Self Examination Saturdays: Rebound to the Malcontented

“A deep man believes that the evil eye can wither, the heart’s blessing can heal, and that love can overcome all odds.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

Strange title I know, but I’m trying to essentially re-frame the concept of a return to sender spell today. I legitimately wanted to publish this last night on Friday with a quote, however, I came home with a headache from working my part time cosmetology job with having spent all day re-tagging and smelling Sharpie marker so I could not find the motivation.

Any and all underlined hyperlink text is a great way for you to comprehend what this blog post means in turning away the Evil Eye.


I’ve also been through two weeks of squeezing in job hunting for full time work and a change to remove the strain of retail on my previously fractured as well as surgery foot where I experience neuropathy. I had one interview for a salon opening in August as receptionist. This upcoming Monday one day before my 43rd birthday I’m interviewing for a receptionist position with a plumbing/drain cleaning company.

I’m leaning towards this one because it will include a $15,000-$20,000 per year income glow up with fully paid for insurance, a 401K, paid vacation, 1 hr lunch, and gym membership. But it’s also going to detract Monday through Friday from my ability to be here publishing much less doing organic gardening the way I’ve been thus far. I’m going to need to scale that back quite a bit to remove stress/pressure.

There will have to be a trade off for this one given the hours I will be working would be 7:30 AM CST to 4:30 PM CST plus any commute. Such is life, and really I’ve never been up for an interview for a position like this one. Every job I’ve had has been locked in at the $20,000 or below a year income bracket so…

Hence why I’ve been going through the motions in life with hiccups despite also paying for and succeeding at two different post high school educations. Not to mention the part time cosmetology job has been interesting given the location for one of the stores is near a gas station/convenience store so ourselves as well as the next door salon are coping with feigning off the resident alcoholic problem. I spend many days there managing the store alone.

And the salon has been routinely warning me as well as checking in on me because once someone went in and stole items from the salon who were homeless and yesterday an inebriated person off the street as we’ll call them harassed a stylist sexually forcing them to threaten to call the police because he would not leave the salon otherwise. I’m just really unsure about the state of humanity in 2022!

The same person threw their hat at the glass windows of our store so I locked up for a while only unlocking to allow customers in/out to shop in an attempt to retain a safe environment while cautioning them of what was happening. Then there are the random non licensed or expired license cosmetologists who try to purchase from the company which we have to find a way to politely yet firmly turn away. Didn’t I say nothing around here is very humdrum or boring?

The customers still had to access the same parking lot that these people are coming/going in after all. I’ll keep you updated if I change jobs so that you’re made aware of changes to my publishing routines because I’ll have to reduce my side gig time. I won’t be capable of managing it all otherwise as I’m only one woman here.

The concept of an Evil Eye relates back to the ruins of modern day Syria around 1250 BC which was picked up by later cultures to include Judaism, Christianity, and Islam as well as the geographic regions of the Carribbean/West Indies, Turkey, Ethiopia, Senegal, India, Pakistan, and Italy as well as the USA and Spain/Latin American countries.

Our very word fascinate derives from a phallic charm used as an apotropaic against the Evil Eye dating in the first century BC through the fourth century AD known as the fascinum which in Latin etymologically refers to casting a spell. We might find charms worn as finger rings or pendants as well as stone carvings upon buildings.

In my beliefs the Evil Eye tends to stem from malcontent when someone feels wronged and seeks revenge, suffers from jealousy/envy, or they simply don’t care that their intent is malicious in how they interact with another. It is literally as well as metaphorically known as staring eyes with a spiteful gaze.

I wanted to use the Solar Return chart as I’ve been doing leading up to my birthday to chart the Asteroid Miriam (102) because the Hamsa is a charm often utilized to ward these energies off which I’m sure many are familiar with.

The Hamsa, Khamsa, and Hamesh means five relating to the fingers of the hand which any student of esoterics knows can relate to other concepts like palmistry, the five senses, and the five elements (Earth, air, fire, water, and akasha/akashic records).

“Never let Vikings near your stone countertops. They’d just rune them.” – Unknown

Step father bought me this honey mead called Odin’s Skull for my birthday; no clue what it’s like! Oddly I’m hearing Led Zeppelin in my brain again.

The above won’t make sense to those unaware of the matriarchy ties being Ashkenazi and immigrating from Germany/Denmark or my name meaning as it does which I’ve written about. I think the Law of Attraction or collective manifestation is trying to have a sense of humor, but I sense my mom will be unimpressed. 😂

There is a spiritual practice and remedy ascribed to our karma through our Third Eye chakra as well where we can burn what is stored. This relates to mantra as well. Soham, for example, is derived via Sah/That and Aham/I where we work with the breath to manifest the physical via the spoken word. Your individual soul not your body, mind, emotions, or social standing are what creates.

Our chakras combined with light, intelligence, cognition, and self awareness on a higher level can create karma and we often operate through individualization as Jung makes a further point of. Yet we ignore dissolution which when experienced as the Ultimate Self through kundalini yoga allows us to enter the Cosmic Aham.

Hamsa is the carrier/transport of Saraswati relating further to the swan which is vital to achieving liberation or moksha. If we remove Maya or illusion allowing Shiva Shakti to unite as allegory says on the body of water or summation of experiences entering flow then we can deepen knowledge of our own Ultimate Self.

Additionally called the Hand of Miriam or within Levantine Christian culture the Hand of Mary as well as within Islam the Hand of Fatima many use this symbol to defend against the destructive qualities of such ill wishing from another.

I’ve read within Islam some hold the belief that through understanding our astrology chart to become conscious as Jung has directed of our unconscious we may find that the unfavorable celestial configurations can make one the victim of the Evil Eye.

Bram Stoker’s Dracula made mention in 1897 of a simple and instant protection within European Christianity where the sign of the cross made with your hand while pointing two fingers, markedly your index as well as middle finger, towards the source of negative influence or the victim of the Evil Eye could act as a protective spell.

India has what I find to be the most interesting in that babies may be seen wearing kajal or black eyeliner to ward off the Evil Eye and the evil auras of another. Italians can be seen using a mudra that many misinterpret called the “little horn” or cornetto which has also been called the fig sign which I won’t get fully into the disclosure of to deal with the Evil Eye.

Others will find this purely superstitious, but ultimately how many do you know who speak and wish harm on another when they’ve felt wronged or offended. And how many of us have been guilty of the same once, twice, or thrice in our lives because we’ve let ourselves be consumed with the need to seek vengeance or revenge?

Now I’ve touched upon this previously in my first round covering the traditional zodiac signs albeit I’ve not finished this carrying through the Asiatic zodiac, but I’ll include a spell that can be worked with before nose diving into some astrology. Please note spells such as these don’t have to be utilized just for people.

You could use this to remove negative habits you still wish to abandon such as the spirit or embodiment of procrastination, greed, pride, addictions of any/all kinds, and so forth. I used to have an addiction to video games I could not control where I spent way too much time/money. Kudos to my co-worker trying to quit smoking! That’s gotta not be easy, but a goal one can certainly achieve and be proud of!

“May happiness surround you and stay out of harm’s way.” – Anonymous

If you’re the victim of baneful magic meant to harm yourself or others which are commonly called jinxes, hexes, and curses try applying the following to return the bad mojo to the originator of these energies/vibrations. These spells are not wrong and simply work as a form of a rightful justice spell because really in the first place we should be well wishers for self and other.

Take one small candle, salt mixed with rosemary, a fire safe bowl to collect the ashes or you can work with a chiminea if you possess one as I do, sage as a smudging herb, the essential oil of clove, and a piece of paper with pen/pencil. Begin by smudging the area within which you work, invite in your angels, ancestors, or spirit guides, and then draw on the piece of paper the runes of Nauthiz (banishment; leaving someone out in the cold) as well as Algiz (protection).

Under Nauthiz write “I drive you out” and insert the name if you know the offender or describe the energies you wish to banish. Finally under Algiz write “For my highest benefit.” With a scissor cut out the name of the person or energies you wish to remove. Anoint your candle in the essential oil and then place the salt into the fire safe bowl. Here you will burn and release this spell into the Universe/Cosmos.

As this is occurring close your eyes, breathe deeply, and set your positive intentions. Please do not perform this spell while you’re hostile or angry. The ritual may be closed by envisioning one’s self safe, warm, and protected with the affirmation that reads “I am safe from you, released from your grip, and I reclaim my power and sovereignty now. Blessed be and so it is.”

Metaphysically Miriam relates to the soul or Divine Feminine quality of love for she as well as Moses are derived from the Tribe of Levi (love) usually displayed when one is struggling with freeing themselves from the errors of a selfish personality. We also find Miriam metaphysically symbolic of one who desires to be fully released from the bondage of human limitations to enter wholly into the promised land of wholeness.

It’s at this stage where one has yet to fully overcome the bitter and rebellious tendencies of the five senses or desire nature, but has awakened to higher possibilities. Miriam holds a correlation as well to the Hebrew letter Mem.

Solar Return Chart for Asteroid Miriam

From birth to Solar Return we might see some changes as I described previously within these topics. We can see within my Solar Return that Asteroid Miriam makes it’s debut within my 6th House of Virgo at 6° sextile the Moon.

This specific chart will not show what my other astrology software depicts, but if we add the addition of some asteroids such as Pallas, Ceres, Vesta, and Juno or even Lilith we find two Stelliums emerge with a Grand Cross, Multiple Planet Square, a Cradle, and finally the infamous Yod or finger of God/fate.

My Solar Return on my other software for astrology shows a mirroring of my natal chart completely different from what displays for it is like holding the natal chart up to a mirror literally and observing polar opposites reminiscent of Alice’s Looking Glass adventures.

As I’ve been decoding this I’ve seen some interesting energies come forth. But I digress back to Asteroid Miriam we will be working with the following. The sextile placement is called or known as astonishing empathy for the soul begins to merge with the reasoning abilities of one who is smart, eloquent, and understanding.

Their mental health improves when they develop intrapersonal intelligence becoming adept at knowing what to say while developing active listening skills. With a fondness for learning you will find us buried in literature or reading as these past times tickle our fancy.

Our 6th House is the guide towards health/wellness, daily habits, and how we go about selfless service. It’s ruled by Virgo which can imply workaholism, but is a strong indicator of one’s skillfulness, work ethic, and how they will perform within any team. Not only a hub of caring for others, but a great location to understand how one employs self love or care. We must watch our nervous system as well as our diet.

The chart holder is able to help others move forward in their lives through their capability to clearly read where the stuck places are, the blockages, and the fears that stop or retard the journey. One often works in an unseen manner subtly and indirectly instilling in others a confidence in themselves that they were lacking.

The Chandra Symbol for this degree is “A banyan tree that creates an entire forest.” Knowledge proliferates giving birth to more knowledge. This degree is aware of the connectedness of gnosis and the way it spawns more of itself infinitely.

The chart holder must not be overwhelmed by this nor try to assimilate all of it. It is enough to know that it is there when one needs it. One is here to protect and guide others toward the Palace of Wisdom. Work with guardian angel Vasariah and daimon Asmoday.

Daimon Asmoday relates to the 6 of Swords, Sun, Aquarius, and Sunflower (seeds). This daimon is great to work with for learning about various computer software and the technical fields. If you have a passion for building a website or learning specific programs such as those I might utilize in the administrative careers I am seeking then Asmoday is a great ally.

There seems some confusion here in symbolism if we were to think back to even the tarot. Asmoday displays with the head of a bull, a man, a ram, and the tail of a serpent. First of all within tarot upon the Wheel of Fortune we see the bull (Taurus), the man (Aquarius), an Eagle (Scorpio), and well we know the rest. Thus the ram is Aries in the depiction of this daimon.

The serpent aspect is a direct representation of kundalini. But as always the fearful choose how they wish to live for as they say we choose fear of God/Goddess or the love of God/Goddess to view our perspectives in life.

The Wheel of Fortune is about the wand of Jupiter and our karma coming back upon us thus as I’ve stated above it’s best to be a well wisher so that your karmic reward returns to you rather than a malefic.

If you want life to revolve in your favor upon a completed cycle take responsibility for your actions. Other lessons you might see imparted by this daimon include astronomy, arithmetic, geomancy, and the ability to read the auras of others.

The banyan is the tree representing Magha nakshatra which I’ve spoken about being born into representing our ancestors. As many who follow me know the matriarchal ancestral records came to me as inheritance upon the passing of my maternal grandfather.

A great crystal for this degree to work with is Pink Tourmaline expressing enjoyment and optimism while in group situations acting as a shield of protection teaching that innocence gives birth to great wisdom while focusing upon supporting the soul’s journey. The affirmation is my life is filled with joy, merriment, and delight.

Now buckle in because this degree also sits upon the Spindle Galaxy within Sextans where there is a super massive black hole as well as Alula Borealis within the hind foot of Ursa Major the Great Bear.

The sextant is a navigational tool to measure the altitude of celestial bodies allowing one to determine latitude/longitude. Above the alpha star of Sextans you will find the alpha star of Leo, Regulus, which with Ketu rules Magha nakshatra.

Alpha as well as beta stars in Sextans sit on the zero latitude or zero declination of the celstial equator. Sextant derives from sixteen, sixty, sextile, siesta, and Sistine regarding the Sistine Chapel.

Other references include the sudatoriam or ancient Roman bath house comparable to modern saunas, jacuzzis, and sweat lodges. Further there is a constellation known as Sextans Uraniae referencing the muse of astronomy. This further relates to the Sacral chakra via the six petal lotus.

Commonly called the Leaps of the Gazelle we find that Alula Borealis is more akin to the mythology of Callisto in Greek cosmology or astrotheology. Not much is said of this fixed star, but the Kabbalists tend to associate it with the Hebrew letter Zain/Zayin as well as the tarot trump The Chariot.

May you have an entertaining Saturday. Sending you positive vibrations and best wishes! My birthday is officially Tuesday the 26th of July. I’m not entirely sure how we will be celebrating. I generally prefer something low key!

Regular blog followers have probably gotten used to the zany things I share through publishing and these odd connections I always locate; well I hope they’ve gotten used to this. 🎠🥳🎂🎁

Above is the peanut plant still growing in what was the carrot bed which the squirrels planted because our neighbor feeds them as well as our garlic chives, sweet potatoes, and the hollyhock which we have two that are not flowering this year only growing stems/leaves.
Zinnias and other wildflowers here to amuse the pollinators especially our resident hummingbird.
Roma tomatoes and basil are surviving the drought and triple digits in Texas.
I harvested yet more sunflower seeds today.

PS: Pardon any typographical or other errors. I tried to proofread, but I’m certain I’ve missed something.

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I am a licensed aesthetician (#1446048 Expires October 2023 Valedictorian) who has worked previously in medical malpractice and personal injury legal administration, life/health insurance for State Farm, and various retail roles including personal shopper. My passion at this time lies in the field of esoteric studies. I am also a Master Level Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki certified healer. I happen to be currently employed within a 9-5 career in cosmetology retail selling to licensed professionals part time.

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