Sign Spotlight Sundays: We Interrupt This Broadcast To Look At Mother’s Day via Archetypes, A Garden, & Astrology

“Being brave doesn’t mean you aren’t scared. Being brave means you are scared, really scared, badly scared, and you do the right thing anyway.” – Neil Gaiman, Coraline

Here we go again for another journey into the world of randomness and zany because it seems to be what I do best! That includes the annoying mention of underlined hyperlink text actually leads to “more elaboration” of the general story I’m trying to narrate today!


Because today is a seemingly “different” Sunday I’m interrupting my blog posts on the Asian zodiac signs to instead update you on the garden as well as to look at an astrology position with a focus on the Mother as an entire archetype.

We need to go about this by understanding what forms the “Mother” may show herself as because she embodies light, darkness, and something in-between. Therefore I would like for you to compare the Great Mother with the Dark Mother to round this out. You see the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine live in all of us, and we’re very much likely to also project the energies outwardly rather than owning them inwardly.

I also was given Coraline by my mother as a DVD thereby seeing the Neil Gaiman conceptualization of this motif. And I’ve definitely glimpsed both of these in my own life which I’m still struggling with because I don’t really know that I want to embody the archetype in the way that some other women have as it is not appealing to me in any shape or form.

I do believe you’ll see how I’ve also enmeshed with concepts that combine/merge the white and black mixing them into a sort of gray space. Some of which looks vaguely familiar!

Ah, but if we look at the Duir/Daleth and “door” concept even with the oak tree bed I inherited one has to wonder about this “other” mother that we may meet lurking in our individual or collective consciousness. This just reminds me of a webiste I saw years ago that told the Kabbalah and Tao of Pooh which fascinated me as I was nicknamed “Pooh Bear” growing up which then became Pookie (a variation of Pooky). Did anyone else see this episode?!

I have a purple 3D printed version of the name “Pookie” which sits in my bedroom on my Ikea wall mounted book case my step father made for me. I guess someone has to embody all of this “stuff.” I have been trying to figure out “why!” I’ll admit I loved Coraline when I first watched it! I’ve not watched it in a long time though.

The Divine Feminine has many aspects that reach far beyond a personal mother, grandmother, step mother, and mother-in-law. I notice most women and men have limited her embodiment by also ignoring her as nurse, governess, or remote ancestress. This is a category of the Goddess most often only shown today in many Abrahamic faiths as the Mother of God, Virgo the Virgin, or Sophia.

Demonized are many other constructs by these faiths such as Demeter, Kore, Cybele/Attis, and so forth. The archetype in it’s entirety can arouse devotion, feelings of awe, or a figurative sense goal of longing for redemption as told via the concepts of the Garden of Eden/Paradise and the Kingdom of God/Heavenly Jerusalem.

These all overlook the correspondences in complexity which include the unity of heaven with Earth, the woods, the sea or any still waters, matter, the underworld, the Moon, fertility, fruitfulness, the ploughed field, and the cornucopia. Many of these are also meant to symbolize various vessels such as rocks, caves, trees, deep wells, the rose, lily, and lotus, or a magical circle/mandala.

We find this archetype in ovens, cooking vessels, and the more literal view of the womb, uterus, and yoni. She has been given to us as the sacred cow and hare/rabbit. It is here that we encounter maternal solicitude, sympathetic magic, spiritual exaltation transcending reason, helpful impulses, and all that is cherishing/sustaining to foster growth.

When we see her as the witch, dragon, serpent, or through the lens of Lilith we encounter the Devouring Mother. This comes to us as the correspondences of death, nightmares, and the grave or sarcophagus. From this vantage one confronts anything secret, hidden, the abyss, seduction, poisons, and that which feels terrifying or inescapable such as fate/destiny.

In India we have a far better and more workable way to cope with her through the paradox of Kali where prakrti known as matter is assigned three gunas through sattva, rajas, and tamas.

Their culture takes philosophical myth to display Prakrti dancing before Purusha in order to remind him of discriminating knowledge which does not belong to the Mother archetype rather it belongs to the anima which in men appears at first mingled within the Mother as an image. The way to wholeness and healing is to stop denying the archetype within and to dissolve the projections which we cast outside of self.

I see projection in my own life, but I see it directed upon me, and I’ve learned that those who do so are unconscious and completely choosing to remain unaware of their disowned selves. Many of them don’t wish for wholeness because they explained to me they don’t want to work on achieving it. In my opinion this is quite harmful to self/other and shows an immaturity in humanity at large.

From my vantage as I tried to explain to some earlier today I began working through Kabbalah, tarot, and astrology before I achieved Reiki Master level. This included the wealth altar transitioning from the Empress’ energy to the Star’s energy as well as it’s many other symbolic correspondences.

You’ll see that I have preferred not to marry or bear children rather I’ve often tested more as an ecstatic and feel better as embodying this from the realms of gardening or through the creation of self employment even when I held my aesthetic’s business.

With this I’ve spent an ample amount of time also working to grasp my Magha lunar mansion as it transitioned Regulus Leo to Virgo albeit many may not agree with such unorthodox or liberal theories. I did, however, recently color the Lovers tarot card from a deck I own which was also placed upon the wealth altar.

The truth is there is no wrong or right way to embody the archetypes per say, but I think it vital we actually work to own our “mess” because I’m not sure how best to describe it rather than displacing our feelings or misinterpretations on another person, animal, or object.

I’ll admit though most of humanity may be more comfortable with disowning because their ego has these inborn defense mechanisms which may be difficult to accept. I know I don’t have anything perfected nor am I trying to. I’m here to grow and learn!

Solar Arc SAD Chart for Asteroid Jerusalem

I’m going to split this up today given that I don’t want this to be a Chrstianized or Judaic or even Islamic focused entry only as there is an actual asteroid Jerusalem (63163) which I’ve charted in the Solar Arc Direction or SAD chart at my natal 7th House with Chiron having moved two full houses away to the 9th House of Cancer at 3°.

We can also investigate the Arabic Part/Lot for Mother using the formula Ascendant plus Moon minus Venus. For me this placement is found within just barely the Jupiter degree of my 3rd House of Sagittarius at 0°; that zero point energy shows up so often for me.

These charts are the hardest for me to correctly read the houses on for some reason. This is something that would be fun for anyone to do for themselves via’s extended charts or through Astroseek.

Mother Arabic Part/Lot

Let’s make a small note that asteroid Jerusalem is quintile the Sun, sextile Venus, and biquintile Pluto. At the 7th House this represented one to one relationships which can include marriage, but is really any personal or business partnership that involves some form of a commitment on the part of both parties involved. 9th House though seeks to disclose our life philosophies, our journeys away from home, and can impact our communication such as via writing/publishing.

Through the lens of the Moon often equated with maiden, mother, and crone we find that I am comfortable in foreign places knowing how to adapt to various cultures. I happen to prefer my creative approaches to life to be the kind where I see beauty and wonder in that which others overlook or take for granted. My self expression while stylish may aim more at being unique.

We enjoy the perspective of a storyteller immersing ourselves in reading about the life stories of others. We blend interests and aesthetics by letting the outer world influence. One of our favorite past times can be the enjoyment of movies, books, poems, and other works aimed at treating issues of death, jealousy, or the psychological depths and the complexities of what it means to be human.

As the chart holder I have a strong connection to the past where I either delve into it or let it go. When I allow its unresolved energies to haunt me I will be continually weighed down. Rather I need to continually look at the past in a new way that goes beyond my preconceptions of it. Doing this I will learn much and be able to help others through sharing what I have learned.

The Chandra symbol for this degree is “A set of surgical instruments.” The message here is “cut it out.” What needs to be cut out are the burdens, baggage, and attachments that one has grown beyond. Accessing memories requires that they be either embraced or let go of.

This degree is about becoming more aware of what we don’t need, overcoming whatever we are ready to let go of, and finding an effective way to do this that overcomes the problem once and for all. Work with guardian angel Nelchael and daimon Marax.

Daimon Marax is connected with the Four of Swords, Mars, Elder, and Libra. You will know when you’re working with Marax as this will help you succeed at learning astronomy, astrology, and herbalism. I’ve occasionally seen connections to the goddess Maat.

The fixed star of this degree is Propus in the right foot of Castor in Gemini. This fixed star embodies companionship due to the mythology surrounding the Gemini constellation. Greek and Babylonian mythology indicates an epic where a princess promises her beloved eternal love and companionship under a watchful and approving gaze. The energy of this fixed star is generally of Mercury and Venus offering a courteous, affable, orderly, and artistic demeanor.

Confusion is found in this fixed star as to if it is Castor’s foot or the twin’s shoulders coming together to represent two heads being better than one. It can be implied that associative thinking is found through the energy of Propus which is vital to becoming a good astrologer who reads a horoscope well. Some combine this with the Saturnine energy of fixed star Wasat to breakdown the negative qualities of our unconscious fears. This is the placement of those who are modernists.

We are two months into the garden adventure. We have beans! They’re small right now, but we’re making progress in the vegetable kingdom!
This includes the purple beans which are a very beautiful shade. What I’m learning is that I won’t be having an Easter egg hunt. This is going to be a green, yellow, and purple bean hunt as they’re buried in ginormous leaves!
We have the first nasturtiums growing in our wildflowers. A very bright orange color which may not be as vibrant via the photos as seen in person.
Yes, I know more beans, but I’m so happy to be succeeding at growing food!
Lettuce galore! Lots of salads or lettuce wraps.
The first cosmos flower of the season. I can see there will be many more. Also a very small marigold. Our marigolds are not happy with the heat this year. I believe I will be losing some of them this year sadly.
Basil, carrot tops, and a blanket of cosmos flowers soon to erupt. We lost our three level tier garden bed out front. Some of the basil was put in a yellow plastic basket and also in a pot as an emergency transplant.
Roma tomatoes! They’re “trying,” but I need to fertilize them again.
Greenery of the wildflowers which have taken on a life of their own. Also the potatoes which have still not flowered so I’m patiently waiting till harvest.

Backtracking to the Arabic Part/Lot of Mother we learn that our 3rd House helps us to learn and communicate especially during early education, but goes further into showing how we relate to our siblings as well as what kind of environment we’re naturally attracted to.

This is the placement for those individuals who require mental stimulation, love conversation with others, and who take in facts easily. While open to new ideas and capable of understanding different modes of thought we are flighty more akin to a social butterfly flitting around.

As the chart holder I have a genius for connecting everything while weaving the various parts of life together into a whole that is unlimited because life knows no end. The impulse to forward movement is relentless, and I always desire to go further sometimes without even being sure of what the goal is.

This may wear out those who yearn for a stopping place and frustrate those who seek closure, but the discoveries made by the restlessness found here can be priceless.

The Chandra Symbol for this degree is “Clouds overhead seen in a reflecting pool.” Creating a feeling of great depth reflects a great height and all of the clouds are filled with passing nebulousness. This is an extremely imaginative degree which allows anything possible to be envisioned. It is the antidote to our neat little ways of being that are cut and dry.

Confusing it well may be, but to see confusion as negative is a value judgement of the rational mind. We might call this degree “the glories of confusion,” and find that out of confusing truths the most fantastic shapes and sizes are continually being born. Or again we might say that the path of confusion is just as valid a way as any other to reach higher consciousness. Work with guardian angel Yeratel and daimon Ronove.

Daimon Ronove is connected with the Six of Wands, Mars, Cinnamon, and the Moon. If you’ve been working with this daimon expect to learn to control your emotions wile studying languages, divination, dream interpretation, and intuitional knowledge.

The fixed star of this degree happens to be Zeta Lupus in Lupus the Wolf. I’ve written a bit about Lupus before, and I encourage everyone to venture to that blog post as it was quite thorough. If you would like to see something a bit more in a Biblical vein this may be helpful.

I hope everyone has a great Mother’s Day. Next week I leave the current store I’ve been training at to work at a different store which is closer to my house. There are five stores total in our specific franchise for the cosmetology company I am working part time for.

So I have two keys now; the one my manager gave me and a gold one for the store I begin working at this week. Maybe I’m going to be being bounced around between the two of them! I successfully survived my first Saturday alone though! Oh, and a key to my bedroom because we updated the doorknobs to have locks. Three keys in one week!

I do believe though that the key my manager gave me has a direct tie in to something with this zero point energy! It’s all coming full circle for me given my “word” for 2022 seemed to correlate with this theme. 🌌👩‍🚀

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I am a licensed aesthetician (#1446048 Expires October 2023 Valedictorian) who has worked previously in medical malpractice and personal injury legal administration, life/health insurance for State Farm, and various retail roles including personal shopper. My passion at this time lies in the field of esoteric studies. I am also a Master Level Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki certified healer. I happen to be currently employed within a 9-5 career in cosmetology retail selling to licensed professionals part time.

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