Manifestation Mondays: Astrocourier and Skywalker

He who cannot dance puts the blame on the floor.” – Hindu Proverb

I would like for you to take an otherworldly exploration with me today by clicking on the underlined hyperlink text which will illustrate very well what I want to show/teach you. Yes, this includes the links to Abell 3627 and the Great Attractor in the image description below!


I’m always digging into the asteroids because there is always something fascinating about them even when I plop them randomly or haphazardly into an astrology chart. There is no specific interpretation for either of these asteroids. My theory was to break these two words down and then let my blog readers consider what they might believe these asteroids could speak to.


  • (astronomy, astrology) celestial body, heavenly body
  • fixed star, planet, the Sun, constellation, or comet
  • (figuratively) a person exceptionally talented or famous in a specific field


  • a person who looks after and guides tourists
  • a person who delivers messages
  • a company that delivers/transports messages
  • a runner


  • the atmosphere above a given point where the Sun, Moon, stars, and clouds are seen from Earth


  • one who walks, traveler, and journeyer
  • a pedestrian

I’ve seen a few theories online about the asteroid Astrocourier (29080) with reference to space architecture and microwave imaging radiometers that have been used in scanning for background radiation gaps appearing in areas of multiverse collisions which would act possibly as a link to the “many worlds hypothesis.” Other theories not related to quantum physics include a person who has come from the stars to deliver a message or any person who delivers a message about space and astronomy.

Asteroid Skywalker (274020) is specifically named for the fictional characters in the Star Wars franchise. This asteroid circles the Sun every 5 1/2 years between Mars and Jupiter. I’m more of a Star Trek fan personally, but I’m not seeing many asteroids that fit the theme. I’ll probably have to make more effort to actually try locating one at a later date/time. I believe the closest I’ve seen is asteroid Enterprise (9777) which I could perhaps attempt to make it work, but I have not researched much even with the discovery of that particular asteroid.

The “many worlds hypothesis” takes root in quantum physics at the level of atoms and subatomic particles through the behavior of light and matter. We can think back to the 1920s theories of a cat that was both alive and dead at the same time, but even MIT says physicists and ordinary mortals have no common sense explanation for what is “going on.” Interpretations exist through equations yet MIT says the multiple universe ideology is a colorful hypothesis that might appear crazy without being necessarily wrong.

Schrödinger’s cat was seen as philosophical and motivated by a desire to get rid of any idea of the “collapse of the wave function.” Bohr wanted to see the outcome of this experiment where there was only one outcome not an admixture of dead and live cat; superposition of states.

Then terminology updated to explain that two parallel universes or worlds exist in which one cat is alive and in the opposite the cat dies. Open the box in one universe to find a live cat and vice versa. Therefore there is no collapse of the wave function rather it’s a determination of fate based upon different possibilities or alternatives happening simultaneously.

Somewhere along all of this we came to quantum choices muddying the waters by “splitting” into different versions of itself. This became the theory that an amoeba who splits into two daughter cells if they had brains each daughter cell would remember an identical history up to the point of “splitting” to then generate its own personal memories. I’m honestly thinking this sounds far more psychological in theory also.

But MIT took this further through the quantum computers “switching” between superposition states through electrical circuits which are either on/off through the corresponding zeros and ones of binary code being manipulated. So we begin to grasp the spinning up or down of the atoms/electrons.

Every “switch” is a qbit or cubit. Some state that superposition embraces “all possibilities.” Cosmologists have occasionally stated the multiverse is a superposition of universes. Someone can get back to me on all of that later…

As I’ve said previously post foot fracture I was put on some pain medications that altered my neurotransmitters in my nervous system so I found myself only capable of reading quantum physics, astrology, tarot, and having a thorough focus on Kabbalah or various spiritual practices.

Anything else put in front of me where the words moved on the pages or I was in/out of consciousness either blacking out as in passing out for unknown lengths of time or sleeping 14 hour days. Two months of that, and then developing the side effect of suicidal ideation was more than enough to make me try quitting them cold turkey and succeeding with a very minor taper off due to some unpleasant withdrawals. Topics I don’t want to put here as they’re not exactly the “high” points of my life.

And “NO” I was not trying to actually perform any experiment. In fact, once I researched, learned that the medications my pain clinic prescribed were contraindicated, and began to actually advocate for my well being properly I realized that I no longer “trust” most medical professionals anymore as difficult as that is for those in the industry to now have to be told.

I understand humans make mistakes, but frankly when you’re playing God with my life against my authority we’re going to have some serious irreconcilable differences! The kind where I might become rather unattractive as a person and have some problems with my Emotional IQ slipping a little lower than normal. Being a Western zodiac Leo we don’t want to go into the Schrödinger’s cat theory because that’s going to get really “wyrd.”

“Don’t kill my vibe.” – Unknown

But then we all must remember my studies about Magha nakshatra born people with Regulus, Ketu, and the Leo to Virgo transition.

Barbara Pijan always fascinated me with her rundown of Magha lunar mansion in terms of it’s description. Some of which reminds me inherently of Puella Magi Madoka Magica in its description of soul gems during the contract process. You see the soul gems hold the place of a magical girl’s soul as a source of their powers/battle gear.

It’s explained that the human body also metaphysically described as our temple is a container possessed by a soul which is extracted to form the soul gem. If the soul gem is moved outside of a 100 m range the magical girl’s body goes inert until her soul gem is returned to resuscitate her. Strange theories; right?!

The 1-27th portion called Agha, Magha, Makha, and Kosthagara is said to facilitate a variety of identity change movement of the soul away from the body.

This quick movement during the change of spatial relationship between the body and the perceiving apparatus called soul (seeker/listener) creates a brightness that is likened to a burning sacred fire.

Trance heat can be understood as metaphorically similar to the experience of atmospheric re-entry that is now understood from the space traffic of various high powered airborne vehicles coming and going through the Earth’s electrical atmosphere.

They do get hot from the abrasive particulate friction and sometimes burn up completely if not properly shielded. It looks like they are just moving through the air, but indeed many fields of particulate structure are being penetrated and navigated in order to change levels.

Quick disassembly of the particle structure of the protective aura which surrounds the flesh body and again quick reassembly upon exiting the trance state to return to normal life perceptions are the special blessing granted to Magha.

In the old books Magha is likened to a type of death and indeed a trance-state may imitate a very brief and voluntarily entered coma. Its special characteristic is heat generated by the speed of the change in the field of consciousness.

When Magha matches the radical lagna the human incarnation tends to be rather unusual. Magha folk are more aware than most of the light quantum which form the basis of the particulate nature of reality.

Experts in the nature of light they are often what is termed a “wanderer” (volunteer helper) who hails from the fifth density of awareness. The specialty of fifth density consciousness is creative light.

Incarnating into Malkuth (terra/Earth) via their transfer station in Regulus the Magha folk have typically come to help raise philosophical awareness.

Their perspective is emotionally detached (Ketu) in their highly philosophical and witnessing personality. Yet Magha is often surrounded by theatrical attention getting scenarios due to the radiance of their inner light.

If other features of the nativity show a high level of public visibility Magha (the Great Ones) may be hailed as royalty or celebrity. However, the ego flattery that may be generated by their charismatic glitter is of little interest to Magha whose work here is focused on assisting the evolution of human life by demonstrating and revealing the light of consciousness.

Due to their Ketu vision which dissolves forms exposing the formless swirling light energies behind the curtain of form Magha are a class of magicians who can transform the public imagination.

They rarely marry and normally exhibit no desire to bear children. They prefet to meditate and contemplate. Yet during the recent age there were Magha women who under cultural pressure bore a small number of offspring who were then tended by devoted helpers.

Age Harmonic Chart for Asteroid Astrocourier and Asteroid Skywalker

Anywho, let’s chart these two asteroids today to see what they want to share with us before I ramble and share more “Twilight Zone/Outer Limits” with you. I’m going back to a Vedic Age Harmonic Chart because we want to see the current energies defining my life at present not the snapshot of when I was born which is what a natal chart really does.

The natal chart is entirely a snapshot of our past essentially.

There is so much that I don’t believe some astrologers properly disclose and discuss with their clients. This is why I began to self teach myself as I was fed up also with customary cold readings. It’s also why when anyone purchases a reading from me it can take as my Terms of Service & FAQ state two days to compose a decent report.

For all my complaints I’ve been glad my online business is not generating much “noise” because between my mom’s potential foot surgery and my part time cosmetology job I’m swamped. We’re waiting for her insurance to approve her to even receive the MRI on her foot so instead she is in a boot on leave of absence stuck in the house. I now realize I’m glad I was uninsured.

I was able to bypass and get all of my health needs taken care of by being my own health advocate without a system that is propelling me some days into the realms of anti-establishment. I was even asked once if I was an anarchist. I don’t, however, fully think I identify as that. I do prefer to act from a place of sovereignty or self reliance though not really enjoying my other options.

This is probably the most energetic chart I’ve seen. I’m looking at stelliums in the 4th and 9th Houses where these two asteroids are placed. The 4th House is all about the desired environment we wish to live within and the place we would like to call home. It’s what we create as an adult sitting upon a very spiritual axis meant to imply that this will be the foundation upon which we build.

Cancer and the Moon rule the 4th House. We are foodies who can be psychic with dreams about our past lives invading our consciousness. We desire to show off what we’ve acquired from our careers. The connection to Cancer and the Moon cause dramatic ties to our mothers to influence our emotional and home life.

The 9th House is where we broaden our view of the world/universe taking in the existential meaning of why we are here, what is our purpose, what is truth, and so forth. Being ruled by Sagittarius and Jupiter the focus of this placement is on enlightenment, adventure, and philosophical wisdom.

This placement enjoys doing research and traveling. Truthfully the desire is to experience life first hand by learning about ourselves. We’re normally adaptable, but we’re also severely agitated if anything encroaches upon our views regarding the need for freedom.

Astrocourier is in the 4th House of Cancer at 11° semisquare the Moon and opposition Jupiter and Chiron. Skywalker is in the 9th House of Sagittarius at 12° quincux Chiron. Our self esteem and ability to exploit potentials causes us unease. If we allow self doubt and unproductive questioning to be the order of the day it will reduce our ability to achieve in life.

This placement causes emotional instability due to conflicts/friction with one’s parents either from their childhood or during their adulthood. This placement demands that we learn to better evaluate people’s character even within our family to ensure their intentions are not misguided or lacking in perception with regards to how they view or treat us.

As we work through our emotions we develop skills for counseling not just in psychological theory or realms, but through being there in general for others as we develop an ability to see the point of view of those outside of ourselves. We begin to learn what unsettles us about our current situation whereby we go within to heal and seek answers. We start to rely on instinctive and mystical wisdom as well as archetypal energies to integrate a belief system or ideological approach to life.

The chart holder sometimes experiences the anxiety of feeling that something is missing or that there is something they need to be doing or searching for. They’re tuned in to what is missing and where they feel most inadequate. It’s important that they learn to see this as good as well as capable of furthering their own evolution rather than carrying it as a burden. They will find their treasure. Have patience and know that it is already yours.

The Chandra Symbol for this degree is “Monstrosities in glass jars in a side show.” This degree tunes in to the anomalies, quirks, and unusual aspects of existence. Through exploring abnormalities it comes to know itself and comes to better understand the human standards that have judged certain things as abnormal.

It looks beyond human bias to try to comprehend the deeper meaning and purpose of existence. This is the hidden treasure waiting to be found. Work with guardian angel Reiyel and daimon Astaroth.

Daimon Astaroth is tied to the Three of Pentacles, Venus, Bay Laurel, and Capricorn. This is another touchy one because it’s no denying the name is probably a derivative of Ashtoreth or even Asherah, but then as I’ve said I did really love Purim.

Asherah was often associated with carved trees thus her worship often took place in forested areas under trees or with an Asherah pole. Names can derive via Ashtoreth or Astarte respectively with reference to the Moon goddess.

If you’re working with Astaroth you’ll likely gain balanced articulation and representation of your true self. Other areas of assistance come through guidance in the human affairs of friendship, prosperity, magic, divination, astral time travel, and empowering thoughtforms which heal one of anything which has been ailing them.

Additionally the chart holder knows that isolation and distance are illusions. We are only as separate from others or from ourselves as we believe we are. It is our belief in our separateness that creates walls between ourselves and the rest of life. When this belief is let go of the walls disappear and we find ourselves in communion with the whole world.

This degree has the ability to have a big impact on many people. That is the significance of its writing being in the sky where so many can see it. The best you can do here is to keep your words positive so that their positive effect will return to you.

The Chandra Symbol for this degree is “Icicles melting.” The icicles are frozen water signifying the emotions. Here as they lose themselves they shorten and as they do so they move closer to heaven. The water wanted to fall to the ground, but the freezing temperature stopped it.

It is your own loving warmth that helps both yourself and others to let go of stuck feelings so that gravity may take them to Earth to nourish life. Their sharpness can be melted away and allowed to flow again. At your purest you bring into the world a sense of Spring wherever you go. Ego dissolves in the light. Work with guaridan angel Menadel and daimon Stolas.

Daimon Stolas is tied to the Ten of Cups, Jupiter, Celery Seed, and Pisces. If you’re working with Stolas you will learn psychic protection and initiation through the Moon. You will also develop improved mental clarity with a practical mindset towards history, biology, astrology, astronomy, and geology. Stolas has much knowledge with reference to the cosmos and natural sciences of herbs and precious stones to impart to those who desire the knowledge or gnosis.

The fixed stars of these degrees include Alzirr on the right foot of Pollux in Gemini and Gamma Norma in Norma & Regula, the Carpenters Square. Little is to be said of Alzirr except that it is of the energy of Mercury, Venus, and Saturn and often Kabbalists associate it with the Hebrew letter Qoph and the tarot trump of the Sun.

Norma on the other hand is seen as either a ruler or a level which overlays a carpenter’s square. Norma et Regula literally means the carpenter’s square and ruler used for establishing right or 90° angles. There is an older association of these objects known as Nuwa and Fuxi depicting entwined serpent bodies rotating around an invisible vertical axis mundi.

Norma and gnomon are of the same root meaning “to know.” Gnomon refers to the pointer of a sundial as well as a carpenter’s square. Self repeating shapes are referred to as gnomons as seen in sunflowers and seashells to depict fractals and Fibonacci sequences.

Have a mystifying Monday! Best wishes! 🥳

PS: I have updated the link on the Great Attractor to an English translation. My apologies for the mistake!

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