Tarot of the Day Thursdays: Renewal on the Horizon

A solar panel is talking to a wind turbine.

The solar panel says, “So what do you think about this whole renewable energy thing?” The turbine replies, “I’m a big fan.” – Unknown


Journey well today with the clarification provided by today’s underlined hyperlink text.


What seed should be planted today?

While in search of what you love ensure that you don’t become confused/dissatisfied. Know what is standing before you and enjoy the freedom you have to explore all possibilities at this present now moment. Often the reflection of hard workers, psychic powers, and success the Three of Hearts soul needs a certain amount of change or travel in any vocation to be truly content.

Feeling stuck in a rut means it’s time to release what no longer serves you and move ever forward. Find the most unique approach to your problems by seeking new ways to view the situation at large and learn to break out of the box/mold you’re trapped within. You need an optimistic attitude regardless if things need to change. Embrace opportunities at this time.

Meditate on where you really want to be and observe where your obstacles are really coming from. All roads develop potholes and bumps, but having faith allows for you to patch or re-pave over these. If one’s will/drive is self given they can actually go the distance. Your subconscious realizes that it is only you holding yourself back.

Don’t allow stagnation or ennui to settle into your aura rather become highly adaptable at this juncture. Best piece of advice look for mutual support at this time.

The Three of Hearts can be translated to the Three of Cups.

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What is coming for me?

Uninhibited joy, trusted messages coming your way, and the understanding that what we receive is to be shared, passed on to others, and let go of. Whenever one flower has withered remember another is blossoming nearby.

The Jack of Diamonds represents a person sharp/clever who is always able to make a good living via their wit and charm. These creative and independent souls operate as much by instinct as they do with the quicksilver of their mental acuity.

Their natural psychic abilities lead them to direct spiritual realization. While they may appear immature you will find that the Jack of Diamonds is one who loves being social and who seeks a career that allows for creative outlets with recognition of their superior talents.

As this card generally corresponds also to the date of July 4th some identify it with the United States of America through Independence Day. Wanderlust tends to be another theme of this card as these are the kinds of souls who do not feel as if they need to heed following the traditional rule book.

The harbinger of unexpected change watch when this card shows up for it signals adventure lies ahead. Follow your own advice at this time for your intuition is incredibly attuned to your subconscious. At your fingertips lies not just physical/material abundance, but also spiritual prosperity.

When inquiring about a career or interview if you manifest the Jack of Diamonds you’re in with a pretty good chance due to your unique skill set which helps you stand out against other candidates in the running.

These souls are not content to Netflix and chill rather they go at new experiences with gusto. Often this is the marker of one willing to push boundaries realizing the world is their oyster and they should make the most of it while they can. You will find them constantly learning and growing, following their dreams, and often unhappy with anything ordinary.

The Jack of Diamonds can be translated to the Page of Pentacles.

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Happy New Moon in Leo with all its blessings! Please see your numeroscope below for this auspicious day.

🌑 🌒 🌓 🌔 🌕 🌖 🌗 🌘 🌑

“Long fairy tales have a tendency to dragon.” – Unknown

Your Higher/Lower Self Vibration Equals 28/1:

The portal between your higher self and lower self as best expressed today on Earth. These are the karmic lessons for you to learn at present.

When you are balanced please incorporate the following keywords into your intentions as you manifest:

Friendly, helpful, winner mentality, business acumen, strategic, positive, optimistic, lucky, self reliant, strong willed, leadership skills, creative, honorable, spark of life, and full of initiative.

To prevent imbalance or blockages please avoid the following keywords in your intentions as you manifest:

Ungrounded, forgetfulness, confusion, contradictions and inconsistencies, pretends to be friendly and customer service oriented yet hides an ulterior motive, hard inner dialogue, anger, stubborn, arrogant, and heartless corporate energy.

Your Greatest Potential Equals 23/5:

To achieve your potential focus on your dreams and goals while letting go of tension, anxiety, and unhappiness.

When you are balanced please incorporate the following keywords into your intentions as you manifest:

Highest vibration, maximum protection, an “angel on each shoulder,” magical charisma, mesmerizing communication, expansion and wisdom, wealth, abundance, success, luck in love, empathy, progress, strength, popularity, and perfect harmony between the five elements.

To prevent imbalance or blockages please avoid the following keywords in your intentions as you manifest:

Sense of entitlement, taking shortcuts, and procrastination/laziness.

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