from the Universe/Cosmos.

Every year on May 25 World Tarot Day founded by tarot grandmaster Den Elder in 2003 became a celebration after she grew tired of hearing negative misinformed commentary in the media about divinatory arts. She decided it was time to show the world at large the value of tarot cards. Most people still consider anything such as this as a doorway to “evil.” But why?

Because of incorrect and limiting beliefs through dogmatic religions meant to instill fear of the unknown. Dogmatic religion is a control mechanism and for a very long time has been used incorrectly to indoctrinate the masses of collective consciousness into committing some of the worst atrocities Earth has ever seen.

Not every cult, guru, or leader be they charismatic or other is operating from a proper place many of whom might be manipulating their followers. It’s up to each person to learn how to distinguish in a world of duality while realizing that what they see as negative also serves a positive purpose.

Believe it or not adversity and challenges build a stronger character! Being handed stuff on a silver platter creates the opposite where humans are complacent, take for granted, and don’t value correctly what has come to them so easily.

This is probably one of the most slightly oddball tarot readings I’ve gotten, but also one that immediately gave me an “ah ha” moment. There is a huge metaphysical component to this from the Bible in 1 Kings 8:10-12 regarding the concept of clouds or fog. But I do love the confirmation even as I’ve said if this happens to be biased that it has with the image flanking this blog post on Starseeds also.

I have been sitting for a few days on some introspection realizing I attract all the wrong into my life still. An example being that unlike most of mainstream society I don’t attach the terms friend or best friend to anyone who has not earned that title. I have a lot of acquaintances. It might be due to my desire for self reliability and keeping to my family to the dismay and judgment of many others in life.

I’ve allowed so many people into my life who have said one thing yet done the complete opposite while saying I’m the problem that it’s the exact frustration I have carried in beginning my business with those refusing to do their own shadow work.

Example the etymological definition of friend is kinsman, relative, lover, and to like/love. If you’ve wrongly attached this word to people you know perhaps you should get familiar with linguistics and the true “meaning” of that which you’re flippantly attaching to the undeserving of such a position in your life.

Friend is only meant to be used upon family members, spouses, and lovers whose company one enjoys and towards one whom you feel affection. They provide assistance, back/support you, and are to be granted a special access to the private/protected inner being of who you are.

Acquaintance is wholeheartedly different and more appropriate for many we are in contact with on a daily basis in our everyday lives. It is etymologically defined as to know, but is often superficial for the relationship is defined as experimental. In fact it can be as fly by night as a one night stand between two people.

It has nothing to do with the proper depth of relating that occurs in an actual friendship or the kind of bonds found between family or spouse. Modern society and psychology is indoctrinating blaming, shaming, and gaslighting under a guise of that they don’t. The quickness to call someone a narcissist, codependent, and such is palpable including the recent email I was subscribed to without my knowledge sending me so-called daily motivation.

It does the opposite so I’m now unsubscribed. I’ve put VPN as well as a service that blocks data harvesters on my website. Those who tell me I’m wrong for this should respect my desire to privacy and not being harassed. You don’t see me hounding my customers with continuous harvesting or sharing of their personal data to third parties.

I’m not a bad person for being selective of the companies or people I support because discernment is an important skill of boundary setting. The internet is becoming a lot like why we removed our home phone; robodialers. Well excessive promotion on websites of “sales” is the same form of high pressure sales that is employed with robodialers and the badgering done through long commercial breaks on television or radio.

The time to sell a service should be limited and not be the only focus of what you aim to share. I don’t abuse my blog readers in every post by asking for donations or support through purchasing an astrology report. This is a sporadic plug I’ll publish here and there without becoming a common nuisance. The service is there for those it appeals to which certainly will not be “everyone.”

I’ve had people’s websites actually be verbally/psychologically abusive over a desire to not be harassed and to have our personal data or browsing habits not sold. Do us all a favor and check your tone on your website with advertising. Being rude won’t win you brownie points.

Try a little honey over piss and vinegar because you’re butthurt that we want some respect also and to not be a victim of your possible greed. Everyone has to exchange and put food on the table, keep the lights on, and so forth. Neither is different or better than the other with the exception of those who also commit identity theft or other assaults including phishing scams. Or those with entitlement issues unwilling to put in a hard day’s labor for what is to be earned which I find to be lazy frankly. I was not born yesterday and I’m not naive.

I think what I’m noticing is that most of us don’t recognize the damage we actually are inflicting on one another. I actually wish those who pretend to be my friend would in fact just be honest. You do me zero favors by saying one thing to my face and your actions reflect a weightier acknowledgment that you’re not really a support network for me. In fact I don’t have a support network.

I’ve finally realized that through the majority of my life the only support network I ever had was my mother and step father. I’ve come to recognize myself finally and fully as the orphan archetype and social outcast not out of self pity, but to finally be honest with myself as well as others. Therefore if you think I’m going to hand you the title of friend or best friend you will have to prove to me that you even deserve such a position.

Much of this is bubbling to the surface right now because of my career choices and my personal life for the last two decades that are finally becoming what I call a quarter to midlife crisis rearing its ugly head for me to unravel and take responsibility for while also acknowledging what others won’t. Relationships are the involvement of more than one person.

Blaming, shaming, and gaslighting mean someone else is not taking responsibility for their contribution to the unraveling of intimacy better known as “in to me see.” I should preface by saying I don’t want to be told to try counseling. This I had in high school and it was actually not beneficial to me feeling like a waste of time/money for my parents.

I won’t air anything with my part time cosmetology job online. It’s thoroughly inappropriate and unprofessional. There is just some friction I’m trying to determine some responses to the dynamic which would be appropriate. I get it though. Pearls for example are created when an irritant is trapped within a mollusk or oyster and nacre is secreted in an effort to protect one’s self. The nacre coats the irritant building layers until voila you get a pearl! Some pearls take as many as seven years to be fully created. So no irritant no pearl!

“When the priests withdrew from the Holy Place, the cloud filled the temple of the Lord. And the priests could not perform their service because of the cloud, for the glory of the Lord filled his temple. Then Solomon said, “The Lord has said that he would dwell in a dark cloud; I have indeed built a magnificent temple for you, a place for you to dwell forever.”

Spiritual documents cause lots of problems due to exoteric literal interpretations to the point of generational curses or relational problems that should not actually be allowed to continue. These texts are meant to be read on multiple esoteric levels of which Kabbalists state there are at least around 4-5 levels of interpretation to study. A great example of this is the constant phrase placed online by psychological warfare operatives in various schools of thought who state “women are to be silent.”

Let’s take a look at a few examples of why it’s important to read spiritual texts from a higher consciousness. Secondly “sin” is an archery term and reference to missing one’s goals, lacking focus, and not aiming correctly at the target we mean to hit. Nothing was meant to be legalist or dogmatic.

In fact this is why I can’t stand to be in a church anymore lectured by clergy who teach incorrectly to their parishioners or watching television, documentaries, etc. from those who I find to be still walking in ignorance and professing they know truth. It’s of no offense to those who attend such functions, but to those who are meant to be the leaders of such institutions because they impoverish their flock! This heavily ties into my taroscope as my birth tarot cards were Hierophant/Temperance.

Hearing Englightened Perspectives:

Now let’s get an esoteric and metaphysical foundation for clouds by doing some research. This is the presence of the mind of God/Goddess in spiritual visibility when any one of us drops all of our formal religious exercises to rest in the consciousness of deity or the Divine Masculine/Feminine.

A brightness of innerstanding occurs so great that the priests are incapable of ministering. What transpires is no formal religious or thought exercises. A harmonious relation is to occur in relation to the eternal and unchangeable nature of Universal/Cosmic or Christ consciousness.

In the Bible as with all spiritual texts the term cloud as in the one which enveloped Moses is the Holy Spirit abiding in presence within each of us as the temple which guides us through the wilderness providing us with light at night through a pillar of fire.

Fire is a level of consciousness which is meditative charged with higher light. Water has been an ongoing theme recently in my blog posts, but that is the entry state of meditative consciousness. Fire is directly under quintessence when our life and relationship to the Universe is fundamentally changed.

Today’s tarot reading bestows us with the Sakura Cards from Cardcaptor Sakura with the Cloud and the Voice. We’re going to take a broader look at these for interpretation and to see what message they have at a deeper level. We’ll begin with the Cloud moving to the Voice.

Low battery warning for this Leo! Woke up today energetically exhausted.

The Cloud: The Cloud asks us to have strong judgment by relaxing and opening our inner self. Discernment is a means to making the best decisions in life. We are encouraged to express ourselves by staying close to art and music which will help us become more creative.

Energies are low vibration at this time. Do not do anything over and-above that which is absolutely necessary for now. By trying to force issues at this moment we run the risk of setting ourselves back or making ourselves ill/stressed. Save your energies for the time when you know you can use it to a much better effect. We are asked to ensure that we do not highlight the wrong source for feelings of wrongdoing.

This card is the numerological value of 26/8 embodying a resonance to the Strength tarot card. Two is a number of cooperation, teamwork, and emotional introspection. Six is the number of the homemaker, a first perfect number, and is both stable and harmonious. If we combine this message we find that it indicates a reliable team player/partner whose energy and thoughts revolve primarily around the home or compassionate activities.

Number eight is highly functional involved with achievement, success, and indicates a builder. The number twenty six influences career choices and the interactions of family, friends, and work associates.

This card implies that a person is dealing with conflicting energies between their domestic life and building a successful career. In the I Ching this is the Hexagram of Great Accumulation (Controlled Power) and Grouping (Union).

26/8 matches my birthday on 7/26 in terms of the day of the month within July. It is a quirky day in New Age because of those who ascribe to the following time/space theories.

I can’t remember if I ever blogged about this calendar or my research into it as I’m a White Cosmic Wizard Kin 234, but maybe one day I’ll spill some tea on what I studied with it. I don’t completely align to this philosophy though. I simply explore a lot and am eclectic or open to studying.

The Voice: Communication is key here. You may be feeling you don’t have the right words to use at present or you may be feeling that others behave as if they have more worthwhile things to say. Try and look at why it is you are not being heard. What is it that you need to do to get your point across? It might just be a lack of confidence here, but if others are louder than you it is in fact the quiet voice which often gets the attention for longer. Is there some backstabbing going on; could someone be doing this to you?!

This card asks if you’re being honest and sincere in ensuring justice and fairness for yourself. Your feelings at this moment come in waves that can’t be controlled nor can you distance yourself from them. They serve to help you listen more closely to your own thoughts rather than the opinions of others especially those of authority figures in your life who believe they know what is best for you be that within your group of friends, your family, or your profession.

This card is the numerological value of 24/6 embodying a resonance to the Lovers tarot card. This highly composite number takes the number four as a number of completion, stability, and highly materialistic connotations. It combines the High Priestess with the Emperor in tarot. In the I Ching this is the Hexagram of Returning (Return) and Arguing (Conflict).

Perhaps now is a good time to explain that many cultures have more than one idea or level of love. Funny how humans seem to forget this also!

For some reason today I felt the best preface right now to me was the following song. Humanity is on auto pilot and a large chunk of them in my opinion are not conscious of how robotic they are operating in their day to day encounters. They go through the motions, but they’re ultimately just not really even there. They don’t actively listen or remain present!

A few days ago the image I used was of the human heart. May this be helpful to you at this present moment in time/space.

Where or what is your home? We could look to the Hebrew letter Beth/Beit for clues. A son or daughter builds the house of God/Goddess. It is built in the heavens and reflected here on Earth with living stones. People throw this phrase around a lot not knowing what it even means online.

The stones refer to indwelling Universal/Cosmic consciousness and that which was rejected by the builders is our true selves or innermost character. Most of humanity rejects their true selves and innermost character in an effort to live in the Matrix or virtual reality they want to “belong to.” It’s a byproduct of serving the little rather than the higher self.

Beth/Beit also correlates to the term yoga meaning yoke/union and the breath. The true meaning of yoga is to unite oneself with truth or breath hovering over the waters of creation. This is the realization of self when consciousness crossing the abyss/void, reaches enlightenment, and is liberated. It is represented in the Hebrew letter Beth/Beit. A house full of false selves or little egos is a den of thieves.

Until you perform your shadow work your temple will remain filthy and imprisoned. Believe me there are a lot of little egos all running around and behaving quite fragile about their eventual ego death. Many of whom won’t find their way and won’t cross the abyss/void failing or needing another round in the wheel of potential samsara. No one said the journey would be easy, but many assume it will come without any sacrifice.

Purify your heart and the Divine Masculine/Feminine will inhabit the Heart chakra. Our spiritual purpose often overlooked is to build a wedding garment known as the Chariot, Merkabah, and light body. Get your house straight and you will see the Shekinah as a reflection of God/Goddess.

I’m closing this blog post with an empathy exercise because I need everyone to do so in an effort to learn about taking things for granted and lacking gratitude or being a bit inconsiderate from time to time. A literal lesson in walking in someone else’s shoes. I’ve learned to walk three times including as a baby, post foot fractures, and post ligament surgery.

A conversational question about my current responsibilities and what I should/should not be responsible for. Well this family is what has provided roof over my head, paid my bills when I’ve encountered hardship like job loss, etc. If you don’t pay anything forward I guess you’re the epitomized “taker” with no “giver” becoming the dichotomy of predator versus prey. Thankful this person made me realize this week how much I needed to recognize about listening to others rather than myself.

I want my blog readers to take time out of their day to imagine losing their mobility. Imagine if you will living in a two story house with a half bath in the first level where bathing takes place via a disability chair and kitchen sink. You do not have the use of a weight bearing left or right leg/foot due to an injury and must adapt to life on a knee scooter, crutches, or a wheel chair.

How will you cook/prepare meals, get hydration, receive your Amazon, Fed/Ex, or UPS packages at the door, and how will you get your laundry done when the washer/dryer are on the second level? How will you receive your groceries?

Will you just order out eating the SAD or standard American diet which is unhealthy? A great many of us actually get in the kitchen to cook/bake still believe it or not. We can’t eat processed commercialized foods because they legitimately are unhealthy and have caused us allergies, intolerances, and dis-ease. Get back to me when you’ve answered all these questions and let me know if you’re Superman or Wonder Woman who can be left alone without any assisted living then we can talk like civilized empathic adults rather than selfish immature children.

And on that note male or female without the use of a right/left leg or foot please explain to me how effectively you will use the restroom because it takes a toll to bear all your weight on the non-injured limb and can be difficult to lower to a toilet especially without grab bars. If you’re not careful you could even fall.

I’ve had a very hard time toggling responsibilities and giving up independence to be there for my mom and bear having so much weight put upon my shoulders in 2022 so much so I’ve wanted to move out. I’m now realizing this is also a byproduct of societies’ indoctrinating examples today of thinking only about self and never considering that we are to care for our neighbors.

Do not ask me if I can just leave someone alone who needs assisted living? If you’ve never been injured and you have perfect health say thanks. Prepare for the fact that at any moment you might face a speed bump along your journey and be forced to adapt. Put yourself in the shoes of another for once and realize sometimes a person needs a hand to accomplish their daily goals due to a handicap be it temporary or permanent.

Not everyone can be chopped up a la Orpheus to serve the needs and whims of everyone. Some of us have to say “No” to certain demands placed upon us. Am I angry? Yes, but somedays that is actually nothing new. I’m inherently tired of humanity acting infantile or stupid as I have no patience for either. I was raised by tough love not the coddling kind.

Clouds are sometimes wonderful because they shelter us from the very harsh rays of the Sun when the light is so bright we have to wear shades. They’re also a mixed element of air and water which provide us with rain. In a drought they would be welcomed by many, but everything in moderation because they can also bring severe destruction through harsh winds, flooding, and so forth.

Have a transformational Thursday! 🌩️📅

Dragon Garden Art, Orange Zinnia, and Fire Maple Dragon Tree
Organic cinnamon essential oil lotion was made this week! One batch only! I’ll make more at a later date amidst my busy schedule. No, I’m not selling this yet. I may have a potential customer willing to try some. It’s vegan except for the beeswax we use.
Dayflowers, roma tomatoes are flowering, and our neighbor’s who feed squirrels have planted peanuts in our carrots! Seriously?! I’ve been chasing them out and telling them “No,” but they want me to be a peanut farmer. Squirrels are very annoying.

Teach Me Tuesdays: Starseeds or No?!

“Look up and get lost.” – Unknown

Use the underlined hyperlink text to go on what may be a more interactive fiction storytelling experience than anything else.


I won’t expect for those who need to hear this to even read it. I’m really trying to master the art of Ketu detachment as a Magha nakshatra native. Months ago I took a random starseed personality test thinking it was probably bunk. Today I built upon a previous blog post, and learned my astrology chart might be showing that it was not at all false because the Natal chart is hitting Lyran starseed degrees albeit as I’ve said these theories are inherently speculative.

Today we’re going to look at these and compare it to the Draconic chart which really does not indicate the starseed quotient as adequately. Terminology can get a bit non-descript around the realms of esoterics. For example, lightworkers are a reference to souls who come from dimensions above the 3D helping the planet ascend with a wide range of purposes from becoming healers to spiritual teachers.

More often than not these are the embodiment of the everyday person contributing their energy towards raising consciousness. Starseeds have an extraterrestrial soul which incarnated into the human realm on Earth from a further away planet, galaxy, or reality. Their primary focus is to bring knowledge to our Universe through an ability as a psychic medium.

Often starseeds are at a higher vibration than the 3D inhabiting higher states of consciousness. This does not mean they won’t fluctuate in both groups to lower vibrational fields for everything is in flux/flow. The inherent idea though of a society incapable of doing shadow work has been growing.

It’s not that one should “live” there in shadow work, but to believe that life is to only be rainbows, unicorns, and cupcakes is to dissociate or live in denial. Most people would call starseeds alien while lightworkers belong on Earth.

The purpose of each is different for a lightworker spreads light and healing by professions which interact directly with people. Starseeds employ writing and art as a platform for sharig their ideas to shape minds positively. The starseed comes to Earth to plant seeds into the collective consciousness of humanity to encourage empathy, love, and forgiveness amongst people.

The starseed serves simply by influencing the collective through the simple act of being present. Lightworkers fit in perfectly on Earth, but starseeds live a different story altogether finding this much more difficult. The starseed struggles, is seen as a misfit, and suffers depression or isolation when feeling as if they don’t belong on Earth. We have to cope with being socially outcast by society.

Universal/Cosmic consciousness works in both light and shadow and what we perceive as the dualistic world views of right versus wrong, black versus white, and up versus down are illusions of our perception of reality. Kabbalists have stated that like the Wheel of Fortune tarot when we believe something to be bad for us it is in fact the opposite.

Without what you observe to be a negative we would take much for granted and not live from gratitude for the purpose of such a “feeling” is only to teach us to appreciate the value of detachment to outcomes.

None of which would be becoming understandable to me if it were not for my current life course. I’ve been worried about both conditions on the home front with my mom’s health, my sometimes lack of independence most recently, and the 90 day probation of my part time cosmetology job realizing I don’t feel I’m an inherently adequate match to the position where I’ve felt a strong sense of guilt/regret at interviewing and accepting the job.

In the end I’ve had several recent days to sit with these emotions realizing I’m letting go of “control” in areas where I have absolutely no sphere of influence because it’s easier to let go and let the Universe determine best where I belong. It seems releasing these feelings is not easy for me.

That won’t make sense until I offer an example from my youth. I tried out in high school for Drill Team and twice failed at making the team, but when I tried out for Color Guard which was an aspect of auxiliary band I made the team. If I’d made it onto Drill Team I would not have been happy for it was in fact a more elitist as well as rule bound extracurricular activity with an actual demerit system.

Color Guard as a part of auxiliary band actually offered me more avenues of freedom of expression without strict and/or harsh legalist culture. The Universe placed me where I could be of the most benefit and happiest when I stopped being emotionally distressed over how my life was turning out and feeling as if fate was working against me.

It’s time I stop fighting against outcomes which I’m not in “control” of due to probably fear of also a slightly bruised little ego. It’s also going to help me break my month long self pity mojo that I’ve been carrying with me. What began feeling exciting and correct is starting to show some cracks. All relationships do including those of employment.

The question is are they severe enough to ever throw in a towel hastily? Probation is always a tricky ordeal as all involved are on a try before you buy footing ensuring one doesn’t get a lemon because they don’t wish to make/sell lemonade. Their perspective is that such an endeavor is not even profitable. Meanwhile others won’t work from such limiting beliefs. They believe a lemonade stand can work!

Natal Chart for Vega, Sheliak, Sulaphat, and Aladfar
Draconic Chart for Vega, Sheliak, Sulaphat, and Aladfar

The Natal chart places me with 3 potential starseed degrees which include the fixed stars within my 3rd House Capricorn at 15° for Vega, 18° for Sheliak, and 21° for Sulaphat. We learn in viewing the Draconic chart that this is not the case simply because it also places these degrees in the 3rd House of Leo in differnt degree markers.

This is why I’m not really wanting to spend as much time investigating in my blog post the Draconic chart. A keen interest exists in looking at the Anaretic of Aladfar in the 4th House of Capricorn. Once this house is mastered it moves into the degrees of Aquarius. I’m loving these degree symbols from the Sabian system which makes me eager to see the Omega and Chandra systems!

Vega is sextile Uranus, quincunx Jupiter, trine Saturn and Chiron, and square Pluto. Sheliak is sextile Uranus, semisextile Neptune, square Pluto, and trine Chiron. Sulaphat is opposition Venus, quincunx Mercury, and square Pluto. Aladfar is opposition Sun and Venus and quintile Uranus. That is a mouthful! Let’s translate this and investigate these degrees as speedily as possible!

Your 3rd House is what you think and seek to communicate to others with a focus on acquiring and sharing information. This is known as data gathering, writing, and reporting. Capricorn is Earth overlaying an air house making one commanding, directive, and strategic.

We are constantly concerned with responsibility and productivity. 4th House is psychological and familial roots particularly the maternal kind which determines one’s sense of belonging. In Aquarius as an air sign overlaying a water house one seeks to create the ideal family acting as a social engineer of their tribe.

We prefer progressive approaches to our responsibilities and commitments in life. We’re known to overextend ourselves which if we fail to set appropriate boundaries or say “No” to every request put before us we are taken advantage of. Rules tend to rub us all the wrong way. We feel continuously constrained by authority and feel unfulfilled in life as well as insecure about our abilities/talents.

The biggest problem for us are systems that embody calcification, rigidity, and unresponsiveness which triggers rebellion and a refusal to cooperate in our psyche. Our lives often feel suffocating and heavy. We’re very often knocked off our chosen path in life. We’re more attracted to unorthodox relationships and living.

The chart holder is aware of how to access the help that the Universe makes available to all beings. To receive this help one has to first understand the manner in which it is structured. The limitations and priorities that need to be followed and the specific ways in which all the different energies work. It is all in the process of finding one’s way toward pure consciousness which is union with God/Goddess.

The Chandra Symbol for this degree is “A woman wearing a necklace of skulls.” If only focused on seeking power and denying those fears inside which need to be released this degree will merely perpetuate old karmas until the cycle is worn out. On the other hand if it can rise above such little ego impulses it has a tremendous ability to deeply heal and clear its own being as well as catalyze others to do the same.

The woman wearing the necklace of skulls is the goddess Kali a dark angel who helps us to befriend all the hidden and lost pieces of ourselves. Until her tests are met we cannot fully attune to the sacred hierarchies of the Omega Symbol. The challenge of this degree is to find the right use of its inborn ability to lead.

A way that serves the will of the highest as well as to fuse compassion and forgiveness with its innate potency. Work with guardian angel Rochel and daimon Decarabia.

Daimon Decarabia is tied with the Seven of Swords, Moon, Jasmine, and Aquarius. Work with this daimon helps one learn how to utilize precious stones, guidance in dream shaping and workiing with the astral realms, an ability for uncovering deceptions, and a knowledge of all things feminine.

The chart holder is inherently patient and knows that it may take a long time before its gifts are appreciated. It’s also aware that when people are exposed to something again and again over a long period they can begin to take that thing for granted so sometimes its best to hold back what one has to offer until the time is right to bring it forth.

The Chandra Symbol for this degree is “A black leopard with green eyes.” The painting is stored in the dark the leopard is a creature of the dark. Green is the color of emeralds, the gem of Mercury, the planet of communication.

The artist’s painting was painted to communicate something, but now it is not doing that for it dwells in the dark. Until it can communicate once again, open its eyes to the light, and reaffirm its power which is like that of the leopard’s.

Sometimes when something is hidden it is a good thing. Later when it is re-revealed we may see it with fresh eyes. This degree knows the power of waiting for the right time to act and bring forth its ideas. It uses the power of darkness and silence to enhance what is eventually and finally communicated. Work with guardian angel Mumiah and daimon Andromallus.

Daimon Andromallus is tied with the Ten of Cups, Mars, Wormwood, and Pisces. This daimon is essential for protection against theft and harm by other people. Many work with Andromallus to determine if the intentions of others are evil or dishonest. A great use of this daimon’s protection skills are also advised for your home, vehicle, and other items of value.

“When it rains look for rainbows and when it’s dark look for stars.” – Unknown

If you keep moving forward then guiding and helping forces will reach out to assist you. There may as well be other forces which will attempt to retard and stop you, but this too is good, for it gives you the chance to confront your shadow self and hence to understand yourself in a much more complete way. This degree is highly sensitive to anything which might try to stop it or encourage it being utterly intent on reaching its destiny.

The Chandra Symbol for this degree is “A stately old house in a ruined condition.” The house may be refurbished and either updated or restored in accordance with the historical period in which it was built, or it may be torn down, or simply left alone. It is interesting that of these four possibilities there is a tendency for many people to think of them as moral imperatives where something should be done in a certain way. The fact is the house can be appreciated for what it is or it can be changed.

The past is the same way we can appreciate it and accept it for what it is or we can actually change it by freeing ourselves from its influence. Whatever we choose to do we will find that as we move through the passageway of time as the woman in the Omega Symbol is doing hands will reach out to touch us, to encourage us in our forward movement, or to try to stop us and hold us back.

And the interesting thing is that often the hands trying to help us are the ones that are actually holding us back and the ones seemingly trying to hold us back are found eventually to be the ones that help us forward.

We are always free to respond to this however we want and we are always free also to change our responses over time. At its highest this degree is almost completely non-judgmental and willing in every instance to try to choose the way that leads to the highest good for all. Work with guardian angel Sitael and daimon Vassago.

Daimon Vassago is tied with the Four of Wands, Jupiter, Lemon Balm, and Aries. This daimon helps one with their divination skills, social confidence, and quickness of thoughts. Usually one develops a witty conversational ability. Vassago is helpful if you’ve been stabbed in the back by others.

To go out into the world simply and directly to get ones needs met is the genius of this degree. And although the concept of this is simple the actual playing out of it can be highly complex for this degree is gifted with a relentless ingenuity and resourcefulness being able to maintain a coolness, calmness, and ease even in the midst of the world’s most difficult challenges.

The Chandra Symbol for this degree is “An architect carefully surveying old ruins” This degree wants to reconstruct the past if not in actuality at least in the mind so that it can be clearly seen for what it is. I’m referring here not just to the historical past in general, but to every soul’s own past; all of one’s past lives. Essentially it wants to know exactly what happened and why. It wants to know this because the past is the road by which we come to the present.

In an ideal world an endless number of details add up musically to a beautiful and harmonious symphony. This degree is trying to embrace wholeness through studying fragments. It is a challenge that can be accomplished as long as one avoids becoming lost in a sea of tiny bits of evidence. When this degree’s creative research works it magically builds out of the dust realms of imagination and wonder.

At its core this degree seeks something deeply cooling, soothing, simple, and refreshing that it can and will eventually find amidst the shards of antiquity. This something sought is the eternal love that has always been there. Work with guardian angel Lauviah and daimon Gusion.

Daimon Gusion is tied with the Seven of Pentacles, Venus, Clary Sage, and Cancer. Need an intermediary between the spiritual and physical realms try this daimon. Beware that he is a blunt speaker often honest with providing answers to your questions.

NGC 6745 in Lyra


Modern day fiction such as television used Babylon 5 to introduce the Vega Colony as an outpost world of the Earth Alliance in the Vega star system while the movie Contact used a plot device of a detected extraterrestrial intelligence message sent from a transmitter array orbiting Vega.

The Pawnee used Vega as one of the four direction stars to align their dwellings. Earth lodges were dome shaped resembling the sky with poles marked white (Sirius), yellow (Capella), red (Antares), and black (Vega) as colors of stars.

Asian cultures see Vega as part of the Weaving Girl and Cowherd. Vega may be our next North/Pole star although I know many don’t like to cope with precession in their esoteric schools as I confronted this when I had my business Twitter account. It was hard for them to grasp Magha nakshatra as Regulus and Ketu ruled precessing Leo to Virgo.

Kabbalists associate these fixed stars with the Hebrew letter Daleth and the tarot trump the Emperor, but I associate Daleth with the Empress who graced my wealth altar before it became the Star. Daleth is a door that opens to water, the poor man is the narrow gate, and the door opens the way to the waters of life.

We choose to believe the stories we choose to believe even the fanciful ones. As I’ve said much of this form of astrology is speculative. I’m not studying it for little ego gratification whatsoever. It’s simply out of curiosity and a bit of imaginative fantasy. Have a thankful Tuesday wherever you are! 🧶📖💫

PS: If proofreading is spotty tonight we’ve had another night of thunderstorms so I’ve done my best with an effort to avoid power outage risk again. A link was corrected that went to the wrong Sabian symbol.

Manifestation Mondays: Pisces Asks “What Are You Dreaming Into Being?”

“We dream in colors borrowed from the sea.” – Anonymous

While I’ve used more underlined hyperlink text for expansion on topics I’ve covered today many of them are from an article series of one specific website. You’re free to discern for yourself what you wish to believe or not believe. I know many say they don’t believe at all as I do or that they do not understand much of what I might be pointing them towards.


We’re in Third Quarter moving to Waning Crescent Moon phase presently in Pisces at 11°.  My Moonscope email called this the Dreamcatcher Moon. The energy of this event will be unique to each one of us based upon our astrology charts. For me this is my Natal chart’s 5th House, but if we look at the Draconic chart we see that this would be a 50/50% split in the 10th House shared with Aquarius.

Pisces is my South Lunar Node representing past life karma that I’m more comfortable with in comparison to my present incarnation’s 11th House Virgo mission/purpose. Today if we ran a chart Pisces would have more influence on my 10th rather than 5th House believe it or not thereby being more in alignment with the Draconic energies.

Pisces Moon Chart
Pisces Moon Aspectarian

Translation becomes influences that impact our chances to experience pleasure through childlike, joyful, and relaxing moments when self expression is at its best and when luck in fame and achievement clash with authority representing our social status, authority, and professional activity through the eyes of a visionary who loves a good challenge. It is here that our unconscious begins to manifest psychological traits, recurrent emotional responses, and inner impulses which are beyond our control due to hereditary and childhood experiences.

For me, myself, and I which would be better termed my ego the Moon is semisextile Sun and Chiron, octile Pluto and Venus, and quintile North Node. These aspects make us more aware than most of the adjustments people need to make in life. We’re frequently in the position to adjust our life path as well as behavior to adapt to others, but we find that we’re also more often than not placed into “no win damned if we do and damned if we don’t” situations. We make up a group of collective souls who are forced to choose that which is in conflict with our innermost needs.

Through Chiron we have an advanced wisdom or understanding that wants others to see their world through a new perspective that will resolve their issues and wounds which originate in their childhood due to missing nurturance and love. The wound lies in a lack of security and emotional validation that many have experienced.

We recognize that there are people in our lives who are overwhelming with a need to kill off their negative habits, but who apply manipulative tactics in relationships with us through revenge and vindictiveness often holding grudges. It borders on cruelty, abuse, and feelings of entrapment.

If these emotions were refined we would be dealing with those who are harmonious, cooperative, and gentle in their approaches to relating. Relationships would be nourishing, happier, and peaceful. The best healing modality for our placements is to employ creative imagination through storytelling, art, and music.

There is a fascinating synchronicity in the Omega symbols described as three undines guarding a golden treasure at the bottom of a river. Undines are water elementals, and as I’ve been spending so much time in the study of metaphysical concepts of Kabbalah, mermaids, waves, etc. I’m fascinated by all of this.

As I am still integrating my Black Holes astrology report I purchased online alongside Flower Essences this is a huge confirmation albeit biased that my psyche is trying to integrate. If we break the word itself down we find that Latin unda etymologically is wave while French ondine is mermaid.

According to esotericism the king of the undines is Varuna of whom the Vedas report and who belongs to the Devas. The undines have an etheric body as their uppermost member with a physical body, but below that two more members belonging to the third and second elementary kingdoms. The undines have an intense emotional life and are related to our feelings and emotions.

There is a correlation here that I’m becoming each day more and more aware of in this journey. One which I’m discovering others also recognize, but the circles I’ve traveled in for a large chunk of my life outside of through the world wide web never put me into contact with anyone on the same wavelength as I am. Literally I feel a complete disconnect from a large chunk of people I meet outside of through the digital realms.

It might explain why I likewise struggle sometimes to maintain jobs into my 30s as well as 40s. The systems currently running the “simulation/matrix” as some call it feel very non-resonant to “who I’m becoming” as opposed to “who I was.” Just when I think I’ve found happiness and a match I learn that often times I’ve mistakenly or incorrectly perceived my environment or those who I’ve attracted to myself creating this roller coaster of ups and downs. It’s as if I have not found my tribe in my immediate circle or vicinity and am instead finding it through distant relations by surfing the internet.

Upon penetrating water we find another kind of spiritual being unlike the solid which is similar to the intellectual faculties. The elemental beings which live in the water are more akin to our feelings. We stand with our feelings separate of things. A beautiful tree outside and we are separated from it until we let what it is flow into us.

The liquid of the tree is its sap flowing into every leaf with its sensation. It not only feels the red and the blue from the outside rather it experiences this color inwardly carrying sensations into everything within. The life of feeling is much more intense in these spiritual entities than the very intense weaving of our limited intellect.

Undines complement fish, but also insects by forming their scales or outer armor. They are sensitive to everything. Fish have a relatively closed astral body, but they live very much in the world of aether. Undines are not fully awake and instead they dream. Their greatest delight is when they come to a body of water to preserve their ability to take on the form of a fish.

Their essential nature is perpetual metamorphosis. By dreaming of the stars, the Sun, the light, and the warmth they shape the leaf. Normally undines are completely enclosed in the realm of the leaf. But they can also grow beyond these limits, and in fact they always strive to do so to become mist giants. Undines transform the larynx into an organ of speech. Speech, however, is located in respiration, and this gift is known as clairvoyance having a greater spiritual perception than most.

If you want to continue with this series as I probably will in my spare time a good article series that might be helpful at this time for you is the Human Life – Dreams beginning with Part 1. Trust me much of what I hyperlink to and share in my studies others don’t quite gravitate to that I personally know. Well with the exception of one customer who explained that she too was more airy fairy and into the woo woo happy to learn I was a Leo as she was married to a Leo.

“The deeper the waters are, the more still they run.” – Korean Proverb

This degree places a focus on the issues of temptation and desire. It is continually asking itself why it wants what it wants becoming unsure of its desires. This is the first manifestation of “Leo” energy in Pisces (bare with me as I’m a Western Leo/Vedic Cancer Sun sign). The little ego which is often based on selfishness, and the illusion of limitations must be dissolved so that the greater ego may assert itself as a pure mirror reflecting the love and joy of the spiritual light into our physical realms.

The river is time. The place where the golden treasure lies is the present now moment. The three undines are the self as reflecting all time; past, present, and future. The Chandra Symbol for this degree is “A high crumbling wall. It is part of a ruin and covered with ivy.” The wall was probably a part of something lofty and grand maybe even a cathedral. Now it is a support for the ivy. Is this function less noble? Which role that the wall has played and created enhanced the world the most?

Power is stored in the Earth at primal quickening points. Often in these places humanity erects monuments to its own folly. Eventually these merge into the landscape and everything comments upon everything else. Being held between the Earth’s wise presence and humanity’s dim apprehension of what is really involved here. One side of the feeling nature is so intuitive and psychically astute that you are harboring advanced gifts that can serve Earth evolution in staggering ways.

Another side of the feeling nature is contorted with reactions, judgments, and condemnations of the collective trends of humanity and of the weakness of the human flesh. These objections and rejections of the human scene rebound upon the self and poison the psychic faculties.

It is only when you heal and forgive renouncing the minor key irritable voice inside and out that the floodtide of burgeoning awareness of what is arising in this Earth with all its ripples can wipe away the false structures and foster the new birth; the tuned in and blessings focused outlook and inlook.

This degree is all about letting things be and then seeing what becomes of them through detachment to outcomes. It realizes that many human agendas are at play and although they style themselves noble or of great importance they are actually quite narrow and false being mere pretensions of the little ego.

It may be just as beautiful to see things fall apart as to strive to build them up. The outer cathedral when eventually lost to the ravages of time can encourage the exploration of the eternal inner cathedral. This is one of the golden treasures guarded by the undines resting in eternity at the bottom of the river of time. Work with guardian angel Nanael and daimon Caim.

Daimon Caim binds us to the Nine of Pentacles, Sagittarius, Sweetgum, and Mercury. Any work done with Caim improves intuition, understanding the communication of various animals as well as the waters, protection of the astral double, and dream work is enhanced. Hydromancy being a specialty of this daimon one learns to comprehend the noise of the waters and the movement of waves. One is guided to becoming an excellent debater.

It is only slightly ironic that this degree in fact sits upon Lambda Aquarius in the poured forth water of Aquarius the Water Bearer. As stated my Draconic 10th House embodies a 50/50% paradigm of Pisces and Aquarian energies on the Western wheel. In fact in Vedic it is an Aquarian Ketu that I am given in the 5th House of all places.

I’d link to my study on this, but I’ve already hit 11 backlinks at this time so if you wish to locate it simply plop in North Node on the search feature of my blog’s sidebar. It was a Teach Me Tuesday’s probing of utilizing myself as an example of the lessons astrotheology can impart.

I’m not fond of using client’s information as I think that is a violation of their faith/trust in my keeping their personal data safe nor do I wish to use that of celebrities. I’ve said this before; you don’t use someone’s data without permission. The only examples I’ve otherwise made were those of my ancestors who are in my record keeping as an honor/tribute to their memories within our matriarchy.

I don’t find a lot of information on this fixed star except for it’s naming which is taken from the Greek Hydor etymologically defined as water and Ekkhysis εκχυσις as outpouring. Maybe the best way to contemplate this is to look to the Labors of Hercules. Or perhaps you prefer meteor showers! Kabbalists associate this position with the Hebrew letter Nun and the tarot trump Temperance/Art.

Atoms for Peace in Aquarius (click me)

May this current Moon bring you pleasant dreams! 😴🛌🏻

Self Examination Saturdays: Plotting Fixed Stars from Constellations in a Natal or Draconic Chart

“A person’s energy and the aura they give off never lies. Trust in that.” – Anonymous

Where to begin? The underlined hyperlink text fleshes out an otherwise fully elaborate research project I’ve done for today. When I receive a tarot reading from others I usually integrate them this way. It’s probably not a common form for most. If you wish to learn a little more about my level of perspective in life go on an adventure by clicking on the provided details I’ve left behind in my wake.


There was a tarot reading last night that expressed a few interesting points which I woke up this morning wanting to investigate a bit further. The cards given began as the Ace of Swords, Ace of Wands, and Magician.

When the colors came through as red and blue I was reminded of the three Kabbalistic pillars on the Tree of Life referred to as Mercy, Severity, and Balance. As these were clarified the Akashic Records began to emerge in the reading as well via Oracle Cards speaking to breath, delight (enjoying what one does), guidance, unity, the Universe/Cosmos, and the energies of one’s Divine Feminine or matriarchy which the tarot reader said spoke to the womb space of mother, grandmother, and great grandmother. The crystal mentioned was Smoky Quartz.

The tarot reader was right on the money when she spoke to what she saw in this reading, but I don’t know if she understood the Yods when she began to explain what she was intuitively keying into about impregnation and creative impulses. It’s literally as if she had read my blog, but in fact she had not before she gave the reading! It was one of the strangest and spookiest reads I’ve ever had by someone. I felt so “seen.”

Upon the Kabbalistic pillars we find the following information:

Left hand side (my dominant side; southpaw) is associated with right brain functions representing the Divine Masculine comprised of Chokmah, Chesed, and Netzach. Chokmah is Yang, the highest sphere of the Divine Masculine, and the lower spheres of Chesed/Netzach are Divine Feminine or Yin. This is known as Yang at the center of Yin as shown in the famous Taoist symbol of Yin Yang.

In the Four Worlds of Kabbalah red can speak to Binah and Geburah through boundaries, sorrow, power, the illusions of death/invincibility, and Saturn/Mars. Blue, however, speaks to Chesed and Chokmah through unconditioned/conditioned creativity, the Vision of God/Goddess face to face, love, the zodiac/Jupiter, and the illusions of independence and righteousness.

This all makes logical sense actually to my life at present. These topics would require blog readers to be active students in esoterics and studying Kabbalah as I’ve been doing in my spare time for which there are many interpretations, personal experiences, and various levels of knowledge or gnosis.

One of which reminds me of my experience with a NDE at age 26 and some of my further health struggles into my 30s and 40s grappling with existential reality which I’ve previously blogged about from allergies to fluorquinolones being prescribed or even contraindicated pain medications or coping with chronic pain. Two rounds of Cipro and a ligament tear 5 months later will always seem suspicious to me now after a chronic UTI which I still battle, but now take entirely different antibiotics and probiotics for with dietary changes.

This dovetails into some issues I’m questioning with mom who was given the same black box warning antibiotics in an IV during her pneumonia treatment. I had multiple blog posts in January 2022 about all of this research and earlier entries on my foot fractures and subsequent surgery. I don’t believe many people read or listen to pharmaceutical commercials, black box warnings, and other factors as readily as they should to make truly “informed” decisions. They give their power away in a large number of forms. And we reap as we sow!

People then think I’m weird because I appear a rather radical health or food advocate to them, but you’ve not lived my life and you have to understand I’ve seen stories of others being harmed or worked in a profession where I experienced something I can’t share from a legal vantage that shaped my consciousness or understanding. I share that info with those open enough to receive because too many won’t hear the message for they don’t desire to wake up to truth.

As the tarot reader said red or blue pill! The choice is yours! I did not know about these class antibiotics until my teledoc warned me I could not be prescribed them again over the phone rather cryptic like prompting me to get online and research the same way I researched gabapentin, tramadol, and the entire nervous system in the human body with chronic pain to learn how to heal myself. It required me to realize that I was deficient and unhealthy due to lifestyle particularly my diet, stress, and other factors.

If I’d been there instead of other family authorizing her care I never would have allowed them to give these to her because her post side effects are worrisome including our waiting for an MRI on her foot to see if she too has any torn foot ligaments in her left foot. This trauma is for me as if I’m reliving a difficult life experience when I had surgery and an awakening.

To say I’m not always coping well is an understatement. Others have said it’s not my responsibility. No partially it is not, but sometimes we struggle with wanting to help others against our best interests. We mean well, but that is not always enough/appropriate. Ideally the responsibility is ours individually to learn and take care of ourselves becoming more self sufficient.

Again sovereignty is not what most people are taught to embrace for they have taken up codependency. Or they’ve been coddled long enough it’s like we put them on a bicycle with training wheels and they’re fearful to take those training wheels off.

It’s too personal, and I guess I did not fully heal on some levels myself because my experiences now with medical professionals compounded by years in medical malpractice law will never be as trusting or the same as they were before I became more self aware. And I won’t burden blog readers with getting too personal about all of these life lessons or problems I’m having with family or responsibilities I question are really mine to tend to or if they belong to others trying to “adult” sometimes unsuccessfully.

Right hand side is associated with left brain functions representing the Divine Feminine comprised of Binah, Geburah, and Hod. Binah is the Great Sea and Yin, the highest sphere of the Divine Feminine, and the lower spheres of Geburah/Hod are Divine Masculine or Yang. This is known as Yin at the center of Yang.

The middle or central pillar is associated with balance, wholism, and integration representing the unity of male/female composed of Kether, Tiferet, Yesod, and Malkuth/Malchut.

“If you’re afraid to defend your convictions because you might get your ass kicked for it, you’re not really fit to advocate for them.” – James Carlos Blake

Much of the reading resonated with me in that there was mention of healing, Reiki, ASMR, music, and herbalism coupled with knowledge of the North Lunar Node and the starseeds from Andromeda and Sirius. A greater puzzle piece to unravel was the mention of manifesting a galactic DNA and partnerships that are not necessarily based on time/space. These are all areas I’ve been covering in my blog post including the mention of clairaudience with regards to the water element through my recent mermaid blog posts.

This morning I decided after tending to my various chores as well as the garden to plot the Andromedan fixed stars and Sirius into my Natal and Draconic charts for further understanding. I’ve known that the later degrees of any constellation are often referred to as the markers of starseeds, but have not actively pursued the study of this in esoterics. I’m now feeling a bit more inclined to investigate this perhaps over the next week.

There is no possible way to cover all of the degrees in this comparison so I’m going to pick and choose or rather highlight for my blog post which degrees I feel compelled to hone in on. I will be doing more personal research in my spare time. If others are interested in this and feel compelled you can use Astro.com’s extended charts and select fixed stars from additional objects through their free services if you don’t have an astrology software that allows for this depth of study.

One of the first stars I wanted to look at is the Draconic chart’s placement of Nembus associated with androgyny which the tarot reader spoke of as an energy she was picking up on. The Draconic chart as previously mentioned shows how others acutely and subconsciously become aware of our soul’s purpose opening life’s doors tracing where we came from (parents, grandparents, and great grandparents) as well as where we are going.

The Draconic chart is ideal for those who wish to best understand their soul or the soul of another. The North Node in the Natal chart is how you execute your life’s mission and purpose. The point in comparing so many various chart systems is that you will gain a unified picture or blueprint to your mind giving you a new lens with which to perceive your higher self, unconscious, karma, and previous incarnations.

The Divine Androgyny:

Draconic Chart for Nembus and Adhil

For me Nembus squares Mercury and Jupiter, quintiles Venus and Neptune, trines Saturn, opposition Uranus, and conjuncts Chiron within my 7th House of Sagittarius at 3°. I chose this degree for a reason as the Sabian symbol implies much through the use of chess.

When my tarot reader spoke to my trying to manifest soul level partnerships, removing my junk DNA from my mundane level to reach a galactic level of consciousness, and such there are cues to the 7th House through the personal needs of relating to spouse, siblings, parents, business partners, etc. with which she spoke to who I wish to share with in this Universe/Cosmos. It is described as a cutting off of branches on the family tree.

More-so many Andromeda constellation fixed stars are in my 7th House in both of my charts which she stated have my back in cleaning out my family tree and reaching galactic alignment; a support system so to speak in the Andromedan starseed galactic tribe.

This is a placement for those who express themselves with no filter. Fields we excel in are education/teaching, marketing, law, and media. We need to be placed where our mind and communication skills will be best utilized. We enjoy imaginative art, clothing, and music.

We take a playful and lighthearted approach to spirituality. One of the phrases specifically for Jupiter trine Saturn is that “we are a function of what the whole Universe is doing in the same way that a wave is a function of what the whole ocean is doing.” Totally matches my last blog post! We are also stand alones not willing to be bound to that which causes inner darkness shining a light on living more freely and attuned to one’s own life patterns.

Once the chart holder had found where the treasure was supposed to be they realized that what the treasure was is something intangible. The chart holder wondering if they carried the treasure with them felt almost certain they did while others were waiting for a sign/omen or some internal shift that might announce its presence.

And yes, eventually over many years all of them decided they had received something from their quest which was some ineffable essence that continued to mutate and to change them which they occasionally felt for a moment within themselves, but which would then elude them again impelling them to seek ever further. Work with guardian angel Yerathel and daimon Ronove.

Daimon Ronove binds us to the Six of Wands, Mars, Violet, and the Moon. Viola is my great grandmother’s name. When we work with Ronove we are imparted intense comprehension and intuitional knowledge relayed via dreams and divination. There is an emphasis on telekinesis (I don’t believe I’ve mastered this as I’m picturing Bewitched), winning arguments, mental stability, and spirit helpers who assist with magical exercises/teachings.

Next on the Draconic chart I want to look at fixed star Adhil in my 7th House of Scorpio at 28° because speculatively this is a starseed degree. Aspects include square Sun and Mercury, semisquare Mars, and trine Saturn. Our energies are redirected towards our solar path of ambition, force, power, and breaking through barriers.

Inner transformation becomes essential, but the problem is many are dominating us forcing us to fight to be heard and demanding we submit to them not valuing cooperation; in essence we deal with a lot of control freaks! And I personally can attest to that as a verifiable truth!

Hmm…fairy kings?!

We deal with a lot more conflict and confrontation than most. Male figures in our lives have posed deep threats to our sense of autonomy in the early years of our lives having psychologically shamed us regarding our impulses which has caused us impotence in our psyche towards survival.

We’ve learned the only way to survive is to cut ourselves off from that which threatens us. This means we are dismissive of that which causes internal conflict and anger for no apparent reason. Our self discipline is a bulldog mentality that no matter how difficult things get we keep at it until the job is done.

This degree turns everything into poetry. Nothing is average or prosaic unless it is made or seen that way. The chart holder has a way of lifting any and all experience to a higher level by finding the beauty in it. This is often done unconsciously, but even if the person is not aware of it the effect is still transporting and revealing of the Cosmic aspect of all phenomena.

The Chandra Symbol for this degree is “A building: the only part of it left is the cornerstone.” Everything passes away eventually even something as seemingly durable as a building. The cornerstone marks the place it was preserving the memory of that structure. Our imagination may rebuild that building and/or we may actually rebuild it in physical reality or build a structure that is different yet in some way like it bearing some of the essence of the the older defunct form.

The heaviness and endurance of the cornerstone seems so different from the chart holder who speaks only in meter and rhyme yet so much poetry grows out of older forms that are not much read anymore. Poetry tends to condense language just as the cornerstone is a condensation of the energy that was the building.

This degree has a gift for essentialization and for what we might call “reconceptualization,” that is, the ability to rethink and rebuild things for the purpose of allowing the soul to take on a new vehicle of expression. Realize, too, that the chart holder is not carefully writing and revising their poetry, but is expressing themselves directly and spontaneously in poetic form which is thinking on one’s feet. Work with guardian angel Yeialel and daimon Ipos.

Daimon Ipos binds us to the Five of Cups, Jupiter, Sandalwood, and Scorpio. When working with Ipos one gains charisma, intelligence, and courage. This daimon is great for getting the funk out especially cleansing breaths and also switching gears in life.

Natal Chart for Almach and Sirius

Now lets take a glance at the Natal chart for some answers and comparisons! I chose Almach, but I’ve also previously investigated this degree if you want to hop on over here for reference as I was looking into Desdemona. Almach is in my 7th House of Taurus at 13°. Almach makes aspects in my chart which include square Mercury and Jupiter, trine Saturn, opposition Uranus, and conjunct Chiron.

Our challenge if we choose to accept it is to put our interests before those of others without feeling guilty for doing so. We are tasked to set boundaries with those who are asking us to overextend ourselves or neglect our own needs to placate their every whim/fancy.

If we are sick, impoverished, and not taking good care of ourselves to care for everyone else then in the end we have nothing to give. Healthy selfishness is essential to self love. Setting boundaries at one time although many don’t respect this today was seen as a way to earn greater respect of your peers and elders.

We assert our identity even when it causes discord as we are tired of feeling oppressed and disadvantaged by current societal norms. Our heart is where we are broken. We’ve buried everything there be it good, bad, or ugly. We can’t ignore that we have unresolved wounds still waiting to be healed. Therefore we can not fake it until we make it.

I’d like to take this time as it is opportune having already extensively covered this degree to speak to the myths of Andromeda as well as a little astronomy woo. In Ancient Mesopotamia the constellation was known to three different asterisms.

These were Apin the Plow lending to the name Mul.Apin, I-Iku the Field was the field worked over by the plow now known as the Great Square of Pegasus reminding me of my Nike sneakers, and Anunitum the patron Goddess of Akkad related to Inanna and Ishtar (Goddess of love, beauty, sex, war, justice, and political power).

Andromeda was also associated with Lu-lim the Stag/Messenger of the Stars. This was a reference to the Sun as rekindling the fire or a chariot pulled by a horse. Lastly Harriru the Rainbow was a possible connection to Andromeda galaxy.

The Greek mythology depicts this as Perseus liberating the chained woman modernized as Saint George and the Dragon.The Byzantine Empire depicted Perseus’ weapon as a magical harp.

This galaxy is nearest the Milky Way and forms the nakshatra Uttara Bhadrapada (more information may be found here) ruled by Shani the God of karma, justice, and retribution. We can also find here the concepts of Andromeda and the Milky Way colliding. I should preface this as we still don’t know if this merger will or will not happen!

Of note in the tarot reading Pluto was a reversed card for the reading in aspect to an upright Moon. If we consider the Moon is ruled by Pisces in tarot perhaps this speaks to those wishing to remain in the Piscean Age incapable of embracing an Aquarian Age or a new aeon.

But this interpretation matches the tarot readers notation of piercing the veil to all the deception and poor intentions of others swimming around me at present. I’m not as naive as I once was. Judgment was an important card in the Chaldean numerology for my business being established.

Lastly let’s look upon fixed star Sirius which is part of a vortex of energy linked to the August 8th Lionsgate Portals. This is when the grids of the Earth and the central Sun align us to the Temple of our Higher Heart channeling the energies of Divine Feminine or Goddess to birth a new age of enlightenment on Earth.

Those not aware don’t realize that this speaks to the DNA codes which change us from 3D to 5D during the ascension where all timelines merge as was spoken of by the tarot reader last night. All divisions are cleared and resolved returning to unity. We have 12 strand codes many are not activating. This was the esoteric sacred marriage of the New Jerusalem between the Christos and Magdalene.

For me I’ve been researching this before I began my astrology business and blog because I was well aware the correlation to my birthday. As the tarot reader expressed for me Sirius is in the 9th House of Cancer at 13°. This is the house of strong convictions, self expansion, and self improvement. It is where we find higher principles, all things metaphysical, and enter a vocation in law, government, or as a healer.

Sirius is square Pluto, trine Neptune, and semisquare Saturn and Chiron. We are natural loners with direct expression. We also exhibit environmental hypersensitivity and a gift for the psychic dimensions. There is a wound here with accepting and expressing our true feelings to others.

The chart holder has the ability to create spontaneously and to allow natural energies to express through themselves in an unimpeded way. They only have trouble if they try to stop this, rearrange, or limit it in some way. The chart holder fulfills their purpose as they attune to their inner guidance and allow it to flow forth without reservation or pre-conception.

The Chandra Symbol for this degree is “Many voices singing different songs at the same time.” There could easily be an oppressive confusion here or a feeling of being overwhelmed and disoriented. This individual degree is sub-ruled by Libra so the question is how are we to relate to all of this?

The answer is to let it happen and to allow our focus to move easily through it rather than anxiously and frantically trying to assimilate all of it. This degree is about giving up control and the wonderful music that can result from doing so. Work with guardian angel Lecabel and daimon Foras.

Daimon Foras binds us to the Eight of Pentacles, Mercury, Centaury, and Virgo. Foras teaches logic, ethics, eloquence, and the knowledge of precious stones/herbs. Other areas of focus when working with this daimon are a healthy outlook, a clear head, and self introspection.

“A purely psychological explanation is ruled out…the discs show signs of intelligent guidance, by quasi-human pilots…the authorities in possession of important information should not hesitate to enlighten the public as soon and as completely as possible.” -Carl Jung

I hope everyone has a spine tingling Saturday. I’m going to be heading up soon for rest, and trying to figure out if I can ever get the Netflix login so I can watch a recommended television series from my part time cosmetology job’s manager as I don’t get access to the remote control right now.

I don’t think it interests the rest of my family either at present so maybe I can stream it off my iPhone or laptop somewhere else in this house so that we’re not fighting over who controls what anytime soon as I’m working to not create anymore strife than already has existed on/off.

Three adults cohabiting together does not always compute well! I’ve been asked and told multiple times by outsiders that I don’t feel heard. I don’t think this is just me. Literally the three of us do not always get along or agree. I’m certain that happens in more families than many want to admit. Honestly I’m still processing some other information on esoterics I’ve received.

My mind is swimming in the depths! All that I know was the tarot reader said I’m not to “sleep” on or I suppose “rest on my laurels” with my pursuits at this time. That’s not easy. I’m struggling to set boundaries at present and not feel pulled in too many directions or I feel like I need to be a bit selfish with my time at present.

Slowly the pieces are coming together all around me, and I’m starting to recognize part of the problem is those who won’t let go will be dragged as the Zen proverb states. Something Ketu ruled Magha nakshatra born should be good at is detachment. Meanwhile I’m often then arguing with those who don’t quite grasp this concept whatsoever and creating friction at home, at work, and everywhere else. I don’t think I deliver the message correctly or some just don’t wish to hear it. 🎧🎼

PS: I finally proofread this a second time. We had a thunderstorm last night. I needed to shut down my laptop for fear of power going out. Humans can have/make errors, and I found a few. 😀

Tarot of the Day Thursdays: Seeing Life’s Journey as an Adventure

“I have studied many philosophers and many cats. The wisdom of cats is infinitely superior.” – Hippolyte Taine

It’s time to foray into the wilderness with our underlined hyperlink text. Be sure to click around and see what you can learn about me, you, consciousness, and this tarot reading today! I’m encouraging you to take a primer on physics even if that means coming at it from metaphysics, shamanism, or a spiritual view which requires you to click on the links I’ve provided.


I was really glad to see this card today from my Cats Inspirational Oracle Cards because the number 2 has been following me around a lot lately even through a daily Moon numerology reading sent to me in my email and on clocks I’ve regularly seen 222. Yet I was also very happy because this somewhat plays into my blog post on my Astromap as it is the Siberian who we are looking to today.

I’m a Western Leo with a Virgo Moon and a Vedic Cancer with a Magha (Leo) nakshatra Moon so I’m sort of a crazy cat lady; I mean my business donates to orphaned cheetah cubs whose mother was poached/skinned alive and her carcass left behind.

If we were to look at one of the websites I’ve wandered around we would see that they equate 222 with the Yin and Yang properties, but also Gemini, Pisces, and Virgo. I can say while Vedic astrology has an empty house for Gemini it is in my Western studies where Gemini is my 8th House and we find Mars at least natal with a Virgo/Pisces axis for North/South Lunar Nodes inhabiting my past/present karma.

This website happens to also play very well with the Flower of Life through the 222 resonance of these astrological placements and I can truly also see this again resonating to my blog post for the word I chose for 2022 as this resonates back to the torus!

The Flower of Life in the Garden
The Yin Yang in the Garden (I’ve Previously Used This Photo & The Above One)

We have a Flower of Life on the fence in our garden behind the Yin Yang as well. So I feel a lot of confirmation bias here coming into play as a resonance, and my viewers can take this as they so choose. It also very much resonates to my blog posts on the zero point energy with healing.

I’ve danced around some of this for so long, but I don’t really want to confuse my readership with that which they don’t understand because so many of the people I’ve put esoterics before have expressed they truly can’t grasp the levels at which my mind has entered. It’s really about alignment and our openness to receive at the level with which we are designed to. I’m pretty certain being Reiki Master attuned has made me more open to receive and then to give because we’re meant to share.

If I start swimming too deeply into the uncharted waters as I’ve stated with my mermaid themes of late then most people find me incomprehensible to be around, airy fairy, ungrounded, etc. How do you explain the technical aspects of Reiki and energy work to those who can be easily confounded by it all? You sometimes simply don’t try!

Their journey is their own adventure and destiny. But for me after Master level Reiki attunements this kind of “fluff” gets me all giddy and excited! I really can’t help it; I’m genuinely happy when I can start seeing this stuff!

“Visiting a museum is a matter of going from void to void.” – Robert Smithson

You see the 8th House of Gemini for me means I overcome transitional phases of life very easily. As a house of shared resources, inheritances, taboos, death, taxes, and all the other “mumbo jumbo” we’re really good at soberly anticipating and solving problems especially with the attraction of borrowed funds and debt. We freely connect with people and money to such an extent we do find ourselves most often confronting literal death or metaphorical endings.

This even reminds me of my time as a personal shopper with Instacart who lost their contract to Whole Foods and the transfer bonus they gave for us to move to another grocery retailer as in store personal shoppers. We manage general capital very well!

Our keen interest in anything and everything that is beyond the normal radar of most people’s consciousness means we love to participate in conversations which are incomprehensible to almost everyone else out there. And as I’ve learned about entrainment music which I had a habitual addiction for and have broken with more recently we’re exceptionally talented at auto training hypnosis.

This placement means at birth we were interested in the entire realm of the mysteries that pervade life and death. Mars here is a personal planet and without it we can’t survive. It actually helps us fight back if anyone attacks us. This 8th House is transformation where this water element house shows the unconscious is governed by Scorpio so we cut ties, let go of what doesn’t serve us, and die to our old self.

Mars makes us intense, high level energy, and extremely motivated for finding success as we are very persistent. We’re not afraid of the underworld and we greatly enjoy self discovery, psychology, and astrology.

This tarot card is actually teaching us that the Siberian cat is large and powerful with strong muscles which makes them surprisingly agile. They are independent creatures that love to roam. Their sweet faces and devoted nature is ready to return home after they go on their adventures. Some have stated that these cats lived in Russian monasteries looking like guards sitting atop the high beams.

In the photo on the card we are given this Siberian cat looks deceptively pampered scampering outdoors for a romp through their neighborhood confident in their capabilities not the least bit worried about danger.

Therefore for today’s message everyone is to recognize and honor our tenacity, recognize our need for new experiences, be smart about risk taking without letting our fears keep us from enjoying life to the fullest, and getting out there to enjoy what this Universe/Cosmos has to offer.

Frankly after the beginning years of this decade the message could not come at a better time if you know what I mean! The whole reason I wanted Reiki attunement was distance healing during an otherwise questionable time period! If anyone can heal from a distance with permission then I was eager to provide the service. Below is some information on the numerology of 222, Siberian cats, and a tie in with Reiki through our Hara Lines. Have a metamorphic Thursday!


Surfing The Waves on the Web:

The stems of the sunflowers are very tall and thick; almost as tall as me at 5’7″ in the garden! I’ve seen birds landing and sitting on the leaves, but the flowers have yet to bud. I think the birds checking everyday is the same as me wondering when will they actually “flower!” Or these birds are foraging for bugs as we certainly have those too.
I am going to spend part of my weekend getting the roma tomatoes trained because they’ve now grown enough for me to begin the process of stabilizing them! Eventually they will hopefully produce tomatoes as they get firmly established more. I will probably be forced to harvest more potatoes this weekend because the plants are withering so that has to mean they’re ready!
A few marigolds, more borage opening up, and a jungle of wildflowers. I think we ended up sowing too many seeds this year! Is that even possible? It’s very crowded in there with all these plants living together in a wild kingdom side by side!

Even bean harvesting is an adventure each week fighting with itchy leaves, Texas’ triple digit heat (sweating like I’m in a sauna), and bugs. The number of moths that come out during watering is immense!

No wonder people enjoy grocery stores with air conditioning and canned vegetables or already arranged flowers over growing their own food or fresh picked. It takes courage to brave nature! And apologies because I don’t want to pull my professional camera every morning, but my iPhone camera is beginning to get kind of questionable!

Point being you don’t control nature; if you’ve planted or sewn seeds Mother Earth is going to be as wild as she chooses to be! Control freaks need not apply for the job of tending to her if they can’t grasp this about the Divine Feminine! The human has been desiring control for how long now instead of accepting flow states!

Another note is that this card reminds me of childhood. I grew up with the Choose Your Own Adventure books. They remind me of time exploring visual novels in my 20s as well. I can’t for the life of me remember which books I read though from the Choose Your Own Adventure line being that it was elementary/middle school era. I did, however, find this!

Teach Me Tuesdays: The Tales of Melusine and Asteroid Melusina

Write your secrets in the sand and trust them with a mermaid.” – Unknown

Inquiring into the murky depths can wash ashore all kinds of peculiarities with the underlined hyperlink text at present.


Yesterday I mentioned I wanted to do a blog post on Melusine and the asteroid Melusina (373) so we’re going to complete that task via a Draconic Chart today. I’ve already pulled the chart making note that it is in a pretty informative place for me. I had no idea though that this would propel me to my angst against Saturn in my chart being that I’m a very Jupiter/Chesed kind of gal; I mean my ring is on my Jupiter finger! If I have to choose Greater Benefic or Greater Malefic I’m on Jupiter’s side! Kind of ironic that this matches my blueprint cards.

The mythology stems from European/Celtic folklore of a female spirit of fresh water in a sacred spring or river depicted as a serpent or fish from the waist down with wings. The French tale shows a medieval forest where Melusine is discovered bathing by Raymond of Poitou who fell madly in love with her asking for her hand in marriage.

She agreed on one condition that once a week on Saturdays she be given utter total privacy which he agreed to. All was fine in this marriage for a time where they had several children with unusual features such as exceptionally large teeth or tusks. This appearance whetted curiosity and Melusine’s Saturday ritual of locking herself away or disappearing for the day became too much.

Curiosity got the better of Raymond who spied upon her discovering that she was bathing in a tub of water. He learned she was not the woman he knew, but was part woman/part dragon complete with wings and a serpent’s tail.

Upon realizing that he violated her only request and her secret had been uncovered she flew away never to return to her husband. Periodically Melusine will return to see her children. Some claim the dragon woman motif is the result of a curse while others state her natural form is that of a Goddess.

There are also Celtic traditions permitting that Melusine’s true home is their version of an afterlife paradise known as the Isle of Avalon. She is said to be an ancestral spirit where when any member of this family dies the dragon manifests, flies overhead, and weeps.

Melusine’s request for secrecy necessitated her survival and she may be petitioned by anyone who seeks time to express their private or repressed, hidden, and ignored aspects of their true selves so that their talents might emerge. She is said to be the Goddess of magical and spiritual wisdom.

The name may mean ocean mist, marvel, or wonder. Her spirit manifests as a woman who is winged above the waist with a serpentine tail below; she is said to be exceptionally beautiful. Most often you will find her depicted as a siren or mermaid.

Saturday in this mythology speaks to the Greater Malefic in our esoteric world. This planet of karma, limitations, and discipline is associated with our Saturn Returns approximately every thirty years forcing us to confront our past lessons gaining wisdom from them before we embark on new ventures/journeys. The rings of Saturn represent limitations, bindings, and boundaries which serve to bring structure and order.

Be a mermaid. Swim fast, wear a crown, and dream big.” – Unknown

Like Jupiter, who I am far more fond of as Saturn was never my favorite, there is an involved Moon system of ten Moons. The largest Moon is Titan which is the size of the planet Mercury. Jupiter is second only to the Sun in gravitation with Saturn second only to Jupiter thus these three are the heavy weights of spiritual power.

Saturn represents our spiritual teachers/teachings while Jupiter is an expansion of love/consciousness. These upper octaves of personal planets help us with the resolution of karma moving us towards higher consciousness.

Saturn though is more like a micromanager and is traditionally lead in alchemy to signify the weight of the responsibilities we bear. When seen as Chronos this planet represents harvest and reaping the rewards/consequences of what we have sown. We see this as Father Time or the Grim Reaper.

Kabbalah associates Saturn with the sphere of Binah, the Divine Feminine, the Cosmic Goddess/Destroyer, and Capricorn (my Imum Coeli). It is here that we also experience the Winter Solstice when the Divine Child of life/rebirth is honored. This probably speaks to my studies of the Oak and Holly King as well. Mom and I are Holly, but…

The Imum Coeli is our foundations, the beginnings of our life, and what we experience through parental inheritance as well as homeland influence. I’ve seen some state Capricorn looks more like Spirited Away which I loved honestly. I absolutely adored this story.

Saturn imbues us with Eastern Yogic and martial arts traditions. You will also find that this planet speaks to the repercussions of our actions. Use your powers responsibly! In times past the Saturnalia was practiced as a time of merriment when things were turned upside down thereby the slaves were waited upon by their masters and all normal rules were reversed.

Melusine Mythology:

Of note some state this is the tale of Jacquetta of Luxembourg that became a collective mythos. I’ll let my audience be the judge. I’m staying clear of the secret society route. I’ve spent more than enough time traveling certain “rabbit holes” some of which you wonder about their source materials. This rather solitary gal would prefer to simply keep her distance!

Draconic Chart for Asteroid Melusina

Asteroid Melusina is on a precipice for me being that she is within the Anaretic Degree of my 12th House of Aries at 29° meaning I am to learn her lessons before she will progress and move towards my 1st House or further around my chart. Her only aspect is biquintile Chiron the Wounded Healer (my natal Chiron was Taurus, but Draconic it is a soul wound in Sagittarius).

The 12th House holds a place that is great for psychotherapy of the subconscious and unconscious mind. Here we embody rest, the end of long cycles, and the termination of any and all confinement which deals with hospital stays, nursing home residences, jails, psychiatric wards, etc. We go here to heal and embody self sacrifice as it is ruled by Pisces and Neptune. This is also the home ruling charity especially that of a one to one basis.

If we add in the potency of the aspect to Chiron we find that one is to heal the collective imagination as their fantasy world is so intense living with limitations is nearly impossible. We love role playing games, cosplay, and the worlds of wizards, warlocks, and witches.

Our greatest desire is to merge with an entire group of people. We also enjoy dancing, music, acting, and spiritual wisdom. This is the placement of those who desire to be above all forms of pain/suffering and seek to transcend our humanity. We long to explore the ethereal and fantastical.

The chart holder has a need to expose themselves to many different things and to fully engage with whatever they contact. Here they have a great ability to simplify life by direct contact with the Earth and Earthly concerns while never losing sight of the tremendous complexity of life. The chart holder knows that getting dirty can be a good thing; a therapeutic thing.

The Chandra Symbol for this degree is “Dr. Jekyll drinks the potion.” No running away here rather an embracing of the unknown and a complete willingness to try something just to see what happens.

Of course what will happen is that the dark side of the self will emerge and eventually will be redeemed by being revealed as we learn we are of the Earth, but not prisoners of the Earth because we are infinitely more than the Earth. Work with guardian angel Reiyel and daimon Astaroth.

Daimon Astaroth links us to the the Three of Pentacles, Venus, Vervain, and Capricorn. I’ve actually previously covered this daimon. Additional commentary suggests working with this daimon is beneficial for the removal of traumatic events in our lives ensuring that we heal from that which prevents us from moving forward.

If you’re spinning your wheels getting nowhere then work with this daimon. Astaroth helps one pursue their life’s purpose consciously or subconsciously. Your free will determines if you will play a proper role in the grand scheme of the Cosmos or if you will act against it.

Messier 54 with a “funny” quote!

This degree sits upon the fixed star Alrisha in the knot of Pisces the Fishes. The name is a derivative of Al Risha meaning “The Chord” which represents the knot of united chords tying the two fishes of Pisces together. This is a form of uniting and bonding. The energy of this fixed star is that of Jupiter, Mercury, Venus, and Saturn. Kabbalists associate this with the Hebrew letter Peh and the tarot trump The Star (perhaps an expanding Universe with stellar nurseries).

Some call this degree the Music of the Spheres stating that the Sabian symbols speaks to a celestial choir manifesting eternal realities. Celestite is a good crystal to work with for the message of connecting to all the heavenly realms and higher consciousness pursuits via clear communication. The focus is placed on listening to other planes. The affirmation should be a stellar world is now envisioned.

To finalize today’s blog post here are some photos of a butterfly I captured on the sage in our garden, the harvested beans and new potatoes, and I also identified one plant in our jungle as borage! I grew this years ago, but did not know it was in the mixed seeds package. I hope you all have an astonishing Tuesday. ✌️📅

I’m not entirely sure, but I do believe it’s one of the Skipper butterflies. I’m horrible at identifying therefore I used to send sightings into actual scientists for identification. No clue if it is the Araxes Skipper. I know I get a lot of Bordered Patches also. Someone correct me!
The potatoes are shown fresh out of the dirt I tilled with plants still intact. This form of harvesting is new potatoes with us waiting a bit longer for the main crop. Another large bowl of beans this week. Yes, yes, it really is Renee/Jill and the Beanstalk!

Manifestation Mondays: Do You Have a Siren’s Calling?

“She is a mermaid, but approach her with caution, her mind swims at depths most would drown in.” – Unknown

Plunge to new depths today with the underlined hyperlink text that will enhance your collection of thingamabobs.


There is an archetype of the Siren which can be perhaps a bit similar to the Enchantress or Femme Fatale if we consider how this is portrayed in stories we’ve grown up with. Today I wanted to investigate this with the Draconic theme I used in yesterday’s blog post by seeking out related asteroids I could look at through a magnifying glass of my own self study.

What I found was a little different than I expected. I found Asteroid Merman (5456) which I believe will pull in the Divine Masculine energies which I’ve combined with Asteroid Sirene (1009) to embody the Divine Feminine energies, but there is also Asteroid Melusina (373).

I think I will make this a two part series and work on a full blog post devoted solely to Melusine tomorrow on my Teach Me Tuesdays so I can properly cover her with the asteroid. She honestly deserves her own space in my opinion.

Sirene is a Danish derivative taken from the Latin Siren and Greek Σειρήν Seiren which originally meant entangler or binder and was used to describe a rope or cord as well as the action of grabbing, seizing, and enclosing. Greek mythology depicted this archetype as a seductive yet dangerous female who lured passersby in through irresistible singing.

Merman was a derivative of Old and Middle English Meremenin which originally meant mermaid or siren depicted as a legendary creature that is a human male from the waist up and fishlike from the waist down.

Maybe my attraction to the archetype is also because I was born in Clearwater, Florida and as a child you could not get me out of the water. Even now I love my showers and the rainwater shower head when I get in. I used to be a bubble bath junky growing up as well.

Not to mention how much water I drink some days. I’m a 1979 baby! Honestly I kind of want to move back to Florida from Texas, but I might be having a nostalgic past moment.

The Archetypes:

There is in fact a theme here that well some might just not actively recognize while others will. Why the pull towards the Draconic again? It has to do with the fact that through a Draconic Chart analysis we look into the past life which as I’ve said with my lunar nodes we will find more hidden gems as my South Luna Node was Piscean.

That past life karma is revealed also within the Draconic landscape to show what any incarnating soul has brought forth from their previous incarnation to be experienced/resolved in their current incarnation through the North Lunar Node which for me is Virgo.

“Let the sea set you free.” – Unknown

From within this we discover the events, careers, and relationship any individual experiences on their soul path. Which while this is all from the Western rather than Vedic school still holds merit. I’ve spent countless hours examining my Vedic through Magha nakshatra, but sometimes I’m less inclined to investigate the Western.

Draconic positions help us contact and work on our shadow as they indicate where we will have less free will and where our unconscious is being experienced which is always depicted as sources of water be they rivers, oceans, and so forth. The Vedic system displays this dance as Ketu and Rahu. It all builds upon itself similar to the layers of an onion!

Draconic Chart for Asteroid Merman and Sirene

So what we see for me is that Asteroid Merman is within my 1st House of Taurus at 22° with Uranus square Sun and sextile Moon. Asteroid Sirene creates a stellium in the 10th House of Aquarius at 24° with Sun, Mercury, Venus, and Jupiter opposition Sun, semisextile Moon, and sesquiquadrate Neptune. That “white dove over troubled waters” symbol is significant!

The degree that Asteroid Sirene is on has previously been covered twice now in blog posts so I encourage everyone to head on over and look at both of those entries. This is really to serve the purpose of not redundantly covering the same information over and over again like a broken record because I’ve rather extensively appealed to the study of this degree now. Now let’s define this in English.

This placement displays an increased need for love and affection. We don’t like to be involved in the drama of others. Challenges are often responded to with a focus on aligning to our essential value systems. We are seeking to improve our relationships by sharing our feelings and speaking from our heart space. Successfully accomplishing this removes the lower frequencies of anger and resentment.

We’ve learned to bury aspects of ourselves which don’t fit in with the world. If our independence or individuality is threatened by a career, relationship, or the societal norms we eventually develop an us against the world mindset. Anything swallowing us whole makes us fight for freedom. This is because we enjoy being a free spirited and childish soul who breaks out of routines.

The last time that Uranus was sesquiquadrate was during 1952-56 influencing humanity. This second phase of post war children offered relative stability and reconstruction. Yet the collective of humanity was torn between post war labor reformist policies of a welfare state and the dreams/fears of a new world that is openly rejecting how inhumane most of us are capable of becoming.

Do you revolt against authority and become anti establishment or do you wish to feel socially secure? Personal freedom is paramount and asserting this right is always a struggle.

The degree itself displays as follows for better understanding. An elixir of flower nectars and mists, of golden rains, dark sleets, and mountain snows, an elixir of waters and light. The waters providing the light with a body where it might open into the fullness of its color. The Throat chakra a ravine down which the light and water rushes into a cave of marvels each color drawn to heal a different ray of darkness. For darkness too has its own dark rainbow.

Communicating gently and with the whole of our being we create within ourselves a healing energy that enlivens us deeply. When we tune in to the unique needs of every situation we become increasingly aware of the direction our actions are taking us.

Becoming saturated with the spiritual light we become increasingly impervious to the forces of destruction. Sensing the direction in which we are headed we search for alternative possibilities which are often not obvious. Work with guardian angel Imamiah and daimon Allocer.

Daimon Allocer is connected with the Eight of Pentacles, Venus, Sage, and Virgo. If you’re working with this daimon you will learn how to utilize the planets in your initiation. Allocer is also helpful in aiding your focus, clear thinking, and establishment of proper boundaries.

I’m laughing because while I was working at one of our sister franchise stores last week the management “saged” the location my first day. One of those Jungian synchronicities!

There is no fixed star, but it’s advised one work with Dioptase crystal. A good message is to remember that our emotions exist in two realms; physical and spiritual. Focus on remembering that when angry, fearful, and suffering from blind ambition we get static on the radio station of our soul. The affirmation should read I moderate myself with inner aim.

I’m wrapping up this with a few ASMR videos that use the siren/mermaid theme for your entertainment. Please pick whichever one strikes your fancy or watch all of them. Have a magical and inspired Monday! 🧜‍♂️🏰

Mermaid ASMR:

Before I go I’d like to share a few more garden updates with everyone which will be brief.

I will be cutting more green, yellow, and purple beans tomorrow as well as checking on the potatoes to see if they’re ready for harvest.
We are still exceptionally abundant in lettuce at present.
New flowers have emerged to share their colors with us and our red zinnias are content out in the front garden.
The roma tomatoes are playing a game of catch up to other veggies in the garden.
The blanket of cosmos flowers is a bright display of yellows and oranges which has attracted a few butterflies, but I’ve not been able to get any selfies of them as they appear shy. And I’m debating on if I should thin my carrots as they’ve also been a bit more of the growth pace of a snail.
I do believe if I’m identifying the leaves and other criteria one of these wildflowers in the backyard garden is borage which I grew years ago to attract bees. In fact I think we have leaf cutter bees in the sage.
The three level tier garden bed out front collpsed after a storm; wood rot! We salvaged and put basil in a pot while the back is still doing very well also.
There is a ladybug in the center of where a sunflower should be growing actually!
The hollyhock was trimmed of atrocious leafminer and our cactus garden is also expressing that the heat is a bit too much!