Tarot of the Day Thursdays: The High Priestess Meets the Spider Woman

The High Priestess from The Hermetic Tarot – The Princess of the Silver Star – Gimel (Camel) and Spider Woman Archetype

Let’s take a more nuanced journey today through the healing energies of the High Priestess and the Spider totem via our underlined hyperlink text.


We’re graced today by the High Priestess and the Spider Woman archetype. The High Priestess is ruled by the Moon and via the Hermetic Tarot is known as The Priestess of the Silver Star displayed as adorned in pure Divine Feminine light of the lunar energies seated as the Eternal Virgin. The lunar energies veil the spirit of Truth. At her breast is a lyre, the law of Artemis the Huntress, and the path of Gimel which traverses Kether to Tiferet. Taken another way this is the path of mystical consciousness through transcendental consciousness.

We are encouraged to engage with our intuition and to feel the answer to our questions at this time in a manner which may not provide an easy to digest explanation. Dig deeper, take a step back, and acknowledge what you literally see happening in front of you at this time. What is actually there? What lies beneath? Is the answer obvious or is it subverted creating a heaviness for some or all parties involved at this time.

The High Priestess

The Spider Woman speaks to our need to weave a life, to create mandalas, and to create our universe. When stretched North-South and East-West our work begins by spinning threads which many regard as the symbol of our Matrix system or Maya in an illusory reality within the world of our senses.

The Hopi saw this archetype as an Earth Goddess and Spider Grandmother while the Ojibwe spoke to a help meet of collective humanity who inspired mothers to weave dreamcatchers for their loved ones to filter out negative energies.

The guidance at this time is to recover your creative impulses, defend yourself by setting adequate boundaries, remember it is not your role to solve the affairs of other’s, release any feelings of guilt, and get in touch with your inherent instinctual nature by honoring your bodily sensations.

Most importantly you’re invited to be spontaneous reconciling yourself with your desires and fears while encouraging yourself not to try and meet expectations that aren’t your responsibility. Your job is not to dress up to try and fit in; stop pretending and allow yourself to just be!

Spider Woman

For me I’m learning a lot more about somatic yoga personally as I have chronic pain after my foot injuries/surgery. This is a form of re-connection to the sensate body because I struggled sometimes with “groundedness.” What can help is to notice one’s current physical comfort. You can sit in a chair and notice your overall experience by moving your feet over the floor and connecting with it.

The next step is to feel your back connected with the bottom of the chair which supports you. Take a few moments to get comfortable with the chair supporting you and the floor stabilizing you. We often don’t take the time to actually connect this way with our environments.

Look around to notice something that feels resourceful such as trees outside the window, a piece of art on the wall, or a calming color on the floor or walls around you. This helps you ground by settling your entire nervous system.

Another beneficial practice is to recall a time within the last 24 hours when you felt most like your true self. Explore this event in detail noticing what happens in your body. For example, do you feel less anxious and more calm or serene? Then recall a time within the last 24 hours when you felt most like the person you would like to be.

Explore this event also in detail noticing what happens in your body. For example, do you feel tensed muscles or a change in heart beat, breathing, or body temperature? This helps you ground by returning you to your true north.

Solar Arc SAD Chart for Asteroid Weaver

I’m briefly looking at asteroid Weaver today for a little more “spidey” insight. I’m doing this through a Solar Arc Direction or SAD chart. You’ll notice this asteroid was in my 9th House and has moved to my 10th House of Leo therefore the stories I wish to tell will encompass a combination of philosophy, spirituality, and greater wisdom through the expansive lens of Jupiter.

You will find me exploring culture, language, and social structures in my free time. This is now moving into the house of vocation where I take cognizant strides towards dealing with that which I adore or care for. 10th House is meant to be not an odd run of the mill job that just pays the bills, but our dream job where we desire accomplishment and advancement.

It is the 6th House which governs the common 9-5 jobs being ruled by Virgo while the 10th House is ruled by Saturn. This placement creates fundamental conditions where we can develop a steady foundation to venture forward upon. It is the placement of becoming an expert in your field while seeking to make a positive impact on others.

Asteroid Weaver is at Leo 10° with Mars sextile Moon, quintile Saturn, and semisquare Chiron. We’re the kind of people who desire balance and harmony in our relationships and have strong wills. Our creative spark makes us enthusiastic about life desiring happiness and success in life.

Our talents lie in sorting, categorizing, and creating order in our lives often having a strong sense of meeting deadlines. We struggle to act spontaneously as we are more responsible and can appear unemotional from time to time. Our sense of self is challenged by our ego structure and we’re often at odds with it.

We feel an unfathomable degree of loneliness. This aspect to Saturn is what is often a metaphoric Sun/Son on the cross image symbolizing a psychological aspect of the Sun Chiron semisquare. We generally cut ourselves off from the material world in order to attain to higher pleasure in the spiritual world.

The chart holder taps into worlds and realities that are beyond the scope of usual human perception. What they gain from this can be used to enrich the knowledge and understanding of people if they are open to their insights. The problem is they may not believe the chart holder because they aren’t perceiving what they’re perceiving.

The way to resolve this dilemma is to express your ideas in a way that is not so forthright through a form that is more acceptable to others. Another option is to use your insights and ideas to further yourself without being concerned about what others believe or won’t take in.

The Chandra Symbol for this degree is “A man putting olive oil all over his body.” This degree is about making the connections between self and the outside world smoother so it can move through the world with greater ease minimizing the negative reactions which might come towards themselves from other people.

They have a strong need to be independent and true to self, but to do so in a non-abrasive way in the hopes that their special gifts will be accepted as much as possible. They have an ability to slip out of situations which are unnecessarily limiting or which don’t allow them to contribute what they uniquely have to offer. Slipping and sliding through the world makes life easier minimizing the need for compromise.

Work with guardian angel Yeialel and daimon Ipos.

Daimon Ipos will refer us to the Five of Cups, Jupiter, Yarrow, and Scorpio. Working with Ipos helps one become more decisive and courageous. If there is negativity attached to your aura it will be removed while you learn how to engage in using your subtle bodies’ natural defenses against psychic or emotional attack. This daimon assists with confidence, eloquence, self development, and helps you make wiser decisions.

Work with Cavansite spreading a message of appreciation towards natural and Divine cycles while focusing on sharing with friends and family the ideals of simplicity, beauty, love, and nature in its purest form. Affirm your beliefs in timelessness each day.

I also should note that I mistakenly forgot to remove my keys from my apron for my part time cosmetology job. Needless to say the Universe/Cosmos key and my key for our other franchise store got a “cleansing/wash” with the dirty laundry.  That was not intentional; I honestly forgot I needed to pull my keys out of my apron first then turn on the machine.

Have a thought provoking Thursday! Sending you good vibes! 👋🏻💓