Fun Quote Fridays: Time, Calendars, and White Cosmic Wizards

“The calendar is on holiday.” – Unknown

“Where do the keys on a keyboard go to have a good time? The spacebar.”

  • Unknown

“Time is the coin of your life. It is the only coin you have, and only you can determine how it will be spent. Be careful lest you let other people spend it for you.”

  • Carl Sandburg

“Nature knows no calendar, the seasons move in a circle.”

  • Flora Thompson

“I got fired from my job as a calendar manufacturer. All I did was take a day off.”

  • Unknown

“Who controls the past, controls the future: who controls the present controls the past.”

  • George Orwell

“Time: a great engraver, or eraser.”

  • Unknown

“Me-time on a busy day is like milk in coffee – even a little changes a lot.”

  • Unknown

The image above was captured today when I prepared my Yogi Tangerine Positive Energy tea. Let’s take a magic carpet ride into an unusual expedition where we question the realities of time, space, and calendars.

“When you become part of the Universe, the Universe becomes part of you.”

Be sure to utilize the underlined hyperlink text (too bad there is not a mouse click pedometer) today because it will greatly improve your understanding of the topics I’m discussing.


Not long ago I mentioned that I’d taken a look at the Lunisolar Galactic Calendar as well as stated I was not sure I’d ever become a true follower of the system. Much of this stems from actual research on the person who is credited with creating this time management system. I’m not entirely sure even the truthful basis of this when many state it is supposedly based upon ancient Mayan time science.

I began to dive into it when I randomly fell upon a website looking up my specific Kin of 234 as White Cosmic Wizard. Then I began to notice the rational behind July 25th and July 26th in this formula as I happen to have my birthday every year on what they call their Galactic New Year. I wanted to briefly use this also as an introduction into an asteroid I’d previously charted for myself known as Astrowizard.

Others refer to this as the 13 Moon Calendar which ironically also ties into a more recent blog post I’ve published. The creator of this particular method of keeping time is based upon his belief in a synchronometer for tracking synchronicities with each Moon. The basis of marking July 26th as the beginning of their Galactic New Year is taken upon a belief that this date is when the brightest star, Sirius, sends the most light/Cosmic energy to Earth accelerating evolution.

It’s important that we all remember in a sense that it could be said that time is in fact all an illusion.

Respectively July 25th is known then as the Day Out of Time where one is transitioning between the Old and New Galactic Year. Other names given for this date happen to be Green Day, Day of Universal Forgiveness, or Day of Purification.

As of 1992 some have stated this day is celebrated as a Planetary Peace Through Culture Day to celebrate artistic expression. Those who follow these practices state that the 25th of July is not assigned to any moon or week within the 13 Moon calendar allowing one to experience timelessness/freedom.

For those who wish to know more I suggest they do their own online research into the creator of this schedule as well as actual history for the Mayan calendar because I question that many are not appropriating cultures for various benefits which might not be completely truthful or honestly based upon historical accounts.

Law of Time is probably a good place to begin unraveling this, but to really learn Mayan time keeping I’d suggest other more accurately trusted references when you can locate them.

One that I used, for example, was Living Maya Time, but if you’re really going to research this I suggest you find some truly reliable information. All I caution is that all of us use some rational discernment.

It is way too easy for many to think re-inventing the wheel will make for a better solution. I’m just cautioning everyone to not jump on the latest fad because with New Age let’s say there is always something “new.” I’ll be honest at first this piqued my curiosity, but the more I researched the possible intents of the creators I became a lot more suspicious.

Now aside from the above you can locate websites that will also define for you a Mayan zodiac sign. Mine would be Etznab. Described as flint or knife it represents self sufficiency. A sign of both self sacrifice and self interest one tends to be practical, mechanically inclined, compromising, very social, witty, and to speak their mind. Because of self interest and self sacrifice there can be conflict in one’s life as there is a tendency to be overprotective and to struggle in close relationships.

Flint and obsidian were used for building materials and tools or weapons during the Mayan lifetime. This makes Etznab symbolic of courage, strength, healing, and grace. A knife divides human consciousness into duality hence Etznab was at one time associated with the number two in ancient Mayan numerology.

The hieroglyph for Etznab is suggestive of duality embodying several polarities. It is said that Etznab embodies the basic polarity of woman/man and on an esoteric level it is symbolic of the human sexual organs.

To lose our innate unity or consciousness of wholeness is to become aware of opposites which is necessary to attain a certain level of moral consciousness. Many spiritual traditions postulate an original unity that is lost when the consciousness of duality emerges from the primordial womb of the unconscious.

While we all seek to re-establish original unity we will never return to the childlike unity of the womb. We have lived in the world of duality, we have sacrificed our state of childhood innocence, and if we achieve unity with the Cosmos once again we shall do so on a different level entirely.

If you’re curious about Asteroid Astrowizard (24626) then you should know it was named for an American astronomer known for education outreach with children who lectured at the Morrison Planetarium in the California Academy of Sciences.

During lectures he was known to dress as a wizard to entice children with his teachings. It is believed that those who have this asteroid tightly conjunct a personal planet will have a deep interest in both astronomy and astrology especially the educating/entertaining of others.

Persona Chart for Asteroid Astrowizard

Using a Persona Chart we can elicit my inner personality which displays Astrowizard in the 12th House of Sagittarius at 0° again we notice that zero point energy theme I’ve been picking up on. Astrowizard is square Sun and Venus which not surprisingly this asteroid orbits the Sun once every 4 years and 7 months.

Expansiveness of this degree means that we should take realistic approaches to our life. We have to learn that failures are never permanent and succes is neither final nor guaranteed. Any tests/challenges related to growth or even luck give us the push necessary to make great progress in our lives.

The 12th House is a place of the hidden, secrets, the subconscious/unconscious, and a place of transformation.

As there is no exact marker for the zero degree I often look upon the 1st degree when comparing Sabian or Omega symbols as well as for Chandra or Kozminsky symbols. This was previously covered when I researched the Arabic Part/Lot for Mother. Today I’m using the Kozminsky symbols.

1° Sagittarius: A woman in the dress of a religious order struggling through a dark and storm swept valley with a luminous anchor above her.

Denotes one of fine intellect who is gifted with persuasive eloquence. The native is poetic, reverential, and inspiring. One reaches a certain power and dignity after striving through worries and inharmonies. Their will is firmly directed and cannot be broken for above all they have faith in themselves and know their own powers. It is a symbol of Triumph.

Tiger’s Eye is a great crystal to work with for a message of fighting to defend peace and freedom focused upon shared interests/points of view. The affirmation is I remember lest I forget.

The book on chronology I ordered has finally arrived in the mail. It’s about time.

As I’ve said everyone is entitled to believe as they so choose, but I encourage you all to begin your own research. Find, distinguish, and follow your own path because it’s not about dogma rather it is all about what best suits you and resonates the most harmoniously with you.

Zero Point Energy:

Not surprisingly I’ve placed the Star upon my wealth altar as shown in a previous blog post.

May your Friday be phenomenal! I’m off for four days and will be trying to accomplish some daily tasks without taxing myself. My surgery foot has returned to a chronic pain flare yet again which I am trying to restore to a state of no/zero pain if possible. These seem to come and go with no real rhyme or reason.

Well other than that this one woke me inconveniently at 2 AM CST Thursday evening into Friday morning with terrible spasms/cramps throughout my surgery foot, and I could not walk or place my foot onto the ground for at least half an hour. It made for a rougher day at my part time cosmetology job, but I toughed it out. Be well everyone!


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I am a licensed aesthetician (#1446048 Expires October 2023) who has worked previously in medical malpractice and personal injury legal administration, life/health insurance for State Farm, and various retail roles including personal shopper. My passion at this time lies in the field of esoteric studies. I am also a Master Level Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki certified healer.

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