Self Examination Saturdays: Of Dragons and Magnetism

“How can you tell how much a dragon weighs? Well, they come with scales.” – Unknown

Thanks Shoebox! Family and friends seemed to enjoy this birthday card. I kept thinking it had something to do with Rahu, Ketu, and astrology!

Sometimes you start to really wonder who, what, when, where, why, and how can it be possible that so many synchronicities or coincidences keep following you around in life? It’s time to take a deep dive into mythology, spirituality, and occultism that has given chase this last week to its own tail via underlined hyperlink text.

I know it seems utterly annoying, but really I want to share with my frequent as well as new blog readers what I am studying to help them grow in knowledge also. That is why I constantly reference the underlined hyperlink text as an essential part of what I’m showcasing every time I compose or write.

🌘🐉🧲☄️ features some really unbelievable speculative astrology, but in light of our recent Leo New Moon as well as my birthday I decided I would be game and stretch myself into the fictional realms of re-investigating the Great Attractor first discussed in May of 2022.

I’d previously made notation of the Great Attractor, and then today I saw this otherworldly perhaps not even real Infrared Dragon. Both can be found under their additional objects feature of extended charts within the list of fixed stars.

The Infrared Dragon unlike the Great Attractor came to my mind for multiple reasons, but first because this theme was rather recurrent during my birthday from the 3D printed red dragon to the card my step father bequeathed me with as seen above.

The follow up to this anecdotal theory being that if Ketu as well as Regulus rule Magha nakshatra and we previously discussed precession of the equinoxes whereby Regulus transitioned to zero point Virgo then couldn’t we investigate some theology.

After all most spiritual texts deal in astrotheology as well as metaphyics/esoteric lore. Is that dragon, Draco, or nagas?! I began to really question certain themes online, in magazines/newspapers, or via the tell-a-lie vision recently with reference to mainstream media as well as the supposed truth community around dis-ease as of late.

Reason being no one was realizing how the neural linguistic programming of our propaganda machines and/or corporate institutions were preying upon the public. The problem being not enough people can decode to recognize they’re being “pwned” to use some older slang.

I said this before you have two options in life; fear or love! It’s your choice how to operate your 3D experience in terms of if you ascend/descend or evolve rather than go through involution.

These tidbits may be older, but they certainly spoke to this theme of where my mind has been going in circles perhaps with Virgoan analysis paralysis. August 23 after all would be slowly approaching us after the Lionsgate of 8/8/2022.

This one is pretty “touchy” though and even as I’m enclosing it I really want my blog readers to understand not everything that I read or share do I always 100% agree with either. When on the internet sometimes we have to agree to disagree from time to time with certain beliefs that don’t add up for ourselves.

Although I’m fully aware of what atavism is as well I’m hugely or rather largely against human trafficking, sexual slavery, and other forms of debauchery especially that which deals with children or those not yet ready to effectively understand consent who may be taken advantage of and thereby abused.

In the act of rape after all grown adults can’t seem to even comprehend the definition of consensual so how can we always expect a child to fully or functionally not be victimized/traumatized as well. This goes very well with the videos I watched recently on where my Jupiter was in my Vedic chart within Ashlesha nakshatra.

The full hour to hour and a half video I located was quite insightful in explaining the gandanta between Cancer/Leo which makes sense if anyone observes the differences I have in my Western/Tropical or Vedic/Sidereal placements especially for the Sun as well as the Moon or other planetary placements.

You see within the theology of Revelation we find the story of the red dragon as a heavenly sign often times describing the constellation Virgo and the remnant of Israel. It’s the esoteric story of a red dragon who is perfectly poised between the legs of the virgin preparing to birth Christ or Universal/Cosmic consciousness via the birth canal who will have this depiction of the adversary lying in wait to devour the promised child.

Roughly around September of 2017 Jupiter was placed here and some people took liberty at that time to spread rumors of fear porn around the configurations depicted in the as above so below. But why? Because fear and sex sell! It’s all about profit, money, and sometimes even corruption! Karma and dharma again. Some simply don’t care about morals/ethics believing much in life to be meaningless because they enjoy nihilism or hate idealism. Some take great pride in eroding societies or the good of others.

“A determined cat has furtitude.” – Anonymous

These socks were a birthday gift. The tag says “hotsox” which sounds like a pun on hot sauce to me also.

Perhaps I reference hot sauce with “hotsox” because we had lunch at a taco restaurant where a sign also read “Tacocat spelled backwards is tacocat.”

Metaphysically the entire book of Revelation, but especially Revelation 12 is dealing in the Mother archetype through Wisdom or Sophia by allegory with a prototype of what many call the Divine Feminine. To some this astrotheological representation is of the Moon reflecting the light of the Sun which governs the tides on Earth and woman’s menstrual cycles.

There is the added layer of the Virgo constellation which pulls from the Greek or Hellenized Leto pursued by the dragon Python escaping to the island where she births Apollo and Artemis.

What has been missed by several is the Sethian or Ophite take that speaks to a basilisk astral god or Abrasax. Another hint to Regulus as fixed star as well as the studies I’ve extensively done on being born with Magha nakshatra for my lunar placement in the Vedic system.

Deeper proof of this might be seen in Nag Hammadi texts. These parallels deal heavily in the old Demiurge theme, but really go further to Egypt again with the hints to Isis, Osiris, and Horus.

βασιλεύς being the etymological equivalent of chief, master, king, lord, patron, and a mythical snake like dragon/tree dwelling lizard of the genus Basilliscus (basilisk). It is via the Latin etymology of Regulus that we find the connection to βασιλεύς and basilisk. Abraxas is another word play that derives from Coptic and Hebrew through Har Brakha or blessing.

Depicted often with the head of a rooster, hawk, or lion, the body of a human, and the tail of a serpent it is Carl Jung who in 1916 via The Seven Sermons to the Dead denoted that this displays the union of opposites into one being which is best displayed as the union of the Christian God and the Devil. The Yin Yang being a far better representation of this from Monad to Dyad and vice versa.

Before we look upon some astrology for the day we can now comfortably return to a smidgen of information further on the Great Attractor for those who have not been regular followers. This vast black hole larger than the Galactic Center sits nestled in the heart of the Milky way. Located within Sagittarius this anomaly has been described as the source of roughly two billion light years of our Universe/Cosmos.

Astronomers believe it to be both creator as well as destroyer acting as an energy which draws everything nearby towards it yet at the same time sending out multidimensional consciousness in the form of light which is downloaded via proper attunement of the Crown chakra in those that are awakened enough to receive from this hologram of truth. Therefore any planet or point in a chart shows when a soul takes to task the lesson of working with this electromagnetic field during their incarnation.

Lunar Return Chart for the Great Attractor and Infrared Dragon

While today I took great pains to focus upon a Lunar Return chart via Vedic/Sidereal designations I did notice a great many aspects in my Western/Tropical placements ranging from trines, quintiles, oppositions, semisextiles, and sextiles alike. But to get a more present comprehension I wanted to really focus and hone in on what was presently transpiring.

Therefore today what we would be investigating is the Great Attractor stationed within my 3rd House of Scorpio at 19° opposing Venus, sesquiquadrate Mars, and trine Chiron the Wounded Healer. The Infared Dragon, however, is nestled within my 1st House of Libra at 3° trine Mercury and Saturn, opposing Mars, square Pluto, and sesquiquadrate Venus.

Comparatively the 3rd House is transportation, communication, thinking patterns, and education particularly the delivery of messages through reading and writing or even phone calls while the 1st House deals in self awareness, the physical body, new beginnings, and how we initiate in life.

Put another way this is where one is always telling people what should be otherwise obvious and common knowledge which leads the audience to have an “ah-ha” moment of enlightenment. Experiences are transformed by taking ideas from one area and applying them to another.

These placements are summed up as the colossal free spirit encouraging others to enjoy life everyday without regret. If we do not find professions that suit our creative talents and love of enjoyment we may develop an aversion to hard work and responsibility.

We should not overextend ourselves rather we need to approach more of life effortlessly. If we appear mature beyond our years or even demanding/bossy of others it is only because we seek to bring to any environment hope and healing by merging the physical with the metaphysical.

Hidden in these degrees we find the following messages. That which was only a concept moves towards becoming a living reality which awakens us to the community of higher beings in which we dwell. When we allow the energy of sadness to find a way out of our being we ourselves find a way into higher levels of consciousness. Giving into transformation causes the transmutation to become ever more pure and intense.

A deeply renewing effect on our mind gives one the ability to communicate more effectively with others. When we get above the illusions of this world, even to a small extent, we find an inner sanctum within that allows in light, air, and provides us with a place to re-energize ourselves. Work with guardian angel Yezalel and daimon Beleth.

Daimon Beleth is associated with the Five of Wands, Gold, Dill, and Leo. You can read or learn more about this degree by re-visiting my blog post from July 4, 2022 when we celebrated Independence Day.

You will benefit by working with Titanium Quartz to develop innate intelligence backed up with witty communication that bolsters your clairaudience abilities. When one accepts the patterns of thought and action they transfer these insights to others by processing facts, speaking honestly, and adding their own valuable insight. The affirmation is I hear and share messages from the Divine.

The chart holder sees things always in a way that is new and different from the norm. Somehow the usual assumptions and biases that most people take for granted just don’t stick to them. This is a wonderful quality and can manifest as great insight. Do not allow the negative reactions of others to cause doubt in what is possible to be given.

The Chandra Symbol for this degree is “An inaccurate imaginative map of the world.” When there’s something the chart holder doesn’t know they can always make it up and through doing this can access what’s inside by a process of projecting it on the outside world. The challenge here is to not get reality confused with one’s speculations.

As more information becomes available in the map one can always modify it making for a more accurate and detailed picture. There is a great value, though, in speculation before facts are known for it stimulates further exploration which is something this degree very much loves to do. Work with guardian angel Rehael and daimon Decarabia.

Daimon Decarabia represents the Seven of Swords, Moon, Lavender, and Aquarius. This daimon will assist one with dissolving situations that act as blockages in life especially those where others are working to deceive. Decarabia specializes in all things feminine so often times one will learn about precious stones, herbs, and the astral planes.

This fixed star is upon Nodus I in Draco the Dragon. At one point this was known as Al ‘Auhakan or the Two Black Ravens. Kabbalists associate this with the Hebrew letter Mem and the tarot trump Death. Didn’t Odin have two black ravens? I guess this goes with the mead on my birthday as reference to Odin’s Skull that I was also given. We have not finished the mead yet though.

Benefits of Citrine for this degree will express as a necessary rebirth where success, clarity, and energy helps one cope with difficult problems by developing new concepts that harness the energies of The Sun tarot trump. The affirmation is I let the past go to embrace today.

We’ve had honey as well as bumble bees. Secondarily, many paper wasps as well as a cicada killer wasp. Thirdly, we have had several swallowtail variety butterflies and a regularly visiting hummingbird in our zinnias.

Then there are the squirrels, a stray cat (cats are always venturing through the garden stray or otherwise), and several green anoles or other lizards as well as some exceedingly large grasshoppers recently. Above is a honey bee, harvested roma tomatoes, a black feather, and various plants.

Being that I chose to look upon this Lunar Return chart from a Vedic/Sidereal aspect I managed to distill the corresponding nakshatras to both placements. We might best surmise from this that the Great Attractor is within this speculative venture sending messages through the Jyeshtha lunar mansion which can be further elucidated via the following whiteboard video.

It is sometimes seen as the archetype of those who feel born to dominate or tell it like it is which I definitely realize I tend to have a severe streak of bluntness sometimes.

The Infrared Dragon would disclose a different disposition altogether in that it would ask that we dream the new into being, but deeper than that we begin to find here the concept of “Earthing” takes center stage pulling from Hasta or the hand which has located the spark of the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine within itself as well as all things reflected yet seeks fervently to manifest the intangible where creation might be witnessed by way of our five senses.

Here we can view meditation and programming technique videos to help flesh out some concepts we might find fascinating.

When you hear “Earthing” think of grounding where our skin needs actual contact with the soil, water, and other conductive surfaces that imbue us with a mildly negative charge because in our modern ways of life we are pretty disconnect to the planet building up excess positive charge. When we add the negative charge in proper proportion we neutralize the states returning to harmony/balance.

For me the act of gardening allows for this and while with my myriad foot injuries I don’t generally walk around barefoot because I have to kinesthetic tape my left ankle or wear orthotics with running shoes it is through constant contact with caring for my plants via my two green thumbs that I’m told I proudly have I gain a lot of contact with our planet especially doing this organic.

Some believe this process aids in reducing inflammation, chronic pain, and lowering stress. There can also be seen improved sleep/circadian rhythms, improved adrenal health, and less contact with EMF when we step outside of the confined areas permeated with constant technological advancements.

I hope everyone paid a particular case of attention to the above description for the Libra 3° in that it mentions speculative astrology is done purely for doing things against the grain or as they call it the norm. It is an act of consideration where the limits of common in the box logic/rationale does not always marry perfectly with the imaginative.

As I have previously said in my studies I walk to the beat of my own drum which is why I’ve taken a solo participation path and generally don’t agree on every point completely with the standards of normative cultural approaches. Somewhere I read that Ketu is a liberating classroom that very much prefers to get out of the limitations others continue to impose on consciousness.

Mine looks much more like a melting pot of soup or a tossed salad! It may taste pretty bad to some while others may really find that the chef is just eccentric!

The Infrared Dragon might be relating as I said above to the September 2017 fear porn display courtesy of countless proponents of theories online all due to something NASA of all organizations put on the world wide web. Virality and groupthink sometimes just encourage unhealthy digestion more like grabbing a Pepcid for heartburn on the account of GERD being triggered.

Videos around this time period showed the close proximity of what the Skyview Infrared Telescope located precisely near Virgo, Leo, and most assuredly Regulus which again brings me back to my consistent musings of being born in Magha nakshatra.

Remember I mentioned eccentric chefs and meals that may be unappealing above. I forgot to state that it could also be a ramen or stew when we reach for absolutely anything still edible yet unspoiled which may be utilized as the leftovers found within someone’s refrigerator in an attempt to not create waste.

Jupiter at that moment in time was in Libra almost exactly aligned with what many wanted to say was the Revelation prophecies. The only decent themes one person posited through esoteric understanding was that the prophet or savior being born in today’s societies is being targeted the moment it incarnates which is true because our consciousness is faced with a continual barrage of dogma and legalism or limiting beliefs cradle to grave.

Like myself they took notice of the Virgo Supercluster as well as a few other pivotal locations in the heavens. I covered my lunar nodes prior at the very beginning of my blog entries when I was just setting out in here. However, let’s all get real about something.

Those may stick with us for life being the natal representation, but we must not neglect to look at the present energies of any transits be they daily, monthly, or yearly. Ironically Ketu takes no prisoners in the aim to remove attachments. What Ketu does support is a rebuilding or a starting over, but only after you’ve learned to let go or be dragged through the mud first. Ketu guards moksha, liberation, and is a strict instructor.

Have an introspective Saturday and best wishes! 🧐💕

I did not secure any changes in employment as of yet. I’m not complaining. I’ll just keep looking for opportunities and putting myself out there. Ultimately retail is not going to be something I’m going to wish to continue in long term with the strain it causes me via being on my feet all day for several hours each week. I really hope to secure something full time in administrative/reception at some point. You know goals to strive for.

Things are somewhat calming down in life for a bit even at my part time cosmetology job for now. Sleeping on this entry to return for proofing later has allowed me to gain further insights and clarity to share/expand a bit further what I perhaps really wanted to get on paper so to speak even if that paper was digital in nature. Lord knows I mist-titled my blog entry with “reflection” not “examination” which prompted me to change my URL slug as well.

Never blog on a day where you’re full of brain farts if you’re battling your own perfectionism complex.

“A dragon that is exceptional in juggling can be called talon-ted!” – Unknown

Tarot of the Day Thursdays: Renewal on the Horizon

A solar panel is talking to a wind turbine.

The solar panel says, “So what do you think about this whole renewable energy thing?” The turbine replies, “I’m a big fan.” – Unknown


Journey well today with the clarification provided by today’s underlined hyperlink text.


What seed should be planted today?

While in search of what you love ensure that you don’t become confused/dissatisfied. Know what is standing before you and enjoy the freedom you have to explore all possibilities at this present now moment. Often the reflection of hard workers, psychic powers, and success the Three of Hearts soul needs a certain amount of change or travel in any vocation to be truly content.

Feeling stuck in a rut means it’s time to release what no longer serves you and move ever forward. Find the most unique approach to your problems by seeking new ways to view the situation at large and learn to break out of the box/mold you’re trapped within. You need an optimistic attitude regardless if things need to change. Embrace opportunities at this time.

Meditate on where you really want to be and observe where your obstacles are really coming from. All roads develop potholes and bumps, but having faith allows for you to patch or re-pave over these. If one’s will/drive is self given they can actually go the distance. Your subconscious realizes that it is only you holding yourself back.

Don’t allow stagnation or ennui to settle into your aura rather become highly adaptable at this juncture. Best piece of advice look for mutual support at this time.

The Three of Hearts can be translated to the Three of Cups.

Learn More Below:

What is coming for me?

Uninhibited joy, trusted messages coming your way, and the understanding that what we receive is to be shared, passed on to others, and let go of. Whenever one flower has withered remember another is blossoming nearby.

The Jack of Diamonds represents a person sharp/clever who is always able to make a good living via their wit and charm. These creative and independent souls operate as much by instinct as they do with the quicksilver of their mental acuity.

Their natural psychic abilities lead them to direct spiritual realization. While they may appear immature you will find that the Jack of Diamonds is one who loves being social and who seeks a career that allows for creative outlets with recognition of their superior talents.

As this card generally corresponds also to the date of July 4th some identify it with the United States of America through Independence Day. Wanderlust tends to be another theme of this card as these are the kinds of souls who do not feel as if they need to heed following the traditional rule book.

The harbinger of unexpected change watch when this card shows up for it signals adventure lies ahead. Follow your own advice at this time for your intuition is incredibly attuned to your subconscious. At your fingertips lies not just physical/material abundance, but also spiritual prosperity.

When inquiring about a career or interview if you manifest the Jack of Diamonds you’re in with a pretty good chance due to your unique skill set which helps you stand out against other candidates in the running.

These souls are not content to Netflix and chill rather they go at new experiences with gusto. Often this is the marker of one willing to push boundaries realizing the world is their oyster and they should make the most of it while they can. You will find them constantly learning and growing, following their dreams, and often unhappy with anything ordinary.

The Jack of Diamonds can be translated to the Page of Pentacles.

Learn More Below:

Happy New Moon in Leo with all its blessings! Please see your numeroscope below for this auspicious day.

🌑 🌒 🌓 🌔 🌕 🌖 🌗 🌘 🌑

“Long fairy tales have a tendency to dragon.” – Unknown

Your Higher/Lower Self Vibration Equals 28/1:

The portal between your higher self and lower self as best expressed today on Earth. These are the karmic lessons for you to learn at present.

When you are balanced please incorporate the following keywords into your intentions as you manifest:

Friendly, helpful, winner mentality, business acumen, strategic, positive, optimistic, lucky, self reliant, strong willed, leadership skills, creative, honorable, spark of life, and full of initiative.

To prevent imbalance or blockages please avoid the following keywords in your intentions as you manifest:

Ungrounded, forgetfulness, confusion, contradictions and inconsistencies, pretends to be friendly and customer service oriented yet hides an ulterior motive, hard inner dialogue, anger, stubborn, arrogant, and heartless corporate energy.

Your Greatest Potential Equals 23/5:

To achieve your potential focus on your dreams and goals while letting go of tension, anxiety, and unhappiness.

When you are balanced please incorporate the following keywords into your intentions as you manifest:

Highest vibration, maximum protection, an “angel on each shoulder,” magical charisma, mesmerizing communication, expansion and wisdom, wealth, abundance, success, luck in love, empathy, progress, strength, popularity, and perfect harmony between the five elements.

To prevent imbalance or blockages please avoid the following keywords in your intentions as you manifest:

Sense of entitlement, taking shortcuts, and procrastination/laziness.

Wisdom Wednesdays: Herbalist’s Bible – Goldenseal

“A wise man ought to realize that health is his most valuable possession.” – Hippocrates

Today we will explore the links between herbs, astrology, tarot, and other esoteric correspondences. Underlining the hyperlink text is some ear to the ground knowledge I’m passing along to those interested and/or curious.


It’s been a very long time since I’ve flipped open in my Herbalist’s Bible. I went today as a mesh of Wisdom Wednesday’s and Tarot of the Day Thursdays operating my magic through bibliomancy landing right on Goldenseal although my first tries were not so satisafactory. First I was looking at instructions on evaporation followed by recipes for nut mixes particularly the spicy kind.

The snack nut mixes fell under a chapter on our circulatory system. I honestly try to avoid much of these more sometimes antagonistic topics for what it’s worth as it simply triggers too many in society who have strange opinions, biases, and pedestals they jump on to shout from.

Rather I’m trying to read between the lines as to why I wound up there on my second go at bibliomancy. Third time was when I finally landed upon an actual herb to write about.

I am guessing I landed there due to the correlation of the Leo birthday and lunar landscape tomorrow being that the chapter explains the importance of fats, fiber, and antioxidants to our heart, arteries, capillaries, etc. and as I noted Leo rules the heart as well as the spine.

Goldenseal as a Jupiter correspondence makes sense because my palmistry and references to my ring are synchronicities I can work with at present. All studies that I’ve previously written and explored extensively, but won’t be linking to today.

I digress though today we’re going to learn about Goldenseal. If you’re interested in previous Herbalist Bible blog posts I’m going to leave them directly below for reference so that you can easily reference them.

Herbalism Exploration:

The immense vines and leaves of the sweet potato plant have finally begun to sprout flowers. I noticed the first flower on my birthday yesterday.
Beautiful purple and white reminds me of Morning Glories. I had no idea that sweet potatoes even flowered so I’ve learned something new.

Sure enough these are in fact part of the Morning Glory family instead of nightshade.
We have only a few sunflowers left in bloom. Most were harvested for seeds or left for the birds to eat from. Some seeds will be saved for re-planting or feeding birds at a later date.

Goldenseal has a correspondence with Jupiter while also being helpful in rootwork rituals. We use this kind of ritual as a way to harness the energies of the fifth planet from the Sun, largest in our solar system, to work against Saturnine influences while also enhancing spirituality.

Jupiter has a direct correlation to the patriarchy through the act of fatherhood as well as the political arenas. The purpose of rootwork or even Root chakra balancing is that it helps to purify the liver and blood/circulatory system.

These plants are meant to provide feelings of warmth and contented relaxation. If we’re on the Tree of Life this would be Chesed connecting one to the Divine Masculine, higher states of consciousness, and encouraging leadership qualities of success based upon beneficence.

Astrologically Jupiter rules Sagittarius as well as Pisces in some schools of thought although I prefer to assign Pisces to Neptune. It is here that we wish to contact a person’s inner sense of justice, ideals, and morality. We explore long distance travel, foreign affairs, higher education, the legal system, and the urge for freedom while focused upon humanitarian/protective roles.

The Asian systems place Jupiter as Guru/Brihaspati or the Great Teacher and the element wood. All of this looks remarkably familiar if you follow my blog regularly even with the xeriscape and Yin Yang in our garden. As I’ve said I tend to lean more Jupiter, but it was in Leo when I was born on my Western/Tropical chart.

Ironic that in Vedic astrology Guru/Brihaspati is in the Ashlesha nakshatra. I should probably go learn about this. After all the index finger in palmistry or Jupiter finger is how one leads life.

I had to spend time re-supporting tomato vines which were beginning to fall over due to how tall they have grown for our romas. I believe they need nitrogen to help them get larger.
We have a secondary peanut plant growing in the wildflowers besides the now two in what was the carrot bed due to the squirrels in the neighborhood bringing peanuts from someone who is feeding them.

These plants have grown very large. The garlic chive is preparing to flower which usually makes honey bees ecstatic and also in the lower right is some basil.

With reference to the lunar landscape of tomorrow we will find Jupiter within Aries at 8° which for myself is my natal 6th House on the Western/Tropical wheel which is largely empty yet my Vedic/Sidereal would posit this to be 7th House with Chiron the Wounded Healer. We could explore this degree in a wee bit further just to have it as a great reference to the current astral energies we are currently aligned to.

Goldenseal which is an American native belonging to the buttercup family is used abundantly in the eastern United States deciduous woodlands. Vivid yellow rhizomes make the inside of this plant have a suitable reason for its given name. The seal relates within the given name to the decorative seals previously used to stamp warm wax onto envelope flaps.

Native Americans widely utilized this plant for gorgeous golden yellow dye introducing it to European settlers for therapeutics. Now protected due to over harvesting goldenseal in the 20th Century and beyond is legally protected becoming a top selling herbal supplement advertised to improve digestion, heal illness, and enhance our immune system.

Woodland goldenseal is well known as a social medicinal within several pharmaceutical companies. Scientists at the University of Chicago recently discovered that this herb works actively against Helicobacter pylori strains one of many germs that can cause diarrhea. This now becomes a need to investigate its use for deadly Giardia and Entamoeba histolytica strains.

Roughly 20% of the world’s populace is chronically infected with Giardia and approximately 50 million are infected with the amoeba E. histolytica making studies of goldenseal and other berberine containing plants vital. Salves and ointments containing goldenseal are also beneficial to skin infections and psoriasis treatments. As an effective mouthwash this plant will also treat canker sores and mouth ulcers.

Commonly one can use this herb by taking a capsule each day or taking a 2 to 4 mL tincture twice or thrice each day. Topical ointments and salves should be used as instructed by directions or doctor’s script. The main precaution for this herb lies in uterine contractions and it will be unadvised to use during pregnancy.

There may be drug interactions so always tell your health practitioner if you’re taking this supplement/herbal remedy to ensure there are no contraindications.

I’m uncertain of the yellow flowers, but the orange one is most certainly a zinnia.
Feels almost like a Skittle’s commercial!

While the following article is not specific to the circulatory system, but is rather to do with Reiki’s benefits to the endocrine system as a a Master certified Reiki practitioner I wanted to include this today as a PDF. I love that Reiki also helps with the nervous system particularly the parasympathetic system given my experiences on Cipro, gabapentin, and tramadol previously written about.

The stories I could tell about these experiences such as is it not weird that as I’ve said five months after two rounds of Cipro I tore my left ligament 75% needing surgery and still have nueropathy. I mean all these little puzzle pieces do form a picture after all despite the risks of any surgery.

The black box warnings that came late on script instructions via the FDA or those fighting for a cause because pharmaceuticals deny the links or pay to hush those telling the FDA to issue dire warnings/educate the masses!

Then the after impact of being on gabapentin and tramadol in terms of what both did to me for two months including losing consciousness more than once and nearly getting hurt passing out as well as leading to the cause of suicidal ideation I experienced/survived.

These topics dovetail back to my mom’s journey with Levaquin and pneumonia circa January 2022. These are all tied in and I encourage others to locate these blog posts through the “search/calendar” function in the sidebar; look for Asclepius. Go read medical journals about these prescriptions or even check out articles on being floxxed including Hormones Matter.

I mean gabapentin is also stripping one of I believe calcium and causes dry mouth as a side effect so shortly after I had two failed molars in my lower left. One was extracted and the other a root canal/crown! Thanks! Ultimately I can not remember or source the material. Some drugs increase calcium in the body which is also not beneficial. Instead what is essential is moderation in all things.

Forewarned and properly armed with knowledge will make you a wiser and better advocate in the allopathic system or medical control grid that seeks to supposedly heal, but in fact can do a lot more harm than good. We have a broken system that manages dis-ease not necessarily healing or curing for I do believe they think no profit is to be made in a wholistic and healthy populace when you can have a lifetime patient who is always sick.

Most prescriptions provided by doctors have been given to me with the doctor fully aware the risks and contraindications. I’ve instead had to become my own advocate and warrior relying back upon what I learned working in medical malpractice law firms. Then paying this forward to others willing to listen and learn from me/other’s hardships fighting against those who wish to silence anyone who speaks.

You see 3/4 of humanity has cognitive dissonance, and when cornered I can catch people including doctors making Freudian slips suddenly not conscious they just admitted to the knowledge of the risks and still prescribing what might be unwise to give out.

I have encouraged everyone to use etymology and get to learn their language context before they become even more ignorant. For example, pharmakeia should be understood better especially the second definition for the unsuspecting and naive. If you want answers start asking some questions! Don’t be unwise. Or maybe the reference in the etymology to poisoning.

I’m closing this out with a look at the energy of Jupiter as notated above astrologically so that my writing is not a soap box rant or depressing. Knowledge and education are power so use them to your benefit.

This degree appreciates the past and the lessons it continues to teach. By accepting what has gone before without regrets one develops an attitude which helps others to take a more positive approach to their lot in life. Freedom from history and wholehearted embracing of the process of change teaches others to love themselves more and to continually let go as they move forward.

The Chandra Symbol for this degree is “A double headed eagle, the heads face in opposite directions.” The eagles signify power. There is the power of youth with naivete as well as the power of old age with wisdom. When attachments are let go of all regrets concerning the passage of time fall away for although something is lost something else is gained.

This is the seed of Libra signifying the mystery of relating to our many selves unfolding over time which is the marriage of past with future. Work with guardian angel Achaiah and daimon Aamon.

Daimon Aamon corresponds with the Eight of Swords, Moon, Cinnamon, and Gemini. Connections to the deity Amun are found here. This fire daimon of the Summer Solstice or Solstitium wants one to be safe and happy while helping one find their soul tribe. Aamon will help you digest any emotional discomfort and let it go.

Essentially if you want to create alliances this daimon is recommended. You may find references here to the Ogdoad. The Lionsgate begins with our current lunation. It in fact does also reference our 12th initiation which in numerology can imply service to a higher calling for those who can hear their inner voice while responding to Earth’s needs.

This year it encourages us to manifest our highest intentions while sharing our naturally born gifts or insights with the world. Mycenaean kings erected representations of lionesses as an emblem and symbol of power to honor the Divine Feminine through Hera.

The Lionsgate is often on 8/8 of any year and can last through mid August. The tie in being our spiritual sun Sirius when the Sun in Leo makes alignment generative of a very high frequency in the 3D. Now is the ideal time for abundance rootwork with time spent outside, utilization of solar herbs, and a revitalization of your goals.

“I changed the computer background to a lizard. Its now a Monitor.” – Anonymous

This fixed star is upon Alpha and Beta Lacerta in the Lizard. The name is in reference to the Lacertidae family of lizards taken from Spanish lagarto or Latin lacertus (masculine) and re-spelled as lacerta (feminine). Lacertus in Latin referenced the upper arm or fascicle of muscular fibers found here.

Very little is otherwise really described of this fixed stars meaning. I’d like to posit the above might relate to our need to balance our internal Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine to achieve wholeness, harmony, and balance.

Work with Rainbow Hematite expressing that the combined elements of fire and air as seen in the Magician are essential for new starts, new drive, and forward momentum. Focus on your I Am as being the genesis of receiving blessings for all the hard work that you do. The affirmation is I am determined, driven, and look forward to a new breath of fresh air.

Have a brilliant Wednesday as well as the rest of the week. I will be busy at my part time cosmetology job awaiting news on job interviews for full time employment. If there is any changes to my schedule I will update here in an interest to properly balance my time management. Sending you lots of love! 💞🤗

We have received a new diagnosis for mom from the podiatrist that might include benign growth/tumors of the feet. It just never ends…

Teach Me Tuesdays: What Does The Royal Throne Wish To Teach

“I must have misplaced my queen after a chess game. I will need to check.” – Anonymous

Get your time travel gear ready because today’s underlined hyperlink text is going to transport you back a few decades for a brief history lesson of sorts. Why do I employ this method?

Well because believe it or not I’m actually trying to not rip off other authors/creators and simply co-create with everyone in the collective/group. Sharing is caring even if we’re all harmonizing.


Our lunar landscape changes on July 28, 2022 and this will feel a bit different for each of us based on our personalized astrology charts as well as where we happen to be located on Spaceship Earth. For me it will occur at 12:54 PM CST, however, Leo in my natal chart happens to be my 10th House within Western/Tropical astrology and 11th House within Vedic/Sidereal astrology.

The degree with which we’re experiencing this vibration originates from within the Magha nakshatra at 5° known for a direct ancestral connection which grants access to mystical powers beyond what adults observe.

I’ve spoken at length before about the ancestral records I received when my maternal grandfather passed as well as the furniture I inherited. I thought today I’d share just a few photos from my great grandmother’s yearbook circa 1921 with a brief collection of history from this moment in time.

You will also find a few photos that my step father shared with us Memorial Day 2022 at his job honoring our service members in their cafeteria paying tribute to my maternal grandfather. I believe the other photo is of my uncle, but I’m not for certain.

Why is this? Well Leo explores creative self expression through childlike wonder. Everyone has their view of the Lion who is King/Queen of the jungle, but they miss the fact that this zodiac sign is deeply enmeshed with spirituality while encamping a total of three lunar mansions ranging from Magha to Purva and Uttara Phalguni respectively. This imagery is quite similar to the symbolism found within the archetypal tarot trump The Fool again.

This looks like the tarot trump The Hermit to me. Maybe that is a stretch for some to envision, but then again I’m weird like that.

In Magha we find this deep inheritance of powerful ancestral lineage where the wisdom given to us comes directly through cultivating ties to our pitris which in fact relates to our DNA. The gift most talked about as being bestowed is the ability to leave the body which some consider to be shamanism, trance like states, and the other key to opening our spiritual centers/chakras is via meditation.

Chakras work like our muscles requiring dedication to honor and cultivate our relationships with the Divine Masculine/Feminine, our ancestors, and ascended masters.

Magha nakshatra speaks to the family tree where anything done to help one identify their lineage is helpful. This Ketu ruled nakshatra sits precisely poised at points of gandanta between water and fire element signs. This bookmark placement asks us to pray to Ganesha to ensure necessary protection is achieved.

Other beneficial remedies many ascribe is pre-dawn sky gazing which is charged with positive vibrations and gardening to achieve solace and peace.

Senior Art Circa 1921
On the left great grandmother’s graduation photo and on the right I believe this to be my uncle who served in Vietnam, but I could be wrong.

It says my great grandmother was a member of Lend a Hand, Red Cross, and Armenian Relief Fund.

Ketu the South Node also known as the part of spirit allows for this transformation to occur. What this truly means is that this present now moment is powerful for any esotericist to deepen their spiritual practice to manifest their dreams. Whatever you yearn or desire to seed that can bring in wealth/prosperity is possible at this time. If you seize the opportunities presented to you.

You need to activate your self validation from now until around July 29, 2022 allowing for your friends, lovers, and family to let you be emotionally seen. We’re getting a boost from expansive Jupiter who acts as a luck giver for the necessary time to introspect because looking outward for emotional validation won’t bring in the proper harvest.

You need to harness your ability to be self reliant, autonomous, and self motivated to put in the work. The caution is to beware of burnout because the last thing you want to do is place excessive pressure upon your shoulders to achieve, win, and succeed at all costs by stepping upon others.

You might over the next few days court an unexpected opportunity. The current coming through at this time is that the family clan is buzzing on overdrive from within the hive mind.

If you’re worried about someone having your back know that the older generations bring your spirit guides closer to you, but it’s not necessary to dredge out nasty family skeletons or ignite bitter family feuds. Reconnect instead with your long lost missed family members.

If you are employed in the occult sciences now is a time to assist clients with cooperating with their departed, appreciating your his/her story, and diving deep into the realms of understanding mythology better especially the archetypal realms.

To get into the groove of this present now moment glance upon your natal chart locating which house is Leo as well as what planets might be there. For me this is commonly Sun, Jupiter, Regulus, and Mercury albeit as I’ve spoken about precession of the equinoxes we know that Regulus transpired to zero point Virgo if we glance from the Western perspectives.

What Watch’s View of the July New Moon 2022
I think that I would have really liked joining the Garden Club, but the other was quite shocking to find within the pages of my great grandmother’s yearbook.

If you can’t read what that lower right club is the name does not reference the KKK, but rather the Ku Ku Klan! You have to read it carefully to not make a mistake in context.
The French and Garden Club Circa 1921
Memorial Day 2022

The 10th House is the social standing, profession, fame/promotion, and achievements one has been born with. Nonetheless when we look at the Vedic we find that Leo is otherwise home to Saturn, Rahu, and Moon hence the Magha nakshatra status.

The 11th House is in fact traditionally associated with the water bearing sign of Aquarius channeling the flow of those with whom we share common interests, governs our hopes/dreams, and explores what wishes or goals we’d like to achieve.

For the personal spin on this little broken record playing or marching to its own drum this is when we set intentions for something we truly want be that a new chapter in our lives, a new job, or a new life direction.

The visualization is set to advancements and revelations especially those where we contact our inner guru in a time essential to closure, guidance, and relaxation. We want to deeply heal anything we have yet to release.

On a more collective/group level what we find is precisely this. Through locating our center in the midst of the intensity and distraction of outer experience we are able to seek and eventually connect with our inner intuitive self who is the source of all wisdom. Recognizing the wonder of our own individual uniqueness we realize that we hold within us an eternal wisdom that transcends time and space.

Our intuition is deep, immediate, not logical, and step by step we finally connect with her only when we open ourselves up to the wondrous potential of a type of multi-tasking that transcends the rational self. When we allow our innocence and wisdom to merge with each other we find that our understanding is healed. Work with guardian angel Nanael and daimon Caim.

Daimon Caim connects us to the Nine of Pentacles (symbolism explained), Sagittarius, Angel’s Trumpet, and Mercury. If you have anxiety then this daimon may be of benefit. Caim is helpful in confronting our fears helping us to realize a great many of them are groundless.

Other talents are assistance with reconciliation of strained relationships, gaining knowledge of Earth and all things found within her, and improving our communication with animals.

The Drama Club, Terquarts, and Near East Relief Circa 1921
Here we are looking upon an era butting against the Great Depression as well as WW II and we have bank adverts in high school yearbooks. Imagine that…
The graduation program was tucked neatly within the pages of the high school yearbook.

I’ve also noted that the astrology examples at my business website utilize the data of my departed ancestors as a way to remember them. Below you will see exactly what 1921 era may have been like directly before the Great Depression; something not too many may get to glimpse the way I have.

The Roaring Twenties:

I am issuing an abrupt trigger warning for information on the 1920s Russian famine. While this is an important part of collective history if you are at all sensitive to certain topics I advise that you don’t look at this website as a means to not be offended by the topic of starvation leading to cannibalism because throughout human history you will find plenty of recorded truth that this can occur.

I have included this due to the fact that this can happen in the present if people are unable to find food to eat and are dying of hunger. There are more enjoyable topics below, but shadow work means owning some of the monstrous sides humans are capable of becoming. Also, there is a quote that goes something like those who forget his or her story as in the past are doomed to repeat it!

This degree will benefit from working with Dumortierite while harnessing the attraction of luck, good health, and success by engaging with ancient, contemporary, and future traditions, customs, and ideals. Focus your time/energy upon your ability to evaluate people and situations through discernment that helps you intuit the best from what is available to you.

The affirmation is I am fully self aware and my status as well as self esteem are high. Do not forget that Asteroid Ceres is hovering nearby with a reminder to focus on nourishment and self care. Uranus is shaking up a lot presently, but collective destiny rises when faced with the unsettling especially if you follow a lion as your spirit guide.

While I’m still waiting on full time employment options and might be interviewing I’m hoping to make a brief post for the Lionsgate portal on August 8, 2022 as well. For us Leos such as myself who have our birthdays anywhere near this lunation including my mom we simply need to allow the Universe/Cosmos to do its thing once we set our intentions.

One of our focal points is to evolve this planet and society in a much higher direction because old establishments and ways of being must fall away. One of the vital meanings we find in the esoteric nature of Uranus is rising kundalini, an open Third Eye chakra, and exceptionally high levels of consciousness.

Poetry, Brail School of Music, Practice at Home Typewriters, East Side Music Shop, and The Girl’s Rifle Squad?
More banking adverts and when all else fails always inquire of the Question Box!

The advert literally reads all profit with no forfeitures or losses of any kind. Boy, does that sound kind of like false advertising!

If you want to express your highest destiny/truth working consciously with these vibrations is precisely what is needed in 2022. Things to expect include financial, agricultural, and environmental revolution, the rattling of long held beliefs, a great push for freedom by the people, increased food supply issues as well as general supply/demand problems, and natural resource fluctuations.

I noticed others who were cluing in at this time to the Beehive Cluster as well as the Evil Eye being cast. It’s always good to know that my Universal/Cosmic radar is on point. All of which resonate right back to someone legitimately hitting the bullseye when they stated this is the time to love thy neighbor as thyself!

Remember Leo is all about your heart as well as your spine. We know I covered my Dreamspell previously, but much like I did before with Genetic Matrix I’m going to see what the Dreamspell signature is for my Solar Return also known as my birthday today.

Because I’m exceptionally curious of what is the present now moment mojo! It appears that for 2022 I might want to be familiar with the Red Self-Existing Moon.

This fourth tone is a reference to Buddhist principles of standing apart from dependencies and the suffering that attachment brings by knowing that when we are self-existing we have personal autonomy emboldening ourselves to make our footprint instead of blindly following others.

This is the moment when a toddler takes their first steps as an aspect of individuation from their mother. Well post foot fracture and ankle ligament surgery I’ve officially learned “to walk” three times so I’ve got this one hands or is that feet down!

Bear with me as I’m struggling with proofreading some days or others WordPress mistakenly publishes on the wrong calendar date. Monday’s post was set to today which I had to correct before publishing today’s entry. Have a shoot for the stars New Moon in Leo! 🦁🌛✨

The local grocery store to not be named has decided to merchandise their water selection in honor of Kabbalah via the Tree of Life and the Tree of Death.

Now how many consumers won’t realize this because they’re not accessing their intuition and innerstanding of what might be a speculative time referencing the Aquarian water bearing age/aeon? 😲

Manifestation Mondays: Through Interpretation We Gain Insight

“From this year forward, every birthday is a surprise.” – Unknown

I’ve survived 364 unbirthdays as per the Mad Hatter and March Hare! Here comes day 365! Beware of any bandersnatches as you navigate the underlined hyperlink text.

I happened to love both Alice in Wonderland and Labyrinth growing up. Go figure!


Tomorrow I turn another year older, and I’ve been leading up to this by utilizing Solar Return charts. I managed to rummage through the list of asteroids stopping at Born (13954) wondering what or how one would interpret this in a chart. Could it be of any significance?

I don’t believe anyone has rightly plopped this into any sort of speculative astrology studies so my curiosity became even more enlarged when I saw the degree it was sitting upon. The asteroid itself is the discovery of one Freimut Börngen born in Weimar of all places who is a German astronomer known for discovering some 519 asteroids and studying galaxies.

Solar Return Chart for Asteroid Born

Some ideas for how to interpret this asteroid that might be possible could be the concept of what natural born talents do we incarnate with, what new beginnings lie before us, and what are we birthing into consciousness or the 3D.

Archetypes here could be the tarot trump The Fool who is just setting off on their journey. For me personally we find Asteroid Born has stationed direct in my 1st House of Pisces at 22° with Neptune (opposition) and semisextile Saturn.

The Fool in symbolism is all about the unexpected adventures which lie on the horizon yet require leaps of faith and encourage our growth. It’s not always a literal adventure we’re departing upon because it can signify a spiritual venture.

In careers it can signify new opportunities, in love it can caution against impulsiveness yet not missing out on true love, and in finances it can teach one to exercise caution as they might be taken advantage of.

Generally it is a representation of fertility, pregnancy, and new life when we turn up this tarot trump in any reading. As long as anything is well thought through and researched never be afraid to take a chance. Keywords for this tarot trump include innocence, freedom, originality, and spontaneity.

It’s the Sabian interpretation that made me intrigued for it is given as man bringing down law from Sinai. There is really a more esoteric and metaphysical reality to this placement that I would have to decode for others.

The metaphysical interpretation of Sinai stands as a deep ravine or precipitous cliff where God/Goddess reveals themself giving one their first impulse to lead others out of Egypt and this high place within consciousness is where we come into communion with the Divine often depicted as being given the Ten Commandments.

We could learn much from others within these topics as well as find our own personal gnosis. A few useful examples that I’m willing to share which I’ve ventured to study include the following.

I’m warning you there is a lot to digest, and yesterday I was already ingesting plenty of other studies to feed my rather insatiable appetite in an attempt to get up to speed on what I felt I was lacking in understanding as well as innerstanding.

Nonetheless I’m sharing this so that blog followers might glimpse and further educate themselves on some meatier topics rather than remain left behind themselves.

Esoteric Scriptures:

“Why did the birthday cake go to therapy? Because it was feeling crumby.” – Unknown

Birthday Cake Circa 2020 Post Ankle Ligament Surgery

But ultimately within my chart we’d have to look a little deeper for answers. You see the Solar Return is telling you what will happen, but the house is telling you where it will occur.

So if we glance at the 1st House we’re looking in the mirror and asking ourselves what do we see. Well we see ourselves through the face we have been showing the world for the duration of what will be one year only because all “this” is what is happening in our lives in the present now moment.

Our persona is a temporary overlay of changes experienced, but we know that the notion of “self” has many layers much like an onion. We can display as self conscious, self centered, self important, self controlled, or we can present our best self. Do we open up to the world or set a barrier against it?

This is all about how we feel we need to be right here and right now. We get up front and personal especially with regards to independence, self awareness, assertion, and new approaches to life.

We’re neither gullible nor prone to pursue the glamorous superficial interests of others because our attitude becomes sincere and sober. These placements place direct confrontation in the arenas of real versus ideal, reality versus illusion, science versus spirituality, and realism versus faith.

For example, are we going to become the mystic or fundamentalist or will we politically lean more left into Communism/Socialism or more right towards a different form of groupthink (a very important topic covered in previous blog posts on the damage of propaganda or brainwashing the masses into hypnosis/psychosis) in the pursuit of social justice, civil rights, and collectivism as an offshoot of misaligned unity consciousness.

Maybe we start unmasking the deception in an attempt to stop polluting the collective consciousness with disillusionment. Could we find enough compassion to help those in need?

Success only occurs when we take a careful discursive approach through strategic skill and efficient organization to inspire an attitude of respecting individual rights/liberties and seek out to remove the wasted loss of human potential that has been ongoing. Whatever the approach we take it’s little to do with ego gratification and more to do with generating a beneficial change.

This degree is about getting slowed down against one’s will which can result in a great accumulation of frustration unless the right attitude is focused upon. The chart holder is to become non-reactive and to allow one’s creative impulses to flow with and around all obstructions knowing that whatever appears to be going against one is there to increase one’s ability to be non-attached.

Accept what comes, allow it to leave when it’s time, and know that what will be for one comes effortlessly. The Chandra Symbol for this degree is “A blacksmith creating an ornate garden gate.” This degree is about making the best of even the most difficult situations.

And to do so, of course, one has to go out and find all the most difficult people and situations that can be discovered. At best this degree is a hard worker who is doggedly determined to turn around even the most seemingly nonredeemable state of affairs.

The dangers here are getting worn out/burnt out as hard working becomes abuse as well as continual failures creating successive layers of frustration until a mountain of it has built up.

The key here is adopting the right attitude. If the attitude is bitter, egotistical, cynical and self righteous or hard like the blacksmith’s iron then the goal will never be reached. If the attitude is loving and receptive to guidance by higher forces then the iron can be heated, worked, and will yield to fulfilling the blacksmith’s creative vision. Work with guardian angel Mehiel and daimon Flauros.

“I hope your birthday doesn’t blow.” – Unknown

Daimon Flauros corresponds to the Two of Pentacles, Venus, Capricorn, and Rose. It can be said that this daimon is one who will share great wisdom with those who they consider worthy of respect. There is a strong connection here to the fire element and the art of divination. This protective daimon is often utilized for removing troublemakers from one’s life.

Flauros usually ensures that anyone who is creating chaos in one’s life get lost or take a hike. Not one to allow anyone to be tempted or attacked by others this daimon actually loves talking about the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine while balancing one’s physical, mental, and spiritual consciousness.

It is said that Flauros is specifically connected with justice, love, and new beginnings while raising one’s IQ and aiding in the development of a retentive memory. If you’re dealing with anyone who is back lashing due to a fragile ego you may want to work with this daimon. What they really need is a restorative blessing.

In reality this degree showcases for the chart holder how interpretations allow us to enter unknown territory where the surface level mask is removed and the skills we have are honed. It’s unwise to take preconceived thoughts with us into the jungle for we are entering untouched lands usually.

In this jungle, however, we must guard against the constantly swarming insects who leave welts and bites upon us. If we succeed at deterring their venom we might feign off dis-ease. If we are exceptionally lucky we land with the ever famous “get out of jail free” card from Monopoly no longer locked into superficialities with an opportunity to live our lives authentically.

There is no fixed stars upon this degree to really work with at present. With the above in proper perspective this degree can work with White Jade and utilize the affirmation I release negative self doubt and accomplish my dreams.

“Dragons particularly like eating cakes and pastries. Their favorite kind of cake is a lair cake!” – Unknown

My step father has brought home a rather large 3D printed red dragon for me as well as tiramisu for mom and I’s birthdays as hers is on the 29th only three days after mine. If you’re curious about the interview I think it went well, but I won’t have anything official until Friday when they reach out to me with either the yes/no I’m receiving the position. They want someone to start immediately or well I was told yesterday. 🤞

There is some competition in the game therefore I’m going to let it be and try not to fret over matters because it won’t do me any good. I’ll try to think positively while being patient as I’ve not heard back on either position I’ve interviewed for as receptionist in attempts to relieve myself from the toils of retail with my sometimes cranky neuropathy/foot.

I’m not sure that she’s feeling this birthday vibe though; my mom that is. 2022 has been a very rough road to traverse with quite a lot of potholes along the way. And, um, well the Pikachu in the above image I’ve still not taken the time to paint a face upon him. Oops! May you have a larger than life Monday. Happy vibes sent your way. I have a surprise for tomorrow’s blog post to celebrate the next lunar phase.

And today I corrected a typographical error in a much older post. I need a proofreader besides myself.🤗💓

PS: I’ve also corrected a link above. It appears that I made a boo boo! So the dragon reference now correctly directs to the appropriate location.

Self Examination Saturdays: Rebound to the Malcontented

“A deep man believes that the evil eye can wither, the heart’s blessing can heal, and that love can overcome all odds.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

Strange title I know, but I’m trying to essentially re-frame the concept of a return to sender spell today. I legitimately wanted to publish this last night on Friday with a quote, however, I came home with a headache from working my part time cosmetology job with having spent all day re-tagging and smelling Sharpie marker so I could not find the motivation.

Any and all underlined hyperlink text is a great way for you to comprehend what this blog post means in turning away the Evil Eye.


I’ve also been through two weeks of squeezing in job hunting for full time work and a change to remove the strain of retail on my previously fractured as well as surgery foot where I experience neuropathy. I had one interview for a salon opening in August as receptionist. This upcoming Monday one day before my 43rd birthday I’m interviewing for a receptionist position with a plumbing/drain cleaning company.

I’m leaning towards this one because it will include a $15,000-$20,000 per year income glow up with fully paid for insurance, a 401K, paid vacation, 1 hr lunch, and gym membership. But it’s also going to detract Monday through Friday from my ability to be here publishing much less doing organic gardening the way I’ve been thus far. I’m going to need to scale that back quite a bit to remove stress/pressure.

There will have to be a trade off for this one given the hours I will be working would be 7:30 AM CST to 4:30 PM CST plus any commute. Such is life, and really I’ve never been up for an interview for a position like this one. Every job I’ve had has been locked in at the $20,000 or below a year income bracket so…

Hence why I’ve been going through the motions in life with hiccups despite also paying for and succeeding at two different post high school educations. Not to mention the part time cosmetology job has been interesting given the location for one of the stores is near a gas station/convenience store so ourselves as well as the next door salon are coping with feigning off the resident alcoholic problem. I spend many days there managing the store alone.

And the salon has been routinely warning me as well as checking in on me because once someone went in and stole items from the salon who were homeless and yesterday an inebriated person off the street as we’ll call them harassed a stylist sexually forcing them to threaten to call the police because he would not leave the salon otherwise. I’m just really unsure about the state of humanity in 2022!

The same person threw their hat at the glass windows of our store so I locked up for a while only unlocking to allow customers in/out to shop in an attempt to retain a safe environment while cautioning them of what was happening. Then there are the random non licensed or expired license cosmetologists who try to purchase from the company which we have to find a way to politely yet firmly turn away. Didn’t I say nothing around here is very humdrum or boring?

The customers still had to access the same parking lot that these people are coming/going in after all. I’ll keep you updated if I change jobs so that you’re made aware of changes to my publishing routines because I’ll have to reduce my side gig time. I won’t be capable of managing it all otherwise as I’m only one woman here.

The concept of an Evil Eye relates back to the ruins of modern day Syria around 1250 BC which was picked up by later cultures to include Judaism, Christianity, and Islam as well as the geographic regions of the Carribbean/West Indies, Turkey, Ethiopia, Senegal, India, Pakistan, and Italy as well as the USA and Spain/Latin American countries.

Our very word fascinate derives from a phallic charm used as an apotropaic against the Evil Eye dating in the first century BC through the fourth century AD known as the fascinum which in Latin etymologically refers to casting a spell. We might find charms worn as finger rings or pendants as well as stone carvings upon buildings.

In my beliefs the Evil Eye tends to stem from malcontent when someone feels wronged and seeks revenge, suffers from jealousy/envy, or they simply don’t care that their intent is malicious in how they interact with another. It is literally as well as metaphorically known as staring eyes with a spiteful gaze.

I wanted to use the Solar Return chart as I’ve been doing leading up to my birthday to chart the Asteroid Miriam (102) because the Hamsa is a charm often utilized to ward these energies off which I’m sure many are familiar with.

The Hamsa, Khamsa, and Hamesh means five relating to the fingers of the hand which any student of esoterics knows can relate to other concepts like palmistry, the five senses, and the five elements (Earth, air, fire, water, and akasha/akashic records).

“Never let Vikings near your stone countertops. They’d just rune them.” – Unknown

Step father bought me this honey mead called Odin’s Skull for my birthday; no clue what it’s like! Oddly I’m hearing Led Zeppelin in my brain again.

The above won’t make sense to those unaware of the matriarchy ties being Ashkenazi and immigrating from Germany/Denmark or my name meaning as it does which I’ve written about. I think the Law of Attraction or collective manifestation is trying to have a sense of humor, but I sense my mom will be unimpressed. 😂

There is a spiritual practice and remedy ascribed to our karma through our Third Eye chakra as well where we can burn what is stored. This relates to mantra as well. Soham, for example, is derived via Sah/That and Aham/I where we work with the breath to manifest the physical via the spoken word. Your individual soul not your body, mind, emotions, or social standing are what creates.

Our chakras combined with light, intelligence, cognition, and self awareness on a higher level can create karma and we often operate through individualization as Jung makes a further point of. Yet we ignore dissolution which when experienced as the Ultimate Self through kundalini yoga allows us to enter the Cosmic Aham.

Hamsa is the carrier/transport of Saraswati relating further to the swan which is vital to achieving liberation or moksha. If we remove Maya or illusion allowing Shiva Shakti to unite as allegory says on the body of water or summation of experiences entering flow then we can deepen knowledge of our own Ultimate Self.

Additionally called the Hand of Miriam or within Levantine Christian culture the Hand of Mary as well as within Islam the Hand of Fatima many use this symbol to defend against the destructive qualities of such ill wishing from another.

I’ve read within Islam some hold the belief that through understanding our astrology chart to become conscious as Jung has directed of our unconscious we may find that the unfavorable celestial configurations can make one the victim of the Evil Eye.

Bram Stoker’s Dracula made mention in 1897 of a simple and instant protection within European Christianity where the sign of the cross made with your hand while pointing two fingers, markedly your index as well as middle finger, towards the source of negative influence or the victim of the Evil Eye could act as a protective spell.

India has what I find to be the most interesting in that babies may be seen wearing kajal or black eyeliner to ward off the Evil Eye and the evil auras of another. Italians can be seen using a mudra that many misinterpret called the “little horn” or cornetto which has also been called the fig sign which I won’t get fully into the disclosure of to deal with the Evil Eye.

Others will find this purely superstitious, but ultimately how many do you know who speak and wish harm on another when they’ve felt wronged or offended. And how many of us have been guilty of the same once, twice, or thrice in our lives because we’ve let ourselves be consumed with the need to seek vengeance or revenge?

Now I’ve touched upon this previously in my first round covering the traditional zodiac signs albeit I’ve not finished this carrying through the Asiatic zodiac, but I’ll include a spell that can be worked with before nose diving into some astrology. Please note spells such as these don’t have to be utilized just for people.

You could use this to remove negative habits you still wish to abandon such as the spirit or embodiment of procrastination, greed, pride, addictions of any/all kinds, and so forth. I used to have an addiction to video games I could not control where I spent way too much time/money. Kudos to my co-worker trying to quit smoking! That’s gotta not be easy, but a goal one can certainly achieve and be proud of!

“May happiness surround you and stay out of harm’s way.” – Anonymous

If you’re the victim of baneful magic meant to harm yourself or others which are commonly called jinxes, hexes, and curses try applying the following to return the bad mojo to the originator of these energies/vibrations. These spells are not wrong and simply work as a form of a rightful justice spell because really in the first place we should be well wishers for self and other.

Take one small candle, salt mixed with rosemary, a fire safe bowl to collect the ashes or you can work with a chiminea if you possess one as I do, sage as a smudging herb, the essential oil of clove, and a piece of paper with pen/pencil. Begin by smudging the area within which you work, invite in your angels, ancestors, or spirit guides, and then draw on the piece of paper the runes of Nauthiz (banishment; leaving someone out in the cold) as well as Algiz (protection).

Under Nauthiz write “I drive you out” and insert the name if you know the offender or describe the energies you wish to banish. Finally under Algiz write “For my highest benefit.” With a scissor cut out the name of the person or energies you wish to remove. Anoint your candle in the essential oil and then place the salt into the fire safe bowl. Here you will burn and release this spell into the Universe/Cosmos.

As this is occurring close your eyes, breathe deeply, and set your positive intentions. Please do not perform this spell while you’re hostile or angry. The ritual may be closed by envisioning one’s self safe, warm, and protected with the affirmation that reads “I am safe from you, released from your grip, and I reclaim my power and sovereignty now. Blessed be and so it is.”

Metaphysically Miriam relates to the soul or Divine Feminine quality of love for she as well as Moses are derived from the Tribe of Levi (love) usually displayed when one is struggling with freeing themselves from the errors of a selfish personality. We also find Miriam metaphysically symbolic of one who desires to be fully released from the bondage of human limitations to enter wholly into the promised land of wholeness.

It’s at this stage where one has yet to fully overcome the bitter and rebellious tendencies of the five senses or desire nature, but has awakened to higher possibilities. Miriam holds a correlation as well to the Hebrew letter Mem.

Solar Return Chart for Asteroid Miriam

From birth to Solar Return we might see some changes as I described previously within these topics. We can see within my Solar Return that Asteroid Miriam makes it’s debut within my 6th House of Virgo at 6° sextile the Moon.

This specific chart will not show what my other astrology software depicts, but if we add the addition of some asteroids such as Pallas, Ceres, Vesta, and Juno or even Lilith we find two Stelliums emerge with a Grand Cross, Multiple Planet Square, a Cradle, and finally the infamous Yod or finger of God/fate.

My Solar Return on my other software for astrology shows a mirroring of my natal chart completely different from what displays for it is like holding the natal chart up to a mirror literally and observing polar opposites reminiscent of Alice’s Looking Glass adventures.

As I’ve been decoding this I’ve seen some interesting energies come forth. But I digress back to Asteroid Miriam we will be working with the following. The sextile placement is called or known as astonishing empathy for the soul begins to merge with the reasoning abilities of one who is smart, eloquent, and understanding.

Their mental health improves when they develop intrapersonal intelligence becoming adept at knowing what to say while developing active listening skills. With a fondness for learning you will find us buried in literature or reading as these past times tickle our fancy.

Our 6th House is the guide towards health/wellness, daily habits, and how we go about selfless service. It’s ruled by Virgo which can imply workaholism, but is a strong indicator of one’s skillfulness, work ethic, and how they will perform within any team. Not only a hub of caring for others, but a great location to understand how one employs self love or care. We must watch our nervous system as well as our diet.

The chart holder is able to help others move forward in their lives through their capability to clearly read where the stuck places are, the blockages, and the fears that stop or retard the journey. One often works in an unseen manner subtly and indirectly instilling in others a confidence in themselves that they were lacking.

The Chandra Symbol for this degree is “A banyan tree that creates an entire forest.” Knowledge proliferates giving birth to more knowledge. This degree is aware of the connectedness of gnosis and the way it spawns more of itself infinitely.

The chart holder must not be overwhelmed by this nor try to assimilate all of it. It is enough to know that it is there when one needs it. One is here to protect and guide others toward the Palace of Wisdom. Work with guardian angel Vasariah and daimon Asmoday.

Daimon Asmoday relates to the 6 of Swords, Sun, Aquarius, and Sunflower (seeds). This daimon is great to work with for learning about various computer software and the technical fields. If you have a passion for building a website or learning specific programs such as those I might utilize in the administrative careers I am seeking then Asmoday is a great ally.

There seems some confusion here in symbolism if we were to think back to even the tarot. Asmoday displays with the head of a bull, a man, a ram, and the tail of a serpent. First of all within tarot upon the Wheel of Fortune we see the bull (Taurus), the man (Aquarius), an Eagle (Scorpio), and well we know the rest. Thus the ram is Aries in the depiction of this daimon.

The serpent aspect is a direct representation of kundalini. But as always the fearful choose how they wish to live for as they say we choose fear of God/Goddess or the love of God/Goddess to view our perspectives in life.

The Wheel of Fortune is about the wand of Jupiter and our karma coming back upon us thus as I’ve stated above it’s best to be a well wisher so that your karmic reward returns to you rather than a malefic.

If you want life to revolve in your favor upon a completed cycle take responsibility for your actions. Other lessons you might see imparted by this daimon include astronomy, arithmetic, geomancy, and the ability to read the auras of others.

The banyan is the tree representing Magha nakshatra which I’ve spoken about being born into representing our ancestors. As many who follow me know the matriarchal ancestral records came to me as inheritance upon the passing of my maternal grandfather.

A great crystal for this degree to work with is Pink Tourmaline expressing enjoyment and optimism while in group situations acting as a shield of protection teaching that innocence gives birth to great wisdom while focusing upon supporting the soul’s journey. The affirmation is my life is filled with joy, merriment, and delight.

Now buckle in because this degree also sits upon the Spindle Galaxy within Sextans where there is a super massive black hole as well as Alula Borealis within the hind foot of Ursa Major the Great Bear.

The sextant is a navigational tool to measure the altitude of celestial bodies allowing one to determine latitude/longitude. Above the alpha star of Sextans you will find the alpha star of Leo, Regulus, which with Ketu rules Magha nakshatra.

Alpha as well as beta stars in Sextans sit on the zero latitude or zero declination of the celstial equator. Sextant derives from sixteen, sixty, sextile, siesta, and Sistine regarding the Sistine Chapel.

Other references include the sudatoriam or ancient Roman bath house comparable to modern saunas, jacuzzis, and sweat lodges. Further there is a constellation known as Sextans Uraniae referencing the muse of astronomy. This further relates to the Sacral chakra via the six petal lotus.

Commonly called the Leaps of the Gazelle we find that Alula Borealis is more akin to the mythology of Callisto in Greek cosmology or astrotheology. Not much is said of this fixed star, but the Kabbalists tend to associate it with the Hebrew letter Zain/Zayin as well as the tarot trump The Chariot.

May you have an entertaining Saturday. Sending you positive vibrations and best wishes! My birthday is officially Tuesday the 26th of July. I’m not entirely sure how we will be celebrating. I generally prefer something low key!

Regular blog followers have probably gotten used to the zany things I share through publishing and these odd connections I always locate; well I hope they’ve gotten used to this. 🎠🥳🎂🎁

Above is the peanut plant still growing in what was the carrot bed which the squirrels planted because our neighbor feeds them as well as our garlic chives, sweet potatoes, and the hollyhock which we have two that are not flowering this year only growing stems/leaves.
Zinnias and other wildflowers here to amuse the pollinators especially our resident hummingbird.
Roma tomatoes and basil are surviving the drought and triple digits in Texas.
I harvested yet more sunflower seeds today.

PS: Pardon any typographical or other errors. I tried to proofread, but I’m certain I’ve missed something.

Tarot of the Day Thursdays: Challenges One May Not Savor

“I don’t suffer from insanity. I enjoy every minute of it.” – Unknown

I hate summer school, and I loathe remedial lessons! Your instructor has left some concepts to bemuse today within the underlined hyperlink text.


Today we’ve come across the Valet of Swords more commonly known as the Page of Swords (on occasion the Princess of Swords). Representative of a delay in news, possibly poor planning ahead, being vigilant, and generating ideas or inspiration from varied resources this card usually signifies the quick witted, curious, types who use their mind well yet may appear blunt, insensitive, or a loner of sorts.

This chatty, lively, logical person appears to us as more akin to a young at heart adolescent who is not out to cause any harm intentionally. Swords often represent the air element and might be associated with either Aquarius, Gemini, or Libra.

This card asks one to be patient while waiting upon answers they might be seeking. You may be an extremely ambitious type who is dreaming of an incredibly successful career. If you’re waiting to regain health after a past illness/injury the Valet/Page of Swords asks that you ease back into things. Despite the fact that you may be all logic remain steadfast that spirituality has a place in your life.

Avoid gossip and try to also not allow yourself to turn into the scatter brained person who can’t be relied upon when counted on. If anyone in your family, career, or romantic relationships is punishing you for previous treatment they received don’t allow it. Also know that sometimes this card can signify a relationship that will have a disappointing outcome.

Exercise caution with who you choose to trust when this card appears. Some individual is spying on you likely and then going behind your back to feed information to your enemy likely because they have the intent to cause your failure or will enjoy seeing you fail.

The goal being to influence someone about you in a negative manner. Sometimes people are two faced, and the lessons these relationships bring us are not the ones we enjoy.

Further Study of the Valet/Page of Swords:

The 18th Hexagram can be displayed to us as either Corruption/Renovating or Decay/Therapy.

Overall while this card can also speak to Mercurial energies when not grounded we don’t metabolize our experiences in life as well. This card asks that we work towards equality not equity as they are not the same things regardless of those who play wordsmith games through neural linguistic programming/hoodwinkery because one reduces everything to a commodity including humans meaning you’re seen as chattel, a possession to be owned, and you lose all sense of independence or freedom.

We are not separate entities and we all deserve our rights to be respected. If you’re still ignorant on the meaning of chattel it’s etymology clearly states tangible, movable property and a slave! So if I were you I’d begin re-educating yourself on the proper meaning of the words used to pull the wool over your eyes and keep you ignorant. Afraid I don’t wish to be a slave to a system of corruption.

I’ve been harping upon this theme for months now wondering if it falls on deaf ears or numb minds. Have a thought provoking Thursday! 🧠🗯️

Teach Me Tuesdays: Where in The World Is…

“What do stars say when they apologize to one another? I’m starry.” – Anonymous

Does anyone remember the old Carmen Sandiego games? I really don’t have much for introductions today. Rather just some really goofy images courtesy of Cat Game on my iPhone and a look at Asteroid Interkosmos (2365) in a Solar Return chart because it fits the theme. Well at least in my mind, but then I’m weird.

Allow the underlined hyperlink text to act as location clues in your search.


If we break this word down looking for etymology or meaning we’d find the inter speaks to between, among, inside/interior, and during while kosmos speaks to order, fashion, ornament/decoration, ruler, and world/Earth or Universe. If we put this together we might encapsulate that this asteroid speaks to a bridge between worlds not unlike the Antahkarana.

As I’ve said I’ve been relating back to the same earlier blog post now so many times the pingbacks are a veritable nightmare where I’ve tried to elude to this or use this blog to point to these themes across a variety of spiritual practices/belief systems.

Our Solar Return or rather Revolution may be a better term than Return allows us to be saturated with vitality on our birthday when a new chapter begins in our life. Think of the chart as the index that shows what is about to unfold.

The natal chart is this snapshot of the moment we took our first live breath and the planetary energies imprinted upon our consciousness.

The difference between the natal chart and other charts is that when we are born those imprints last a lifetime while all other charts depict what will only be active for the present year. It is a great way to compare your lifetime to your current or more recent manifestations.

Therefore, your life story is elaborated upon by the Solar Return chart making it more rich. I’m using this more often because I’m nearing my birthday in 2022 which prompts me to be a bit more curious.

Solar Return Chart for Asteroid Interkosmos

So in my next life chapter we find Asteroid Interkosmos within my 7th House of Libra at 15° quintile Sun, sextile Mercury, quincunx Mars, and opposing Chiron. How do we interpret this?

First we look at the 7th House which is first and foremost Venusian ruled by Libra signifying relationships in general be they friends, business, or romantic. Public relations, networking, our ability to socialize, and the arenas of art, beauty, or aesthetics fall into this location.

Our particular aesthetic predisposition makes us clever and ingenious enjoying music, video games, and art. There are times when we can be called smooth social operators who avoid conflict to avoid challenging tasks in life.

We try to charm our way out of difficulties we face. We will appear assertive, forceful, tactful, driven, and at times irritable. As the holder’s of this chart we also trigger the wounds of many we come into contact with.

Our method of expression brings out the insecurities of others because the Chiron personality sees in the Venusian what they wish they were and the qualities they feel they lack.

Whoever acts as Chiron in any relationship with the Venusian will feel they don’t have any value. To overcome this form of shadow work the Chiron persona must do the emotional work to measure up and compete with the Venusian persona.


Prehistoric paintings on the walls of a vast chamber of a cave.

Lost inside the infinite variety of ways that Earth existence portrays itself and explores itself the chart holder is thrown into an infinity of responses and reactions to the myriad of variations on Universal/Cosmic themes.

Astounded and dazzled by the way it all comes down they need to gather a super expanded field into a coherent progressive pattern, into a virtually random scan attunement, faced with the gargantuan task of coming to know its own real parameters.

The only possible path to harnessing and working with this vast multiplicity is to remain artistically and creatively alive to the whole dazzling panorama. Simply choose a mode of expression that can do justice to the infinite scan approach making it meaningful to everybody else as an appreciation of all that is here.

An uninhibited celebration of the fullest profusion of soul impressions which reveals and reflects the bounty and the glory magnificently. Looking deeply into life we find those things of great value that help us to bring loving care into all that we do. Realizing the repetitive nature of all cycles we come to see the deeper meaning and purpose of that which we continually repeat.

Giving loving and careful attention to all that we do creates in us an attunement to a pure source of deep inner wisdom. Perceiving the ancient imprints that exist in the deepest layers of our unconscious we are able to see more clearly the one sidedness of our thinking and how all thoughts are illusions. Work with guardian angel Hahasiah and daimon Balam.

“What’s an alien’s pet called? An extra furrestrial.” – Anonymous

Daimon Balam directs us to the Seven of Wands, Sun, Leo, and Oak. Balam allows one to gain expertise in divination via tarot and palm reading. The chart holder might begin experimentation with crystals, healing spells, astral travel, solar magic, and dryads/tree spirits.

Balam also assists one with accessing the higher self, shadow, and spirit/totem animals. I got the Oak; I’m sleeping in it. A California King oak tree bed so… Other skills imparted by this daimon include the ability to blend into one’s surroundings or appear invisible.

I suppose not always standing out amongst the crowd can be of benefit from time to time like when one needs to be camouflaged from their enemies.

Ironic then is it not that my cosmetology license was chosen within the very field of aesthetics. I backtracked through some previous blog posts landing upon one for April 22, 2022 where the Arabic Part/Lot of Beauty was sitting exactly on this very same degree. So I chose to adapt today and cover it from a different angle.

“What did the alien say when he saw a gardener? “Take me to your weeder!” – Anonymous

As previously stated this fixed star sits upon Beta Volans in Volans the Flying Fish. Flying fish refer to the fish out of water analogy taken from being out of one’s element as well as the Mediterranean flying fish known as exocoetus exiliens.

This relates etymologically to exo-koitos implying outside and bed or taken together to lie down outside and sleep under the stars. Another interpretation being volans or volant which defines having wings to fly.

When a fish jumps out of water the allegory teaches that our life cycles through many centuries. This constellation symbolizes how living in the present now moment is about letting go of past and future.

We must learn not to worry about things which have happened or may happen. Worry less about what you can’t do or how someone else is going to react. Life needs room for security/stability combined with fun/excitement.

If you’ve landed upon this degree work with Strawberry Quartz expressing heartfelt merriment while being inspired to live a magical life focused upon captivating others with a spontaneous and playful attitude. The affirmation is I am living an enchanted life daily.

May you enjoy an animated Tuesday. My interview today went well, but I’m waiting on the final results as to if I’ll be offered a receptionist position at a salon set to open nearby or not. I’m trying to replace as I’ve said my retail cosmetology role with a different function in the hopes that I’ll have my neuropathy less triggered.

But I know that cosmetology reception while one sets the appointments and handles the phones is still active sometimes even handling linens especially as I was told I will work closely with their already hired aesthetician. Hours will be almost identical so it’s not a dramatic shift at all if I choose to go with it.

I’m still hunting around, however, because I don’t put my eggs all in one basket usually. Otherwise I am healing from some other minor health distractions that spontaneously showed up and resting up well each night with plenty of sleep. The ideal time for the human body to actually get well being at night with a proper rest cycle. 😌🛌🏻

Manifestation Mondays: Going In Search of Honey

“What is a bee’s favorite part of a relationship? The honeymoon period.” – Unknown

This blog post is taken from the following quote:

“When you go in search of honey, you must expect to be stung by bees.”

  • Joseph Joubert

May you have a sweet journey as you traverse the underlined hyperlink text; but hopefully not too sticky!


For those who are unfamiliar with the Beehive Cluster also known as M44, NGC 2632, or Praesepe which is Latin for the manger/crib it happens to be one of the nearest clusters to Earth found within the constellation Cancer. As one of the first objects which Galileo studied with his telescope its guide stars include Regulus (connected with my birth nakshatra in Magha and Ketu), Castor, and Pollux.

In 2012 it is believed that two planets were found within the Beehive Cluster orbiting separate stars the same way Earth orbits the Sun. These were named Pr0201b and Pr0211b respectively with the “b” at the end of their names indicating that they’re planets. They are also termed Hot Jupiters or massive gas giants orbitting very close to their parent stars. Later in 2016 an additional planet was found becoming Pr0211c.

The beehive, a symbol of industry, has a queen yet this symbol is also representative of the journey from death to new life as in regeneration or even reincarnation. Bees neither toil nor sweat rolling in flowers while drinking nectar they serve creation.

Following their bliss rewards us with a perfect eternal food known as honey given that we don’t contribute to the extinction of their varied species as humans with our interventions for better/worse.

Many celebrated the bee or beehive as an intermediary to the Divine as well as symbolic of healers. Beekeeping offers the discipline of listening internally for guidance. Frequencies and vibrations also connect with healing touch not unlike ideas found within Reiki.

If you were to observe a bee colony within the hive you’d notice that they respond behaviorally to recorded bee sounds. If you were to use a healthy beehive recording the same way many of us use brain entrainment music then you would keep bees within a healthy frequency state.

Another tool would be quantum physics where I’ve read of the copper tool known as the Star Burst which is based upon precise dimensions drawn from ancient Egyptian astronomy that establishes a coherent energy field.

This coherent energy field will establish efficient and effortless transmissions like channeled/automatic writings to transmit the energy harmonically coupled to the Eath’s Universal/Cosmic gravitation wave. I’ve touched on these topics repeatedly in my studies on topics such as zero point energy.

If we take a vibrating tuning fork and activate it within the harmonic range a resonance occurs and colony insects such as bees require high energy fields that are higher than the Schumann Resonance of 7.83 hz.

On Earth we have fault lines, fissures, mineral deposits, and other non-beneficial areas disrupting even water flow which harm most living organisms. If we tune the frequencies correctly colonies will be supported via an effortless source of free energy.

It is the Star Burst which can increase this field coherency regardless of location transferring effortlessly social colony organization within and beyond the beehive. Even during droughts you can still harvest honey from the beehive with these systems employed.

Experiments done with compact discs recording healthy beehives can through quantum physics and electromagnetics be clipped to the Star Burst to piggyback on a generated wave. An entire environment is surrounded and raised to a sacred space with high levels of super organization creating interdependence that serves a sacred purpose.

It is called a unified field rather than existing within chaos. When we enter this unified field we are enshrouded not in fear, but within a field of love that is life altering and sustainable. What is the purpose of these tools? Water! Water carries memory as I’ve said before in my blog and the human body is primarily water. The truth is we are not carrying our original blueprints as was intended for this time.

This impacts even our cell memory which has direct connections with our Heart chakra in our chest and astronomically or astrologically if we think about Regulus as the heart of Leo the Lion we could consider our activations and attunements which I had to endure several including three very potent specific ones for each level to reach Master within Reiki.

Sometimes I don’t quite understand how I’m able to channel/automatic write about something that I can sense and feel only to get online and find a confirmation/synchronicity of. Like this!

The keys to the copper Star Burst have a direct connection with the Great Pyramid, the Cardinal/Ordinal points, and the proportions of an 8-pointed star.

The present now moment is one of a cusp between the old and new world energies which manifest Goddess or Divine Feminine activations. We know honey held significance within the Mithraic themes as well.

Solar Return Chart for the Beehive Cluster

Today I’m using a Solar Return chart as my birthday is also nearing me within under 10 days to chart the Beehive Cluster which we can locate within my 6th House of Leo at 7°. And while I explain this below it’s not going to be a duplicate or replica of the natal chart.

With the above I have found that I can be a sucker for tuning fork concert ASMR no matter who performs it especially when you get headphones on. It’s unbelievably healing in my book! I once was an avid addict to ASMR channels because my mind is very overactive.

Tuning Fork Healing:

But why a Solar Return chart?

The Sun returns to its natal place on or even close to your original time of birth. It’s important to know which themes will be coming up in your life by watching for what will be emphasized and activated during this time. If it happens to be a period of intense change you may begin to delve deeply into your psyche with ongoing therapy for healing, solace, and confidence.

The Solar Return is meant to provide one with resolve and inspiration for the transformation they will undergo. For me at birth the Sun along with Regulus, Mercury, and Jupiter were within the 10th House of Leo placing importance upon the need to succeed in a chosen profession.

With an emphasis here at the 6th House we change gears instead with a focus upon creativity which if not expressed in everyday life leads us to becoming sick especially with regards to digestion. We can suffer work overload and should avoid any heart damaging diets.

This year our focus is upon health, breaking bad habits, and our day to day work/chores. You’ll also find within this house Mercury and the aspect patterns of the Beehive Cluster being conjunct Sun with a trine to Jupiter.

This is the placement for mind as well as body to receive a recharging for what lies ahead. One should take a break to unwind because emotional patterns are requiring that we surround ourselves with the correct people.

If you’re around anyone who does not sync to your vibration then it’s not a good time for group projects. Yesterday I wrote about toxic positivity and found that I was inherently guilty of it by using the “get over it” tagline in a prior blog post at the onset of 2022. As many times as I wrote walk away I was reminded of the same song using my name.

“Why do bees do so well in job interviews? They know all the good buzzwords.” – Unknown

Resilience is the key at this time so that we stop allowing others who are not at our vibratory level to stop spoiling our enjoyment of life. It’s a good time to focus on artistic or literary skills and partnerships that help us develop deep meaningful relationships of a mutual intellectual as well as emotional fulfillment.

The sharpness of a needle determines how easily it can penetrate the skin and by the same token the chart holder’s penetrating yet subtle insights can penetrate the consciousness of those who experience them. The chart holder can then work on them in ways that were unexpected. Using this power for the good of others is the challenge.

The Chandra Symbol for this degree is “A very weak cup of tea.” The barking of a dog permeates landscapes just as tea does water. The tea is very bland/subtle and to some it would seem like nothing remarkable. To those who tune in to the faint flavor and fragrance there may be a wondrous experience to savor. The experience of this is Universal/Cosmic and mysterious.

This intonation is felt by this degree as symbolizing far more than it outwardly is. The energy of this is much like homeopathy where as a substance is reduced physically its vibration is magnified. The barking dog’s echoes are calling forth deep emotions as signified by the Moon or the Cancer constellation while permeating the landscape creating an atmosphere that evokes the sublime.

And so this degree can be deceptively simple and bland yet evoke the grandeur of the infinite. Work with guardian angel Mebahiah and daimon Orobas.

Daimon Orobas is tied with the Two of Swords, Jupiter, Furze, and Libra. When we choose to work with this daimon it’s because we deisre to explore wisdom, change people’s opinions, put a stop to slander/gossip, be protected from one’s enemies, and experience astral travel or aetheric visions.

Now get ready for it! Do you know what fixed stars sit exactly at this degree. Well of course it’s the Beehive Cluster, but the addition is Asellus Borealis. Cancer being my Western MC as opposed to my Capricorn IC is also my Vedic Sun sign with a Leo lunar mansion. These two fixed stars form the manger/crib in which Christ is born and Cancer is the Gate of Man.

Anyone who knows their Bible also knows that someone rode in on a donkey which Asellus and Aselli are the etymological value of a donkey. Other names for this fixed star include a resting place. Associated with prosperity, auspiciousness, and priests/teachers of the Gods/Goddess we find the energies imbued to be that of medicine, sales, art, learning, and agriculture. Often one will be self controlled, learned, and charitable.

“The worst part about getting stung by bees? Tomorrow you’re going to have to take care of those hives.” – Unknown

We tend to forget that the Bible as well as all religious texts have many layers to unpack one being allegory that so many keep missing from time to time. And by this most of us realize that it is Universal/Cosmic or Christ consciousness that is available to all not any one particular human.

This degree is advised to work with Honey Calcite emphasizing a message of constant assurance that planning and navigation are correct for they focus upon a figure of light and hope that instills confidence in those around us. The affirmation is I look to the heavens for inspiration and beauty.

I hope you have a magnificent Monday everyone! I’ve ensured I compose this timely since I expect to be a bit busy over the next few days with some other projects and duties. Things like laundry, interviews, job applications, and sunflower seeds being collected. 🧺🌻🤔

Self Examination Saturdays: Pele Starts A Dumpster Fire to Release Unwanted Projections

“A child doesn’t belong to the mother or father; a child belongs to his/her ancestors.” – African Proverb

This may sound a bit rough when you read it perhaps even cold, but there are boundaries we need to learn how best to understand in relationships. No one is perfect and we’re all learning how best to establish and live up to the boundaries which we set. Underlined hyperlink text is here to assist you with better comprehension of what I mean by this.


I am choosing Pele from my previous blog post on the 13 Moon Archetype today to touch on some topics which others might find a bit contentious. You’ll have to judge the topic as best as you can, but I’m hoping some will understand why this is being touched upon.

If someone is indecisive towards you it is not worth it. Indecisive people do not know what the bleep they want. Sometimes they figure it out and sometimes we are sick of putting up with their vacillation thus walking away is the best thing to do teaching them that resolve, determination, and resolution matters!

Manifestation and the concept of the Law of Attraction work only when we are not focused on what we do not want, but are explicit and conclusive on exactly what we desire. Do not expect the Universe/Cosmos to be a mind reader when you afford it with wishy washy incertitude.

Reciprocity is huge while working to convince someone that they are wrong through manipulation erodes their confidence and ability to make clear judgments which also sucks!

For many putting effort in and getting nothing back is no longer sufficient. Equal give and take is being required. People want commitment not players and friends with benefits making it essential that everyone set the rules/boundaries to prevent unwarranted confusion.

Otherwise leaving it with the other person can create a navigational impasse/imbalance. Relationships are two lanes and both must put into it for it to work!

Beware of negative energy or out of control egotism. Toxic traits need to be disallowed or you will continue to be gaslit. This should be retired if someone is in this vibration. These tactics involve the exertion of control and power over another in any manner of relating.

When someone can not make or commit to plans, gives you the hot/cold treatment, strings you along by feigning thoughtfulness that is not sincere, or makes no effort to explain themselves or consider another’s feelings than you’re being the the victim of their low self esteem, lack of validation, immaturity, and point blank narcissistic personality disorder.

So if you’re thinking why the hell is this tactic used it’s because it encourages you the person they target to suppress your own needs to preserve the relationship regardless of how unfulfilling and painful this is to you or your family. As you lower your standards and learn to accept the bare minimum of love, attention, and other healthy forms of relating even in a workplace scenario you begin to settle for less and less over time.

The solutions come from within. Consider your alternatives, start being more direct with your perpetrator telling them you’re a priority that should be valued, do not and I repeat do not reinforce their bad behavior, set an example to teach them how to treat you or others properly, and always remember your worth.

What needs to be understood is what sadomasochism is when you are relating. Some enjoy inflicting pain and some enjoy receiving pain. This can occur even when not a sexual relationship between friends and family. Pain can be emotional, verbal, domestic, or psychological abuse. Someone can be playing you; crocodile tears or putting on an act.

They might be sending you negative energy hoping you stay in victim here mode, depressed, intimidated. etc. If you see people for real and they are unapproachable maybe think twice.

You know what is best for you. Stop making excuses for other’s bad behavior and stand up for yourself. Nothing in life is worth this kind of maltreatment either if it means you are living in fear of someone. This comes from a story recently told me with someone and a workplace scenario.

If it is that toxic you need to put in motion your exit plan. Abuse is not excusable in any form. Sorry, but intimidation is to me akin to other forms of abuse because it is a power play.

I was not raised to be the doormat. And I do not like taking the guano of others. Creators get jealousy, get hate, and get evil eye. As in they receive the attentions of those who are are deceptive and won’t give a subscribe, a thumbs up, and so forth. It’s just people being nice to your face while double crossing you.

The same can happen in other jobs where someone backstabs you because they do not want you to rise above them. They won’t openly admit it. You expect them to say this to your face yet this would be like holding your breath till you suffocate. I know I worked as a personal shopper for a huge company that is now one of the richest and most popular that if I named the organization may or may not shock others.

They fired me because I would not play the above games with them or their management. Where’s my proof? I created a Reddit “sock puppet” account using VPN and other resources that helped me become capable of going undercover to meet with managers, corporate leaders, and other employees on their business subreddit.

It did not take long to befriend these people and to get info on the overall toxic culture of this Fortune 500 supposedly “ideal” corporation or it’s owner. Revenge is not worth it nor is naming them. A lot of companies and people we support want us to lavish praise upon them that is not well deserved in the first place. So why do we do it?

I did, however, also get clarification from several managers who were not completely narcissistic who said my firing was utterly improper and wrong. You’ll know who because most of you shop their grocery and online services quite frequently without any idea of business ethics with reference to considering where your money goes and/or who it supports to continue the system of corruption.

Haters are gonna hate. They energetically do not give a @#$!%&. Giving a @#$!%& is not wrong nor is being heart centered or empathic. And toxic positivity or pseudo positivity is akin to working from shadow and/or being likened to operating from darkness. It is not walking in your purpose. I’ve been around the block more than once so if you think you can “play” me I’ll give you a good run for your money.

Don’t come at me with this kind of garbage or you’ll be put in your place unless and only unless I have to save face until I am fully prepared to make my move or leave my mark. And while that sounds highly bad I have a way of making my point without say becoming a criminal who should be sent to the prison system.

What do I mean? I either become sardonic or I just walk away as quickly as I feasibly can. Before I closed my business Twitter account I had countless mental health people following me including those who advocated the priority that we validate our feelings not repress or suppress despite what the fakers want you to believe in and worship at their altar of shame.

If they are not shouting or clapping for others what do they do for you? They energetically stop your manifestation and flow. They should give a high five to another. Or else it is a blockage! And they will gather their friends up on you as well to perform gang stalking online or in person.

Misery loves company! Some want us to lose hope and faith. Light attracts equal portions of darkness as it does light. Saboteurs and two faced people do exist. Be ready to release them! Seriously clean out your house and stop letting them poach on you.

Fill up your cup, start damage control, and stop supporting the wrong people. It is good to trust your inner guidance. It is also wise to unsubscribe to those that do not serve your highest, stop hanging with those who make you feel worried/anxious, and do put yourself first. If you’re worried about stability then your Root chakra needs to get balanced.

You are not experiencing a loss. Something better is being prepared to come in for you from the Universe/Cosmos. Work on trust and faith!

Persona Chart for Asteroid Pele

Now let’s take a good hard look at Goddess Pele (2202) through astrology via the Persona Chart. We’re looking to determine one’s individual needs, weaknesses/strengths, and individual physical or psychological responses.

Asteroid Pele for myself is within the 5th House of Taurus with Chiron the Wounded Healer at 16°. It is square Mercury, trine Saturn, opposing Uranus, quincunx Neptune and Pluto, and conjunct Chiron.

Pele is a Warrior Goddess who teaches you to stand up for yourself. While traditionally women didn’t play active roles in the battlefield they do show many different faces to their personality. The energy of this placement is one of constant change.

One is often well mannered and tactful when socializing, but prefers one to one situations over large groups. One will be dependable and loyal in their career with a strong work ethic that displays a level of productivity that earns them respect.

When we strive for long term friendships, however, these require a boat load of effort also primarily because we do desire a fair amount of personal freedom ourselves. Quincunx means incomplete so these placements indicate a need for letting go when our attachments to others no longer satisfy us because balance/harmony can’t be achieved.

What we’re hoping to accomplish is a unification between the material and transcendant realms. When the position involves Pluto there is an explicit message being delivered to the chart holder.

“If you are in danger physically or emotionally you must not hesitate to leave now!”

We deal with volatility from others in abundance where high tempers are projected upon us and there is the potential for any degree of abuse from perpetrators. It is the most serious indication of relationships that must be ended when they become any kind of violent be that physically, verbally, or psychologically.

If we sense this is transpiring you better believe we will create an exit strategy as soon as possible. We dot our I’s and cross our T’s!

The chart holder is deep into their own way of flowing, their emotions strong, and their turbulence keeping them fresh and vibrant. They don’t offer easy availability to others very often. Those they open up to are often delighted by their aliveness, refreshing demeanor, and capability to move through any and all life situations easily.

The Chandra Symbol for this degree is “A young girl and boy explore a perfume counter.” Energies join together in all sorts of ways to create new blends. This degree is fascinated by this process as it impacts the emotional body and imagination.

Both a girl and a boy explore the perfume counter because it is both the conscious and unconscious self or whole being which is exploring this process of energy metamorphosis that stirs up and stimulates. The self learns of its own nature by experiencing what it is drawn to and via tuning in to its reactions to everything it experiences. Work with guardian angel Ariel and daimon Bifrons.

“Remember what looks weak is strong.” – Anonymous

You can locate previous studies on this guardian angel and daimon at the following blog post.

The mention within that prior description of this daimon regarding ancestors deals with an ancestral protection evocation as well. Whether it is physical or spiritual dangers your ancestors will shield you from harm. We are their children/descendants carrying their blood in our veins. If you put your two fingers upon your wrist and feel your pulse this is the whisper of your ancestral DNA.

A great evocation would look like “I call upon my ancestors, those who came before me thanking them for their blood, sweat, tears, and presence as you pump through my very heart to protect me in the coming months and years. I summon only those ancestors willing to guide and protect myself as well as my household.”

Sit quietly and listen as they speak to you which is often via divination. In many cultures it is vital that you provide some sort of offering to them in exchange for their guidance and protection.

I myself keep their records upon my no longer in use stereo in my bedroom beside my wealth altar and have used them to flesh out the examples of astrology report offerings on my business website to ensure that they are honored by remembrance. Other offerings include burning incense, saying prayers of gratitude, lighting candles in their memory or offerings of coffee, wine, and food.

It is a very personal choice as to what you will feel guided to offering your ancestors. Please no jokes about how I see dead people or sleep with dead people with them essentially guarding my bedroom as well as my wealth altar and home/garden. There were not necessarily many photos given, but instead I received birth, marriage, and death certificates or cemetery plot information with a map to locate them.

This degree should work with Red Calcite especially anything that resembles the red of our blood and heart for this is a healing red focusing the energy of caring for or being cared for by someone. The message here is that rest, healing, respite, care, and love in proper relationships offers positive sustaining and beneficial vibrations for our well being.

The affirmation is courage, strength, and increased energy allow me to handle survival situations by reducing stress and aiding in protection/purification. There is no fixed star associated with this degree.

I hope everyone has a therapeutic Saturday. I’m going to be a bit busier than usual as I’m currently seeking a replacement for employment. Part time retail is not proving beneficial to my neuropathy so I’m seeking a full time desk job returning to administrative roles or reception. Tuesday I will have an interview at 2 PM CST; wish me luck! Fingers crossed!

Full time because I need to secure insurance, and I’d like to have more financial freedom as my astrology business has been crickets even though I’m still here writing/composing as often as I can presently.

I’m still debating for how long I’ll keep this up before I might be reducing my time as a blogger. A return to full time employment might mean I only have a two day a week schedule in the future which will require some serious tweaks to the way I’ve currently been a creator online.

I mentioned this before that I was considering closing my esoterics business, but I’m largely still trying to assess my game plan/goals. It may just be a side gig that I hold onto for a little longer or it may be one of those experiences we learn from as a I gave it a good try, but failed at meeting with the success I had hoped for.

Then again I’ll probably also be forced to reduce my gardening or scale it back. Hours may not be conducive, but we will see. We’ll cross that bridge as we get there. I do believe that I just won’t have the time for the full scale garden or blogging I’ve otherwise been doing. Such is life when we try to take on too much all at once. ❤️‍🩹