Manifestation Mondays: What Does This Day Mean To You?

“A firework was using too much screen time. No wonder its mom told them to get off the website.” – Unknown

So is it fate, pre-destination, or free will? Perhaps the below will help us determine our answer. Please be prepared for a bit of a mouse workout with the underlined hyperlink text that helps express some further support in separating wheat from chafe.


Today is the 4th of July and despite the online multiple theories about the significance of this day in any occult/esoteric parlance I wanted to take this time to explore an underlying yet common theme in my life which I’m literally as well as metaphorically always “pointing towards” one way or another.

I’ve chosen to go about this in my ever usual astrological musing manner by plugging the word “freedom” into a thesaurus, and I Spying the equivalent definitions of liberty, self determination, self government, self rule, sovereignty, and autonomy.

Autonomy being the etymological synonym of independent also reminded me of the common theme found within Virgo as I’ve explored my natal 11th House Saturn, North Node, Black Moon Lilith, and Moon within the Tropical or Western system.

Virgo then holds a new significance to me through precession of the equinoxes when I constantly re-evaluate my Vedic natal chart with emphasis on understanding the lunar mansion because these also equate to our current or past karma like a South/North Node. Surprisingly I continue to believe all of this which to many seems as perceived self absorption is in an earnest way to know myself and my external reality.

We don’t quite often in fundamentalism equate Virgo or virgin with it’s more applicable definition of the above themes regarding “she who is whole unto herself,” and by she I’m speaking to the Divine Feminine within all regardless of our hang ups around the confusion of sexual/gender constructs. These higher realities are never profaned the same way we do down in the 3D through our struggles with abstract concepts.

Getting Personal With Virgo:

This has to have been the most uncanny journey from my 30s to my 40s to embody. I don’t some days know what to make of it feeling as if I’m in an alternate reality. Sometimes I don’t even feel myself wondering if this is normal.

I’m going to spend my time today asking everyone to go over to where they can explore in any extended chart of their choosing or even an Ephemeris the Asteroid Autonoma (1465), and if you ask why I will give the answer. Asteroid Autonoma speaks to the Divine Feminine etymological concept of autonomy.

Autonoma derives from the Greek αὐτόνομος which is broken down as self custom, law, and ordinance while ultimately speaking to the people and state who are subject to one’s own laws as independent. What this means entirely is that it is a place of exercising one’s own free will!

This becomes something quite potent in I believe Jungian thoughts towards individuation as well. And frankly I can’t emphasize enough how important this might be to investigate today for all of us. I don’t care if you’re not living in America because I firmly believe the principal is one of global understanding common to all on Earth.

It’s very easy to begin a free account with as well as to plug into Extended Charts under Additional Objects the number for this asteroid while selecting any chart type thereby generating a result. I’d use my personal What Watch, but I don’t think it processes the asteroid or fixed stars the way I’m capable of through the web service I most often find myself at. But then even my Vedic astrology software has specific functions with certain limitations so you can’t always get it ideal.

I could have looked really deeply into this, but honestly I’m sticking with my Age Harmonics because I really want to grasp this in July 2022 as this is the month I turn 43 on July 26th so I find here my solar return as well which I was exploring months ago through another lens gaining great insights.

What we want to see is the highlights within our physical plane of manifestation compared with our desire/emotional body and mental sphere because we can learn how our intentions change or take shape.

Age Harmonic Chart for Asteroid Autonoma

This asteroid orbits the Sun between Mars and Jupiter in our solar system, but the location in my chart came as little surprise to me. Asteroid Autonoma for me is within my 8th House of Scorpio at 19° square Saturn, opposing Uranus, and semisquare Mercury.

The house that gives information on one’s life span, deep studies into latent abilities, inheritances, joint resources, and transformative healing requires a literal or metaphorical death, loss, or injury first. Two words describe the placement; dramatic and excited.

The 8th House relates to the reproductive system, chronic disease, and our limbs. That also sounds familiar with my self exploration. Saturn as an archetypal wise old man, authority, mentor, and father figure gets to meet with a phoenix that transforms anything and everything it touches. This metamorphosis is an extended dark night of the soul ferreting out underlying truth.

Uranus symbolic of freedom, liberation, and unconscious frustration takes the reins. It’s the pull to embrace change, stop fighting the flow, and to reform your goals. This is a very impulsive yet strong break away where one grows fed up with the standards of society becoming stronger through a desire for liberty and non-conformity.

It is something one is willing to fight for till their last dying breath regardless the cost they pay to win/succeed. What happens with our lives is that we have to assert ourselves through flexibility.

“How will fire make money? Fire works.” – Unknown

There is a tremendous receptivity here to the love coming from higher forces. Even in the midst of darkness this degree carries a subtle light that encourages everything it touches. Even if the person carrying the energy of this degree is mired in negativity there is always an undercurrent of remembrance of the help and guidance that is always reaching out to us.

The Chandra Symbol for this degree is “A rope going up into the sky.” Here is a thread connecting us to something higher. What is it anchored to? It must be something far above us which we cannot see. It takes a lot of trust to climb the rope.

This degree either has a lot of trust and is willing to climb the rope or is constantly aware of it, constantly tempted by it, until it accepts the challenge. The Chandra Symbol asks the question “will we be safe if we ascend?” and the answer is “yes!”

Maybe the angel kisses the chart holder while they sleep because were they conscious their limiting belief system might not allow the kiss to happen due to not accepting the reality of the angel or not accepting that they are deserving of such a kiss.

Even if the chart holder is not consciously aware of this kiss delivered while asleep they take in its pure loving energy. This helps them to find the confidence to climb the rope. Work with guardian angel Yezalel and daimon Beleth.

Associated with the Five of Wands, Gold, Dill, and Leo Daimon Beleth is a useful spirit of love. This daimon is a solar spirit combining the forces of love with death actually assisting one in reaching their loved ones who have departed crossing the veil. Usually this is for emotional fulfillment, but ultimately you can utilize Beleth’s aid for other purposes as well.

Many work with Beleth to control the astral body, activating one’s subtle senses, and breath work. A daimon of alchemy and truths is what you will be encountering.

This degree works best with Golden Sheen Obsidian to deliver the message of harvesting abundance, celebrating accomplishment, and inspiring the intellect and self esteem. Focusing upon passionate intensity we can show others how to lead a fulfilling and happy life. The affirmation is I feel satisfied in achieving my desires.

NGC 6240 in Ophiuchus

This degree sits upon the two fixed stars which include Zubenelschemali in the Northern Scale of Libra and Beta Serpens in Serpens the Serpent. Zubenelschemali is from the Arabic Al Zuban al Shamaliyyah or the Greek Chele Boreios meaning the Northern Claw rather than it’s association with the balancing scales of Libra. Persians reference it as Crob or the Horned while the Egyptian Coptic referenced Pritithi meaning the Two Claws.

Ultimately this became the Northern Scale symbolizing the full price which covers the deficient. This fixed star evokes the mythology of Astraea weighing the deeds of humanity to present them to Jupiter. I find this interesting as someone has combined it too with Human Design. Kabbalists associate this with the Hebrew Letter Heh and the tarot trump Justice.

The snake Serpens held by Ophiuchus the snake handler represents Asclepius to be found on the symbol of medicine and healing. The staff of Asclepius is commonly confused with the staff of Mercury/Hermes for one has a single serpent wrapped around the staff while the other has two signifying commerce and trickery.

The theme of trickery should indicate much to the otherwise unsuspecting and still asleep humanity at large. The more you know…

The Bible liberally interchanges the words dragon and serpent while portraying the constellation Draco as the tempter of Eve within the Garden of Eden. It is an elucidation to kundalini where we often saw its management conducted by physician-priests, witch doctors, and shamans.

Healing was facilitated through intuitive diagnostics to cure illness such as drumming, trance, herbalism, and chanting. Venom being a chemical with the power to heal, poison, and provide expanded consciousness we see it spiritually described as the elixir of life/immortality.

Relationships etymologically include the Greek ophis and omphi which relate to the hub of a wheel through navel implying the umbilical cord. This then speaks to the mother’s womb where a fetus lives. The symbolism represents the Sun’s healing power to support the sick, preserve the body/soul, and to give clear sight.

Regarding the harvest analogy; we’ve been pretty much in a drought in Texas where I live. Below is our summer progress for 2022.

Our roma tomatoes seem small to me personally, but have ripened to a nice shade of red. I’m thinking I will add a bit more fertilizer tomorrow.
Lettuce being a cooler weather item has officially gone to seed and flowered.
Neighborhood squirrels rejoice. All the peanuts you have planted in my carrot bed, wildflower bed, and a pot in the front garden are getting larger with flowers.

I can thank my neighbor whoever they are for feeding them although peanut farmer was never on my list of accomplishments. The squirrels have spoken to my dismay!
The purple, yellow, and green beans are still trying to produce despite the triple digit heat.
Sunflowers are still thriving! Bees are still collecting the pollen as well.
I spent all of today between laundry and harvesting sunflower seeds from spent sunflowers I cut.
More zinnias which attract also the hummingbirds and butterflies.
The garlic chive times 15 which survived winter storm Uri did not flower this year.
Sweet potatoes are ginormous and we have a lot of vines.

Proofreading may be a wee bit sloppy today. I still feel a bit worn out from the last week. While my neuropathy and chronic pain have lessened the last two weeks took a great toll on me mentally, emotionally, and physically. Have a joyful and lucky 4th of July! 🧨🎉

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I am a licensed aesthetician (#1446048 Expires October 2023 Valedictorian) who has worked previously in medical malpractice and personal injury legal administration, life/health insurance for State Farm, and various retail roles including personal shopper. My passion at this time lies in the field of esoteric studies. I am also a Master Level Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki certified healer. I happen to be currently employed within a 9-5 career in cosmetology retail selling to licensed professionals part time.

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