Self Examination Saturdays: The Tarot of Music Through the Muzoracle

“Every 7 years of life, there is a change in astral chakra connections. The alignment of the 114 chakras in the body can give you some control over those changes.” – Amit Ray

I believe this blog post builds upon Friday particularly my link to the Outer Limits video, but for those who are not quite as detail oriented as I am they might miss the connection. I’m one of those people who notices what other’s may overlook.

Let’s fashion our own unique tune today with some investigation through the melody of selected underline hyperlink text that should construct a harmonious vibration.


I let a friend cast a reading for me recently using this deck which they had purchased because I found it to be intriguing. The question I asked of the tarot was “What is the purpose of my current glow up?”

The results I received were the Woodwinds (Element of Air) via the Minor Sixth, Brass (Element of Fire), and Compositionals. The Musician’s Dice gave us A# with Third Eye Rising (Transcending Thought) and the Solfege Dice gave us Ti with Revelation (True/Hidden Nature Revealed).

But why does this matter you ask; check out this insightful PDF I located.

I’ve decided to look back at Xen Qabbalah first regarding the Platonic solids because truth be told this continues to point me back to how many times when I study astrology or look at my Vedic birth placement within Magha Nakshatra now crossing into Virgo from Leo we find connections or maybe a little confirmation bias.

Through the zero degree mark I keep thinking every time anything lands there in a chart it eludes to zero point energy. The energy is not static so we have to keep adapting.

Well it’s also because when I fractured my foot as I’ve mentioned in previous blog posts I got put on two medications that shifted my consciousness full throttle into studying quantum physics. I was on a different wavelength! And I have never quite been entirely the same since. Some days I do miss the “old Renee.”

Woodwinds is the Platonic Octahedron represented by the colors sky blue and white. Blowing air over an edge or across a vibrating reed through a mouthpiece allows us to turn inward, address our thoughts, and find understanding. This suit deals with the communication of our thoughts to others.

Minor Sixth: Curiosity, hunger, and desire in the realm of thought/ideas shaped by a need to know and searching for information. The Minor Sixth as 5:8 is the inverse of the Major Third as 4:5 where a dyad is stretched and lonesome. It sounds a little sweet and a little sad aligned with our emotions. It is a passionate longing or echo of our heart’s true desire that we seek.

Brass is the Platonic Tetrahedron represented by the colors red, yellow, and black. Air vibrates within the player’s lips creating tension and harmonics. Through a horn’s tube, for example, manipulated by valves we arrive at a pitch that may be played slow and low, mellow and velvety, or big and hot. This suit involves that which is being done; the verb.

Accompanist: The aide, support, and helper in the realm of moving, creating, and doing shaped by one who assists others through their actions and creative input. An accompanist plays behind whatever or whomever is being featured be that a soloist, dance troupe, and so forth. Their job is to provide, improvise, structure, and support the main performers.

This is actually a difficult task for it requires great attentiveness and a willingness to be invisible. We are part of a support network which requires selflessness by putting the needs of others or the task at hand in front of ourselves. Consciously employing this role demands initiative while unconsciously it is a subservient role.

True service is not that of the martyr or victim rather when found in the Brass we find the archetype of the aide for this is an action oriented suit.

The Compositional received is a directive or instructive suit. This tells one how fast/slow to proceed. This is our musical GPS that we must also listen to.

Fermata: Wait/hold till further notice. When placed over a musical note the fermata indicates a pause suspending the music until the conductor resumes it. This directive card instructs the querant to rest until insight is gleaned on the situation or it might indicate an interruption such as waiting for Divine timing to intercede.

A# allows observation of thought in varius parts of the head where conscience, intuition, and deep knowing are expressed as clear visualization. With the help of the heart we will begin to make the correct choices to follow hunches and sustain our psychic abilities. We develop a powerful imagination. This dice has an affinity with the Woodwinds, the colors indigo/purple, and the pineal gland, eyes, and ears. This ascending energy rises from the Third Eye chakra to the Crown chakra.

Ti allows Divine will from Source to burst forth as a descending revelation or to ascend as a transition of death and rebirth into the next level. Here myriad worlds are born through the ray of creation where Cosmic being is firstborn and we see a child’s face. Pregnant with choice one is on the jumping off point.

You’ll have to excuse me as I’m just a little under a brain fart today. I’m publishing after a full six hour day at my part time cosmetology job from 9 AM CST till 3 PM CST where I was rather non stop all day in sales. So we’re going to round this out by plugging the Asteroid Schumann (4003) into a Dodecatemoria/Dvadashamsha Chart. This should look reasonably familiar to some.

You’ve heard of the Schumann Resonances I’m sure which is why I chose this asteroid particularly today to hone my attention in on. Asteroid Schumann orbits the Sun between Mars and Jupiter. Ultimately this was named for the German composer Robert Schumann as pianist and influential music critic. He and his wife Clara maintained a close relationship with Johannes Brahms.

“All I see the planets doing is dancing around to the best nep-tunes.” – Unknown

Schumann Resonances:

Thanks Gabapentin, Tramadol, and Cipro for flipping a switch that I was never entirely prepared for. Lessons no human should be forced to study the difficult way. You’ll have to wind your way through some previous entries to make sense of why I work so hard to use my experiences as the example for my astrology business with the charts of my ancestors instead of using celebrities without their aforementioned permission.

This is why my life coach who I never stuck with for “reasons” pushed me to use the Muse meditation app and headband to measure my brainwaves. It’s been an ongoing process of study for me in change including my long pull away from television and certain other consumption. I even have been recently sleeping to entrainment music that is designed to help heal DNA, osteoarthritis, etc. due to my chronic pain in terms of neuropathy post foot fractures and ligament surgery.

Dodecatemoria/Dvadashamsha Chart for Asteroid Schumann

It appears that we can locate Asteroid Schumann in my 4th House of Cancer at 28° retrograde which is nearly an Anaretic Degree asking that we master this before it moves to the 5th House. Aspects include squaring the Moon, opposing Venus, quincux Saturn, semisextile Uranus, and sextile Pluto.

We’re in the house of individual history/roots, the ancestors, and our origins. We seek a glimpse into our inner feelings which can become projected upon our external relationships hoping to gain clarity that allows self reflection through journaling, meditation, and therapeutic modalities.

There are energies that wish to come forth from the chart holder and communications that the chart holder needs to allow emergence of. Their challenge is to not let their biases and rationalizations stop the process keeping their ego out of the way of what is happening.

If they hesitate or stop to try to figure out what is going on they slow or blur the process which wants to be clear and needs them to be its means of manifestation. Our assumptions about life as well as ourselves have been shaped by early childhood experiences of inconsistency and uncertainty leaving us uncertain of our capabilities as adults.

The free spirited and childish side of us enjoys breaking away from the usual routines found in life in favor of expanding our subjective reality. You find that we are strong believers that energy follows thought where visualizing our intentions makes it a real manifestation directed towards achieving our life’s purpose.

The Chandra Symbol for this degree is “A tremendous cave on the bank of a river.” Here is a great capacity to realize what is happening, what is going on in the world, and to see what is underneath it all. This degree makes a lot of connections between various energies for it intuitively comprehends their interweavings.

Almost (or at times absolutely) without thinking ideas, imaginings, and realizations dawn on this degree coming forth sometimes fully formed and obvious while at other times cryptic, mysterious, or uncertain.

But in any way one looks at it creative, inspirational, and needing to be harnessed and used. There’s a need here to nurture the highest and to attempt to bring it into realization no matter how difficult the task or how often one has to once again right one’s course. Work with guardian angel Ariel and daimon Bifrons.

“The programmer had a really hard time understanding the music at the party. He didn’t understand the algo-rhythm.” – Unknown

Daimon Bifrons corresponds with the Two of Cups, Mars, Cancer, and Basil. Here is a great daimon for learning geometry, astrology, and all about herbs/stones. Most people will find this a bit spooky, but as someone who inherited my maternal ancestral records I deeply resonate. Bifrons invokes and lights the candles upon the graves of our departed making this an excellent partner in ancestral work.

I just found the most astounding connection to my lunar mansion with Magha nakshatra again. Regulus as the basilisk and basil which I grow also in my garden year after year. Traveling the red thread of our familial blood line is easier when this daimon guides you backwards and forwards to heal the timelines.

Mind you I do know and recognize this link will be very triggering for some, but I ask you to try to take it with a vein of understanding my experiences with pharmaceutical industries and working in medical malpractice law when younger also.

My life is shaped by “experiences” you’ve not entirely been told all about so before you judge me try to imagine there is more to my life story than I’ve put into a blog as it gets very personal what I’ve endured or seen others endure. Also recognize I have strong empath and HSP proclivities.

There is no fixed star upon this degree which allows for us to close this chapter quite quickly today. Working with this degree is best done with Picture Jasper through the message of diplomacy and unity focused upon compassion as well as tolerance for others. The affirmation is I am outspoken and accepting of embracing change.

Have a resonant and melodic Saturday! 📻🔌

The basil we have growing in our front garden has begun to flower recently.

PS: If there are typographical errors please ignore them. I’m running on “E” for empty almost in energy. I’m going to go decompress now. 😴

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I am a licensed aesthetician (#1446048 Expires October 2023 Valedictorian) who has worked previously in medical malpractice and personal injury legal administration, life/health insurance for State Farm, and various retail roles including personal shopper. My passion at this time lies in the field of esoteric studies. I am also a Master Level Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki certified healer. I happen to be currently employed within a 9-5 career in cosmetology retail selling to licensed professionals part time.

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