Teach Me Tuesdays: What is Your 13 Moon Archetype?

“Simple solution to my fear of the dark! I just close my eyes and pretend it’s not there.” – Unknown

If you have an otherwise irrational fear of elevators take steps to avoid them by using our underlined hyperlink text. You’ll still manage to ascend! If it’s a fear of heights, however, we may have bigger problems to address.


Today is a break from astrology. I’ve been hard and heavy hitting at charting a lot over the course of my time as an astrology business with a blog. I wanted to cut myself some slack today, and shift away from this even though I considered looking at some Arabic Parts/Lots. I just ultimately need to allow myself some downtime from those topics right now.

I decided to draw from an online oracle today as well as to try a quiz for this theme. I don’t always trust these tools, but sometimes I’m simply suffering from ennui. The tarot reading generated three cards in total for the energies it believes are a match at present. Those would include the Primal Goddess, Catalyze (Sacred Tool of Lightning), and Passion (Frequency of Orange).

I probably won’t disagree with this as an end result actually from a tarot reading regardless that it’s ultimately a byproduct of digital authorship rather than that of physically handling a tarot deck.

I felt a resonance because I was looking upon the numerology of where I live realizing my address’ number adds to 13 exactly with a street that has a magical correspondence as well. Another oddity is that the street behind me is a synchronicity in my eyes to my lunar mansion Magha through the fixed star Regulus being that it is called Lionheart.

I saw this albeit is from about 10 years ago I found it worth my time to read/digest regardless; that’s the beauty of online time travel with no DeLorean. Or another street nearby named Iris. Is that the eyes or the Goddess respectively?!

The Primal Goddess

This really only struck me because modern esotericism wants to believe that the numerological value of thirteen carries the message of the return of the Divine Feminine, unity, and balance through transcending the material reality and ascending to New Earth vibration codes.

It’s an offshoot of Christ/Cosmic consciousness whereby we acknowledge there are 13 lunar cycles within the solar year honoring the Goddess. I’m one who will allow people to believe as they so choose because as I’ve most often said I’m neither dogmatic nor really twinned or connected to any specific group being that I tend to operate solitary.

We may find more truth in this through the belief of Friday the 13th given that this day was named for Goddesses associated with Venus when many considered it an optimal time for manifestation, honoring creativity, and the celebration of beauty, wisdom, and nourishment of our soul. It was said to symbolize the importance of rest, relaxation, and playfulness.

For women it held resonance to our ovulation cycles when we were not ashamed of our ability to hold space for new life. I’ve met many women who claim to be proudly modern and domesticated who legitimately “hate” their menses which I believe is a byproduct of many distorted beliefs they have adopted that reject parts of their human temple as a form of inner/external body shame, dissociation, or due to associating it with pain.

Reiki and a few other schools might consider this number to be a reference to the energetic harmonic waves of the Earth’s heartbeat that is a piece of our quantum and primoridal DNA cells through the original 8 cells of life that form after fusion of egg/sperm in cell replication. These cells are positioned between your Root and Sacral chakras maintaining your aura.

Catalyze (Sacred Tool of Lightning)

When we connect with these cells we have an opportunity to connect with our Higher Heart chakra, pineal gland, Soul Star chakra, and Earth Star chakra via the Hara Lines I’ve previously discussed/linked to in a blog post.

If we activate these energies we remember how to harness the stellar energies for healing disease aligning with the aether. We shift from egoic states to Divine mind. The goal of such a practice is to step out of old patriarchal or human made systems into innate flow with Mother Earth.

If you noticed that I skipped the Higher Heart chakra this is because I needed to do more research before I could include anything upon it because it’s a direct link to your immune system via the thymus. This is due to the location being between our heart and throat where intent originates connecting the reason of language with the emotions of our heart to clarify our life’s purpose strengthening the higher self to express itself.

The quiz went quite a bit different being that it downloaded as a PDF where I had to check off qualities I resonate with and then total them up determining which ones I found the most matches to. For those curious the result was the Priestess identified as the archetypes of Vesta, Hestia, Morrigan (crows being a Magha nakshatra theme though), and the Blue Medicine Buddha.

Makes one wonder about the High Priestess in the Major arcana. I already knew about the ecstatic aspect being that I’ve previously tested when I was in a phase to the Alchemical and Ecstatic Goddess archetypes via a group online that I’ve since parted ways with entirely.

Passion (Frequency of Orange)

The Primal Goddess is a representation of the Divine Feminine in her natural, instinctual, untamed, and freer aspect with a motto that reads “everything in excess” pushing beyond limitations, interpretations, and boundaries of the mind which form our habitual patterns. She follows her passions without rationalization and mental approval of the inner critic. Her transcendent function is via the use of imagination and intensity to co-create reality.

Her shadow displays as shame, guilt, powerlessness, doubt, and stagnation. When this occurs one should stand in their power and truth asking directly for what they desire rather than misusing their kundalini to manipulate.

The gateway to this vibration is through ecstatic attunement when we access deep meditation, dancing, writing, painting, lovemaking, prayer, singing, and altered states of consciousness. The affirmation for the Primal Goddess is I fuel and I consume with the colors red, orange, yellow, gold, and copper. We find her displayed best through Shakti, Pele, and Lilith (yes, that Lilith).

Me: Doc, I have a crippling fear of big empty spaces.

Therapist: A void?

Me: That’s good advice. Thanks.

Transformation is in progress at this time when we receive this archetype. We are shaking the world upon which we have carefully constructed our ego to awaken beyond our comfort zone. Now is time to take well calculated risks that present in our life as new opportunities for growth.

I hope you have a cathartic Tuesday! I’m going to keep this short today because I’m legitimately running low on energy which means I need to put more emphasis on “me” time for a little while if I want to remain healthy on all fronts. So self care is on my evening agenda! 🔋💤