Tarot of the Day Thursdays: Bibliomancy Divines the Marriage of Heaven and Earth

How does NASA organize a party? They planet!

I am actually happy with skipping Wisdom Wednesday’s for this because I’ve combined the two blog posts making publishing in advance actually not leave me feeling in the wrong somehow.

This jaunt was not on my itinerary for today when I chose to use this form of divination, but let the underlined hyperlink text wind you through what the Universe wants to say. Or rather click around with your mouse and exercise pardon with my strange humor/puns.


My pingbacks have to be so obnoxious at this juncture as I link back to previous blog posts u-turn around the same common themes. Should I just disable them? Sorry; rhetoric question! Don’t worry evidently there is a name for all of this with pattern recognition. I might blame this on my multiple intelligences testing.

I have not used bibliomancy in quite some time. In fact I believe the last time was February when I used my Alice in Wonderland/Looking Glass copy for clues as well as the asteroid Lewiscarroll (Lewis Carroll; the author). It was a different time in my life also as I was digging into a lot of podcasts that I no longer have time for between my many hats I now find myself wearing.

Name one person on this planet who is not victimized by groupthink? We all fight against it same as propaganda and “influencers” who want to psychologically warfare with us because ultimately that is what it is; a war for the mind and our individual/collective consciousness.

In middle school I was in a generation that was actually educated to avoid these concepts or to at the very least be capable of recognizing all of the above in an attempt to question or try thinking for ourselves instead of allowing the status quo to control/manipulate us.

This means we will likely be the ones who want to hear all sides of any “truth, his/her story, etc.” before we really make any choice because well we’re not so easily “trusting the plan whatever that plan may be.”

This phrase actually triggers me into a different flavor for lack of a better description which is probably not pleasant for others. I hear it and think I’m being conned immediately. That flavor is the one family sees usually which can consist of some rather unladylike foul language also. People forget I have other personality traits that I have embraced down the years of being stuck on Earth which flare when I’m pushed around enough. I usually try to keep them in check.

I’m the eternal skeptic I think although someone else told me I was sardonic once. Probably why I don’t play very nice with the crypto coin scammers, trolls, chat bots, artificial intelligence (the etymology of these two words explains it all for those who can decipher the memo) and others who try to pull one over on me.

That is why I left Twitter and Facebook as well as I struggle with those who won’t do their shadow work or who are status quo esotericists. It is why I recognize search engines are not really censoring; the world wide web is an entire pay to play sphere.

It’s another realm of control for the “wealthy, powerful, or possibly corrupt/questionable intents” to create a vested hierarchy of acting as your “master.” Solitary and solitude anyone?! The argument yet again of equity is not equality; one has to do with “ownership” of a resource maybe even exploitation!

I’ve been online since the late 90s as a content creator as previously mentioned therefore I’ve seen how unbelievably toxic the digital age can, could, and may become. VPN, advertisement blockers, tracker blockers, etc. Yes I’m one of those weirdos. I don’t even like a lot of the supposed shopping scams with points/rewards because it’s a data tracking system that harvests you.

It’s all about loss of freedom, sovereignty, and the means to controlling another. Anyone setting boundaries in life or are you a victim of parasites, vampires, and leeches energetically? That world is one you need to be educated about navigating and literally taking personal control over rather than giving that power away to others. And I’m not even touching the topics of food, water, housing, energy, or other probabilities where we are planetary exploited.

And before you pick a side I had a customer inform me that she has become a multi-generational family like ours where I live with my parents due to cost of living versus wages. You see those “lockins/lockdowns” and economic factors that are leading to inflation/hyper inflation caused her son’s monthly rent to be boosted an additional on top of what he already struggled to afford $400 a month while landlords or landladies try to recoup any income lost during our “experiment” based on some peculiar hypothesis’.

So when I say it’s a pay to play hierarchy as well as a means to exploit or control I’m speaking of concepts that have existed or been employed for quite some time. Wages may have increased, but when a currency is also devalued and created on questionable intents for equally questionable pursuits one has to start looking for the core of the onion as well as thinking “fair” is one of those subjective/objective philosophies. And before I get into an anti establishment rant we will close this discussion.

I pulled my Quadrivium copy and opened directly to the Sacred Geometry chapter first, closed it, and landed finally on the Circling the Square pages which read as follows:

The circle is the shape traditionally assigned to the heavens, and the square to the Earth. When these two shapes are unified by being made equal in area or perimeter we speak of “squaring the circle” meaning that heaven and Earth, or spirit and matter, are symbolically combined/married. Fivefold man (humanity; no gender bias here) exists between sixfold heaven and fourfold Earth and Leonardo da Vinci’s image also shows how a a man’s (humanity’s) span equals his height, that this measure equals seven of his feet and other important ratios.

As we saw earlier (page 33 of the Quadrivium which I have not looked at recently), the Earth and the Moon square the circle, for if the Moon (diameter 3) is drawn down to the Earth (diameter 11) then a heavenly circle through the Moon (dotted, below center) has radius 7, and so circumference 44, the same as the perimeter of the square around the Earth. This works because pi, which relates the circumference of a circle to its diameter is practically 22/7. In Leonardo’s image the Moon would fit above the man’s (humanity’s) head.

Also shown (below left/right) is a simple construction for a square using ruler/compass. Octagons soon follow.

For me personally I feel a synchronicity to the Hexagram 54 which I’ll include links for below as well as some info on this concept to close out today’s reading. I’d like for my blog followers to ponder these concepts for themselves.

According to official NASA documents they have Aliens on the ISS.
They also have Alien, Alien 3, and Alien Resurrection all on DVD.

The Fivefold Human:

I’m hearing that whole Pentacle/Pentagram topic in my brain again with Venus as well as the Castle/Seer in my natal/birth chart. I’ve only seen this configuration in one other astrology study I did for myself. Excuse me while I have a face palm moment as I’ve now been composing for months sharing and intuitively coming upon the same constant conclusions.

Hexagram 54:

Circling the Square:

I legitimately missed the 666 portal also on June 6, 2022 which was a huge one day sale at my other profession. The third six being a combination of adding 2 plus 2 plus 2 or rather 3 multiplied by 2. Which is another one of those numbers that always brings about some bizarre topics.

May your Wednesday and Thursday be rewarding! I’m off to enjoy my day before I return to my part time cosmetology job where I will likely receive a workout doing freight. Oddly today is also World Oceans Day and well I’ve definitely been swimming in the strange. 🤹🏼🔮📦💄

PS: Yes, we have a Yin Yang!