Self Examination Saturdays: Plotting Fixed Stars from Constellations in a Natal or Draconic Chart

“A person’s energy and the aura they give off never lies. Trust in that.” – Anonymous

Where to begin? The underlined hyperlink text fleshes out an otherwise fully elaborate research project I’ve done for today. When I receive a tarot reading from others I usually integrate them this way. It’s probably not a common form for most. If you wish to learn a little more about my level of perspective in life go on an adventure by clicking on the provided details I’ve left behind in my wake.


There was a tarot reading last night that expressed a few interesting points which I woke up this morning wanting to investigate a bit further. The cards given began as the Ace of Swords, Ace of Wands, and Magician.

When the colors came through as red and blue I was reminded of the three Kabbalistic pillars on the Tree of Life referred to as Mercy, Severity, and Balance. As these were clarified the Akashic Records began to emerge in the reading as well via Oracle Cards speaking to breath, delight (enjoying what one does), guidance, unity, the Universe/Cosmos, and the energies of one’s Divine Feminine or matriarchy which the tarot reader said spoke to the womb space of mother, grandmother, and great grandmother. The crystal mentioned was Smoky Quartz.

The tarot reader was right on the money when she spoke to what she saw in this reading, but I don’t know if she understood the Yods when she began to explain what she was intuitively keying into about impregnation and creative impulses. It’s literally as if she had read my blog, but in fact she had not before she gave the reading! It was one of the strangest and spookiest reads I’ve ever had by someone. I felt so “seen.”

Upon the Kabbalistic pillars we find the following information:

Left hand side (my dominant side; southpaw) is associated with right brain functions representing the Divine Masculine comprised of Chokmah, Chesed, and Netzach. Chokmah is Yang, the highest sphere of the Divine Masculine, and the lower spheres of Chesed/Netzach are Divine Feminine or Yin. This is known as Yang at the center of Yin as shown in the famous Taoist symbol of Yin Yang.

In the Four Worlds of Kabbalah red can speak to Binah and Geburah through boundaries, sorrow, power, the illusions of death/invincibility, and Saturn/Mars. Blue, however, speaks to Chesed and Chokmah through unconditioned/conditioned creativity, the Vision of God/Goddess face to face, love, the zodiac/Jupiter, and the illusions of independence and righteousness.

This all makes logical sense actually to my life at present. These topics would require blog readers to be active students in esoterics and studying Kabbalah as I’ve been doing in my spare time for which there are many interpretations, personal experiences, and various levels of knowledge or gnosis.

One of which reminds me of my experience with a NDE at age 26 and some of my further health struggles into my 30s and 40s grappling with existential reality which I’ve previously blogged about from allergies to fluorquinolones being prescribed or even contraindicated pain medications or coping with chronic pain. Two rounds of Cipro and a ligament tear 5 months later will always seem suspicious to me now after a chronic UTI which I still battle, but now take entirely different antibiotics and probiotics for with dietary changes.

This dovetails into some issues I’m questioning with mom who was given the same black box warning antibiotics in an IV during her pneumonia treatment. I had multiple blog posts in January 2022 about all of this research and earlier entries on my foot fractures and subsequent surgery. I don’t believe many people read or listen to pharmaceutical commercials, black box warnings, and other factors as readily as they should to make truly “informed” decisions. They give their power away in a large number of forms. And we reap as we sow!

People then think I’m weird because I appear a rather radical health or food advocate to them, but you’ve not lived my life and you have to understand I’ve seen stories of others being harmed or worked in a profession where I experienced something I can’t share from a legal vantage that shaped my consciousness or understanding. I share that info with those open enough to receive because too many won’t hear the message for they don’t desire to wake up to truth.

As the tarot reader said red or blue pill! The choice is yours! I did not know about these class antibiotics until my teledoc warned me I could not be prescribed them again over the phone rather cryptic like prompting me to get online and research the same way I researched gabapentin, tramadol, and the entire nervous system in the human body with chronic pain to learn how to heal myself. It required me to realize that I was deficient and unhealthy due to lifestyle particularly my diet, stress, and other factors.

If I’d been there instead of other family authorizing her care I never would have allowed them to give these to her because her post side effects are worrisome including our waiting for an MRI on her foot to see if she too has any torn foot ligaments in her left foot. This trauma is for me as if I’m reliving a difficult life experience when I had surgery and an awakening.

To say I’m not always coping well is an understatement. Others have said it’s not my responsibility. No partially it is not, but sometimes we struggle with wanting to help others against our best interests. We mean well, but that is not always enough/appropriate. Ideally the responsibility is ours individually to learn and take care of ourselves becoming more self sufficient.

Again sovereignty is not what most people are taught to embrace for they have taken up codependency. Or they’ve been coddled long enough it’s like we put them on a bicycle with training wheels and they’re fearful to take those training wheels off.

It’s too personal, and I guess I did not fully heal on some levels myself because my experiences now with medical professionals compounded by years in medical malpractice law will never be as trusting or the same as they were before I became more self aware. And I won’t burden blog readers with getting too personal about all of these life lessons or problems I’m having with family or responsibilities I question are really mine to tend to or if they belong to others trying to “adult” sometimes unsuccessfully.

Right hand side is associated with left brain functions representing the Divine Feminine comprised of Binah, Geburah, and Hod. Binah is the Great Sea and Yin, the highest sphere of the Divine Feminine, and the lower spheres of Geburah/Hod are Divine Masculine or Yang. This is known as Yin at the center of Yang.

The middle or central pillar is associated with balance, wholism, and integration representing the unity of male/female composed of Kether, Tiferet, Yesod, and Malkuth/Malchut.

“If you’re afraid to defend your convictions because you might get your ass kicked for it, you’re not really fit to advocate for them.” – James Carlos Blake

Much of the reading resonated with me in that there was mention of healing, Reiki, ASMR, music, and herbalism coupled with knowledge of the North Lunar Node and the starseeds from Andromeda and Sirius. A greater puzzle piece to unravel was the mention of manifesting a galactic DNA and partnerships that are not necessarily based on time/space. These are all areas I’ve been covering in my blog post including the mention of clairaudience with regards to the water element through my recent mermaid blog posts.

This morning I decided after tending to my various chores as well as the garden to plot the Andromedan fixed stars and Sirius into my Natal and Draconic charts for further understanding. I’ve known that the later degrees of any constellation are often referred to as the markers of starseeds, but have not actively pursued the study of this in esoterics. I’m now feeling a bit more inclined to investigate this perhaps over the next week.

There is no possible way to cover all of the degrees in this comparison so I’m going to pick and choose or rather highlight for my blog post which degrees I feel compelled to hone in on. I will be doing more personal research in my spare time. If others are interested in this and feel compelled you can use’s extended charts and select fixed stars from additional objects through their free services if you don’t have an astrology software that allows for this depth of study.

One of the first stars I wanted to look at is the Draconic chart’s placement of Nembus associated with androgyny which the tarot reader spoke of as an energy she was picking up on. The Draconic chart as previously mentioned shows how others acutely and subconsciously become aware of our soul’s purpose opening life’s doors tracing where we came from (parents, grandparents, and great grandparents) as well as where we are going.

The Draconic chart is ideal for those who wish to best understand their soul or the soul of another. The North Node in the Natal chart is how you execute your life’s mission and purpose. The point in comparing so many various chart systems is that you will gain a unified picture or blueprint to your mind giving you a new lens with which to perceive your higher self, unconscious, karma, and previous incarnations.

The Divine Androgyny:

Draconic Chart for Nembus and Adhil

For me Nembus squares Mercury and Jupiter, quintiles Venus and Neptune, trines Saturn, opposition Uranus, and conjuncts Chiron within my 7th House of Sagittarius at 3°. I chose this degree for a reason as the Sabian symbol implies much through the use of chess.

When my tarot reader spoke to my trying to manifest soul level partnerships, removing my junk DNA from my mundane level to reach a galactic level of consciousness, and such there are cues to the 7th House through the personal needs of relating to spouse, siblings, parents, business partners, etc. with which she spoke to who I wish to share with in this Universe/Cosmos. It is described as a cutting off of branches on the family tree.

More-so many Andromeda constellation fixed stars are in my 7th House in both of my charts which she stated have my back in cleaning out my family tree and reaching galactic alignment; a support system so to speak in the Andromedan starseed galactic tribe.

This is a placement for those who express themselves with no filter. Fields we excel in are education/teaching, marketing, law, and media. We need to be placed where our mind and communication skills will be best utilized. We enjoy imaginative art, clothing, and music.

We take a playful and lighthearted approach to spirituality. One of the phrases specifically for Jupiter trine Saturn is that “we are a function of what the whole Universe is doing in the same way that a wave is a function of what the whole ocean is doing.” Totally matches my last blog post! We are also stand alones not willing to be bound to that which causes inner darkness shining a light on living more freely and attuned to one’s own life patterns.

Once the chart holder had found where the treasure was supposed to be they realized that what the treasure was is something intangible. The chart holder wondering if they carried the treasure with them felt almost certain they did while others were waiting for a sign/omen or some internal shift that might announce its presence.

And yes, eventually over many years all of them decided they had received something from their quest which was some ineffable essence that continued to mutate and to change them which they occasionally felt for a moment within themselves, but which would then elude them again impelling them to seek ever further. Work with guardian angel Yerathel and daimon Ronove.

Daimon Ronove binds us to the Six of Wands, Mars, Violet, and the Moon. Viola is my great grandmother’s name. When we work with Ronove we are imparted intense comprehension and intuitional knowledge relayed via dreams and divination. There is an emphasis on telekinesis (I don’t believe I’ve mastered this as I’m picturing Bewitched), winning arguments, mental stability, and spirit helpers who assist with magical exercises/teachings.

Next on the Draconic chart I want to look at fixed star Adhil in my 7th House of Scorpio at 28° because speculatively this is a starseed degree. Aspects include square Sun and Mercury, semisquare Mars, and trine Saturn. Our energies are redirected towards our solar path of ambition, force, power, and breaking through barriers.

Inner transformation becomes essential, but the problem is many are dominating us forcing us to fight to be heard and demanding we submit to them not valuing cooperation; in essence we deal with a lot of control freaks! And I personally can attest to that as a verifiable truth!

Hmm…fairy kings?!

We deal with a lot more conflict and confrontation than most. Male figures in our lives have posed deep threats to our sense of autonomy in the early years of our lives having psychologically shamed us regarding our impulses which has caused us impotence in our psyche towards survival.

We’ve learned the only way to survive is to cut ourselves off from that which threatens us. This means we are dismissive of that which causes internal conflict and anger for no apparent reason. Our self discipline is a bulldog mentality that no matter how difficult things get we keep at it until the job is done.

This degree turns everything into poetry. Nothing is average or prosaic unless it is made or seen that way. The chart holder has a way of lifting any and all experience to a higher level by finding the beauty in it. This is often done unconsciously, but even if the person is not aware of it the effect is still transporting and revealing of the Cosmic aspect of all phenomena.

The Chandra Symbol for this degree is “A building: the only part of it left is the cornerstone.” Everything passes away eventually even something as seemingly durable as a building. The cornerstone marks the place it was preserving the memory of that structure. Our imagination may rebuild that building and/or we may actually rebuild it in physical reality or build a structure that is different yet in some way like it bearing some of the essence of the the older defunct form.

The heaviness and endurance of the cornerstone seems so different from the chart holder who speaks only in meter and rhyme yet so much poetry grows out of older forms that are not much read anymore. Poetry tends to condense language just as the cornerstone is a condensation of the energy that was the building.

This degree has a gift for essentialization and for what we might call “reconceptualization,” that is, the ability to rethink and rebuild things for the purpose of allowing the soul to take on a new vehicle of expression. Realize, too, that the chart holder is not carefully writing and revising their poetry, but is expressing themselves directly and spontaneously in poetic form which is thinking on one’s feet. Work with guardian angel Yeialel and daimon Ipos.

Daimon Ipos binds us to the Five of Cups, Jupiter, Sandalwood, and Scorpio. When working with Ipos one gains charisma, intelligence, and courage. This daimon is great for getting the funk out especially cleansing breaths and also switching gears in life.

Natal Chart for Almach and Sirius

Now lets take a glance at the Natal chart for some answers and comparisons! I chose Almach, but I’ve also previously investigated this degree if you want to hop on over here for reference as I was looking into Desdemona. Almach is in my 7th House of Taurus at 13°. Almach makes aspects in my chart which include square Mercury and Jupiter, trine Saturn, opposition Uranus, and conjunct Chiron.

Our challenge if we choose to accept it is to put our interests before those of others without feeling guilty for doing so. We are tasked to set boundaries with those who are asking us to overextend ourselves or neglect our own needs to placate their every whim/fancy.

If we are sick, impoverished, and not taking good care of ourselves to care for everyone else then in the end we have nothing to give. Healthy selfishness is essential to self love. Setting boundaries at one time although many don’t respect this today was seen as a way to earn greater respect of your peers and elders.

We assert our identity even when it causes discord as we are tired of feeling oppressed and disadvantaged by current societal norms. Our heart is where we are broken. We’ve buried everything there be it good, bad, or ugly. We can’t ignore that we have unresolved wounds still waiting to be healed. Therefore we can not fake it until we make it.

I’d like to take this time as it is opportune having already extensively covered this degree to speak to the myths of Andromeda as well as a little astronomy woo. In Ancient Mesopotamia the constellation was known to three different asterisms.

These were Apin the Plow lending to the name Mul.Apin, I-Iku the Field was the field worked over by the plow now known as the Great Square of Pegasus reminding me of my Nike sneakers, and Anunitum the patron Goddess of Akkad related to Inanna and Ishtar (Goddess of love, beauty, sex, war, justice, and political power).

Andromeda was also associated with Lu-lim the Stag/Messenger of the Stars. This was a reference to the Sun as rekindling the fire or a chariot pulled by a horse. Lastly Harriru the Rainbow was a possible connection to Andromeda galaxy.

The Greek mythology depicts this as Perseus liberating the chained woman modernized as Saint George and the Dragon.The Byzantine Empire depicted Perseus’ weapon as a magical harp.

This galaxy is nearest the Milky Way and forms the nakshatra Uttara Bhadrapada (more information may be found here) ruled by Shani the God of karma, justice, and retribution. We can also find here the concepts of Andromeda and the Milky Way colliding. I should preface this as we still don’t know if this merger will or will not happen!

Of note in the tarot reading Pluto was a reversed card for the reading in aspect to an upright Moon. If we consider the Moon is ruled by Pisces in tarot perhaps this speaks to those wishing to remain in the Piscean Age incapable of embracing an Aquarian Age or a new aeon.

But this interpretation matches the tarot readers notation of piercing the veil to all the deception and poor intentions of others swimming around me at present. I’m not as naive as I once was. Judgment was an important card in the Chaldean numerology for my business being established.

Lastly let’s look upon fixed star Sirius which is part of a vortex of energy linked to the August 8th Lionsgate Portals. This is when the grids of the Earth and the central Sun align us to the Temple of our Higher Heart channeling the energies of Divine Feminine or Goddess to birth a new age of enlightenment on Earth.

Those not aware don’t realize that this speaks to the DNA codes which change us from 3D to 5D during the ascension where all timelines merge as was spoken of by the tarot reader last night. All divisions are cleared and resolved returning to unity. We have 12 strand codes many are not activating. This was the esoteric sacred marriage of the New Jerusalem between the Christos and Magdalene.

For me I’ve been researching this before I began my astrology business and blog because I was well aware the correlation to my birthday. As the tarot reader expressed for me Sirius is in the 9th House of Cancer at 13°. This is the house of strong convictions, self expansion, and self improvement. It is where we find higher principles, all things metaphysical, and enter a vocation in law, government, or as a healer.

Sirius is square Pluto, trine Neptune, and semisquare Saturn and Chiron. We are natural loners with direct expression. We also exhibit environmental hypersensitivity and a gift for the psychic dimensions. There is a wound here with accepting and expressing our true feelings to others.

The chart holder has the ability to create spontaneously and to allow natural energies to express through themselves in an unimpeded way. They only have trouble if they try to stop this, rearrange, or limit it in some way. The chart holder fulfills their purpose as they attune to their inner guidance and allow it to flow forth without reservation or pre-conception.

The Chandra Symbol for this degree is “Many voices singing different songs at the same time.” There could easily be an oppressive confusion here or a feeling of being overwhelmed and disoriented. This individual degree is sub-ruled by Libra so the question is how are we to relate to all of this?

The answer is to let it happen and to allow our focus to move easily through it rather than anxiously and frantically trying to assimilate all of it. This degree is about giving up control and the wonderful music that can result from doing so. Work with guardian angel Lecabel and daimon Foras.

Daimon Foras binds us to the Eight of Pentacles, Mercury, Centaury, and Virgo. Foras teaches logic, ethics, eloquence, and the knowledge of precious stones/herbs. Other areas of focus when working with this daimon are a healthy outlook, a clear head, and self introspection.

“A purely psychological explanation is ruled out…the discs show signs of intelligent guidance, by quasi-human pilots…the authorities in possession of important information should not hesitate to enlighten the public as soon and as completely as possible.” -Carl Jung

I hope everyone has a spine tingling Saturday. I’m going to be heading up soon for rest, and trying to figure out if I can ever get the Netflix login so I can watch a recommended television series from my part time cosmetology job’s manager as I don’t get access to the remote control right now.

I don’t think it interests the rest of my family either at present so maybe I can stream it off my iPhone or laptop somewhere else in this house so that we’re not fighting over who controls what anytime soon as I’m working to not create anymore strife than already has existed on/off.

Three adults cohabiting together does not always compute well! I’ve been asked and told multiple times by outsiders that I don’t feel heard. I don’t think this is just me. Literally the three of us do not always get along or agree. I’m certain that happens in more families than many want to admit. Honestly I’m still processing some other information on esoterics I’ve received.

My mind is swimming in the depths! All that I know was the tarot reader said I’m not to “sleep” on or I suppose “rest on my laurels” with my pursuits at this time. That’s not easy. I’m struggling to set boundaries at present and not feel pulled in too many directions or I feel like I need to be a bit selfish with my time at present.

Slowly the pieces are coming together all around me, and I’m starting to recognize part of the problem is those who won’t let go will be dragged as the Zen proverb states. Something Ketu ruled Magha nakshatra born should be good at is detachment. Meanwhile I’m often then arguing with those who don’t quite grasp this concept whatsoever and creating friction at home, at work, and everywhere else. I don’t think I deliver the message correctly or some just don’t wish to hear it. 🎧🎼

PS: I finally proofread this a second time. We had a thunderstorm last night. I needed to shut down my laptop for fear of power going out. Humans can have/make errors, and I found a few. 😀