Self Examination Saturdays: Pele Starts A Dumpster Fire to Release Unwanted Projections

“A child doesn’t belong to the mother or father; a child belongs to his/her ancestors.” – African Proverb

This may sound a bit rough when you read it perhaps even cold, but there are boundaries we need to learn how best to understand in relationships. No one is perfect and we’re all learning how best to establish and live up to the boundaries which we set. Underlined hyperlink text is here to assist you with better comprehension of what I mean by this.


I am choosing Pele from my previous blog post on the 13 Moon Archetype today to touch on some topics which others might find a bit contentious. You’ll have to judge the topic as best as you can, but I’m hoping some will understand why this is being touched upon.

If someone is indecisive towards you it is not worth it. Indecisive people do not know what the bleep they want. Sometimes they figure it out and sometimes we are sick of putting up with their vacillation thus walking away is the best thing to do teaching them that resolve, determination, and resolution matters!

Manifestation and the concept of the Law of Attraction work only when we are not focused on what we do not want, but are explicit and conclusive on exactly what we desire. Do not expect the Universe/Cosmos to be a mind reader when you afford it with wishy washy incertitude.

Reciprocity is huge while working to convince someone that they are wrong through manipulation erodes their confidence and ability to make clear judgments which also sucks!

For many putting effort in and getting nothing back is no longer sufficient. Equal give and take is being required. People want commitment not players and friends with benefits making it essential that everyone set the rules/boundaries to prevent unwarranted confusion.

Otherwise leaving it with the other person can create a navigational impasse/imbalance. Relationships are two lanes and both must put into it for it to work!

Beware of negative energy or out of control egotism. Toxic traits need to be disallowed or you will continue to be gaslit. This should be retired if someone is in this vibration. These tactics involve the exertion of control and power over another in any manner of relating.

When someone can not make or commit to plans, gives you the hot/cold treatment, strings you along by feigning thoughtfulness that is not sincere, or makes no effort to explain themselves or consider another’s feelings than you’re being the the victim of their low self esteem, lack of validation, immaturity, and point blank narcissistic personality disorder.

So if you’re thinking why the hell is this tactic used it’s because it encourages you the person they target to suppress your own needs to preserve the relationship regardless of how unfulfilling and painful this is to you or your family. As you lower your standards and learn to accept the bare minimum of love, attention, and other healthy forms of relating even in a workplace scenario you begin to settle for less and less over time.

The solutions come from within. Consider your alternatives, start being more direct with your perpetrator telling them you’re a priority that should be valued, do not and I repeat do not reinforce their bad behavior, set an example to teach them how to treat you or others properly, and always remember your worth.

What needs to be understood is what sadomasochism is when you are relating. Some enjoy inflicting pain and some enjoy receiving pain. This can occur even when not a sexual relationship between friends and family. Pain can be emotional, verbal, domestic, or psychological abuse. Someone can be playing you; crocodile tears or putting on an act.

They might be sending you negative energy hoping you stay in victim here mode, depressed, intimidated. etc. If you see people for real and they are unapproachable maybe think twice.

You know what is best for you. Stop making excuses for other’s bad behavior and stand up for yourself. Nothing in life is worth this kind of maltreatment either if it means you are living in fear of someone. This comes from a story recently told me with someone and a workplace scenario.

If it is that toxic you need to put in motion your exit plan. Abuse is not excusable in any form. Sorry, but intimidation is to me akin to other forms of abuse because it is a power play.

I was not raised to be the doormat. And I do not like taking the guano of others. Creators get jealousy, get hate, and get evil eye. As in they receive the attentions of those who are are deceptive and won’t give a subscribe, a thumbs up, and so forth. It’s just people being nice to your face while double crossing you.

The same can happen in other jobs where someone backstabs you because they do not want you to rise above them. They won’t openly admit it. You expect them to say this to your face yet this would be like holding your breath till you suffocate. I know I worked as a personal shopper for a huge company that is now one of the richest and most popular that if I named the organization may or may not shock others.

They fired me because I would not play the above games with them or their management. Where’s my proof? I created a Reddit “sock puppet” account using VPN and other resources that helped me become capable of going undercover to meet with managers, corporate leaders, and other employees on their business subreddit.

It did not take long to befriend these people and to get info on the overall toxic culture of this Fortune 500 supposedly “ideal” corporation or it’s owner. Revenge is not worth it nor is naming them. A lot of companies and people we support want us to lavish praise upon them that is not well deserved in the first place. So why do we do it?

I did, however, also get clarification from several managers who were not completely narcissistic who said my firing was utterly improper and wrong. You’ll know who because most of you shop their grocery and online services quite frequently without any idea of business ethics with reference to considering where your money goes and/or who it supports to continue the system of corruption.

Haters are gonna hate. They energetically do not give a @#$!%&. Giving a @#$!%& is not wrong nor is being heart centered or empathic. And toxic positivity or pseudo positivity is akin to working from shadow and/or being likened to operating from darkness. It is not walking in your purpose. I’ve been around the block more than once so if you think you can “play” me I’ll give you a good run for your money.

Don’t come at me with this kind of garbage or you’ll be put in your place unless and only unless I have to save face until I am fully prepared to make my move or leave my mark. And while that sounds highly bad I have a way of making my point without say becoming a criminal who should be sent to the prison system.

What do I mean? I either become sardonic or I just walk away as quickly as I feasibly can. Before I closed my business Twitter account I had countless mental health people following me including those who advocated the priority that we validate our feelings not repress or suppress despite what the fakers want you to believe in and worship at their altar of shame.

If they are not shouting or clapping for others what do they do for you? They energetically stop your manifestation and flow. They should give a high five to another. Or else it is a blockage! And they will gather their friends up on you as well to perform gang stalking online or in person.

Misery loves company! Some want us to lose hope and faith. Light attracts equal portions of darkness as it does light. Saboteurs and two faced people do exist. Be ready to release them! Seriously clean out your house and stop letting them poach on you.

Fill up your cup, start damage control, and stop supporting the wrong people. It is good to trust your inner guidance. It is also wise to unsubscribe to those that do not serve your highest, stop hanging with those who make you feel worried/anxious, and do put yourself first. If you’re worried about stability then your Root chakra needs to get balanced.

You are not experiencing a loss. Something better is being prepared to come in for you from the Universe/Cosmos. Work on trust and faith!

Persona Chart for Asteroid Pele

Now let’s take a good hard look at Goddess Pele (2202) through astrology via the Persona Chart. We’re looking to determine one’s individual needs, weaknesses/strengths, and individual physical or psychological responses.

Asteroid Pele for myself is within the 5th House of Taurus with Chiron the Wounded Healer at 16°. It is square Mercury, trine Saturn, opposing Uranus, quincunx Neptune and Pluto, and conjunct Chiron.

Pele is a Warrior Goddess who teaches you to stand up for yourself. While traditionally women didn’t play active roles in the battlefield they do show many different faces to their personality. The energy of this placement is one of constant change.

One is often well mannered and tactful when socializing, but prefers one to one situations over large groups. One will be dependable and loyal in their career with a strong work ethic that displays a level of productivity that earns them respect.

When we strive for long term friendships, however, these require a boat load of effort also primarily because we do desire a fair amount of personal freedom ourselves. Quincunx means incomplete so these placements indicate a need for letting go when our attachments to others no longer satisfy us because balance/harmony can’t be achieved.

What we’re hoping to accomplish is a unification between the material and transcendant realms. When the position involves Pluto there is an explicit message being delivered to the chart holder.

“If you are in danger physically or emotionally you must not hesitate to leave now!”

We deal with volatility from others in abundance where high tempers are projected upon us and there is the potential for any degree of abuse from perpetrators. It is the most serious indication of relationships that must be ended when they become any kind of violent be that physically, verbally, or psychologically.

If we sense this is transpiring you better believe we will create an exit strategy as soon as possible. We dot our I’s and cross our T’s!

The chart holder is deep into their own way of flowing, their emotions strong, and their turbulence keeping them fresh and vibrant. They don’t offer easy availability to others very often. Those they open up to are often delighted by their aliveness, refreshing demeanor, and capability to move through any and all life situations easily.

The Chandra Symbol for this degree is “A young girl and boy explore a perfume counter.” Energies join together in all sorts of ways to create new blends. This degree is fascinated by this process as it impacts the emotional body and imagination.

Both a girl and a boy explore the perfume counter because it is both the conscious and unconscious self or whole being which is exploring this process of energy metamorphosis that stirs up and stimulates. The self learns of its own nature by experiencing what it is drawn to and via tuning in to its reactions to everything it experiences. Work with guardian angel Ariel and daimon Bifrons.

“Remember what looks weak is strong.” – Anonymous

You can locate previous studies on this guardian angel and daimon at the following blog post.

The mention within that prior description of this daimon regarding ancestors deals with an ancestral protection evocation as well. Whether it is physical or spiritual dangers your ancestors will shield you from harm. We are their children/descendants carrying their blood in our veins. If you put your two fingers upon your wrist and feel your pulse this is the whisper of your ancestral DNA.

A great evocation would look like “I call upon my ancestors, those who came before me thanking them for their blood, sweat, tears, and presence as you pump through my very heart to protect me in the coming months and years. I summon only those ancestors willing to guide and protect myself as well as my household.”

Sit quietly and listen as they speak to you which is often via divination. In many cultures it is vital that you provide some sort of offering to them in exchange for their guidance and protection.

I myself keep their records upon my no longer in use stereo in my bedroom beside my wealth altar and have used them to flesh out the examples of astrology report offerings on my business website to ensure that they are honored by remembrance. Other offerings include burning incense, saying prayers of gratitude, lighting candles in their memory or offerings of coffee, wine, and food.

It is a very personal choice as to what you will feel guided to offering your ancestors. Please no jokes about how I see dead people or sleep with dead people with them essentially guarding my bedroom as well as my wealth altar and home/garden. There were not necessarily many photos given, but instead I received birth, marriage, and death certificates or cemetery plot information with a map to locate them.

This degree should work with Red Calcite especially anything that resembles the red of our blood and heart for this is a healing red focusing the energy of caring for or being cared for by someone. The message here is that rest, healing, respite, care, and love in proper relationships offers positive sustaining and beneficial vibrations for our well being.

The affirmation is courage, strength, and increased energy allow me to handle survival situations by reducing stress and aiding in protection/purification. There is no fixed star associated with this degree.

I hope everyone has a therapeutic Saturday. I’m going to be a bit busier than usual as I’m currently seeking a replacement for employment. Part time retail is not proving beneficial to my neuropathy so I’m seeking a full time desk job returning to administrative roles or reception. Tuesday I will have an interview at 2 PM CST; wish me luck! Fingers crossed!

Full time because I need to secure insurance, and I’d like to have more financial freedom as my astrology business has been crickets even though I’m still here writing/composing as often as I can presently.

I’m still debating for how long I’ll keep this up before I might be reducing my time as a blogger. A return to full time employment might mean I only have a two day a week schedule in the future which will require some serious tweaks to the way I’ve currently been a creator online.

I mentioned this before that I was considering closing my esoterics business, but I’m largely still trying to assess my game plan/goals. It may just be a side gig that I hold onto for a little longer or it may be one of those experiences we learn from as a I gave it a good try, but failed at meeting with the success I had hoped for.

Then again I’ll probably also be forced to reduce my gardening or scale it back. Hours may not be conducive, but we will see. We’ll cross that bridge as we get there. I do believe that I just won’t have the time for the full scale garden or blogging I’ve otherwise been doing. Such is life when we try to take on too much all at once. ❤️‍🩹

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I am a licensed aesthetician (#1446048 Expires October 2023 Valedictorian) who has worked previously in medical malpractice and personal injury legal administration, life/health insurance for State Farm, and various retail roles including personal shopper. My passion at this time lies in the field of esoteric studies. I am also a Master Level Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki certified healer. I happen to be currently employed within a 9-5 career in cosmetology retail selling to licensed professionals part time.

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