Manifestation Mondays: The Hidden Shores of Atlantis

“Life appears magical underwater.” – Unknown

Sink beneath the surface today with our underlined hyperlink text as you journey through the depths.


Did you know that there is an Asteroid Atlantis (1198) that you can chart within astrology? No! Me neither until today. I thought it would be a fun experience to plop this into a Vedic Age Harmonic Chart for insight. These charts can speak to various portions of our life on Earth.

For example, I’m in my early 40s so my Age Harmonic will focus on auspicious/inauspicious effects of planets accenting where my good/bad habits of an emotional or psychological nature lie. There will also be indicators of a moral/ethical nature with regards to present karma.

At this age these charts indicate often which of the three Hindu deities we are reflecting be that Brahma, Vishnu, or Shiva and Saraswati, Lakshmi, and Parvati (creator, preserver, and destroyer is often also attributed here). Atlantis stems from legends of an island which disappeared beneath the ocean after a massive earthquake.

Plato is one of the first Greek philosopher’s often quoted as giving account of this followed by Timaeus and Critias. The reason we are so fascinated by this tale, tall or otherwise, is that it is an example of an idealistic and utopian society. I’d personally be one to account this to another allegory rather than historical fact even if that makes me disliked by many esotericists or mythology fiends/diehards.

We know that a large chunk of the Antediluvian stories are much like any other spiritual treatise we have been given in life which are read on multiple levels from literal to allegorical to metaphysical.

Is it then not easy to suss out that perhaps these myths with their oceanic depths speak more to that which is our individual and collective unconscious? Earth consciousness being the mind and chaos represents a sense of duality in nature/ourselves while water consciousness raises one into spirit.

The symbolic flood cleanses away confusion of the mind allowing us to meditate upon peace within. For many this is their first initiation into mysticism/mysteries of baptism where we experience stillness.

Or could this water represent the sea of our emotions and the unity of oneness? In the Bible we see this in Matthew 14:22 where the other side is our higher realms of consciousness while the mixed multitudes are those stuck in religious dogma unable to grow through meditation upon their spiritual path.

Age Harmonic Chart for Asteroid Atlantis

For those interested in some fanciful stories about Atlantis I’m enclosing a few, but it should come to no one’s particular surprise that for me we find Asteroid Atlantis in my Vedic Age Harmonic Chart nestled within my 12th House of Pisces at 16° (I mentioned flow yesterday) with aspects that include trine Jupiter and Chiron.

Jupiter being a harbinger for Chesed, expansion, the greater benefic, and the higher self while Chiron would be our wounded healer.

Traveling to Atlantis:

One of these is remarkably reminiscent of a link I attached in a previous blog post referencing apotheosis, Juno, etc.

When compared to my Western natal chart we would find that my North Lunar Node or present life’s karma was Virgo while my South Lunar Node or past life’s karma was Pisces. Not quite the same as my Vedic Rahu/Ketu or nakshatra.

But these all form a more well rounded picture of a mathematical problem somewhat such as Point A plus Point B equals Point C. Natal plus Age Harmonic shows the future trajectory perhaps.

Pisces is a water sign speaking to Neptune. A 12th House Piscean is obsessed with the welfare of others often performing selfless acts in an attempt to make others happy. We desire to balance our karma. Our compassion is not easy to see and we will distract ourselves from whatever brings us sadness.

We can’t stand to feel oppressed by other people and although we may be perceived as intelligent we are also impressionable. Orthodox or unorthodox we have a natural affinity for spirituality and mysticism. This has little to do with standard religious practices rather it unfolds from a personal path we have tread.

We also are deeply sensitive to our local/world environment with clashes between those who are self centered and those who are known for higher ideals. Any woundedness we exhibit is through our relationship to alcohol and drug addiction (a primary component of the loss of my biological father was his alcoholism and domestic abuse/anger), mental illness, or a lack of spiritual faith. We heal by learning to trust in the Universe as well as the Divine.

The chart holder seeks a simple, independent, and often isolated existence on the periphery of human endeavors. It knows how to get along with little and avoids complexities that might get in the way of its intensely inward focus. It has highly unique gifts and knows how to work silently and unobtrusively to make special contributions to the world. Contributions that may be beyond the comprehension of others.

The Chandra Symbol for this degree is “A peaceful child on a narrow ledge that overlooks a precipice.” This degree finds itself in limiting/confining situations, but rather than struggling against these takes an innocently calm approach to them often simply observing them and waiting. And often this serene attitude and attentiveness will dissolve problems that seemed at first insurmountable. The precipice could be threatening and so could the troll under the bridge.

If we wish to cross the bridge, descend into the precipice, or remove ourselves from it we must be sensitive to what the situation requires and to what we need to do to to make the desired transition. This degree, subruled by the cautious sign of Capricorn, might be called the degree of patient outworking. Work with guardian angel Yeialel and daimon Ipos.

Daimon Ipos is a tie in to the 5 of Cups, Jupiter, Yarrow Root, and Scorpio. When we come to work with Ipos we develop courage, decisiveness, and we learn to control our emotions. Meditative workings can be done through the use of tarot divination as well as the spheres of the Moon.

Your aura when working with this daimon can be unbound from negative entities allowing for protection from psychic vampires. Often Ipos imparts eloquence, confidence, independence, inspiration, humor, and bravery. This daimon rules over self development and divination.

I’ve read that it’s good to work with this particular daimon when we work in a business position which benefits from increased sales. This speaks to not just my astrology business online, but my part time cosmetology employment.

When we develop enhanced articulation, become more convincing/effective at helping others believe in us, and establish our credibility we can succeed. Another helpful trait of Ipos is assistance with the transition through death be it literal or transformations during our lifetime as we will experience many endings and new beginnings.

We find this degree sitting upon the fixed star Homan in the neck of Pegasus the Flying Horse. This fascinating name originates in Sa’dal Humam meaning the Lucky Star of the Hero through a 15th Century Tartar astronomer named Ulug Beg. Later a 17th Century orientalist identified it as Al Hammam or the Whisperer. Yet, the Chinese called it Luy Tien/Thunder.

Arabic components consider this fixed star an emblem of good luck often attached to Jupiter and Venus. The energies of this star, however, speak to Mars and Mercury giving one an ambitious nature, intuitive skills, and enthusiasm.

Now see I’m going to just laugh at this because I purchased online a Black Holes and Flower Essences astrology report. So when I learn that Messier 15 has a secret supposedly within the Pegasus galaxy I’m left with nothing except a recognition that the Universe has a sense of humor. Mostly because well I have a whopping 30 aspects to black holes in astrology on this report. But then see we’re really just playing a game here!

Traditional astrologers aside who associate this asteroid with negativity on the spectrum of fear versus love through impending doom we can always choose to transmute frequencies to something of a higher order. Many associate this asteroid with separation, a crystal kingdom, strong connections with marine life, technological advancement, extraterrestrials, and the infamous 5D.

The infamous 5D is like any other idealistic and utopian belief that there is no hierarchy, no superiority/inferiority complexes, and equality not equity as I’ve stated these two words are of completely different etymological context in a previous blog post.

The downfall being greed, various forms of abuse, and other low vibration factors entering the consciousness of many individually as well as collectively. The need to compete/compare through us versus them when we look to this asteroid in our chart butts heads against the vibration of beauty, oneness, and wisdom. It’s your choice to come into alignment with higher truth for water holds memory just as crystals do.

You will find some more modern astrologers who believe further that developing a sudden interest in astrology, numerology, crystals, natural/spiritual healing, occult knowledge of the chakras, reincarnation, or starseeds tend to possess a supposed past life in Atlantis, an ancestor with a past life in Atlantis, or an ancestor with present DNA which survived from Atlantis.

What must always be remembered here is that water is the ultimate carrier of information and holds consciousness despite the fact that many humans take it for granted. Our brains are composed of up to 83% water where neurons send electrical signals which absorb and release water as a means of communication. Neurotransmitters, all ecosystems, and more require water to carry messages.

We as humans have the most significant yet misunderstood, forgotten, and denied relationship to water! For science states that water is an inorganic compound in which chemical processes occur.

At this juncture we have completely distanced ourselves from the true purpose of water which is why we exploit this resource. There are consequences for controlling the flower of water, diverting water from its course, and polluting water. Water is responsible for the most delicate metabolic processes in your body connected to your evolution alongside that of animals, botanicals, and microbials.

Water is in fact sacred! A perfectly hydrated body would be at least 90% water not soda, not fruit juice, and not coffee/tea. Perfect hydration is the missing link to your optimum physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well being. This also implies consuming the right kind of water. Most of the water we consume today is dead water leeching minerals, nutrients, and energy from your body.

Electrolyte deficiency is certainly not the only reason many are in fact walking around dehydrated. And lastly water absorbs energy from the quantum field when properly structured! This makes it life enhancing as it double vortexes making us a recipient of Divine stewardship if we learn to properly care for the planet we call home and properly tend to our temple known as the human organism.

I leave you with an ASMR video on Atlantis. May you have a visionary Monday! I’ve been flitting around these topics for months now. Blessings! 🤗💗

Today I am ending this blog post by sharing a collection of wildflowers from the garden some of which the centers are literally gold/yellow five pointed stars!

The details of nature shown in pink flowers.
The bees are always zipping about the sunflowers now. I dont’ see them in the sage or borage quite as much. These solar loving flowers are more to the liking of the bees in our garden. Even the wasps have been hanging around.
I had no idea that a crab spider was on the marigold when taking the photo with my iPhone. I guess the little one trusted me.

I have finally identified the yellow wildflower which is not a zinnia as yellow star thistle. Evidently many don’t want this considering it an invasive weed, however, it’s also a form of honey.
We had another rather tumultuous thunderstorm this week; thankfully most of the plants/flowers were not destroyed. I’ve been informed also that there are two roma tomatoes beginning to grow.

Tomorrow I will be cleaning up some of the plants, checking the carrot growth, and probably looking at the roma tomatoes which I’ve been self pollinating as I’m not sure if the insects have been helping. That and a few other chores.