Teach Me Tuesdays: Overcoming Obstacles (Companion to Manifestation Mondays)

“Let go completely of all worry, anxiety, fear, or need to control. Give it completely up.” – Ganesha

Come along for a chance to jump over some hurdles via our underlined hyperlink text today!


Before I begin there may be a slight discrepancy with yesterday’s blog post because I’ve looked again at the chart and tried to assess how my Libran house falls between both the 12th House, Ascendant, and 1st House. It’s highly possible Libra 26° of Asteroid Spirit is in fact in the 1st House. This would be just slightly significant in that most of us get stuck in rigidly defined personas which begin to shape our consciousness.

While the 12th House can cause a person to not know who they are losing the boundary or focus essential to their stability the 1st House is very much about likewise being too defined by the props of our ego which is a fiction in fact it can often be the “legal fictions” by which many of us operate for it is the mask shaping all accumulated experiences of our past.

You see the “legal fiction” is fortified by everything Ketu dislikes which is work/career, status/hierarchy, and relationships. Both of these astrological houses combined by an Ascendant therefore create a sticky and peculiar illusion we navigate in the 3D.

You see your Ascendant is a signature of dense physical garb describing you; a vehicle if you will which holds an immortal soul. The sign this falls in gives you the key to unlocking that which should be striven for this lifetime. Each incarnation your chances to grow spiritually and perfect yourself are enhanced through this struggle you’ve entered into.

The road of life which you take is defined by the Ascendant as your soul purpose and liberation point. Therefore in Libra we are to become a World Peacemaker through mental constructs fostered by the ruler of enlightenment known as Uranus who nourishes our occult training. This then becomes the link to world cultures, affairs, and social welfare.

Libra has a particular embodiment asked of it which is to fully accept all of its power, potential, and gifts by holding the celestial balance within their hands as a Cosmic judge, artist, lover, and peacemaker of the heavens. The healing charms and powers used for the benefit of self serve others through “we” not “me” consciousness to bring people together, repair lost dreams, and to purify consciousness.

And with that I won’t be explaining the birth, “legal fiction,” and self reliance or natural law concepts here because well that is best left to others as it will involve topics I prefer to not discuss on my astrology website/blog. Anyone who wants to investigate those exceptionally “touchy” topics may do so as they see fit for it will definitely be the butt heads against what is also referred to as the sovereign citizen movement.

Again these are issues of literalisms versus occultism which I don’t wish to get bogged down into or flame warred over with regards to legal or linguistic principals. After all I’m still “in the Matrix” so to speak! Albeit every single time I manage a personality test for that series I test as a Morpheus archetype.

I’ve seen a lot of people who hate the series or who simply don’t want to understand that it’s definitely heavily laced with Kabbalistic tones which for those online who know certain “circles” anyone with any Ashkenazi Jewish descent right now is gonna receive a boat load of “hatred.” And well I have a share of that on maternal as well as biological paternal.

We’re lumped into a group of people that engender so much stigmatism and peculiar beliefs we’re just really more often than not thought of as very much undesirable, unwanted, and so forth even if we’re not tied with certain questionable organizations.

Pesky Personality Tests Which Are Not Always Accurate

As I’ve said I’m quite the solitary or loner who simply chose my own path and seeks answers. I don’t belong to any extra curricular activities or “groups” that many choose to commit psychological warfare with. I’ve been online as a content creator since the late 90s so I’ve seen more than my fair share of rubbish! Or as I’ve said I don’t do “partnering” up well; I have that doesn’t always play well others thing for some reason to work on.

I’ve learned today that Ketu is not a physical planet rather it is a shadow planet of mystery known as Moksha Karaka indicating liberation through enlightenment, bliss, and the prevention of any one of us taking a rebirth via the 12th House of our astrology chart!

When Ketu blesses us we receive healing abilities and psychic powers, but some believe those who receive the negative aspect of Ketu will experience illness, heightened anxiety/fear, and well something about “ghosts” again. Yes, you read that correctly; “ghosts.” I guess now I can see why my Twitter friend, the Vedic astrologer, said we are like those Boos in the Mario franchise because of this peculiar belief.

“If you want to travel on the path of moksha (ultimate liberation), ‘You’ (the Self) do not have to ‘do’ anything. And if you want to wander in the worldly life, ‘You’ have to ‘do’ everything.” – Dada Bhagwan

It is said that offsetting the negative effects of Ketu is best done through the worship of Ganesha to overcome any obstacle created by Ketu which will assist with acquiring immense knowledge, spirituality, and luxury. I’m really not huge into “remedies or indulgences” therefore I don’t want to start digressing into those methods per say. What I do know is that many associate the following correspondences with Ganesha:

  • His elephant head and pot belly signify prosperity.
  • The color vermilion red or orange red is associated with eradicating grief, pain, and suffering (is that why my accent wall where my wealth altar is placed and the new top blanket of my bed are red).
  • Ganesha activates our Third Eye chakra.
  • Career growth is easily accessible, financial difficulties are resolved, and success in business is earned via the worship of Ganesha.

Now if we were to consider the blog post I did expressing links to the Golem folklore of a being created from clay with relation to “truth” then we’d learn how Ganesha is the planetary overlord of Ketu or those ruled by Ketu. The body of Ganesha was created via clay by Goddess Parvati who later infused life into it.

When Ganesha was beheaded becoming like Ketu who is seen as a headless lower half of a severed snake we learn of the elephant head which is to become Ganesha’s new appearance. If we place Ketu within Sagittarius we come into contact with Gaja Roopa known as the face of an elephant God.

Ganesha rides upon a mouse, is a leader of the Ganas, a destroyer of the hurdles placed before us, and the son of Shiva/Parvati. The elephant head signifies the Atma also known as the soul which encompasses the Supreme Reality. It is his human body which represents Maya or illusion. The trunk is in fact representative of the sound of cosmic reality while the head denotes wisdom.

The goad of the right hand helps propel humanity forward on their path, however, the noose held in the left hand captures all difficulties. There is much more to the iconography of Ganesha which anyone can learn.

This Hindu deity serves to destroy vanity, selfishness, and pride. When we incarnate with a ruler such as these two we are carrying perfected abilities with us from previous incarnations. Ketu is a friend in your chart of Mars and Jupiter remaining neutral towards Saturn, Mercury, and Venus while being the enemy of the Sun and Moon. Rahu is our worldly desires in opposition to the planet of spirituality, intense concentration, deep perception, inertia, and a connection to chaos.

Anyone who is strongly associated with Ketu will feel connected to something higher than them having Divine guidance governing their ability to access esoteric knowledge, alchemy, hypnotism, and telepathy.

“So, what do you do for a living? You may be sorry you asked.” – Unknown

Some see the negative side of Ketu as tied to cemeteries, burial grounds, and graveyards. The linkage with Mars can erupt into arguments, misunderstandings, or it can become courage. The seperativeness of this planet makes one introverted, unafraid of getting through life alone, introspective, and indicates our genetic baggage.

A Ketu ruled inidividual takes a strong liking towards astrology for it was Ganesha who was the first in the Hindu pantheon to take on the role of seer/astrologer. This will radiate further into tantrics, tarot readers, pranic/reiki healers, and those capable of accessing the Akashic Records. Our infamous Ketu rules our roots, but this includes depth analysis, examination, contemplation, and research often linked to code language such as what we find behind our mobile phones, laptops, and software applications.

Solar Arc SAD Chart for Asteroid Ganesa

I’m returning to the Solar Arc Direction or SAD chart today. Here we see that asteroid Ganesa moved from my 9th House to my 10th House of Leo 21°. Making few aspects in my chart this asteroid is only semi sextile Mercury and sextile Saturn. Here we’ve taken higher education, philosophical pursuits, law, and long distance travel towards the arena of career, social status, and life path.

While the 9th House may be seen as college, the philosophies one subscribes to, and communication of these themes through writing it is the 10th House which becomes an indicator of one’s profession. Our 10th House is our Midheaven which directly influences our life path/future. The 10th House is ruled by both Capricorn and Saturn.

When we add Leo to the mix we find that one has to shine in their career being recognized for what they do. They will often be dominating which is why they prefer to work independently being proud of their accomplishments. This is the placement of one who communicates their insights, understands human nature, and is always being sincere.

We will be curious about life while analyzing, organizing, and defining how we interact with others. We enjoy the psychological currents, rational mind, and may appear reserved or secretive. Our greatest enjoyment is building our own secret cosmos to wander around in where we express our creative insights.

Usually this is the placement for those who match mental skills with open/honest communication personal or professional in nature while often taking to writing blogs or posting videos via the world wide web. We enjoy teaching about a wide variety of topics, but generally also have an interest in our ancestors and our collective past.

The chart holder has the capacity to attune to spiritual realities in a constant and patient manner projecting an aura of peace and exaltation into the world even when busy at work or grappling with challenges/conflicts. This calm and lucid atmosphere the chart holder creates is still there helping to imbue the people around them with harmony. The more the chart holder becomes aware of this the more they will be able to allow it to happen and the greater its positive effect will be.

The Chandra Symbol for this degree is “a holly bush covered with berries. It is in the snow.” The holly is alive and thriving in the death of winter. This degree has the power to bring vitality to bleak and barren landscapes and to affirm life even in the midst of those forces which are against it. A light is shone into the darkness persistently and joyfully helping others to see joy and possibility where none seems to exist. Work with guardian angel Rochel and daimon Decarabia.

Daimon Decarabia represents the Seven of Swords, Moon, Peace Lily, and Aquarius. I’ve previously covered Decarabia if you’re interested in finding information there. Additional information on this daimon indicates that you’ll often see Decarabia appear as a star within a pentacle particularly a flaming pentacle to symbolically stand for the fifth element linked to Cosmic consciousness.

This degree is about being an individual who is confident, flamboyant, and brave with an unrelenting and focused nature who accomplishes the near impossible with notable success. The affirmation is I am inventive, determined, and quirky which works for me.

The crystal assigned to this degree is one I could find scant information on so I’ve skipped it for today. Have an awesome Tuesday, and if I don’t blog the rest of the week it’s because I’m busy tending to my mother’s health or will be back at my part time cosmetology job. 🪔

PS: Am I the only who has noticed that it appears WordPress updated, but there are significant issues now with the way they format when you compose all your blog posts including the resizing of images is completely wonky?! I really don’t like it at all! It’s creating havoc in my life trying to figure the “bugs” out.