Teach Me Tuesdays: The Taroscope and the Astrology of Asteroid Lust

A snail walks into a bank to make a deposit. Then a turtle comes in and robs the bank. Afterward, the police are interviewing the snail and ask him to recount what had happened. The snail says, “I don’t know, it all happened so fast.”

I’m loading this with a lot of underlined hyperlink text because I want my regular and new blog readers to have choices/options for interpretations instead of a one size fits all cookie cutter approach to what I’m investigating today! So give your mouse a workout and get to “surfing” cyberspace because as they say everything which is active lives longer than that which stagnates!


I wanted to do this after reading about the Great Attractor because I immediately had an epiphany moment of what I wanted to hone in on for myself to gain clarity by combining two esoteric theories of tarot and astrology. I’ve taken the time and liberty to also read Part 1 which for me personally was a bit of a “review” of topics I was already quite familiar with and Part 3. I guess my blog posts are a buildup of consciousness all leading in one direction.

The taroscope takes your essential archetypal trump card determined via your birthdate and combines this with your personality card which is a court card corresponding to your zodiac sign and your destiny card which is the number card representative of your zodiac decan in which you were born. For me personally this will look like the following:

Essential Archetype as Hierophant

Personality Card as Prince of Wands

Destiny Card as Five of Wands

Being that my birthdate is the 26th of July and this always reduces to a tarot birth card of Strength I thought today would be the ideal day to likewise investigate via a Vedic Age Harmonic Chart where the asteroid Lust (4386) was in my present condition. The reason being that the Thoth deck displays Strength as Lust or one’s desire nature as a sense of craving which I imagine it would benefit me to know what that is in an effort to gain more clarity

““Life doesn’t have to be perfect to be filled with joy.”” – Unknown

One of the most important things we desperately need to grasp in the esoteric schools of thought is that we have two fundamental drives propelling us through life. Eros (libido) and Thanatos (aggression) which fluctuate between our id, ego, and supergo or conscious/unconscious mind.

Eros as a Greek God of love came to represent our instinct to life portrayed as nice, compassionate, loving, and full of aliveness. Thanatos as a Greek God of death came to represent our instinct to destruction portrayed as manifest anger, violence, and hostility.

Therefore are your decisions driven by pleasure, sexuality, love, happiness, procreation, and the need to get along with others or homicide, suicide, self harm, and risky behavior patterns. Lust and desire are the pleasure principle therefore they fall under Eros.

Most people only attach an extremely negative view of this asteroid. It’s completely thrust under the hashtag of the “Metoo” movement and the male gaze phenomena. I guess the women in the world have yet to recognize and integrate the shadow of the Femme Fatal archetype because they are stuck in a very perpetual victim consciousness still.

This is not me trying to diminish their experiences rather it’s the fact that women also have to own what about them is allowing them to become the archetype of a victim. In my estimation it takes two partners to tango! Both the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine need to start owning their guano! The truth is we allow ourselves to be victims sometimes out of ignorance and sometimes not.

Asteroid Lust orbits the Sun between Mars and Jupiter. It is pronounced “loost,” and is said to fall under the Three of Cups as a representation of the Three Graces of faith, hope, and charity thereby meaning it symbolizes passion, joy of any kind (not just sexual), and can be a symbol of a zest for life in general.

In this chart we will find asteroid Lust in my 12th House of Pisces at 9° trine Jupiter and Chiron as well as semisquare Uranus with my True Lunar Node. I actually like this degree symbol for what it represents, but one has to treat their companion well who is helping them win any race!

Our 12th House deals with deprivation, loss, isolation, hospitals, prisons, hidden enemies, the fear of death/illness, self undoing, and our unconscious/subconscious. This involves collective realms of life from groups, neighborhoods, organizations, states, and the world in general. 12th House is Neptune ruled.

Age Harmonic Chart for Asteroid Lust

When Pisces inhabits the 12th House we come across as assertive and must develop the capability to show compassion and sensitivity while listening to what our gut/intuition tells us. We understand ourselves as well as others quie well, but need to guard against becoming too permissive.

We will struggle to ignore the poor, sick, and needy putting a focus on social justice, human rights activism, and we worry about the plight of refugees or innocent victims of war. We become whole when we make room in our lives to explore the ethereal, fantastical, and imaginary. We will appear to have a whacky sense of humor and can seem impractical when we follow our whims.

This is the placement for those obsessed with transition especially saying goodbye to that which is not for our greatest good. When our intuition tells us we feel liberated it is God/Goddess giving us a big hug and green light to go ahead. The checklist we follow is to ask for signs, ask for help/support, protect our home with unconditional love/security, take care of sick people, direct a job/career our way, solve financial problems, and work towards overall inner peace so that we flow.

A lack of judgement is here with an acceptance of the needs of others no matter what they may be. Also included is a lack of fear of what is unknown based on the belief that the universe is an inherently safe place. Where one might expect discord or conflict this degree knows that being deeply accepting can create an environment of harmony and peace in which all of life can partake.

The Chandra Symbol for this degree is “Dusk. A vampire awakens.” Until we can awaken those areas of ourselves that need healing we exist in a state of suspension. This degree senses how to turn the consciousness away from the outer objective world allowing the unredeemed energies of the subconscious to come forth.

It is acutely sensitive to desires and able to contact them without judgment, rationalization, fear, or anything else that might distort them and make them seem other than what they are. The fact is that what we run away from we give power to whereas what we are willing to completely own and accept eventually loses its negative charge and becomes integrated into our being.

When the shadow is ready to move on it will. Work with guardian angel Hahasiah and daimon Balam.

Daimon Balam directs us to the Seven of Wands, Sun, Leo, and Vetiver. If you’re working with Balam you probably specialize in the tarot, palm reading, working with crystals, healing spells, astral travel, solar magic, and tree spirits. This daimon is great for working with the higher self, shadow, and spirit/totem animals.

There is no fixed star on this degree to cover. I did, however, go look at the Kozminsky description for this degree as a comparative. We should remember that Pisces was my South Node with Virgo as my North Node on the Western zodiac system!

9° Pisces: Venus and Cupid metamorphosed as two fishes swimming from a giant who stands on a rock.

Denotes one of a sensitive disposition and pure mind who understands intuitively the true meaning of love as symbolized in the planet Venus; sublime and in her dignity. His/her enemy is lust which threatens to cling to him/her and by craft to hold the throne of his/her soul in the guise of love. But the native will know vice as a destroying angel only and his/her knowledge will protect him/her and set him/her free. It is a symbol of Transmutation.

Magic Beans!
Those are purple not black beans!

Today I spent my day quite productive including rescuing a black swallowtail butterfly who managed to get caught in our Agribon covering our lettuce in the garden. I had to coax it out with both of my hands as he/she refused to crawl upon my arm and let me assist to freedom.

Thankfully the little guy/gal flew out, but not before flying up against my right ear and fluttering his/her wings against me before flying away. I guess that was a butterfly kiss. I have no clue, but their wings are quite soft. All I do know is that the butterfly was in panic mode trying to get out of the Agribon therefore he/she could not see that I had pinned the netting up leaving plenty of free space to escape.

This teaches us about what happens when we become fearful as we lose our bearings and think irrationally. The butterfly kept flying and crawling along the top of the Agribon ignoring all the openings to leave in an anxious moment of distress.

I also spent a large amount of time hunched over and digging through some rather itchy leaves and stems clipping three full bowls of green, yellow, and purple beans two months into our gardening which will be part of our dinner tonight! I’m still waiting on the flowers. We do have some orange cosmos now that go with the yellow out front, but they’ve been slow to get budding.

The other random unidentified flying insect in the Agribon was definitely not impressed with the butterfly as it was totally chill sitting until it got slapped multiple times by huge black butterfly wings and went running the other direction having had it’s calm disturbed. You know me and my garden updates; I’m always proud of my plant rearing successes cause I’m a nerdy plant mother! Have a trendsetting Tuesday and much love! 🦋⛑️

PS: The purple beans turn dark green when they are cooked! Kind of a bummer! I wanted purple beans on my plate. Also no blog post tomorrow. I’m really struggling some days to keep up with my many hats I’m wearing. I did treat myself this week though with cashew ice cream in peanut butter brownie flavor and a few other little rewards! 🍨

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I am a licensed aesthetician (#1446048 Expires October 2023 Valedictorian) who has worked previously in medical malpractice and personal injury legal administration, life/health insurance for State Farm, and various retail roles including personal shopper. My passion at this time lies in the field of esoteric studies. I am also a Master Level Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki certified healer. I happen to be currently employed within a 9-5 career in cosmetology retail selling to licensed professionals part time.

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